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Chapter 190: Ji Yuan New Troubles (2)

Ji Yuan was soon at the entrance of the camp with Saintess Yuluo, Ling Feiyue and Ling Tianshui.

As soon as Ji Yuan saw the tens of cultivators that were all trying to gatecrash into the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, he really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Although the protégés of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect were many but they only numbered a couple of hundreds and could hardly hold back the tens of thousands of cultivators that were all trying to step into the camp.

As he stepped out of the tent, he suddenly had an idea why there were so many haters that were now after his blood. It was not because of Saintess Yuluo but Shui Xisi!

Shui Xisi had pretended to be Envoy Shui Sisi of the Water Melody Palace and lately she had been flirting around and attracting the attention of all the cultivators in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

But why were they after his blood?

Ji Yuan had immediately concluded two logical deductions that were caused by Shui Xisi and several more deductions from the others.

One: She had called out to him in public in front of so many cultivators and her actions had completely screwed him up.

Two: She was seen leaving the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and this infuriated all her admirers.

Plus he had also antagonized all the orthodox cultivators because he had beaten up Saint Jian Lindong and kissed Saintess Yuluo in public.

And he was seen ‘rescuing’ Saintess Fang Zhenfei, the most mysterious saintess in the Celestial Desolate Fraternity and an object of admiration from many as well.

He sighed softly; Jiajia is probably seen leaving my camp as well. Today you are truly screwed…not to mention that they know that you are Yuan Ji as well and have taken Fairy Ye Chengxi as your official consort.

If a man could take one of the four great celestial beauties as his consort, naturally he would be a public enemy. Moreover he had taken three of them; Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Fairy Ye Chengxi.

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi smiled weakly when he saw Ji Yuan, “Finally, you have come. I have a hard time keeping them all out. Luckily, they are more interested in fighting against each other to gain entry or I can’t promise you that I can keep them all out at the same time.”

Ji Yuan saw that there were also many unorthodox cultivators among the unruly crowd, including many that he happened to know.

“Ji Yuan, you are really the number one public enemy now.” He muttered.

Xiang Li looked a little panicky as she saw the tens of thousands of cultivators that had gathered, “Big Brother, what shall we do now? I am afraid…”

Ji Yuan sighed to her in his soul sea. “This time, we are truly over.”

Xiang Li asked curiously, “Shouldn’t we consolidate the experiences so that we won’t make the same mistakes again? Then we can be stronger and wiser the next time?”

Ji Yuan looked blankly at Xiang Li, “Yea. It is better to be single and never touch a woman again. They are nothing but a magnet for troubles.”

“Noooo! Big Brother, I don’t agree! I love them all!” Xiang Li protested unhappily.

Ji Yuan frowned. “Your women have just condemned us to our current dilemma.”

“Surely you have a way out of this?” Xiang Li panicky asked.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Maybe Tianshui can help us. After all, she seems wiser than most.”

So he turned to smile weakly at Ling Tianshui. “I really can’t remember offending the unorthodox cultivators as well. Can you help me?”

He gave a subtle hint to Ling Tianshui with his eyes. Aren’t we lovers? Can you help me? On account of our secret relationship?

But Ling Tianshui smiled as she caught hold of Ling Feiyue, “Niece. Let him settle this on his own. After all, he is going to be your future Dark Lord. This will be a test of his leadership ability.”

Much to Ji Yuan’s disbelief, she had completely ignored him!

Aren’t we secret lovers…

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. “I can’t leave him alone. I was only teasing him earlier. As his consort, I ought to help him…”

But Ling Tianshui had pulled her away and she was whispering something in Ling Feiyue’s ears which caused her to chuckle.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes as he stared silently at Ling Tianshui and Ling Feiyue; how come they still have the mood to laugh at me?! Can you see that I am erm…in deep shit?

Before Ji Yuan could ponder further, there was a great shout as a golden saint gatecrashed unruly into the camp as he shouted angrily. “Who dares to stop me? Do you know who I am?! I am Shen Qin, the Young Master of the Astonishing Sword Manor and the current acting leader of the Astonishing Sword Manor!”

