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Chapter 189: Ji Yuan New Troubles (1)

After Lu Qingyun and Fan Yuqing had left, Saintess Fang Zhenfei, Shui Xisi, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had left together as well.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had left Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan with Ji Yuan for now because she felt that they should company him until he had entered the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth.

When Fang Zhenfei and Shui Xisi were outside the tents of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, she lit a soft chuckle to her sister. “Sisi, so what do you think?”

Shui Xisi laughed. “I think Ji Yuan is becoming more and more interesting!”

Fang Zhenfei took a look at her before smiling awkwardly, “I’m not asking you about how interesting Ji Yuan is becoming but your views on the True Goddess’ Tear.”

Shui Xisi chuckled, “Does it matter? We can’t use the True Goddess’ Tear anyway. Feifei, are you thinking that this legend may be true after all?”

“I don’t know but we can ask our mother consort about this.” Fang Zhenfei smiled.

“Then I’m afraid that my sister will be one million high grade spirit stones poorer for sending a transmission to her.” Shui Xisi giggled.

“Not me. You will be paying for this transmission.” Fang Zhenfei chuckled as she took a firm look at her sister.

Shui Xisi: …

“No way!” Shui Xisi. “I am quite poor recently and I have so many protégés now. This is one million high grade spirit stones and not ten thousand high grade spirit stones…”

Fang Zhenfei interrupted with a soft chuckle. “It is time for you to show our mother consort that her good-for-nothing younger daughter Sisi is doing something for the Celestial Realm and not wasting her time in playing around. This is your chance to prove your worthiness.”

Shui Xisi rolled her eyes with a resigned look. “Feifei, you really want me to fork out the one million high grade spirit stones, do you?”

“Then Sisi, do you still want to be with Ji Yuan.” Fang Zhenfei chuckled.

Shui Xisi: …

She rolled her eyes before giggling. “Actually I am most willing to help Feifei. We are really the closest sisters…”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were giggling behind them as they listened on to their conversations.

Inside the tent, Ji Yuan was still chatting jovially with Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Bai Qianfeng and Saintess Yuluo.

As Saintess Yuluo was still looking pale, she did not say much but had listened to Ji Yuan as he told her what had happened to him since they had last met.

He had also told her that their son Jian Menghao had taken the decision to acknowledge him as his father and had changed his name to Ji Hao and he was also followed by his new girlfriend Jin Yuyun.

“I’m so glad that he has taken the initiative to be independent now. I have always been worrying about him.” Saintess Yuluo was greatly comforted.

At the same time, she was really quite astonished by his accounts but she got the most astonishments from Ling Feiyue and Little Princess.

Ling Feiyue laughed as she said to Saintess Yuluo. “Saintess Yuluo, do you blame me for bringing Ji Yuan to the dark side? Because of me, he has become an unorthodox cultivator now. If you stay with him, you will be branded an unorthodox cultivator too.”

Saintess Yuluo smiled as she held onto Xue Qianxue’s hand. “If Sister Qianxue can also become an unorthodox cultivator, so can I.”

Then she held onto Little Princess’ hand, “Your past doesn’t matter.”

“Because of me, everyone may be branded a heretic cultivator as well.” Little Princess heaved melancholy. “Is it worth it to be branded a heretic cultivator and a public enemy because of me?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Don’t worry. I will shoulder it all. Remember that I am known as Yuan Ji back in the Emperor Hall Sect. Worse come to worse, you can all assume a pseudo name and come to my Emperor Hall Sect. You will be safe there. Haha.”

Shangguan Yan immediately said. “My lord. Do you remember Elder Sui?”

“Elder Sui? I know quite a lot of Elder Sui. Haha. Which one?” Ji Yuan laughed.

“Elder Sui from the Mystic Eye Sect.” Shangguan Yan explained.

“Oh him. What about him?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

“I saw him snooping around earlier. He is probably looking for some information to sell and he seems to be looking in your direction.” Shangguan Yan smiled weakly.

“Haha. Finally I am worth some information now that I am even attracting attention from the Mystic Eye Sect. Well, nothing wrong with that right?” Ji Yuan smiled proudly. “I have some renown finally. Haha.”

Shangguan Yan continued to smile weakly. “Well, he knows you as Yuan Ji the Palace Master of the Emperor Hall Sect and now you are Ji Yuan here…”

Ji Yuan began to smile weakly all of a sudden. It was as though he had suddenly returned down to the ground level as he interrupted awkwardly. “You mean my cover is blown…”

Fairy Ye Chengxi added weakly, “And the group that was with Li Ye and Guo Taiming also know that you are Yuan Ji. But after you have killed the metamorph monster, everyone knows that you are Ji Yuan as well as Yuan Ji. Everyone is watching you from the cliffs above just now, you know.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes, “That mean I can’t go back to the Emperor Hall Sect or the Orthodox Sword Sect anymore because everyone knows that I am the notorious Ji Yuan.”

