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Chapter 180: Catching the Green Visitor (1)

Ji Yuan obsession with Xia Jiajia happened one hundred years ago when he first caught sight of her. For the very first time in three hundred years, he felt he was ready for love again. His instinct told him that she was someone special.

Even though he was usually wary of the intentions of strangers but he could not bring himself to walk away from Xia Jiajia.

Actually what Ji Yuan had experienced was not unique only to him. 90% of the men that caught sight of Xia Jiajia will also think that she is the special one for them.

The only difference between them and Ji Yuan was Xia Jiajia had taken the initiative to talk to Ji Yuan. Because of this circumstance, Ji Yuan was baited by her from the very start.

Imagine his wounded heart that was crying for joy when Xia Jiajia had accepted his pledge to wait him for a hundred years while he attempted for a breakthrough to the seventh realm level.

Xia Jiajia actually did not believe that Ji Yuan would be successful in his attempt because he was still so young. Therefore she was willing to wait him for a hundred years even though she had garnered a guess that his attempts would be an unsuccessful one.

But to her astonishment, Ji Yuan had actually succeeded in his attempt, a feat that stunned her since he had no cultivation resources to speak of.

Ji Yuan had actually almost died in his attempt. It was the thought that Xia Jiajia may still be waiting for him that had kept his will to live strong.

When he had finally breakthrough again, he was really happy to see Xia Jiajia again even though she had changed her name to Xia Jiaqing.

Although he wanted to be with her, he had two important considerations and did not want to make himself known to her.

One was that he was still rational enough to realize that it was the Emperor Hall Sect that had been bullying his Orthodox Sword Sect and Fairy Ye Chengxi while he was away. And the sect leader of the Emperor Hall Sect was none other than Xia Jiajia.

At that time, he had felt a sense of disbelief and betrayal because seeing is believing. He had seen Elder Li Qiang of the Emperor Hall Sect cornering Fairy Ye Chengxi and bullying her. Therefore he was indignant. Then there were Hai Guotian and Deng Chao. The rest was history.

As for the second consideration, it was because he had lost his beard and he did not think that Xia Jiajia would like his beardless self. He did not know that Xia Jiajia had the one and only portrait of his beardless self which she had purchased from the auction house and that she liked his beardless self more.

And of course, Xia Jiajia did not tell him that her original ruse was to test his heart to see if he was worthy or not for her. It was because she did not want any man to like her because of her pretty face. She wanted to test Ji Yuan by putting him to the test to see if he would be moved by Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue if they were to meet.

In the end, Ji Yuan did not follow any of the ruses that she had planned for him and in fact screwed up all her plans by his clumsiness and the cause of that clumsiness was an accidental fall into Xue Qianxue’s bath tub.

This caused Ji Yuan to think that Xue Qianxue would be after his life for dishonoring her and therefore he had quickly professed his love for Xia Jiajia in a hurry and ran off for his breakthrough just in case Xue Qianxue would be going after his life. At that time this appeared to be the best option for Ji Yuan since he had little hope of defeating Xue Qianxue or the powerhouses that were behind her.

Xia Jiajia was actually overjoyed to see Ji Yuan again at the Emperor Hall Sect. She did not know if he had succeeded in his attempt or not. But the fact that he was still alive, comforted her. It was because she was always feeling guilty that she may have gone too overboard with her ruse on him.

But when she saw him again and saw that he was looking as confident as ever and thinking that he was smarter than her, she could not resist putting up another ruse to test his worthiness for her.

“So who is the stupid one?”

Therefore she played the bimbo in front of him.

Ji Yuan of course did not realize that Xia Jiajia had long recognized him, beard or no beard and he could help thinking he was so smart and that she was such a bimbo.

Hence they had begun their round two of the battle of the wits.

Although Ji Yuan had cursed Xia Jiajia in his heart for being a bimbo and for stealing from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, he had chosen to defend her honor and never did he openly rebuke her even when he had met her again while she was assuming the identity of Saintess Fang Zhenfei.

In fact, she had purposely revealed her identity as the Saintess Fang Zhenfei to make him consider the option of ‘betraying’ her to save his own skin.

But Ji Yuan will have none of it and he was treating his pledge for her seriously.

Now that Xia Jiajia had met such a man like Ji Yuan, how could she not truly fall in love with him?

Although Ji Yuan had not officially gotten Xia Jiajia into holy matrimony with him as his consort yet but in his heart, she was already his.

Therefore when he had learnt that Xia Jiajia would not be free to spend the night with him, he was naturally quite upset.

That night, he had a quickie with Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan before he rushed out of his tent. “I will be back shortly.”

Shangguan Yan rolled her eyes, “You know sister. I bet he is going to spy on Palace Mistress now.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was startled, “How do you know?”

“Did you not notice that he seems to be quite restless tonight? It looks like our lord’s mind is somewhere else.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi gently said. “I wish that I am as smart as Sister Yan’Er. But why should he be spying on Palace Mistress? He doesn’t trust her?”

Shangguan Yan giggled softly, “It is not a matter of trust or not. Didn’t you notice that his eyes were on Palace Mistress all the time as though he wants to devour her with his eyes?”

“I did.” Fairy Ye Chengxi chuckled.

Ji Yuan was now making his way to the tents of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect where Saintess Fang Zhenfei aka Xia Jiajia was.

Unknown to Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were waiting for him to appear before they quietly followed him from behind, unnoticed by him.

The two of them actually had an astonishing level of stealth too that was unknown to Ji Yuan and they could follow him unnoticed.

When Little Princess saw that Bai Qianfeng was also following Ji Yuan, they joined into a group without exchanging a single word as they followed him. They were really curious what Ji Yuan was doing in the middle of the night.

A while later, Ji Yuan was now at the perimeter of the tents of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect and he saw that the lights in Fang Zhenfei’s tent was still lit brightly. However he could only see a single shadow.

He was quite relieved to see that his Jiajia was alone and he decided to lie low for a while.

Soon he saw a black cloak cultivator walking suspiciously into the perimeter of the tents of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect. Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue and the other protégés of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect were there to greet this black cloak cultivator and they allowed him to get past them.

Dang! Who is he? Ji Yuan was cursing silently.

With a flash, he had decided to sneak as near as possible into Saintess Fang Zhenfei’s tent.

Shortly afterward, he got as near as possible without being discovered by anyone and he could see the shadows of the black cloak cultivator and his Jiajia from where he was hiding.

He dared not go too near to the tent because he knew now that Xia Jiajia is a great saintess and he would be discovered by her should he approach too closely.

All of a sudden he could see that they seem to be quarreling; he could not pick up any noises because there was an array inside that silenced the noises from within.

“Why are they quarreling? This visitor is not friendly at all…”

The next thing that had happened completely caught him by surprise. His Jiajia and the black cloak cultivator were fighting all of a sudden with their fists, palms and fingers.

“Jiajia is in danger?!”

All of a sudden the black cultivator had pinned his Jiajia down and had taken out a whip to lash at her.

Ji Yuan was completely stunned by what he was seeing. “This visitor is also a pervert! I must save Jiajia!”

With that he had rushed forward with his sword.

Xiang Li was also startled, “What is going on? We are going to rush in?”

Ji Yuan had no time to explain to Xiang Li as he was rushing forward with all his speed. “We must stop this pervert from raping Jiajia.”


“Yea. This pervert has a fetish for bondages. How dare he green me!”

Xiang Li raised her fists, “Kill him!”

“That is my intention too. My rage level is at its boiling point now!!!”

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