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Chapter 142: The Climb to Success

Tang Bufan was now climbing up the steep cliffs.

He had waited for a few days for his legs to be better before he attempted the climb.

In the past few days he had quickly mastered the basics of the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill. To his delight, not only did his legs make a rapid recovery but he felt that his constitution had also improved.

As a matter of fact, this allowed him to endure the hunger and thirst as he focused on practicing the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill and the Sunflower Sacred Skill at the same time.

At first when he had attempted the climb up the steep mountain cliffs, he was a little nervous but he soon found out that his worries were unproven because not only he had great strength in his arms now but he had felt extremely light.

It was due to the practice of the two divine martial skills. He could not wait to get out of this place and to master the two divine skills before he took his vendetta on Qiuxiang Huan and Qiuxiang Mei.

He was thinking with a cold smirk, “I am the son of the heavens. Only this sort of lucky occurrences will happen to someone with great destiny. A hero has to go through several tribulations of extreme hardship in order to ascend as a true dragon. I am truly the blessed son of the heavens.”

“Qiuxiang Huan, Qiuxiang Mei. Just you watch. I, Tang Bufan will make sure that you will be my slaves and dogs…”

All of a sudden a heavy golden tablet had fallen from the sky and had smashed against his head, causing him to fall into the desolate mists again…

Because the golden tablet was heavy and had dropped from a great height, it had struck Tang Bufan hard with a loud bang and had thrown him off the cliff.

He had totally no idea what had exactly happened and he had lost his consciousness immediately.

Above the steep cliff, above the desolate mists;

Qiuxiang Huan was the one that had thrown down the golden tablet.

“Bufan, although our union is brief but I won’t forget about you. I had made this golden tablet for you. May your soul rest in peace and may you reincarnate into a good family soon. Good bye…Bufan…”

She did not know that the golden tablet that she threw down had smashed the head of Tang Bufan, sending him to plunge down the steep cliff again.

With a final soft sigh, she muttered. “Rest…in…peace…”

With that she had left the scene.

A while later, she was in another part of New Empyrean City.

It was a broken down hut by the mountains.

Inside the hut was beautiful maiden but she looked tired and even dirty. It appeared that she was crying earlier.

When she saw Qiuxiang Huan, she began to say bitterly. “Qiuxiang Huan! Have you come to see my wretched state? Are you happy now?”

Qiuxiang Huan muttered, “Shangguan Furong…”

Shangguan Furong used to be one of the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City. Her undoing was due to Qiuxiang Huan’s schemes, causing her to be caught between two men.

She was also a third realm expert and the young mistress of the Celestial Medicinal Hall. But after her scandal had been discovered, she was driven out of her clan. This caused her to wander around, homeless. Overnight, she had lost all her friends and status.

Qiuxiang Huan said gently, “You are wrong. I am here to invite you to join the Clear Sky Pavilion.”

Shangguan Furong smiled bitterly, “So that you can further humiliate me? So that I can be your personal attendant? So that I can be at your wiles? No thanks!”

“No. You shall be a core protégé of the Clear Sky Pavilion and accord the status of an elite protégé. Not only that, you will be my dear sister.” Qiuxiang Huan said slowly.

“Are you joking with me? Why should you be so nice to me? Have you forgotten our old rivalries?” Shangguan Furong laughed bitterly. “Go away! I don’t need your pity.”

Qiuxiang Huan sighed softly as she took out a bottle, “In this bottle is a Divine Profound Pill that can help you to breakthrough to the fourth realm level. You will no longer age and will be forever beautiful. Do you think that I am not sincere enough?”

Shangguan Furong was gasping, “Are you sure? Why?!”

“Because I was young and naïve back then. I need allies and I need your help. Join me please. Together, we can do great things together. You may even regain your former glory.” Qiuxiang said gently, her gentle voice and eyes contained no malice.

Shangguan Furong had always known Qiuxiang Huan to be an extremely sly maiden and she had never trust her. But in this instance, it was a matter of eternal youth or remained in this pathetic state.

