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Chapter 215: The Mysterious Tomb (2)

When the deep voice from nowhere had suddenly echoed in the cavern, it rattled Ji Yuan and his group.

But Ji Yuan was even more startled because he had suddenly realized that he was holding Sisi in his arms in front of Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng.

As a matter of fact, even Shui Xisi had suddenly realized that she had been crying in Ji Yuan’s embrace and she was flushing all of a sudden.

Ji Yuan quickly said to the other maidens. “It isn’t what you think…”

“Yea…” Shui Xisi muttered out.

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng rolled their eyes. It was precisely what they had thought and they obviously know that the two of them were just pretending. After all Little Princess and Bai Qianfeng had already caught them red-handed when they were tailing Ji Yuan but they were pretending not to know.

As for Ling Feiyue, she was not too dumb to see that Ji Yuan was looking at Shui Xisi all the time and moreover Shui Xisi’s beauty was just too astonishing. Since Ji Yuan is not a eunuch or a monk, he would not be immune to Sisi’s mesmerizing charms.

But their thoughts were quickly interrupted by the deep voice again. “Who dares to disturb my rest and do you dare to take my immortal challenge.”

Ji Yuan immediately took the opportunity to shout back so that he could ease his awkwardness and at the same time released his hold on Shui Xisi. “I dare! Who is afraid of who? And who are you?”

“I am the immortal spirit of this place. Who I am isn’t important anymore. This is but a remnant of my original soul. As you can see, there are three caves here but you can only choose one.” The deep voice echoed loudly.

All of a sudden there was a blue portal that had suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Alternatively, you may choose to exit this trial.” The deep voice said.

Ji Yuan asked. “If we choose to exit this trial then we will fail the trial?”

The deep voice laughed. “No. You can pass the trial as long as one of you is able to enter one of the caves here.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan laughed. “Then we can all choose to exit the trial…”

“But if none of you can enter one of the caves here then all of you shall count as failing the trial here.” The deep voice laughed.

Ji Yuan: …

The rest of the maidens: …

“However one of you can’t take the cave trial because she is an immortal. You know who you are.” The deep voice added.

Bai Qianfeng: …

Ji Yuan took a look at Qianfeng before he laughed weakly. “Alright then. This sounds easy enough. All I need to do is to walk into one of the caves am I right? Haha.”

The deep voice laughed. “Not so easy. You have to ask me personally first if you are qualified first before you can enter the cave.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“Then how do we enter the caves then?” Ji Yuan was now frowning. This immortal spirit seemed to have a weird sense of humor.

“I can stay here to observe?” Bai Qianfeng asked quietly.

“You may choose to wait here to observe, goddess.” The deep voice said.

Bai Qianfeng looked a little startled. This demised immortal spirit even know her immortal title. She hummed softly before she raised her voice. “Alright. Then how do my companions enter these three caves?”

The deep voice laughed. “Naturally you have to pass my trial to qualify for it. There are three caves here. The first cave is the cave of soul. You have to have a pure soul to enter this cave…”

Ji Yuan interrupted with a loud laughter. “I have a very pure soul. Haha.”

Xiang Li muttered in his soul sea. “I can’t be sure…”

The deep voice continued. “The second cave requires the spirit of the cultivator to be pure while the third cave is for the dead.”

Ji Yuan frowned immediately. “How does the dead take the trial?”

The deep voice answered. “If none of you can pass the cave of the soul and the cave of the spirit then the third cave will be for you.”

Everyone: …

Ji Yuan frowned unhappily. “Then I better take the blue portal…”

“That is for the immortal companion that is with you. None of you can pass through this blue portal unless one of you can pass the trial.” The deep voice laughed coldly. “So who will step forward first?”

Bai Qianfeng immediately said to her group. “Don’t fall into his tricks. This tomb is actually huge and there are other immortal spirits. If I’m not wrong, each of the immortal spirits is able to set their own trials. If we are unsure then we can always backtrack to take the other passages…”

But Ling Feiyue had already stepped forward as she raised her voice with a grin. “I may not have a pure soul but I’m sure that my spirit is extremely pure. Let me advance into the cave of the spirit…”

“Your spirit does not meet my requirement. You’ve failed.” The deep voice thundered.

“What?” Ling Feiyue was stunned. “How is it possible?!”

She turned around to look at the rest of her group as she stammered. “I…my spirit is really pure…”

“Let me take the test!” Shui Xisi had flashed forward with a soft giggle. “I’ve actually formed my spirit core. Therefore my spirit will be able to meet his expectations.”

When she had said that she had formed her spirit core, Ji Yuan and the others were all startled as they thought at the same time; Sisi has already formed her spirit core? She has a copy of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art?

Bai Qianfeng muttered. “If she is that person’s daughter than it is not a surprise.”

Shui Xisi laughed. “So how is it? Did I pass?”

“You do not meet my expectations too.” The deep voice answered.

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

Shui Xisi: …

“Your turn.” Ling Feiyue whispered to Little Princess.

“Don’t look at me. If the two of you can’t even meet his expectations, I can’t pass as well.” Little Princess shrugged her shoulders as she took a peek at the entrance where they had come from and was suddenly startled that it had disappeared now!

This was not lost on the rest as Bai Qianfeng said weakly. “The minute that you have decided to take the trial, your fate is sealed.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue knew that she had screwed up and she panicky said to Ji Yuan. “MY lord, you have the purest soul. Why don’t you try?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “You know what. I am now under a lot of stress now. All of a sudden, I am not so sure of the pureness of my soul anymore.”

