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Chapter 186: Epic Eighth Rank Desolate Monster

Although there were thousands of cultivators in the open arena, all the cultivators did not dare to whisper too loudly lest they disturbed the tranquil moment that was between Ji Yuan and Sword Saintess Yuluo.

They could only whisper softly and stared in bewilderment as Ji Yuan continued to kiss Sword Saintess Yuluo passionately.

Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were also shocked.

Shangguan Yan whispered to Fairy Ye Chengxi, “Sister Chengxi, that must be Ji Hao’s mother consort. She is still alive…”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was beaming with joy as her tears flowed down her beautiful cheeks. “Yes…our old master really misses her a lot and I’m so happy for him…”

Bai Qianfeng was staring in disbelief at Saintess Yuluo. This is impossible…something is not right here…

On the other side of the cliff, Shui Qingqing whispered to her Matriarch Palace Mistress. “They are kissing. Saintess Yuluo is still alive?! Ji Yuan didn’t kill her?”

Shui Xisi took a look at Saintess Yuluo with her divine sense before she said quietly. “Not for long.”

After kissing Jian Yuluo for a long time, Ji Yuan finally asked her, “Yuxian, how come you are still alive. What is going on?”

Jian Yuluo shook her head gently, “I do not know exactly what had happened. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a crystal coffin and in a strange place. When I saw the image of the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth outside, I had decided to go in that direction. Somehow I know that you may be here.”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “I am the one that put you inside that crystal coffin. I must be a genius for doing that. Haha. Since that crystal coffin can revive you then it must be an immortal profound treasure. Next time if I were killed, you can put me inside there as well.”

Jian Yuluo smiled weakly. “It is no longer possible now.”

Ji Yuan: ???

She explained gently, “The crystal coffin broke into several pieces when I had opened my eyes. There was a huge earthquake in the vicinity, apparently caused by the sudden descend of the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth.”

Ji Yuan was slightly disappointed that the crystal coffin had been destroyed but he soon shrugged it off because the most important thing to him now was that his Yuxian was still alive and he was only too glad. “Haha, it is alright. As long as you are alive and well, I am truly happy. Yuxian, I am going to take you as my consort. Will you take me as your lord?”

Jian Yuluo gasped as she shook her head, “No, I can’t…”

Ji Yuan held her even more tightly, “No, you can. I already know what had happened…”

Xiang Li giggled proudly in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Thanks to me! It is all thanks to me! I had showed Big Brother your last memories that you were trying to say but was unable to!”

Jian Yuluo looked slightly confused before she sighed. “I’ve made an oath to my soul sea.”

Ji Yuan said firmly, “I am now a great saint. Your father will have no reason to protest anymore. I will go to your father lord to persuade him to lift this oath from your soul sea.”

I will beat him up until he agreed to it. Ji Yuan sworn silently in his soul sea.

Xiang Li answered excitingly, “I will help Big Brother too!”

“Xiang Li, you are completely useless you know. Your punch doesn’t even carry strength.” Ji Yuan grinned.

Xiang Li: …

Jian Yuluo was now looking blankly at Ji Yuan, “You’re now a great saint? How long have I been sleeping?”

Ji Yuan pondered briefly before he grinned. “Less than six months.”

Jian Yuluo gasped and looked even more confused. “Aren’t you only an initial tier saint when I last saw you…”

Ji Yuan grinned. “That is right. Haha. It is a long story. Let me tell you when we are alone. Right now I am going to take you away.”

Jian Lindong was stammering, “Wait! Sister Yuluo, is that really you? My sister you are still alive?! Are you really going with the man that had violated you?”

Jian Yuluo turned to him with a gently nod before she sighed, “Ji Yuan has never violated me. We are truly in love. I am the one that had abandoned him in the past…”

“No, you did not. You had your own difficulties.” Ji Yuan said firmly.

Jian Yuluo turned to Ji Yuan with a blissful look. “Ji Yuan…”

Jian Lindong was stammering, “This…is…not what…our father lord…had said to me…”

Jian Yuluo turned to her brother to say gently, “Brother Lindong. Thank you for your love toward me and my son. For this, your sister has always been grateful to you. Please do not make things difficult for Ji Yuan anymore.”

Jian Lindong smiled bitterly as he looked at Ji Yuan, “I dare not…” This Ji Yuan was too strong for him to handle.

All of a sudden there was a loud rumbling and it seemed that a terrifying earthquake was now occurring as the ground began to shake violently.

There were several large shouts as a towering jelly-like monster was seen at the edge of the settlement and it had just popped in between two tall cliffs.

The jelly-like monster was extremely gigantic and it was moving like a huge serpent, trampling over all the cultivators in its path.

But the most shocking thing about it was that it was an epic eighth rank desolate beast!

An epic seventh rank desolate beast is already stronger than a ninth rank profound desolate beast. An epic eighth rank epic desolate beast is like a beyond divinity monster, capable of destroying anything!

