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Chapter 212: That’s how Sword Saints are made

The settlement camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect;

Just before dawn, five thousands cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace had suddenly launched a surprise attack on the settlement camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

These cultivators were all the middle and the high ranking cultivators, representing almost the entirety of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Second Citadel Lord Yin Xiong and Sagess Alyssa were the two main leaders that were leading the attacks. Among the cultivators were many sons and daughters of Yin Xiong and Yin Wei.

They had only one objective and that was to seize Xue Qianxue.

An attack on the settlement was never easy because there were a few hundred celestials clans that were presented.

However, most of the major orthodox clans and even one major unorthodox clan had their cultivation experts out on a hunting trip below the desolate mists.

Therefore the fierce fighters of the Evil Cultivation Palace had quickly stormed its way to the campsite of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

There were not enough cultivation experts to stop the Evil Cultivation Palace that were leading five hundred golden celestials to the attack.

The celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are divided into major, lesser and minor celestial clans.

Most of the golden celestials are actually concentrated by the major celestial clans and a single major celestial clan can have as many as a thousand golden celestials or more. Although saints are rare but they are quite common place among the major celestial clans. It is because their mountains are rich with spiritual auras and their territories are also vast.

A place like the Five Heavens Peaks rarely has a single saint cultivator and Ji Yuan is the first in many thousands of years. Even though the Emperor Hall Sect is considered the strongest power in the Five Heavens Peaks now but it is actually considered to be only a minor celestial clan; it cannot even be considered as a lesser celestial clan in the eyes of the majority of the golden celestials!

If one is to ask most of the saint cultivators where is the Five Heavens Peaks, most will have no answers. It is because in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, there are tens of thousands of celestial clans and the majorities are nameless celestial clans.

Half of the golden celestials in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are concentrated among the major celestial clans like the seven major orthodox clans, five major unorthodox clans, the Mo Clan, the three heretic palaces and among some others.

Another one third is concentrated in the lesser celestial clans and finally the rest are distributed among the minor celestial clans.

It is actually quite common place in the Five Heavens Peak to have a sect master that is not even a golden celestial!

To the majority of the cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, golden supremacies are already a lofty existence and they are often quite haughty being one as well. At least until they screwed themselves by meeting with a saint.

However the golden supremacies of the lesser and minor celestial clans often play smart and they have two common rules to follow:

One: They dare not be haughty if they see any protégés from the major celestial clans even if they are not a golden celestial.

Two: Behave properly when in the trade cities where the major celestial clans have their presence.

In the places where no birds will lay its eggs and where the major celestial clans would not come, the golden celestials of the lesser and minor celestial clans were the gods of the cultivators.

Usually the major celestial clans will not be bothered by them because their mountains are too poor and lacking in celestial resources.

Ji Yuan was one such golden supremacy in the past. Even though he had entered the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords and received the sword saint domain to become a Sword Saint but in the eyes of the major celestial clans, he was merely a cultivator that got lucky.

In the world of cultivation, it is all about resources and not about luck. You can get lucky one or twice but you cannot be lucky forever.

But back to the focus of the attack, the hundreds of celestial cultivators were to scare to stop the Evil Cultivator Palace from attacking the settlement and they were all heading like an unstoppable wave into the Spirit Blue Moon Sect!

There were at least 7 great saints and 40 saints from the side of the Evil Cultivation Palace!

They had their intel prepared already; there were only four great saints in the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect; Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Ling Tianshui and Chen Yi.

As for saints, there were only 6 in the camp. The Spirit Blue Moon Sect had actually brought only 100 golden celestials here and half of the numbers were now in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

The onslaughter that was led by Yin Xiong was extremely swift and soon the five thousands cultivators were already storming into the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Yin Xiong shouted to his cultivators. “Find Xue Qianxue! Dead or alive, I want her body!”

As his thousands of cultivators stormed into the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, dozens of golden celestials had come into view immediately.

They were Jiajia and her saints, Han Yuchi, Zhao Songjin and their protectors from the Celestial Orthodox Sect, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Shangguan Yan, Xue Qianxue, Ling Tianshui, Chen Yi, Great Saint Jian Kang, Saint Jian Lindong, Saintess Jian Yuluo and their protectors from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor, Shen Qin and his protectors from the Astonishing Sword Manor.

