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Chapter 140: The Spirit Blue Moon Sect (1)

Yuan Ji did not have any tokens of the Orthodox Sword Sect to give to Nangong Xiu. Therefore he gave her a silver token of the Emperor Hall Sect and said to her. “Show this to the elders of the Emperor Hall Sect and they will take care of you. Let them know that First Palace Mistress and Second Palace Mistress are undergoing their breakthroughs and won’t be back for a while. When Fairy Ye Chengxi is back, I will ask her to make you a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

Nangong Xiu continued to hesitate as she looked at Little Princess.

But Little Princess returned a smile to her and said, “Go now. I am no longer a protégé of the Evil Cultivation Hall and will be following my lord here. If you still want to be my follower, you should do as my lord says.”

Nangong Xiu sighed heavily before she departed with great reluctance.

When she had left, Yuan Ji and the rest of the maidens immediately took off on the Spirit Crane to continue their way to the unorthodox fraternity.

Days later, the Spirit Crane that was carrying them had finally reached the Spirit Blue Mountains where the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was situated.

The reason why the Spirit Blue Mountains got its present name was because the mountains were bluish hues in many places and the mountains produce a rare type of spirit blue jades.

The Spirit Blue Moon Sect is one of the five major unorthodox clans of the unorthodox fraternity. Being a major power, it naturally owned the entire Spirit Blue Mountains that consisted of some three hundred mountains. Basically the villages in the Spirit Blue Mountains are owned by the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and they are also all protégés of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

It is said that the protégés of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect numbered some one hundred thousand and they had slightly over a thousand golden celestials.

Ling Feiyue smiled when she saw the familiar blue mountains of her home. “Finally I can inhale the rich spiritual auras of the mountains.”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “The spiritual auras here is as strong as the Holy Maiden Peaks. I feel so uncomfortable while I was at the Five Heavens Peak. Now this is a welcoming change!”

“I don’t know how Ji Yuan is able to cultivate to such a high level in the Five Heavens Peaks. It is really such a miracle thing.” Ling Feiyue agreed.

Little Princess nodded too, “That is why the cultivators at the Five Heavens Peaks are mostly sword cultivators without a strong profound power base. Their mountains cannot afford them with a strong cultivation in the more superior profound arts.”

Yuan Ji: …

Do they have to talk about my Five Heavens Peaks?

As soon as they had approached within the vicinity of the Spirit Blue Mountains, more than thirty Great Rocs were seen flying toward them. Mounting on top of each of the Great Rocs were three cultivators and many of them were shouting loudly. “Who are you? Where are you from? Leave or die!”

Ling Feiyue immediately rose to stand at the front of the Spirit Crane as she raised her internal profound strength to display her voice with great clarity. “I’m your Dark Mistress!”

“It is our Dark Mistress! She’s back!”

“Please pardon us for not recognizing you!”

“Welcome back to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect!”

The dozens of cultivators were immediately respectfully as they shouted loudly, “May the Blue Moon of the Spirit Blue Mountains light the luminous rule of our Dark Mistress!”

One group of the cultivators quickly said, “Let us go ahead first to inform the patriarch elders.”

Yuan Ji secretly noted that all the cultivators on the Great Rocs were golden celestials and there were ninety golden celestials altogether.

He sighed quietly. When the Five Heavens Peaks were attacked by an epic desolate beast, the entire Five Heavens Peaks numbering more than a hundred celestial clans could only manage to muster less than two hundred golden celestials. Now he was seeing a single patrol of ninety golden celestials from just a single sect.

There were many peaks at the Spirit Blue Mountains and he soon saw many beautiful castles with black walls on top of each peak.

They soon landed on the largest citadel of the highest peak. When they had landed, their Spirit Crane was quite relieved and almost immediately, she had fallen into a deep slumber. It was because the Spirit Crane was exhausted from carrying four people and a nine-tail spirit fox. Moreover for this trip, they had flown almost nonstop for many days.

Xue Qianxue smiled to her Spirit Crane as she caressed her slender neck, “Please take a good rest first. Thank you for your care for us along the way. My gratitude is upon you.”

Ling Feiyue was greeted almost immediately by hundreds of cultivators as they promptly greeted her respectfully.

“Your protégés pay our homage to our Dark Mistress!”

“May the Blue Moon of the Spirit Blue Mountains light the luminous rule of our Dark Mistress!”

“The elders are waiting inside.”

A female cultivator immediately said to Ling Feiyue, “The elders are expecting you. Does Dark Mistress like me to escort the venerate guests to the guest hall first?”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently, “No need.”

“But the elders may have something important to discuss with you…”

“No need.” Ling Feiyue insisted. “Let them follow me.”

The female cultivator nodded before she whispered, “The five patriarch elders are not too glad.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly before she returned a nod. “I know what to do. Thank you.”

The interior of the black citadel of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was imposing and there were banners of a blue moon everywhere. It was because the Blue Moon is the heraldry of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

As they walked through the hallway, Yuan Ji asked Ling Feiyue. “There seems to be a tense atmosphere in this place. Why is it so?”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she took bold strides, “I’m surprise that you can sense it. My relationship with my five patriarch elders are not exactly smooth sailing. We had a big quarrel when I had mustered the elites of my sect to aid Sister Qianxue. Now that I am back, they definitely won’t be polite to me.”

Xue Qianxue sighed softly, “Thank you Sister Feiyue.”

Yuan Ji was also sighing softly, “That is the problem with the big sects. Even if you are a sect master, you are not the absolute leader because you have all the patriarchs and matriarchs on top of you. It is better to be in a small sect.”

Little Princess lit a soft chuckle, “How come you sound a little sour?”

“Am I?” Yuan Ji laughed it off. He was being sarcastic about it but he did not expect that Little Princess would be able to sniff it out almost immediately.

“What makes you think that a small sect doesn’t have any their internal problems?” Little Princess looked at him with a wry smile.

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes before saying, “Well, in my sect there is no such issue.”

All three maidens were giggling softly.

Yuan Ji frowned immediately when he heard their giggling. “Don’t you know that it is rude to laugh at another sect in front of the others?”

“Did we say anything about your sect being a poor sect?”

“I want to say that his sect is too poor to have any patriarchs but I didn’t say it.”

“Maybe all the high level cultivators in his sect have joined the other sects…”

Yuan Ji: …

He replied weakly as he stroked Xiaobai, “Can’t you all be like Qianfeng? She is always quiet.”

But the maidens quickly laughed, “We can be like Qianfeng only if you are always carrying us. How about it?”

Yuan Ji: …

Bai Qianfeng: …

After a while, they had reached the inner hall of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and there were a large assembly of cultivators inside.

In front of them stood five cultivators with sharp piercing golden eyes. Three were men and two were women. They were the five patriarch elders of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

The hundreds of cultivators immediately greeted Ling Feiyue when they saw her. Their greetings were respectful but lacked the passionate greeting that Yuan Ji had seen earlier.

It did not take a smart person to guess that most of these cultivators were actually on the side of the patriarch elders.

Ling Feiyue immediately greeted, “Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi, Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui, Patriarch Moon Elder Du Dong, Patriarch Moon Elder Fu Mantian, Matriarch Moon Elder Jing Yuan. Feiyue is back now.”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi stared at Yuan Ji and the two veil maidens before he said sternly. “And who are these people?”

He was not the only ones that were curious about them; almost all the cultivators in the hall could tell that the two veiled maidens were extremely moving to the eyes and the beardless man had a magnificent air around him.

Ling Feiyue smiled, “This is Sword Demon Ji Yuan!”

When she had announced his name, many of the cultivators had broken into loud murmurs.

“He is that Ji Yuan that had killed Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo?”

“I heard that he is only an Initial Saint…”

“So he is the one that is wanted by the major orthodox clans…”

“He is the one that worked hand in hand with Little Princess to kill Saint Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long…”

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi hummed coldly, “You even dare to bring Ji Yuan here. Why don’t you bring Little Princess and Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue here too.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly, “My other two guests are indeed Little Princess and Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue.”

Xue Qianxue laughed with a playful look at the patriarch elders, “Former Sacred Maiden.”

All five patriarch elders were stunned immediately.

All the cultivators in the hall were shocked as they stared at the two veiled maidens.

Among the two veil maidens, Little Princess was the most mysterious and no one had seen her true apperance. Moreover she was rumored to be a heaven-step great saintess.

Patriarch Moon Elder Chen Yi said coldly to Ling Feiyue, “You have brought a calamity upon us! Do you know that the major orthodox clans are now attacking us and the other four unorthodox clans are refusing to aid us? Except for a few dozen allies, we are on our own. Now you have even brought Little Princess and Sword Demon Ji Yuan here, I am afraid that this time our sect will be done for! How can you answer to the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and to the proud ancestors of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?!”

Matriarch Moon Elder Ling Tianshui inhaled softly as she stepped forward. “If we hand over this Ji Yuan and Little Princess over to the major orthodox clans then we can avert this calamity. This is for the good of our sect.”

Ling Feiyue waved her hands and said coldly, “You can’t do that because…”

She had suddenly turned to look shyly at Yuan Ji, “He is my lord now. Therefore he is also the new Dark Lord of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.”

When she had suddenly announced that, all the cultivators were stunned. Many had even turned ashen and had taken a few steps back with shock in their eyes!

Xue Qianxue looked a little fluster. It was because she would never be able to proclaim so boldly like Ling Feiyue.

Even Yuan Ji was thinking, “Although Feiyue’s voice is soft but whether it is her words or actions, she is always so bold.”

He was feeling quite awkward because he had suddenly noticed the dozens of hateful gazes in his direction!

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Chapter 139: Little Princess, We’ll be Together

It was night and the night breeze was cool.

Yuan Ji and Little Princess were now sitting on top of a cliff rock as they overlooked the surrounding mountains. It was just them alone as the other maidens had left them alone to chat for the night.

Yuan Ji put his hand on Little Princess’ back as he asked gently, “Little Princess, how are your injuries. Are you much better now?”

Little Princess nodded before she turned to smile at him, “I’m alright. Thank you.”

“Where have you been all this while? And how did you get into this state?” Yuan Ji asked her curiously.

“I got into a fight with the cultivation experts of the seven major orthodox clans.” Little Princess sighed softly. “And then I was captured by them.”

Yuan Ji asked awkwardly, “You were captured by Saintess Fang Zhenfei?”

Little Princess looked a little startled, “How did you know about this?”

“I had met Saintess Fang Zhenfei and she had told me.” He replied weakly.

Little Princess looked a little perplexed, “Saintess Fang is an extremely aloof person. She will talk to you?”

Yuan Ji laughed weakly, “We are old acquaintances. Haha.”

Little Princess looked at him curiously, “How did you know her?”

Yuan Ji looked a little sheepish before he answered, “We are drinking friends. Haha. I had met her in a drinking session.”

“You didn’t happen to bed her when you were drunk, right?” Little Princess stared at him blankly.

“Of course not. We are extremely pure. Haha.” Yuan Ji quickly laughed awkwardly.

