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Chapter 197: Unrest in the Mountains (3)

Above the desolate mists, Yin Wei, Yin Xiong and the Sagess Mei were staring and probing the desolate mists below for the profound signatures of their opponents.

Yin Wei and Yin Xiong had taken some profound pills as an aid to recovery their exhausted profound strength as they scanned the vast desolate mists below the mountains.

Yin Wei turned to ask Yin Xiong, “Are you alright?”

Yin Xiong nodded slowly. “That bitch is really strong. Luckily she has not divine harmonized with her immortal-step divine sword yet. To think that the Water Melody Palace will possess an immortal-step divine sword.”

Then he was laughed as he turned to say to the Sagess Mei. “It seems that Lady Luck really favor us tonight. Soon we will obtain our hands on two immortal-step divine swords. The Evil Cultivation Master will surely be pleased with us this time. We may have lost one celestial-step divine sword but we shall gain two immortal-step divine swords in return. We ought to celebrate after this.”

The Sagess Mei inhaled deeply. “Don’t press your luck with that Shui Sisi first. We shall focus on Ji Yuan and Han Yuchi instead.”

Yin Xiong, Yin Wei: ???

Yin Xiong smiled. “Why are we giving up such a good opportunity to lay our hands on one more immortal sword?”

The Sagess Mei hummed coldly. “Do as I have said.”

Yin Xiong grumbled back, “Alright. You’re the boss.”

The Sagess Mei did not want to explain to Yin Xiong that the immortal sword in Shui Sisi’s hands belonged to a great goddess. Obtaining this immortal sword would mean that the righteous immortals would be able to track them down to their secret base and that was something that she was afraid of happening; the immortal sword of the Great Goddess Alice will be nothing but trouble for them.

Yin Xiong and Yin Wei had no idea that the upper echelons of the Evil Cultivation Palace were all desolate immortals in the guise of the celestial cultivators.

The Sagess Mei asked, “So have the two of you regain your profound strength?”

Yin Wei replied, “More or less.”

Yin Xiong was smiling, “While they are below the desolate mists, they won’t be able to regain their profound strength except if they are using profound pills. We have all the advantage now.”

Yin Wei nodded. “Profound pills are best used if the cultivator is able to cultivate at the same time. We have really forced them to be on the defensive now.”

That was the reason why they were waiting above the desolate mists; they were trying to regain their profound strength for the next round of battle.

Yin Xiong looked at the Sagess Mei. “Do you need some profound pills from us?”

The Sagess Mei replied coolly, “No need. I have already regained my profound strength.”

Yin Xiong and Yin Wei were startled. Obviously the Sagess Mei was the more aggressive earlier and she had expended more profound strength than any one of them. Without taking any profound pills, how was it possible for her to regain her profound strength?

They did not know that the Sagess Mei is actually an eighth realm immortal cultivator and her recovery rate was three times as astonishing as them. The disparity between her and a seventh realm great saint were vast and even if she did not cultivate, her profound strength would recover automatically.

Yin Wei was astonished as he stared at the beautiful form of the Sagess Mei before he asked. “Now that we are now in our tip-top condition, so shall we hide here or attack them below?”

The Sagess Mei lit a slow smile. “We will ambush here first. This is the perfect ambush spot and it is the only way that they can come up here. Remember that our target is Ji Yuan. If the others come up first, don’t show yourself first. Some of them may be unnerved and may try to breakthrough to their current impasse. Wait for Ji Yuan.”

This strategy was sound. The less cultivators around Ji Yuan, the easier it was for them to corner Ji Yuan and to slay him.

She added with a soft chuckle. “While they are below, their profound strength will be drained by the desolate mists. I don’t believe that they will hide forever down there. The longer that they hide down there, the more advantageous it will be for us.”

She did not mention that there was another consideration why they were waiting up here. It was because their opponents had two immortal swords and they were afraid that they may be ambushed the instant that they had entered the desolate mists. But it was something that the three of them perfectly understands.

Yin Xiong frowned. “I don’t understand. Why Ji Yuan? You mean we are letting the rest of them go just like this?”

The Sagess Mei answered. “Ji Yuan is now our biggest threat. Therefore he must die.”

There was a conclusion by the Evil Cultivation Master that Ji Yuan may have found the mythical True Goddess’ Tear and had used the creation powers of the True Goddess’ Tear. Therefore Ji Yuan must die and his soul sea examined.

Ji Yuan was now at the top of the highest priority by the Evil Cultivation Palace to be hunted, way above Xue Qianxue and Little Princess.

Unknown to them, Xiang Li was quietly listening in to them before she panicky hovered into the desolate mists again.

After Xiang Li had gone for a while, Han Yuchi had to look at Shui Xisi with a curious look. “Actually if I’m not wrong, you’re not Envoy Sisi. Am I right?”

Shui Xisi chuckled softly, “What do you mean?”

Han Yuchi sighed softly. “You have an immortal sword in your hand. This is far too precious to be in the hands of any elder or special envoy. Other than Ji Yuan, you’re only the second person that I know that have an immortal-step divine sword. If you’re not the Matriarch Palace Mistress yourself, I really don’t know who you are.”

Shui Xisi: …

She did not expect that her cover would be blown up so fast. When she saw that Shui Qingqing was being attacked by Yin Xiong a peaked great saint, she had panicky unsheathed her most powerful sword to defend her.

The intrigues of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity were many and Han Yuchi was actually quite an experienced player. It was all too strange to her that a special envoy would have an immortal sword.

