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Chapter 171: The Metamorph Monsters (1)

A fleet of thirty profound ships had surrounded a lone mountain peak. This was a hidden citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace that belonged to First Citadel Lord Yin Wei.

Thousands of cultivators were storming the mountain citadel from all sides while Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin and Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi watched from the profound ship above.

The eyes of Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin was melancholy as she watched the battle from above; she had finally learnt that Han Yuchi is her mother consort and that she had transferred the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to her to save her life.

After she was revived, she felt a great sense of shame and guilt toward Han Yuchi. Therefore she had declared to Jin Yilong of the Mystic Profound Pavilion, Second Young Master Zhan Zhong of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan and the young masters of the other major orthodox clans that whoever can get her the head of Yin Wei for her then she will be their consort.

She wanted to take her vendetta on Yin Wei!

Unless he is dead and ripped apart, her anger will not abate!

Below, Jin Yilong was leading his clan protégés as they stormed the citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace. He was in a foul mood lately. It was because he felt that he had suddenly lost Zhao Songjin from his grip.

Although he was a playboy but he truly loved Zhao Songjin with all his heart and he was really sincere in taking her as his consort. But all of a sudden Zhan Zhong of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan had also taken an interest in Zhao Songjin.

These two men were now bitterly fighting over Zhao Songjin as they led the fiercest attack upon the Evil Cultivation Palace; they wanted to prove that they were the most worthy man for Zhao Songjin.

Behind them were the protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect, the Profound Heaven Sword Manor, the Burning Heavens Pavilion and the Iron Righteous Clan.

Many of the leadership of the six major orthodox clans were actually viewing the battle that was taking place below on their profound ships above. In their eyes, this citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace had already fallen and they were just letting their younger generation to gain some valuable experience in the battle.

The six major orthodox clans had never thought that they would one day thrash the Evil Cultivation Palace into such a pathetic state. They were actually quite nervous about attacking the mysterious Evil Cultivation Palace as none of them know how strong the Evil Cultivation Palace was.

So far they had already brought down three of Little Princess’ citadels and now they were attacking First Citadel Lord Yin Wei’s citadel. This Yin Wei had been rumored to be the next Evil Cultivation Master for a long time.

And suddenly Zhao Songjin had told everyone that she had a lead on the whereabouts of Yin Wei.

This was too good of an opportunity for the six major orthodox clans to get rid of a powerful cultivator from the Evil Cultivation Palace once and for all.

Right now numerous golden celestials were on standby on their flying mounts, ready to descend on the mountains below as they waited on the profound ships above.

Most of the cultivators that were on standby on their flying mounts were golden celestials mainly because flying mounts are unaffordable for most of the cultivators that are below the fifth realm level. Those cultivators that were not golden celestials but were seen mounting one were the princes, princess or core protégés with considerable influential background.

Great Saint Jian Kang the sect master of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor and Great Saint Jin Tianzong the sect master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion were also watching the battle keenly with their elders.

They had sent numerous saints to support the attack and these two sects had a most cordial relationship.

Great Saint Jin Tianzong actually did not want his only son Jin Yilong to lead the attack but he was insistent. Therefore he had sent two great saints as well as quite a few saints to act as his protectors.

Lately Great Saint Jin Tianzong was in an unhappy mood because he had recently lost his one and only granddaughter Jin Yuyun. He had actually entertained the thought of grooming Jin Yuyun as his successor instead because somehow Jin Yilong had made no progression for many years. It was with much difficulty and mostly due to the cultivation treasures of the Mystic Profound Pavilion that Jin Yilong was able to become a saint.

He actually did not have any hope for Jin Yilong to progress any further now and he was hoping that he could just sire him a son. But even that seem a little hopeless. It had been 200 years since Jin Yuyun had been born and yet there were no other children from Jin Yilong even though he had a large harem.

Therefore he could only place his hope on Jin Yuyun. After all, she is still quite young and she has way better cultivation talent than her father Jin Yilong. But now, he had lost her too…

Great Saint Jian Kang was also lost in his thoughts as he viewed the battle below. Originally he had planned to betroth his daughter Jian Yuluo to Jin Yilong but Jian Yuluo refused to be in consort with anyone except for Ji Yuan.

He was a little sad when Jian Yuluo and Jian Menghao had gone missing after the brutal desolate beasts attacks. During that incident, he had lost quite a few capable cultivators too.

Although he was not on the best of terms with his daughter Jian Yuluo but he was saddened by her demise. It was because Jian Yuluo had the potential to become a great saintess one day and moreover she was also a Sword Saintess with a high repute in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

In secret, he was actually quite proud of her.

But he was still upset over her bastard son Jian Menghao and he was quite glad that he was finally dead now.

He had forced his daughter Jian Yuluo never to acknowledge Jian Menghao as her son or else he would personally cripple his cultivation core.

He sighed sadly to himself, “Yuluo…why can’t you understand your father? That Ji Yuan is poor and good-for-nothing but Jin Yilong is rich and he will be a perfect match for you. You don’t choose a handsome face and a pure sword cultivator for your future. Remember you only got one chance to live. Only with an alliance with the Mystic Profound Pavilion can we strengthen our sect’s position among the seven major orthodox clans. “

All of a sudden the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace were suddenly seen making a strong stand and a beautiful peaked great saintess had also appeared from the ranks of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

This startled many of the attacking cultivators as a peaked great saintess is a formidable existence.

However they were not particularly too worried because there were more than ten great saints and forty saints that were attacking below. Moreover there were even more powerful saints that were on standby above the profound ships above.