Little Princess inhaled deeply before she lowered her eyes to say, “You ought to be wary of her. She is extremely smart and dangerous. It is best that you keep a distance from her. I was baited by her and was captured by her.”

Yuan Ji laughed softly, “Don’t worry. The one that can bait me has not been born yet. Haha.”

In Yuan Ji’s soul sea, Xiang Li was sticking her tongue out. “You are always getting baited!”

“How did you manage to be here? I mean, how did you manage to survive your duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Palace? Can you share with me? I am really curious about it.” Little Princess blinked her mesmerizing eyes as she asked curiously.

Yuan Ji was secretly awkward. It is not the time to tell Little Princess that Saintess Fang Zhenfei is also the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

Little Princess gasped all of a sudden, “Don’t tell me that you have killed the Divine Palace Master?”

Yuan Ji looked a little sheepish as he rolled his eyes to think before he coughed out with a last minute explanation. “We are fighting from day to night. Naturally he had an advantage over me. Just when I thought that I was about to lose, he had accidentally stepped on a dung. Therefore he felt pretty disgusted about it and this spoilt his mood for the duel so he suggested that we postpone our duel to a later date. Naturally as a gentleman of the sword, I didn’t want to take advantage of my opponent therefore I agree to postpone our duel.”

I can’t say I had lost to the Divine Palace Master in front of Little Princess or it will be such a loss of face for me.

Little Princess nodded before she analyzed, “It seems that this Divine Palace Master has a fetish for cleanliness.”

Then she clapped her hands with a smile, “We can make use of this weakness of his to defeat him the next time round!”

Little Princess was pretty serious about the plans therefore Yuan Ji could only pretended to agree. “Yea, that is a good plan. Why didn’t I think of this? Haha.”

“Next time cover yourself in dung before you dueled with him. This will give you a clear advantage.” Little Princess suggested with a wink in her eyes.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Are you serious?” Yuan Ji asked weakly.

“Then can you tell a better lie?” Little Princess was suddenly looking at him coldly.

Yuan Ji: …

How did she know that I am lying to her?

Little Princess said quietly, “You seem to know Saintess Fang Zhenfei pretty well. Do you know that when I was captured by her, I thought that I may die under her hands. Therefore I ask her if I can see you for the last time. She seems to know where you are.”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply, “You mean at that time when you were outside Amber Frost City, you were already captured by her?”

Little Princess nodded quietly. “And that was why I had handed over the memory stone to you.”

Then she looked at him melancholy, “Ji Yuan, are we really fated to be together? Why are you lying to me? Am I not your woman already?”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply before he said quietly, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei is my woman as well.”

Little Princess gasped with shock. “You have taken her…”

Yuan Ji interrupted her weakly, “Not yet. I have a hundred year old pledge with her. She is actually Xia Jiaqing, one of the four great beauties.”

“You mean she is taking the alias of Xia Jiaqing all this while…” Little Princess was clearly surprised by this revelation.

“And her godfather is the Divine Palace Master. At that time she had pleaded with the Divine Palace Master to let me off.” Yuan Ji said with great solemnness.

Little Princess was further startled. She pondered for a while before sighing heavily. “To be the godfather of the Divine Palace Master means that she may have already lost her chastity to him. Now I really pity her.”

Yuan Ji tried his best to resist a chuckle, “Yes, she is really very pitiful.”

Then he said with great solemnness to Little Princess, “Now that I have told you this secret, you must promise me not to tell anyone. This includes Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.”

Little Princess gasped, “You mean that you have never told them?”

Yuan Ji shook his head, “I have to protect Saintess Fang’s reputation. I hope that you will do the same.”

He was silently thinking. Jiajia, please forgive me. This is the only way that I can protect your secret.

Little Princess averted her eyes as she nodded, “Alright. From this day onward, I will follow you. If I am constantly with you then you can monitor me all the time and know that this secret will be safe.”

Yuan Ji was delighted as he gripped her shoulders, “So you are really willing to be with me now?”

Little Princess nodded shyly, “This is actually what I want to say to you. I have already lost everything that I have at the Evil Cultivation Palace. My only wish now is to kill Zhao Songjin to avenge the deaths of my followers.”

Then she added slowly, “And my brother Yin Wei.”

Yuan Ji suddenly said, “Let me take care of him for you. I don’t want you to fight against your sibling.”

Little Princess smiled weakly, “Ji Yuan, I know that you are very strong now and even have a celestial sword but you’re definitely not my brother’s match. He is a power cultivator of the Great Saint level while you are not.”

Yuan Ji sighed, “Why is it that everyone seems to look down on the sword cultivators?”

Little Princess leaned her head against his chest as she said melancholy, “My father and my two brothers, they are all formidable great saints. It is best that you don’t make an enemy out of the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “But I already have. Your brother Yin Wei will probably be hopping mad that I have attacked his base while he is not around. It seems that my luck is so good.”

Little Princess rubbed her head against his chest before she looked up woefully. “Your luck is indeed good. You had attacked the weakest citadel. The other citadels are manned by his sons and daughters who are all saints as well as the more formidable elders. You do have some shit luck.”

Yuan Ji looked a little sheepish when he had heard her.

But he quickly smiled as he caressed her back, “Little Princess, the night is still long. Shall we?”

Little Princess nodded gently, “You are my lord now.”

Yuan Ji began to kiss her on her forehead before he moved down to kiss her on her lips. With deft fingers, he loosened her belt and slowly lifted up her skirt.

He whispered, “This time I shall be the alpha male…”

As Yuan Ji caressed her soft skin, he had remembered her softness and sexuality. In the past he had always tried to suppress his lust for her but tonight, he would release all of his lusts.

In Yuan Ji’s soul sea, Xiang Li was covering her mouth as she exclaimed loudly. “YES!!!”

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Chapter 138: Great Saint Yuan Ji

When Yuan Ji opened his eyes again, he had completed his breakthrough to the upper seventh realm sacred saint level.

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Little Princess had all taken out their scented handkerchiefs to wipe away his sweat as they asked at the same time. “How is it? Is your breakthrough smooth? What is your cultivation realm now?”

He looked up to the three maidens with a weak smile, “Thank you for keeping a watch over me. I must say that this really comes at a most unlikely timing.”

Then he was soon grinning, “I am at the upper seventh realm earth-step now.”

Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue, Little Princess: …

They could not believe what they were actually hearing.


Did he just skip three steps?

Half-step, mortal-step, earth-step. Yes, that is right. That is three steps!

All the maidens were staring at him with disbelief.

They had expected him to attain to the mortal-step but not the earth-step. It is because every cultivation step at the seventh realm sacred saint level is harder to breakthrough than the lower realms. It is especially so for the upper sacred saint level.

Ling Feiyue muttered, “You are the same as me now…”

“You are a step higher than me…” Xue Qianxue gasped softly.

Little Princess gasped, “You are only a step lower than me…”

Among the three maidens, Little Princess actually had the highest attainment. She is a great saintess of the upper heaven-step sacred saint level.

All the maidens were suddenly cautioning him, “You mustn’t cultivate anymore. You have advanced too fast for your own good. You ought to consolidate your weak spiritual sea first. You need to slow down or there may be unforeseeable consequences …”

Actually they were all saying all these to him not because they were concerned about him but they were now afraid that Yuan Ji could overtake them. Secretly, they actually preferred to keep him weaker than him so that they could have better reins over him.

But at the same time they were truly astonished. It was because Yuan Ji had taken less than a year to reach the upper seventh realm level after he had just broken through to the seventh realm level.

This speed was too fast that it had never happened in the history of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity before!

Yuan Ji rubbed his chins, “Yes, you are all right. Even though I have no negative impact from this breakthrough, my true profound strength is still at the peak middle sacred saint level. I do need to cultivate before I can use the profound strength of the earth-step upper sacred saint level.”

Then he smiled to them, “There is still a little window before my soul sea cannot absorb the spiritual forces from the high grade spirit stones. Do you all have some to spare for me? With your high grade spirit stones, I can quickly replenish my spirit sea…”

“No, we don’t have…”

“Don’t use it. It may be risky for you…”

“You ought to cultivate first to consolidate your foundation first…”

“I don’t think you ought to use the high grade spirit stones…”

“You may have some backlash from using the high grade spirit stones…”

“We need to save the high grade spirit stones from now on…”

“We are now low on supplies now…”

“Especially that there is a forthcoming battle soon…”

“Let’s think whether it is alright for you to use it…”

“We can’t afford to risk the life of our lord here…”

“Ji Yuan, you’re not a power cultivator. Why don’t you need to be at your peak…”

“Better be safe than sorry…”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

In the end the maidens had spared him a few dozen high grade spirit stones at the last minute. On the surface, it appeared that they were willing to give him the high grade spirit stones but they had actually taken some time to finish their debate. Therefore Yuan Ji could only use that a few dozen spirit stones before the spiritual boundaries of his soul sea had solidified and he could no longer absorb the spiritual auras in the high grade spirit stones.

Nangong Xiu who was watching nearby rolled her eyes because it was obvious to her that these three maidens were trying to keep him weaker than them.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly because he had remembered that they had thousands of high grade spirit stones after they had visited an auction house.

But somehow he sensed something was not right so he decided to keep his mouth shut for the time being. Why are they acting so strangely?

Instead he turned to Little Princess, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue to say. “Let me make an introduction for everyone first.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “No need! While you were cultivating, we had already been acquainted with one another.” Then she began to hold Little Princess’ hands. “From this day onward, Sister Yin is one of us.”

Ling Feiyue smiled alluring, “That is right. We will treat Sister Yin as one of us.”

Little Princess lowered her head to say shyly, “My new sisters had also given me plenty of profound pills to treat my injuries.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “We had actually found it in a cave.”

Xue Qianxue pulled Little Princess to her before laughing softly, “Come sister, we are going to tell you a secret. Xiaobai, come with us!”

Little Princess nodded and said to Nangong Xiu, “Please wait here.”

Yuan Ji knew that they were going to tell Little Princess about Bai Qianfeng.

As Nangong Xiu was with them, they did not feel it was the right time to tell her about Bai Qianfeng. Now that Yuan Ji had completed his breakthrough, they were going to a corner to tell her. After all, Little Princess was one of them now.

“Weird. How come they seem to be getting along so well?” Yuan Ji muttered to himself with a perplexed look. He had actually been thinking how he was going to introduce Little Princess to Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.

Judging by their obvious dislike for Nangong Xiu earlier, he was expecting them to react the same manner for Little Princess. But all of a sudden he had noticed that they were not cold to Nangong Xiu anymore and was even acting very amicable toward Little Princess.

“Very weird indeed. I thought that the orthodox and unorthodox cultivators have a burning dislike for the evil cultivators? Why are they so friendly all of a sudden?”

He did not know that Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue could tell that he seemed to love Little Princess a lot and they knew that this was something that they could not prevent. Therefore there was no point trying to keep Little Princess out of their midst.

Also Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue did not care if Little Princess was an evil cultivator or not. But she was an injured great saintess and they were smart enough to know that if they could become friends then they would not be so disadvantage in the future. After all, no one wants to make an enemy out of a great saintess like Little Princess.