An immortal sword will definitely be a heritage treasure of the sect and it will not be given to any elder or special envoy.

That was Han Yuchi’s basis in questioning Shui Xisi’s identity.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he tried very hard to suppress his laughter.

Shui Xisi smiled weakly, “Since you have already guessed my identity, I have no wish to hide anymore. I’m indeed the Matriarch Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace Shui Xisi!”

Han Yuchi humbly said. “I thank you for taking care of Qingqing. Rest assures that we won’t reveal who you are.”

Shui Xisi returned a casual smile. “It isn’t a big deal for these two things.” She did not care for her secret identity anymore because her Sister Feifei had helped her to win over Ji Yuan to her side. In the first place, she had tried to flaunt off her beauty in front of the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity because she had wanted to make Ji Yuan envious that she had so many suitors and had a reputation.

Little did she know that she had actually made a good impression with Ji Yuan on their first meeting and that Ji Yuan had actually liked her fiery nature.

Ever since Ji Yuan had met her, he had been secretly thinking of spanking her butt and wondered if they were able to meet again.

At that time it was just his wish list because he did not know that she was actually Jiajia’s sister and he had doubted that he would meet her anytime soon.

Zhao Songjin was startled as she looked at Shui Xisi, “You’re really the Matriarch Palace Mistress?”

Shui Xisi looked extremely young and no more than eighteen. That was only because she had ceased to age at the prime of her beauty.

The Water Melody Palace has a fearsome reputation in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and is one of the three heretic palaces. No one wants to mess around with the mysterious Water Melody Palace.

“You’re really strong.” Zhao Songjin quickly concluded quietly. Earlier, when they had all taken a beating from the combined attacks of the Yin Wei, Yin Xiong and the Sagess Mei, it was Shui Xisi and Ji Yuan that had covered them or else they would not be able to escape with such light injuries.

But even then, it was difficult for Shui Xisi and Ji Yuan to fight off three peaked great saints at the same time and that was why they were forced to retreat and to regroup again.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “The fight earlier is a complete disaster because we are all fighting our own battles. We have Sisi and Qingqing pairing off to fight a single Yin Xiong. This is completely unnecessary…”

Shui Xisi protested immediately. “With Qingqing help, given a little more time, we may be able to overcome Yin Xiong soon. But it is your sides there that are causing my side troubles. Yin Wei and the Sagess Mei kept interfering in our battle earlier.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “That is why we need to stick to our new battle tactics.”

Then he looked at Shui Xisi and inhaled heavily. “You must be careful against the Sagess Mei. She is really strong.”

The reason why he was warning her solemnly so was because he had once fought with the Sagess Alyssa and he was suddenly overwhelmed by her sudden surge of absurd profound power. Until today he could not understand why. Little did he know that Sagess Alyssa had used her eighth ream profound strength against him.

If it was not for Shui Qingqing that had used her divine profound art on him to purge out the invasive profound energies, he would have sustained severe internal injuries.

Therefore he was quite anxious for Shui Xisi so he emphasized. “Be wary of her trump card. I feel that she isn’t even doing her best when she is fighting me.” He had purposely exaggerated it a little so that Shui Xisi would not underestimate her opponent.

Shui Xisi giggled. “Maybe it is because you’re weaker than me.”

Ji Yuan: …

Xiang Li had suddenly flashed down from above as she said excitingly, “Big Brother! I have returned!”

Ji Yuan was glad that Xiang Li had returned so quickly. “You got their positions?”

Xiang Li giggled. “Yea. I know where they are and I even know that they are planning to ambush you. They are actually planning to attack you and allowed the rest to escape.”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes immediately. “What a vicious plan…” If Zhao Songjin and Han Yuchi seized this opportunity to escape then he would surely be outnumbered…

Zhao Songjin said quietly. “Since they are after you, why don’t you go up first? Then we will support you according. I don’t know if you trust me or not but I definitely won’t run away.”

Han Yuchi nodded. “I will also fight to the death.”

Shui Qingqing was quite startled as she asked. “You have a feud with Yin Wei?”

Han Yuchi turned to say to her. “Qingqing, our feud is your feud as well. So you must help us to kill him.”

Shui Qingqing nodded with a perplexed look. “Alright then…”

Ji Yuan and Shui Xisi also had a perplexed look and they were wondering what their feud was.

But Ji Yuan did not want to dwell upon it as he stood up. “We’re losing our profound strength in this place. It is time for us to take action now!”

Shui Xisi giggled. “Actually how confident are you in killing Yin Wei?”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly but he did not reply her. It was because he was actually unsure if he was able to do so.

“Sisi, please be careful. Your opponent seems to be capable of performing two actions at the same time.” That was all that he could say to her for the time being.

“Xiang Li, what are their positions?”

Xiang Li quickly draw on the flat and even the surrounding cliffs as he proclaimed with great delight. “They are here, there and here!”

Shui Qingqing, Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin were stunned when Xiang Li had suddenly materialized her hand to draw with great expertise.

But before they could even ask Ji Yuan why his spirit entity had a physical form, Ji Yuan had already unsheathed his divine sword as he looked up the thick desolate mist above him. “It is time for our fight back time! I shall spearhead the attack while the rest of you support me.”

He added solemnly. “One hundred blinks of an eye. We attack with everything that we got and pray.”

Then he took a look at Shui Xisi. “Erm, do you mind lending me one recovery profound pill?”

“Sure.” Shui Xisi replied nonchalantly. “That will be five hundred high grade spirit stones for my fifth rank recovery pill.”

Ji Yuan: …

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