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Chapter 182: Sisters’ Reconciliation

When Ji Yuan returned to his camp, he thought that there was no one around as he had been very careful.

Unknown to him, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were still quietly following him.

To their surprise, the first thing that Ji Yuan returned to camp was not to return to the tent where Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were.

He had actually paid a visit to the tent of the Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui!

Little Princess was startled. “Why did he go to the tent of Elder Ling Tianshui for?”

Even Bai Qianfeng was startled by what she was seeing.

Before the lights had gone off in the tent, Ji Yuan and Ling Tianshui appeared to be kissing as they disappeared into the darkness together.

“Sister Qianfeng, what is Ji Yuan doing in Elder Ling Tianshui’s tent?” Little Princess asked weakly.

Bai Qianfeng shook her head weakly, “I really don’t know. When did it happen? How did they get together?”

Little Princess pondered for a while, “There isn’t a day when Ji Yuan isn’t with any of us. It is impossible.”

“Hmph! First it is that Shui Sisi and now it is our Sister Feiyue’s aunt. Ji Yuan, he is really too much!” Bai Qianfeng hummed coldly.

Ji Yuan had declared that he would not be spending time in their tents because he ought to accompany Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan whom he did not seen for a long time.

But tonight he was caught red handed visiting three maidens in a single night; Saintess Fang Zhenfei, Envoy Shui Sisi and Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui.

At first they had followed him out of curiosity and they wanted to know if he would really visit Saintess Fang Zhenfei and for how long.

Although they did not catch him in the act with Saintess Fang Zhenfei, they had caught him in the act with Shui Sisi and Ling Tianshui.

They were utterly speechless!

“Let’s keep it from Sister Feiyue first. She may not be able to take it.” Little Princess sighed softly.

Bai Qianfeng nodded. “How did Ji Yuan and Elder Tianshui get together in the first place? Did you see how natural for him to walk into her tent without even alarming her. It is as though she is waiting for him.”

Little Princess was perplexed as well. She just could not recall there was a time when Ji Yuan and Elder Tianshui had the chance to interact.

In the meantime Ji Yuan was rolling with Ling Tianshui.

“Not so loud. Do you want everyone to know about us?” Ling Tianshui rebuked Ji Yuan gently.

Ji Yuan laughed jovially, “There is an anti-sound formation here, am I right? So don’t worry.”

Ling Tianshui sighed softly. “Even so, there may be sudden movements from the inside that may attract onlookers. You must know that the tent is paper-thin…”

Ji Yuan laughed as he kissed her passionately. “Don’t worry. Tianshui, I have been missing you for the past three months.”

Ling Tianshui shyly averted her eyes, “Me too. I have thought that you have forgotten about me…”

“Never!” Ji Yuan laughed.

But he quickly said to her, “But I can’t stay for too long or the others will get suspicious. I have been out for quite some time now.”

Ling Tianshui looked a little disappointed. “Alright…I hope that the next time you will stay a little longer then.”

Xiang Li was stunned as she asked Ji Yuan in his soul sea. “Big brother. So this is the big surprise that you want to show me?”

“Yea. Are you surprised?”

Xiang Li danced with joy. “I am! I am really so happy!!”

She was already drooling over Ling Tianshui’s sensual figure. “Big brother, I am so impressed by you…when did you nail Elder Tianshui?”

“Haha, Xiang Li…now this is our secret. Don’t let Feiyue or anyone knows…”

“Hehe! Xiang Li promises you that no one will ever know!”

“Good, good. Haha! Remember your promise!”

“She is going to be your consort?” Xiang Li asked curiously.

Ji Yuan was suddenly sighing, “It may only be a quiet flirt. I can’t handle so many alone.”

“You can’t?” Xiang Li was astonished. “Why?”

Ji Yuan replied solemnly, “Have you ever thought of the possibility that they may gang up against you one day?”

Xiang Li: ???

Shui Xisi had returned to her sister’s tent immediately after leaving Ji Yuan.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei was naturally waiting for her.

“You look a little ruffle. How is your fight with Ji Yuan? Did you…”

Shui Xisi chuckled softly. “Don’t worry. He is still alive and well. But whether his face is going to be disfigured permanently, it depends on his own recovery.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei smiled gently as she suddenly grasped Shui Xisi’s left arm. “Sisi, maybe it is time for you to stop being willful and settle down.”

“I don’t want!” Shui Xisi protested immediately. “Feifei, surely you are not thinking of matchmaking me to any man just like this? You know that I have no eyes for men. Or is it because you want me to get out of the way from Ji Yuan?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei smiled gently, “What if the man that I want to betrothed to you is Ji Yuan?”

