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Chapter 200: Pride Comes Before Fall

Three days later, Ji Yuan finally opened his eyes with a dreamy smile. In his dreams, he was surrounded by all the maidens that he loved and he was really happy. They were all surrounding him as they toasted him and were all singing his praises.

Jiajia, Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye Chengxi…

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Bai Qianfeng…

Yuxian (Saintess Yuluo), Sisi, Wuwu, Baiyue and even Shui Tianshui…

And then he was banging all of them for three days and nights…

He was smiling delightfully at the thought that they must all be eagerly waiting for him to wake up from his deep slumber. After all, Xiang Li must have told them how he had beaten Yin Wei at his own game and he may have removed him as a potential threat.

He had specially told Xiang Li to tell them the rough situation and waited for him to tell them his epic fight with Yin Wei.

“Haha. Xiang Li, remember not to tell them about Sisi! Cover for me!”

“Big Brother, I will!” Xiang Li had promised him.

“Just tell them the rough details of my fight with the Evil Cultivation Palace and wait for me to tell them the details.” Ji Yuan laughed.

“Why, Big Brother? I can’t tell them?” Xiang Li asked curiously.

“That’s because you are not a good storyteller, haha! Tell them the sketchy details first. When I wake up, I will tell them everything in great detail about my great awesomeness. Haha.”

Ji Yuan was actually trying to inflate his ego by over praising himself and to exaggerate the accounts. Naturally he could not let Xiang Li tell the true accountings. Therefore he wanted to be the one to tell all the maidens about how awesome he had been during his epic fight with Yin Wei.

“Without my plan, how can our victory be assured? I bet that even Xiang Li must be so impressed by me. Haha.”

As Ji Yuan got up, Xiang Li popped up next to him as she giggled excitingly. “Big Brother! You’re finally awake!”

“Haha, yes. Do you miss me Xiang Li?”

“I do! Very much!” Xiang Li replied with a flustered and eager look.

“I miss you too. Haha.” Ji Yuan casually said.

Xiang Li was flushing as she averted her eyes. Big Brother is missing me…

“Oh by the way, did you cover for me?” Ji Yuan asked.

Xiang Li chuckled as she whispered. “Big Brother, don’t worry! I have your backside completely covered up. They didn’t know anything about Maiden Sisi. You didn’t know that they were questioning me about Maiden Sisi but I’ve managed to shake them all off!”

“Wahh! Xiang Li, you are getting more and more impressive nowadays. Haha.” Ji Yuan praised her. “Now it is time for me to impress them with my super awesome deeds.”

Xiang Li chucked nonstop, delighted with the praises that Ji Yuan was heaping upon her.

“Return to my soul sea first. We don’t want anyone to see you. You are erm…will turn the hearts of men to depravity.” Xiang Li was too endeavoring and sexual. It would be horrible for the eyes of lusty men if they were to see her. More importantly she was in her flimsy clothing…

“Ok Big Brother!! *Chuckle*” In the next blink of an eye, Xiang Li had disappeared into Ji Yuan’s soul sea.

He did not ask Xiang Li about what the maidens thought about Zhao Songjin because he did not do anything funny to her and they were quite clean. He was more concerned about covering his tracks with Sisi.

With a happy whistle, he had marched out of his tent as he laughed jovially. “They must all be waiting to hear my epic tale and wondering how on earth did I manage to escape without an injury from the attacks of three peaked great saints…”

“I’m betting that they are now gossiping about me. This is the first time that I do not mind their gossips. Haha. Like Jiajia had said, they are only gossiping about me because they love me!” Ji Yuan had a wry smile as he walked with great awesomeness around the camp.

As he walked, he was thinking about how he had come to be with Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan. He heaved a soft sigh. If he had told them who he was at the very start or if they had told him that they knew who he was at the very start, they would never be together. Even if he knew that they had adulated him but he would never reciprocate their feelings because to him, they were just his core protégés and nothing else. He actually had a bottom line.

