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Chapter 210: Prelude to the First Trial (2)

Ji Yuan and his party had quickly dodged the herds of roaming desolate beasts that were in the savanna. They had to move cautiously despite that the grasses were taller than them because there were simply too many of these desolate beasts.

Every time the winds change its direction, Ji Yuan would frown. “If these desolate beasts pick up our scents, it must be because of the four of you.”

The four maidens were looking quite sheepish at one another.

He had not once but several times said to Shui Xisi. “You look totally fine without any makeup. Why are you applying makeup for?”

Shui Xisi: …

“We are taking a trial here. Why are the four of you grooming for? Are you trying to get the attention of the others?”

Everyone could tell that Ji Yuan was in a dark mood.

As Ji Yuan led them to the entrance of the valley where the trial was, the four maidens began to whisper to one another. “What is wrong with Ji Yuan? Did he eat the wrong medicine? He doesn’t sound too happy…”

“Is it because I had consumed tens of thousands of high grade spirit stones to replenish my profound strength and he is angry with me?” Ling Feiyue asked timidly.

“But he didn’t say a word when you are using it.” Shui Xisi pointed out. “And he is also using tens of thousands as well.”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly. “He did say I am a wastrel in a low voice…”

“I’ve got an idea.” Little Princess said with a soft chuckle. “Watch me.”

Little Princess giggled softly before she moved forward to rub Ji Yuan with her body. “My lord Ji Yuan, are you alright? You don’t look too happy.”

Ji Yuan turned to look at Little Princess with a soft frown. “Of course I am alright. Do you think that it is easy being the defender of our group? I have to do so many things.”

Little Princess whispered shyly. “I know you are doing a lot of things. When you are less busy, shall we?”

Immediately Ji Yuan was spirited as he laughed. “I am totally fine. Haha. Why would I be unhappy?” He had caught Little Princess’ hint immediately.

When Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng saw Ji Yuan suddenly had a change in his expressions, they rolled their eyes immediately and they too were rushing forward to rub their bodies against him. “My lord, you are our great lord and we fear that you’ve been too hardworking…”

They immediately knew what he was lacking; Ji Yuan needs their attentions.

Ji Yuan laughed aloud. “Haha, not at all…”

Little Princess was quietly winking at Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng; now they know what to do in the future.

Shui Xisi stomped her foot as she cursed silently. “I just know it. All men are lecherous!”

Ji Yuan’s mood had indeed improved greatly afterward.

“Just leave the desolate beasts to me. Haha.”

“Scents? No problem at all! I will make the desolate beasts eat shit! Haha…”

Soon they were at the entrance of the valley and they saw several cultivators.

There were dozens of cultivators that were already at the entrance and they were all studying a cliff that was in front of them. Next to the cliff, were several moving profound flames that were continuous shooting from the ground and blocking the entrance of the valley.

When the cultivators saw Ji Yuan and his group approaching, they were quite startled; it was because they were all alone where else this seemed to be a group of five.

These cultivators were all over the Celestial Realm and they barely know one another. In fact, they were all trying to avoid one another lest they accidentally stepped on one another’s toes.

Most of them were even quite civil as they studied the inscriptions on the cliffs together and they all avoided looking at one another.

However Ji Yuan and his group were just too glancing; the group was bigger than any of the cultivators presented and the cultivators were checking if they were a threat. At the same time, the four maidens that were with Ji Yuan were really too beautiful and many of the cultivators were all gasping, even the female cultivators.

All the cultivators that were from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity had all recognized Ji Yuan. It was because he was too renowned lately; from killing Saintess Yuluo to becoming a Great Hero that slayed an epic eighth rank metamorph monster.

Ji Yuan immediately approached the nearest bearded cultivator as he recognized his distinctive beard that was a tell sign that he was from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. “Brother, you’re from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity? Am I right?”

The reason why Ji Yuan had approached him was because he had wanted to obtain some free information about the trial.

The beard cultivator smiled weakly. He was actually a saint cultivator but he was smiling weakly in the presence of Ji Yuan. “I am…”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Haha. It is so good to see someone from my celestial fraternity here. Which celestial clan are you from?”