Dozens of great saints and saints had immediately joined the battle, startling Yin Xiong who had a shocked expression. “How come there are so many cultivation experts in the camp of the Spirit Blue Moon Spirit Sect?!”

The cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were shocked to see so many high level cultivators from several major orthodox celestial clans that were presented.

Although the number of cultivators on the side of the Evil Cultivation Palace far outnumbered their foes but the golden celestials on the side of their foes were in greater number.

They just could not believe that there were more than twenty great saints and more than eighty saints that were now coming to confront them.

Saintess Yuluo and Fairy Ye Chengxi were dashing like whirlwinds into the hordes of enemy cultivators and they were greatly feared.

Even though Saintess Yuluo had not regained her full profound strength but her sword was just too fast and deadly that she simply rippled through her targets like paper.

Similarly even Fairy Ye Chengxi was creating havocs with her sword energies sword strokes but she was using it at point blank and it was extremely devastating.

Hua Wuwu said to Hua Baiyue. “How come we never know Fairy Ye Chengxi can fight so well? Her fighting style is completely different from Ji Yuan. Ji Yuan always uses his sword energies at a distance and risks weakening his sword energies but Fairy Ye Chengxi is different. She is using her sword energies at point blank and delivering devastating attacks at her foes.”

“Cos Ji Yuan isn’t as good as Fairy Ye Chengxi.” Hua Baiyue chuckled softly.

Jiajia said with a quiet smile, “Ji Yuan, he is just playing tricks on his opponents. He is just trying to lure you into melee with him.”

“Huh?” Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue expressed a startled look at their mistress.

“His great advantage isn’t in confronting his opponents at a range but in a melee because that is where he is at his strongest.” Jiajia replied quietly. “Or else he won’t be a sword saint.”

Saintess Yuluo was now displaying her sword arts. Whether it was her speed, profound power or reflexes, she was like an unstoppable force. In a blink of an eye, two saint cultivators were cut down by her.

Many of the cultivators on both sides were startled by Saintess Yuluo’s fierce attacks that they could not believe that she was not even a great saintess yet.

“Isn’t she Sword Saintess Yuluo?”

“I’ve heard that she is unwell…but it looks like her profound strength isn’t affected…”

Many of the cultivators actually did not know what went on inside the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords. They only know that that the trial inside the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords are extremely difficult to overcome and even the power cultivators will actually perish inside.

And the sword saints do not talk of their experiences inside and they were extremely secretive about it.

There are many rumors of the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords but only one thing is really confirmed about it, the entire place is surrounded by deadly traps that can even kill a saint cultivator instantly.

Those that survived to be sword saints and saintess have extremely quick reflexes and quick thinking or have exceptional survival instinct. If they are not quick enough then they would be dead inside the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords.

And the sword stances of Sword Saintess Yuluo are three times as fast as a normal sword cultivator but the most important aspect of her sword stance is that her reaction is twice as fast as her opponents and her perception to change sword stance mid-way is also twice as agile as her opponents. And she had combined her speed to create an implosion amount of raw profound to support her.

Moreover Saintess Yuluo is also a raw power cultivator that have strong internal profound art and external profound power art to augment her profound power.

When sword strokes are accelerated by speed, it creates an additional layer of profound power without the need to muster more profound strength. That is why her explosive strokes startled many of the cultivators as they had thought that she was already a great saintess.

This creates a unique fighting style that is from Saintess Yuluo.

As for Fairy Ye Chengxi, her reaction and speed is similar to Saintess Yuluo. After all, she is also a survivor of the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords. As Fairy Ye Chengxi is not as ruthless in her sword strokes as rebuked by Ji Yuan many times but her slashing strokes are very beautiful, aimed at wounding and slashing her opponents without killing them.

And her slashing strokes did not have any weakness because she is equally quick to withdraw to display another slash at the same time.

Like Ji Yuan, she is not a power cultivator or a profound defense cultivator, therefore most of her profound strength is used to recharge her profound strength into her next attack, rather than maximizing her full profound power into a single fatal attack.