But it all changed when he was at the Emperor Hall Sect. Sometimes fate is weird.

“Yan,’Er and Chengxi must be gossiping about me with the rest now. Well, this is the first time that I’m glad that they are talking about me. They must be worshipping me now and my image in their heart must have increased ten folds.” Ji Yuan laughed softly.

Xiang Li who had heard him in his soul sea laughed as well. “That’s right, Big Brother! Everyone worships you!”

Ji Yuan laughed.

Along the way around the camp, he saw many flushing female cultivators from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect giggling and looking shyly at him. Some of them were even golden celestials.

To be adulated by even the golden celestial made Ji Yuan very proud of himself; these female golden celestials all had a lofty attitude but Ji Yuan could see that they were now looking with interest at him.

Many were even returning smiling greetings when they saw him.

This was a completely different feeling when he was at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. Even though he had the support of the patriarch elders but most of the protégés were still unconvinced that a poor sword cultivator from the Five Heavens Peak would be a compatible match for their Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue.

Now he really felt that he was the Dark Lord of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was like his very own sect.

“Haha. Xiang Li, did you see that? All the men and women are all adoring me now.” Ji Yuan said to Xiang Li in his soul sea.

“That is because Big Brother is a great hero now. Hehe!” Xiang Li chuckled.

“That’s right. I am a great hero now. Hoho.” Today he really felt like a winner, especially after his victory over Yin Wei.

Xiang Li began to ponder before saying, “But be careful Big Brother. I’ve heard that pride comes before the fall.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Don’t badmouth me. This won’t happen to me. Firstly, I don’t have any pride and secondly, with my lightless swiftness skill, I can’t fall at all. Haha.”

Xiang Li chuckled jovially. “True, true! My Big Brother is never arrogant and is always so humble!”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily. “Xiang Li, you really made my day today. Haha.”

Then he saw Ling Tianshui at a distance but she quickly averted her eyes shyly and she was smiling. This caused Ji Yuan to smile as well. He was so happy to see Tianshui again and was wondering when he could bang her again.

Ling Tianshui quickly put away her smiles as there were many protégés around and walked unhurriedly to him to say. “You have a guest today. You may want to hurry up to take a look.”

“I have a guest? Who is he?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

Ling Tianshui flashed a smile. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. Go and take a look yourself.” With that Ling Tianshui and her group of escorts had left him.

Ji Yuan was frowning immediately. “I can already guess who the guest is.”

Xiang Li asked curiously. “You know? I can’t guess it…”

Ji Yuan laughed. “That’s because I’m a genius. Who else can it be other than Sisi? She must be feeling so stingy over her five hundred high grade spirit stones and is here to ask for payments.”

“Woah! Big Brother is so smart, hehe!”

“Of course I am. She must have already known that I will wake up today and is visiting me to check on my condition. It seems that she really cares for me. Haha. Come, Xiang Li! We got to hurry!”

Xiang Li laughed. “I should be the one that ought to ask you to hurry. You are walking so slowly.”

“Shut up, Xiang Li. Can’t you see that I am trying to maintain my cool image in front of my fans?”

When Ji Yuan arrived at the main tent of Ling Feiyue, he was quite startled that there were no gossip sounds.

“How come they are so quiet? They are not gossiping about me today?!” Ji Yuan had a perplexed look as he walked toward the entrance of the tent. “Or they are all not around today? Maybe Qianxue are taking them to a hidden seclude spot to have a bath?”

When he had entered the tent, he saw that everyone had gathered.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng were around.

Even Saintess Yuluo, Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi.

They were all quiet and looking at a beautiful maiden in the middle of the tent and she was actually Zhao Songjin.

Ji Yuan was startled when he saw that it was Zhao Songjin…

It isn’t Sisi?

He blinked his eyes as he looked at the speechless maidens and finally at Zhao Songjin. “Why are you here?”

