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Chapter 188: Xiang Li (2)

In the secret citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace, the Evil Cultivation Master was now viewing the memory stone together with the Sagess Mei and Sagess Alyssa.

All three of them appeared to be somewhat shocked as they watched the replay of the memory stone again and again as Ji Yuan obliterated the epic eighth rank metamorph monster.

The Evil Cultivation Master trembled lightly as he said coldly, “What do you think about this?”

The Sagess Alyssa muttered, “It is impossible for Ji Yuan to have this type of profound strength and…profound power.”

“Is it because that he has an immortal sword?” The Sagess Mei said with an anxious look. She was in charge of this mission to attack the settlement and she had failed her mission.

The plan of the Evil Cultivation Palace was simple enough and it was due to the appearance of the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth that had given them such a golden opportunity for so many elites of the celestial clans to gather in the same place.

Not too long ago, the Evil Cultivation Palace had found a barely alive epic eighth rank desolate beast and had revived this monster with the last of their metamorph core.

And this revived epic eighth rank desolate beast would be their ultimate weapon to destroy the elites of the celestial clans.

Only two minor settlements had been destroyed by their ultimate weapon before it was destroyed by Ji Yuan at the outskirt of the biggest settlement.

When the Sagess Mei saw that their ultimate weapon had been destroyed, she had ordered the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace to quietly back off.

“Are you sure that he has an immortal sword?” The Evil Cultivation Master questioned solemnly.

The Sagess Mei nodded weakly. “I think so.”

“What do you mean by you think so?” The Evil Cultivation Master frowned with great displeasure.

“It may be more than just an immortal-step divine sword. It may even be a saintly divine sword.” The Sagess Mei answered with a frightful look.

The Sagess Alyssa was startled, “Sister, are you sure about this?! You can’t joke about this. It is impossible for saint swords to exist anymore. The number of saint swords is less than seven and these saint swords all have names and are all in the hands of the great immortal gods.”

The Sagess Mei muttered weakly, “My divine sense is off the scale at that time. Hopefully I am wrong and this may be due to the profound power of his profound sword art.”

The Sagess Alyssa asked. “Maybe it is because of his sword spirit? I saw the manifestation of his sword spirit on his forehead in the memory stone.”

The Sagess Mei answered with a confused look. “Maybe…”

The Evil Cultivation Master said solemnly. “Immortal-step or saint-step divine sword isn’t the main point here. This Ji Yuan can destroy an epic eighth rank metamorph in such a casual manner. It isn’t something that any seventh realm great saint is capable of doing and moreover he is merely a sword cultivator. Calling him a sword saint is just an honorable way of acknowledging that he is better with a sword than most but this doesn’t change the fact that his profound power is weak.”

With a short pause, he added unhappily. “But now he can actually display his profound power to the eighth realm cultivation level. Somehow he has managed to use profound power that is beyond any cultivators in the Celestial Realm.”

The Sagess Mei nodded quietly. “Even if I were not restricted here and I were to be able to use my eighth realm cultivation profound strength, I am still not capable of unleashing such raw profound power unless I could somehow form my soul core.”

The Sagess Alyssa hummed hatefully, the memories of her defeat to Ji Yuan was still lingering on her mind, “This Ji Yuan is just a good-for-nothing cultivator that wastes his time doing meaningless things. With his impure soul sea, it is impossible for him to form any soul core. Moreover he has to first start off with the gold core first and that itself is an extremely tedious progress. I say that he has a profound treasure to aid him.”

The Evil Cultivation Master closed his eyes to ponder for a while before he opened his eyes again. “In the past, I didn’t even think of this Ji Yuan as a real threat and only as a bothersome insect that is an irritation. I am so wrong.”

The Sagess Mei, the Sagess Alyssa: ???

“Now he has really become a real threat to our domination. We have set our sights on our potential enemies but have failed to monitor an insignificant cultivator that has suddenly come into the picture from nowhere.” The Evil Cultivation Master sighed heavily. “We have really miscalculated this time.”

He lifted his bony fingers to say. “Get me Yin Xiong here.”

“I will go and get him.” The Sagess Alyssa said quietly.

Before long a black robe cultivator had entered the chamber and he was the Second Citadel Lord Yin Xiong. “Father lord, you are looking for me?”

The Evil Cultivation Master said coldly. “How many more golden celestials do you need to complete the immortal sword?”

Yin Xiong had a look of hesitant in his eyes. “Erm…”

“Enough of looking for victims with the false treasure maps. We are going to sacrifice our own golden celestials. I want the immortal sword to be completed as soon as possible.” The Evil Cultivation Master commanded sternly.

Yin Xiong broke into a cold sweat as he fell onto the ground. “Father! Please forgive me…I…I lost the sword…”

“What do you mean you’ve lost the sword? Isn’t the immortal array still intact?” The Evil Cultivation Master shot him an angry look. He had created an immortal array that held a celestial-step divine sword to nurture it into an immortal-step divine sword.

If the immortal array is breeched then he will know immediately. But the fact is, this immortal array is still intact.