After thinking for a while, she averted her glances and said. “Are you sincere about what you have said?”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled as she bended down to hold her hand, “Sister Furong, I promise that you will always be my dear sister and I will share my glory with you.”

Shangguan Furong turned to look at her, “The celestial clans’ competition is forthcoming. You want me to join you in the competition?”

Qiuxiang Huan nodded slowly before she said, “Indeed.”

Shangguan Furong smiled weakly, “Surely the Sky Clear Pavilion has no lack of fourth realm experts. Why do you even need me in the first place?”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled, “I have a new master recently. This protégé mistress of mine only wants the most beautiful cultivators to fight alongside her. Although my clan has numerous fourth realm experts but they are all men.”

Shangguan Furong was startled, “Who is this new master of yours? What a strange person.”

Qiuxiang Huan returned a smile, “You will be able to see her real soon. After all this Divine Profound Pill is from her. I can only tell you that she is a powerful cultivator, more powerful than my great aunt Yin Shisi.”

Shangguan Furong stared blankly at her as she muttered, “More powerful than Yin Shisi? We have such a powerful figure in New Empyrean City?”

“She isn’t from around here,” Qiuxiang Huan smiled. “Come sister, we will look for her now.”

Shangguan Fu turned to look at herself in the mirror, “I may need a little preparation.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled, “I will prepare everything for you in the Clear Sky Pavilion. Do you like a rose bath or a lotus bath? Or both?”

Shangguan Fu’s eyes immediately lit up as she replied shyly, “Both.”

Qiuxiang Huan nodded warmly as she extended her hand to her, “Let’s go then!”

Shangguan Fu took her hand as she said shyly, “Sister Huan, please forgive your Sister Furong in the past!”

“What is in the past, is the past. Let’s not talk about the past too much.”

Qiuxiang Huan naturally would not tell her that she was the one that had caused her to be in this state. She had looked for Shangguan Furong because she felt guilty all of a sudden as she was similarly caught in the same situation as her. Therefore she wanted to make amend to her.

Since her new mistress had wanted her to look for a fourth realm expert to join their team setup, she had thought of Shangguan Furong.

All of a sudden she was thinking, “It seems to be a better feeling doing nicer things than scheming against the others…”

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Chapter 141: Concessions

“Yuqin…” the Three Destinies Old Man called out to Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin hummed coldly, “Hmph! So you are the so called Three Destinies Old Man? Look what have you done!”

The Three Destinies Old Man sighed heavily, “I really didn’t know that she is my daughter as well…”

Qin Keqin looked at him coldly, “And you have almost killed your daughter, my good father!”

The Three Destinies Old Man smiled bitterly, “Lie Qing didn’t tell me and I can’t find her for some time.”

Qin Keqin said, “I don’t think you are here to look for her, am I right? And why are here? And why are you trying to break off the two of us?”

The Three Destinies Old Man said weakly, “Yuqin, listen to me. That Lu Qingyun is not a good man. He is just a lecherous man. He even took you to open a room…”

Qin Keqin gasped as she interrupted him, “You’ve been following us?!”

“That is only by an accident. I just happen to walk past….”

“My good father, you don’t even know how to tell a lie!” Qin Keqin’s eyes were flashing with anger.

The Three Destinies Old Man smiled weakly, “Yuqin, is this the way you talk to your father? Where are your manners?”

Qin Keqin hummed coldly, “Weird. I think I saw this father of mine for less than ten times in my entire life. Can he still be considered to be my father? Moreover he had almost just killed his own daughter.”

The Three Destinies Old Man: …

“That is a mistake. I didn’t mean to do it. Is she really the Lie Qing’s daughter?” He asked.

Qin Keqin nodded as she said firmly, “You are not wrong. She is indeed my Aunt Consort’s daughter.”

The Three Destinies Old Man had a delightful expression on him, “Why didn’t Lie Qing tells me or look for me?”

Qin Keqin frowned slightly, “Because you are too busy.”

