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Chapter 172: The Metamorph Monsters (2)

When the battle with the three epic desolate beasts had ended, the result of the battle was dismay; close to one thousand lowly cultivators were lying on the ground. Without the regeneration abilities of the golden celestials, many of the lowly cultivators if they were not dead, would not be able to recover from their severe injuries.

The golden celestials at least can re-attach their limbs and even grow one over time, including their eyes and other vital organs if they are not killed outright.

But even then, there were dozens of dead golden celestials scattered all across the mountain peak.

There were even five profound ships that had crashed into the mountains and one profound ship had even dropped into the desolate mists below.

The six major orthodox clans had managed to kill the three epic seventh rank desolate beasts but at a heavy price.

Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin, Jin Yilong, Zhan Zhong, Great Saint Jian Kang, Great Saint Jin Tianzong and many other leaders of the six major orthodox clans were all shocked at the number of cultivators that had perished in the intense fight.

Although some of them had some experiences in dealing with an epic desolate monster before but these three epic metamorph monsters were really unlike any epic desolate monsters that they had fought before; it was because these three epic metamorph monsters did not seem to feel any pain whatever so and were extremely brutal in their attacks.

Han Yuchi was badly shaken, “What are these monsters? Their regeneration abilities seem to be way faster than anything I have ever seen before. One of them even regenerated its limb in a few blinks of an eye…”

Great Saint Jian Kang was inhaling deeply, “So it is the trump card of the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Great Saint Jin Tianzong smiled weakly, “Although we still have the bulk of our forces intact but the morale is low at the moment. So do we continue our attacks on the second citadel that belongs to Yin Wei?”

This question had suddenly struck a deep cord in the hearts of the leaders of the six major orthodox clans.

With so many injured golden celestials and with several saint cultivators that had perished in this battle, none of the leaders of the six major orthodox clans really know if they can handle more of these epic metamorph monsters.

“That Sagess Mei and many of the golden celestials of the Evil Cultivation Palace had slipped away during the intense battle. Therefore the main forces of the Evil Cultivation Palace are probably still intact and the assault will not be without any peril.” Young Master Bo Anwan from the Burning Heavens Pavilion suggested.

Young Master Bo Anwan is a middle-tier saint as well as the future successor to the sect master position of the Burning Heavens Pavilion. He is also the representative of the Burning Heavens Pavilion for the expedition against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Zhao Songjin replied nonchalantly, “This may only be a ruse of the Evil Cultivation Palace and their last trump card in a bid to defer us. Did you not notice that their golden celestials have slipped away from the battle? Therefore we should continue our next assault on their citadels.”

“Sacred Maiden Zhao…” Grand Elder Kai Renjie and also great saint from the Iron Righteous Clan said quietly. “I beg to differ. We have not encounter First Citadel Yin Wei and Second Citadel Yin Xiong yet but look at our forces now. What if you’re wrong and more of these monsters turn up? Also, we still don’t know how strong the Evil Palace Master is.”

Great Saint Jian Kang nodded, “I agree with Grand Elder Kai here. Why don’t we turn our forces on the Spirit Blue Moon Sect instead?”

Young Master Bo Anwan began to frown immediately. “I don’t agree. We have a three months truce with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect for now. How can we go back on our promise? Aren’t we the righteous sects?”

Great Saint Jian Kang hummed coldly, “We don’t need to keep our promises to the unrighteous sects.”

Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi said, “I know that you just want to take your vendetta on Ji Yuan for killing your daughter Yuluo. We can perfectly understand your stand but Yin Wei must be taken down no matter the cost!”

Zhao Songjin turned to look at Zhan Zhong and Jin Yilong, “What do you say?”

The two men muttered, “Naturally we are supportive of the Celestial Orthodox Clan…”

Great Saint Jin Tianzong interrupted, “This decision is not made by Jin Yilong. Don’t forget that I am the sect master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion and I am not dead yet.”

He turned toward Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin to say, “Although the Evil Cultivation Palace is the number one public enemy in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity but they have always kept a low profile. While I understand that they have been infiltrating the seven major orthodox clans but we did get rid of most of their moles. Therefore I think that they will keep an even lower profile in the future.”