Even then, most of the same realm level golden supremacies find it hard to pin her down or to overcome her with their superior profound power; it is because Fairy Ye Chengxi is simply too heavenly to behold and it is as though they are watching a dancer that is fluttering around them. She is simply too distracting!

And moreover like Saintess Yuluo, because her sword strokes are too swift that they cannot even see the blade so they are forced to divert part of their mental concentration to their divine sense in order to gauge her attack direction.

Once their mental focus is diverted, it is difficult for them to display their profound arts to its full profound power unless they are willing to spend time to cultivate their mental focus like Ji Yuan. However, most are unwilling to do so because everyone believes that they have strong concentrations and it hurt their pride to practice an intricate formula to buff up their mental fortitude.

To many, this is considered to be a weakness. If you are not sick, why go to the physician?

Moreover, the sixth realm level is considered the spirit level where the cultivator’s divine sense can be cultivated as though it is second nature to them and not much mental energies will be needed to display their divine sense at multiple targets at the same time.

But what is Fairy Ye Chengxi’s unique sword style?

It is actually her unique ability to observe everyone with her divine sense at the same time. She is a keen observer. Now that she has broken through to the sixth realm spirit level, her divine sense is as sharp as most saintess and even some great saints.

But that is only comparable to a few targets but for Fairy Ye Chengxi, she can literally observe all her opponents with the swing of her sword because as she slashes against them, she is also subtly feeling their profound power and direction of attack.

When she is only a fifth realm golden celestial, it is still difficult for her to defeat the stronger sixth realm golden celestials, especially those that have spirit entities to support them.

But now that she is a sixth realm golden supremacy, most of the same realm golden supremacies are not comparable to her anymore and she is even stronger than most initial saints now even though she is still only an initial sixth realm golden supremacy.

Of course Fairy Ye Chengxi fighting style do have a weakness and that is that she cannot maintain her profound strength if her opponents are persistent in wearing her down. But most men will be willing to force her to that stage since her strokes are not ruthless enough and are only focus on maiming her opponents.

But of course, this only applies to golden celestials. Cultivators lower than the fifth realm please do not try; they would be instant kill by Fairy Ye Chengxi if she displays her attacking stance to the best.

Hua Wuwu muttered, “How come I feel that Ji Yuan is so weak compared to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Saintess Yuluo?”

Hua Baiyue nodded. “I feel that anyone can go and try to kick him down. Maybe he isn’t as ruthless as Saintess Yuluo or has an evasion that is better than Fairy Ye Chengxi. Did you see how Fairy Ye Chengxi evades all the attacks? It is as though she has eyes on her back.”

Jiajia chuckled softly. “Ji Yuan always goes for instant kill. If he feels that he can’t kill his opponent, he will bid his time like a gladiator. He is an extremely patience cultivator and he is also willing to take hits to lull his opponents into a false sense of superiority so that he can maximum his hits to the greatest impact. That is why he can kill saints when he is only a golden supremacy.”

“Yea. He is probably trying to kill Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue a hundred years by going for his breakthrough because they are middle tier saintess.” Hua Wuwu chuckled.

Jiajia replied with a soft chuckle. “He is probably only thinking of preserving his own life against them. After all, they have no real feuds and moreover he isn’t that petty or else he won’t be called a gentleman of the sword.”

Actually Ji Yuan was called a gentleman of the sword not because he was soft toward the ladies but because he had the title of the most beautiful bearded cultivators and he had many maidens that are his fan girls. However no matter how beautiful these maidens are, Ji Yuan shown no interest in them and hence he is known as the gentleman of the sword.

Unknown to his fan girls, Ji Yuan had a bad experience in the past with Little Princess and he did not want his cultivation partner to know about his shame with Little Princess.

That was why after Ji Yuan had cleared his misunderstandings with Little Princess, his dark blemish in his soul sea had been removed and he even had a minor breakthrough. Without that dark blemish, his spiritual sea is clearer and his profound energies are able to flow even smoother than before.

Hua Baiyue teased her mistress. “I think our mistress is in love with Ji Yuan now. She keeps singing his praises nonstop.”

Jiajia rolled her eyes before she smiled weakly. “Why are you chatting here? Why don’t you hurry and help them?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled. “It is almost over…”

It was the truth.

