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Chapter 199: The Great Betrayal by Xiang Li

When Ji Yuan had returned to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect in the dead of the night and was soundly asleep, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng had used a secret code to summon Xiang Li to their tent.

“So Xiang Li, where have Ji Yuan been whole night? He looked completely exhausted when he had returned.  Did he do anything funny to Jiajia or Sisi?” Ling Feiyue asked her.

Xiang Li giggled. “Nope, he did not!”

Even if Ji Yuan did, she would not tell them because she was not supposed to be visible when Ji Yuan was doing banging with all the other maidens except for Bai Qianfeng of course who knew her secret.

Bai Qianfeng rolled her eyes as she muttered, “I hope you’re telling the truth.”

Xiang Li chuckled. “Spirit entities never lie, remember!”

Bai Qianfeng: …

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “Of course we believe in our Xiang Li. So what happens to Ji Yuan? Why is he so exhausted?”

Xiang Li quickly cooked up an excuse for Ji Yuan. “Big brother is escorting Maiden Sisi back to her camp when they saw Yin Wei attacking Maiden Songjin so he stepped in to help.”

Little Princess was startled. “In the settlement? Impossible…”

Xiang Li immediately knew that she had made a blunder so she quickly said. “Far away from the settlement. Maiden Sisi says she has another camp elsewhere…”

Little Princess had a look of suspicion as she looked at Xiang Li, “But why will Zhao Songjin be there?”

“I don’t know.” Xiang Li made a weak excuse. Then she had an idea as she giggled. “Maiden Qingqing is with Maiden Songjin and Lady Yuchi too. It seems that Maiden Qingqing is Maiden Songjin’s sister.”

“Qingqing? Who is she?” Xue Qianxue asked curiously.

Xiang Li laughed. “She is the Palace Mistress of the Water Melody Palace!”

Ling Feiyue was startled. “This looks a little complex. Can you explain from the start?”

All four of the maidens were looking curiously at one another. First it was the Matriarch Palace Mistress Shui Xisi and now it was the Palace Mistress Shui Qingqing…

Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were looking awkwardly at each other; it was because they knew that Ji Yuan had a hand with Shui Xisi and even Shui Tianshui. Now Xiang Li was telling them that Ji Yuan was also with Shui Qingqing and Zhao Songjin?

Little Princess and Xue Qianxue were the most uneasy as they did not want to have anything to do with Zhao Songjin as she had betrayed them before.

They almost asked at the same time in the same apprehensive manner. “Ji Yuan likes her?”

Xiang Li giggled before answering. “Lady Yuchi really is charming too…”

Xue Qianxue displayed a not so cute look but she still managed to look super adorable. “Hmph! We’re talking about Zhao Songjin!”

Xiang Li laughed. “She is super sexy!”

Xue Qianxue and Little Princess as well as the Ling Feiyue almost wanted to bang heads; they were beginning to wonder how Ji Yuan was able to communicate with Xiang Li so well.

Only Bai Qianfeng was smiling weakly. During the Dream Trial, she already had an idea what Xiang Li was usually like. When Ji Yuan was banging his women, Xiang Li took great pleasure as though she was the one banging them.

Ji Yuan’s happiness was Xiang Li as well. The two of them were inseparable and often shoot each other openly. How on earth did the two of them get along so well is something that is beyond Bai Qinfeng ability to understand fully.

However Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess had no intention to understand Xiang Li as well as Ji Yuan and instead they were more interested in tricking Xiang Li to spill out all of Ji Yuan’s secrets.

Ling Feiyue began to flirt with Xiang Li as she lit a beautiful smile. “Beautiful Xiang Li, we know you won’t lie, right? Let me ask you one by one and you will answer us one by one, alright?”

“Alright!” Xiang Li chuckled.

“Good!” Ling Feiyue replied with a soft chuckle.

Then she asked. “Did Ji Yuan undress Jiajia? As in, take off her clothes?”

Little Princess suddenly interrupted with an anxious expression. “Is this a good idea to ask Xiang Li about this? She is quite innocent.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “I am trying my best to describe the situation.”

Xue Qianxue replied. “I think we are corrupting Xiang Li…”

They naturally did not know that Xiang Li was already an expert.

Ling Feiyue quickly turned her face toward Xiang Li to ask. “Did he undress Jiajia?”

Xiang Li shook her head, “No, never!”

Ling Feiyue smiled. “How about Shui Xisi?”


Ling Feiyue asked again. “How about Zhao Songjin?”

This time Xiang Li was giggling. “I don’t know!”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess were startled. “How come you don’t know?”

Xiang Li giggled. “Big Brother had sent me to scout for enemy’s position for a while so I don’t know what happen when they were alone!”

“They were alone?!” All three maidens were shocked beyond words.

