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Chapter 206: Into the Labyrinth (2)

Yin Wei was laughing heartily now. He had fooled Ji Yuan into expending his most powerful sword art.

If he had been struck by Ji Yuan while he was diverting his profound strength to his attacks, his profound defenses may not be able to tank the full profound power of Ji Yuan’s attack.

But at the same time, he knew that Ji Yuan would not be so foolish into expending his precious profound attack in a random attack. He obviously knew that Ji Yuan is always quite calculative when he is in a fight.

But he had an advantage that Ji Yuan did not know and that was his super metamorph form that could triple his profound defenses.

After experiencing Ji Yuan’s Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon in the last battle, he knew the peak of his profound power. Even though Ji Yuan could kill an epic metamorph monster with his most powerful profound sword art but Yin Wei had calculated that if he could focus all his profound strength into his profound aura and defensive profound art, he would be able to tank Ji Yuan’s full attack.

But the problem was he had to trick Ji Yuan somehow by baiting him.

So he had to act dumb in front of Ji Yuan.                                                     

An opportunist like Ji Yuan would hardly give up a chance to beat him and he was proven right.

When Yin Wei was in full defensive, his profound defense was three times better than he was at previously!

His new body and new profound strength was able to resist Ji Yuan’s super killing technique completely!

And this time round, he was proven right!

Now it was his turn to perform!

Almost immediately after he had tanked Ji Yuan’s attack, he had flashed forward with his sword to deliver forward a powerful profound sword attack that was aimed at Ji Yuan.

Yin Wei’s profound sword attack was not at its peak because he needed time to switch his profound energies into his offensive profound attack.

Similarly Ji Yuan’s attack was on the full offensive previously and his defensive strength was now at his weakest.

Therefore with a quick hit, Ji Yuan was sent flying all the way backward even though he had swiftly blocked the attack.

Just as Yin Wei was about to flash against Ji Yuan, he was blocked by the swords of Little Princess and Ling Feiyue!

But as soon as they had crossed swords with Yin Wei, they too were gasping as they were sent flying back to where Ji Yuan was.

Ji Yuan had a sniff of their fragrances and he was groaning with shock. “How come the two of you have the same scents as them…”

He really had a sharp nose and he had suddenly realized that they were not illusions because illusions are not able to duplicate any scents.

Ling Feiyue giggled sweetly as she readied a defensive stance. “That is because we are your consorts!”

“My lord Ji Yuan! You are too overtly cautious!” Little Princess laughed softly.

Ji Yuan: …

“Feiyue, why are you here. You’re not supposed to be here…”

Yin Wei had flashed in their midst and he was swinging his sword, causing a ring of profound energies to burst out around them and scattering them. It was obvious that Yin Wei was rapidly regaining his offensive profound strength and his attacks were getting more and more powerful.

“I will explain later! Fight first…” All of a sudden Ling Feiyue gasped aloud as Yin Wei had wounded her on the shoulder, causing her to fly backward.

Little Princess and Ji Yuan immediately flashed to engage Yin Wei, intercepting him from harassing Ling Feiyue.

But they too, were sent flying backward by the explosive sword strokes from Yin Wei.

As they struggled to stand, the two of them had coughed out golden blood and they could barely stand!

Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Ling Feiyue were staring in disbelief…

Yin Wei was now stronger than any peaked great saint!

They could not even engage him without getting overpowered by him…

What was going on?

How did Yin Wei become such a monster…

Yin Wei laughed. “I have Ji Yuan to thanks for my powerful form today. None of you can outrun me or hide for me. I am just so surprise that you will be the first that I will actually meet in the trial. Heavens must really be so kind to me. Haha!”

“You’re nothing but a freaking monster now!” Ji Yuan spat as he readied his sword stance. As he encircled to his position, he was signaling with his fingers that he put on his back to Ling Feiyue…

Ji Yuan said in a low voice to Little Princess. “My dear, will you distract Yin Wei for a little while?”

Little Princess nodded as she immediately flashed to Yin Wei with her divine sword raised high!

“Ji Yuan! You are so lame as to ask a maiden to fight your battles for you!” Yin Wei mocked him.

In just a blink of an eye, Little Princess was sent stumbling backward; it was because Yin Wei was simply too strong and she was forced to disengage almost immediately.

As Yin Wei returned his attention to Ji Yuan, he was quite amused to see that Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue were both holding hands together.

