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Chapter 166: The Water Melody Palace (2)

Ji Yuan observed Shui Xisi keenly before he raised his eyes challengingly at her. “So where is your divine sword?”

“Hmph! I don’t use one.” She replied nonchalantly and lit a slow smile to reflect her confidence.

Ji Yuan guessed that she must be a power cultivator and he was immediately wary.

But he could not resist a chuckle, “Just don’t suddenly unsheathe your sword after you have regretted it.” He had purposely said that to prevent her from drawing her sword. When a power cultivator is in possession of a divine sword, they can often be even deadlier.

Power cultivators usually do not depend on their weapons because they can muster vast amount of profound power with their profound strength.

Unarmed combat had a huge advantage in profound power over weapons; their profound power will not be restrained and they could muster 100% of their profound power.

Most power cultivators are able to gain 200% profound power with 100% of their profound strength depending on the type of power profound art that they are executing. Saint level power cultivators are often extreme power practitioners.

Should a cultivator uses a medium like a sword, only 70% of the profound strength can be channeled through as profound power. The better the grade of a sword, the more profound power can be generated.

Should a cultivator attack with sword energies, only 40% of the profound strength can be channeled as profound power and it will weaken over a range. That is why sword energies practitioner generally do not have a great deal of advantage against the more powerful cultivators that specialize in profound power and defensive profound auras.

When a cultivator is a saint, only divine swords and powerful profound arts are the most important. Not fanciful swordplay or weak attacks. It is because a saint level cultivator often has formidable defenses and regeneration.

Ji Yuan knew that Shui Xisi was aware that he had a celestial sword but she was not showing any sign of a panic. Therefore he knew that she was unlike any of the other opponents that he had fought before.

He immediately swung his sword and two beaming reflection of light flashed forth from his sword. This was his perfect divine harmony form as two beautiful halos extended from his sword.

He was now grinning. Be prepared to be impressed by me! My profound power as you can see isn’t weak at all compared to any of your profound divine art!

Shui Xisi continued to display a nonchalantly look as though she did not seem to care. The message that she seemed to be sending was. “Can you do better than this?”

She stared coldly at him before saying, “Maybe I should not call you Li Yuan. You are that Sword Saint Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan nodded with a broad grin. “Indeed.” So you are now scared of me?

“So you are the new Dark Lord of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect that everyone is recently talking about.” Shui Xisi hummed coldly as she displayed a disdainful gaze upon Ji Yuan at the same time.

Ji Yuan chuckled softly. “Indeed I am that Ji Yuan.”

“You look horribly ugly without your beard.” Shui Xisi smirked coldly.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“You ugly old woman!” Ji Yuan shouted back immediately. He had been provoked for sure.

“Oh no…” Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were gasping softly. He just broke a taboo. Never called a high level cultivator an ugly old woman even if she is. This will surely provoke her.

The Venerable Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace is a cultivation senior and she may not be so ruthless in enemy’s territory. After all she may be only here to teach Ji Yuan a lesson for some slights and that was why she had come alone. It is considered unwise to provoke unnecessary and wiser to maintain some politeness in case things go south all of a sudden.

But Ji Yuan had now clearly provoked her!

“Ugly beardless milk boy!”

“Ugly old woman!!! Old ugly hag!”

Ji Yuan and Shui Xisi traded insults even as they closed in onto each other.

Ji Yuan was on high alert as he positioned his sword carefully in an attack position even as he noted that Shui Xisi’s profound animus seemed to be extremely strong.

As he walked into his position, he could not resist swinging his sword to fire a burst of devastating sword wave toward her direction. This was a perfect sword energy that sliced through the ground in a straight line like a wall of force toward his opponent.

In a blink of an eye, the wall of sword energies wave was already upon his target!

Shui Xisi did not even bother to evade but had raised her fingers to part his sword wave. “What? Is that all you can manage?”

Ji Yuan: …

He was alarmed. Her profound power had exceeded his sword wave profound power in order to part his sword energies in this manner.

“What? Are you an old man already?” Shui Xisi continued to taunt at him.

Ji Yuan: …

“This is only an assessment attack. It doesn’t mean anything.” He muttered.

Shui Xisi smirked. “Your sword energies attacks are too weak to affect me. Why don’t we trade blows directly instead of fighting like a pussy?”


Ji Yuan cursed silently. This old hag is really getting on my nerves…

Immediately he had confronted her with his sword while Shui Xisi retaliated against him with her fingers.

In that instant the entire platform was filled with their profound energies as sword and fingers clashed against each other.