Moreover Little Princess had such a seductive look that they were a little anxious that they may lose favor with Yuan Ji.

At the same time they had also changed their attitude toward Nangong Xiu since she was Little Princess’ follower plus she was not a true threat to them.

Bai Qianfeng had assumed her true appearance now, shifting from a nine-tail spirit fox to a peerless maiden with an imposing presence.

When Little Princess saw Bai Qianfeng for the very first time, she was completely stunned. She would never have suspected that the nine-tail spirit fox was able to transform into such an astonishing peerless maiden.

“Sacred saint level…” Little Princess gasped after she had gauged Bai Qianfeng’s profound animus.

“This is our Sister Bai Qianfeng! She is also an immortal cultivator!” Xue Qianfeng announced proudly.

Little Princess was even more startled, “She is an immortal cultivator? Why is an immortal cultivator doing in the Celestial Realm and not in the Immortal Realm?”

However Little Princess was not wrong. Immortal Cultivators do not have a place in the Celestial Realm.

“I was cast down from the Immortal Realm in an engulfing battle and I had suffered a grievous injury that had almost ended my existence.” Bai Qianfeng said matter of fact. “That is why I have ended up here.”

Little Princess nodded before she said quietly, “I had also heard that immortal cultivators are not able to stay in the Celestial Realm for an extended period.”

Bai Qianfeng averted her eyes before she nodded quietly, “Some powerful immortal cultivators are able to stay longer than the others. Please do not tell Yuan Ji about this.”

Ever since she had lost her celestial sword, she had also lost her anchor to remain in the Celestial Realm. Every time that she had used her profound power beyond the seventh realm, the time that she will have in the Celestial Realm will also be shortened.

Actually there was another anchor that could bind her to the Celestial Realm and that was the slave collar. However Yuan Ji had since removed it.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were quite startled that Bai Qianfeng will not be able to remain with them for long. They actually have many questions about the Immortal Realm to ask her but she is always quiet about it.

“Is there a way for you to remain longer in the Celestial Realm?” Xue Qianxue was curiously asking her.

“How long can you remain with us?” Ling Feiyue muttered uneasily. She had come to like Bai Qianfeng and was saddened that she may not be able to stay for long in the Celestial Realm.

But Bai Qianfeng did not answer them and she merely smiled. “It is so good to know the three of you. I hope that I may be able to see you in the Immortal Realm in the future.”

If given a choice, she would not want to leave the Celestial Realm. It was because she had grown attached to Yuan Ji now. Moreover she did not have a home in the Immortal Realm. She is the enemy of the Righteous Immortals and a traitor to her kind.

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Chapter 137: You’re My Princess

A stunning maiden with a bewitching look was now forced to a corner in the mountain wilderness. Around her, the last of her followers had all been killed.

This stunning maiden is actually Little Princess.

She was staring in disbelief at the dozens of cultivators that were now surrounding her; her attackers were not from the orthodox cultivators but were all from the Evil Cultivation Palace.

“Do you know who I am? I am your Third Citadel Mistress!”

Little Princess stared at them with great exasperation before scowling, “Long Bushi! You’re out of your place!”

Long Bushi laughed, “We only take orders from our First Citadel Lord Yin Wei, not you.”

He was actually one of the three citadel elders that Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue had spared a few days earlier.

Little Princess hummed coldly as she swung her divine sword, “My father the Evil Cultivation Master will grind you to mincemeat if you even dare to dream of laying your fingers on me!”

Long Bushi laughed along with the rest, “Are you still in delusion? Your father the Evil Cultivation Master no longer favors you anymore! Moreover after we do you here, we will be careful to cover our tracks.”

The dozens of cultivators were all laughing heartily and their eyes were looking lecherous at Little Princess. It was as though they could already imagined her naked in front of them and was theirs for the taking.

Long Bushi smirked coldly, “Little Princess, your profound strength is so weak now that you have to use your sword to defend against us? You rarely use your sword unless you are fighting against the desolate beasts. If you are smart enough, quickly surrender and we make sure that you have a painless time and even a pleasurable time. However, make your decision quickly for we are an impatient lot.”

They all knew that Little Princess was injured because many in the citadel saw her coughing blood several times. That was why they were so bold.

In fact, they actually know that Little Princess had setup her camp nearby to gather the remnants of her scattered followers. It was just that they had lied to Ji Yuan. There was no need to tell the enemy more information than necessary.

“Oh yes. There is a handsome cultivator that is looking for you some days ago. He says his name is Ji Yuan and it seems that he is looking for you.” Long Bushi chuckled.

Little Princess was startled and she was trembling. Why is he looking for me?

She could not resist asking, “What does he wants?”

Long Bushi laughed, “Of course he is here to kill you! He says he is going to tie you up to bang you. When he saw that you are not around, he quickly escaped. If he was not that quick, we would have slaughtered him for you. Unfortunately, he was pretty fast.”

Little Princess suddenly coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. As she staggered backward, her vision had become a blur. He still hates me so much…

Long Bushi suddenly shouted to his group, “Seize her now!”

All the cultivators were now moving toward Little Princess with great anticipation as evidenced by their lecherous eyes…

But all of a sudden there was a suffocating suppression high above them and everyone was trembling uncontrollably with a dreadful fear that they could not shake off.

“What is going on?”

“Up there!”

“What is it?”

“It is a bird?”

“No, it is…”

The full profound power of a celestial sword had just been unsheathed high above them and there was a heavy killing intent that was sweeping through to everyone, paralyzing everyone with great fear.

When Yuan Ji had landed in their midst, the ground around him exploded furiously with his sword energies, causing many of the evil cultivators to yell aloud in great agony as the sword energies flew into their bodies.

Before any of the evil cultivators could react, Yuan Ji had swung his celestial sword with his right hand and several arcing sword energies flew in all directions, exploding the ground around him with another round of furious outburst of sword energies, only this time round it were much more furious and was packed with even greater profound power.

Long Bushi had barely pointed his precious sword at this intruder to mutter out ‘Ji Yuan’ before he was torn to pieces by the furious sword energies.

Little Princess was completely startled to see Ji Yuan had suddenly appeared and he would actually be so formidable. Moreover he even had a celestial sword that was in his hand. When had he become this rich or lucky?!

But she also had a look of fear in her eyes when she recalled what Long Bushi had told her; Ji Yuan had the intention to tie her up to bang her.

Immediately after Ji Yuan had killed all the evil cultivators, Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue, Bai Qianfeng, Nangong Xiu had also appeared.

They were quite shocked to see that Yuan Ji had killed all the evil cultivators with such power. In fact, they had never thought that Yuan Ji was capable of enhancing his sword energies to this powerful extend that dozens of cultivators, including a saint had just died like this.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were secretly thinking. So this is his hidden trump card? He has never used his full strength when fighting against us?

When Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue saw Little Princess, they were gasping secretly.

It is because Nangong Xiu is right. Little Princess is really a stunning maiden and they cannot even count the many affectionate expressions that are radiating from her face; she is really too bewitching and different people will see a different expression from her. She can fill men with lusts and they will also want to dominate over her.

As for Bai Qianfeng, she was not surprised because this was the second time that she had met Little Princess. The first time was when she was outside the Amber Frost City.

Little Princess had a look of resignation on her countenance. In her current weaken state, it is all too easy for Yuan Ji to kill her.

When she had saw the profound power that was displayed by Yuan Ji, it was as though he was warning her that he was now very strong and he would now be able to avenge against her all his humiliations over the years. 

She was now leaning against the cliff for support and her sword arm was now trembling. She was really too weak now to resist and moreover she did not have the heart to fight him even if he really wants to kill her.

In the past she was always intimidating him because she did not know how to express her inner emotions and she had enjoyed tormenting him. Ji Yuan was weaker than her and she felt that she could do whatever she wanted with him. But now, the tables had completely been turned.

Now Ji Yuan now had a good opportunity to take away her life and he would not give up this rare opportunity to do so.

Yuan had just killed the evil cultivators that were bullying his Little Princess and he had now turned to look at her.

His heart was now beating very fast when he was looking at her. Little Princess…

He was inhaling hard now. Little Princess. I have finally found you at long last. How are you? I hope that you are doing fine. You still look the same as ever but alas, I have lost my beautiful long beard…

As Little Princess and Yuan Ji looked at each other, there was a quick flashback in their eyes…

When Yuan Ji was Little Princess’ prisoner, she would dual cultivate with him several times a day. It was not because Little Princess was using him as her dual cultivation melting cauldron. In fact, she had never drained him of his vital profound strength to enhance hers.

When they were dual cultivating with each other, she was already a saintess and he was but a lowly fourth realm cultivator. She did not need his puny vital profound strength at all.

But Yuan Ji had misunderstood because he was covered with horrible heavy injuries and he had even broken his ribs. At the same time, it was due to the fact that Little Princess had often mishandled him and this caused his internal and external injuries to worsen.

Due to his heavy injuries, his profound energies flow was affected and this caused him to believe that he was her melting cauldron.

Moreover Little Princess had wanted to dual cultivate with him several times a day and this reinforces his beliefs that he was her melting cauldron.

The reasons why Little Princess did not spare him from their dual cultivation were because Little Princess was curious about the dual cultivation between men and women for a long time. Coming from the Evil Cultivation Palace did not help to restrain her curiosity at all.

As a matter of fact, she was extremely curious about it as she was constantly surrounded by the dual cultivators who would often talked about it openly in the day and performing the deed when it was dark. This did not also help by the fact that she had never tried it before.

So when they had developed a relationship together, this opened a floodgate of curiosity for Little Princess and she began to use him as her dual cultivation partner to try the various dual cultivation techniques of the Evil Cultivation Palace all day long.

Naturally Yuan Ji was unable to keep up with her because he was beaten up quite badly by Little Princess before they had even start to dual cultivate with each other. To make matters worse, Yuan Ji had tried to escape several times and each time when Little Princess had caught him escaping, she was never polite with him and had beaten him up to a worse shape than ever before.

Now the two of them were looking at each other and both were trembling with various emotions from their past…

Finally Little Princess broke the silence, “You…have become so strong now. I have to admit that I can’t escape today.”

She lifted up her sword with her trembling hands. “But there is no need to trouble you. I shall take my own life to preserve my last dignity…”

In your eyes, I am just a wanton woman…I deserve a most humiliating death…

“Little Princess…” Yuan Ji had suddenly taken out the memory stone with trembling fingers. “I had viewed the memory stone. I am…really so sorry…please forgive me…all along I’ve thought that you’re at fault but it is actually mine…”

He added with trembling lips, “I want to be with you forever. Will you like to be with me too? Can you?”

Little Princess was stunned. Why did he want to be with an evil cultivator like me? This…must be…a ruse…

“I know that you may not believe me now but I am really serious about it.” Yuan Ji firmly said.

Little Princess hummed softly, “You don’t know how bad I am. How many bad deeds that I had ever done and how many cultivators that I had killed. I am the evil cultivator that everyone has always despises. Do not use your puny ploy to trick me and to humiliate me.”