And his followers were all shouting loudly. “How dare you stop the leader of a fellow major unorthodox clan? We are your allies…”

Ji Yuan frowned because he had recognized Shen Qin. Why is he here? Aren’t we allies already or is he unhappy with my ‘arrangement’?

Shen Qin had rushed forward to greet Ji Yuan despite several golden celestial trying to hold him back. “Big Brother Ji Yuan! Look at your men! They just won’t let me in!”

Ji Yuan waved his hand to the cultivators that were trying to hold him back to allow him in as he said. “It is alright…I know him.”

“Brother Shen Qin, why are you here?” Ji Yuan frowned. “And why are you bringing so many of your men here too as well. And when did I become your Big Brother?” He had suddenly noticed that Shen Qin was suddenly addressing him as a big brother.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan, please forgive me for not visiting you sooner. I am here to give you a helping help against the cultivators that are bothering you naturally…”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes. I think you are the one that is bothering me instead…

But before he could even complete his thoughts, he was interrupted by several more powerful great saints and their equally formidable groups. “Who dares to stop us? Do you know who we are?”

Ji Yuan took a peek and saw that they were from the Dark Solstice Sect, the Black Iron Fortress and the Quad Alliance Sect.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan!” There were three great saints that had gatecrashed into their camp as well and Ji Yuan had recognized them to be Great Saint Tian Shan, Great Saint You Tianlong and Great Saint Gu Gui.

They too were shouting to everyone. “Make way for us! Do you know who we are? We are Ji Yuan’s brothers! Therefore we have the right to enter the camp!”

Ji Yuan was suddenly frowning even more and he was looking perplexed; these three old goats will actually call me big brother?!

Great Saint You Tianlong laughed as he stormed his way straight in front of Ji Yuan. After all, he was a great saint and it was difficult to stop him if he really wish to gatecrash. When he saw Ji Yuan, he had immediately decided to gatecrash into the camp. After all, he was not going to let Acting Sect Leader Shen Qin of the Astonishing Sword Manor gaining an advantage over to him!

But when he had gatecrashed, he was quickly followed by Great Saint Tian Shan and Great Saint Gu Gui who were all thinking the same as him.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan! We are here to offer you our strength!”

Great Saint Tian Shan smiled. “You’re in luck. My sect leader will also like to meet you and she is a real beauty…”

“Big Brother Ji Yuan, listen to me. My sect master will like to meet you as well and he will like to become your sworn brother! Isn’t this a worthy news for you? You must thank me for this!” Great Saint Tian Shan quickly interrupted.

“Who dares to stop me?! Do you know who I am?” Great Saint Jian Kang was shouting as he led his group of cultivators that numbered several hundreds.

“Hey! This is the camp of the unorthodox cultivators and not a camp of the orthodox cultivators!” Many of the unorthodox cultivators were jeering and shouting at the same time. These unorthodox cultivators were actually not from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Ji Yuan took a look at Saintess Yuluo as he whispered. “Wish me good luck with your father…”

He was now brainstorming a hundred lame reasons and excuses to explain his public act with Saintess Yuluo.

It was because if he did not do so immediately, he would be a dead man soon; there is one sacred law of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity that can kill him and that is, if a person violates the daughter of a family during an armistice then the whole family can ignore the armistice to seek redress for their daughter.

And he had broken exactly that by holding and kissing Saintess Yuluo right in front of thousands of cultivators.

Saintess Yuluo held his hands tightly as she said gently. “My lord Ji Yuan, I will explain to my father. You will not come to harm…”

Great Saint Jian Kang was shouting to all the cultivators that were blocking his way, “All of you, out of my way!”

Behind him was also Jian Lindong and hundreds of protégés from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor.

Ji Yuan saw that Jian Lindong’s jaws were growing new teeth already but he was looking quite ugly because of the beating that he had received from Ji Yuan earlier.

He gulped when he thought of his beautiful face beaten up like a pulp like Jian Lindong.

Talk about bad karma and I will be receiving the same ugly treatment as Jian Lindong…

Great Saint Jian Kang moved his way through amidst the heavy crowd that was surrounding Ji Yuan as he shouted. “Do you know who I am? I am the leader of one of the seven major orthodox clans. How dare you be so disrespectful to me? Do you know that Ji Yuan is my son-in-law? How dare you stop me!?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes. Son-in-law?