The Three Destinies Old Man smiled weakly, “Where is your Aunt Consort now? She is nearby, am I right?”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes before she smiled coldly, “She had left me to take care of Xingyuan and had left for the Immortal Realm to look for you. Why don’t you look for her up there?”

She was actually thinking, “If I can get rid of my father for the time being, this will be ideal.”

The Three Destinies Old Man muttered weakly, “I still have something down here so I won’t be going back so soon. By the way, have you seen the Heaveness?”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and replied, “No, isn’t she with you?”

The Three Destinies Old Man laughed weakly, “We had a little quarrel and she had descended to the Celestial Realm. I had thought that she may look for you so…”

“So that is why you have been loitering around me?” Qin Keqin interrupted unhappily. “How long have you been around?

“I have only just reached this place.” The Three Destinies Old Man laughed weakly.

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she watched him intently before she cursed softly in her heart, “Liar!”

It was because judging by the timeline that she had sealed Lu Qingyun’s desolate aura, it had already been some time now. An immortal cultivator could easily have sense his desolate aura but after she had sealed Lu Qingyun’s desolate aura to merge with Yan’Er, it was quite impossible for anyone to sense his lingering desolate aura unless they had exchanged blows.

“If you are looking for me then why did you look for Lu Qingyun?” she asked.

Upon hearing the name of Lu Qingyun, there was a change in the Three Destinies Old Man’s expression. “That rascal! Yuqin, you have to leave him immediately. Do you know that he is actually a desolate cultivator? I won’t be mistaken about this. You did not see the sword art that he had just used. It is exactly the same as my most hatred foe! Luckily he is still weak and I’ve survived.”

Qin Keqin replied coldly, “But you didn’t die, am I right? Who can kill you nowadays?”

The Three Destinies Old Man said sternly, “Leave him! He is my mortal foe and he is surely up to no good! I won’t be wrong about him. Moreover I have been observing him for some time already. He is definitely not up to no good.”

Qin Keqin smiled coldly, “So you have already been observing him for some time and yet you just said that you have only just arrived. You are really such a good father to me. We didn’t see each other for so many centuries and the first thing that you ask of me when we have met is for me to leave him? What if I say no to you?”

The Three Destinies Old Man said unhappily, “Yuqin, this is for your future happiness! Do not sink deeper into this endless void. I can always arrange for a better groom for you if you need a companion. He will be a better man than him for sure.”

Qin Keqin hummed coldly, “Just because he has the desolate force within him and that is why you are against us?”

The Three Destinies Old Man said coldly, “Yes, because he has the desolate force.”

Qin Keqin chuckled coldly, “I’ve heard that some of your new consorts are actually desolate cultivators themselves.”

The Three Destinies Old Man began to smile weakly, “They are different. I’ve them firmly under my control. Moreover they are our allies and have betrayed the Desolate Immortals. They are now the Zen Immortals of the Immortal Realm.”

“This is a double standard. As long as they have their desolate force, they will be always be Desolate Immortals. This is a fact that you can’t change. Why are you so insistent on separating us?”

The Three Destinies Old Man replied coldly, “It is because he is different. He is my arch foe and the great foe of the Immortal Realm. Do you know how many immortals had died because of him? Even if I were to agree to your unison, how do I explain it to the other immortals that had lost their friends because of him?”

Qin Keqin averted her eyes, “So you have known who he is. I’ve thought of hiding him from you and the rest.”

The Three Destinies Old Man said, “I know who he is at first look. How would I not know? We’ve been fighting for so many times throughout the years. If it is not for your sake, I will have already sent him to meet his maker.”

“Lord Father…”

All of a sudden Qin Keqin had fallen to her knees, “I have never begged you for anything and you have never given your attention to me. Even if you were to cripple my cultivation, I will still want to be with him.”

The Three Destinies Old Man bitterly said, “This is a forbidden relationship. You can be with anyone except for him. You won’t have the blessings of the immortals if you insist on doing it your way!”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly, “I don’t need the blessings of the immortals. I need your blessing, father! Not the Lord Father of the immortals but you alone as my father.”