Yuan Ji sighed heavily, “That is not a problem with me. I’m now the Sword Demon Yuan Ji.”

Little Princess smiled coldly, “Let me tell you the truth alright? I had sowed the divide that was between you and Saintess Yuluo, causing the two of you to break off. I also did many unforgivable things to you like auctioning your portrait to make you a mockery in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. I am not so foolish to think that you will forgive me. I should be the one begging you for your forgiveness and not the other way round!”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had flashed forward to knock her sword aside as he hugged her tightly. He said to her with the same words that he had said to her in the Dream Trial. “I know that we have a big misunderstanding in the past and I have often quarreled with you. It isn’t because I have despised you because of your background. On the contrary, I am quite ashamed of myself because I hate myself for unable to tell you that I have actually like you.”

He improved it a little by adding, “I know you only did all these because you love me. As long as we are together, we can always talk things over. We have so many missed chances together. Do you really want us to be separated?”

Little Princess stammered, “You…are…serious?”

Yuan Ji held her even tightly, “I am serious. Little Princess, I really like you. It has always been buried deep inside my heart.”

“But I had caused you and Saintess Yuluo…”

Yuan Ji interrupted her with a woeful sigh, “Yuluo is now my beloved consort Yuxian. If she is alive, she will want us to be together as well.”

“She what? She is your consort? But everyone is saying that you had killed her.” Little Princess was startled.

Little Princess was confused by Yuan Ji and yet she could not bear to pull herself off from him. What if this was just a trick to humiliate her?

“No, I can’t be with you…because…”

Yuan Ji was suddenly kissing her gently on her soft lips as he muttered, “Say no more. It is all in the past…”

After kissing for a few rounds, her defenses were broken and they were suddenly exploring with their tongues.

Yuan Ji’s hands were fondling her back and her soft butt.

Finally he lifted her up in his strong arms as he said gently, “Little Princess, from today onward you will be my beloved consort.”

Little Princess gasped softly, “I am…your beloved consort?!”

Then she lowered her head deep in his chest and she was weeping emotionally, “Ji Yuan! You little scoundrel! Don’t you dare to lie to me or you will wish that you were never be born!”

At the same time she was thinking. This…is…too good to be true?

Then she added with more heart breaking tears as she trembled uncontrollably, “Promise me that you will be with me till the end of times…”

“Little Scoundrel and Little Princess, we are so compatible.” Yuan Ji chuckled.

Then he began to solemnly say. “Little Princess, I promise you that I will be with you till the end of times. I swear by the Great God Pangu for this oath!”

Yuan Ji held her even tighter and he was looking at her with his gentle eyes.

Then he whispered gently in her ears. “Come to think of this, I’ve known you for so many centuries now but I have ever known your real name. Will my beloved consort shares with me your name?”

“Yin Lingyun. Ling as the Spirit and Yun as the Cloud.”

“What a beautiful name…” Yuan Ji said dreamily to her. “My dear Yin Lingyun…”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were gasping softly when they had heard Yuan Ji. They were both thinking of the same thing. How come Yuan Ji had never said such sweet words to them before? They were really envious!

Xiang Li who was watching them was now putting her fingers into her mouth as she crackled to Yuan Ji, “So when are you going to bed your new consort?”

Bai Qianfeng already knows that Little Princess had a place in Yuan Ji heart while they were in the Dream Trial. Therefore she was smiling while giving them her blessings.

Nangong Xiu was stunned. She had thought that her citadel mistress had hated Ji Yuan a lot because she was always cursing him every now and then for several hundred years. But she had never thought that they would have this kind of a relationship together.

Yuan Ji felt that the dark blemish in his soul sea had suddenly been lifted. He felt light and his spirit was soaring high.

All of a sudden he was startled that his surroundings were glowing with thousands of floating soft lights from the spiritual auras that was in the vicinity.

Little Princess, Xue Qianfeng and Ling Feiyue were all startled as they gasped. “He is entering into the great saint level now…”

When Yuan Ji felt that his dark blemish had been lifted, the spiritual sea that was in his soul sea was suddenly expanding rapidly and this caused his spiritual boundaries to expand.

Xue Qianxue was gasping, “This is a natural breakthrough so there won’t be any negative outcome. As a matter of fact, he may advance to the upper seventh realm mortal-step level without affecting his vital profound energies in his soul sea.”

When the spiritual boundaries are expanding, the spiritual sea in the cultivator’s soul sea will be consumed to expand the spiritual boundaries. When that happens, the vital profound energies in the original spiritual sea will be lost. But in this case, Yuan Ji is directly absorbing the spiritual force in the vicinity to replace his spiritual sea hence protecting his vital profound energies.

Even Ling Feiyue was astonished, “What did you do? Come on, teach us!”

Yuan Ji immediately said sheepishly, “I can’t remember doing anything! Don’t look at me like this! Maybe it is because my soul is too pure and that is why the heaven is touched by me?”

All the maidens immediately rolled their eyes and they had some difficulty trying to suppress the laughter that was in their hearts.

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Chapter 136: Freeing the Prisoners

The Evil Cultivation Palace or rather the three Citadel Elders had actually kept their promises to release all the prisoners.

In return Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue did not make things too difficult for them and allowed them to depart peacefully from the citadel.

“Please send Sword Demon Yuan Ji regards to your First Citadel Lord Yin Wei!” Yuan Ji instructed the three Citadel Elders with a grin but secretly he was sighing; this Yin Wei is a great saint. He won’t be easy to handle. We are just lucky that he isn’t around or else it will be a disastrous for us.

There were about fifty prisoners and the majority was women.

As Yuan Ji led the prisoners away, his sharp ears picked up some mutterings from the departing evil cultivators.

“So that is Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue…”

“If only I can bang them…”

“Yea, me too…”

“I am always dreaming about them…”

“They are more beautiful than I have thought…”

“To think that they are really here…”

As Yuan Ji watched the fluttering skirts of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue from their back, he felt like turning around to use his sword on the evil cultivators.

How dare they think about banging my women behind my back!

It took Yuan Ji plenty of restraint not to turn on them with his sword. In the end, he managed to triumph over his heart demons and walked away peacefully.

Xue Qianxue chuckled when she saw that his face was extremely ugly, “Why is there a sword in your hand?”

“Yes, why?” Ling Feiyue asked the same. She had only noticed that there was a sword that was in Yuan Ji’s hand after Xue Qianxue had turned around to ask him.

Yuan Ji replied sheepishly, “It always pays to be a little more careful.”

All of a sudden a petite lady cultivator had quietly approached Yuan Ji before lowering her head to say, “I’ve heard that you are looking for Little Princess?”

“You are?” Yuan Ji asked her curiously. She did not have any golden eyes therefore it was likely that she was below the fifth realm level. Unless of course, she could hide her golden eyes like Yuan Ji.

“Nangong Xiu.” She answered quietly. “May I know why you are looking for Little Princess and who are you?”

When Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue saw that there was a pretty maiden that had approached Yuan Ji all of a sudden, they muttered a few humming sounds.

This Nangong Xiu had a stimulating attractiveness to her and she was wearing a low cut silken bodice, revealing her lascivious figure.

It was no wonder why Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were watching them with an unhappy look. Unlike Dong Feifei, they just did not like this Nangong Xiu at all.

Yuan Ji secretly smiled when he saw their expressions. Now it is my turn to make the two of you jealous of me.

So he laughed in a friendly manner to Nangong Xiu, “I am the Sword Demon Ji Yuan…”

All of a sudden Nangong Xiu gasped softly, “You are Ji Yuan?”

“That’s right. You know me?” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

Nangong Xiu nodded slowly, “I’m actually an evil cultivator. I’m from the Evil Cultivation Palace.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “Then why are you a prisoner?”

Nangong Xiu replied, “I’m Little Princess’ follower and I’m from her citadels. When our citadels are raided by the orthodox major clans, some of us had fled here to take refuge.”

All of a sudden her eyes were woeful as she pulled down her short skirt before adding. “But instead of treating us as one of them, they imprisoned all of us for their depraved uses.”

Yuan Ji: …

“You are all protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace. Why did they treat you this way?” Yuan Ji sighed heavily.

“My citadel mistress isn’t on the best of terms with her brothers. Maybe that is why.” She was answering ruefully and there was a sense of betrayal in her eyes.

But she quickly composed her sorrows to say, “When they had released us, some of the guards said to us that today is our lucky day and they will be releasing us to rejoin our citadel mistress. It seems that a group of cultivators have suddenly arrived at the citadel and are forcing them to release all the prisoners. Then I had secretly overheard them discussing that there is a man in the group who is looking for Little Princess. That is why I have approached you.”

Yuan Ji muttered nervously, “Then can you take me to Little Princess?”

Nangong Xiu averted her eyes, “You are all powerful cultivators. If I bring you to Little Princess then won’t I be endangering her instead?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “We won’t. We’re friends.”

Nangong Xiu looked at him with suspicion, “I’m sure that you are not friends. My citadel mistress often curses you loudly and wishes that you were never born.”

Yuan Ji laughed weakly, “That is Little Princess alright.”

But he said solemnly, “If you can bring me to Little Princess, I can promise that we won’t harm her. I erm…just want to talk to her for a while.”

Then he was trembling as he clenched his fists tightly, “I just want to say sorry to her over something that I had done to her in the past.”

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: ???

What did Yuan Ji do to her in the past?

Nangong Xiu was startled as she stared at Yuan Ji for a while.

Finally she heaved a soft sigh, “You don’t look like you are lying. I don’t know if I should believe you or not. But I will trust you this once. I hope that you are not lying to me. But I have to make it clear first, there is no promise that I can find her whereabouts.”

Yuan Ji was delighted as he returned a hearty laugh, “Thank you so much!”

Nangong Xiu sighed heavily, “But don’t blame me either if my citadel mistress decides to attack you. After all, she doesn’t seem to like you very much.”

Yuan Ji replied weakly, “Yes I know, she doesn’t have a good impression of me.”

Then he grinned, “Maiden Nangong Xiu. If you have no other place to go after this, why don’t you come to my Orthodox Sword Sect?”

Nangong Xiu was startled as she stared blankly at him, “Why do you want to recruit me for? I am an evil cultivator and I don’t have a good past.”

“I’m not interested in your past. You are a sword energy cultivator, am I right? You can be my core protégé.” Yuan Ji said solemnly.

“I can be a core protégé of the Sword Saint Ji Yuan?” Nangong Xiu was really startled. “But I’m not a strong cultivator and I’m only a fourth realm cultivator…”

All of a sudden she was interrupted by Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue as they pulled Yuan Ji to one side.

They were now furiously arguing with him.

“Remember that you are not the sect master of the Orthodox Sword Clan anymore.”

“Why are you taking a core protégé?”

“Are you so free?”

“Are you keeping her for your harem palace?”

“There are so many sword energy cultivators around, why are you picking her as your core protégé?”

“Just because she has a sexy figure?”

“Why didn’t you ask for our approval first?”

