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Chapter 174: Forming the Soul Core

Ji Yuan had just already formed the basic Soul Core and he was now moving toward the next level of the Soul Core formation.

He was actually startled that it had been a smooth experience for him because he knew that it was difficult for him to pick up any internal profound art.

Bai Qianfeng was really a good instructor and she had patiently explained to him on the various internal profound intricate techniques whenever he had encountered any difficulties. This really made things alot easier for Ji Yuan.

“Why is it that I have little problem forming the Soul Core? This doesn’t seem too right?” Ji Yuan was muttering to Bai Qianfeng and Xiang Li. “Two months is an amazing speed, am I right?”

“It is all thanks to me!” Xiang Li proclaimed proudly. “As your trial reward, I have purified your spiritual seas so that you can cultivate your profound energies easily.”

“Stop pasting gold on your face, Xiang Li. This is because I’m a genius. Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed.

Xiang Li: …

“And also because Qianfeng is a good Celestial Teacher.” Ji Yuan turned to look at Bai Qianfeng who quickly averted her eyes shyly.

Bai Qianfeng smiled as she turned to look at Xiang Li, “Your profound energies is unusually pure. It is as though someone had already purified for you. So it is actually Xiang Li. Interesting…”

Ji Yuan laughed, “It can’t be Xiang Li. She is useless…”

Xiang Li winked at him, “Spirit entities can’t tell a lie!”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan blinked his eyes. “Right, spirit entities can’t tell a lie. Xiang Li, I am so grateful to you!”

He was being sarcastic naturally. It was because when Xiang Li had said to him that spirit entities were not unable to lie, it was a big hint to him that she will expose his lies in front of the maidens if he continued his disbelief.

And Ji Yuan and Xiang Li were both laughing jovially all of a sudden.

“Xiang Li, you are the best…”

“Of course I am!…”

“But it is also because I’m a genius…”

“Genius because of me.” Insisted Xiang Li.


Bai Qianfeng had a perplexed look as she looked at the two of them; it was because sometimes Ji Yuan and Xiang Li both had puzzling behaviors that could not be easily read.

But she knows that Xiang Li was telling the truth. It was because she had also found out that Ling Feiyue’s profound energies were unusually pure. She had thought that it would a lot of hard work trying to correct the mistakes that were made by Ling Feiyue during her practice of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art as merging several profound energies together would be difficult to rectify.

But to her surprise, Ling Feiyue’s mistakes were easy to rectify due to the pureness of her profound energies.

When she had asked Ling Feiyue about it, she replied that she had a sudden increase in her cultivation speed and her profound energies were easier to muster after she had visited the Lotus Sword Mansion. Hence she had several breakthroughs in her profound arts thereafter.

So she had discreetly asked Xiang Li about it and she had admitted that this was the secret trial rewards that she had given to Ling Feiyue and Ji Yuan.

Profound Energies have tens of attributes due to the different profound arts that were practiced. It is mainly divided into three main groups, negative, positive and neutral.

In the negative profound energies group, there are negative, pure negative, extreme negative and pure extreme negative.

In the positive profound energies group, there are positive, pure positive, extreme positive and pure extreme positive.

In the neutral energies group, there are balance, equilibrium and true equilibrium.

Ji Yuan’s profound energies is actually the balance type because he has not practiced any profound arts that affected the attributes of his profound energies plus he is also a born balance type.

Compared to Little Princess who is a born pure extreme negative type and she cannot practice profound arts that are of the positive types, Ji Yuan actually can practice any profound art types since he is a born balance type.

But of course, he will not be as strong as the born negative or positive types in his profound energies since he is a born balance type.

But now due to Xiang Li’s influence, his profound energies are at the true equilibrium now. True equilibrium profound energies is stronger than equilibrium and balance.

But of course Ji Yuan did not know about this since he actually had no interest in the studies of profound energies.

He only knows that his profound energies are now purer and smoother to muster than ever.

Bai Qianfeng smiled, “The hard works of the past two months have finally been paid off. You have finally formed the Soul Core. Let me go and check on the others sisters and see if they need help. Take a rest first and wait for me here.”

Ji Yuan had a look of appreciation as he watched Bai Qianfeng departed from his cultivating chamber. “Qianfeng, thank you…”

“It is my pleasure to help my lord.” Qianfeng smiled as she reluctantly walked away.

When Bai Qianfeng was gone, Ji Yuan turned to smile at Xiang Li. “Haha. My internal profound strength looks pretty good now after I have formed the Soul Core.”

Xiang Li chuckled. “It is all thanks to me!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “It is due to my Natural Instinct, not yours.”

Xiang Li rolled her eyes, “You are only at the basic soul core level and you are already so haughty.”

“Haha. Of course. I have never thought that I can master any internal profound art in as little as two months…”

“Basic!” Xiang Li reminded him with a chuckle.

“Mind you, this is a supreme profound art!” Ji Yuan emphasized.

“But it is still basic.” Xiang Li laughed jovially. “And it is a soul core without any gold core to protect it. Super fragile!”

Ji Yuan was taken down from the heavens to the earth as he rubbed his chin, “Right…”

He has almost forgotten about this…

Xiang Li reminded him out of concern, “Big brother, although we have plenty of fun together but I should remind you that we ought to be careful about lying in the future, even though it may be of good intentions. You are fortunately enough to form a soul core and this is not easy at all. Alright?”

Ji Yuan nodded as he looked at Xiang Li quietly. He really appreciated her advice. Like Bai Qianfeng, he had been with Xiang Li in the Dream Trial for several hundreds of moons. He had considered Xiang Li to be his best friend or rather his partner in crime because she knows plenty of his secrets.