But nevertheless he had stepped forward as he unsheathed his immortal-step divine sword. “I don’t care about your trials. If you dare to touch any of my women then you have to first step over my dead body first…”

“Your spirit is very pure. You have passed my test and are qualified to enter the first cave.” The deep voice thundered with a loud laugh.

Ji Yuan was startled. “My spirit is pure? Not my soul?” He could not believe what he was hearing…

“Your soul is pure as well! This is a real surprise!” The deep voice laughed thunderously. “Finally I have found you. You are indeed one in a million.”

Ji Yuan was also laughing heartily. “Of course my soul is pure. So I am qualified to enter both caves? So both my spirit and soul are pure at the same time. Haha.”

As he laughed, he purposely laughed in front of the three maidens and they were speechless that none of them had passed a single trial.

Little Princess cursed softly. “This immortal spirit must be a gay for sure…”

“He is gay.” Shui Xisi cursed too.

“He is also blinded.” Ling Feiyue hummed coldly.

Ji Yuan laughed their comments off as he asked. “So which cave should I pick then since both my spirit and soul are both pure at the same time? The first or the second?”

“None.” The deep voice said. “You can now pick the third cave to enter.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“You want me to pick the cave of death?” Ji Yuan frowned immediately.

The deep voice laughed thunderously, causing the entire cave to shake with his echoes and the winds to blow even fiercer. “You may pick the third cave. Because you are the one in a million, the cave of death has now become the cave of life.”

“The cave of life?” Ji Yuan was perplexed.

“You may enter the third cave now while the rest of your companions can wait here for you.” The deep voice said.

Bai Qianfeng said quietly. “He isn’t lying. My lord, you may have stumbled upon something good. Quickly go in to have a look!”

Ji Yuan laughed jovially. “Is it? Haha. Then I will be back quickly.”

As he said that, he had flashed to the third cave.

Ling Feiyue stomped her boot hard. “I can’t believe that Ji Yuan is pure in spirit as well! Hmph! I have no issue with his pure soul but I am contesting his pure spirit part!”

Shui Xisi shook her head. “Me too.”

“This stupid immortal spirit must really be blinded.” Little Princess commented with a weak sigh.

“He has a high state of divinity with his spirit. His spirit is strong and he never gives up easily. The rest of you are inferior to him, even the goddess that is here.” The deep voice echoed deeply.

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Immediately Little Princess, Ling Feiyue and Bai Qianfeng cursed softly at the same time. “It must be his stupid Undying Fighting Spirit…”

The three maidens were only partial right. Ji Yuan had always focused on his fighting spirit and his mental fortitude; he actually valued the useless spirit profound arts over the powerful external and internal profound arts.

The Evil Cultivation Palace;

The Evil Cultivation Master was now looking hatefully at the Goddess Mei and the Sagess Alyssa now but in the presence of the Great Demon God, he did not dare to make his intentions known.

But the Great Demon God said behind his dark shrouded curtains. “Yin Tianxing. You seem to have something to say? Why don’t you bottom up your heart?”

The Evil Cultivation Master hesitated for a while before he said coldly. “Almost all my protégés are either dead or captured now. My son Yin Xiong is now dead, including ten of my patriarch clan. I may be a desolate immortal but you know how hard it is for me to have a direct line…”

“Your direct line is given to me. Do you think that with your vitality, you will have any children?” The Great Demon God interrupted coldly.

The Evil Cultivation Master bowed his head; this was the truth. The Great Demon God had given him an immortal treasure to ensure that he had a seed or two when he had first established the Evil Cultivation Palace. Yin Wei and Yin Xiong are both his sons but it was only through the use of the now dead immortal treasure that he was able to have any children.

“You don’t have any sentiments toward your children or clan because you are a heartless desolate immortal.” The Great Demon God added. “You only want to know why and you think that you ought to be compensated for your sacrifices.”

This time the Evil Cultivation Master trembled. It was because this was actually the true reason why he had a look of dissent. Ever since the Goddess Mei had been promoted to lead commander over the desolate army, he was really unhappy and had cursed her in his heart daily.

He said with trembling lips. “I really dare not…”

“I didn’t ask you to attack the settlement. You did. You want to obtain Xue Qianxue to reverse your aging and your prime body. Now that your attacks had failed, why are you so upset with the Goddess Mei? She didn’t do anything to cause you to make such a terrible loss, right?” The Great Demon God coolly said as he took a sip of wine.

The Evil Cultivation Master answered. “She did not warn me that there is an ambush in the camp. Surely with her resources, she can certainly warn our troops!”

“I am the one that had asked her not to warn you.” The Great Demon God coolly said.

The Evil Cultivation Master: …

“What is the meaning of this?” He was literally speechless!

“It is time for us to disband the Evil Cultivation Palace. Our cover had now been blown and our enemies are suspecting our existences. Therefore I have to sacrifice the pawn now.” The Great Demon God coolly said as he lifted a pawn forward.

Of course the Great Demon God did not tell Yin Tianxing that while his forces had attacked the settlement, he had made use of him to launch an attack on the secret base of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

To the Great Demon God, this was a worthwhile exchange.

The Evil Cultivation Master stammered with a stunned look. “We’re disbanding the Evil Cultivation Palace?”

The Great Demon Lord nodded lightly as he raised his wine cup to cheer someone. “The next phase of our deployment can finally move forward now. There is no need of any proxies anymore.”

“The next phase?” The Evil Cultivation Master was shocked. “That day has finally come?”

The Goddess Mei chuckled. “Yes the next phase. That day has indeed arrived!”

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