A bright golden aura like a phoenix had spread from Shui Xisi’s profound animus as she attacked Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan was startled as he tried to attack her from all sides but was consistently beaten back. “This is her spirit entity? It is a divine phoenix spirit entity. No wonder she is so confident…”

Shui Xisi was now chasing after Ji Yuan as she attacked furiously against him while Ji Yuan was playing the slow game of trying to exhaust her profound strength.

“Ji Yuan, you are a saint level cultivator and you don’t even have a spirit entity yet? What a joke!” she taunted him.

Ji Yuan shouted back angrily, “Haha! Old hag! I do have a spirit entity but I’m afraid that if I use my spirit entity, you will be scared out of your wits!”

Xiang Li shouted angrily too in his soul sea, “Yea! If I come out then you will surely shit in your panties!”

Ji Yuan quickly said to Xiang Li, “Erm, please don’t say anything like this and please let me focus on my duel. You’re completely useless and we both know it…”

Xiang Li: …

In several blinks of an eye, they had already exchanged dozens of attacking strokes as the wind forces from their exchanges created several outburst heat waves around them.

All the onlookers were gasping and was nervous about the outcome of the duel. This was an epic fight between two powerful great saints!

One side was the Dark Lord Ji Yuan of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the other side was the Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi of the Water Melody Palace.

The three great saints from the three other unorthodox clans had naturally placed their bets on Shui Xisi side but they were pretending to cheer for Ji Yuan…

Even if Ji Yuan is now their Brother Ji Yuan but he is only a sword cultivator. It is hard for anyone to believe that he will be able to win a power cultivator great saint and moreover this is the top cultivator from the Water Melody Palace!

Ji Yuan could feel the icy profound energies of her profound power. She is a negative power cultivator?

But he had no time to think as he was astonished by her speed attacks.

Very soon, they had already fought for close to a hundred rounds without showing any sign of weakness.

Ji Yuan shouted angrily, “Why don’t we fight three hundred rounds instead of one hundred rounds?”

Shui Xisi smirked. “On! Don’t you regret it!”

Ling Feiyue almost fainted on the spot when Ji Yuan had initialized lengthening the duel. “Ji Yuan, you…”

Xue Qianxue was also shaking her head, “He doesn’t want to lose…”

Bai Qianfeng chuckled softly, “It is because of his undying fighting spirit?”

Little Princess had turned ashen. “I have heard that the Venerable Palace Mistress is really strong and it is true. She is not even fighting at her best yet and it is a mistake for Ji Yuan to play the slow game with her.”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Ji Yuan is a sword cultivator. He is at a disadvantage against a superior power cultivator.”

Xue Qianxue was smiling all of a sudden, “That is because his opponent is an old woman and lack the stamina to fight a prolong fight with him. This may well be his tactics!”

Bai Qianfeng whispered to her sisters, “Then it may be the wrong tactics. This Venerable Palace Mistress, she isn’t an old woman.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess: ???

“Her vitality is quite young. This is only her disguise.” Bai Qianfeng simply said. Her divine sense was able to read a cultivator’s vitality as well since she is an immortal cultivator.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “She isn’t an old woman? Then Ji Yuan is really in trouble…”

All of a sudden Shui Xisi had changed her finger stances to a claw stance as she displayed dozens of attacks on Ji Yuan. “Do you think that your sword attacks are faster than my fingers and claws?”

Ji Yuan was stunned. He had thought that he was fast enough with his right sword arm but this old woman was really faster than him. In an instant, he was struck four times as the profound power of Shui Xisi burst through his body.

But he forced out a smile, “Heh! Three hundred rounds are far from over yet. You still can’t get me yet. Don’t forget that it isn’t that easy to kill a great saint even though I may not have any profound defenses.”

He had suddenly realized that she had purposely lowered her profound power earlier and now she was increasing her profound power against him. He had indeed fallen into his own dumb trap; she had purposely lured him into a sense of complacency.

All of a sudden he could feel the icy thrusts of her attacks as she repeatedly clawed his face while smirking delightfully.

Damn! She is like a fierce tigress…she keeps aiming my face…

He was getting frustrated and irritated. Therefore he moved away from her to display his sword bursts on her while trying to maintain a distance from her.

Trying was the word but she had followed him keenly like an unshakable opponent and soon she had struck him several more times.

Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly; this was a totally one-side duel…

He was now defending more than attacking. No matter how hard he had tried, he just could not get past her formidable defenses. It was as though there was a powerful inertia force around her.

“Hey old hag! Do you what is called honorable fight at all? Stop hitting my face!” Ji Yuan was now really irritated.

