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Chapter 185: In the Arena (2)

Jian Lindong proclaimed loudly, “Saint Jian Lindong. Young Master of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor. Middle tier golden saint!”

He had proclaimed loudly so that the thousands of onlookers would be able to hear him loud and clear.

“He is Young Master Jian Lindong…”

“He is so dashing…”

“Look at the profound armor that he is wearing. Sword Saint Ji Yuan is going to be a Dead Man Ji Yuan soon…”

Jian Lindong had a cold smirk when he saw that he had become the talking point now and he had got everyone’s attention.

Ji Yuan on the other hand merely said in a nonchalant voice. “Ji Yuan. Seventh realm heaven-step great saint.”

Although Ji Yuan’s voice was soft but all of a sudden there was a muted silence and many of the cultivators had dropped their wine cups and spirit stones that were in their hands.

Did Ji Yuan just say that he is a heaven-step great saint?!

Heaven-step great saint is already very close to a peaked great saint and they are all regarded as the peak cultivators.

Most of the cultivators were actually expecting Ji Yuan to be only a half-step great saint or at most a mortal-step great saint. But the truth was, there were many cultivators that refuse to believe that Ji Yuan was even a great saint and that he may have bolstered his cultivation realm level up to wield his celestial sword. After all, profound pills that can bolster the cultivation realm level are quite common to the rich cultivators.

“Isn’t Ji Yuan just a golden supremacy a hundred years ago?”

“Is there any saints around that can read that Ji Yuan’s profound signature?” Many of the cultivators were now curiously turning to one another to check for a golden saint that happened to be around.

The instant that Ji Yuan had unsheathed his celestial sword, all the cultivators could sense the powerful suppression that was around Ji Yuan. All the cultivators that were below the seventh realm cultivation could sense with their divine sense that Ji Yuan’s profound strength was at the seventh realm. Although they could sense his cultivation realm level but they could not pinpoint his cultivation realm level because Ji Yuan’s cultivation realm level was much higher than them.

Therefore they needed a seventh realm cultivator to tell them if Ji Yuan was really a great saint.

Although Ji Yuan’s voice was soft but everyone was also muttering and making Ji Yuan the talking point now. It had the same effect as Jian Lindong’s thunderous voice.

Some of the cultivators were now panicky gathering their spirit stones and asking to retract their bets.

There was a twitch in Jian Lindong’s face. “You are really a great saint?”

Ji Yuan said. “Haven’t you heard already? You are the one that is saying that a great saint dares not accept your challenge and moreover will your divine sense lie to you?”

Jian Lindong’s cultivation level was almost on par with Ji Yuan. There was no way that Ji Yuan could hide his profound strength from him unless his soul sea was not at its peak.

But right now, Ji Yuan’s soul sea is at the peak of the heaven-step and Jian Lindong knew that Ji Yuan was not joking with him. Moreover he could feel the pureness of Ji Yuan’s profound strength and it did not look like he had consumed any divine pills to bolster his cultivation level.

But Jian Lindong laughed it off as he said. “You should be one that is afraid or else you would have accepted my challenge yesterday.”

Ji Yuan said. “Shall we begin our duel now?”

Jian Lindong also had enough of the pleasantries.

He leapt into the air and he and he had immediately raised his sword to display a torrential of swords all of a sudden.

Ji Yuan was startled. He had of course recognized this powerful sword as the 8th Rank of the Profound Heaven Sword. After all, Yuxian had once used the same technique against him.

Jian Lindong was pitting his profound power against Ji Yuan’s profound power. Therefore there were no fanciful moves.

Ji Yuan immediately swung his sword as he unleashed a coiling wave of profound energy from his sword to meet the incoming torrential of swords.

There was a thunderous clashing sound and a blinding light as the profound energies clashed.

All of a sudden the coiling light that was from Ji Yuan pierced through the torrential swords that were from Jian Lindong and had thrown him violently onto the ground!

Everyone was gasping with shock that Ji Yuan’s profound power had actually exceeded a power cultivator like Jian Lindong.

“Look at Ji Yuan’s sword!”

“Double halos…”

“He has a perfect harmony with his divine sword…”

Indeed. Ji Yuan’s half-step celestial sword was now glowing with a two rainbow halos.

Jian Lindong had quickly picked himself up and he was now looking hatefully at Ji Yuan. He was actually unharmed. Even Ji Yuan’s profound energies could injure him, it was weakened by his powerful profound aura and completely neutralized by his profound armor.

But the fact that Ji Yuan could overcome the 8th Rank of the Profound Heaven Sword was enough to make him extremely furious. It was a slap to the face of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor.

He had not mastered the 9th rank of the Profound Heaven Sword yet. Only his father and sister had mastered to that level.

“Did Ji Yuan just overcome the Profound Heaven Sword?”

“What sword art is Ji Yuan using?”

“It doesn’t really look very powerful…”

Ji Yuan said coolly. “I think we can call it quits now. Either one of us will be able to gain an advantage over one another. It will be a battle of attrition. Your profound treasure is too strong for me to overcome while my profound power is greater than yours.”

Then he whispered. “You have to divide your profound strength into your divine sword and profound armor while maintaining your profound animus at the same time. If I play the slow game with you, you will not be my match…”

“Ji Yuan, you are a beardless chicken!” Jian Lindong had immediately reduced the defenses of his profound aura and all of a sudden his profound power seemed to have increased by a staggering leapt.

“I have realized that I don’t even need to defend against you. You are unable to hurt me at all.” Jian Lindong was laughing.

There was a twitch in Ji Yuan’s finger when Jian Lindong had called him a beardless chicken.

