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Chapter 218: Trial of the Water (2)

Ji Yuan took a look at Mu Wan’Er as he rubbed his chin. This alluring maiden sure looked familiar but he just could not remember seeing her before. All of a sudden he remembered her…

At the same time Ling Feiyue had kicked him softly. “She is the one that we have met in the Lotus Sword Mansion.”

Ji Yuan muttered. “Right…”

Mu Wan’Er smiled. “And we have also met at the outskirt of the Amber Frost City too.”

Ji Yuan laughed. “Right. Right. I remember you all right…”

Ling Feiyue had suddenly interrupted him. “Amber Frost City? How come I didn’t know about this? I was with you.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Erm, that isn’t important right?”

Xiang Li was smiling in Ji Yuan’s soul sea. “Yes. I remember Mu Wan’Er! She is a pretty maiden too! Big Brother, she seems to be interested in you!”

“Don’t talk rubbish, Xiang Li. She is just being friendly.”

Ji Yuan had remembered her now; she was the alluring maiden that was with Saint Wu Heng in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial. She is actually from the Burning Heavens Pavilion, one of the seven major orthodox clans. They had met while they were on opposing side while taking the lightning trial and Ji Yuan had ‘killed’ her indirectly during the trial.

The second time that they had met, they were still on opposing sides and Saint Wu Heng was after his life while they were outside Amber Frost City. That time he had thrashed up her side but her side had beaten to a hasty retreat.

At that time, Little Princess had killed Saint Wu Heng and because of that, Ji Yuan had become the one that had killed Saint Wu Heng.

Therefore he was supposed to be her enemy and the enemy of her powerful celestial clan.

So they were not exactly on the friendly side.

But now, she was actually smiling at him?

Ji Yuan had a perplexed look on his countenance as he pondered. “Is this a ruse?”

He did not believe that she would be his fan girl or that she would have fallen in love with his beautiful looks. After all, most of his fan girls are the lowly celestials and not the golden celestials.

Well. Qianxue, Feiyue and Jiajia are the exceptions; they are all women of culture and they liked my poems.

So he did not have any illusions at all.

But the other four maidens were all thinking otherwise; she obviously has an interested in Ji Yuan…

Mu Wan’Er said quietly. “I am the only cultivator from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity around here and you are the second group of cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Ji Yuan took a peek behind her and saw that while there were around forty celestials but none of them seemed to be wearing the familiar robes of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The female cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are also easy to identify because their skirts are short.

But the short skirts of the female cultivators of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are not the most outrageous. There are more outrageous and Ji Yuan personally knows that some of the golden celestials of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are only in the trials because they have wanted to ogle at the other maidens of the celestial fraternities.

These are the perverts…

Mu Wan’Er sighed softly. “May I join your group since we’re all from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity? It is safer for me this way.”

Ji Yuan saw that dozens of eyes were now staring at their group and he was cursing them for ogling at his women. So he instinctively replied. “Indeed it is not safe…”

Mu Wan’Er immediately had a smile on her as she exclaimed with great. “So I can join your group? This is too wonderful! Thank you Great Hero Ji Yuan!”

Ling Feiyue, Little Princess, Shui Xisi, Bai Qianfeng: …

Ji Yuan: ???


Mu Wan’Er lowered her head to whisper. “Actually I have something important to warn you so I hope that Great Hero Ji Yuan will take some precaution.”

Yi Yuan and his group: ???

“Let’s go to one side first, alright?” Mu Wan’Er quietly said. “This is a secret.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “Secret?! What does this have to do with me?”

Shui Xisi took the opportunity to fan a flame by whispering softly to her group. “I bet that she is carrying his baby.”

But all the other three maidens did not take her bait and returned a not so amused look; this joke is not funny.

As Ji Yuan and his group moved to a corner, the other cultivators were quietly muttering. “What a beautiful group. How come they are together? They know one another? Just how many cultivators did the Desolate Celestial Fraternity sends this time round?”

After Mu Wan’Er was alone with Ji Yuan and his group, she lowered her eyes to whisper. “Actually I have a mission from my celestial clan and that is to kill you.”

Ji Yuan had a stunned look because he did not sense any danger from her.

The other maidens were also stunned but they had quickly readied themselves to make a combat stance should Mu Wan’Er make a move against them.

But Ji Yuan remained unguarded as he asked. “Erm, you are a sixth realm golden supremacy?”

Mu Wan’Er nodded, “That is right.”

Ji Yuan was somewhat amused. “Maybe when I am still a lowly saint, you may still have a chance since you are a power cultivator but now I’m a great saint and a peaked great saint. Do you think that you have a chance now to kill me?”

Mu Wan’Er took half a step back as she gasped softly. “You are a peaked great saint now? Is it even possible?”

As she said it, the idolatry looks in her eyes increased by ten times.

“You have better believed it.” Ji Yuan laughed with pride.

The other maidens had a look of disgust as they groaned silently. “Is he trying to show off and has forgotten that this maiden here wants to kill him?”

“But why are you telling me this?” Ji Yuan asked curiously. “Surely you have a better chance of killing me if I do not know of your intentions?”

Mu Wan’Er shook her head. “I know that I won’t succeed because you are a Great Hero. I have no wish to kill you. That is why I am telling you this. After all, we are on the same group now. Am I right to say so?”

Ji Yuan nodded slowly. “Right…”

“My celestial clan isn’t the only group that wants to kill you. I’m afraid that half of the major celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity have the same mission as me. You have to be wary.” Mu Wan’Er said quietly.

Ji Yuan rubbed his chin before he answered. “I did meet a few earlier but they look friendly enough.”

Mu Wan’Er said. “Maybe they are not the ones with the mission to kill you. You’re just lucky.”

Ji Yuan returned a hand bow. “I thank Maiden Wan’Er for warning me. But since this is your clan’s mission, will you get into trouble if you do not carry out your mission?”

Mu Wan’Er shyly averted her eyes. “Trouble or not, I am unwilling to lift my finger on you. Did you see me lifting my finger on you when we had met at Amber Frost City?”

Ji Yuan rubbed his chins. Indeed she had not. He could only remember that she had made a combat stance but she did not make any real moves to attack him. When the leaders of the offending group had made a hasty retreat, she had even smiled at him and told him her name. At that time, he did not really put her name into his heart because he was soon distracted by the appearance of Little Princess.

“Haha. So we are friends?” Ji Yuan chuckled softly.

Mu Wan’Er smiled. “Indeed, we are friends.”

Hopefully more than friends…

Ji Yuan continued to laugh. “Thank you for sharing. But why should your clan wants to erm…kill me?” He could not resist asking even though he knows that this may be a sensitive question.

The other four maidens were also curious to know why.

But Mu Wan’Er shook her head. “I do not know. We are given a silver card. By flashing this silver card, we will know that we are all on the same side.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly. “Because it is because I have killed Saint Wu Heng…”

“No, it is not this. Saint Wu Heng is actually not a popular man in my clan. The current leadership hates him as a matter of fact.” Mu Wan’Er shook her head as she interrupted him quietly.


Just as Ji Yuan had wanted to ask her more, the dark robe cultivator at the starboard of the ship had suddenly raised his skeleton finger as he pointed at an island in front of them. “We have reached the Island of Greed…”

His voice was deep and reached to every corner of the ship and the dozens of cultivators were all gasping with excitement. The next trial would take place soon!

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