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Chapter 191: How to be an OP Cultivator!

Ji Yuan was now forced to address the thousands of cultivators that had gathered in front of him. This was the very first time that he was invited to talk to such a large assembly and he was the solo speaker.

He returned an awkward smile before he laughed. “Do you all know why I am so awesome?”

Immediately there were many strong responses. “We don’t know! Please share with us your heavenly secrets! Please enlighten us with your Great Dao!”

There were many leaders of the hundreds of celestial clans that were presented now and they were from all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. This was the very first time that the orthodox and unorthodox cultivators were all packing so closely without any animosity.

But of course, the number of cultivators that were around the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth was numerous and not everyone was convinced by Ji Yuan. Fully half of the cultivators which numbered a hundred thousand did not attend this congregation and they were led by the Second Young Master Zhan Zhong of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan and the Great Inevitable Divine Clan is the most powerful orthodox celestial in the orthodox fraternity.

And if the Great Inevitable Divine Clan did not attend then her closest ally the Iron Righteous Clan was also inconspicuous absent.

Also absent was the Mystic Profound Pavilion which Jin Yilong and his father the Great Saint Jin Tianzong had belonged to and the Burning Heavens Pavilion.

Surprisingly, the Celestial Orthodox Sect was in the congregation too but they had kept a low profile.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin and said solemnly. “That is because I have no beard!”

This proclamation had suddenly stunned all the cultivators that were listening intently and many of them were shocked.

Then they started to notice that many of the unorthodox cultivators were beardless…

Many were now muttering. “Is this the real reason?”

All the maidens that were close to Ji Yuan were all trying to keep a straight face lest they unwittingly exposed his story.

Except for Saintess Yuluo who had no idea that Ji Yuan was trying to turn everyone into a beardless cultivator like him, she too had an equally startled expression like the rest of the cultivators.

Ji Yuan continued as he looked at the thousands of cultivators, “I know that many of you are ashamed that you have lost your beards and pubic hairs. But it is time for me to tell all of you that it is nothing to be ashamed of!”

There were many golden celestials that were secretly feeling extremely awkward and they had a secret that they did not want to tell the rest. Many of the bearded cultivators were actually donning a fake beard and they lived in daily fear that their secret would be discovered one day.

As for the female golden celestials, they were ashamed that their future cultivation partner would discover that they had no pubic hair and many of them had purposely sworn a life of sexual abstinence to pursue the Great Dao.

“I want to tell you that this is something that you ought to be proud of because this is actually heavens’ blessings that are upon you!” Ji Yuan raised his voice to say with great confident to everyone. “And I am the best example!”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly to Xue Qianxue and the other maidens nearby. “He is now trying to turn his misfortunate into everyone’s misfortunate as well.”

All the maidens were all secretly giggling including Bai Qianfeng.

Ji Yuan continued with a great conviction. “Have you ever wondered why I can rise up to be a dragon despite the fact that I have no cultivation resources and powerful profound arts? That is because I am fortunate enough to have lost my beautiful beard during my golden bodily transformation!”

An old cultivator could not resist asking. “What if you are the exception? There are also many cultivators that have lost their beards but they seem to be so and so in their talent only.”

This was also the question that Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi had wanted to ask but he dared not ask lest it destroyed the paper thin relationship that he had with Ji Yuan. He had wanted to scream at Ji Yuan, “Now I have lost my beard permanently because of your pill but I have yet to feel any increase in my cultivation strength!”

Ji Yuan replied with a straight face. “Then let me ask you a question first. Do they have a beautiful beard as I do before they lost their beards then? As all of you know, I have the undisputed honor to have the most beautiful beard in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity and therefore when I had lost my beard, my potential is also the highest!”

When he had said that, many of the cultivators were all muttering. “Now this makes sense…”

“Ji Yuan is known as the cultivator with the most beautiful beard…”

“Therefore those of you who have beautiful beards need not worry. Once you have the lucky occurrence to lose your beards, you will be doubly blessed by the heavens! But whether you can lose your luck depends on the blessings of the great dao. I am afraid that I cannot help you with that.” Ji Yuan chuckled.

A female cultivator giggled shyly, “This is for the men but what about the women? Are they the same? How do you determine beautiful…” She wanted to say beautiful pubic hair but she was too shy to say it loud.

Ji Yuan laughed, “Women are slightly different. All you need is to pay attention to your beautiful faces and grooming!”

Fairy Ye Chengxi muttered to the rest of the maidens and she was flushing lightly. “I can’t believe that he is once my old master. He is making me flushing with great embarrassment…”

Shangguan Yan, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were actually looking quite flustered at the same time.

A cultivator with a beautiful short beard mustered the courage to ask and he was Mo Bei, “It is not that I’m doubting you but do you have erm…any basis in this?”

When everyone saw that it was Mo Bei, they were all paying close attention. It was because Mo Bei was a respected leader of the Mo Clan, a powerful influence in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Cultivators from all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity had to give the Mo Clan some face because of Mo Ming the Diviner.

