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Chapter 181: Catching the Green Visitor (2)

When Ji Yuan rushed into the tent with his divine sword, he went straight for the back of the black cloak cultivator.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei was startled to see Ji Yuan as he rushed in. “Ji Yuan, what are you doing here?”

“I am here to protect you! Why else will I be here?” Ji Yuan had immediately unleashed a powerful wave of sword energies projectile as soon as he appeared.

The black cloak cultivator was startled by the surprise entrance of Ji Yuan and she was sent flying off in a thunderous outburst to the end of the tent.

Ji Yuan could suddenly see the cape of the black cloak cultivator loosening and her golden flock of hairs began to flutter in the air.

He was suddenly startled because it was a familiar face and he had recognized her as Shui Xisi!

Shui Xisi had an angry look when she was attacked from her back but as soon as she saw that it was Ji Yuan, she was smiling delightfully as she raised her feather steel whip. “So you want a fight?”

Ji Yuan was stammering, “Wait! This is all a misunderstanding…”

But Shui Xisi did not give him a chance to explain as she expertly lashed her whip furiously against him.

In a blink of a few eyes, Shui Xisi had exchanged tens of strokes with Ji Yuan.

Between her whip lashes, she had also clawed upon Ji Yuan’s face.

Ji Yuan was stunned that her attacks were even more furious than the last time that he had fought her.

“Why are you so weak this time?’ Shui Xisi questioned him as she attacked him at the same time.

It was the truth.

When Ji Yuan saw that he had attacked wrongly, half of his fighting spirit was gone all of a sudden and he was defending more than he was attacking. “Stop hitting my face or I will really turn nasty on you! Don’t force me to use my profound power art on you!”

“Don’t hesitate and show it to me then!” Shui Xisi was taunting him fiercely.

As they fought fiercely, Saintess Fang Zhenfei had flashed in their midst as she knocked them aside. “Stop! Do you want to destroy my command tent?”

Although her tent was big enough to accommodate hundreds of cultivators but half of the tent was already in a ruinous state after their short fight.

“Sister! You saw that right? He attacked me! I’m only defending myself!” Shui Xisi was giggling.

Ji Yuan was startled, “Sister? Jiajia, you know her?”

Shui Xisi asked curiously, “What Jiajia? She is Feifei, my sister!”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei shook her head weakly, “This is Sisi and she is really my little sister.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “She is your little sister? But she has golden hair while Jiajia you do not have. You have different parents?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei: …

“I have a blonde hair too. I dyed it blue because I like blue.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “I see. Haha. So it is all a misunderstanding. But why did she attack you for?”


Shui Xisi quickly interrupted her sister, “We have been fighting since we are little. This is not unusual. I have just learnt a new whip technique and I am showing it to my sister.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei sighed softly, “Although your whip is fast but it is useless against the high level cultivators. I doubt you can even defeat a sixth realm golden supremacy with it. Why are you learning such a useless whip technique anyway?”

Shui Xisi chuckled softly, “It is not completely useless against all sixth realm and seventh realm cultivators. Take for example, the pure sword cultivators that have no profound defenses.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Surely she isn’t thinking of learning this whip technique against me?

Shui Xisi giggled again before saying, “The whip is also useful as a rope when I am inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth as well, don’t you think so?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei sighed softly, “Anyway, this is a misunderstanding. This is…”

“Ji Yuan, I know!” Shui Xisi giggled. “We are great friends as a matter of fact.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei: …

She turned to stare coldly at Ji Yuan, “Great friends. Hmph!”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes as he stammered. “Erm, we are not even friends. Don’t listen to her. I had only known her when she had attacked the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

“Of course we are friends. If we are not, why are you so soft against me?” Shui Xisi asked him.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. It was true that he had missed her somewhat. But this was something that he dared not admitted because he could feel his Jiajia was now looking at him with an unhappy look.

He quickly asked, “Jiajia, erm…she is really your sister? Do you know that she is the Matriarch Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace? She knows about you?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei nodded. “She knows all about me…”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin, “Since she is the Matriarch Palace Mistress and also your little sister then Jiajia you must be very old?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei: …

“We are actually younger than you.”

Ji Yuan: …


Shui Xisi interrupted, “Hey Ji Yuan. Are you going into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? We can keep a good lookout for each other inside.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly at her, “I am not going there to play.”

“You think that I am going there to play?” Shui Xisi hummed coldly.

“You are not?” Ji Yuan said weakly.

“Of course I am not. I am going there to help my sister.” Shui Xisi giggled.

Then she turned to Saintess Fang Zhenfei to say, “Sister, I shall not disturb you anymore. Come Ji Yuan, let go outside to fight another one hundred rounds! Or are you afraid of me?”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “Who is afraid of you? Let’s go then!”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei stomped her foot, “I have warned you not to touch Ji Yuan. He is your future brother-in-law…”

“I know, I know. It is only a friendly fight to test his readiness. I won’t eat him up. Why are you so afraid of?” Shui Xisi chuckled softly.