Zhao Songjin hummed coldly, “So you are supportive of Great Saint Jian Kang’s decision to attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

Second Young Master Zhan Zhong could not resist a sarcasm remark. “I have long heard that the Mystic Profound Pavilion and the Profound Heaven Sword Manor are close allies. So it is true after all.”

Great Saint Jian Kang was now smiling as he raised his hand to thank Great Saint Jin Tianzong, “Brother Tianzong, thank you…”

“Hold!” Great Saint Jin Tianzong had suddenly interrupted him. “I didn’t say I am agreeable to attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect as well.”

“You!” Great Saint Jian Kang was speechless.

Great Saint Jin Tianzong calmly said. “I have received a darning report earlier and I have thought of sharing with all the leaders of our coalition after our victory. So I ought to share with everyone now.”

“What is it?”

“What darning report?”

Great Saint Jin Tianzong inhaled deeply, “The other four major unorthodox clans have now formed an alliance with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Therefore if we declare war on the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, it is as good as declaring war on all five of the major unorthodox clans and possibly the entire unorthodox fraternity.”

Everyone: …

Great Saint Jian Kang was startled, “How is it possible?! The major unorthodox clans all have their rivalries and are not as united as us. How is it possible for all five of the major unorthodox clans to form an alliance with one another?”

Great Saint Jin Tianzong hummed coldly, “You have better believed it. In a few more days, you will all receive the official updates. They have not only formed an alliance together but they seemed to be preparing for something else.”

“Preparing for something else?”

“What are the unorthodox cultivators up to?”

Great Saint Jian Kang raised his fists to say, “Their alliances must be a fragile alliance. Once we move our profound ships to attack and demand that they surrender Ji Yuan to us, these unorthodox cultivators will surely be only too glad to bind a lowly saint like Ji Yuan to us than to battle with us.”

“A lowly cultivator?” Great Saint Jin Tianzong was now smiling bitterly. “Did you not know that Sword Saint Ji Yuan is an upper heaven-step seventh realm great saint now and he even has a celestial sword to back him up?”

Great Saint Jian Kang and many of the listeners were startled. “What?! Ji Yuan is now a great saint?! Isn’t he just an initial saint not long ago? Is this news reliable?!”

“I have heard that he has a celestial sword but unless he is a great saint, he is not going to display the full strength of a celestial sword but now…”

Disbelief greeted everyone!

Young Master Bo Anwan was the first to react, “As all of you know, the Burning Heavens Pavilion has a feud with both Ji Yuan and Little Princess. But we are probably the fairest in our views here. I really think that enough is enough. We have taught both the Evil Cultivation Palace and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect a lesson that the righteous orthodox clans are not to be bullied by anyone. And I think we have already got the message through to them by now. Naturally Ji Yuan and Little Princess are still not welcomed in the orthodox fraternity…”

Great Saint Jian Kang interrupted coldly, “Cowards! Then the Profound Heaven Sword Manor will attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect alone!”

Young Master Bo Anwan chuckled sarcastically, “Just don’t get your sect position degraded to a lesser celestial clan position.”

Great Saint Jian Kang replied coldly, “Just you watch.”

Young Master Bo Anwan was not exactly in a friendly relationship with the Profound Heaven Sword Manor because he had been rejected several times by Saintess Yuluo in the past. Therefore he harbored a grudge toward the Profound Heaven Sword Manor.

He was actually in the expedition for his own personal glory and was not because he was concerned about the deceased Saint Wu Heng who was killed by Ji Yuan and Little Princess. As a matter of fact, he was actually glad that Saint Wu Heng was killed because he belonged to his younger brother’s faction.

As the future successor to the Burning Heavens Pavilion, he was actually extremely cautious about losing his life to unpredictable events.

Suddenly the fragile alliance was now showing cracks as everyone was now trying to force their views on the others.

But a bright light had suddenly appeared in the heaven above and the image of a colossal mountain was seen descending slowly. At the top of the base of this colossal mountain was the gigantic status of an ancient tortoise and on top of the ancient tortoise was the colossal status of the Great God Pangu in a meditating position.