All of a sudden a beautiful maiden with silver hair had appeared over the side of the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace. Her appearance stopped the general retreat of the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

When she had raised her heaven-step divine sword, the attackers were startled that she was a peaked great saintess.

“Other than Yin Wei, there is another peaked great saint on the side of the Evil Cultivation Palace?”

“We have ten great saints on our side as well as numerous saints. What can a mere great saintess do?”

“There are another three saint cultivators that are coming from behind her…”

The attacking cultivators began to hesitate because they could suddenly sense killing intentions from three lone figures that were limping behind the beautiful maiden with silver hair.

These three lone figures were all unarmed and were standing far apart from one another. Their profound animus was raised and they were saint cultivators. Although their profound animus was not more formidable than the beautiful maiden with silver hair but they had a terrifying killing malevolent aura that were suddenly halting all the attacking cultivators.

Jin Yilong and Zhan Zhong were shouting to the cultivators that were on their side. “What are you all waiting for? Attack! They are only making their last stand!”

With thunderous roars, the thousands of cultivators were all charging toward the ranks of the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace again. Everyone could see that the Evil Cultivation Palace had only less than ten saints and only one great saintess that remained on the battle field now.

Therefore when their leaders had given them the order to attack again, they were charging madly again. As a matter of fact, they were charging so madly that there were no battle formations to speak of.

All of a sudden two of the lone figures had a look of great agony on their faces as they transformed into two large desolate beasts right in front of the attacking cultivators, shocking many.

“What the heck? They can transform into desolate beasts?!”

“What is going on?”

“Are they humans?!!”

These two desolate beasts all had elongated necks and their bodies had long spikes as they suddenly charged into the ranks of the attacking cultivators.

When these two desolate beasts had fully metamorphed in front of them, the attacking cultivators had a look of horror in their faces as divine senses were now warning them that these two desolate beasts were actually two epic seventh rank desolate monsters that were stronger than any great saints!

Almost immediately, the two desolate beasts had spread its long spikes all around them creating a killing zone as dozens of the weaker cultivators were instantly killed on the same spot.

Tens of golden celestials from the six major orthodox clans were now rushing forward as they shouted panicky to the weaker cultivators. “Everyone back! All cultivators that are below the fifth realm cultivation level go to the back immediately!”

Against an epic seventh rank desolate monster, anyone that is below the fifth realm cultivation level will only get themselves ripped apart.

A courageous great saint from the Iron Righteous Clan was immediately leading the attack as he raised his divine sword to slash against the armor plates of the desolate monster. Using a powerful unique sword art combined with his internal profound art, he had slashed furiously against the body of the epic seventh rank desolate monster.

To his horror, the damage that he had afflicted on the monster was quickly regenerated and he had barely escaped being incapacitated as dozens of projectiles flew from the body of the monster!

He barely escaped as he limped away quickly as several golden celestials had immediately blocked the attacks for him. But several lower ranking golden celestials were killed on the spot as they covered him.

Dozens of golden celestials were now surrounding these two gigantic desolate beasts but most of the damages that they were inflicting were quickly regenerated.

The other epic seventh rank desolate beast had suddenly roared thunderously as the dozens of spikes on its back were suddenly extended like elastic spears all around it, slashing, wounding and killing dozens of golden celestials at the same time!

Jin Yilong and Zhan Zhong had suddenly turned ashen. They were even trembling and did not even dare to approach the two epic desolate beasts.

Above the mountain, the leaders of the six major orthodox clans were horrified to see the presence of the two epic seventh rank desolate beasts.

Zhao Songjin raised her profound voice to shout across to everyone, her beautiful voice echoing. “What are you all waiting for? Go down and help our side immediately!”

When she had said that, hundreds of flying mounts had immediately taken off to descend onto the mountains below.

All of a sudden the third limping skeleton thin cultivator was suddenly howling fiercely as he metamorphed into a winged gigantic desolate beast with four arms and two legs. It even had a three horn head and its jaws were like swords.

It was now spreading its wings and the monster had its target on the profound ships above!

Zhao Songjin, Han Yuchi and all the leaders of the six major orthodox clans had all turned ashen!

This was another an epic seventh rank desolate beast and a flying one!

Two epic seventh rank desolate beast were already more than what they could handle and now there were three epic seventh rank desolate beasts…

Great Saint Jian Kang was trembling as his deep voice echoed, “Defend the ships…”

“What is going on?”

“These cultivators can transform into epic desolate beasts?”

“Are they illusions?”

The beautiful maiden in silver hair was now laughing. “You may address me as the Sagess Mei. Do you really think that you can attack the Evil Cultivation Palace when and whenever you please? Today you shall pay a heavy price for your offense against the Evil Cultivation Palace!”

Jin Yilong mustered the courage to shout bravely, “We only want Yin Wei dead. Surrender him to us or else…”

Sagess Mei interrupted him coldly from across the battlefield. “Yin Wei is not here. Therefore I shall take his stead to punish all of you instead.”

Although she was saying so, she had discreetly walked away; it was because she only had limited control over the three metamorph monsters once they had fully metamorphed.

There was an unhappy look in her eyes because the Evil Cultivation Master had ordered her to sacrifice three saint cultivators and to use them as incubators for the metamorph monsters. She did not care for the lives of the three saint cultivators but the metamorph cores to create a metamorph monster are extremely limited and she hates to waste it.

Right now, she has only one sample left and it is a metamorph core that she was using as an experiment to create an epic eighth rank desolate beast.

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