Ji Yuan immediately said. “Naturally I do have. Have you all ever wondered why only the celestials have nasal hairs but all the beasts, desolate beasts and divine beasts do not have it?”

Immediately everyone was muttering loudly to one another, “Really? Is it true?”

“Come to think of this, I don’t ever see the livestock or the desolate beasts having any hair in their noses…”

“Omg, why didn’t I notice that?”

“It seems that we are the only ones that have any nasal hairs…”

“Even monkeys don’t have nose hairs…”

“Yea, the desolate beasts also do not have too…”

“So what is the link?”

Ji Yuan solemnly interrupted everyone. “Because of this major handicap in our noses, we have become the laughing stock of nature and have such a terrible sense of smell. We even have to advance in our cultivation realm in order to better our divine sense or else we will only be slaughtered by the desolate beasts every time the wind blows against our favor and our scent got picked up.”

Suddenly many of the cultivators were muttering. “True, true. How come I have never thought of it before?”

“But once you have lost your pubic beards and hairs during the bodily transformation, you will also lose all your nasal hair and become one with the nature too. You will become one with the heavens and the earth!”

Ji Yuan laughed before he emphasized with a deep voice. “You will be an OP cultivator with a lot of potential! Of course, this will still depend on your cultivation talent and resources too. You can’t be a lazy cultivator and still hope to succeed like me. I am really hardworking in my cultivation, you know.”

Chen Yi gasped silently. “Brother Ji Yuan, I have wronged you! You have given me such a valuable profound pill to help me to become beardless and yet I am trying to be a lowball rascal by accusing you. You are indeed a gentleman…”

Ling Feiyue whispered to the other maidens. “I was almost convinced by him until he mentions the hardworking part…”

Xue Qianxue smiled weakly, “Yea. Me too…”

Many of the cultivators were muttering. “Is it true? I don’t know…”

Ji Yuan had now displayed his profound animus. “Do you have any great saints here? Please examine my profound aura. Even though I have no powerful defensive profound art but you can surely know that I have the signature of the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning in my profound aura.”

Immediately many of the great saints in the crowd were checking Ji Yuan’s profound aura with their divine sense and after some time, many of the great saints were gasping with shock. “It is true…it is true…he has really overcome the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning…he is really a monstrous genius…”

Usually it was difficult to check a cultivator’s lightning tribulation because only great saints were able to do so and even then, it would take some time to read the profound aura. During this period, the targeted cultivator could launch an attack as such an in-depth reading would cause the cultivator that was reading the aura to be vulnerable as it would require all their concentration.

But because Ji Yuan had given them all the permission to read his profound aura, this was not considered an offensive act and at the same time, all the great saints were able to focus their divine sense to read Ji Yuan’s profound aura.

“Purple Lightning Tribulation!” Great Saint Jian Kang was astonished. “This son-in-law is really the son of heaven. I am so proud of him!”

Jian Lindong was laughing too, “Haha. I am so lucky that he is my brother-in-law.”

Xue Qianxue giggled softly to the other maidens. “Ji Yuan, he is always boasting about his lightning tribulation. Next, he will tell everyone about his celestial sword…ops…immortal sword now…”

All the maidens were giggling softly.

Although Ji Yuan could not hear them but he got an uneasy feeling that these maidens were all gossiping about him again.

Then Ji Yuan took out his immortal sword and laughed. “Look at my immortal sword and did you see how I have achieved perfect harmony with my divine sword? Can anyone of you do it?”

There were muted silences from all the cultivators. It was because there was no one in the crowd that had a perfect divine harmony with their divine swords. It was not a feat that they had dared to dream of.

In fact Ji Yuan could not be able to perfectly divine harmony with his sword if it was not for Xiang Li. It was because at that time Xiang Li had taken residence in his celestial sword. The reason why he was able to perfect divine harmony with his celestial sword was because Xiang Li and Ji Yuan were totally in sink with each other; they were each other best companion.

It was something that no one could figure it out, not even Ji Yuan because there was no precedence.

When Ji Yuan had showed them his immortal sword, many of the cultivators could not contain their excitement. It was because many of them were actually here in a hope to see with their eyes the profound power of an immortal sword.

In the Celestial Realm, a celestial sword was so rare that celestial clans will fight over it. And Ji Yuan was now displaying an immortal sword right in front of their eyes.

Almost everyone was awed by the profound power and suffocating suppression of the immortal sword.

Many of the cultivators were now shamelessly asking. “How did Great Hero obtain your immortal sword?”

Naturally Ji Yuan himself was not able to explain it but he always had an answer. So he laughed. “Firstly, you need to be as awesome as me first and secondly, you must be a genius like me too.”

All of Ji Yuan’s maidens were all rolling their eyes; it was because he was pasting gold on his face. They know that other than a handsome look, he was not awesome or a genius.

