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Chapter 167: Shui Xisi’s background

Ji Yuan had just taken a quick nap; half a day as a matter of fact.

It did not take Ji Yuan long to recover from his external injuries. Even his eyes were looking good again.

As for his broken ribs, he would need several more days more to fully recover but that was not any hinder to him.

The recovery rate of a great saint cultivation is indeed extremely astonishing as long as it is not any internal injuries which may need months and years to recover without any profound pills.

He was rubbing his chin as he recalled his duel with Shui Xisi. She had indeed taught him a lesson but at the same time he knew that she had actually stayed her hand. It was because she had used her fingers to break his bones, claws to scratch through his puny profound defenses but did not use her palms.

Palms are the most dangerous attacks from a power cultivator, able to inflict internal injuries due to the shockwaves that can be generated.

And after exchanging blows with her, he immediately knew that she had a strong internal profound strength which means that her palm techniques are equally as good. But she had restrained herself.

She had made a point to him; don’t mess up with my core protégé.

To be more exact, she was warning him not to mess up with Palace Mistress Shui Qingqing. But as there were others in the place, she did not want them to know that she was actually referring to her successor Shui Qingqing.

Ji Yuan definitely knew all her subtle points.

He was rubbing his chins with a slow grin, “What if I mess up with you indeed?”

This Shui Xisi was more to his taste. Very fiery and hot to handle.

But he soon remembered that he had a lot of commitments now and shook his head. His days of flirting with the beautiful maidens of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are definitely over ever since he was baited by Xia Jiajia to take Shangguan Yan’Er as his first consort.

“Oh well, that is quite a fun fight…” He sighed softly. He was actually not thinking about the fight but her goddess look that captivated him. Why is she disguising herself as an old woman when she is more beautiful than anyone?

His thoughts were quickly broken by Xiaobai who had jumped into his bed.

‘Xiaobai’ quickly resumed her human form and was looking melancholy at him. “My lord…”

“Qianfeng, what is wrong?” So engrossed was his thoughts that he had not realized that Bai Qianfeng was in the same room as him.

“I am a little afraid.” Bai Qianfeng was suddenly sighing softly.

Ji Yuan was startled, “Qianfeng, what is wrong?”

Bai Qianfeng said quietly, “That Shui Xisi isn’t a simple cultivator.”

Ji Yuan: ???

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly. “You saw her mount?”

“Yea. That is an epic ninth rank divine beast…” Ji Yuan had recalled it. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Do you think a mere great saintess can tame an epic ninth rank divine beast?”

Ji Yuan pondered for a while. “Maybe her ancestors have trapped this epic ninth rank divine beast with celestial arrays and force it into a contract with them? These sorts of things happen quite frequently.”

Bai Qianfeng shook her head, “Trust me. The Icy Paragon Bluebird cannot be tamed by just anyone. You can’t contract it even using an immortal contract.”

“But that blue phoenix seems to be her mount? If it is not contracted then how do you explain it?” Ji Yuan knowledge of the various celestial cultivation practices was really limited. But then, none of his contemporaries know that it is impossible to tame the blue phoenix because this was actually beyond their cultivation knowledge.

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes as she trembled. “She definitely has an immortal background.”

“Immortal background?” Ji Yuan looked at her. “Surely not. Immortals can’t exist here, right?”

“You have forgotten about me.” Bai Qianfeng said.

“Right…” He had forgotten. He was too used to having Bai Qianfeng around that he did not see her as an immortal cultivator but his consort.

“So she is an immortal?”

Bai Qianfeng shook her head. “She may not be. She isn’t an old woman, do you know?”

Ji Yuan pretended to be shocked. “She isn’t an old woman?!”

Xiang Li had a wry smile in his soul sea, “You’re lying to Sister Qianfeng, you know…”

“Shut up and keep it a secret…” He quickly said to Xiang Li.

Bai Qianfeng explained. “Her vitality is too young. She may be a child of the immortals.”

Ji Yuan quickly asked. “The immortals can have children?”

Bai Qianfeng replied, “Extremely difficult but not impossible. Only the first generation and second generation may have a tiny chance to have children. Most immortals are third generation immortals.”

“Qianfeng then which generation immortal are you?” Ji Yuan curiously asked.

“I’m a second generation immortal.”

“Hehe then we may have a chance to have a baby in the future.” Ji Yuan smiled with a relief.

Bai Qianfeng smiled gently. The odds are actually extremely low but she kept quiet.

“Since Qianfeng is a second generation immortal then you must have very powerful first generation parents? Haha. I will like to meet your parents one day.” Ji Yuan teased her.

“I don’t have any parents.” Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly.

Ji Yuan: ???

Bai Qianfeng explained. “I am an immortal. My bloodline is the second generation. I am born from the spiritual rocks of the Gods Realm just before it got split into the three known realms. First generation immortals are far stronger than me but most of them are dead now.”

“Erm, Qianfeng you’re a rock?” Ji Yuan was speechless.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Almost all immortals come from rocks except for the Ascended Immortals.”

