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Chapter 211: Trial of the Heavenly Fire

All four of the maidens replied at almost the same time. “I’m taking this trial.”

Ji Yuan nodded as he said. “Be careful and don’t force yourself please. If you think you cannot handle it, quickly make a U-turn. You’re all great saintess here and probably won’t be killed so easily.”

After sketching his legs and body for a short while, Ji Yuan had walked to the pillars of heavenly fire.

His actions had immediately aroused the interests of all the cultivators who were watching the entrance keenly and they were all curious on how Ji Yuan was going to overcome the first of the many trials that was in this place.

Ji Yuan simply dashed across the random pillars heavenly fires that were continuous shooting from the ground.

In just three blinks of an eye, he had reached the other side in a triumphant move as he turned around to wink at the four maidens!

It was like he was saying; See! Beat that!

Xiang Li was praising Ji Yuan. “Big Brother, you are so impressive!”

All the cultivators that were watching were all gasping with shock; most of them had never seen anyone with such superb lightless profound skill. Most cultivators would rather train themselves in power cultivation than the useless lightless profound arts which may not bring them any insignificant benefit except for running away.

Little Princess and Shui Xisi were gasping too. Ji Yuan’s lightless profound skill was really too impressive…

He had barely even sweat as he dashed through the heavenly fires!

Bai Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue were aware of Ji Yuan’s astonishing swiftness and lightless profound skill so they were not surprised by him.

Ling Feiyue was the second one to move through the pillars of heavenly fires and like Ji Yuan, she had completely evaded the pillars of heavenly fires that were randomly shooting out of the ground. Her lightless profound art was even more impressive than Ji Yuan!

But only Ling Feiyue knew that Ji Yuan was not even displaying his best. She just wanted to be more impressive than him so that she could get his attention.

Ji Yuan frowned. “Do you always have to be such a show off every single time?”

Ling Feiyue giggled. “I can’t help it at all.”

All the cultivators were gasping at the sight of Ling Feiyue who crossed through the pillar of heavenly fires with much more grace than Ji Yuan and she had even beaten him by one blink of an eye to reach the other end of the valley.

Little Princess was the next to try the trial of the heavenly fires. She mustered her golden animus and she swiftly moved through the heavenly fires as though it was just child play.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes; the profound defense of the Evil Cultivation Palace was really impressive. It was no wonder that Yin Wei had such astonishing profound defense. This must be their secret sect’s divine art.

Shui Xisi was the next one to attempt the trial and she did it by swinging her whip around her. Strangely, there was a sudden burst of profound energies around her that caused all the heavenly fires to extinguish and she was soon on the other side.

Little Princess, Ji Yuan, Bai Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue were all astonished by her display as they silently thought. “What the heck is her skill?”

Shui Xisi had just displayed her Divine Exaltation Miracle Art to neutralize all the profound energies temporary. This was her secret trump card in overcoming this trial.

All the onlookers were astonished and were bewildered. This group of cultivators was all unbelievable strong and they did not even spent a lot of time to study the inscriptions!

Bai Qianfeng quietly observed the heavenly fires before she calmly walked through the heavenly fires harmlessly.

Everyone: …

“She has solved the inscriptions?”

Bai Qianfeng could use exactly the same method as what Ji Yuan, Little Princess and Shui Xisi had done to overcome the heavenly fires but she had chosen to beat it by following exactly what the inscriptions had hinted.

The reason why there were so many cultivators that were meditating in front of the cliff was because the inscriptions offered a clue on how to beat the heavenly fire and many of the cultivators were meditating to gain the insight.

Most of the cultivators presented were only fifth realm golden celestials therefore they did not have high profound recovery, formidable profound defenses or trained as hard as Ji Yuan to develop his lightless profound art to such speed and evasion. Therefore they could only patiently studied the inscriptions.

The benefits to solving the inscriptions were also immerse and that was why there were also many golden celestials that were of the six and seventh realm studying the inscriptions; if they could gain a valuable insight, their cultivation would be able to increase and this would also increase the chance of their future breakthrough.

But for Ji Yuan, Ling Feiyue and Shui Xisi, they did not want to waste days, weeks and even months of their time to comprehend the dao behind the inscriptions as they were already great saints and saintesses.

As Bai Qianfeng is an immortal, she had understood the inscriptions instantly and she had chosen to play by its rules.

Ji Yuan asked her with a weak smile. “You have managed to crack the inscriptions? I have thought that you can only manage to overcome the heavenly fires only if you can count twenty columns of heavenly fires.”