Shui Xisi was suddenly flushing as she giggled, “Sister Feifei, surely you must be joking with me. Are you testing me or what?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei laughed as she turned around. “It is only a suggestion. Since my sister is so reluctant to consider it then I shall not impose upon you. Back to our business then.”

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

She suddenly chuckled, “Well, I can just consider a little…”

“Forget it. Alas, it is bad enough that I will be imposing my will on my Sister Sisi. I am afraid that it may even strain our future relationships.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei pretended to search through a pile of scrolls while appearing disinterested in the topic.

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi laughed softly, “My good Sister Feifei. Do you need help from me to discipline Ji Yuan for you? I am pretty good at that.”

“No, I don’t. This is my family matter and not yours.” Fang Zhenfei continued to browse her scrolls casually while muttering. “Where did I put it?”

Shui Xisi’s mind was completely uninterested in the official business as she protested weakly. “He is my brother-in-law, am I right? So this is also my family matter. If I don’t help you to discipline him then how am I going to be considered your good sister?”

“You’re never a good sister and always seeking to find troubles for me.” Fang Zhenfei casually replied without turning her head back.

Shui Xisi: …

Fang Zhenfei had suddenly turned around with a wry smile. “In that case, I will let Ji Yuan know your intentions. The faster that he is aware that you are not interested in him, the better. Let me write a warning scroll to him then.”

Shui Xisi: …

“Sister Feifei…don’t! Wait!

All of a sudden Fang Zhenfei had hugged Shui Xisi with a warm embrace. “Sisi, it must be hard on you all these years. Your playacting has even fooled me.”

Shui Xisi was startled. “Feifei, what do you mean?”

All of a sudden she was gasping when she saw that Fang Zhenfei had bleary eyes and she was sobbing in her embrace. “Sister…”

“I have overheard you earlier when you are chatting with Ji Yuan…” Fang Zhenfei said.

Shui Xisi was flustered all of a sudden.

“So all these years, you are only trying to get my attention?” Fang Zhenfei sighed.

This time Shui Xisi had burst into tears as she trembled in her embrace. “Sister Feifei…I have always missed the days when we were little and the fights that we had…when we grow up, you are entrusted by mother consort with the important tasks and we are getting more and more distant with each passing day. I just want to be your little sister forever…”

“So that is why you are always finding trouble for me…” Fang Zhenfei muttered.

Shui Xisi nodded tearfully, “I was really very happy when you visit me a while ago. You must know that it is quite impossible for me to find you. You are always everywhere and you have even gone missing for a hundred years. I know that you are alive but I just don’t know where you are. Do you know how much that I’ve missed you?”

Fang Zhenfei slowly nodded with a heavy air of melancholy. “I was waiting for Ji Yuan…”

Shui Xisi actually did not know what was happened so she said, “He must be a worthy man for you to wait this long for him.”

Fang Zhenfei laughed softly. “I was actually getting irrational at that time and I didn’t know if I really love him back then.”

Shui Xisi giggled softly, “Tell me everything about him?”

Fang Zhenfei smiled, “Before I do that, so what do you say about we share the same man?”

Shui Xisi was flushing all of a sudden. “This…isn’t a good idea, am I right? This means that my sister will have to share his time with me…”

Fang Zhenfei rolled her eyes, “I am already sharing Ji Yuan with so many others. Do I mind one or two more?”

“So are you willing or not?”

Shui Xisi giggled softly, “You know that I am the pestering type. I may get his time more than anyone else.”

Fang Zhenfei winked at her, “Then it may backfire on you sooner or later.”

Shui Xisi: ???

“The more that you show men that you are dependable on them, the more that they will not place you in their hearts. You must play the cold game.” Fang Zhenfei smiled. “Moreover, you don’t want to injure him every time you have a chance to talk to him, am I right?”

Shui Xisi smiled weakly; she really enjoyed leaving her scratch marks on Ji Yuan…

Fang Zhenfei laughed softly as she pulled herself off from Shui Xisi, “You still haven’t answer me if you are willing or not. Since my Sister Sisi didn’t feel that Ji Yuan is the man for her, we shall leave it as it is then…”

Shui Xisi immediately flew into her embrace again with a blushed countenance, “Sister Feifei! I didn’t say no! Why are you in such a hurry…I just need some time to think…you know…this concerns my happiness after all…”

Fang Zhenfei smiled as she looked intently at her, “And so?”

Shui Xisi said shyly with a soft chuckle. “I am…willing! I have never seen anyone as fun as Ji Yuan….hehe…”

Fang Zhenfei returned a gentle smile. “So shall it be then. From this day onward, we are still the closest sister to each other.”

Shui Xisi nodded with a deep flush, “Sister Feifei…” At the same time she was already thinking of pinching Ji Yuan’s nose and face again…

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