The Three Destinies Old Man turned away as he looked up to the heavens, “I need some time to think about it. In the meantime, watch your conduct with him. If your mother consort knows about this, she won’t be pleased at all that her only daughter has fallen to this level.”

With a soft sigh, he added. “If you have seen the Heaveness, tell her that I am willing to forgive her as long as she is willing to return to the Immortal Realm.”

Then he turned around to say gently, “There is another Desolate Immortal that is loose around here. Be careful of her. She is the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi, a mighty Desolate Lord of one of the Twelve Citadels. At the moment, she is still weaker than you but it won’t be long before she regains her strength. She has quite a number of powerful artefacts with her so please do not recklessly engage her in a fight because you will never know what she will do.”

“The Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi?” Qin Keqin looked up. Was that the strange profound aura that she had sensed a few days earlier?”

The Three Destinies Old Man nodded, “All the Desolate Lords of the Twelve Desolate Citadels are extreme characters and not to be underestimated. As for this Desolate Sacred Maiden, she is a brilliant escape artist. There were many times that we had her cornered but each time, she still managed to make her escape. To think that she had managed to escape from right under my nose just a few days ago.”

He sighed, “Therefore you ought to be wary of her. I am afraid that she is here to look for Lu Qingyun and she may know who he is. Regardless if she knows who he is or not, you mustn’t let the two of them meet because she will surely corrupt his soul.”

With that he had turned away.

“Father,” Qin Keqin was gasping softly. “You are leaving already? You are not looking for the Heaveness anymore?”

The Three Destinies Old Man smiled bitterly, “I am. I will be using the remaining of my time to look for her. I have been in this realm long enough and my time here is almost up. Since you are adamant about not leaving him, what can I do? Even my other daughter is…”

He sighed heavily. For the past few weeks, he had been observing Lie Xingyuan and Lu Qingyun and he could tell that Lie Xingyuan was particular attentive to Lu Qingyun.

“I will try to come back soon. In the meantime stay safe. Be wary of Lu Qingyun and Yue Lingxi. Don’t be so naïve to believe their words. You simply can’t trust the Desolate Lords unless you can prove to them that you are stronger than them. If not they will be constantly plotting to bring you down.”

Qin Keqin nodded slowly. Most of the Immortals could not actually descend to the Celestial Realm on their own. Even if they could, it was only for a short duration and they had to pay a terrible price for doing so. Only a few exceptional immortals like the Heaveness and the Great Goddess Fantian could move freely to the Celestial Realm.

As for the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing, she had borrowed the Seal of the Celestial Realm from the Great Goddess Isa to stay in the Celestial Realm. This Seal of the Celestial Realm was a unique immortal artefact that could allow her to remain indefinitely in the Celestial Realm.

But even if the immortals could descend to the Celestial Realm, the special laws in the Celestial Realm would reduce their cultivation strength by at least 50%, making them no better than a seventh realm great saint unless they were extremely powerful in the first place.

Qin Keqin said softly as the Three Destinies Old Man walked away and her eyes were watery, “Father, it is so good to see you again. Even if it is so brief, I am truly happy…”

The Three Destinies Old Man smiled without turning back, “I am truly happy to see you as well. Good bye.”

“Father, wait!” Qin Keqin suddenly said, “Actually I have seen the Heaveness some time ago. However, I do not know her current whereabouts. She said that she had divorced you and she may consider forgiving you if you are willing to apologize to her.”

The Three Destinies Old Man had suddenly turned around with a bitter smile, “That is rubbish. I’m the one that had divorced her! If she is willing to apologize to me then I can consider giving her my forgiveness. Or else, humph!”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and she was amused. Whoever divorced each other first was not important. To her, her father and the Heaveness were both having a lovers’ quarrel and they both treasured their faces. So either of them would want to back down first.

But that was still not the most important part. She was suddenly smiling. Her father had left without pulling Lu Qingyun and her apart. This was extremely important to her. So while her father was still considering, this was a golden opportunity to make Lu Qingyun even more outstanding!