Then she turned to say to Ji Yuan. “If you are not afraid then follow me!”

Ji Yuan looked at her bosoms and her butt, “Well, I am not afraid of you. One hundred rounds are too little. Why not five hundred rounds instead?”

“Five hundred rounds it shall be! Don’t cry for mercy before that!” Shui Xisi giggled as she rushed out of the tent. “Come follow me!”

“Who is afraid of who?!” Ji Yuan shouted angrily at her as he flashed out of the tent.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei shouted after Ji Yuan, “You are not my sister’s match…”

But it was already too late to stop Ji Yuan.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei inhaled softly, “Maybe I should worry more for my little sister…she is too naïve…”

Ji Yuan and Shui Xisi had quickly found a deserted peak and they quickly dueled for five hundred rounds.

When the five hundred rounds were over, Ji Yuan was covered with bruises and scratch marks all over his body.

But eventually he had emerged the ultimate winner as he had pitted Shui Xisi down on the ground and he was lifting her skirt up.

Shui Xisi laughed as she hit him hard on his face, “If you don’t let me go, I will punch you with all my profound power next.”

Ji Yuan grinned. “Go ahead then. Say, why did you go around as Shui Sisi? Are you trying to get my attention?”

Shui Xisi laughed, “Why are you so smart?”

Then she added shyly, “What are your fingers doing below me now? You are not afraid that my sister will know about us?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Maybe you don’t know Jiajia well enough.”

“I don’t?” Shui Xisi asked curiously.

“Jiajia is very smart. She probably knows that you like me and I like you too. She has a look of resignation in her face.”

“Why have your fingers stopped moving? You are chickening out?” Shui Xisi asked.

Ji Yuan said, “I do enjoy our flirt. I know that you have a fiery spirit and I like your fiery spirit. But to be honest, you are Jiajia’s sister and do you really know what you are doing?”

“Of course I know what I am doing.” Shui Xisi hummed.

Ji Yuan rolled away from her as he pluck a grass to grind it with his teeth, “Who knows.”

This time round Shui Xisi rolled on his chest with a soft chuckle as she pinched his nose, “You are afraid?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “I have the iron guts of a donkey. Will I be afraid?” But he was secretly thinking; she had better not taunt me like Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. My Undying Fighting Spirit won’t be able to take her taunting…

“Then why won’t you take me?” Shui Xisi asked him curiously.

“Because we are best friends.” Ji Yuan said before he looked at her intently to say. “And I want to know why.”

Shui Xisi sighed softly as she rolled over next to Ji Yuan. “In the end I can’t fool you at all…”

Then she sighed softly, “I want you because my sister is interested in you. We have always been competing against each other. She is my older sister while I am her younger sister…”

Ji Yuan interrupted. “It is not a healthy competition. The two of you are real life sisters and should try to get along well with each other.”

“You have completely misunderstood.” Shui Xisi chuckled. “Even my sister as well. She doesn’t know that the reason why I am always competing with her is because I want her to notice me. We have always been fighting since we are little but our destinies are so different. She has a more noble destiny while I am the sheltered sister. Most of the time, she did not want to let me know because I know that she did not want to endanger me.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Yea…she didn’t tell me her plans too…” He was suddenly sighing. “Maybe because I am too weak to help her. I wish that I can help her.”

Shui Xisi had suddenly turned her face to Ji Yuan, “You are really a beautiful cultivator. How is it possible for such a beautiful cultivator to exist?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Haha. I know that I’m handsome but even I dare not profess that I am the most beautiful cultivator.”

Shui Xisi smiled gently as she cuddled his arm, “I’m not talking about your looks but your beautiful heart. It is no wonder why my sister has decided to pick you as her destined partner. If you are smart enough, don’t give her up or you will deeply regret it.”

Then with a soft chuckle, she had got up. “Me, including.”

She lit a quiet smile as she shyly said in her heart; Ji Yuan, you have passed my test as well. You are worthy of me.

Ji Yuan was startled when Shui Xisi had suddenly got up and in the next moment, she had departed completely.

There was an emptiness in his heart when she had left. “What does she means by ‘Me, including?'”.

Xiang Li also had an emptiness in her heart as she muttered in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “So, no more bang, bang.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “You have already enjoyed a free show earlier with Chengxi and Yan’Er. Don’t be greedy.”

Unknown to Ji Yuan, he was being watched by Bai Qianfeng, Little Princess and Saintess Fang Zhenfei.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei was sighing softly. “All along I have thought that my little sister is only a trouble maker but she is only trying to get my attention…”

“Thank you Ji Yuan…without you, I will not know about this…”

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