Yin Xiong had been surrounded by the four great saints of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and he was killed despite the best efforts of Sagess Alyssa to save him.

The Sagess Alyssa had displayed a golden binding animus as she fled from the ambush.

Jiajia gasped softly. “She has already formed the golden core and the spirit core? This Sagess Alyssa is definitely not an ordinary peaked cultivator…”

In a short while, almost all the five thousand cultivators were either dead, wounded, surrendered or fled from the ambush.

They had all won a resounding victory over the Evil Cultivation Palace and everyone was now cheering maddeningly!

Han Yuchi and Zhao Songjin were weeping joyfully as they embraced each other; they had almost disable the entire forces of the Evil Cultivation Palace today and had almost avenged their dishonor. This battle was also their personal victory…

But Jiajia was quiet and Hua Wuwu saw it. “What is wrong, mistress?”

Jiajia melancholy said. “Somehow I got an uneasy feeling over this.”

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue: ???

Jiajia added quietly. “It is all too easy.”

Hua Wuwu chuckled. “What is wrong with that? Today they have lost big time!”

Jiajia shook her head with a perplexed countenance. “It is like there are two leaderships in the Evil Cultivation Palace. One very cunning and one that is leaving clues for us to pick. I feel that things are not as simple as this.”

Hua Baiyue laughed. “No one will use so many lives to make a point and it is a foolish point!”

“Except for immortals; they have no emotion attachments.” Jiajia quietly said.

In the Five Heavens Peaks;

A couple was quietly sitting and leaning against each other; they were Ji Hao and Jin Yuyun.

Ji Hao was sighing heavily. He had heard that his father had somehow survived the duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace but he was now suddenly the head of the unorthodox cultivators and was now the number one public enemy in the orthodox fraternity.

“Yuyun, do you regret being with me? We are now staying in this poor mountain and in the future, our cultivation will surely be affected. We may not even become a saint and even a golden supremacy while we are here.”

Jin Yuyun gently shook her head with a gentle smile, “No, I’ve never regret it. So be it then if we can’t advance in our cultivation. There is more to life than cultivation.”

The reason why Ji Hao had asked her if she regrets her decision to be with him was because Jin Yuyun was actually the only heiress to the richest celestial clan in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

With the cultivation resources of the Mystic Profound Pavilion, Jin Yuyun can easily become a saintess in the future. After all she is actually quite young by celestial standard and she did not have any bad habits that can impede her cultivation growth unlike her father Jin Yilong.

“I’m only too glad to be with you. This is my honest thoughts.” Jin Yuyun said. “This is the home of my mother too…”

Her mother had chosen to be with Jin Yilong so that she could enjoy the cultivation resources of the Mystic Profound Pavilion and to break the cycle of poverty.

But Jin Yuyun is completely different from her mother; she on the other hand has given up her heiress position to the richest celestial clan in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity so that she can be with Ji Hao. She did not even tell her father and grandfather that she is still alive to this day. And they had assumed that she was killed on that fateful day alongside with Saintess Yuluo.

“You are making too great a sacrifice for me. I am unworthy of your love…” Ji Hao muttered.

“No, you are worthy of me. ” Jin Yuyun smiled. “And you have won my respect too. You have given your position as the scion of the Profound Heaven Sword Manor to follow your father and now you have lost your chance to be a saint in the future.”

Ji Hao weakly said. “My father is the real hero. He can even become a saint in these poor mountains. I’m unworthy to even carry his legacy. Even though all the orthodox cultivars may treat my father as the number one public enemy now but he will forever be the great hero in my heart.”

“You are the great hero in my heart…” Jin Yuyun muttered. “We will work hard together to make our own name for ourselves. So what if we are from the Five heavens Peaks?”

Ji Hao nodded. “When Fairy Ye returns from her breakthrough, I will plead to her to train me as a sword saint like my great father. No matter how tedious, how hellish and how impossible it is going to take me, I will aim for that one goal so that I can one day clear my father’s name…I will shave my beard from now onward. This is my greatest tribute to my great father…”

Jin Yuyun lifted her eyes to meet Ji Hao. “I like you even if you have no beards….” But she was secretly thinking. “Better no beards than beards…beards are ugly…”

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