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Chapter 170: Shui Xisi’s True Appearance

Ji Yuan had finally settled the maidens with a firm reply, “I really love all of you equally in my heart. If you don’t believe, you can ask Xiang Li. She can’t lie you know.”

“Yea! Xiang Li never lies!” Xiang Li giggled.

While Ji Yuan took a few days to recover from his injuries, he had secretly made a secret pact with Xiang Li to get out of his current dilemma.

None of the maidens, including Bai Qianfeng know that Xiang Li was capable of lying. Even Bai Qianfeng who is an immortal cultivator had little experience with a sentient spirit entity like Xiang Li.

Xiang Li is actually not an ordinary sentient spirit entity that is formed from the soul sea of the desolate beasts. She is a million year sentient spirit entity of a trial. Rather than saying that the trials formed her after a long passage of time, it is more proper to say that she had come from Gods Realm even before the three known realms has existed.

Even Bai Qianfeng looked a little confused because she had never encountered such an ancient sentient spirit entity like Xiang Li before. While the others view Xiang Li as only a sentient spirit entity but only she knows that Xiang Li is actually an immortal spirit that can only be found in the most powerful immortal profound treasures.

The presence of an immortal spirit can turn an already formidable artefact profound treasure into something even more formidable. Even in the Immortal Realm, immortal spirits are extremely rare just like immortal-step divine swords.

Until today she had no idea why Xiang Li was with Ji Yuan…

Xiang Li winked to everyone as she giggled, “I swear by my soul sea on this!”

Ji Yuan was smiling. Except that Xiang Li doesn’t have a soul sea on her own. Haha. He had taught Xiang Li what to say and Xiang Li was now helping him to lie to the maidens.

Xiang Li, now you are my most useful friend. Haha. He whispered to Xiang Li in his soul sea.

Even though Xiang Li had materialized outside now but she could still hear him because the two of them were linked together.

Xiang Li had a weird flush as she giggled back to him secretly. “Really? I am your most useful friend? Hehe.” She was really delighted when Ji Yuan was praising her.

“Alright girls.” Ji Yuan began to say seriously. “Isn’t it time for us to practice the True Sacred Saint Profound Art? Remember the taboos when cultivating, especially learning a new cultivation practice; we must be freed from all emotions and distractions or else we may run into a risk of a phenomenon deviation.”

A phenomenon deviation is an emotional state that can cause the cultivators to lose their senses and is considered to be the most distressing thing to happen as it can lead to death or worse, a cripple cultivation core and even permanent paralysis. It is a state when the profound energies within the cultivation core behaved abnormally and even in a reverse order.

When cultivators cultivate their profound strength to a higher level, they are actually defying the heavens. So when phenomenon deviation occurs, the profound energies that the cultivators has painstakingly cultivate to defy the heavens will rebound as a backlash, causing a phenomenon deviation.

There are many cases of cultivators that are in a ‘mad’ state for several decades and hundreds of years, unable to recognize even their close kin. It is an extremely sad thing to happen.

Ji Yuan grinned as he emphasized. “Phenomenon deviation can happen to any cultivators especially to power cultivators that are constant learning new cultivation practices. It can also happen to me because this is the first time that I am picking up an internal profound art.”

In the past Ji Yuan never had a risk with the phenomenon deviation because he was a pure sword cultivator. But if he were to pick up the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, there will always be risk at every stage of getting a phenomenon deviation. That is why internal cultivation practices can never be rushed hastily and need the emotional state of the mind to be stable.

Suddenly all four of the maidens dared not ask him further questions anymore as they started to purge their questions out of their minds. It was because Ji Yuan was right; it will be risky for all of them if they did not put down the stones in their hearts. They had to focus.

Ji Yuan suddenly felt like the ultimate winner now after he had goaled them into the position that he had wanted.

“Haha, Xiang Li. Look! I am smart, do you agree?” Ji Yuan shamelessly asked her in secret.

“My master is indeed smart!” Xiang Li was giggling.

“Oh no, Xiang Li.” Ji Yuan had suddenly said loudly.

Xiang Li: ???

“Don’t call me master. Just call me Big Brother. You are not my servant. Haha.”

Xiang Li was flushing shyly, “Big Brother…” We are one closer step together?

When Ji Yuan heard Xiang Li calling him ‘Big Brother’, he was delighted. It was because his ego had suddenly gone up. Xiang Li is so much ancient than him and now she is calling him ‘Big Brother’. This was a lot of gold that was pasted on his face.

But Ji Yuan had a particularly thick skin to his ego. So he did not think that it is wrong to brush up his ego all the time. The same goes for insults as well but in reverse. He was just not bothered by it.

Just as Ji Yuan was about to embrace all four maidens, Bai Qianfeng whispered. “Someone is here.” As she quickly transformed into a nine-tail spirit fox.

