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Chapter 179: Surprise Reunion in the Settlement (2)

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had grabbed Ji Yuan by his wrist as she pulled him along into her tent. They were immediately followed by Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

Their jovial laughter soon filled the tent as everyone was greeting one another as though they were one family.

Shangguan Yan smiled as she took Little Princess’ hands, “My lord has always spoke well of you.” Yan’Er had always been tactical with her choice of words so she tried to assure Little Princess.

Ji Yuan laughed awkwardly, “That is for sure.”

Little Princess smiled as she drew closely to Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi, “Actually you do not need to comfort me. I know Ji Yuan very well. He…has a foul mouth under the most normal circumstances.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

All the maidens were suddenly laughing jovially. “That is right! He is so uncultured…”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “If I am truly that uncultured, why will all of you like me in the first place?”

“Because you got a pretty face…”

“Because we are your victims…”

“We have fallen into your hands…”

“Because of your poems…”

“Because we have fallen into Jiajia’s ruse…”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan took a moment to compose himself before he lifted Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan into the air with his strong arms. “Chengxi, Yan’Er. I didn’t see you for some time and the two of you have become heavier.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan immediately gave him a strong kick. “Are you saying that we are fat now?”

Ji Yuan laughed as he said, “It must be Jiajia’s plot to make the two of you fat so that I won’t dare to carry the two of you. Haha.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei looked away with a soft mutter, “You are as bad as ever…and unromantic…”

Ji Yuan proceeded to lift Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue with his strong arms. “Haha. Wuwu and Baiyue. My two little sisters. How have you been?”

“Who are your little sisters? Hmph!” Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue stammered at the same time. “And don’t touch us like we are your little concubines!”

“So you are not going to be my little concubines?” Ji Yuan asked them with a grin.

Hua Wuwu giggled. “Never!”

“In your dreams!” Hua Baiyue laughed softly.

Ji Yuan laughed, “You know. It is so nice to see all of you in the same place again.”

Today, he was really very happy as he looked with endeavoring bliss at everyone…

Shangguan Yan had walked to him quietly, “My lord, you have grown so thin since we have last seen each other. Are you well?”

Ling Feiyue was afraid that everyone may think that she was mistreating Ji Yuan so she quickly explained. “Ji Yuan has been cultivating behind closed doors. So he is a little stress.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded as she touched Ji Yuan’s cheek bones, “My lord, you should take good care of yourself. I wish that I can be by your side to take care of you.”

“Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed aloud. “I am good now. Don’t worry. Chengxi, Yan’Er. I really miss the two of you so much and I am so happy that the two of you have overcome your life and death tribulations. Tell me about it alright? It must be hard on you.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled, “Maybe later. Palace Mistress wants to talk to you first.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “And I have a lot of things to chat with her as well.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei chuckled softly, “Same here. So back to our official business.”

“Official business?” Ji Yuan growled softly. “What official business…”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had taken out a map and had spread it on a large table in front of her. “The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is likely to descend in these areas in less than a month time. So anyone of you will be going to take the trial?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes at her butt before he smiled. “I am going.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had a slight flush as she caught where his eyes were looking at and she quickly her right hand behind to pull down her short skirt.

Ling Feiyue slapped her hands on the table, “I’m going as well.”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately, “Oh no, you are not.” He was now distracted from Jiajia’s butt and his attention was now on Ling Feiyue.

Xue Qianxue giggled, “I want to go as well…”

“You are not going anywhere as well.” Ji Yuan said sternly.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei shook her head, “Sister Qianxue, you are not going anywhere. You can’t suppress your pregnancy inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. All profound signatures and seals will no longer be effective inside.”

Then she chuckled softly, “Or are you thinking of giving birth inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Xue Qianxue returned a sheepish look at everyone. “Alright. I shall stay behind…”

Little Princess had a resolute look as she said firmly, “I’m going inside. Yin Wei will be inside and this is a golden opportunity for me to get him.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had suddenly gave Ji Yuan a tug, “How did you manage to nail Little Princess. How come you have never told me anything about her?”

Little Princess smiled, “So you have known Ji Yuan for a long time. It’s no wonder that you know where he is.”

She was referring to the time when she had thought that it was going to be her demise and she had pleaded with Saintess Fang Zhenfei to take a last look at Ji Yuan. To her surprise, Saintess Fang Zhenfei could actually track down Ji Yuan.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei nodded slowly, “Maybe you still hate me for driving you to commit suicide.”

Little Princess inhaled softly, “No I don’t. On the other hand, I am grateful to you for letting me have a last look at Ji Yuan.”