Nangong Xiu lowered her head as she said quietly, “Please rest assured that I have no intention of joining any other sects. As long as I live, I will never abandon my citadel mistress.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Don’t worry. If you change your mind in the future, let me know anytime. There is no need to hesitate about it. Just treat it as my favor for you for helping me to search for Little Princess. Whether we can find her or not, this offer will always stand.”

Nangong Xiu was trembling lightly. His words were like a powerful injection into her soul.

Yuan Ji returned a heavy sigh, “Little Princess, she is someone who is very important in my heart.”

Nangong Xiu returned a perplexed look at him. Everyone knows that Little Princess hates him. Doesn’t he know about it?

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were quietly gasping. Did he just say that Little Princess is very important in his heart to him?

Xue Qianxue was suddenly saying to Ling Feiyue, “I’m suddenly curious what Little Princess looks like.”

“Me too.” Ling Feiyue was suddenly muttering. “There are few cultivators that have actually seen what she looks like. Even if they see her, they may not even know that she is Little Princess.”

Little Princess was actually at the Sacred Maiden Ceremony the other day but she was not recognized by anyone. Moreover she was also wearing a veil. But Yuan Ji had recognized her nevertheless because of her alluring vixen eyes that were unique to her.

Nangong Xiu had heard them discussing the appearance of Little Princess so she said quietly, “She is really a stunning saintess. You will never forget her looks once you have seen her.”

Yuan Ji was thinking. Yea, she is really stunning and moreover she has an unforgettable bewitching vixen look. Her figure is also extremely enticing and she fills me with lust whenever I see her…

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Chapter 135: The Secret Citadel Base (3)

Yuan Ji soon found the entrance of the secret citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace that was located deep in the mountains.

The entrance was heavily guarded by more than ten cultivators and there was even a golden celestial among them.

“How did you manage to find the base of the Evil Cultivation Palace so quickly?” Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were astonished.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly. “It is all due to luck.”

The two maidens rolled their eyes. It was obvious not true.

Yuan Ji was actually very familiar with the secret markings of the Evil Cultivation Palace. After all, he had once been a prisoner of Little Princess and he had made many failed attempts to escape before he had finally succeeded.

Therefore it was not difficult for him to find the secret citadel quickly once he knows that there was a base of the Evil Cultivation Palace in the nearby mountain vicinity.

He turned to say to Xiaobai, “Qianfeng, stay over here to watch over our Spirit Crane while we go and take a look inside. Don’t worry we will be alright.”

Bai Qianfeng displayed a light tremble before she nodded.

Yuan Ji smiled as he gave her a pat on her head before he departed with Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue.

Bai Qianfeng was unusually quiet because she had been thinking about something lately and that was to surrender her body to Yuan Ji. She had made a quiet promise to give herself to him if he survived his duel.

And he did.

Even though his duel is not a life-threatening duel due to a special circumstance but an immortal promise is sacred to her soul sea. Therefore she had to keep her oath.

She was extremely bashful when she had thought of it. I have to find an opportunity to be alone with him first…

When Yuan Ji had suddenly appeared into view to the cultivators that were guarding the entrance of the citadel, he had purposely suppressed his cultivation realm level by hiding his golden eyes with his mystic art.

As for Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, they were donning their curtain veils to hide their faces.

Yuan Ji had told them to pretend to be his prisoners and ask them to close their eyes if anyone were to check on them.

After he had told them his plans, he approached the guards and showed them the token that he had looted from the dead cultivators earlier.

The golden celestial at the entrance immediately said when he saw Yuan Ji. “Who are you? How come I have never saw you before? And who are these two maidens?”

Yuan Ji frowned unhappily, “Naturally they are my prisoners and I am bringing them inside to our First Citadel Lord.”

But the golden celestial and all the guards continued to stare at the two veiled maidens who were covered with a curtain veil.

Although they could not see their faces and their bodies due to the long curtain veil that was like a cloak but they could still somehow tell that these two maidens had an extraordinary air and were emanating an enticing vibes that were spellbinding to them.

Moreover these guards had been cultivating the dual cultivation profound art and they could feel that these two maidens were extremely juicy and were extremely good dual cultivation partners.

This was something that Yuan Ji had not thought of since he was not familiar with any of the dual cultivation profound arts.

The golden celestial looked beyond Yuan Ji as he smiled lecherously, “Our First Citadel Lord only needs maidens that are chaste. I wonder if these two maidens are still pure? If no, why don’t we have a little sharing and I can promise you that I will give you some benefits in the future.”

One of the guards shouted loudly, “Hey! Be smart and give our brother Celestial Huo some face!”

Celestial Huo smiled coldly at Yuan Ji, “This brother here, what is your name?”

Yuan Ji replied indifferently, “Li Yuan.”

“So Li Yuan, what do you think?” Celestial Huo grinned at him. “Take off their veils and let me have a look at them first.”

Yuan Ji immediately frowned, “These two are pure maidens so I don’t think you should touch them. Moreover, they are actually extremely ugly as well…”

But the guards had already surrounded Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue as they completely ignored Yuan Ji.

Before the guards could unveil the two maidens, these two maidens had already pulled their curtain veils against their shoulders to reveal their extraordinary beautiful features and their piercing golden eyes.

When the guards saw their golden eyes, they were so startled that they were staggering backward but at the same time they were also mesmerized by the astonishing beauty of the two maidens.

Before any of the guards could react, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had put them all down with their swords.

Even Celestial Huo had no idea what had happened when he had died.

All the nearby guards had become a happy ghost when they had died as they stared blankly at the two peerless beauties.

The guards that were inside the entrance were so alarmed that they were now shouting, “We have intruders! Sound the alarm!”

The alluring beauty of Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue when put together in the same place were so captivating that none of the nearby guards had any sense of danger even though the two maidens had already unsheathed their swords.

Yuan Ji was stunned when he saw how all these guards had fallen like useless trash. These guards are still thinking of banging my consorts even when swords have been drawn against them. This is too ridiculous. They have no sense of danger at all…

He turned to smile bitterly at the two maidens, “Do you have to draw your swords? Can’t you act like my prisoners?”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “We didn’t really kill them. They are just disabled and will be so for a long time. Why are you so jittering about? What do you expect us to do? They are trying to touch us and we’re only defending ourselves.”

Yuan Ji thought. They are obviously dead from your attacks…

Ling Feiyue giggled as she winked at Yuan Ji, “That’s right. Do you want them to green you?”

Xue Qianxue could not resist a chuckle after she had heard Ling Feiyue.

They had naturally learnt from Bai Qianfeng what had happened in the Dream Trial.

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes before muttering, “Because of what you have done, we have to double up on our actions now. You have now sounded the alarm and we have lost the element of surprise…”

All of a sudden the two maidens had purposely stepped on his foot as they walked past him as they said together. “Extremely ugly you say. Who’s the ugly one!”

Yuan Ji blinked his eyes. Don’t tell me that they are mad because I call them extremely ugly? Hey, this is only a ruse. Why are they so petty about this? Their ego is seriously too high…

As soon as Ling Feiyue had entered the entrance, she had immediately usurped the leadership position from Yuan Ji.

Her beautiful and gentle voice soon filled the great halls of the secret citadel, “Get all your high ranking cultivators to see me immediately or don’t blame me for razing your citadel to the ground.”

Her actions completely stunned Yuan Ji who was trying to surprise the enemy and even Xue Qianxue was also completely taken by surprise.

Although the alarm had been raised but Ling Feiyue had raised the alarm to another level by calling out loudly for the leaders.

As they stormed through the citadel and into the great halls of the citadel, they soon found themselves surrounded by over a hundred golden celestials and at least a thousand cultivators.

Yuan Ji immediately grumbled to Ling Feiyue, “Look what you have done. By alarming everyone, we have now found ourselves in this current situation.”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly and returned a nonchalant look.

Yuan Ji: …

Among the hundred over golden celestials, there were three seventh realm golden saints in their ranks and they were the citadel elders.

All the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were a little speechless when they saw that there were only three intruders and moreover two of the intruders were extremely peerless in their appearances; they were now causing all the male cultivators to look at them lecherously while the female cultivators were filled with envious looks.

One of the citadel elders said immediately as soon as he had entered the great hall, “Spare the maidens and kill the man.”

Yuan Ji frowned unhappily, “Shouldn’t you ask who we are first?”

The same citadel elder chuckled heartily, “No need. There is no need to know the name of a dead man.”

A female citadel elder and the only female among the three citadel elders immediately smiled, “No wait, I want the man. So who are you and what are your names?”

Yuan Ji cleared his throat to say, “Ahem, I’m Sword…”

But before he could finish, Ling Feiyue had said with her beautiful gentle voice. “I am the Demoness Ling Feiyue and I’ve come to demolish your nest. Release all your prisoners and leave this place or else I will put everyone to the sword!”

As she spoke, she had also displayed her profound golden animus fiercely, pronouncing herself as a great saintess.

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue: …

Yuan Ji sighed with great exasperation. Do you think that they will be afraid of you? We need more tact not foolish bravery…

Immediately the three citadel elders and many others had all taken a few steps backward.

The three citadel elders were all stammering, “You’re…Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue…the one that had dared to storm the Celestial Orthodox Sect…fight off the Seven Major Orthodox Clans…”

“Take all the prisoners…”

“As long as Great Saintess Ling Feiyue is willing to spare us, we will abandon this citadel immediately…”

“That’s right…”

“Then the other two must be Xue Qianxue and Sword Demon Ji Yuan?”

“I’ve heard that they are all Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue’s subordinates…”

“We’re just puny saints. Hope that Dark Mistress Ling will spare us from our great rudeness…”

“Even Sword Saintess Yuluo and the Great Saints of the two major orthodox clans are not able to kill them, what can we do to them?”

The three citadel elders were all initial saints and one of them was a half-step initial saint. Therefore when up against a great saintess like Ling Feiyue, they felt that a little intimidating. Moreover it was not just one great saintess but two!

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Ling Feiyue winked at Yuan Ji with an alluring smile, “See. Isn’t it easier this way?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji had never expected that the protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace would be cowards. After all if they were to all attack together, they do have a winning chance. The Evil Cultivation Palace had many profound treasures and even divine profound arts that could increase their profound strength drastically in battle to fight a top expert.

Therefore he had taken into account of their combined fighting strength and decided that only by using tact would they succeed in their undertaking to free the prisoners. With some luck, they may even succeeded in killing off some of the top experts.

He had never expected that the citadel elders would give in to Ling Feiyue’s demands so readily.

Actually the three citadel elders know that they may stand a winning chance given their superior numbers. But they were really a little afraid of Ling Feiyue.

Firstly, she is not an orthodox cultivator and is an unorthodox cultivator that is not averse to killing anyone. So she is not definitely not bluffing them.

Secondly, she had a bold reputation at the Celestial Orthodox Sect where she fought off several top experts on her own that included the Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi and had even escaped unscathed. Even the many protégés of the Evil Cultivation Palace were impressed by what she had done.