By now Yin Wei had almost regained his full profound strength and he would be able to use his most powerful sword art.

He was quite amused and mocked them, “So the two of you have decided to perish together…”

All of a sudden both the divine swords of Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue were both glowing with white brilliant profound energies as they raised their voices. “Retribution of the Profound Heavenly Light, Flying Coiling Dragon Sword…”

Both the sword spirits of Ling Feiyue and Ji Yuan were glowing brightly at the same time and all of a sudden, an extremely bright animus in a form of a long white beam that was energized by encircling sword energies had suddenly flashed out of the profound energies of their swords to create a speculator sight.

Yin Wei was startled. Immediately he could sense that this profound power was unusual and even more formidable than Ji Yuan’s Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon!

“What the hell is this shit?!…”

His first instinct was to gather back his profound strength to his defensive profound aura and to evade this attack!

As he was not standing at point blank in their line of sight, he was totally sure that he could evade the incoming profound attack.

Therefore he had started to take evasive action.

But to his startled astonishment, the white beam had quickly expanded into many times bigger than it should be and he was hit by the circling sword energies that were actually more powerful than it looked before the white beam of light struck him and causing his body to explode violently!

When Yin Wei’s body exploded right before his eyes, he could not believe what was happening.

He was capable of regenerating his wounds and damages quickly but why was he unable to withstand this weird attack that looked like but was even more formidable than Ji Yuan’s Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon?!

But he soon got his answer.

Ji Yuan inhaled heavily as he said nonchalantly. “This is our combined sword art, the Ultrapowerful Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon. I’ve bet that you have never seen anything like this before.”

The Ultrapowerful Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon is actually much more powerful than the version that Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue had used previously. It was because Ji Yuan’s had since evolved his Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon to new heights into the Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon.”

He had decided to add an Ultrapowerful in front of the combined profound art that Ling Feiyue and he had created.

Ling Feiyue inhaled softly, exhausted from all her profound strength by their combined profound art. The combined sword art had taken a toll on her as its profound power was too much for her to handle and she could only use it only once.

When Ji Yuan’s profound strength and his coiling dragon had improved, the drain on her profound strength had since grown even greater. Moreover, Ji Yuan had evolved their combined sword art into the Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon. Therefore the drain to her profound strength was really unimaginable!

Little Princess could not believe such a powerful profound art could actually exist. This was more like a miracle profound art!

Ji Yuan turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a soft chuckle. “Since you are capable of using our combined profound art, I’m now convinced that you are real now. Why are you here?”

“Of course I am real! I’m not explaining to you because you have doubts over me earlier. Didn’t you say you know your women very well, clothes or no clothes?” Ling Feiyue giggled softly.

Ji Yuan: …

Xiang Li chuckled. “Big Brother, I’ve already told you that they are real! But you don’t believe me! I know your women more than you!”

“Shut up in my soul sea. You are just an extra.”

Xiang Li: …

Little Princess had a bewildered look as she walked quietly to Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue before she turned to Ling Feiyue to ask with a more perplexed look.

“Earlier when I saw you using Ji Yuan’s Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon, I was wondering how you could learn his unique sword art when both your profound foundations are so completely different. Now I finally understand that this is your combined sword art. How on earth did you manage to merge two completely different sword arts together into a new sword art?”

It was extremely difficult to create a new combine profound art. Usually hundreds of years and even thousands of years of polishing would be required by thousands of cultivators over the years to perfect a new combine profound art in order to create a new profound art.

And it was almost unheard of two cultivators from two completely different background to create a new profound art together. In order to do, their compatibility must be close to perfect.

Ling Feiyue chuckled gleefully. “That is because we have been together for the past four lifetimes!”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes as he smiled bitterly. That is Xiang Li’s lies…

Little Princess was still looking stunned.

She had been with Ji Yuan and Ling Feiyue for such a long time and she had never expected that they would have such a powerful trump card together. As they were the originators of this new combined profound art, this profound art of theirs would continue to improve as they improved as well.

The only apparent weakness of their combined profound art was that it seemed to be extremely draining on the side of Ling Feiyue and that it could only be used once.

Just as she was about to ask more, Yin Wei’s broken body was suddenly regenerating at a terrifying speed in front of them and instead of Yin Wei, it was forming into a gigantic long necked armor metamorph beast with eight arms and legs!

Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Ling Feiyue were stunned when their divine sense felt the profound power of this monster…

Yin Wei had suddenly become an epic eight rank metamorph monster!

“Do you really think that you can kill me? This must be your last trump card and this is my trump card! Hahaha!” Yin Wei was laughing maddening. “Today I will cut you all into pieces! All of you must have depleted all your profound strength by now. Hahaha…”

Ji Yuan sighed heavily…

“Xiang Li, this time I really need your help. Can you help me?” He asked in his soul sea.

Xiang Li chuckled weakly. “Do you want me to throw a punch at him? I doubt it will help you know.” But she had suddenly turned solemn. “But I won’t leave you alone. Xiang Li will die along with my Big Brother!”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes and he was frowning. “Who says I’m going to die?”

But he quickly said. “I need you to use your one and only power on me. Hurry!”

Xiang Li frowned. “I am completely useless. Do I have any power?”

“Aren’t you the most awesome and useless spirit entity that can only enhance the entities of the others but not yourself?” Ji Yuan reminded her.

“Oh that! I’ve almost completely forgotten about that useless part of mine.” Xiang Li chuckled.

“Well, you can enhance my sword spirit for my final fight.” Ji Yuan reminded her. “I have a sword spirit now, you know.”

“Oh yea!” Xiang Li chuckled.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan’s forehead was glowing brilliantly and his immortal-step divine sword was now surrounded by a strong white animus.

All the onlookers including Yin Wei was startled. It was because Ji Yuan’s sword was now radiating strongly with profound power!

Yin Wei roared with mocking laughter as his body continued to regenerate and he was now growing formidable armor plates on his armor. “What is the point of strengthening your profound power on your sword? You have no profound strength to enhance your profound sword arts! Don’t tell me, you want to practice hacking at me to see if it works?”

Ji Yuan purposely hesitated for a while as he stared at Yin Wei’s terrifying new form that was forming in front of him.

Then with a slow swing of his sword, he muttered as his divine sword turned white with profound energies. “No, this will work.”

In the next blink of an eye, he had released his Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon and a white light had imploded over the gigantic Yin Wei and completely obliterated him in the next instant!

He had done it slowly because Yin Wei was now in his most vulnerable state as he had to direct all his profound energies into regenerating himself. In Ji Yuan’s eyes, Yin Wei was already dead.

This time round Yin Wei was truly dead and he could not believe that he would actually be slain by Ji Yuan. When he had died, he had finally remembered how the assassin leader of the Black Hand Guild was killed by Ji Yuan in the past and he was totally clueless about how he had died; how could a sixth realm cultivator killed a saint cultivator like him?

Little Princess and Ling Feiyue were startled that Ji Yuan actually still had his profound strength!

They were muttering. “This is impossible…”

Ji Yuan inhaled deeply, this time completely exhausted. “I still have two more trump cards. One is Xiang Li and the other one is my profound strength…”

When Ji Yuan was battling the epic eighth rank metamorph monster, he had put on an exaggerated act that he could only use his most powerful profound art only twice because he knew that there were so many onlookers around and he never liked to tell anyone about his trump cards.

Using his most powerful profound sword art two times will exhaust his profound strength but will not completely exhaust him because he is a sword energies cultivator with astonishing profound energies recovery. His profound energies recovery is faster than most cultivators, enabling him to perform multiple profound sword arts at the same time.

The fact that his Super Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon which depended heavily on the speed of his profound energies recovery was not impeded, already gave a hint of his startling profound energies recovery rate.

Plus he had already completed his Natural Instinct and his rate of recovery is faster than most cultivators.

Also he had just swallowed a sixth rank divine pill that Ling Feiyue had forced him to swallow to strengthen his spiritual sea.

Due to the effect of the Ambrosia Divine Profound Pill that was still affecting him, he could even forcefully used his most powerful profound art a fourth time if he was desperate enough.

Although his recovery rate would be affected by the levels of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth but it was not limiting him more than the others. So when Yin Wei had mocked at him for not knowing that he was not able to drawn upon his profound strength as fast as previously, Ji Yuan had pretended to play dumb to lure him into complacency.

“You’re the one that assume that I can only use my strongest profound attack only twice, not me. Darn you. You have forced me to reveal my trump cards…” Ji Yuan cursed the dead Yin Wei.

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