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Chapter 165: The Water Melody Palace (1)

As Ling Feiyue led everyone out to greet this new intruder, she was saying exasperatingly. “This Venerable Palace Mistress. Who do she thinks she is? She dares to barge into my sect anyhow she pleases? What happens to our sect defensive arrays and protectors?”

She questioned the panicky cultivator along the way out of the hall. “How many cultivators did she bring?”

The panicky cultivator had a flustered look as he replied awkwardly. “She only comes alone.”

“What?” Ling Feiyue was stunned. There were always more than a hundred golden celestials around and 10+ sacred saints around. How was it possible for a lone cultivator to storm into the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?

This was a slap to her face and a tremendous loss of faces to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect in front of the three visiting great saint envoys.

Even Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were shaking with disbelief as they stormed angrily to the outside.

They were not particular worry because they had more than ten great saints altogether. What can a lone great saintess from the Water Melody Palace do to them?

The three great saints from the three other major unorthodox clans were actually startled that the Water Melody Palace had come knocking. It was normal to be apprehensive about the Water Melody Palace because no single major celestial clan actually dared to mess up with the three heretic palaces alone.

Even the Celestial Orthodox Sect had to seek the aid of the other major orthodox clans in order to deal with the Evil Cultivation Palace.

These three heretic palaces are extremely secretive and powerful at the same time. Unless there is a reason to mess around with them, no one is foolhardy to do so.

Perhaps the three great saints had the same thoughts as Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui as well as they laughed. “It is only one great saintess. Do we even need to fear a lone trouble maker?”

Great Saint You Tianlong even put on some brave words in front of Ji Yuan. “Brother Ji Yuan, don’t worry. We are all here to support you!”

Ji Yuan returned him an awkward look and kept his thoughts secret; Yea. Support. So I am still the main cannon fodder. When things go south, all of you will switch sides as always.

In Ji Yuan’s lifetime, he had been betrayed by numerous ‘great supports’ from his so call ‘brothers’. But that is why he has always been a leader because he has always been a leading cultivator. This is actually his great quality because he can close his eyes to the numerous ‘bad deeds’ of ‘brothers’ and people trust him with the real leadership later on.

That was why after the epic desolate beast attack on the Five Heavens Peaks, there were still many cultivators that had missed Ji Yuan’s presence even though he was ‘not’ around.

Great Saint Gu Gui not wanting to lose to Great Saint You Tianlong immediately said with great righteousness, “Brother Ji Yuan, I will there to fight alongside with you!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Thank you Brother Gu Gui. You are indeed my good brother!” But he was secret cursing; Alongside with me huh? So I’m still the main cannon fodder.

Great Saint Tian Shan was also patting his chest, “Brother Ji Yuan, you can trust me too. I will lend you whatever support you need!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Brother Tian Shan, you are such a wonderful brother! Thank you in advance!” But he was cursing; why don’t you say you are just my moral support?

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess said together, “My lord, we will fight with you together!”

Ji Yuan laughed as he tried to put on a manly front. “No need, I can handle it alone.” But he was secretly pleased. These maidens are willing to put their lives for me. Ji Yuan, as an alpha male, you can’t put their lives at risk. You ought to protect them.

Then he added a thought; one of these days, I will die because of I love my face more than my life.

Bai Qianfeng tugged him by his sleeve, “My lord, shall I settle this intruder for you?”

Ji Yuan was secretly comforted and even more delighted; Qianfeng, you’re the best!

But he replied shamelessly and full of thickness, “Qianfeng, I alone can handle this. You take a backseat and watch the show. It is only a lone cultivator and not the entire Water Melody Palace. Let see what she wants first.”

Bai Qianfeng whispered, “Alright my lord…” But she quickly added. “This foe is really dangerous. I can sense great danger outside.”

As an immortal cultivator, Bai Qianfeng’s extrasensory perception with her divine sense is more formidable than any celestial practitioner.

But Ji Yuan laughed it off, “Don’t worry! I can surely manage it!”

In front of Bai Qianfeng, all his manly vibes ballooned to ungodly levels. Even if she wants the moon from him now, he will answer. “I will get the moon for you, Qianfeng!”

And so, they went outside the inner citadel hall of the Dark Mistress’ Citadel and were shocked to see that the entire sun had been blotted out and the entire mountain peak was dark now even though it was now in mid-day.

A gigantic blue phoenix was fluttering above the palace grounds, blotting out the sun; its gigantic wings were so gigantic that the entire mountain peak was covered by the shadows of its wings.

This was an epic ninth rank divine beast!

Ji Yuan immediately gulped. An epic seventh rank desolate beast is already so hard to beat and now he is facing a ninth rank divine beast…

Not only was Ji Yuan stunned by the sight but everyone else was too!