Ling Tianshui had suddenly appeared and she was gasping breathlessly. “An envoy of the Water Melody Palace is here and she wants to see Ji Yuan.”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes in bewilderment, “Why should an envoy of the Water Melody Palace be looking for me?”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly, “Shouldn’t she be looking for me instead?”

Xue Qianxue said unhappily, “It seems that Ji Yuan is getting more and more popular.”

“Maybe it isn’t what you all think.” Although Little Princess was saying otherwise but her tone was also cold.

Ji Yuan said bitterly, “Surely you are not jealous of an old hag that had come to bash me up, right?”

Bai Qianfeng looked away shyly; she did not dare to tell Ji Yuan that she had told the three maidens that the Venerable Palace Mistress Shui Xisi was actually a young maiden in disguise.

Ling Feiyue asked her aunt, “I hope that this envoy did not storm into here again like that old hag.” That incident had caused her sect to lose some prestige.

“She comes alone and is quite polite. In fact, this envoy has gone through all the proper procedures and has already been waiting for several hours.” Ling Tianshui answered before adding again. “She seems quite friendly enough though.”

Ling Feiyue had a sign of relief before she smiled, “Alright. Let’s go and see what she wants. It will be improper for an envoy to see only the Dark Lord but not the Dark Mistress, am I right?”

She turned to Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng and Xue Qianxue. “Right sisters? We shall greet this envoy together then.”

Ji Yuan suddenly felt as though his earlier triumphs were now killed off by this envoy as he cursed her silently. Why is there an envoy all of a sudden and why is she only looking for me?!

He answered, “I am staying put here. Feiyue can handle the envoy alone…”

Ling Tianshui said weakly, “The envoy says that if you don’t come out then she will need to trouble her Venerable Palace Mistress to come again.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ling Feiyue said, “This puny envoy seems so arrogant. I’m going to teach her who is the boss around here. Ji Yuan come. I am not afraid of this envoy so why are you afraid of?”

“Alright…” He replied awkwardly. Then he laughed. “I wonder if this envoy is pretty or not.”

Ling Tianshui shot him a fierce gaze before saying, “Come and you will know.”

A little while later they had entered the hall where the envoy was.

As soon as they had entered the hall, they were all stunned by a dazzling maiden with golden hair that was standing regally in the middle of the hall as she admired the paintings that were mounted on the hall walls.

Ling Tianshui turned to whisper to Ji Yuan with great sarcasm, “So do you think she is pretty or not?”

The envoy was extremely beautiful with long flocks of golden hair that were neatly braided and she had three hairpins on her head. She was not only pretty but also dazzling.

Even Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue had Little Princess had to admit that she was a rare great beauty.

When the envoy saw them, she smiled with her pearly white teeth and greeted them respectfully. “So this is Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and her Dark Lord Ji Yuan?”

Ling Feiyue answered coolly, “I am.”

Ji Yuan could not react in time because he was still stunned. It was not because she was extraordinary beautiful but because he had recognized her as Shui Xisi the Venerable Palace Mistress herself!

Although he had only caught a glimpse of her but he had clearly remembered her sinful look.

Shui Xisi actually did not know that Ji Yuan had recognized her because she had poked his eyes immediately when she felt that her facial disguise was going to give way. Moreover there was a blinding bright light back then at the same time.

She did not know that Ji Yuan had really sharp eyes, even it was only for a split second; moreover he did not even blink his eyes when his eyes were poked.

Ji Yuan used to be hanged by his old master on a cliff as he practiced his sword energies with the rope attaching to his legs swinging violently while his master threw an apple down for him to hit. Therefore he never got any motion sickness and his eyesight was like his etched memory, able to magnify it into his mind.

And yes, his old master used to shoot peas into his eyes and forced him to fail the training. Therefore he was trained never to blink his eyes.

His training was extremely brutal; each time he had missed his target, he would go hungry for three days. He had to hit one hundred targets in the same manner. If he ever missed one then he would fail the training.

That was why even when Ji Yuan had become a golden celestial, he was always like a hungry lowly cultivator that often gorged himself on food; food was a luxury to him in the past.

Shui Xisi smiled secretly when she saw Ji Yuan. Heehee! I don’t believe that I can’t charm you in the same way as my sister did.

At the same time she was already flushing lightly and she was looking intently at him. She had never thought that a man without a beard would be that good looking. Now her world view had completely been toppled. Beardless or not, Ji Yuan was ever so beautiful in her eyes. Moreover he seemed to be more manly without a his beard…

Ji Yuan was inhaling softly and even his control heartbeat skill could not stop the loud drums of his heartbeat.

She is indeed extremely charming. Why the heck did she disguise herself as an old hag for? But why is that when I saw her, she also reminds me of Jiajia too?