Bai Qianfeng immediately giggled with amusement. “My lord! The twenty times means that you have to use your divine sense to gauge the temperature of the first heavenly fire by twenty times then you can cross safety. It has nothing to do with counting the number of heavenly fires!”

When many of the cultivators who were secretly eavesdropping on them had heard Bai Qianfeng, they were secretly delighted. So that was how the trial can be overcome!

They had all caught the hint immediately. They had to use their divine sense to gauge the first heavenly fire and then find the heavenly fire that was twenty times stronger. Once their divine sense could sense it then it would mean that it was now safe to cross for a short period of time, not lasting more than five blinks of an eye.

A cultivator nearby was clearly overjoyed. It was because he often took months to unravel the insight of a trial. Even though he is a golden supremacy but he was always struck in the first level. Finally he had a chance to enter the second level!

Ji Yuan returned a sheepish look to Bai Qianfeng as he laughed. “Haha. I didn’t know. I should have asked you first.”

Bai Qianfeng chuckled as she pressed her body on him. “So my lord, can I be the leader?”

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes before he said in a low voice. “If you can satisfy me…”

“Shameless!…” Bai Qianfeng walked off immediately.

Ji Yuan muttered after her. “It isn’t like we’re not together. Are we still dating?”

Qianfeng was just being shy that was all. After all, Shui Xisi was also in their party so she did not dare to flirt with Ji Yuan too much.

Unknown to Ji Yuan and the rest, actually Ji Yuan was actually right in his first guess. It was because the inscriptions were just a red herring to confuse the cultivators from their perceptions. Sometimes it was easier than it had looked!

Ji Yuan saw that there were dozens of footprints on the ground ahead of them.

“We are not the first…” he muttered.

The stronger cultivators would have already cleared this simple trial by now. After all they had taken three days of rest to cultivate back their profound strength after the fight with Yin Wei.

As they moved into the valley, Ji Yuan was exchanging romantic glances with all four of the maidens who were all looking with a blissful look at him; they were taking the trials together and they were all excited.

Even though they had a tiny hiccup along the way due to their headstrong behavior but this was understandable; they were all leaders of their own sects or a lofty figure in their fraternity. That was why they all felt that they would make the better leader.

At the same time, they were all actually trying to impress one another…

Xiang Li saw their quiet and loving exchanges with their eyes so she chuckled loudly. “Don’t forget about me as well!”

Ji Yuan felt very blissful that he had four beautiful maidens to accompany him for the trials. It was as though he was not taking a trial but was on his honeymoon…

Ling Feiyue was quietly holding onto Ji Yuan and she was looking up to him with her gentle eyes. She felt extremely blissful that she was taking the same trial as Ji Yuan again but yet at the same time, she felt a little sad that Qianxue had missed the trial. She would really love to have Qianxue who was her best friend to join her…

Little Princess was quietly looking at Ji Yuan. She could not believe that their romantic mishaps had spanned a full three centuries. They had so many missed opportunities. In the past when the Evil Cultivation Palace had sought to seek trouble for Ji Yuan, she had intervened continuously. At one point, she was even discovered by Ji Yuan for following him and he had even misunderstood that she was sending the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace after him.

But now she was really glad in her heart; they were now finally together.

Ji Yuan actually had a very sharp nose. He always knew when Little Princess had come to visit him in the past because he could sniff her perfume fragrance and he was extremely phobia of her. That was why he had developed insomnia eventually.

Little Princess whispered to Ji Yuan with a seductive look, “My lord, remember your promise to me!”

Ji Yuan: ???

Bai Qianxue was holding onto Ji Yuan other arm and she was cuddling tightly to him as though she was still his nine-tail spirit fox. She wished that she was his pillow and that he would hug her to bed. She had really missed the times when she had disliked Ji Yuan to no ends because he was too insufferable and she had even suspected that he did it on purpose to her.

She muttered. “My lord…”

Shui Xisi may be the odd one out so she walked in front. But Ji Yuan’s eyes were continuously looking at her butt and he was sighing. “Her butt is as beautiful as Jiajia…”

Xiang Li saw what Ji Yuan was looking at and she was smiling in his soul sea. “Yeah! Beautiful butt!”

Shui Xisi was quiet. She was really happy to be in the same trial as Ji Yuan. Until now, she could not believe that she could meet Ji Yuan so fast. She was actually looking quite dejected as she entered the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth so much that she did not even want to bid Ji Yuan one last farewell.

What the point of biding him farewell and good luck when they had so little chance to even meet each other in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? Maybe he would get himself killed next.

Although she was quiet, her heart was full of warmth for Ji Yuan…

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