As soon as Great Saint Jian Kang had pushed his way through to Ji Yuan, he was laughing heartily and saying. “How are you Ji Yuan? Can’t you recognize your father-in-law?”

Saintess Yuluo was gasping with shock, “Father, you are not here to separate us?”

Great Saint Jian Kang laughed heartily as he gave Ji Yuan a hearty pat on his shoulder. “Nonsense! I will never do something like this.”

Ji Yuan, Saintess Yuluo: …

Ji Yuan was in total disbelief as he raised his fingers to point at Jian Lindong, “But I beat up your son…”

“He deserves to be taught a lesson by his brother-in-law. Moreover it is an only friendly spar.” Great Saint Jian Kang laughed.

“But I have beaten him up really badly.” Ji Yuan pointed out.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan, you really love to joke.” Jian Lindong was smiling now. Even though he was smiling but he looked a little ugly because Ji Yuan had broken some of his teeth.

“You are only teaching your little brother here how to fight. Moreover, I am a saint. This is only a light injury without any consequences!”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes and said. “Erm, but I am an outcast of the orthodox cultivators…”

Great Saint Jian Kang immediately proclaimed loudly, “Whoever says you are an outcast of the orthodox cultivators will be an enemy of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor!”

Ji Yuan: …

“But I am sheltering Little Princess so I may be branded a heretic too…”

Many of the cultivators, including Great Saint Jian Kang were shouting. “Oh no, you are not. We can all see that you are correcting her from the errors and you are being absolutely righteous to do so. We respect you for this…” All sorts of excuses and explanations from both the orthodox and unorthodox cultivators flew in front of Ji Yuan immediately.

Ji Yuan: …

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had thought of something funny and he grinned. “But I have also offended the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and won’t be able to live for long.”

“Don’t worry we will help you in your fight against the Hundred Flower Divine Palace! We will join hands with you in your fight against the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

“Poor Jiajia…” Ji Yuan began to pray for her silently.

But before Ji Yuan could say anything further, more and more cultivators had rushed forward and everyone was talking loudly at the same time.

“Sword Saint Ji Yuan, we have admired you for a long time…”

“Great Hero Ji Yuan, we want to meet you for a long time…”

“Can we have your portrait?”

“You are so dashing and handsome…”

“Out of my way! I am Ji Yuan’s patriarch uncle!” Mo Bei was swinging his hand toward Ji Yuan as he shouted from behind the rushing crowd. “How dare all of you stand in the way of a great saint!”

Ji Yuan could also see Guo Taiming waving frantically at him from outside the camp and he was trying to squeeze his way through but there were simply too many groups. “Ji Yuan is my big brother! I’m here to see him!”

Finally Ji Yuan stared blankly at the thousands of cultivators that were all trying to talk to him at the same time. “Ahem! Can someone tells me what is going on here?!”

“You are the Great Hero Ji Yuan!”

“You save us from the epic eighth desolate monster…”

“You are the number one hero…”

“You are the defender of justice…”

All sorts of answers flew in front of Ji Yuan again…

Ji Yuan was laughing heartily, “Haha…we are all friends….” But silently he was cursing them; you are all my ass-lickers…and there are thousands of you here. My ass isn’t safe now…

Just a little further away from Ji Yuan;

Ling Tianshui shrugged her shoulders as she whispered to Ling Feiyue, “Your future lord is already so popular now. In the future, you ought to be careful.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned by what she saw and was hearing. “I have thought that Great Saint Jian Kang is here to fight him. My dear aunt, you really had me fooled earlier!”

Ling Tianshui chuckled softly. “It is only a small tease. These cultivators are actually quite respectful earlier and are all requesting to see Ji Yuan. Did you see that when he has arrived at the scene, they are all rushing forward to greet him. I have anticipating something like this. That is why I have asked you to stay here or else you will be mobbed as well.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. “I almost got a heart attack earlier.”

Ling Tianshui chuckled. “That is why I did warn you only Ji Yuan can settle this.”

Ling Feiyue was quietly looking with an idolatry look at Ji Yuan, “Xiang Li can’t be wrong. She is the True Goddess’ Tear. We have three previous reincarnations together and this is our fourth now…we will be happy in this life…”

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