The bearded cultivator did not dare to lie to Ji Yuan so he replied nervously. “Mystic Profound Pavilion…”

Ji Yuan raised his eyebrows and frowned softly. “Isn’t that Jin Yilong’s celestial clan? Is he in the trial as well?”

The bearded cultivator replied nervously. “Yes…yes…he is taking his trial as well…” When he saw that Ji Yuan had raised his eyebrows, he was extremely nervous.

“Oh well. Wish him good luck and wish me good luck as well. Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed as he gave the bearded cultivator a hearty pat before he grinned back. “And you as well. And what is your name?”

The bearded saint cultivator immediately said. “I am just a lowly cultivator that isn’t worth mentioning…”

He quickly bowed respectfully with his hands and said politely. “This trial is a little hard for me. I think I will go elsewhere.”

With that he had quickly exited the valley.

Ji Yuan: ???

The bearded saint cultivator quickly flashed out of the valley and after making sure that he was not being followed by Ji Yuan, he heaved a soft sigh.

He had broken into cold sweat. “I am so lucky to escape with my life…”

He had received a secret grey card and inside the grey card was his secret mission from his sect master; kill Ji Yuan at all costs!

The bearded saint cultivator was muttering silently. “Sect Master Jin Tianzong must be joking with me. Even though I am a saint but Ji Yuan is a great saint now. He has an immortal-step divine sword too and he is also with Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue…she is also a great saintess. This secret mission is a total suicide mission…”

“Even Jian Lindong with all his profound treasures can’t even defeat Ji Yuan…I am merely a lowly saint cultivator…in front of Ji Yuan, I dare not even call myself a golden saint…”

“I just pretended that I have never seen Ji Yuan before…I don’t want to be public enemy…killing or attacking Ji Yuan will make me the number one public enemy in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity…how can I cultivate in peace in the future then?”

While he was saying that, several cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity had also left the valley hastily; they too had a secret mission and that was to kill Ji Yuan. But they had an even more personal secret mission that was unknown to their own sect masters and that was to avoid Ji Yuan at all costs.

“I have never met Ji Yuan…”

“I am only here to take my trial and to find profound treasures…”

Even if a great saint power cultivator were to encounter Ji Yuan, he would be thinking of avoiding Ji Yuan as well. It was because the immortal-step sword in Ji Yuan’s hand may be able to negate their advantage plus Ji Yuan now had a sword spirit that could strengthen his sword’s profound power.

Even a great saintess like Saintess Fang Zhenfei and several great saints that were grouped together could not kill an epic eighth rank metamorph monster but Ji Yuan was able to do so, on his own. Therefore even a great saint would find it wiser to avoid confrontation with Ji Yuan.

It did not matter if Ji Yuan’s most powerful sword profound art was easy to evade for most of the saint cultivators. The point was, they had to avoid taking the risk.

Also, Ji Yuan was a renowned Great Hero of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity now as declared by Diviner Mo Ming. Therefore it was wiser to be in Ji Yuan’s good books.

Therefore all the cultivators that had received the grey card to kill Ji Yuan were all quietly quitting the valley as though they had never seen Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan was frowning when he saw that a few cultivators were leaving all of a sudden. He thought. “Is this trial really so difficult? It is only a level 1 trial…”

But he did not have the chance to think further when he was suddenly mobbed by several cultivators, both men and women from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. “Great Hero Ji Yuan, you are also here? We are so glad to have a chance to meet you in person!”

Where there were enemies from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, there were also friends.

“Haha.” Ji Yuan laughed. “I just happen to be here. Please continue with your trials.”

All the cultivators from the other celestial fraternities were startled by the commotions as they stared at Ji Yuan.

“What is going on?”

“They seem to be from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. I recognize their signature beards…”

“But some of the men including that handsome cultivator are beardless…”

“Is he famous?”

“Why are they greeting him as though he is someone famous?”

“He must a high level cultivator or from one of the more famous major celestial clan…”

“Actually he is quite handsome…”

“The four maidens that are behind him are all great beauties as well…”

“How come he is in a group?”

“Maybe he is lucky to find some friends?”