“What the heck?!”

“The spiritual auras here are either good or bad. There shouldn’t be any high level desolate beasts around here…”

“This monster seems to be coming our way…”

“The cultivators from the major orthodox and unorthodox clans are all regrouping to fight that monster…”

“Should we join them?”

“Are you crazy? Even if you are a great saint, you can’t defeat a single epic seventh rank desolate monster alone. Moreover this one is an epic eighth rank desolate monster…”

Ji Yuan grabbed Saintess Jian Yuluo as he regrouped with Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Hua Wuwu, Hua Wuwu and Bai Qianfeng. “This place isn’t safe anymore. None of us have a hope of defeating this thing. We got to flee immediately…”

All of a sudden hundreds of cultivators had surrounded Ji Yuan as they called out to him, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan, Sword Saintess Yuluo. Please join us in the fight against that monster. We need your help.”

The hundreds of cultivators were a mixture of the orthodox and unorthodox cultivators and one-sixth of them were golden celestials.

Ji Yuan: …

He silently cursed them: Do you know that we are only throwing our lives? Even if we have a hundred saints together, we may not be able to overcome that thing…”

All of a sudden many of the cultivators were pointing at the scene that was below them. The arena was actually situated on a higher elevation than the rest of the settlement.

Thousands of fearless cultivators were battling the monster now and all of a sudden the jelly-like monster had spread its jelly tentacles in all directions and thousands of cultivators were instantly ripped apart!

When Ji Yuan saw the scene, he was staring with disbelief. “Is this even a normal desolate monster?!”

It is actually not and it is an epic eighth rank metamorph monster that has ten times the regeneration speed and it is capable of growing multiple arms to attack everything within its range. It is actually a true monster that the cultivators have never seen before.

Many of the saints, great saints, golden supremacies and golden celestials were now dying all around this monster. As for the thousands of non-golden celestials, most were killed instantly with only a few hundred survivors.

The scene below had suddenly turned appalling and even to fear.

At first all the cultivators had thought that with so many hundreds of celestial clans that were presented here, they would be able to take out this monster out. But now, the eyes of the cultivators had suddenly turned to fear and there was even a general retreat!

All of a sudden Ji Yuan’s sharp eyes saw that Jiajia was among the cultivators that were still struggling to fight the monster, he was greatly alarmed.

“Everyone stay here!”

Without a second thought, he had flashed down the arena platform toward the direction of the gigantic jelly-like monster!

Following closely behind him was Shui Xisi as she said panicky to him. “My sister is in danger! We must help her!”

Amidst thousands of retreating and confused cultivators, Ji Yuan had sped through them and he was finally at the battle ground.

Only a few hundred cultivators were still fighting this monster and they were all golden celestials from the hundreds of celestial clans; they all had a desperate look and many of them were now hiding behind the cliffs and huge boulders in the vicinity. It was because no matter how powerful their techniques were, this jelly-like monster was regenerating too rapidly and moreover it also had a formidable defense that rendered most of their profound arts useless.

“Jiajia!” Ji Yuan quickly shouted over to Saintess Fang Zhenfei who was inhaling heavily. She had a heaven-step divine sword and she appeared to be injured.

Ji Yuan could see that her leg was bloodied and she could hardly move.

“Feifei!” Shui Xisi gasped with shock and her eyes were bleary.

“Ji Yuan, Sisi. Why are you here? Get everyone to evacuate this place immediately. I will buy you the time to retreat. This thing is too strong. We can only slow it down and not halt its advance.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei shouted to them with a resigned look.

Shui Xisi panicky said. “Sister, I can lend you my immortal sword…”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei shook her head, “Your immortal sword is useless in my hands. Moreover I had already tested its defenses and I can hardly even scratch it. I can’t believe something this powerful actually existed. This must be a product of the Metamorph Project of the Evil Cultivation Palace. I am afraid that only our Xiao Ruan may be its match…”

Xiao Ruan was actually the name of her spirit pet and she is an epic ninth rank divine blue phoenix.

Then she was sighing. “Maybe not. This thing had the profound strength of an epic ninth rank desolate beast and its regeneration exceeded anything that I have ever seen.”

Shui Xisi was startled. “Then we may need the help of our half-sister Fan Yuqing and Lu Qingyun…”

All of a sudden Saintess Fang Zhenfei was startled that the gigantic jelly-like monster had found their hiding place and was releasing dozens of its fearsome tentacles to lash furiously in their direction.

Ji Yuan swung his sword like a shield as he charged out from the covers of the boulders around them, blocking the fearsome tentacles for Saintess Fang Zhenfei and Shui Xisi.

He shouted loudly to Shui Xisi, “Take away your sister now! Don’t let her perish in this place!”

Shui Xisi protested.  “But…”

“Go now!” Ji Yuan interrupted her.