Jian Lindong had suddenly displayed his torrential of swords again and this time the entire platform of the arena was ripped upward in an outburst of destructive energies.

This time the profound power of Jian Lindong’s sword art seemed to be doubled!

Again, Ji Yuan had swung his sword as he displayed his coiling dragon sword art. Not once but twice as he completely neutralized Jian Lindong’s profound sword art!

Jian Lindong was flabbergasted that Ji Yuan was able to use two sword arts at the same time and his jaws had almost dropped.

But before he could react, Ji Yuan had displayed his most powerful sword art the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon as wave of coiling white light that was twice as powerful as Jian Lindong’s sword art was suddenly upon him!

Jian Lindong and many cultivators were startled that Ji Yuan could actually use three sword arts in just a few short blinks of an eye. This means that Ji Yuan’s had a startling profound energies recovery rate!

Shui Xisi was delighted as she clapped her hands as she cursed silently. “Dang you Ji Yuan! So this is your actual limit. You are not being serious when we are fighting. Now that I know your strength, I can freely use my more powerful profound arts to play with you, hehe!”

Then her attention quickly returned to the battle as she smiled. “But your profound art is not going to bypass his profound armor…”

Shui Qingqing had heard her and she was muttering. “Then will Ji Yuan be in trouble?”

Shui Xisi had almost forgotten that her Qingqing had idolized Ji Yuan. She replied nonchalantly. “He won’t die. It will probably end up in a draw. They are both saints.”

Shui Qingqing looked slightly relieved…

When the white profound light had struck Jian Lindong, it had struck very fast and all of a sudden there was an explosive burst of implosion that was lifting Jian Lindong high up and to the stunned shock of all the onlookers, Jian Lindong’s profound armor was cracking in front of everyone’s eyes!

Before Jian Lindong could react from his shock as the burning profound energies engulfed him, Ji Yuan had flashed onto to him and gave a strong kick that sent him to crash onto the ground again!

The instant that Jian Lindong had landed onto the ground, Ji Yuan was once again upon him and he was punching Jian Lindong nonstop. “I give you a chance to back off but you don’t back off. Are you courting your own death or what?!”

Shui Xisi was also startled by what she was seeing.

Shui Qingqing was smiling with delight now. “It seems that my master can be wrong sometimes.”

Shui Xisi frowned. “I didn’t expect for him to master the true sword energies form. Although that profound armor can protect against profound energies but Ji Yuan’s profound energies is the same as attacking with his celestial sword in melee. Naturally the celestial sword is stronger than the profound armor. And that fool has even weakened his own profound defenses too.”

On the other side of the arena, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were actually quite anxious for Ji Yuan because they could see that Jian Lindong seemed to have an advantage over Ji Yuan.

Only Bai Qianfeng was not anxious. It was because she knew that Ji Yuan was far stronger than he looked, especially when he had also just recently formed his apex soul core.

In the meantime Ji Yuan was still punching Jian Lindong nonstop until his fists were bloodied with his own blood. After all, Jian Lindong was a saint and the instant that he had lost his advantage, he had begun to switch all his profound strength to defend himself.

“I ask you to stop yet you refuse. Do you want to die by my hands so much?!” Ji Yuan cursed as he punched at the same time. “If you will apologize to me then I will let you go!”

Jian Lindong spat out his broken tooth, “Heh! Never! If you give me another three hundred years I will be a great saint…and I…surely…be able to…”

Ji Yuan punched him at his mouth. “By then I will already be a peaked great saint while you are just a mortal-step great saint! Or maybe the Lightning Tribulation will take away your life!”

Jian Lindong gasped with agony. “Kill…me! Just…like you have…killed my…sister…”

Ji Yuan continued to punch him furiously, “Precisely because of your sister, I am not going to kill you. But I should teach you a lesson for underestimating a sword saint! Even if you have ten lives, you will still be killed sooner or later for underestimating your opponents!”

Although Sword Saints have no profound power art or defense profound art, most sword saints have a startling profound energies recovery rate and are capable of using multiple profound sword arts as a compensation for their lack of offensive and defensive strength.

Ji Yuan is actually strong enough to use two heavenly light of the coiling dragon in a blink of an eye. But that is a secret trump card that he is not showing yet.

Just as Ji Yuan was thinking maybe it was enough already, a sweet melancholy voice had greeted him. “Ji Yuan, that is enough already. Do you really want to kill my brother?”

Ji Yuan turned his head around as he stared blankly at an elegant lady in white who had quietly approached him.

He was soon gulping as he stammered. “Yuxian, is that really you? You are really still alive?”

The elegant lady in white was indeed Yuxian or more rightfully Saintess Jian Yuluo.

Before she could nod to reply to Ji Yuan, she was already swept up by Ji Yuan and in the next instant they were both kissing each other passionately in front of thousands of cultivators.

Jian Lindong was stunned. “Sister Yuluo? You’re still alive…”

The thousands of cultivators were all stunned as well.

“Is she really Saintess Yuluo?”

“How come she is still alive?”

“She is Saintess Yuluo…I seen her before…”

“How come they are hugging and kissing each other?”

“Aren’t they enemies?”

“Sword Saint Ji Yuan…Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo…”

Ji Yuan had broken down in tears and he was trembling uncontrollably. “Yuxian! It is really you! Do you know how grief I am when I’ve thought that you are gone forever? Please tell me that this isn’t a dream…”

Saintess Jian Yuluo was also in tears, “Ji Yuan…this isn’t a dream. I’m still alive…thank you…”

Shui Qingqing was also in tears. She had always thought that Ji Yuan had turned to the dark side after killing Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo. When she saw them together, she was really delighted.

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