Thirdly, Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is the sect master of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and it is highly unlikely that she may come alone.

The fourth and the last reason is the most important reason of all and is unspeakable; the three citadel elders are her secret fans after what she had done at the Celestial Orthodox Sect. So there.

Although they will be facing a severe punishment from First Citadel Lord Yin Wei for abandoning the citadel but losing to Ling Feiyue is not a disgraceful thing at all.

Many of the evil cultivators were now gasping among themselves, “It is really Ling Feiyue…so the other one must be Xue Qianxue…they are so beautiful…that man is also quite handsome…”

Yuan Ji asked awkwardly as he looked at the evil cultivators, “Is Little Princess here?”

The three citadel elders answered respectfully, “She had left this place a couple of days ago.”

Yuan Ji was immediately excited, “Where did she go to?”

“Erm, we really have no idea…”

When Yuan Ji had heard them, he was secretly disappointed.

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Chapter 134: The Secret Citadel Base (2)

Days earlier;

After Little Princess had found out that Zhao Songjin and Yin Wei had conspired against her, she had found a corner to cry her heart out.

She was not weeping because of them but it was for Ji Yuan.

“He must have viewed the memory stone by now and he must be thinking that I am a wanton woman…in his heart, he must be despising me…”

Her eyes were woeful and were puffy red. “Ji Yuan, I know that you’re that Yuan Ji. You will rather have Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue than me…”

All of a sudden she was gasping as she coughed out another mouthful of blood. Her internal injuries were not light at all.

The reason why she had suddenly lost control of her internal energies regulations was because she had suddenly remembered that Yuan Ji had a duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Palace.

“I…am…sorry…I really wish that I can intervene in that duel for you even if I’m may not be the match of the Divine Palace Master. Even…if you don’t love me…”

“Didn’t you say that you will be with me till the end of times? Why did you break my heart…”

“No, he has never promised me that. I am the foolish one that had said that…”

“Ji Yuan, why can’t you understand my heart for you…”

“Other than you, I have never dual cultivate with anyone else…”

“He must really hate me so much. I did an unforgivable thing. I had caused him to break off with Saintess Yuluo and now she had even died in his hands…”

Everyone was now saying that Ji Yuan was the one that had killed Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo and that he had become the Sword Demon Ji Yuan.

“I am the one that made you into a monster. I am really such a horrible person…if it isn’t for me, the two of you would have already been together by now…”

Actually Little Princess was wrong on this. Jian Yuluo’s father, the Sect Master Jian Kang will never allow his daughter to marry Ji Yuan because he had a poor background. In his grand scheme of things, his daughter must marry someone from the seven major orthodox clans to strengthen the Profound Heaven Sword Manor. Even if Ji Yuan is a Sword Saint, he was not a seventh realm saint and the seven major orthodox clans had always looked down on the pure sword cultivators.

Although Ji Yuan is a saint now, it will still never be able to change Sect Master Jian Kang opinion of him because he is as poor as a desert.

“Ji Yuan…” Little Princess was melancholy. He was the first man that she had loved and still love. “I know that you are dead now. Rest assures that I will not let the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace off for killing you. If I don’t die after I have avenged you, I will definitely join you in the netherlands!”

After she had made this silent promise in her heart, she had dried her tears and left this hateful citadel.

After she had left the citadel, Yin Wei had also left for his other citadels.

Before Yi Wei had left, he ordered everyone to comb the mountains for any chaste maidens that they could find and to bring them back to the citadel.

Back to the present;

Dong Feifei was now saying to Yuan Ji, “Great Celestial, when can I see you again? So that I can one day repay you for your sake.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “It is alright. This is really nothing at all.”

He had thought that after he had told Dong Feifei and her group that he was the Sword Demon Ji Yuan, they would be scared off by him. Rather, they were only surprised for just a little while before they were greeting him respectfully again.

“Quickly go home. I will take care of the rest.”

“Will you like to visit our Iron Vessel Clan?” Bong Feifei asked quietly.

“I still have something on.” Yuan Ji replied her nonchalantly.

Dong Feifei had a reluctant look before she finally turned her back to leave. She was actually not the only one and several of the female cultivators were also looking at him with great reluctance as they left.

After Bai Feifei and her group had left, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue had leapt down from the cliff.

“Look what have you done. You have just broken another maiden’s heart!” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly. “She is actually quite pretty. How can you let her go just like this?”

Yuan Ji made a frown, “How is it possible for me to break her heart when we aren’t even together?”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “Our Brother Yuan Ji here is such a romantic cultivator. He’s sowing his seeds wherever he goes. Unfortunately for that Maiden Dong Feifei, she did not know that this fish needs plenty of resources to catch and is extremely slippery.”

“Yea. I really pity her.” Ling Feiyue sighed softly. “She doesn’t even have a chance because she is also too weak to force our Brother Yuan Ji here to be committed to her. Now that I have thought of this, Sister Jiajia is really so brilliant to force him to get bonded to our Sister Yan. Because we have Sister Yan to break his ice wall, we all have our chances now.”

Xue Qianxue nodded as she giggled lovingly, “If not, we will be like her and will be suffering from heartbreaks.”

“I betting that even our Sister Yan may not have an easier time with him even with Sister Jiajia’s help. He is probably struggling with his heart demons for many months whether to bed her or not. This I am very sure.” Ling Feiyue added with a playful chuckle.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Can we talk about something else?” Yuan Ji muttered weakly.

“Why did you tell them that you are the Demon Sword Ji Yuan? What did you promise Sister Jiajia? You’re not supposed to tell anyone that you are Ji Yuan. Have you forgotten about this already?” Xue Qianxue shot him a stern look.

Ling Feiyue tapped him on his chest with her fingers, “Please explain yourself!”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Of course I am Yuan Ji now. The beardless Yuan Ji. With the current situation now, if I tell them that I am Yuan Ji then we won’t have any peace in the future. But what if I tell them that I’m the Sword Demon Ji Yuan? Then in the future they will all be looking for Ji Yuan and will never know that I am actually Palace Master Yuan Ji from the Emperor Hall Sect.”

“This…makes a little sense…” the two maidens began to mutter as they hesitated to ponder over his words.

“Therefore I am going to blacken Ji Yuan. Whatever Ji Yuan does, it is none of my business because I’m Yuan Ji now.”

Yuan Ji grinned at them. “Make sense? Therefore I am Sword Demon Ji Yuan now.”

Xue Qianxue muttered softly, “I got a feeling that we are going to be tricked by him…”

Ling Feiyue rolled her eyes, “But what he says actually makes sense.”

“Of course it makes sense.” Yuan Ji chuckled. “Come, follow me!”

“Where are we going?” the two maidens asked him.

Yuan Ji said solemnly, “If I am not wrong then there is a secret citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace nearby. We are naturally going to track it down and free the innocents. There may be more captives.”

Ling Feiyue gasped, “With just the three of us? Are you sure?”

“My daring Feiyue will actually be afraid?” Yuan Ji laughed as he looked coolly at her.

“Of course not! Let’s go then!”

Xue Qianxue smiled weakly, “The two of you are really too bold. This is not a good idea at all. Surely there will be quite a few saints around.”

She was suddenly sighing because Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had already walked off without her.

Yuan Ji was actually rubbing his chin as he wondered if he would be able to locate Little Princess…

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Chapter 133: The Secret Citadel Base (1)

A group of twenty cultivators had now cornered a small group of ten female cultivators.

The ten female cultivators were all in bitter tears as they looked fearfully at the aggressive bigger group that had them surrounded.

Earlier, their caravan had been ambushed by these unknown cultivators and all the men had been brutally killed. The head of their caravan was actually a strong fifth realm golden celestial but he was quickly killed and dozens of dead bodies soon resulted from the ambush.

They were actually from the nearby Iron Vessel Clan and were on the way to the nearby city to trade for cultivation resources.

These twenty cultivators were really too vicious!

The female cultivators from the Iron Vessel Clan could not believe that they would be so viciously attacked by some unknown cultivators for no apparent reason and that their defenses were like paper in front of these attackers.

The Iron Vessel Clan had no real enemies and they were in the heart of the orthodox fraternity which was far away from the major conflicts between the unorthodox and orthodox cultivators. So why should anyone be so bold to attack a caravan that was escorted by over a hundred cultivators?

But this group of vicious cultivators had dared to. And among the twenty cultivators presented, three of them were golden celestials. This fact alone made all the difference.

One of the golden celestials looked with great disdain at the female cultivators that were weeping bitterly in front of them, “You’re all just first to third realm cultivators and horribly weak. Do you believe that I can take your lives with just a single sword stroke? Hurry up and drop your swords or don’t blame us for being ruthless with you later.”

Another golden celestial from the same group hummed coldly, “Who are the virgins and who are not virgins? Own yourself up.”

But all the female cultivators refused to say a word and there were tears on their faces. Somehow they knew that they were not going to escape their fates today.

One of the female cultivators managed to stammer out, “The Iron Vessel Clan has no feud with you whatever so. Why did you attack our caravan and what do you want with us?”

This female cultivator was really pretty and she had immediately aroused the lecherous looks of the badass cultivators. Moreover she was wearing a low body bodice that was showing her beautiful curves and her skirt was really short.

The third golden celestial laughed aloud, “Of course we have no feud with you. Does the Evil Cultivation Palace needs a reason to kill anyone?”

When the female cultivators heard that these vicious cultivators were from the Evil Cultivation Palace, they had immediately turned ashen and they knew what their final fate would be!

Two of the female cultivators immediately fainted on the spot when they had heard that they were actually from the Evil Cultivation Palace!

The female cultivator that had just spoken had now turned completely ashen but she mustered whatever little courage that she could to stammer out, “My father, he…is the Sect Master of the…Iron Vessel Clan…he will not let you off…if you dare to violate us!”

When the vicious cultivators had heard her threat, they were all laughing heartily.

“Sect Master of the Iron Vessel Clan?”

“Is he famous?”

“I have heard that he is only a fifth realm golden cultivator…”

“He is an old man actually…haha…”

“We will be afraid of the Iron Vessel Clan? Haha….”

“Since this young maiden here is their young mistress, she may be a virgin…”

“What a good harvest…”

“She is also such a lovely maiden…”

One of the three golden celestials said sternly to his men, “Seize them and take them all away to our citadel. Make sure you’re not followed and hide away all our tracks. Throw the dead bodies to the bottomless abyss below. As for the caravan, take and distribute it as your loot. After we have fun with these maidens, we will reward them to you.”

He turned to smile at the female cultivators, “You are all in luck today. We will be sparing the virgins because our First Citadel Lord needs them.”

The seventeen cultivators in the group were all delighted and they quickly shouted their thanks loudly.

But as they were shouting loudly halfway, a cool voice was heard. “You’re not taking them anywhere.”

A handsome cultivator with golden eyes, armed with a precious sword in his left hand had suddenly appeared on top of the cliff. Behind him were two maidens with curtain veils, a nine-tail spirit fox and a Spirit Crane.

The voice of this handsome cultivator had great clarity. Although he had spoken softly but it rung loudly in everyone’s ears.