Yin Xiong panicky stammered out. “A joker has replaced the celestial sword with a lowly divine sword…”

The Evil Palace Master was stunned. “My celestial sword is stolen under your charge and you are only telling me now?! Why didn’t you track the culprit down?! You are the real joker!”

Yin Xiong had broken into cold sweat. “I am really trying my best…but…that culprit seems to have the ability to wipe away the profound signature of the celestial sword away…I am actually looking at several more ways to retrieve the sword quietly…”

The Evil Palace Master was now yelling angrily at him. “I want you to find out the identity of that joker immediately and I will rip him apart personally! Go now!”

Yin Xiong hurriedly left the place.

After Yin Xiong had left the place, the Sagess Alyssa was muttering. “Lately we seem to have a run of bad luck and none of our plans seem to be running smoothly.”

Then she said weakly, “My lord, maybe the culprit is Ji Yuan.”

The Cultivation Palace Master stared coldly at her, “Explain!”

The Sagess Alyssa said with an awkward look. “I had lured him to that place thinking if I were not able to kill him directly then I could at the very least lured him into the Sleeping Dragon Immortal Array.”

“And you are telling me now?!” The Evil Cultivation Master slammed his fist angrily on his throne seat.

The Sagess Alyssa trembled and fell upon her knees. “My lord, at that time I did not link this with Ji Yuan and the Dragon Cave. This is only a backup plan that I had in mind. I had thought that he might be killed by the falling boulders and might even have fallen into the bottomless abyss. But days later, I had learnt that he had succeeded in allying the five major unorthodox clans together. So I thought that he had a lucky escape and did not link the two matter together.”

The Evil Palace Master was trembling with rage now but after a while, he was suddenly saying coldly. “I have suddenly remembered an old legend of our race…”

Lu Qingyun was now saying to everyone. “There is an old creation myth that is recorded in the Horizon of the Heavens. It is said that the Great Beyond Spirit is the creation goddess of all life in the original Gods Realm and also the one that has created the Desolate Immortals. To the Desolate Immortals, she is also their great mother…”

“Before the Great Beyond Spirit departed from the Gods Realm, she had dropped down a compassionate tear which is called the True Goddess’ Tear to give a ray of hope to the oppressed. Although no one has ever seen what the True Goddess’ Tear looks like but there is a legend that whoever can obtain it will be able to fulfill their wishes.”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “I didn’t know that even the immortals believe in such a lame story. This look like the wish fulfillment of a lazy cultivator. Haha.”

All of a sudden he noticed that no one was laughing along with him and they were all looking at Lu Qingyun with interest and were waiting for him to continue with his story.

It was because such information about the Immortals were all valuable information that may aid them to understand the unknown world of the immortals and may even be helpful for them to advance in their cultivation understandings.

Therefore they were all paying close attention.

So Ji Yuan shrugged his shoulders with a soft chuckle. “Haha. Please continue…”

Lu Qingyun smiled. “There is a legend that the Ancient Fortress and the Stellar Sanctuary have come into existence because of the True Goddess’ Tear. In case you may not know, these two monument cities are two of the greatest profound monuments in existence.”

Ji Yuan frowned. “I think we are getting a little too far-sketched here. I thought that you are telling us what Xiang Li is and you are telling me some legends that does not even tell us any clue about Xiang Li…”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had suddenly interrupted with a look in Lu Qingyun’s direction. “Are you are saying that Xiang Li is the True Goddess’ Tear?”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “Does Xiang Li look like a watery tear at all? If she is a tear then this Great Beyond Spirit must really be a hell of a gigantic goddess…”

Bai Qianfeng gasped aloud as she interrupted, “Now this makes sense. If Xiang Li isn’t the True Goddess’ Tear then how did Saintess Yuluo managed to hold onto her life? You must know that this is beyond the profound properties of the crystal coffin.”

Ji Yuan had a look of disbelief as he said sarcastically. “Then this True Goddess’ Tear is a little too weak. She can’t even revive my Yuxian.”

Saintess Yuluo smiled weakly as she held onto Ji Yuan tightly, comforted by his love for her.

“I bet it must be Xiang Li that is helping you inside the Dream Trial as well.” Bai Qianfeng quietly said. “Then can you explain how did your half-step celestial sword become an immortal sword? Even if you can find ten celestial swords to refine it into an immortal sword, there is no promise that it will succeed. Can you explain the immortal sword in your hands? And how did you manage to obtain your sword spirit? If this isn’t a miracle then what I really don’t know how to explain it anymore.”

Ji Yuan replied with a straight face. “That is because I’m a genius.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Xiang Li chuckled. “I have also been praying for my Big Brother to have the strength to overcome the bad and ugly monster too!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Right. I remember this. Xiang Li, at least you’re not so useless after all. Your prayers actually work…”

All of a sudden he was stammering as he looked at Xiang Li weirdly and he seemed to have connected the dots that the moment that he had gained his sword spirit and immortal sword, Xiang Li had also become younger at the same time too.

And he had also remembered that Xiang Li was also with him when Saintess Yuluo had died and she had seen his grievous look and had tried to comfort him.