Zhao Songjin flashed her hands to show Ji Yuan rows after rows of chests that were filled with high grade spirit stones and various profound treasures.

He was stunned.

Zhao Songjin smiled at him before saying politely. “This is all for you. Thank you for saving my life and that of my Matriarch Han Yuchi.”

Then she turned to smile at Xue Qianxue. “I am also here to abdicate my position as Sacred Maiden and is here to re-invite Qianxue to return to the Celestial Orthodox Sect to be the Sacred Maiden again.”

She took a look at Little Princess as she said gently. “I know that I have destroyed my friendship with you forever but I do hope that you can give me another chance to make amends.”

Ji Yuan continued to blink his eyes. “Erm. Isn’t this a little too much? I didn’t ask you to give me all these, am I right?”

Zhao Songjin smiled. “Have you forgotten that we are friends with benefits?”

When Ji Yuan heard her, he laughed. “That is right! We are friends with benefits. Haha.” By making this so obvious, Ji Yuan was sure that the other maidens would know that he had nothing to do with Zhao Songjin except for making use of each other.

However little did he know that all the maidens were already thinking that he already had a relationship with Zhao Songjin.

Xue Qianxue, Little Princess and all the other maidens were gasping with shock. Earlier before Zhao Songjin had come, they were all gossiping whether Xiang Li was telling them the truth about Zhao Songjin and that they were really friends with benefits.

Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye, Saintess Yuluo had been urguing with the other maidens that they had trusted Ji Yuan completely. It was impossible for Ji Yuan to make friends with Zhao Songjin because of any benefits and they had trusted his martial honor.

But now they too, were speechless when they had heard Ji Yuan confirming happily that he and Zhao Songjin were friends with benefits.

Everyone had an ugly countenance on them as they all assumed that the two of them were in bed together and that was why Zhao Songjin was now sending so many gifts to Ji Yuan and to everyone.

Ji Yuan who did not know that Xiang Li had accidentally told the maidens more things than she was not supposed to and had accidentally caused a misunderstanding to happen, began to laugh. “So what does everyone thinks about this?”

Ling Feiyue folded her arms and said coolly. “I feel like killing you.”

Ji Yuan: ???

Zhao Songjin lowered her head as she said humbly. “I really hope that Qianxue will consider coming back to the Celestial Orthodox Sect. We all need you.”

“Farewell.” As she left the tent, she took a quick glance at Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan continued to smile. “Well, isn’t this good news? My Qianxue is finally back as the head of the Celestial Orthodox Sect…”

But Xue Qianxue had suddenly interrupted him. “I need to think over it first. But first, let me ask you. Why did you bed Zhao Songjin for? So you have killed Yin Wei now? And got her hands in marriage?”

“Yea!” All the maidens were asking him one by one.

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes: ???

What is going on?

The mood seems so weird?!

Don’t they want to hear my epic fight with Yin Wei?

Xiang Li chuckled as she suggested. “Maybe they only want to hear your epic bed fight with Maiden Songjin?”

Ji Yuan: …

“Xiang Li, I’ve suddenly realized something. Did you say anything wrong to them while I was not around?”

“Never Big Brother! I follow exactly what you have said!” Xiang Li pointed out proudly.

“Did you say I was in bed with Zhao Songjin or not?”

“Never! Of course I won’t. Did you?” Xiang Li asked him back curiously.

“Of course not!” Ji Yuan protested. He was now looking extremely confused.

Ji Yuan turned to the maidens and said with a perplexed look. “You can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words. I have never bedded Zhao Songjin. Who told you so?”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess said aloud at the same time. “Xiang Li did!”

Xiang Li: ???

Ji Yuan was startled. “Xiang Li did?! What did she say?”

“She says that you and Zhao Songjin are friends with benefits!”

Ji Yuan suddenly asked. “How did this link with erm…bedding Zhao Songjin?”

