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Chapter 198: Unrest in the Mountains (4)

Ji Yuan was the first to charge up of the desolate mists; his enemies were all waiting for him and he knew it; the minute that he had unsheathed his divine sword, all his enemies had locked their divine sense on him.

And Ji Yuan had immediately locked his divine sense on Yin Wei as well!

The Sagess Mei had reacted faster than Yin Wei and she had charged to engage Ji Yuan but all of a sudden Shui Xisi had popped out of the desolate mists and had engaged her in a close melee.

As for Yin Xiong, just as he was about to attack Ji Yuan, there were three profound sword arts that were flying toward him and two of the profound sword arts were the Golden Maiden Flashes of the Beautiful Maiden Swordplay.

As there were dozens of profound sword energies that were flashing against him, he was forced to call off his attack from Ji Yuan and to focus his attention on the newcomers.

In a blink of an eye, an astonished Yin Xiong was being surrounded by Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin and Shui Qingqing at the same time.

Yin Xiong dared not be careless as he quickly retaliated against them. Among the three of them, only Han Yuchi was a great saintess. Although her profound strength and power was beneath him but he was now forced to divert his profound strength against two other saint cultivators. This had the effect of causing him unable to use his full profound strength.

And that was what Han Yuchi, Songjin and Shui Qingqing had wanted. They were all going to use all their profound strength in a relentless attack to buy 100 blinks of an eye for Ji Yuan.

Zhao Songjin and Han Yuchi did not know why they were trusting Ji Yuan with their lives and were even heeding his instructions but somehow, they just believed in him.

As for Shui Qingqing, she did not think much about it. Since her Matriarch Palace Mistress was willing to go along with Ji Yuan’s plans, there was no reason why she should not as well.

Ji Yuan was now shouting angrily at Yin Wei. “Today will be your demise!” For the sake of Little Princess and Jiajia, Yin Wei and the Evil Cultivation Palace must be banished for good.

Yin Wei laughed, “I should be the one that is saying this!”

Ji Yuan and Yin Wei were now exchanging their strong sword strokes against each other and their melee ran thunderously in the quiet mountains!

This was the very first time that Ji Yuan was properly fighting Yin Wei and he was astonished by his opponent’s profound strength and power. Even though he had a powerful immortal-step divine sword in his hands, Yin Wei was able to match his profound power while maintaining his formidable profound defenses.

Yin Wei’s dark profound energy sword had clashed with Ji Yuan’s Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon immediately and the two forces collided thunderously against each other.

Yin Wei shouted. “Ji Yuan, I believe that your profound strength will soon be finished. Why don’t you give up your struggle against me? You have only one trump card and that trump card is never going to hit a fast moving target like me…”

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had unleashed another Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon immediately after his last attack.

Yin Wei was startled as he lifted himself up to evade the second attack. “Heh! Is that all you can manage? You are only wasting your profound strength…” At the same time, he was smiling. It was because the perfect time to counter-attack was when an opponent had expended all their profound strength into making an attack. For a sword cultivator like Ji Yuan, he would almost be in a defenseless state.

When Ji Yuan saw that Yin Wei was about to evade his second profound sword art, he forced through his profound strength again and mustered his sword spirit to unleash a much more powerful Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon that sped at twice the speed of his earlier two Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon.

Yin Wei was completely stunned that Ji Yuan was capable of performing three actions in such a short span of time. He immediately braced himself to receive the third Heavenly Light of the Coiling Light and he was sent crashing onto the cliff with a loud and thunderous impact that shook the mountains!

The Sagess Mei and Yin Xiong were both gasping with shock. “Yin Wei!”

But Yin Wei laughed heartily as he picked himself his trembling body up. “Don’t worry, I am unhurt. This doesn’t even hurt at all. My profound defense is stronger than his profound sword art…”

All of a sudden he saw that Ji Yuan had already jumped on top of a cliff that was facing him and he was holding his divine sword with both hands. “Heh! Why don’t you eat my Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon now!”

When he had finished speaking, he had unleashed a streak of long beam of white light that was condensed with profound energies that beamed toward Yin Wei!

Yin Wei hummed coldly as he jumped up to the cliff immediately, “So you have finally decided to use your last trump card. If I am not wrong, you can only use it one last time and after that you will have exhausted all your profound strength…”

Ji Yuan chuckled. “But before that, look at where you are now!”

All of a sudden Yin Wei saw that he was between two cliffs. There seemed to be nothing wrong with it. In fact, the cliffs would provide him with cover to scale up even faster to evade Ji Yuan’s sword energies attack.

But of a sudden Ji Yuan had zapped his Super Heavenly Light of the Profound Light to the top of the two cliffs as he sent thousands of rocks and boulders to fall onto Yin Wei.

Yin Wei was startled as he had suddenly realized what Ji Yuan was up to and he was forced to increase his profound defense to shield him from the boulders that weighed several tons but the some of the boulders were really too heavy and he was sent crashing toward the ground.

Ji Yuan seized the last remnants of his Super Heavenly Light of the Profound Light to zap onto Yin Wei and immediately Yin Wei was yelling with great agony as he crashed onto the ground!

Right from the very start, Ji Yuan had already known the terrain that his opponents were at; it was all thanks to Xiang Li’s crude drawing. Therefore he made a last minute improvised plan to trap Yin Wei’s between the two cliffs.

Knowing that Yin Wei would surely make use of the cliffs to evade his attacks, Ji Yuan had made use of it to attack the top of the cliffs instead. These boulders can weight tons and can easily crash any cultivators.

Ji Yuan could not resist whistling. “You just got attacked by tens of peaked seventh realm great rocks. Hope you will never underestimate any rocks in the future.”

