Q & A

Q & A

Q) How do we know if a fantasy story is a Wuxia/Xianxia/ Xuanhua/ or Xiuzhen?

A1) As long as the story isn’t a Hero with martial hero, or the setting isn’t in a Wulin/ Jianghu fraternity (period setting), there a high chance that it is not a xianxia but other main genres. Other alternative universe story is 100% a non-xianxia.

A2) Main MC is a anti-hero. Xia means hero. There no way a MC that goes around doing selfish deeds and killing people recklessly can be call a hero.

A3) Just like wuxia takes place in the Martial Fraternity (Wulin)/ Jianghu (Pugilistic Fraternity), xianxia takes place in a Celestial Fraternity with celestial clans alongside the Martial Fraternity.

A4) Xianxia doesn’t mean Immortal Hero. That is an incorrect direct translation.

A5) If the focus of the story is mainly a cultivation thing, then it is a mainly Xiuzhen/ Xuanhuan story.