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Chapter 202: Prelude to the Trials of the Labyrinth (1)

Days quickly passed by and there were more and more cultivators from all parts of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity that had shown up in the many settlements below the imposing Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth that was making a slow descend.

Finally the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had stopped descending and all the cultivators were now growing even more excitingly; it was because in three more days, the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth would finally be opened!

The newly arrived cultivators to the settlements were astonished that they were suddenly seeing an impossible sight; half of the men around were actually beardless and they were even quite proud of it!

“What the heck?”

“The world must be ending…”

“Why are there so many men walking around without a beard?!”

“They are not even golden celestials…”

“What?! They shaved off their beards?!”

The cultivators were now split into the bearded and the beardless groups as they quarreled daily against one another.

The beardless group was of course led by the Great Hero Ji Yuan and his supporters. In a short while time, Ji Yuan’s supporters were now in the majority group while the anti-Ji Yuan camp was now less than 30%.

Thanks to the influx of the thousands of cultivators that were coming daily, the bearded group managed to maintain around 30%.

However each day, more and more cultivators began to join the beardless camp.

“Fellow Daoist! Why did you join the beardless camp? I can’t believe that you will join the beardless camp. You used to have the most beautiful beard…”

“You know. There are more beautiful maidens over the beardless camp. That is why I am joining it. After I join the beardless side, the maidens are finally talking to me. Haha…”

“She finally talk to me after I have shaved off my ugly beard. Ji Yuan is right. Being beardless sure makes you more handsome…”

“After I have shaved off my beard, I actually have a breakthrough…”

“I already feel my profound power is stronger than ever before after I have shaved my beard…”

“I’ve become more alert after I have become beardless…”

“My woman is now praising me endlessly after I’ve shaved off my beard…”

“I can’t stand being bearded anymore. Every day, there are always a group of maidens that are constantly laughing at my ugly beard…”

“What is going on here?”

Under great pressure from everyone, more and more bearded cultivators began to shave off their beards or they would risk getting ridiculed to no ends.

“Are you saying Great Hero Ji Yuan is wrong?”

“How dare you insult Great Hero Ji Yuan!”

“What? This Great Hero Ji Yuan, isn’t he the Sword Demon Ji Yuan?”

“Isn’t Ji Yuan a wanted cultivator?”

“Why are everyone suddenly worshipping him like he is a cult leader?!”

“Many of the beardless cultivators are orthodox cultivators…”

Ji Yuan of course, was not aware of what was going on as he was too busy in his own camp; he was banging all his loving maidens and was enjoying himself in their company.

He did not know whether he would return or even some of his dearest consorts would return from the brutal trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth so they were all trying their best to be in each other company.

Although the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth were treacherous, few cultivators would want to miss out an opportunity to enter inside because this was an immortal level trial. If they manage to survive it, it would be helpful to their ascension in the future and they would be able to bring back immortal treasures to the Celestial Realm to benefit the celestial cultivators.

At the same time, they will be meeting the cultivators from the other celestial fraternities to forge alliances and to trade for cultivation secrets.

And of course, it is to prove to the other cultivators from the other celestial fraternities that the Desolate Celestial Fraternity is the best celestial fraternity in the Celestial Ream.

However for the first few days Ji Yuan was in great shock while he was in his beloved maidens’ company; all the maidens had become white tigers.

“What the heck!” He was in complete disbelief.

“Ji Yuan, didn’t you say this is a blessing?”

Ji Yuan mutterered, “I did but this is…”

Xiang Li was drooling nonstop. “They are even more beautiful now!…”

Shui Qingqing had been going to the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect on an almost daily basis, mostly to chat with Ji Yuan and the other maidens. They were all starting to treat her as though she was their sister.

Finally today she quietly pulled Little Princess to one side and said anxiously. “Little Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Little Princess was perplexed. “Why are you sorry? Did you do anything wrong?”

Shui Qingqing shook her head as she returned a deep sigh. “I didn’t tell you that Zhao Songjin is my sister…”

But as soon as she had said that, Little Princess was laughing. “So I see.”

“You’re not surprised? You are not blaming me for hiding my identity from you?”