All around the palace ground, dozens of cultivators on the side of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect were flung from their flying mounts to the ground and everyone was looking helplessly at the sight of the gigantic blue phoenix.

Even Ling Feiyue was flustered. It was because there were supposed to be several powerful defensive arrays in the mountains around.

Unless the Spirit Blue Moon Sect has permitted it, it is quite impossible for anyone to barge with their flying mounts in broad daylight but against an epic ninth rank divine beast, her sect is truly helpless.

“This is…” everyone was stunned and lost their wits all of a sudden.

Even ten great saints may not be able to contest against a single ninth rank epic divine beast!

Ji Yuan could only mutter helplessly, “Why don’t you bring the entire Water Melody Palace instead?”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong were now trying to show that they were friends of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect so they mouthed a weak protest. “Who dares to intrude here?”

But to Ji Yuan, it sounded like they were fanning the flames of war and he was cursing them silently: we should be keeping a low profile at this moment…

The oppressive aura that come from above the blue phoenix began to exert its profound strength on everyone as the powerful female cultivator on top of the blue phoenix’s head began to echo coldly. “Who is Li Yuan? Ask him to get out. How dare he seduce my core protégé!”

From her oppressive aura, everyone can tell that she is a peaked great saintess. That is her profound strength!

Although the intruder’s profound aura was extremely oppressive, Ling Feiyue had raised her profound aura to dispel the oppressive aura in an act of defiance. “Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue here. Who dares to intrude into my Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

The blue phoenix lowered its head and a thin old woman with grey hair could be seen standing regally on top.

“Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi from the Water Melody Palace. Where is Li Yuan?! Ask him to come out now!” This Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi looked extremely upset today.

“Young lass, get out of my way! Get me Li Yuan here or don’t blame me for demolishing your mountain peak!”

Ling Feiyue was startled that someone else had actually dared to call her a young lass…

The three great saints from the other three major unorthodox clans were secretly muttering. “Who is this Li Yuan?”

Ji Yuan quickly stepped forward and announced awkwardly. “Erm, I am Li Yuan…”

Great Saint Gu Gui, Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint You Tianlong, Chen Yi and Ling Tianshui were all gasping with shock. Ji Yuan is Li Yuan?!

“So you are that beardless good-for-nothing Li Yuan that bullies my core protégé?” Shui Xisi immediately stared at him coldly.

Ji Yuan was stunned. When did I ever bully your core protégé? All of a sudden he had remembered Shui Qingqing. Yea, when did I ever bully her?

“Although I am a beardless cultivator but I am definitely not a good-for-nothing. And when did I ever bully your core protégé?” He had frankly remembered that he had shown her a great deal of care. He honestly can swear that he had never touched her or anything…

No wait, it is the opposite way! He had suddenly remembered that Shui Qingqing had grabbed him by his arms…

He smiled weakly to himself. Surely she isn’t that petty?

Shui Xisi hummed coldly, “Ever since my core protégé has returned to her sect, she has been praising your profound skills. How dare you belittle the profound arts of the Water Melody Palace!”

Ji Yuan was truly stunned. When did I ever belittle the profound arts of the Water Melody Palace? Did Shui Qingqing misunderstand something or what? Or is it a plot to seize the celestial sword that he had given to Bai Qianfeng?

Ji Yuan looked at the rest awkwardly, “Don’t look at me like this. I didn’t do anything funny at all…”

Shui Xisi raised her fingers before saying coldly, “Display your divine sword and we shall have a match to see who has the superior skills. Do you have the guts to fight an old woman or you are just a beardless child that needs milk?”

Ji Yuan immediately growled. “Who is the one that needs milk?!” He had displayed his celestial sword.

Shui Xisi smirked coldly, “Then let’s fight for a hundred rounds!”

Ji Yuan immediately rose to the challenge. “A hundred rounds it shall be then!”

Little Princess gasped, “My lord, don’t! She is dangerous!”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were now holding onto his arms, “Don’t accept her challenge…”

But Ji Yuan has never one to shy away from a fight especially it is a challenge from the same cultivation level. So he had displayed his celestial sword.

Ling Feiyue cursed him softly, “My lord, you’re not her match…”

Even Bai Qianfeng was saying, “I can fight her off for you…”

Ji Yuan whispered to their ears, “I need to accept this challenge or our new allies will think that we’re weak. They are also watching me keenly now. If I back off from this fight then they may have second thoughts on becoming our allies. This won’t be good for the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

With a soft resignation, Ling Feiyue could only watch him with a helpless look. “Be careful, my lord.”

With a flash, Shui Xisi had already landed gently on the palace ground to coldly greet Ji Yuan with her malevolent air.

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