With a soft sigh Shui Xisi had picked up her sister and she had flashed away with Saintess Fang Zhenfei protesting. “Ji Yuan, come back please…don’t fight it….”

“Xiang Li, are you afraid of death?” He asked Xiang Li in his soul sea.

“As long as I am with Big Brother, I’m not afraid.” Xiang Li proclaimed with huge determination.

“Good. Haha. Although I am usually not a hero but I feel like a real hero now. At least Jiajia and Xisi are able to escape.”

As he said to Xiang Li, he had had lifted his sword high and he was channeling all his profound strength into his sword while fending off the furious tentacles that were lashing against him. 

Xiang Li said panicky, “Big Brother, your profound power won’t be enough to penetrate through the profound animus of this monster.”

Ji Yuan asked weakly, “So any solution?”

Xiang Li rolled her eyes, “Do you still have your crystal celestium? Maybe you can socket it into your sword now.”

Ji Yuan nodded slowly. “Yea, I still got it.” As he replied to Xiang Li, he quickly socketed it into the hilt. The crystal celestium can enhance his profound art power by 10%. It is not much but it is better than nothing.

“So what next now, Xiang Li?”

“We pray for the best.” Xiang Li began to kneel down to pray earnestly. “I pray that my Big Brother will have the strength to overcome this monster and save the both of us.”

Ji Yuan: …

“I really don’t want to die…” he was sighing. “I have finally united with Yuxian again…more importantly, I have not banged Jiajia yet.”

“Yea. Me too.” Xiang Li sighed.

Ji Yuan: …

“You are a maiden…how do you bang Jiajia…”

At this moment the jelly-like monster was getting too close to Ji Yuan and it had doubled its movement toward him.

Ji Yuan saw that Shui Xisi and Saintess Fang Zhenfei were not far enough and he was determined to buy them as much time as possible to flee the scene.

The shadow of this jelly-like monster was now towering over Ji Yuan and the relentless tentacles that were still attacking Ji Yuan did not cease at all.

With a great shout, he had mustered all his profound strength to display his most powerful profound art the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon. Ji Yuan really thrown everything that he got now as he formed the true sword energies form and all his profound energies that he could muster from his spiritual sea.

He needed more profound power now. Although he could display two Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon with his current strength but he had to divide his profound strength into two profound arts. And it would not be enough to do any damage.

A beam of profound light had burst forth in a dazzling light from his sword and to the startling shock of all the onlookers, the jelly-like monster suddenly had half of its body rippled apart and several moments later, its monstrous body had completely collapsed on the ground!

Ji Yuan’s half-step celestial sword was still flashing brightly but it was completely different now and the animus of his sword had transformed into an immortal-step divine sword!

And on the forehead of Ji Yuan was a burning white runic mark!

This Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon was several times more powerful than what Ji Yuan could muster and all of a sudden Ji Yuan could feel that his sword art seemed to have elevated to a completely new level.

And on his forehead was the mark of his own sword spirit!

Sword spirits can be attained by acquainting the spirit entities of the desolate monsters or in the trials. This method is the more commonly mean of acquiring sword spirits.

The more difficult method of acquiring sword spirits is to form one’s own sword spirit. This means that the sword practitioner has to reach a great height in their sword’s state of divinity in order to possess their unique sword spirits and these sword spirits are usually extremely powerful because they are 100% compatible to the sword practitioner and are customized just for them.

Even Ji Yuan was startled that he had formed his own sword spirit at such a crucial timing and he was stammering. “Xiang Li, did you see that?”

Xiang Li giggled. “My prayers work?”

“No, my sword spirit! Muhaha. Finally I have my own spirit entity now and it is my own sword spirit! It is much better than my useless Xiang Li.”

Xiang Li: …

“And look at my sword. It can even be evolved into immortal sword!”

Ji Yuan was now looking extremely conceited and he was quite excited. But after a while, he was looking a little perplexed because this does not explain how his sword art was able to defeat an epic eighth rank desolate monster…

And how the heck did his sword become an immortal sword?!

All of a sudden he had noticed that Xiang Li had become even younger now and she was looking like a sixteen year old maiden.

“Xiang Li, what has happened to you?!”

Xiang Li blinked her eyes as she looked at herself, “I don’t know…”

But before Ji Yuan could find out more, the half-collapsed body of the jelly-like monster was reviving again and it was once again picking itself up!

This shocked Ji Yuan.

With trembling fingers, he raised his sword again to display another formidable Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon. This time round, the jelly-like monster was completely disintegrated by the profound energies of Ji Yuan’s profound sword art.

As Ji Yuan collapsed weakly on the ground, he was muttering with a wry smile. “So my sword spirit allows me to exceed my profound energies limit to display a stronger version of my profound art. With my current strength, it seems that I can only use my sword spirit twice before I exhaust my profound strength…”

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