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Chapter 192: Diviner Mo Ming’s Request

Ji Yuan was now being mobbed by hundreds of female cultivators as they were all eager to talk to him.

Many of the female cultivators that were now mobbing him were actually his fans for a long time when he had gained renown as the Great Poet Ji Yuan. But of course, many of them were also his fans because of his beautiful looks.

There were also many female cultivators that had just recently become his fan because he had helped them to put down the heavy stone that were in their hearts; they were white tigers and if not for Ji Yuan, they would still be a laughing stock. To them, Ji Yuan was their savior and their great hero.

There were also many that were prevented from marrying their beardless cultivation partners because their celestial clan and family clan had venomously protested against it but things would now change because of Ji Yuan.

Even Great Saint Jian Kang, the powerful sect leader of the Profound Heaven Sword Heaven had given his blessings to him to his daughter the Saintess Yuluo to a beardless Ji Yuan.

If Great Saint Jian Kang, a well-known stubborn traditionalist would approve of a beardless Ji Yuan to be his son-in-law then there was nothing to stop the floodgate from being opened now.

But of course, Great Saint Jian Kang was actually thinking of consolidating his position in the eyes of the seven major orthodox clans and Ji Yuan was the key; he had an immortal sword and because of this, he could easily command great respect. Moreover Ji Yuan was not a saint but a great saint now and he had killed an unstoppable epic eighth rank metamorph monster right in front of the thousands of cultivators.

Therefore Ji Yuan was now a hero in the eyes of many of the orthodox and unorthodox cultivators who were helpless against the epic eighth rank metamorph monster.

Normally if a powerless cultivator had a celestial sword or an immortal sword, he would be a target of the greedy cultivators that would use any means to obtain his divine sword. But it was impossible to steal it from Ji Yuan. He was now the Dark Lord Ji Yuan, the future lord of Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue.

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were both great saintesses and they had astonished all the orthodox cultivators when they had fought each other during the new sacred maiden ceremony at the Celestial Orthodox Sect. Therefore everyone knows that it was better not to mess up with them.

Moreover Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue had even dared to declare defy six of the major orthodox clans despite the fact she was risking the Spirit Blue Moon Sect in her bid to shelter Ji Yuan and Little Princess. And somehow she had even managed to persuade the other four major unorthodox clans to side with the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. She was really not easy to deal with even by the standard of the major orthodox clan!

But of course, the six major orthodox clans did not know that it was Ji Yuan who had helped the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to form such a formidable coalition and this caused the five major orthodox clans to drop their attack plans except for one and that was the Profound Heaven Sword Heaven.

It was because Great Saint Jian Kang could not forgive himself or Ji Yuan for causing the death of his beloved daughter Jian Yuluo. Saintess Yuluo was his pride because she was also known as Sword Saintess Yuluo and she had helped to push up the ranking of the sword arts of the Profound Heaven Sword Heaven.

But when he saw that Saintess Yuluo was still alive and the good-for-nothing Ji Yuan had turned up to be so formidable, he had completely changed his attitude toward him.

Ji Yuan naturally know that Great Saint Jian Kang had framed him up and had caused him to become a public enemy for no reason. And Great Saint Jian Kang knows it too. But the two of them had come to a quiet understanding after probing each other’s attitude; they would pretend that nothing had happened in the past.

This stunned Saintess Yuluo when she first saw her father’s and Ji Yuan’s attitude when they had finally met again. She had actually expected that the two of them would come to blows. But Ji Yuan was pretending that nothing had happened in the past and she was greatly relieved.

Ji Yuan had thought; since you are willing to close your eyes when I had beaten up your son and I am trying to help my Yuluo to remove the dark blemish in her soul sea, I’m totally fine with closing my eyes to what had happened. Moreover my son Ji Hao had lived in the protection of the Profound Heaven Sword Heaven for a long time as well.

Back to Ji Yuan’s current situation;

“Great Hero Ji Yuan, do you know that you have been my idol for a long time…”

“I still have your bearded portrait with me…”

“You look even more beautiful than when you are a bearded cultivator…”

“Do you have the intention to take in more lovers, concubines or consorts?”

“Haha…” Ji Yuan was laughing jovially, enjoying the adulations that he had not felt for a long time ever since he had lost his beard.