Actually they did not ask Xiang Li about the entire situation but even if they did, it was difficult to get a proper answer from Xiang Li because Xiang Li’s mind worked completely different from them.

How could Ji Yuan have any affairs when Zhao Songjin, Han Yuchi, Shui Qingqing and Shui Xisi were around him at the same time?

However the three maidens were too overwhelmed by the fact that Xiang Li could not lie and she had told them that Ji Yuan was alone with Zhao Songjin that they just assumed that Ji Yuan had an opportunity to be alone with Zhao Songjin.

Forget about Shui Xisi. Zhao Songjin is now their new threat!

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “Ji Yuan is so lecherous that he even tries to bed Zhao Songjin! This is too much!”

Little Princess nodded unhappily. “Of all the maidens, he has to fall under Zhao Songjin’s mesmerizing charm. This is too much.”

Xue Qianxue turned angrily to say to Xiang Li. “You know. You can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words. That is what Ji Yuan always say. So Xiang Li, please tell us if they are really friends?”

Xiang Li chuckled, unmindful that everyone seemed to be upset. To her, their angry and flustered expressions were really so beautiful. “Of course they are!”

Little Princess interrupted, “Did Ji Yuan say so himself?”

“Of course! Big Brother says he and Maiden Songjin are friends with benefits!” Xiang Li chuckled as she recalled what Ji Yuan had told her.

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Xue Qianxue: …

Friends with benefits?!

Then this mean that they had really bedded each other…

This is too much!…

Ling Feiyue raised her fists, “Ji Yuan is really too much this time. He already has so many great beauties next to him and he is still trying to flirt with the others.”

Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were rolling their eyes; they still have not told Ling Feiyue about her Aunt Ling Tianshui’s affair with Ji Yuan…

In the end, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Xue Qianxue ended up discussing over Ji Yuan’s misdeed with Zhao Songjin instead of his fight with Yin Wei and the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Bai Qianfeng tried to pretend not to care but there was an envious look in her eyes.

Ji Yuan had a sudden sneeze in his makeshift bed as he muttered sleepily. “Dang! Who is discussing about me again…”

In a secret cave;

Yin Wei was crying out in great agony as he lay on a stone bed; he had virtually lost his lower body. If he was not quicker, he would have been killed by Ji Yuan.

“Ji Yuan! I hate you!”

His agony pains were so great that the entire cave was shaking with his anguish agonies and hatred for Ji Yuan.

The Sagess Mei was alone with him as she said coolly to him. “Don’t worry you won’t die. Luckily you are a great saint. If you are a lesser saint, I can’t say the same. But you won’t be as before. Maybe you will end up being a useless toy.”

When Yin Wei heard the Sagess Mei, he began to cry out pitifully to her. “Lady Mei! You must help me. I can’t afford to lose any of my cultivation strength! I must take my vengeance against Ji Yuan!”

“I know that you will surely have a way, am I right? Please help me…I beg of you…I will do anything you say if you are able to help me…”

The Sagess Mei rolled her eyes before she lit a wry smile. “I do have a way but I am not sure if you are willing to try.”

Yin Wei said with trembling lips. “What…is…it? I will try….anything…as long as I can…take my revenge against…Ji Yuan!”

“I can merge the metamorph egg into your body. Not only will you grow stronger than ever before but you will also recover from your injuries fairly quickly. However there may be unintended consequences. If you lose control of yourself and metamorph into a desolate monster then you will never be able to regain your human form again. I have stated the risks clearly so what do you say about it?” The Sagess Mei said nonchalantly.

“I…am willing…please help me…I can’t stand the pain…any longer…”

The Sagess Mei hummed softly. “So is that what you really want?”

Yin Wei cried aloud. “YES! That is what I…really want!”

The Sagess Mei smiled as she took out a collar. “Then wear this collar. In the future, I will be your mistress. As your mistress, naturally I will help you.”

“You…are asking me to wear…a collar like a dog?” Yin Wei was startled. “And call you mistress?! What is the meaning…of this?”

The Sagess Mei giggled softly. “It is not a dog collar but a slave collar. Dog or slave collar, does it matter? If you don’t want my help then I shall leave you here for the next few months. I am really busy and will be inside the Warrior Empyrean Labyrinth. When you need me, I won’t be around. Also I got to hurry to make a report to the Evil Cultivation Master…”

“Wait…please…” Yin Wei stammered. “I will wear this…but you have to help me…”

The Sagess Mei beamed with delight. “I will definitely help you, don’t worry. You will be part of my Super Metamorph Project and I will help you to be stronger than ever before. Ji Yuan can only dream about defeating you in the future!”

Elsewhere, Ji Yuan was wondering why he had kept sneezing nonstop as he muttered to himself. “I can’t remember having so many enemies…”

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