The Sagess Mei was greatly alarmed and she had never expected Yin Wei would be defeated in such a short time. Therefore she quickly used her most powerful profound power art to fling Shui Xisi off her before she sped to where Yin Wei was.

She gasped when she saw that Yin Wei only had his upper body remaining.

Greatly alarmed, she quickly picked up Yin Wei’s half remaining body and sped up the cliff.

When Yin Xiong saw that the Sagess Mei had fled with Yin Wei, he was startled and he too, turned his back away immediately.

As Shui Qingqing, Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin were all greatly exhausted from their short fight with Yin Xiong, they did not pursue.

Zhao Songjin gasped and she was flustered. “He has killed Yin Wei?!”

Instead they had all rushed to support Ji Yuan who could barely stand.

Shui Xisi giggled as she asked Ji Yuan. “Nice one. Can you still stand?”

Ji Yuan laughed softly. “Do you want to carry me to the settlement? I barely have the strength now.”

Shui Xisi rolled her eyes and laughed. “You are a great saint. How can you be so shameless as to ask a maiden to carry you? You can cultivate here until you have your strength back. Goodbye!”

Ji Yuan: …

“Master Ji Yuan…” Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin had suddenly kneeled in front of him as they addressed him politely. “Thank you for helping us to kill Yin Wei. We are in your debts.”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “We are fighting on the same side. There is no need to thank me at all. Moreover, Yin Wei may not necessary be dead yet.”

Zhao Songjin smiled coldly, “Judging from his injuries, even if he isn’t dead, his cultivation strength will surely suffer as a result. He won’t even be a match for an ordinary saint in the future.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Except for a sword cultivator.”

Zhao Songjin smiled beautiful to him, “But he is defeated this time round by a sword cultivator.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “I am merely lucky this time. I actually don’t have much profound strength left. They actually saw through my weaknesses.”

Zhao Songjin nodded before she said with a flushed look. “I wonder if we can invite Master Ji Yuan to visit us at the camp of the Celestial Orthodox Sect as our honorable guest?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he said uncomfortably. “Maybe next time.”

Zhao Songjin gasped softly. “Why?”

Ji Yuan replied. “My two consorts Qianxue and Little Princess won’t be too pleased if I go to your camp.”

Zhao Songjin lowered her head as she said softly. “I know that they won’t forgive me for what I have done to them…”

Then she turned to ask Ji Yuan, “Do you think we can be friends?”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Of course we can be friends.”

Zhao Songjin had her hope up as she asked with some eagerness. “Really?”

Ji Yuan laughed jovially. “Of course we can. We can be friends with benefits. Haha.”

Zhao Songjin was rendered speechless by Ji Yuan but she was soon laughing softly. “Indeed. We can become friends with benefits.”

Ji Yuan laughed as he said to Zhao Songjin and Han Yuchi. “Please get up. I am only an unruly cultivator and I don’t deserve to be called a respectable master. We just have a common goal, that’s all.”

Slowly, Zhao Songjin and Han Yuchi were helped by Ji Yuan off the ground.

It pained Shui Qingqing to see her mother and sister being so humble toward Ji Yuan so she quickly said to him. “You’re a great hero now. How can you say such things as friends with benefits? You ought to make sincere friends out of others.”

Even Xiang Li was saying in his soul sea, “Yea! Maiden Qingqing is right! Friends do not talk about benefits!”

But Ji Yuan was laughing in his soul sea. “Xiang Li, it is too dangerous to start a romance with this beautiful Songjin. That is why I must keep her off my doors.”

Xiang Li asked curiously, “Why? She is a great beauty, right?”

Zhao Songjin was actually renowned as the top ten beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Ji Yuan smiled weakly as he explained. “Even though Zhao Songjin is a great beauty and I can see that she seems much better than in the past now but I’m really not interested in her.”

Xiang Li laughed, “But I can see that she is really very interested in you. She has been looking at you with great interest all this while.”

Ji Yuan frowned. “Don’t remind me this about this. Do you know that I have missed out a great opportunity to bang Sisi tonight…”

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Shui Xisi as she said to Shui Qingqing. “It is time for us to return to our camp. It is not safe in these mountains.”

“Hey!” Ji Yuan interrupted her. “What about me?”

Shui Xisi giggled, “You can roll down the mountains yourself. Farewell! Qingqing, come.”

Shui Qingqing reluctantly took a second glance at Ji Yuan before she left with Shui Xisi.

Zhao Songjin immediately said to Ji Yuan, “I can give you a helping hand.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly. “Don’t worry. I can cultivate here for a while.”

Zhao Songjin: …

It was not because Ji Yuan was too dense to see Zhao Songjin’s interest in him. One must know that Ji Yuan has a beautiful face, beard or no beard and that he was used to be surrounded by many beautiful maidens. But he had rarely taken a special interest except for a few.

He was well aware that Zhao Songjin had said that whoever that can kill Yin Wei for her, she will promise herself to marry him. But this was something that he did not want to.

He was even reluctant to take Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan as his consorts in the past even though they were great beauties. There was no taboo against unchaste maidens in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and people could freely choose their cultivation partners so that was not the main reason he was pretending not to see Zhao Songjin’s interest in him. Likewise, he was pretending not to see Shui Qingqing’s interest in him as well.

This was the difference between Ji Yuan and Jin Yilong. Jin Yilong likes all pretty faces where else Ji Yuan has a more romantic notions about his cultivation partners.

Zhao Songjin rolled her eyes and said silently. “I know what kind of a man you are. You may not show any interest in me right now but once we have developed a relationship with each other, you won’t keep me at bay. Therefore I will focus all my goals into winning your heart…”

Han Yuchi smiled as she whispered to her. “He will make a fine son-in-law.” She was very pleased that Zhao Songjin’s dead eyes were now stirring with a passion for life again.

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