“You are so ugly. Why do you care about your face?” Shui Xisi mocked him with several soft chuckles.

Ji Yuan: …

But he maintained his shamelessness by shouting out loud. “Is this the best that you can do? Very soon, the three hundred rounds will be up. You are really an old woman!”

Shui Xisi smiled coldly as she flashed above him, “We shall see, you beardless old goat. Divine Exaltation Art!”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan could feel that his profound strength was being drained by her. He was startled. “What the hell is this?!”

Before he knew what was happening, he was crushed under the weight of her profound power and he had crashed on his back to the ground.

Shui Xisi laughed, “Now you know that the Water Melody Palace isn’t…”

All of a sudden she gasped as Ji Yuan swung his sword with an explosive force as he displayed the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon in an upward swing on her.

“Haha! You have fallen for my ruse too!” Ji Yuan was now laughing with great delight.

There was a thunderous outburst of profound energies as Shui Xisi’s profound animus absorbed the attack but not before melting her face.

She had aimed his face so now he was aiming back at her face! Haha!

All of a sudden Ji Yuan got a shock of his life as the most alluring face of a beautiful goddess had suddenly flashed in front of him. This Shui Xisi was actually a heavenly beauty on par with the four great celestial beauties!

Shui Xisi gasped as she quickly used her sleeves to cover her face before the brilliant light of the profound energies had died down.

At the same time she had used her fingers to poke Ji Yuan’s eyes with a sudden attack that instantly blinded him. In that moment when Ji Yuan was gasping at her peerless face, she had launched her attack.

Ji Yuan literally got blinded and he was really bleeding from his eye sockets.

In the next instant she had ascended onto her gigantic blue phoenix.

Everyone was gasping that there was actually a cultivator that could levitate herself through the air just by the sheer display of her profound animus. This was startling to everyone and left everyone speechless…

Ji Yuan was still gasping silently and he was blinking his eyes painfully, “That is a most beautiful and sinful face. So that is the true face of the Venerable Palace Mistress? Why the heck did she disguise herself as an old woman for?”

Slowly he picked himself up and he was suddenly aching; he had broken a few ribs and he was even limping. But that was a good fight.

He thought, “It is a lucky thing that she is only here to teach me a lesson or two and isn’t too serious. She is really a formidable opponent. What the heck is that Divine Exaltation Art? Half of my profound strength is suddenly voided by her…”

He was sighing all of a sudden; he did not have a powerful internal profound art to resist her Divine Exaltation Art. This was his weakness as a pure sword cultivator.

As he got up, he could hear the mutterings of the onlookers;

“Dark Lord Ji Yuan is really impressive.” The three great saints from the three major unorthodox clans were praising him immediately.

“Why did Shui Xisi flee all of a sudden?”

“Ji Yuan has won?”

“Maybe it is because the three hundred rounds are up?”

All of a sudden there was a cold echo that came from above, “Ji Yuan! You beardless old goat! The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is opening in three months’ time. If you have the guts then come to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for our showdown!”

Shui Xisi was now wearing a half-mask with two silver wings by her side that only showed her lower face.

She took a last look at Ji Yuan before urging her blue phoenix to fly off.

With that the gigantic blue phoenix had taken off as the strong winds that were generated by the flapping of wings stirred fiercely, sending many of the weaker cultivators to fly upside down and crashing them whenever the fierce winds took them.

Shui Xisi was actually astonished that Ji Yuan was able to fight her for so long and was secretly thinking. “He isn’t weak. It’s just that his temper is a little foul. But he actually isn’t ugly even without his beard. It is no wonder that Qingqing keeps singing his praises. Consider this a lesson taught to you today by the Water Melody Palace.”

All the cultivators below were in shock by the revelation that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth will be opening soon. This is the greatest trial in the Celestial Realm where all the celestial fraternities can compete against one another for cultivation resources!

The four maidens had immediately surrounded Ji Yuan and were checking him with great concern. “My lord, are you alright? Your eyes, does it still hurt?”

Ji Yuan shook his head, “I’m alright…” But his thoughts were still on the sinful look of Shui Xisi. This time his heart was really moved. It was exactly like the first time that he had caught sight of Xia Jiajia.

Even Xiang Li could not resist a chuckle in his soul sea, “She is equally as peerless as my best friend Qianfeng. So when are we going to pursue her?”

Ji Yuan immediately replied with a frown. “Can’t you see that she isn’t interested in me?”

Then he was grinning. “Maybe not if I can have my manly beard back…”

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