When the female cultivators saw that it was a golden celestial that had just spoken, there was a sudden hope in their eyes as they gasped. “Great Celestial, please help us…”

But of course their hopes were quickly killed off when they had suddenly remembered that he was only a lone golden celestial and that there were three golden celestials that were in front of them. Moreover the leader of this vicious group was also a sixth realm golden supremacy. That was not all. Even his followers were mostly third and fourth realm cultivators.

Even if this handsome cultivator was a fifth realm golden celestial, he may have trouble fighting against so many fourth realm cultivators. The three golden celestials did not even need to move their little fingers and this hero would already be dead!

Some of the female cultivators were actually pleading with this handsome cultivator. “Hero, please go! Please run and inform our clan! Let the major orthodox clans know that it is the doings of the Evil Cultivation Palace! Avenge for us!”

The three golden celestials were naturally displeased to see that their evil deeds had been bumped by someone and this someone actually had a flying mount next to him. They were actually on a clandestine mission to find some virgin maidens for their First Citadel Lord Yin Wei. Driven to desperation by their First Citadel Lord to find the virgins, they were forced to reveal themselves to the Iron Vessel Clan as they hunted the mountains for female cultivators.

The handsome cultivator was of course Yuan Ji.

Much to the delight of the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace, he had actually foolishly leapt down the cliff to be a hero.

“Actually I don’t intend to kill the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace because of an old friend of mine.” Yuan Ji said slowly to them.

Many of the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were all laughing jovially.

“Haha. Big talks!”

“Is he trying to negotiate with us?”

“No, he is trying to be a hero…haha…”

“Soon he will be a dead hero!”

“Since he doesn’t want to kill us then what does he want to do with us?”

“This is so funny…”

Yuan Ji said quietly, “I’m afraid that you have misunderstood me. At first I don’t want to kill anyone but after I had witnessed the carnage, I have now changed my mind.”


“He is so funny…”

“Kill us?”

“Is he capable?”

“This is the funniest joke that I have ever witnessed in my entire life…”

The leader of their group quickly said solemnly, “Be careful. He is dangerous. When he had descended from this steep cliff, he did not even use any profound animus to slow down his descent.”

The golden celestial that was next to him chuckled loudly, “Maybe it is because his lightless profound art is good and not because he is really dangerous…”

This golden celestial did not even finish what he was saying as Yuan Ji’s sword had suddenly pierced through his throat. Or rather it was the afterimage of his sword.

Immediately this golden celestial had stumbled backward and he had fallen onto the ground with his hand grasping his throat!

As he laid on the ground, he stammered out. “Help…me…”

All the cultivators were stunned.

Too fast.

The golden celestial was almost killed by a sword energy attack that took the form of the handsome cultivator’s sword. If he was not a golden celestial then he would have been instantly killed on the spot!

Was this the perfect sword energy form that they were witnessing?

The perfect sword energy form is also called the physical sword energies form because it looks like the cultivator is throwing his sword but is actually consisted wholly of the condensation of sword energies.

But this was really too fast for anyone to react!

Usually when someone is using sword energies, the divine sense of their opponents will quickly pick up their profound energies signature. Therefore it is nearly impossible to surprise a high level cultivator with a sword energy attack!

But when their divine sense had sensed the movement of this handsome cultivator’s sword, the sword energies had already been formed and moreover it was the perfect sword energy form!

And the victim was actually a fifth realm golden celestial!

How could a golden celestial fell so easily like he was only a first realm cultivator?

The leader immediately shouted, “Attack! What are you all waiting for?”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had swung his sword three times as he released several deadly sword energies bursts and waves that strafed through the midst of these cultivators.

When the sword energies had dissipated, all the cultivators from the Evil Cultivation Palace were all dead except for the leader of the group and that was only because he had actually turned around to run!

It was as though Yuan Ji was cutting tofu and moreover he had only used a precious sword that he had borrowed from Ling Feiyue.

The leader had run with all his strength. In fact, he could not remember when was the last time that he had run so fast. He was thinking, “He must have expended all his profound strength to execute his profound attacks so he must be recharging his vital breath now. Although he is a sword energy cultivator but sword energies will weaken over a distance. With my golden celestial body and innate profound defenses, it is impossible for him to hurt me now that I have a head start over him…”

But all of a sudden the afterimage of a sword had run through his body, killing him instantly.

Yuan Ji had casually displayed the Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon immediately after the leader had made a dash.

All the jaws of the female cultivators dropped as they could not believe that a golden supremacy would actually die even without a single fight to show for.

Moreover the recovery rate of this hero was too startling. How could anyone use four sword energies attack within a single vital breath and moreover he was not even panting for breath!

This means that he had not reached his limit yet.

Actually the first three sword energies attack were all low level sword energies attack that expended very little of Yuan Ji’s vital profound strength. The Heavenly Light of the Coiling Dragon was more draining to him and was equivalent to using three of the earlier sword energies attack.

The young mistress of the Iron Vessel Clan stammered weakly as she looked with great idiocy at Yuan Ji, “Great Celestial, I am Dong Feifei, the young mistress of the Iron Vessel Clan. Thank you for your great chivalry in aiding us. May we know the name of our great savior?”

Before Yuan Ji could reply her, she shyly added. “I am also unmarried.”

Yuan Ji laughed weakly before he grinned with an inspiration. “I am Sword Demon Ji Yuan.”

Dong Feifei and all the female cultivators were so startled that they stumbled backward…

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

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Chapter 132: The ‘Exciting’ Battle in the Sky

The breeze was cool and the weather was calm as the Spirit Crane flew high up above the mountains.

Bai Qianfeng was in her nine-tail spirit fox form as she cuddled in Yuan Ji’s arms. She had indicated to him that she would prefer to be in her spirit beast form unless it is necessary for her to show herself up.

It was because she was really too catchy and peerless in her human form. Even if she were to wear a veil, she still will not be able to hide her unearthly attraction due to her immortal presence. Her vibes were even more heavenly than Fairy Ye Chengxi.

That was the reason why it had even caused Xiang Li to break her promise to Yuan Ji as she materialized out of his soul sea to watch them in their first love battle and also the subsequent ones. And Xiang Li had only broken this promise in Bai Qianfeng’s presence.

Right now Yuan Ji was enjoying the cool breeze with Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue but in front of the two most beautiful maidens in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, his hands were actually quite naughty.

Xue Qianxue teased him, “So how is the feeling? I mean having your Jiajia in your arms?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “She is really soft and has a heavenly scent around her.” But he was soon sighing heavily. “It is really a pity that we have to part again so soon. I still have many things to chat with her.”

His Jiajia had waited for him to exit his cultivation retreat and had even prepared the regaining profound pills for him. Even though he was dead poor but she knew that he would not accept her gifts due to his pride. Therefore she had found the Emperor Hall Sect in the Five Heavens Peaks to await his return.

When he saw her again, he thought that she was a bimbo because he could not believe his good luck when he had thought that he had conned her. The other four dead elders of the Emperor Hall Sect had also thought that she was a bimbo and had never repent their actions even though they had a hundred years to do so.

Instead they had taken advantage of their position as elders of the Emperor Hall Sect to expand their influences and even planted their moles in Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing’s palace retinue.

They were naturally not afraid of Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing because to them, she was only a lone and vulnerable sixth realm golden supremacy and was not the match of their combined strength. As long as they stay united, they were untouchable by Xia Jiaqing.

But never have they suspected that their Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing is actually a peak seventh realm great saintess that can take away their lives at a moment notice.

To the four dead elders, they are after all golden supremacies and golden supremacies have a lofty status in the cultivation fraternity because saints were too rare. Moreover it is in the backwaters of the Five Heavens Peaks.

Therefore they had the right to be arrogant and had paid for their arrogance with their lives because their Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing was only waiting for Ji Yuan to return so that she can keep their 100 year pledge.

Although Xia Jiajia had kept her marriage pledge for Ji Yuan but she had to test him further because he had not proven that he was worthy of her yet. It was all too easy for men to like a beautiful maiden and Xia Jiajia did not want Ji Yuan to like her because of her beautiful looks. She needed to know his sincerity too.

Therefore she had set a test for him.

She was quite surprised that Ji Yuan did not even betray her under threats of death from her two great saint elders. Therefore she had purposely given him another six months to think over his duel.

Then she had purposely revealed herself as Saintess Fang Zhenfei. Now you know who I am. Will you betray me?

But he continued to be tight-lipped.

Although Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were sent to secretly protect him but they also had a secret mission and that was to tempt him into betraying Xia Jiajia (herself) and to be her eyes to check his character.

Along the way, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had indeed painted the Hundred Flower Divine Palace as a horrible and frightening sect so as to intimidate him into giving up his fight.

Along the way, Xia Jiajia had actually been following them and that was why the two sister saintesses had been so bold.

In short, Xia Jiajia had never truly left him until he had made his escape with Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. As they had escaped on a flying mount, she decided not to follow them for the time being as she had an affair to settle with the Evil Cultivation Palace for the time being. She had actually spotted Little Princess during the Sacred Maiden Ceremony and knew that she was up to no good.

She could actually still follow Yuan Ji if she wanted to because she still had his profound signature.

When she had asked Yuan Ji why did he not remove the profound signature that was on him given that the combined profound strength of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue would certainly be able to remove the profound signature, Yuan Ji replied to her that he felt good that ‘someone’ was constantly protecting his back before his duel.

That caused Xia Jiajia to be rendered almost speechless.

Yuan Ji had secretly told her, “Actually I didn’t feel that the Old Master is someone that wanted me dead because he would have killed me at any point of the time. Although I didn’t know that ‘he’ is actually you but I feel that the Old Master is actually a honorable person that is worthy to have a duel with. I have never met such a nice opponent that will actually send two lovely saintesses to protect me until the time of our duel. If you were me, won’t you find it a little strange as well? So even if I were killed by the Old Master, I can rest in peace knowing that he is someone that will keep his promise to spare the Five Heavens Peaks.”

That was actually what they had secretly shared with each other just before Yuan Ji had left.

Back to the present;

Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she continued after Xue Qianxue had just spoken, “Someone here must be quite sour that he didn’t have the opportunity to screw her.”

Yuan Ji frowned immediately, “You know that I am a gentleman of the sword and I don’t always think of this sort of thing in my head.”

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue immediately caught hold of his fingers as they chuckled at the same time, “And what are your ten fingers doing now?”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered weakly, “It’s just my natural reflexes. The two of you are pressing onto me and I did it unwittingly.”

Ling Feiyue threw him a light punch, “Hmph! You’re not honest at all. Maybe Sister Qianxue and I should set a test for you like Jiajia? What do you say?”

Xue Qianxue nodded with a wry smile, “That’s right! We should set a test for you!”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji began to smile bitterly, “After what happens a hundred years ago, the two of you are still testing me? Moreover it is too late to set any test now.”

“Why so?” the two maidens asked curiously at the same time.

Yuan Ji roared with laughter, “Because the rice had already been cooked!”

“You badass rascal…” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were kicking and beating him from all sides.

