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Chapter 217: Trial of the Water (1)

When Ji Yuan had returned to the cavern, he was grinning to Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi and Bai Qianfeng.

He had a triumphant smile and he was laughing nonstop.

“What did you receive as your trial reward?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

“Yea? What did you obtain?” All the other maidens were asking at the same time, including Bai Qianfeng.

Ji Yuan laughed aloud. “I’m now a peaked great saint now. Hoho…”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Ling Feiyue shook her head. “Ji Yuan, you have advanced too rapidly for the past two years. This isn’t too good for you. You have literally advance from an initial saint to a peaked great saint in under two years. There will be repercussions.”

Ji Yuan laughed it off. “But I didn’t advance for the past one hundred years.”

“Yea. Ji Yuan is slow in his cultivation…”

“His cultivation speed is like a tortoise…”

“He isn’t a genius at all…”

“Totally agree…it may because he didn’t advance for a long time…”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he frowned; why is that I got a feeling that they are actually goading over my slow cultivation rather than cheering for newly attained new cultivation heights?

He was actually right.

They were all cultivators and the maidens were all competing with one another as well. Since Ji Yuan had advanced the fastest, he was naturally the focus of their dissent.

These maidens used to have a cultivation level that was once higher than Ji Yuan but now that Ji Yuan had reached the peaked great saint realm level, they were feeling a little inferior to Ji Yuan now.

Ling Feiyue was muttering softly against Ji Yuan but in her heart she was actually glad for him. She was the one that had given him the sixth rank divine pill of course.

She was not the only maidens that were glad for Ji Yuan. All the other maidens were also glad for Ji Yuan.

The main reasons why they were muttering against Ji Yuan was to remind him that he was not so great just to check his pride in check. The truth was, they feel extremely glad that he was able to advance so fast but of course, they were all too shy to admit to him that they were actually very proud of him.

Therefore they could only tease him in this manner.

As they entered the blue portal together and exited the tomb, the deep voice sighed. “This great beyond goddess is so young and is still a child at heart. I hope that you don’t corrupt her…”

Xiang Li maturity cannot be measured by tens, hundreds or even thousands of years. Her maturity is actually measured in the millions of years because it took her tens of millions to grow up. That was why she is still learning and comprehending her surroundings. This is something that most cultivators and even immortals will have difficulty understanding because Xiang Li is a true goddess.

Ji Yuan and his group soon found themselves along a lake that was surrounded by beautiful mountains. It was as though the mountains were rising from the lake itself.

Ji Yuan rolled his eyes. “Darn old man. Of all places, you have to send me to a place with a lake…”

“Don’t tell me you can’t swim?” Ling Feiyue laughed softly.

Ji Yuan answered courageously. “Of course I can swim! I love swimming best! Haha.”

All the other maidens giggled softly as they whispered together. “I bet he doesn’t know how to swim…Sister Yan’Er says he can’t swim…”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan: …

“It isn’t because I can’t swim. It just that I dislike getting myself wet.” He immediately protested with a soft laugh.

Bai Qianfeng suddenly said. “What is that?”

All of a sudden there was a thick mist appearing over the lake and a ghastly ship could be seen floating over the horizon.

Little Princess said quietly. “It seems to be coming in our direction.”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin as he said. “What? Isn’t that great? Just when I am thinking of swimming across the lake, a ship will actually approach us. Aren’t we a little too lucky?”

Ling Feiyue said quietly. “Don’t let down your guard. This may not necessary be a good thing.”

Shui Xisi nodded. “I agree with Sister Feiyue here.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “When did my Feiyue become your Sister Feiyue?”

Shui Xisi flushed shyly as she gave Ji Yuan a soft kick. “We are on the same side now. My Sister Feifei is their sister so naturally I am also their sister too.”