Everyone was stunned.

“This is the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…”

“The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is actually descending upon the Celestial Realm soon…”

The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is the greatest trial as well as the most dangerous trial in the entire Celestial Realm. It will descend upon the Celestial Realm every few hundred years in all the fraternities of the Celestial Realm. This is the only trial that the cultivators from all over the Celestial Realm will get to chance to compete against one another.

For the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to fully descend onto the Celestial Realm, it will take three to four months, giving plenty of warnings to all the cultivators to prepare themselves.

However, there is a trial condition and that is that no cultivators below the fifth realm cultivation level will be permitted to enter inside. They will not be able to survive the trials inside and hence there is such a restriction in the first place for their own good.

It is said that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was created by the Great God Pangu for the cultivators for them to obtain lucky occurrences inside.

Great Saint Jin Tianzong turned to the rest of the leaders of the coalition to say, “I think the decision is clear now, am I right?”

Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin, Great Saint Jian Kang and all the others were quiet immediately.

It was because according to the sacred laws of the Celestial Realm, all battles and rivalries must cease immediately with the appearance of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Anyone that broke this sacred law will be punished by the immortals and all the celestials in the Celestial Realm.

Matriarch Han Yuchi could only say weakly, “Alright. Let’s go back to our own sects first to make our preparations for the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

No matter how important their current rivalries are, it is never more important than the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth’s profound treasures that can aid breakthrough and ascensions.

Great Saint Jin Tianzong turned to Jin Yilong to say, “Son, it is your only chance for a breakthrough. I want you to fully prepare yourself to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Jin Yilong smiled weakly, “Surely we can send the others…”

“The others need their cultivation resources too. If you are not around, do you think that they will surrender their hard earn cultivation resources to you just because you are the future sect master? Don’t be naïve.” Great Saint Jin Tianzong rebuked him harshly.

Jin Yilong: …

Zhao Songjin hummed coldly, “I don’t believe that Yin Wei will not enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. We shall slaughter him inside then!”

Zhan Zhong was smiling weakly. This Yin Wei is a peaked great saint. Once they are inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, all their numerical advantages will be lost and the hunted may become the hunter.

In the secret base of the Evil Cultivation Palace;

Sagess Mei had just returned to the side of the Evil Cultivation Master to make her report. But as she approached the throne of the Evil Cultivation Master, she was quite startled to see that the Sagess Alyssa was injured.

“Sister, what happens to you? Aren’t you on a mission to kill Ji Yuan and to retrieve your daughter? You have succeeded?”

The Sagess Alyssa had a woeful look, “I have failed.”

Sagess Mei was startled. “You are a peaked great saintess. With your immortal profound arts, how is it possible for you to be injured? They must have setup an ambush for you…”

“No.” Sagess Alyssa replied softly. “I’ve lost to Ji Yuan in a fair fight. He is stronger than I’ve thought. Also I had met the Goddess Abyssal Null and she seems to be protecting him as well.”

Sagess Mei gasped, “The Goddess Abyssal Null! Did you tell her that we are on the same side?”

Sagess Alyssa sighed softly. “I did but she said that Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue are all her properties and she had warned me off.”

The Evil Cultivation Master hummed coldly, “A mere goddess had dared to oppose me. If I am not struck in this pathetic body then I will surely teach her a lesson.”

Sagess Mei quickly greeted her master, “I have released the three metamorph monsters against the six major orthodox clans. Although the three metamorph monsters were all killed eventually but the orthodox cultivators have also suffered a great loss.”

“And also, the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…”

“I know about it. The timing is good.” The Evil Cultivation Master replied. “I have a good news for you.”

The Sagess Mei: ???

“I have found you the barely alive body of an epic eighth rank desolate beast and this one is also heavily pregnant. I have remembered that you have always wanted to create an epic eighth rank desolate beast. You don’t have to create anymore. You can merge the metamorph core into her.”

The Sagess Mei was gasping with surprise, “This is indeed a good news.”

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