“Go on. I don’t feel any pain at all.” Yuan Ji laughed. “Why are all your punches and kicks so light?”

It was true. Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were only teasing him and they were only hitting him lightly without the use of any profound strength.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had grabbed the two maidens at the same time and had put them in front of you.

“Yuan Ji! What are you doing?” the two maidens were startled.

Yuan Ji laughed as he gently put Xiaobai quietly behind him before saying. “The trip may be a little long so why don’t we have a little fun while in the air?”

Xue Qianxue was startled, “This is not a good idea, am I right? What if there are some other aerial cultivators around?”

“Sister Qianxue is right. Moreover, Qianfeng is also here. This is a little too outrageous, am I right?” Ling Feiyue averted her eyes shyly.

Yuan Ji grinned, “Qianfeng don’t mind. She is already used to seeing us in action.”

Bai Qianfeng: …

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had already lifted their skirts up to reveal their lovely slender thighs.

He knew that they were game for it because they were just saying that this was not a good idea and had never said that they were unwilling to do it.

Soon he was riding them after putting Xue Qianxue on top of Ling Feiyue’s legs.

Xiang Li was expressing her absolute delight in Yuan Ji’s soul sea and she was clapping delightfully. “YES!!! Finally!!!”

Ling Feiyue muttered with great shyness, “This is too ridiculous. How can you think of this…”

Xue Qianxue was also flustered with shyness, “Let’s hope there is really no one around…if not I will surely die of shame…”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Don’t worry, my eyes are very sharp. I can spot them before they spotted us. Moreover, I will only be inconspicuously lifting up your skirts. So there is nothing to be worried about.”

The two maidens shyly nodded. They had actually missed Yuan Ji’s touches and they did not want to miss out any opportunities to be intimated with him. Now that Yuan Ji had given them some assurances, they were most willing to do it.

Ling Feiyue’s eyes were beaming with boldness because this was something quite exciting to her.

She chuckled softly, “Yuan Ji, I am pretty sure that you are an unorthodox cultivator instead of an orthodox cultivator. Because only you will think of something like this.”

Xue Qianxue lowered her eyes with great shyness as she quickly put on a veil, “If we fall from here, it will be most awkward. Let’s hope that no one is really looking our way.” But as a precaution, she had veiled herself quietly.

A few hours later, they were still doing it but Yuan Ji had suddenly said to them. “There is something below the mountains. A group of cultivators are chasing some weaker cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue asked him as she quickly pulled down her black skirt, “You want to intervene?”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly as he replied slowly, “There are many female cultivators in the weaker group and they are bitterly crying. I got to take a quick look.”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “I don’t mind. This won’t take long.”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “We should take a look. If they are in need of help, we cannot pretend that we didn’t see it.”

With that she had guided her Spirit Crane to descend onto the mountains below.

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Chapter 131: First Citadel Lord Yin Wei

In a secret mountain citadel that was somewhere in the orthodox fraternity; this was actually a hidden mountain citadel of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

Deep inside the citadel, in a spacious bed chamber was a naked couple and they were making love with each other.

The naked maiden was very beautiful and she had her legs spread around the neck of a muscular short beard man and she was moaning with great ecstasy.

For the past hour, the muscular short beard man had been brutally playing with her and she was actually enjoying it. It was because they were practicing a secret dual cultivation art.

The man was saying to her, “So who is better. Me or him?”

The beautiful maiden stammered with pleasure, “Naturally it is you. He can’t be…compared to you at all…”

All of a sudden the iron door of the bed chamber was kicked open and a stunning maiden that could cause men to sin in her presence had suddenly appeared at the entrance.

This stunning maiden was actually Little Princess and she was humming coldly, “First Young Master Yin Wei!”

The short beard man hummed coldly as he turned his head around and his golden eyes were extremely piercing. “My sister. Is this the way you’re supposed to address your big brother here? And where are your manners?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “So you’re unhappy that I am still alive?!”

The beautiful maiden that was with Yin Wei had suddenly raised her head up to see the commotion and she had a gorgeous look. She was drooling and there was a white liquid at the corner of her lips. She looked to be in a daze but she looked extremely horny as she smiled, “Ah~ It is Little Princess. Songjin misses you. Do you want to join me in the bed of your half-brother?”

When Little Princess saw Zhao Songjin, she coughed out a bout of blood as she staggered weakly. “You! How dare you betray me and caused me to lose three of my citadels!”

Indeed it was Zhao Songjin. At this moment Yin Wei was still toying with Zhao Songjin in his sister’s presence. He had one hand on Zhao Songjin’s busty mounds while the other hand was fingering her below which caused her to drip uncontrollably.

Zhao Songjin was shamelessly moaning with pleasure as she moved her hips to accommodate Yin Wei. At the same time she was smiling, “I didn’t betray the Evil Cultivation Palace. This is all part of First Young Master’s plans. I am only following it through.”

Little Princess was trembling, “You are supposed to be my follower and my eyes in the Celestial Orthodox Sect. How dare you conspire with Yin Wei to betray me?! You’re a traitor to the Evil Cultivation Palace! I shall inform my father and you have better be prepared to be grinded to pieces!”

But Zhao Songjin was giggling softly as she winked at Yin Wei.

Yin Wei was roaring with laughter, “Go ahead and do it. I actually have the blessings of our father.”

Little Princess: …

“Three citadels! Thousands of our cultivators…” Little Princess was trembling hard.

Yin Wei interrupted her with a cold smirk, “We have no other choice. This is the only way to preserve our Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin here. The results are much better than we have expected. Han Yuchi had actually given the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to her and now it is in our hands. Isn’t it good this way? What is the loss of three useless citadels compare to the Sacred Maiden Profound Art?”

Little Princess said with trembling lips, “These are my citadels, not yours!”

The Evil Cultivation Palace had three Citadel Lords to lead them. Under their charges were their secret citadel bases that were scattered all over the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Little Princess was the Third Citadel Lord but recently, all her citadels had been raided and all her moles in the Celestial Orthodox Sect were killed. It was all thanks to the betrayal of Zhao Songjin.

There were still many survivors but it would take her time to rebuild her base again. But against her two brothers, she was now a toothless tiger with no influence.

She immediately knew that her brother and Zhao Songjin had taken the opportunity to destroy all her power base. Right from the start, Zhao Songjin was actually a mole of her brother. She had never expected that she was actually her brother’s dual cultivation partner.

Yin Wei laughed, “My dear sister, I’ve thought that you were dead. Now that you are back, your brother is so glad. I wonder if you have the mood to cultivate with me. Your Ji Yuan is not going to cultivate with you ever again. So why don’t you do it with me. Together we can even increase our cultivation strength…”

“Zhao Songjin!” Little Princess interrupted him as she turned to stare coldly at Zhao Songjin. “Don’t let me lay my hands on you!” With that she had slammed the iron door and stormed off.

Zhao Songjin giggled to Yin Wei, “Brother Wei, she is still so naïve after all these years. I can’t believe that she is actually a great saintess.”

Yin Wei smiled lecherously, “We are all from the Evil Cultivation Palace. I can’t believe that she is keeping her body pure for that Ji Yuan? I can’t believe that Ji Yuan is like a cockroach. He has actually survived through the assassination attempts of the Black Hand Guild and several ‘accidents’.”

Zhao Songjin edged her slippery body closer to Yin Wei and said, “You sound bitter about it? This is so unlike you.”

Yin Wei hummed coldly, “I only hate Ji Yuan for taking away the chastity of my half-sister before me.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “Don’t worry. This Ji Yuan will soon be a dead man. You should know that he has just offended all the major orthodox clans and he is being labeled as an enemy of all the orthodox cultivators. He can only hide in the unorthodox fraternity for now.”

Yin Wei frowned, “Do you think that he is hiding at the Spirit Blue Moon Sect now?”

Zhao Songjin nodded, “Most probably. My Matriarch Sacred Maiden is now leading an attack on the Spirit Blue Moon Sect now. But I don’t think he will be a real threat.”

“Why do you say so?”

“When I have advised my Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi about that Ji Yuan, she asked me not to worry and said that he would be a dead man soon. I don’t know what she means by this but she seems to be extremely confident about it.” As Zhao Songjin recalled her conversation with Han Yuchi, she displayed a perplexed look.

Han Yuchi did not tell her that Yuan Ji was Ji Yuan. The reason why she was confident that Ji Yuan was going to be a dead man was because no one survives a duel with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Maybe there may be some formidable figures in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity like the Old Demon Freak who was the Evil Cultivation Master of the Evil Cultivation Palace but definitely not Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan was only a sword cultivator, a lowly saint who had no cultivation resources, profound treasures or any known cultivation cheats. How was it possible for Ji Yuan to be alive after his duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?

Another reason why Han Yuchi had kept Yuan Ji’s identity as Ji Yuan a secret from everyone was because she hoped to change Xue Qianxue’s mind about leaving the Celestial Orthodox Sect. After all Xue Qianxue was the first cultivator to ever attain to the Ninth Rank of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.

Yin Wei yawned softly, “I have no interest in any lesser saints that I can crush like an ant with my thumb. Sword Saint or not, he is just a sword cultivator with no powerful external or internal profound arts to speak of.”

He is a Great Saint therefore initial and middle tier saints are all lesser saints in his eyes.

Zhao Songjin licked his neck as she asked curiously, “So what is your next plan now?”

Yin Wei smiled lecherous at her, “All these years I have not laid my hands on the two great beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Can you get Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue for me?”

Zhao Songjin giggled, “It will be a little hard for me to obtain them for you but for your sake, I will definitely try my best, alright?”

Yin Wei laughed, “You’re indeed my good confidant. They really make good dual cultivation partners.”

“Don’t forget about me once you have them!” Zhao Songjin teased him.

Yin Wei shrugged his shoulders, “I have thought that you would have forgotten about me after you have Jin Yilong.”

“I am only playing with him. Naturally he cannot be compared to you at all. If I didn’t suck his vitality, I wouldn’t be a middle tier saintess and be a useful tool to you, am I right to say so?” Zhao Songjin giggled softly as she teased him with her light touches and body.

Yin Wei nodded with a smirk. “And I am reaping your benefits for mine as well. Haha.”

Zhao Songjin smiled, “My lord. So let’s continue? I can’t stay here for too long.”

Yin Wei laughed as he threw her onto the bed.

Three hours later when Zhao Songjin had left the secret citadel, Yin Wei said to his men. “Find me three chaste maidens and have them to practice the Sacred Maiden Profound Art. It is time for me to check if this Sacred Maiden Profound Art is genuine or not.”

Once he had confirmed the authenticity of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art, he would begin to dual cultivate with some of them first.

Although he was expected to hand over the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to his father the Evil Cultivation Master but there was no harm trying to reap a little benefit first.

“Erm, it is a little hard to find…”

Yin Wei asked coldly, “We don’t even have a single pure maiden in the citadel?”

“We will check the other citadels first. Maybe there are some that First Citadel Lord has not touched yet.”

Yin Wei: …

“Hurry and get it done!”

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