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Chapter 195: Unrest in the Mountains (1)

The mountain spot here was extremely secluded and there was a wild battle in the bushes.

A couple was fighting wildly inside the bushes and they seemed to be having a great deal of fun as they attempted to rip each other clothes as they exchanged wild punches.

Soon they were kissing passionately and were rubbing against each other.

This couple was none other than Ji Yuan and Shui Xisi.

Ji Yuan had offered to send her back after Jiajia had left but instead of sending her back, they had secretly departed to the mountains and they were caressing each other passionately.

Xiang Li was watching their battle impatiently in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Big brother, why are you not banging her yet?”

“I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to bang her.” Ji Yuan laughed.

Xiang Li: ???

Ji Yuan explained. “Sisi is very wild and up to my taste but I’m waiting for her to take the initiative like Ling Tianshui first. If I take the initiative first, it will spoil the experience between us. But if she takes the initiative first then she will be wilder and we will have a great time.”

Xiang Li giggled. “Big Brother, does it matter?”

“Of course it does!”

“But I am getting bored…”

“Be quiet and watch…she is going to be baited soon!”

An hour had passed…

Xiang Li said. “Still not done yet?”


Two hours had passed…

“Erm…big brother…”

“Be quiet, Xiang Li. Soon…”

For the past two hours, Ji Yuan was still kissing Shui Xisi passionately as they rolled on the ground and they were continuous rubbing and caressing each other body.

Shui Xisi did not show any sign of slowing down and she was continuous kissing back passionately as she explored his tongue.

Ji Yuan was beginning to think that his strategy was failing now because Shui Xisi seemed to be kissing him endlessly and she was increasing the pace of her kisses instead of slowing down.

And he was starting to be panicky.

So he decided not to follow his plan anymore as he thought. “Screw my plan…”

So he tried to remove her belt but Shui Xisi was having none of it as she rolled playfully over him.

Darn…she is too nimble…where did she learn all these moves from?

She was like a skilled and nimble wrestler. Each time Ji Yuan had managed to lift her skirt, she would roll and lift her skirt down again. Time and time again, he tried to attack her three vulnerable parts but she would guard it nimbly. Although she would press her bosoms on him but she would never allow him to gain the advantage.

Ji Yuan had suddenly realized that his unarmed combat sucks big time in front of her…

Shui Xisi laughed softly as she whispered in his ears. “Ji Yuan, what are you trying to do?”

Ji Yuan replied with a straight face. “You obviously know what I am trying to do. You are lucky that I’m a gentleman of the sword and I am only waiting for you to surrender to me.”

Shui Xisi giggled as she pinched his nose at the same time. “You are truly a little liar. Why don’t you say you can’t get me to undress?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Do I have to when I know that you will undress in front of me sooner or later?”

Shui Xisi was laughing jovially too but all of a sudden she put her fingers on Ji Yuan’s mouth. “Be quiet, there is someone…”

All of a sudden she gave a small gasp when Ji Yuan had suddenly fondled her bosoms. “You!…not now…”

Finally Ji Yuan was now happy; he had finally won the battle with her.

Below the mountain path, three dark hood cultivators could be seen walking in with a rapid pace in the dead of the night.

A male voice was heard humming coldly, “I don’t understand. Why are we allying with these cultivators? Why don’t we unleash our metamorph monsters on them instead? These so call great leaders of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are nothing but cowards.”

“Yin Wei. We’re only calling a bluff. That is why I need the two of you to be here so that they will know that you are nearby to make a strike at them.” The Sagess Mei replied.

Yin Wei was startled. “What do you mean by that?”

The Sagess Mei replied casually. “Other than some eggs from the epic eighth rank metamorph beast that we had unleashed on them, we have no more metamorph monsters now.”

Yin Wei stammered. “We don’t have any metamorph monsters anymore?!”

The Sagess Mei said ruefully, “I actually do not want to use that epic eighth rank metamorph beast until my experiment is completed but that is the order of the Evil Master. Curse that Ji Yuan for killing our last trump card. Now we can only pray that these eggs are able to produce the much needed metamorph cores that we needed to breed the next generation of metamorph monsters.”

Yin Xiong sighed. “Although we are the Citadel Lords but it seemed that our father does not trust us at all. Sagess Mei and Sagess Alyssa are indeed my father’s most trusted aides.”

“You have better worried about retrieving your father’s celestial sword or else you will be in deep trouble.” The Sagess Mei returned a cold gaze at him.

Yin Wei and Yin Xiong were actually looking at the Sagess Mei in a lecherous manner. Moreover Yin Wei had seen her naked before when he was visiting his father.

The Sagess Mei smiled coldly, “I have talked too much and the Evil Master won’t be pleased. Please do not reveal what I have told you today…”

Above the mountain cliffs, Ji Yuan was startled to encounter the leadership of the Evil Cultivation Palace. Moreover one of them was Yin Wei that Little Princess had wanted to kill. If he could kill Yin Wei then Little Princess would not have to risk her life to enter the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth.

Therefore he had immediately displayed a combat position to sprint down the cliff to attack Yin Wei but Shui Xisi held him back by tapping him gently on his shoulder as she shook her head silently. She displayed a quick hand gesture by showing Ji Yuan two fingers and then three fingers; it was an indication that they were only two and their opponents had three peaked great saints.

In short, it was unwise to attack them.