Then with a gentle smile, she looked at Ji Yuan and said. “Without that last meeting, we will still be enemies.”

Ji Yuan immediately protested. “Without that fateful meeting, we will still never be enemies.”

Little Princess threw him a light punch on his chest, “Lies! You have scolded me when we had met that day.”

“Haha.” Ji Yuan weakly protested. “Did I? I have forgotten about it. Haha.”

Then he quickly said to Saintess Fang Zhenfei, “Jiajia, ask her not to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

But Saintess Fang Zhenfei laughed, “You still don’t know how strong Little Princess is? If she isn’t injured at that time, do you think that I can even capture her? Since you are her lord, you should persuade her instead. Why let me decide this for you?”

Ji Yuan chuckled. “Because you are Jiajia and you are smart enough to persuade her.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei: …

Ji Yuan laughed aloud before he asked. “So who else is going into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan said at the same time. “We are staying put. We know that we are not strong enough.”

Ji Yuan was relieved when he had heard it and he was smiling at their decision. “Great. Stay with Jiajia…”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei smiled, “I will be going inside.”

Ji Yuan: …

“You are a sect leader. Who will lead your sect if you go inside?”

Ji Yuan sighed, “I suggest that all of you stay outside and wait for me to return. It is too dangerous for you inside.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei exclaimed with a soft chuckle. “And it is safe for you? What? We have not entered into holy matrimony yet and you are already trying to lord over us?”

Ji Yuan frowned. “Sooner or later, you will be. You are a sect master with considerable cultivation resources. Why do you want to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for? Is it worth to take the risk for?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei ceased her smiles to say solemnly. “I really need to go inside because I think the Evil Cultivation Palace is planning something.”

She inhaled softly before she asked. “Do you know that the Evil Cultivation Palace has created a Metamorph Project? They seem to have found a way to turn cultivators into monsters.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “Is it possible?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei chuckled before she pointed at the nine-tail spirit fox in Ji Yuan’s arms. “What about her?”

“Qianfeng, right? If I am not wrong then you are an immortal cultivator, am I right?” Saintess Fang Zhenfei asked curiously as she looked intently at the nine-tail spirit fox.

Bai Qianfeng quickly assumed her human form with a graceful change as she said quietly. “Since you have already known who I am, I have no reason to hide it from you.”

“Will you be going to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth as well?” Saintess Fang Zhenfei asked her curiously.

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “I will be following my lord inside.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “We may not be able to meet inside.”

“I will search for you inside no matter how tedious it is.” Bai Qianfeng said firmly.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Saintess Fang Zhenfei smiled, “Hopefully we can all meet inside.”

Ji Yuan protested immediately, “You really don’t have to go inside. Why don’t you stay out of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? If you do, I will accompany you. How about that?”

He really did not want Jiajia to take any risks.

“I have to go inside.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei shook her head. “Maybe I can even lend Little Princess a helping hand too.”

Ji Yuan turned to Little Princess, “Dearest Little Princess, I can help you to deal with Yin Wei. Maybe I may not be strong enough to overcome him but one day I will surely have the opportunity. It is not necessary to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to seek your vendetta.”

But Little Princess shook her head, “I can handle Yin Wei on my own. We will never be able to kill him outside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This is my only opportunity. Even if I die trying, I have no regrets.”

Ji Yuan: …

Saintess Fang Zhenfei interrupted with a gentle smile. “Let me brief all of you on what is going on for the past couple of months on the things that are happening around the celestial fraternity.”

Ji Yuan laughed, “The night is still long. Why don’t we leave it to later?”

“I have a visitor later and won’t be free later. So I have to be fast about it. Chengxi, Yan’Er. You may want to follow Ji Yuan to his tent for the night.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei explained.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan was immediately frowning unhappily. Dang. Who can be more important than me? Is it a man? How dare he green me and take a look at my Jiajia.

Xiang Li had heard Ji Yuan in his soul sea and whispered. “We can peep, you know. After all, with your stealth skills, it will be hard for Jiajia to discover you.”

Then with a soft chuckle she giggled. “I can float in and out without being discovered too.”

Ji Yuan was laughing all of a sudden. “Xiang Li, you are such a genius!”

“Of course I am!” Xiang Li giggled.

Ji Yuan had been trying to court Jiajia for a hundred years and he was not going to let any competitor gets into his way.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei was now updating everyone on the recent events and the latest intelligence on the current movements of the celestial fraternity but Ji Yuan was not paying any attention. Instead he was now scheming with Xiang Li to do something about the ‘competitor’ tonight.

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