Little Princess smiled. “Actually all of us can see that you bear a close resemblance to Zhao Songjin. Because you have never told us, we didn’t probe you on this.”

Shui Qingqing bit her lips. “I had heard of what my sister had done in the past. I’m truly sorry. I hope that I can make amends for my sister…”

“No need.” Little Princess interrupted quietly as she shook her head. “She is only acting under my orders to be a mole in the Celestial Orthodox Sect. If Sister Qianxue can forgive me for being the mastermind behind Zhao Songjin’s deeds, I should forgive Songjin for betraying me as well. After all, she isn’t even the mastermind behind her actions. She is only acting under my Brother Yin Wei’s orders.”

Then she heaved a deep sigh. “I had heard from Ji Yuan when he was drunk and he got a slip of tongue that Songjin’s mother is actually Han Yuchi. She must be feeling very terrible now because she had been misled into acting against her mother and betraying her mother’s sect. She is actually quite pitiful.”

“Really? You will forgive her?” Shui Qingqing was gasping softly.

Little Princess nodded as she smiled mesmerizingly. “Yes. Anyway, I may not return back from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth so what is the point of carrying this hatred in my heart? Moreover I may yet meet Zhao Songjin inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and it is better to have an ally than an enemy inside…”

“Actually…” Little Princess held Shui Qingqing’s hands. “In the past, I had regarded Songjin as my close aide and a sister. I was just quite saddened that she had betrayed my trust in her.”

Shui Qingqing was touched and her eyes were bleary. “Thank you Little Princess…I help my sister and mother to thank you as well…”

Little Princess asked gently. “You like Ji Yuan, am I right?”

Shui Qingqing nodded but there was a sad tone in her voice. “But he has never taken a second look at me.”

Little Princess smiled. “Give him more time and also give yourself some time to know him more. He is under a lot of pressure. He never shows his anxiety to us but I can sense it. He doesn’t want to hurt you for sure. I hope that you can understand this.”

Shui Qingqing quietly averted her eyes before saying. “I would rather that he would try to hurt me at least once…”

Little Princess coolly said. “Don’t tell him I’m the one that told you this. If you want him to notice you, you got to touch his heart first.”

“Touch his heart?” Shui Qingqing asked curiously, not understanding.

“He is an oaf and an unromantic cultivator. But once his heart is opened to you, he will be the most sentimental and romantic cultivator. If you can’t touch his heart then you are nothing but a beautiful vase in his eyes and he will simply ignore you.”

Shui Qingqing was quietly muttering. “Touch his heart? How do I accomplish that?”

Little Princess chuckled softly. “I’m afraid that I can’t teach you. Every maiden has their own tricks. It depends on your own charms.”

“My own charm?” Shui Qingqing was muttering slowly.

In the secret base of the Evil Cultivation Palace;

The Evil Cultivation Master, the Sagess Alyssa and the Goddess Mei were kneeling politely in front of a dark shroud curtain.

Behind this dark shroud curtain, a shadowy figure was seen stroking his long beard and he was patiently sampling from a wine cup.

“This wine isn’t bad. It’s no wonder why it is so popular.”

Although this shadowy figure was taking his own sweet time but no one dared to disturb him from doing so.

Finally he said in an old and hoarse voice. “Sagess Mei. Well done. The Super Metamorph Project is a great success in your hands and I am interested in your great work. Yin Wei is now stronger than even a peaked great saint.”

The Goddess Mei humbly said. “It is my pleasure to serve the Great Demon God.”

“You have done quite a few meritocracy services for me all this while. It is time for me to reward you. You shall be promoted to a goddess now.” The shadowy figure said nonchalantly.

The Evil Cultivation Master had turned pale. “Great Demon God, do consider carefully…”

“There is nothing to think about.” The Great Demon God had suddenly raised his finger and the Evil Cultivation Master was suddenly yelling with great agony!

In that instant, the Evil Cultivation Master had grown even older and there was a powerful animus around the Sagess Mei!

The Evil Cultivation Master looked hatefully at the Sagess Mei as his vitality was used to enpower her into becoming a Goddess!