Then he turned to say in his soul sea. “Xiang Li, can you come out to explain?”

“Xiang Li?”

No response…

She had fallen asleep at this time?!

“Xiang Li? Are you there?”

“Look! Even Xiang Li doesn’t want to defend you!” all the maidens were saying at the same time.

Actually Xiang Li had suddenly sensed that she may have made a blunder and was too scared to come out. So she could only mutter. “Big Brother, sorry!”

Although Xiang Li did not know what was happening but she could sense the furies of the seven maidens that were demanding for an explanation.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly as he tried to fend off some of the maidens who were now throwing him punches and kicks. Some of them were actually pretty good with their unarmed combat and they were also saints and great saints.

Although he was painful from their attacks but he really dared not fight back because they were all his precious consorts and future consorts. He could only bitterly protested himself.

But when he saw that he no longer explain himself due to all the maidens demanding answers at the same time, he gave a loud shout. “WHO SAYS I HAVE BEDDED ZHAO SONGJIN?!!”

“Ji Yuan…you have shouted at us…”

“How mean…”

“You have raised your voice…”

“Are you going to beat us next?”

Ji Yuan: …

“I swear by my soul sea that beside the seven of you, I have not bedded anyone else. Erm…except Wuwu and Baiyue. How about it?”

Ji Yuan was now smiling now. He had finally sworn by his soul sea. They should be convinced by now.

Suddenly all the maidens were quiet and many were muttering;


“We’ve wrong Ji Yuan?”

“Are we too petty to jump to conclusion?”

“We are terribly sorry for wronging Ji Yuan…”

“I told you we should trust our lord here…”

Many of the maidens were suddenly guilty…

Just as Ji Yuan was once again looking conceited that he had solved such a tricky situation, Little Princess said coldly. “Then what about you and Ling Tianshui?”

Bai Qianfeng added coolly. “We know all about you and Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui. If he can lie about his soul sea with her then how do we know that you are not lying about Zhao Songjin?”

Ji Yuan was stunned.

CRAP! He had totally forgotten about Ling Tianshui…

Ling Feiyue was startled as she stared at Ji Yuan. “You are the man that my aunt is dating?! How can it be you?”

Ji Yuan panicky tried to explain. “Wait, wait! Please hear my explanations!”

“What is there to be explained about? Maybe he has even banged that Shui Xisi!”

“And…even Xiang Li!”

“STOP!” Ji Yuan shouted. “This is getting too ridiculous! Don’t involve Xiang Li and Xisi into this. I really have nothing to do with them! Are you trying to say that I will be involved with Shui Qingqing next?! You might as well say I’m involved with Han Yuchi too…”

There was a sudden chuckle from outside the tent. “Hey, do you know who I am? I am Envoy Sisi, a friend of your Dark Lord Ji Yuan! And also a friend of your Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. Why should I be kept waiting? I have brought my Palace Mistress Shui Qingqing here too! Hurry and get out of my way!”

Ji Yuan almost banged his head on the wall but the tent cover was too soft to be called a wall. “Why did you have to come at this timing…”

“Ji Yuan! You got a lot of explaining to do!” Ling Feiyue said angrily.

Ji Yuan only consolation was that Ling Feiyue’s voice was never loud and always gentle. Therefore although her tone was fierce but she could not be considered a tigress.

Saintess Yuluo smiled weakly to the other maidens. “Actually can we don’t be too harsh on him?”

Outside, Shui Xisi was shouting jovially. “Ji Yuan, where are you? I’ve brought some pills for you. Have you forgotten that we are friends with benefits too? Hehe…”

All the maidens, including Saintess Yuluo rolled their eyes; they had all heard Shui Sisi loud and clear.

Ji Yuan stared blankly at everyone. “This isn’t really what you are all thinking. Trust me…” The ‘trust me’ was too forced when he was trying to say it loud.

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