Even Xiang Li was laughing joyfully in his soul sea and she enjoyed the beautiful view of the hundreds of maidens that were all around Ji Yuan. “Big Brother, you are going to bang them all?”

Ji Yuan immediately answered with a displeasure tone. “NO!”


“Because Xiang Li, they are nothing but troubles.”

Xiang Li: …


Ji Yuan sighed. “Can you imagine how much trouble we are going to face if they ask you who do you love the most? This will be a most tricky question!”

Xiang Li giggled. “I can reply I love them all equally!”

Ji Yuan: …

“Do you really think that they will believe you? Obviously, your favorite is Qianfeng. So stop lying.” Ji Yuan frowned.

Xiang Li laughed. “How did Big Brother knows about this?”

Ji Yuan returned a sheepish answer. “Because I’m a genius.”

It was actually a no brainer answer because Xiang Li only popped up out his soul sea when he was alone with Qianfeng but Ji Yuan could not resist pasting some gold on himself.

Meanwhile, Xue Qianxue and the other maidens were all looking with great envious in the direction of Ji Yuan when they saw that he was being surrounded by so many beautiful maidens.

Xue Qianxue said coldly as she walked to Ji Yuan, “My lord! Have you forgotten that my Patriarch Great-Grandfather is still waiting for you inside the tent?”

It was then that Ji Yuan had remembered so he said to all the maidens that were surrounding him. “Ahem! I’ve got to go now. Diviner Mo Ming is waiting for me.”

“Don’t go…”

“We still have not finished our chats with you…”

Ji Yuan reluctantly left the adulations of the hundreds of beautiful maidens and departed with Xue Qianxue and his other women to the tent where Diviner Mo Ming and Mo Bei were waiting impatiently for him.

When Ji Yuan had appeared, Diviner Mo Ming was frowning impatiently. “What takes you so long to show up?”

Ji Yuan chuckled softly. “I was being held up…”

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue and Little Princess were all humming coldly, “He is being held up by many beauties and he was reluctant to leave them.”

Ji Yuan: …

“This is not true at all…”

Shangguan Yan interrupted softly. “He was chatting happily and had forgotten the time.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi added casually. “My lord is easily distracted if a pretty face is around. Moreover there were several pretty faces earlier.”

Ji Yuan: …

Only my Qianfeng is the best. She has always kept to herself…

Bai Qianfeng said sarcastically, “With hundreds of choices now, he doesn’t care about his current flames anymore.”

Ji Yuan: …

Even Qianfeng is unhappy with me…

Luckily Saintess Yuluo is too weak to argue with me. Now she is the best…

But he laughed as he asked Mo Ming. “I have really missed you, old man. You want to talk to me?”

Diviner Mo Ming frowned as he stared at Ji Yuan. Until now, he could not believe that Ji Yuan was the prophesized great hero.

He hesitated before he asked. “Where did you pick your immortal sword from?”

Ji Yuan: …

“You know. You can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words. I am the original owner of my immortal sword.” Ji Yuan chuckled. “It is a pledge of love from my Jiajia.”

“Jiajia? Who is she?” Diviner Mo Ming asked curiously.

Ji Yuan laughed, “Aren’t you a diviner? Surely you can divine her out.”

Diviner Mo Ming: …

“Without any information, I can’t do any divination.”

Xue Qianxue was a little exasperated with Ji Yuan so she interrupted into their conversations. “Patriarch Great-Grandfather, actually who Jiajia is not important because when she had given her divine sword to Ji Yuan, this divine sword was only an earth-step divine sword. How it had become an immortal-step divine sword, it is actually a mystery to all of us as well.”

She felt very bad that she had lied to her Patriarch Great-Grandfather because she could not tell him that it may be due to the True Goddess’ Tear. Although she did not have any proof for it but it was equally unbelievable that a half-step celestial sword would jump one and a half-step to become a full immortal sword.

Diviner Mo Ming smiled weakly as he said to Ji Yuan, “Can you show me your immortal sword again?”

Ji Yuan casually took out his immortal sword again for Diviner Mo Ming for appraisal.

Diviner Mo Ming was gasping as he held onto the sword with trembling fingers. “It is really…an immortal-step divine sword…”

Then he saw that the sword was continuously flashing two brilliant rainbow halos that seemed to be flowing along the blades like a rain drop and repeating around it.