The Sagess Alyssa had a look of envious in her eyes as she smiled forcefully. “Congrats sister. You are a goddess now. I should address you as the Goddess Mei in the future.”

The Goddess Mei was delighted and she was giggling. “Thank you, Great Demon God!”

The Evil Cultivation Master was wriggling in pain on the ground and his wrinkled old skin was even older now. “Great Master! You have promised me eternal life!”

The Great Demon God said coolly. “You’re just my vassal in the Celestial Realm. Didn’t I give you two desolate immortals to help you? But you have failed me. Didn’t I warn you not to touch Little Princess? I can close my eyes to your schemes but disobedience to my instructions has a heavy price to pay for.”

The Evil Cultivation Master was now stammering weakly. “Please forgive me. This is really a mistake…”

“That is only because you’re only too eager to get back your vitality. Do you really think that I do not know about your little schemes?” The Great Demon God said coldly.

The Evil Cultivation Master kept quiet as he clenched his teeth…

The Great Demon God flashed a divine sword in front of the Goddess Mei. “From now onward, you shall now be the lead commander of my desolate armies. This immortal-step divine sword is my reward to you. Use it wisely as your token of power.”

The Goddess Mei was delighted as she flashed the sword in front of the Evil Cultivation Master. “Hehe, thank you great master!”

After containing her delights, she asked. “Great Demon God, what will be your next instruction be?”

The Great Demon God smirked coldly. “Since Yin Wei is now so powerful, I shall promote him to be my commander.”

The Evil Cultivation Master was shocked. “That will be the same rank as me…”

“Be thankful that you are still my commander.” The Great Demon God interrupted.

The Evil Cultivation Master humbly replied with great fear. “Yes, yes…”

The Great Demon God raised his cup high up and chuckled softly. “Soon the Ancient Fortress will descend onto the Celestial Realm and this realm shall be my realm. The sun of the Celestial Realm is really such a beautiful thing compared to the sunless Desolate Realm…”

He waved his fingers as he said. “I am a just True God, the Great Demon God of the Desolate Realm. Serve me well and perhaps I can reward you to become the great goddesses and gods. All desolate immortals have to bow before me. Fail me and I shall remove you like a puny ant.”

The Evil Cultivation Master quickly fearfully said. “Yes, yes…”

The Goddess Mei turned to the Evil Cultivation Master as she gleefully laughed. “Well, you are now my former master and I’m your master now. I know that you can’t leave this place to retrieve Little Princess. Why don’t you have a little talk with my new commander Yin Wei instead? Perhaps he can help you.”

The Evil Cultivation Master: …

The Sagess Alyssa smiled as she raised her voice to say. “Shall we recruit the Abyssal Null Goddess to our cause?”

The Great Demon God frowned at the mention of the Abyssal Null Goddess. “She is a strong goddess. One of the very few that can hold against the Great Goddess Alice. If she is willing to join our cause then I can promote her to a great goddess.”

The Goddess Mei gasped. Great Goddess is above her and that will mean that the Abyssal Null Goddess will be the lead commander.

The Evil Cultivation Master was trembling. Then he would be drained even further and perhaps would even lose his life…

“She doesn’t know about my existence yet. Go and tell her that the Great Demon God Hong Meng awaits her to join my new desolate army. Tell her, I can’t take no for a reply.”

The Sagess Alyssa smiled coldly. “Alright.”

The Goddess Mei and the Evil Cultivation Master looked hatefully at the Sagess Alyssa. It was obvious that she was trying to screw them.

The Great Demon God had suddenly turned his head to a quiet sentinel. “Is everything done yet?”

“It is done.” The quiet sentinel smirked coldly.


The Goddess Mei, the Evil Cultivation Master and the Sagess Alyssa were all stunned. They did not realized that there was someone else here as well!

It was only when the shadow had talked, did they realize that there was someone else here!

The Great Demon God Hong Meng smiled. “I am always accompanied by my two protectors. They are Great Gods.”

Once again, the Goddess Mei, the Evil Cultivation Master and the Sagess Alyssa were shocked. There was yet another person here and they did not realize it. They were even more startled when they had realized that the two secret protectors were actually great gods!

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