But Ji Yuan shook his head with a fierce determination. It was because he would rather take his chance now than never. There was no promise that he would meet Yin Wei in the vast Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth and there was no promise that he would be able to protect Little Princess once he was inside.

But here, he had his sights on Yin Wei!

It was extremely risky for him to take Yin Wei down here because he was outnumbered by three cultivators that were all peaked great saints and they were all power cultivators.

Xiang Li could sense Ji Yuan’s determination and she cried silently in his soul sea. “Be careful big brother…”

All of a sudden there were three maidens that had appeared at the other end of the path; they were Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin and Shui Qingqing.

When Zhao Songjin saw Yin Wei, she was startled and she had immediately unsheathed her divine sword to attack him!

Han Yuchi panicky said to Shui Qingqing, “Child, leave this place as soon as possible! I am going to help…Songjin!” She dared not acknowledge Songjin as her daughter in the presence of the strangers here.

Yin Wei was equally startled but he was soon smiling as he unsheathed his divine sword. “Songjin, Yuchi. Haha. I have been missing the two of you recently. Where have you been? And you have even brought another beautiful maiden here?”

In a flash of an eye, Zhao Songjin was already upon Yin Wei as she brandished her sword with a startling speed!

There was a quick flurrying of their swords as they quickly moved into their attack positions.

Yin Xiong had his eyes on Shui Qingqing as he roared with laughter. “Brother, let me help you with this lass over there…” And he had sped past Han Yuchi by knocking her aside with a burst of profound speed.

Han Yuchi was startled that the profound strength of Yin Xiong was above her. If she had not recently lost her Sacred Maiden Profound Art, she may not be knocked aside so easily.

“Oh no, you don’t!” There was a feminine shout as Shui Xisi had suddenly appeared above Yin Xiong as she brandished her immortal sword.

Shui Qingqing was startled, “Matriarch…” She quickly correctly herself. “Envoy Sisi…”

Not only were Yin Xiong and Shui Qingqing startled by the sudden appearance of Shui Xisi, all the others were as well. It was because they had not expected that Shui Sisi would be here and Yin Wei was now eying her lustfully.

The Sagess Mei was the most startled as she recognized Shui Xisi’s immortal sword as she gasped silently, “Isn’t this the immortal sword of the Great Goddess Alice?!”

In the split second when Shui Xisi had appeared, Ji Yuan had also jumped over the cliff but he had made his move against Yin Wei.

Ji Yuan was half-amused. Sisi had told him not to make a false move but she had made the first move herself. Woman really changes their minds as easily as they can change their clothing…

But he quickly brandished all his secondary thoughts aside as he lifted his sword with a brilliant white light and his sword spirit had appeared on his forehead; he was going to seize this great opportunity to kill Yin Wei and there was no time to lose.

In the next blink of an eye, he had unleashed his most powerful profound sword art the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Light as a brilliant white light condensed with his deadly sword energies had rained down upon Yin Wei like a pillar of light.

The Sagess Mei shouted panicky to Yin Wei. “Evade! Don’t tank his move!”

There was a brilliant pillar of implosion as the cliff next to Yin Wei was split like a pillar of fire when Ji Yuan’s profound sword art had fallen upon him.

Yin Wei was naturally unharmed as he had evaded out of the way, leaving Ji Yuan to inhale heavily as he landed.

“What? I have missed?” Ji Yuan was somewhat surprise when Yin Wei had suddenly evaded out of his way in a nick of time, leaving him to blink his eyes that Yin Wei would be such a coward.

Yin Wei shouted angrily. “Ji Yuan, you and I have no feud with each other. Why are you opposing me?”

Ji Yuan shouted angrily back. “Are you sure we have no feud? I remember that I have been running from the Evil Cultivation Palace for as long as I can remember!”

Zhao Songjin was sent flying to Ji Yuan’s side when the furious explosion of Ji Yuan’s profound sword art had struck the cliff. “Ji Yuan! Please help me to kill Yin Wei! Use your profound sword art again. I will engage Yin Wei. Don’t worry about me!”

Ji Yuan was still inhaling heavily as he smiled weakly at Zhao Songjin. He had actually wanted to tell her that he could only use this trump card of his only twice at the most. If he missed again or used his secret trump card again, he would be in a vulnerable position.

He had actually thought that Yin Wei would try to prove his superiority by receiving his profound sword art. After all, power cultivators would never evade when they had encountered a sword cultivator but this Yin Wei would actually try to evade his attack. But even if he had tried to evade his Heavenly Light of the Profound Light, it was going to be difficult because Ji Yuan had virtually locked his position.

However the impossible thing had happened; Yin Wei could actually blink his way out of a difficult position even though Ji Yuan was also quick enough to change the course of his attack.

Ji Yuan of course did not know that his enemies had been watching the replay of his profound sword art repeatedly and know that his profound sword art could only last three blinks of an eye and they had been studying it in case they were to fight Ji Yuan one day.

Therefore Yin Wei had quickly displayed all his profound strength into evading out of the way and he had escaped with some light injuries when his profound animus was burnt by the profound energies of Ji Yuan’s profound sword art.

The Sagess Mei had flashed next to Yin Wei, “Are you alright?”

Yin Wei nodded quietly as he trembled lightly when he saw the cliff that had been split into a streak of burning sword energies behind him. The profound power of this Ji Yuan was extremely startling…

The Sagess Mei was now smiling as she unsheathed her half-step celestial sword. “Yin Wei, we are in luck. To think that Ji Yuan will deliver himself to us on his own accord.”

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