Shui Xisi had pretended to be an envoy. It was easy for her to assume any roles that she wanted because she had all the position tokens of the Water Melody Palace. The Venerable Palace Mistress is herself after all and she can always cover her own tracks.

This time round she did not put her immortal sword around her waist as it may blow her cover.

“I am Envoy Shui Sisi and I am here on behalf of my Venerable Palace Mistress to offer her sincere apologies to Dark Lord Ji Yuan and to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue both had a perplexed look on their countenances.

The Venerable Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace would actually want to apologize to them?

This was indeed very strange.

Envoy Shui Sisi smiled gently as she took out a beautiful jade box before opening it to reveal a profound pill. “This is the Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill and this can help to strengthen a cultivator’s spiritual sea. My Venerable Palace Mistress says that it is her sincere gift for Dark Lord Ji Yuan as a gesture of her sincerity to mend the relationships between the Water Melody Palace and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

When the Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill was taken out, everyone was gasping for this was a sixth rank divine pill that can really strengthen the cultivation core!

Sixth rank divine pills are the highest tier profound pills!

Moreover this Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill can even increase the spiritual seas of the cultivator too. In the Celestial Realm, it can even cost  a major celestial clan half its fortune because it can even aid a breakthrough too!

Jin Yilong has been trying to find one for a long time because he has been struck in his initial saint level for centuries now. Even if his celestial clan is the richest in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity but no one is selling an Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill for his breakthrough. It is not something that can be brought when and wherever.

Ji Yuan and the rest could tell from their divine sense that this Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill was the real thing because it was bursting with pure profound energies.

“This…this…” Ling Feiyue was stunned.

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes, “It is really for me? This is really too precious. How can I accept it? I can’t take something so precious without anything in return.”

“Please accept it or else my Venerable Palace Mistress will toss me down the desolate mists for failing my mission.” Shui Xisi sighed pitifully.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. You are the Venerable Palace Mistress so how can you toss yourself down the desolate mists?

Ling Feiyue quickly took it for Ji Yuan, “In that case, we shall not decline it!”

Ji Yuan: …

Erm…Feiyue, do you know that she is trying to plan a ruse for me? We shouldn’t be accepting this…

Envoy Shui Sisi was smiling in secret. Heehee. I will pretend to show you my soft side before I beat you up. After all, this is my test for you.

“My Venerable Palace Mistress also says that I ought to stay here for the next three months to serve Dark Lord Ji Yuan well as a gesture of her sincerity.” She winked at him while charmingly moved her hips and swayed her figure. This was an outright flirt.

No man will be able to resist my charms. Heehee.

She added with another beautiful wink. “With my Venerable Palace Mistress permission, I may even stay as long as possible to serve Dark Lord Ji Yuan.”

Ji Yuan was actually extremely delighted to see her again as he had been secretly thinking about her for a few days now.

But almost immediately, he was rolling his eyes as he had suddenly remembered that she is actually the Venerable Palace Mistress.

What trick are you playing?

“You may go. I am actually preparing myself for the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for the next three months and I will be in closed door cultivation.” With that he had reluctantly turned back after taking one or two glances at her hip and butt.

Shui Xisi was stunned. She had thought that there were no men that could resist her charms. When Ji Yuan had turned around all of a sudden, it was as though she had suddenly received a slap on her face.

Even Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were stunned that Ji Yuan had such a strong willpower to say no to such an irresistible charming maiden.

Xiang Li stammered in Ji Yuan’s soul sea, “You are letting her go just like this? She is so awesome! We can add her into your harem!”

Ji Yuan replied weakly, “We have only three months left and it is time for us to make ourselves a little stronger. Between cultivation and a beautiful maiden, which one will you choose?”

Xiang Li replied with a soft chuckle, “A beautiful maiden.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Xiang Li, you are hopeless. Where are your aspirations?” He began to rebuke her gently.

“And which one will you choose?” Xiang Li giggled.

“A beautiful maiden too. Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed.

Luckily, no one had heard their conversations. Ji Yuan and Xiang Li are like the same birds in the flock.

Although Ji Yuan actually wanted Shui Xisi to stay by his side for three months so that he could see what tricks she was playing but as he was about to enter closed door cultivation soon, he was forced to turn her away. Moreover Shui Xisi was really too dangerous to be kept around while he was cultivating the True Sacred Saint Profound Art.

He could already imagine that she would be interrupting his cultivation and causing him to be afflicted by a phenomenon deviation.

He was not particularly worried about himself but for the safety of his beloved consorts.

Ling Feiyue was now saying to Shui Xisi with a wry smile, “Since your mission is done, please leave now.”

All the maidens had a grin on their faces as they could see the disappointed look that was in Envoy Shui Sisi’s face.

Shui Xisi was stunned that Ji Yuan had turned her offer away without any hesitation and had even left without taking a look back at her. All of a sudden she was trembling lightly and her confidence was shattered all of a sudden…

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