He was suddenly gulping all of a sudden as he stared at Xiang Li. “Surely not, am I right?”

Bai Qianfeng inhaled softly. “I have never heard of a sentient spirit entity that can materialize with a physical form but Xiang Li seems to have that ability to do so.”

“That is because I have formed my soul core.” Ji Yuan saw that everyone was now looking at Xiang Li with great curiosity now and no one was paying him any attention at all.

All of a sudden, he laughed it off. “If Xiang Li is the True Goddess’ Tear then won’t I be the most OP cultivator in the entire Celestial Realm? I can make unlimited wishes then. Haha.”

Bai Qianfeng smiled weakly. “The True Goddess’ Tear can only be found by a person with a pure heart and the wish can only be fulfilled only once before it disappear.”

Ji Yuan stammered, “Xiang Li will disappear?!”

Bai Qianfeng nodded quietly. “Isn’t she younger than before now? It means that her profound power is slowly diminishing.”

Ji Yuan laughed it off, “It is only a legend. Xiang Li isn’t going to disappear and I really don’t see her granting any wishes.”

Bai Qianfeng took a subtle look at Lu Qingyun before saying. “In the past when the Great God Pangu had obtained the Stellar Sanctuary, he had become the first immortal ever to reach the Tenth Realm Cultivation Level. This enables him to defeat the other great desolate immortals because we are all not in his league. With the power of the Stellar Sanctuary, he has split the Gods Realm into the Three Known Realms and had even cast out the Ancient Fortress to the Desolate Realm.”

With a melancholy look, she looked at Xiang Li. “Without the intervention of the True Goddess’ Tear, the desolate immortals would still the masters of the Gods Realm today.”

Ji Yuan frowned. “Xiang Li is Xiang Li. She isn’t what you have said. Moreover, you have said that this is a legend and no one has ever seen the True Goddess’ Tear before. Am I right?”

Bai Qianfeng nodded, “True but this is the only explanation that I can think of…”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “I was almost fooled by this legend. Assuming that this legend is true then the True Goddess’ Tear can only grant only one wish but look here, isn’t Xiang Li still around? So this really isn’t what all of you think. The only explanation is that I am a genius and everyone has the bad habit of overlooking a genius. Haha.”

Bai Qianfeng smiled weakly. “Maybe…”

Ji Yuan turned to Saintess Fang Zhenfei to ask, “Jiajia, you are the smartest here. What do you think?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei smiled weakly when she noticed that everyone was now looking at her now for an answer before she muttered. “Don’t ask me. I have no answers too. Maybe he is really a genius…”

“Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed. “Hear, hear!”

“…and that is his wish. Maybe it didn’t work so well and so Xiang Li is still around.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei chuckled.

Ji Yuan: …

“Jiajia, you…”He had almost forgotten that Jiajia had the sharpest tongue.

Lu Qingyun said, “Even if it isn’t the truth but our Brother Ji Yuan here is quite a shown off today. He may be the target of some unwanted attention that may suspect that he has some formidable profound treasures. So he ought to be careful.”

Ji Yuan was rubbing his chin as he looked at Xiang Li quietly before he whispered to her in his soul sea. “I am such a hero today and may attract unwanted attention from the many female cultivators that are around. Brother Lu is right. I ought to be careful.”

Xiang Li chuckled. “That is right. I will have a headache too if there are too many of them and I don’t know who to choose.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Haha. Now you know too many choices are actually not a good choice now. But I am really happy today. Yuxian has finally returned to my arms.”

Xiang Li nodded delightfully. “As long as Big Brother is happy, Xiang Li is also happy too!”

Then she asked. “Big Brother, do you think that I may be the True Goddess’ Tear?”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Of course not. Only I know that you are useless. You just continue to give me your spiritual support as my best friend and I will be happy enough. Haha.”

Xiang Li giggled. “Right! I am the most useless spirit entity!”

“I already know that since day one. Haha.”

“So when are we going to bang, bang again?”

“We are going to bang Yuxian when she is well. Jiajia of course will be our number one target follow by her sister Xisi. Then Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue…”

When everyone saw that Ji Yuan was rubbing his chin, they had all thought that he was seriously heeding Lu Qingyun’s advice and was pondering on how to keep a low profile. But unknown to them, he was actually chatting casually with Xiang Li, totally unconcerned.

Ji Yuan had suddenly said to Xiang Li in a solemn tone, “Xiang Li, remember that you are my best friend and not a tool. You have already done more than what is enough for me and I am already more than touched by you. Thank you for your immortal sword and your sword spirit. I won’t let anyone use you as a tool.”

Xiang Li: ???

Ji Yuan had denied that Xiang Li was the True Goddess’ Tear in front of everyone even though it may appear to everyone that he looked none the wiser. But he was actually hiding his most innermost thoughts from everyone.

It did not matter to him if he looked foolish with his feeble protest in front of everyone. He had driven a point and that was Xiang Li was not his tool but a companion. And he was pretending to be too dense to realize anything.

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