Ji Yuan was thinking as he stared at her. How can a rock be so beautiful and so soft?

Of course Ji Yuan did not know that while Bai Qianfeng is no longer a rock. After eons of years, the spiritual rocks are able to form a sentient being that can take the shape of immortal beings. To this day, the third generation immortals are still being birthed in this way.

Bai Qianfeng could see his perplexed look so she quickly said, “Little Princess is a union between two immortals. She has a special bloodline. But don’t tell her yet. She doesn’t seem to know.”

Ji Yuan was truly startled, “Her mother is an immortal?” Then he was smiling weakly. “She is a little weak…”

“By immortal standards, the Sagess Alyssa is pretty weak. But she is good enough to beat most of the great saints around.” Bai Qianfeng explained gently.

“I am on par with her but not Shui Xisi…this Shui Xisi is stronger than an immortal cultivator…” Ji Yuan said weakly.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “Not necessary. It is because the Sagess Alyssa got her eighth realm cultivation strength restricted in the Celestial Realm while Shui Xisi is truly a peaked seventh realm cultivator. Therefore it still remains unseen. But then I got a feeling the Sagess Alyssa will not be her match as well.”

Ji Yuan was smiling weakly. “Is she that formidable? How do you tell? I mean I know that she isn’t displaying her full profound strength but this is too ridiculous to think that she may defeat an eighth realm immortal.”

Bai Qianfeng said. “Did you see how she is able to levitate from such a great height? What if I tell you that not even an immortal like the Sagess Alyssa is able to do it with her current profound strength?”

“Yea, I saw…I was shocked.” Ji Yuan recalled his disbelief at that time.

He was not the only one at that time that was stunned. Everyone was too.

True levitation did not exist until the time of their immortal ascensions in which the great saints must overcome their final tribulation. Only when they have succeeded then they can shed off their golden bodies into pure energies for their final ascension. Only then will they be lighter than air.

“Erm, don’t tell me that her lightless profound art is really so formidable?” This was the only conclusion that he could think of but even then he was now babbling because he could not believe it either.

“She has an immortal sword around her waist. That is why she is able to levitate. It is just a simple trick.” Bai Qianfeng explained.

“Darn! She lies to me. She has an immortal-step divine sword hidden around her waist…wait a minute…” Ji Yuan was suddenly gulping. “An immortal sword?! How do you know?”

Ji Yuan had never heard of anyone possessing an immortal sword before. This was the first and he was stunned.

“How will I not know? The name of her immortal sword is the Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword. This immortal sword is the heritage sword of my arch enemy the Great Goddess Alice.”

“Really?” Ji Yuan was now smiling bitterly. The Eternal Goddess aka the Great Goddess Alice of the Goddess Theocracy is actually not a myth.

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “The Great Goddess Alice is also the keeper of the divine phoenixes in the Immortal Realm and her mount is the nine-tail crimson phoenix. All phoenixes bow in her presence. If this still doesn’t prove that this Shui Xisi is related to the Great Goddess Alice, I really don’t know how she comes to have the Icy Paragon Bluebird. If she has the bloodline of the Great Goddess Alice then that Icy Paragon Bluebird isn’t contracted to her but instead is following her to be her protector at the same time.”

“Also, she seems to know the opening time of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This foreknowledge obviously doesn’t come from the celestial cultivators but from the Immortal Realm.”

“My lord, please don’t cross her path. She isn’t someone that you or me can handle at the moment.”

“Haha…” Ji Yuan was smiling weakly. This Shui Xisi seems to be too much of a challenge now…

“I don’t think she is the daughter of the Great Goddess Alice. If she is, she should be in the Immortal Realm and not in the Celestial Realm.” Ji Yuan concluded proudly. His intelligence +10.

“The children of the immortals can’t cultivate their golden bodies in the Immortal Realm because there are no divine tribulations in the Immortal Realm. They only have a mortal life span in the Immortal Realm and must be sent to the lower realms for their divine tribulations.” She explained quietly.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan felt his intelligence -100.

“Oh. Haha.”

With Bai Qianfeng around to share with him the juicy knowledge of the Immortal Realm, Ji Yuan felt that she was like a cultivation cheat that can aid him to understand some of the more forbidden knowledge of the cultivation realms.

But he quickly tried to distract himself from Shui Xisi now; she is really someone that he can handle now unless he likes to have his face scratched and his eyes poked by her again.

“Erm, you are saying that Little Princess is the child of the immortals? Really?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “Her father may be a great god and is a first generation desolate immortal. Therefore it is unwise not to provoke the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Qianfeng, you should have told me 300 years earlier…”

He could not resist saying a prayer for the six major orthodox clans. “Good luck to you guys…”

“Qianfeng, since the two of us are alone. Why don’t we do a quickie before we look for the others?” Ji Yuan said quietly and he was kissing her cheeks now.

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes as she nodded shyly. “A quick one then…”

Xiang Li was beaming delightfully, “Hehe!”

Ji Yuan cuddled her tightly, “I must be the luckiest man in the world right now…”

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