“It seems that he is so popular that it is quite easy for him to find a group faster than anyone of us…”

“Are you sure that he is from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity? They look down on beardless cultivator…”

“Only a bearded cultivator from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity is to be respected there. That’s what I have heard…”

“Who is this guy?”

Ji Yuan patted the last of the cultivators that had surrounded him. “Thank you for the greetings. I need to focus on the trials now. Haha. Wish you all good luck!”

Ling Feiyue muttered to the other three maidens. “Ji Yuan is so famous now. Did you see the looks of adulations that are from the other maidens? They are literally throwing themselves at him.”

Shui Xisi cursed softly. “Yea! They are too shameless!”

Little Princess giggled. “If they are shameless then what about you? I can’t remember that you have a relationship with our lord.”

Shui Xisi blinked her eyes before she laughed weakly. “I am his enemy and I am feeling unjust for the three of you.”

Little Princess, Ling Feiyue, Bai Qianfeng: …

“What are you doing over there for? Come and take a look!” Ji Yuan frowned when he saw that the four maidens were still standing at the entrance of the valley and did not make a move to the cliff where the inscriptions were.

Only when Ji Yuan had called them, did they make a move toward the inscriptions on the cliff.

But Ji Yuan was also approached by a beautiful maiden who looked shyly at him and she was saying to him. “Are you from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity?”

Ji Yuan did not want to lie to the beautiful maiden so he replied. “That’s right.”

The beautiful maiden slowly nodded before she smiled. “You seem to be really popular with many. I’m from the Nine Celestial Fraternity and I’m Leng Qiuyue. Do you know of a cultivator by the name of Lu Qingyun? He is also from the Nine Celestial Fraternity.”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chins before he replied slowly, “I do know one and he is with a maiden by the name of Fan Yuqing.”

Leng Qiuyue was excited immediately. “Then do you know if he will be here as well?”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “I actually do not know. I didn’t ask him. But I guess that he will be here?”

Leng Qiuyue averted her eyes with a soft sigh before she walked away. “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yuan smiled.

“Who is this beautiful maiden?” Ling Feiyue asked as soon as she was next to him.

“Yea. Who is she? You look so friendly toward her.” Little Princess hummed.

Ji Yuan frowned. “She is looking for my Brother Lu Qingyun actually.”

Ling Feiyue and Little Princess were startled. “She is a friend of Lu Qingyun?”

Ji Yuan shrugged his shoulder and replied. “I think so. Let’s take a look at the inscriptions first.”

He noticed that Bai Qianfeng and Shui Xisi were already reading the inscriptions and they were not bothered by the attention that he was getting.

Reading the inscriptions, Ji Yuan learnt that they were now attempting the Trial of the Heavenly Fire which guarded a tomb. The entrance of this tomb was guarded by pillars of Heavenly Fire. The inscriptions actually gave a hint on the timing of the Heavenly Fire and indicated that at a certain timing the Heavenly Fires were illusions and it was safe to cross; twenty times the fire, five blinks of an illusion.

In order to complete the Trial of the Heavenly Fire, the cultivators had to enter the tomb to reach the end point.

Other than the basic info, the inscriptions also left behind plenty of useful insights on the profound flames and a way to counter the heavenly fire using the profound defenses of the cultivators. Hence, there were many cultivators that were meditating at the cliff now in a hope to gain an insight or a breakthrough.

There were also many cultivators that were staring at the pillars of fire and were counting the pillars of fire. However they were unsure if they were right.

Ji Yuan turned his attention to the pillars of fire that were guarding the entrance of the valley. There were actually three ways to cross into the valley.

One: Do as the inscription is advising. This would mean that the cultivator must have a good eyesight and he must count quickly. Within five blinks of an eye, it would be safe to cross. Twenty times the fire would likely to mean that there should be twenty pillars of fire before it is safe to cross. The biggest drawback is, Ji Yuan cannot be sure if he is right.

Two: Project a strong profound defense and risk crossing into the valley.

Three: Skip through the pillar of fire by displaying the lightless profound art to the best ability of the cultivator.

Ji Yuan turned to the four maidens to ask them. “So, which method will you be using? And who is staying?”

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