But to the thousands of cultivators, Ji Yuan was super awesome and he was the genius of the geniuses because he had an immortal sword. Moreover he got a super profound art that could kill an epic eighth rank metamorph monster.

Therefore he was now the Great Hero Ji Yuan in their eyes.

“What is the name of your immortal sword?” Many of the cultivators were asking.

“Well…” Ji Yuan began to ponder for a while. This divine sword had actually started off as an earth-step divine sword and was christened Resonate Peak. It was given to him by Jiajia.

But he decided to give this sword a super cool name now by answering. “Legadima is this divine sword’s name and it means Lightning!”

When he had announced it, claps and excitements echoed from the thunderous crowd.

Elder Sui from the Mystic Eye Sect quickly wrote down the name of Ji Yuan’s immortal sword while muttering. “It is precious information. I must write all these down as part of Ji Yuan’s legacies. So it is how an OP cultivator is made…”

Ji Yuan laughed jovially as he kept his sword back into his spatial ring.

All of a sudden several flying mounts began to descend upon the mountains and had landed right in front of the platform that Ji Yuan was at.

Xue Qianxue was gasping. “It is my Patriarch Great-Grandfather Diviner Mo Ming…”

Indeed it was Diviner Mo Ming and several golden celestials from the Mo Clan were with him as well.

“It is Diviner Mo Ming?!”

Many of the cultivators were all gasping because they were quite startled to see Diviner Mo Ming. It was because Diviner Mo Ming had almost never left the Eon Firmament Mountains and it was really expensive just to see him for a prophecy.

But now he had actually appeared here?

Diviner Mo Ming was looking excitingly around as he looked around him while ignoring Ji Yuan, “Where is he? I have read the signs of the heavens and I saw that an immortal sword has been birthed in the Celestial Realm. Who is that cultivator with the immortal sword?! Hurry and tell me his name! Do you know that this cultivator with the immortal sword is going to be the future savior and hero of the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity?! Just a moment ago, I can even sense the profound signature of his celestial sword!”

“Ahem. Erm…” Ji Yuan said. “Diviner Mo Ming…”

Diviner Mo Ming frowned. “Not now.  I am not here to look for you or Qianxue. I am busy…”

Ji Yuan took out his immortal sword again as he smiled weakly. “You’re looking for me?”

Diviner Mo Ming: …

Diviner Mo Ming: …

Diviner Mo Ming: …

At this moment, Divine Mo Ming had suddenly noticed that many of the cultivators were all pointing their fingers at Ji Yuan to indicate that he was the one…

Diviner Mo Ming stared at Ji Yuan with great disbelief as he whispered. “How come it is you? With your impure soul, you are actually the future Great Hero and how come you are still alive after your duel?”

Diviner Mo Ming actually did not know what had happened in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity because he was in seclusion. When he had suddenly received a sign from the heavens, he had quickly exited his seclusion toward the direction of the omen that he had received.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Old man, why did you only appear now? Do you know how many brain cells that I have killed in order to cook up a story in front of the crowd?”

Diviner Mo Ming: …

He is still trying to screw up his soul sea…

Now that Diviner Mo Ming had appeared and had declared that Ji Yuan was the future Great hero, there were no longer any doubts now in everyone’s heart that Ji Yuan was indeed someone special.

Many of the saints in the crowd were now panicking shouting. “Great Hero Ji Yuan, please share with us on how to become a stronger cultivator!”

Ji Yuan laughed jovially, “If you all want to be as strong as me then you all have to be a beardless cultivators first or else you won’t have a chance to reach my level of achievements.”

Mo Ming: …

What the heck is he talking about?!

Unknown to Ji Yuan, Shui Qingqing was looking with great idolatry at Ji Yuan; she had sneaked out of the camp of the Water Melody Palace just to take a secret look at him from afar…

“I have always known that you are a great hero…finally I can convince my Matriarch Palace Mistress that you are not a bad guy. Hopefully, she will allow us to be together…”

Just as she was about to take a closer look at Ji Yuan, two veiled maidens had intercepted her and one of them said quietly to her. “Child, please come with me. I have something very important to tell you.”

Shui Qingqing was startled by them and just as she was about to refuse them, the veiled maiden put out a pendant to show her. “Do you want to know your background?”

Shui Qingqing was startled when she saw the pendant. “I do…”

Nearby Xue Qianxue was whispering to the other maidens. “Did you hear my Patriarch Great Grandfather Diviner Mo Ming? Ji Yuan is actually a great hero. What if this is true? After all, Ji Yuan has only become stronger after he has become beardless…”

Little Princess nodded, “I am beginning to think that Ji Yuan is actually right. What am I thinking?”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “Why don’t we all try to be white tigers and have a try?”

Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye Chengxi: …

Bai Qianfeng muttered silently and she was flushing shyly, “They are all being brainwashed by Ji Yuan…just like I was brainwashed by him in the Dream Trial…”

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