“Dang! You have not only divine harmonized with it but have also perfect harmonized with it. I really can’t believe what I am seeing.”

Diviner Mo Ming took out his half-step celestial sword and everyone could see that there was a single halo on it, a sign that Diviner Mo Ming had divine harmonized with his divine sword. “Do you know how hard it is for me to obtain my half-step celestial sword? And do you know that it had taken me three thousand years to finally divine harmonized with my sword?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes. “You are a little slow.”

Diviner Mo Ming: …

Xue Qianxue quietly stepped on Ji Yuan’s foot, causing him to chuckle softly. “I was only lucky. Haha. Maybe it is because I am a Sword Saint and it is easier for me to sync with my sword.”

Diviner Mo Ming smiled weakly before he grinned. “Do you still remember that you still owe the Mo Clan a big favor?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “Surely you are not thinking of asking for my immortal sword?” Although he was prepared to surrender his immortal sword to Great Saint Jian Kang in exchange for his blessing to allow Saintess Yuluo to marry him but he was not prepared to surrender his immortal sword to the Mo Clan.

Diviner Mo Ming laughed. “Do you agree that a billion high grade spirit stones are more than enough to exchange for your immortal sword?”

All the maidens, including Xue Qianxue were startled by what they were hearing; It is because an immortal sword is far too precious and is priceless.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes; although that is enough but I was almost played to the death by you during the Dream Trial…

But this was a gentleman’s agreement. So he nodded. “Alright…”

But Diviner Mo Ming laughed. “I didn’t say I want your immortal sword. Haha. Did I just give you a big scare?”

Ji Yuan: …

You’re an old joker…

Diviner Mo Ming began to say solemnly as he stared at Ji Yuan. “I have come here as soon as I have a golden vision of what it is to come and these are the golden words that have appeared to me. An immortal sword of great power will be birthed and a future Great Hero will wield the sword of justice to deliver the Celestial Realm from a great calamity. This Great hero will be a compassionate cultivator with a heart of gold and will unite the unorthodox and orthodox cultivators. And he will have a mark on both his hands.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “You really think it is me? I don’t know if I have a heart of gold but I do have a face of gold due to gold pasting. As for the unity of the unorthodox and orthodox cultivators, haha, I don’t think I am that great hero.”

Diviner Mo Ming nodded and said with a straight face. “Actually I don’t think you are that Great Hero too.”

Ji Yuan: …

“But other than you, I can’t think of anyone else now.” Diviner Mo Ming laughed. “So it must be you.”

Ji Yuan began to smile weakly as he rubbed his chins. He was silently cursing; this old man is too crafty.

Xue Qianxue and the other maidens were all trying to suppress their laughter. It was because they knew that Ji Yuan was speechless in front of Diviner Mo Ming.

“But still, it can’t be me. I don’t have any marks on both my hands.” Ji Yuan pointed out; now eat this and explain it!

Diviner Mo Ming sighed softly. “Precisely. You are right.”

“What does this mark looks like?” Ji Yuan laughed when he saw that Diviner Mo Ming was not able to answer him.

“The hell I know.” Diviner Mo Ming replied weakly as he stroked his long beard to think. “But I have followed the omen to where you are. I cannot be wrong about this. As you know, I won’t be wrong.”

Ji Yuan grinned. “Maybe I can cut my hands to leave two scars for you. Then the prophecy can be fulfilled?”

Diviner Mo Ming: …

Can you be lamer than this?

Diviner Mo Ming inhaled softly, “It may be related to the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth and I have a bad hunch about it. If you are really the Great Hero then I need you to do one thing for the Mo Clan!”

Ji Yuan asked. “What is it?”

Diviner Mo Ming said solemnly. “Protect the Mo Clan with your strength.”

Xue Qianxue was gasping all of a sudden. This did not sound right in her ears. It is because the Mo Clan is one of the strongest celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and is a force to be reckoned with. For her Patriarch Great-Grandfather to say something like this will mean that the Mo Clan may be in danger.

Even Mo Bei had turned ashen and he was looking quite uneasy.

Ji Yuan replied awkwardly, “Erm, alright…if I am the one.”

Diviner Mo Ming took another look at Ji Yuan before he said solemnly. “And stay safe inside the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth.”

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