Most of the time Ji Yuan was quite mean toward her but he was only teasing her and Xiang Li knew it.

He replied with a sigh soft, “Now that I have formed this soul core, things may not be the same anymore.”

Xiang Li winked, “Why don’t you leave the talking to me?”

Ji Yuan was stunned before he roared loudly, “Xiang Li, you are such a genius!”

“Of course I am!” Xiang Li giggled. “But only limited to the maidens.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Then you are still useless…” Ji Yuan frowned.

Then he added. “In the celestial fraternity, you can never be too honest with the cultivators or they will eat you up like a defenseless child.”

Xiang Li rolled her eyes, “I have never have any such issue with my own kind.”

Ji Yuan asked, “How many of your own kind have you met?”

Xiang Li pondered for a while before she answered. “None I think. Do lesser spirit entities count?”

Ji Yuan: …

“Xiang Li, I am not going to talk to you for a while and I will be focusing on my cultivation.” Ji Yuan suddenly said as he began to study the bamboo slip again, defeated by Xiang Li’s remarks.

“Hmm. According to the notes that are left behind by Qianfeng, after I have formed the basic soul core, I can now begin to form the foundation soul core…”

After the basic soul core is formed, there are the foundation soul core, the profound soul core and the apex soul core to be formed.

Ji Yuan began to read the notes that were left behind by Ling Feiyue as well. “According to the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, the gold core is the external power of the cultivator, the spirit core is the spiritual sea of the cultivator while the soul core is the internal power of the cultivator. Since the soul core is the hardest to form, it will usually take ten times longer to form the basic soul core to the foundation soul core and ten times longer for profound soul core. And the apex soul core will be ten times longer than the profound soul core…”

“Shouldn’t you wait for Maiden Qianfeng first before you erm…starts practicing?” Xiang Li asked curiously.

Ji Yuan laughed, “There is no harm trying a little on our own. What will possibly go wrong?”

“Everything will be wrong.” Xiang Li giggled softly.

Ji Yuan: …

“If something happen to me then you will not escape too, Xiang Li. So stop being a black crow.” Ji Yuan rebuked her lightly before his attention returned to his soul sea.

“We only have one month left before the truce with the six major orthodox clans is over. I don’t have twenty months to complete this profound soul core…”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan was gasping, “What the heck! Xiang Li, take a look quick…”

Xiang Li was startled. “You have formed the foundation soul core?!”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes with astonishment. The minute that he had started to gather his soul sea to encircle his soul core, he had already formed the foundation soul core effortlessly.”

“What is going on? I am only joking about a genius…” Ji Yuan muttered. Clearly, he did not understand it himself.

All of a sudden he took a look at Xiang Li who was glowing. “Xiang Li, why are you glowing?”

Xiang Li was also startled that she was glowing all of a sudden and some parts of her body were even becoming semi-translucence instead of translucence.

She was stammering, “When you form the foundation soul core, I feel that there is a change in my soul.”

“You have a soul, Xiang Li?”

Xiang Li: …

She gave a kick to Ji Yuan on his face but all of a sudden Ji Yuan gave a soft yell. “Ouch! That hurts Xiang Li…”

Xiang Li was gasping, “I can kick you?”

Ji Yuan was blinking his eyes as he rubbed his face. “Erm, you just did. How did you manage to kick me?”

“After you have formed the foundation soul core?” Xiang Li replied with a delightful look.

Then she gave another kick at Ji Yuan but this time it did not work.

“I can’t kick it now…” Xiang Li was immediately saddened.

“You need emotions, Xiang Li. Like just now.” Ji Yuan suggested after a short ponder.

“I hate you!” Xiang Li shouted as she raised her kick at Ji Yuan.

“Ouch!” Ji Yuan yelled immediately.

Xiang Li was immediately delighted. “I can touch you now, Big Brother!”

“You sure can but can you don’t kick my face? Although I am a golden celestial and I won’t be hurt by your puny attack but you don’t kick someone in the face, you know. It is a lack of respect to someone if you kick him in the face…”

Xiang Li had suddenly slapped Ji Yuan’s face all of a sudden as she giggled with great delight. “I can touch big brother now…”

Ji Yuan immediately frowned. “You just…”

“I didn’t kick. I slap. Kekeke.” Xiang Li pointed out with a playful wink.

Ji Yuan: …

“No more kicks or slaps.” He frowned.

But his thoughts quickly returned to the newly formed profound soul core. “But how did I form it so quickly? And how come I manage to form it so quickly?”

Then he looked at Xiang Li. “Maybe it is you, Xiang Li.”

Xiang Li said curiously, “Me? I didn’t do anything at all.”

Ji Yuan nodded, “Because I can feel the same profound energies in you when I form my soul core.”

Then he turned to look at Xiang Li as he continued to probe with his divine sense, “Weird, Xiang Li. When did you form your soul core? It seems that you already have an apex soul core.”

“I did?”

Ji Yuan focused his thoughts again as he tried to form the profound soul core within his soul sea. To his utter surprise, he had formed his profound soul core in a matter of seconds.

Then he focused his thoughts again to form the apex soul core. To his astonishment, he had also formed the apex soul core in a matter of seconds by linking his soul sea with Xiang Li.

“Exactly as I’ve thought. It isn’t because I am a genius but because of my Xiang Li. It seems that my soul sea is only making a copy of your soul core because you have already formed yours. I am so lucky to have you…”

All of a sudden, his throat was dry as stared at Xiang Li; Xiang Li was no longer surreal and he could see her loveliness and even sniff her sweet fragrance…

“Erm…who are you?”

Xiang Li: ???

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