Ji Yuan laughed, not realizing that Shui Xisi was giving him a cold stare as though she was saying; stop teasing me or else they will know that we are together…

Little Princess said warily. “I have an uneasy feeling about that ship…”

As the group looked warily at the ghastly ship, it had slowly approached the bank of the lake.

The ghastly ship looked worn and Ji Yuan wondered if it may sink at any time.

As the ship approached the bank, they could see a dark robe cultivator.

This dark robe cultivator had an eerie look and their divine senses detected no profound animus from him. It was as though this dark robe cultivator was a corpse and not a living entity.

The dark robe cultivator said in an eerie voice. “Come aboard on the ship to the trial island. If not either you can swim to the trial island or set off for another trial. But if you want to board this ship then you have to show me whether you are worthy enough to be able to jump on the ship deck first.”

Ji Yuan saw that the ship and the lake bank indeed required the cultivators to have a reasonable expertise with their lightless profound art or else they would not be able to make the difficult jump.

“Well, girls?”

All four maidens returned a light nod or answered. “I have no issue making the jump…it isn’t too difficult.”

Ji Yuan of course had no issue making the jump himself so he laughed. “Since you are all willing to take the challenge to the trial island, I have no objections either. So why don’t we go on a little honeymoon on this ship then? Haha.”

“Let’s treat this as our honeymoon then with Ji Yuan…”


“This isn’t my honeymoon…” Shui Xisi protested weakly.

All four maidens giggled as they quickly leapt on board the ship as they displayed their beautiful lightless profound art that showed a variety of forms and grace.

Ji Yuan immediately frowned; who are they trying to impress anyway…

Compared to their lightless profound art, Ji Yuan’s lightless profound art was crude and to the point. It was because he had developed his own lightless profound art through his own hard work and forced training. Therefore his lightless profound art did not have any fanciful display.

With a gentle tiptoe, he had flashed on board the ship.

But when he had landed on the ship deck, he saw that there were dozens of cultivators that were staring at him and his group; it seemed that the ship had the ability to conceal the profound animus of these cultivators as well.

Ji Yuan muttered weakly. “So we are not the only ones taking the trial…”

Ling Feiyue had a flustered look as she whispered to Ji Yuan. “So this is your honeymoon…”

The other three maidens were all flushing; it was because they were all talking about their honeymoon with Ji Yuan, not realizing that there were so many other cultivators in this place. This really startled them and caused them to look extremely awkward.

At the same time, the dozens of cultivators were staring at Ji Yuan and the four maidens because the five of them were so attractive that many of the cultivators were moved by their sight.

Many of the female cultivators were even staring at Ji Yuan as though they wanted to eat him up.

One of the female cultivators was smiling and she was quite an alluring maiden. “It is Great Hero Ji Yuan. Do you still remember me? I’m Mu Wan’Er. Do you still remember me?”

Yuan Ji: ???

She looks familiar. Have I met her before?!

Author Note: I’m really busy lately and tomorrow I got to do an important presentation to my boss (out of the blue). Just to let my readers know; I’m actually writing for fun and uninterested to write for money. I don’t think it is even profitable to write at all hence, I don’t lock the chapters or add a privilege to it even though it will push up the story recommendations and receive more readers.

My other 3 stories doesn’t have alot of collections here because it has been pirated elsewhere and I got my own blog too. For those that are A Martial Odyssey fans, thank you for coming to this new story here!

For those that been playing or have played Brave Frontier before, Alice is the character in Brave Frontier and I was involved in the social media outreach.

I worked at Sega, IBM and I screwed myself for not going to Google last year by choosing another company which I regret. So for the past 2 years, it is actually a bad year for me:X

Sometimes I ad-hoc as a mathematician as well. That is why this story has a lot of situational scenarios and brain teasers. Because in maths, the result is never known unless you know the full factors. What it seems to be may not be the same result as well. Well I did pass the Google situation tests:X

But I’m gonna be buzy for a while soon. Hopefully the readers will be patience with me;)

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