Xiang Li who was also sitting with the other maidens were giggling. “Big Brother, hooray you are now the number one public enemy now without a question!”

Ji Yuan immediately frowned. “Xiang Li, this isn’t something worth bragging about. This means that we are now in trouble. We are homeless now.”

Xiang Li suddenly to be shocked before she giggled. “That means that we can now wander all over the place now, right? It means we can visit more fun places, right?”

Ji Yuan: …

“When did you suddenly become so smart…”

Ling Feiyue laughed jovially. “Not entirely homeless. You can still take refuge in my Spirit Blue Moon Sect and also all of you are welcome as well.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled weakly. “Guess we have no other choices. My Sister Yan’Er and I will soon be known as the consorts of the Sword Demon Ji Yuan and we will be forced to leave the Five Heavens Peaks by the orthodox cultivators.”

Shangguan Yan sighed softly. “I really don’t want to leave the Five Heavens Peaks. It has been my home for a long time.”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she said gently to them. “Don’t worry. After you have a chance to cultivate at my place, you won’t miss the Five Heavens Peaks anymore. It is just a bad place for cultivation. I wonder how Ji Yuan manage to cultivate into a saint in that place.”

Ji Yuan: …

Fairy Ye Chengxi giggled. “My master is actually the first saint in thousands of years to become a saint at the Five Heavens Peaks.”

Xue Qianxue laughed, “I bet that he had accidentally eaten something weird while he was sound asleep and hence he was able to breakthrough to the seventh realm level.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Yes, I totally agree with you!” Little Princess chuckled. “Or maybe he dropped into a dung pit while he was drunk. I had heard that some dungs actually have some profound properties to aid the cultivator. But I wouldn’t touch it no matter what but I not sure about Ji Yuan.”

Xue Qianxue giggled jovially. “Look at us. After staying with Ji Yuan for quite some time, we have all picked up his unruly jokes.”

Ji Yuan: ….

I have never taught you this joke…

Saintess Yuluo was laughing gently. “I can see why Ji Yuan likes all of you. You are all such interesting maidens.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan was soon frowning. He was supposed to brag in front of Saintess Yuluo to demonstrate his alpha male prowess but instead he had suddenly become a laughing stock. This was not supposed to be happening at all…

Just as he was about to protest, Ling Tianshui had suddenly entered the tent and she looked a little panicky. “Ji Yuan, you got company. A lot of company.”

Ji Yuan: ???

Ling Tianshui smiled awkwardly, “You’ve better come to take a look. And bring Saintess Yuluo along too as well. It is because…”

She turned to look at Saintess Yuluo. “Your father the Great Saint Jian Kang is also here.”

Ling Feiyue was startled. “I’ll go and take a look too.”

Ling Tianshui nodded, “Yes, you should. You’re our sect leader after all.”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she looked at Ji Yuan. “I can’t be too sure now. Ji Yuan, I am only going out to take a look and I am not going to clean your mess, alright?”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “My dearest Feiyue, if you do not help me, who will help me?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled. “Can’t you see that I am already helping you with my presence? At least they won’t dare to touch you if I am around you. But I can’t be sure if you are out of this camp. After all, I didn’t ask you to beat up Saint Jian Lindong and to ask you to seduce Saintess Yuluo, am I right?”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “You sound like I am reaping the harvest of my own bad fruits.”

“I am.” Ling Feiyue giggled.

“Thank you. You are indeed my ‘good’ consort.” Ji Yuan sarcastically praised her.

Ling Tianshui interrupted. “Stop joking around and follow me. It isn’t just one Great Saint Jian Kang only but thousands of them.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Everyone: …

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he looked at everyone. “Stop looking at me like this. I really didn’t do anything except for an honorable fight with Jian Lindong. That is an honor duel and I have thousands of witnesses.”

Bai Qianfeng said nonchalantly without looking up. “Maybe they didn’t come because of your honor duel with Jian Lindong but because you had kissed Saintess Yuluo so intimately in the presence of thousands of onlookers.”

All of a sudden Saintess Yuluo was flushing and even Ji Yuan felt like digging a hole in the ground.

When Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and even Ling Tianshui had heard Bai Qianfeng, they were so startled that they all were gasping aloud. “Ji Yuan, what have you done?!”

Ling Feiyue said with great exasperation. “I’m definitely not going to help you to clarify things. You have thousands of witnesses this time for your bad deed.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan quietly lifted the tent entrance cover and he saw tens of thousands of cultivators were all trying to storm the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

He turned to look weakly at everyone. “I have one good news and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Ling Feiyue threw Ji Yuan a punch on his chest, “Hmph! You still have the time to joke.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “Well, the good news first followed by the bad. It isn’t just a couple of thousands but tens of thousands.”

Everyone: …

“Anyone can donate me some profound recovery pills? Erm…because I have already finished mine. Qianfeng, I remember that you have some, am I right?”

Bai Qianfeng replied sheepishly. “I had long finished mine too.”

Ji Yuan inhaled deeply. “Oh well, wish me good luck then.”

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