It seemed that her father may look fierce on the outside but he had actually softened after she had kneeled in front of her. “He is indeed my good father…”

She did not know that the Three Destinies Old Man was actually thinking, “They had already jumped into bed together. Maybe he had also taken advantage of my other daughter. I need some time to cool down first…”

Then he heaved a soft sigh of relief, “As long as Yuqin is willing to forgive me for accidentally hitting my other daughter, I am willing to make some small concessions first…”

“Alas, since Lingfeng isn’t around here, I’ve better look elsewhere for her. I am running out of time now…”

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Chapter 140: We Are Sisters

When Lie Xingyuan opened her eyes, Qin Keqin was gently holding onto her hands and she was muttering, “Xingyuan, you’re going to be alright. Be strong…”

Immediately Lie Xingyuan had understood what had happened. Qin Keqin was transferring her precious profound energies into her, helping to revive and clearing her energy meridians.

She muttered weakly, “Sister Keqin, why are you here?”

Then she gave a startled cry, “Is senior brother…alright?”

Qin Keqin smiled gently, “Don’t worry. He is fine.”

Lie Xingyuan began to smile weakly, “That is good…I wonder who that old man is…”

Then she was gasping, “Sister Keqin, I am awakened now. You can stop now. Don’t waste your profound energies on me…”

“Not at all,” Qin Keqin smiled.

Lie Xingyuan averted her eyes, “Actually it is so good to have a kin…”

Qin Keqin looked quietly at her for a while before she smiled, “So you knew?”

“My master had told me…”

Qin Keqin smiled as she held Lie Xingyuan’s hands tightly, “Yes, you are my really my sister and I am also your real sister. I had only known recently too. Sorry, I didn’t tell you.”

Lie Xingyuan said weakly, “Do you know that the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing is my idol? My idol is actually my sister. I am so glad.”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “We have another sister.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “We have?”

Qin Keqin nodded as she heaved deeply as she looked up, “Her name is Yi Si. She is a great saintess before me. She is our oldest sister and she had now ascended to the Immortal Realm as an immortal cultivator. I didn’t see her for centuries and I’ve always wondered how she is doing. One day, we will meet her and she will be happy that she got a little sister.”

“Great Saintess…it seems that Xingyuan here is the most useless here…” Lie Xingyuan muttered softly.

“Don’t say that. You will definitely become a great saintess in the future. This is your destiny, just like it is my destiny to become a great saintess.” Qin Keqin smiled.

“My destiny?” Lie Xingyuan asked.

“That is right.”

“Sister Keqin, may I know who my parents are?” Lie Xingyuan suddenly asked.

Qin Keqin smiled. She knew that Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress had not told her yet or else she would not ask this question. So she replied, “One day you will know.”

Lie Xingyuan looked deeply disappointed with the answer.

“Maybe you have already seen them but it is just that you did not know,” Qin Keqin slowly said.

Lie Xingyuan looked at her, afraid to ask further.

“I can only tell you this. Our parents are immortal cultivators in the Immortal Realm. In the Immortal Realm, it is a rare occurrence for births to happen and almost unheard of. Even if that happens, the child will not be an automatic immortal cultivator because there are no divine calamities to temper the cultivators in the Immortal Realm.”

Then Qin Keqin smiled gently, “Therefore we are sent to the Celestial Realm to temper our spirits and cultivation in order to prepare for our eventual ascension to the Immortal Realm. You and I are destined to become immortal cultivators.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled when she had heard her, “Is that…true?”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Of course that is the truth. Why should I lie to you?”

Lie Xingyuan lowered her eyes before she said quietly, “Because you are also the Devil Goddess…”

“Or maybe I’m the daughter of the evil immortal cultivators?” Qin Keqin chuckled softly.

Lie Xingyuan coughed weakly before she smiled, “Or maybe I am the same as well. After all, we are two sisters.”

“Or three sisters if we include our Sister Yi Si here.” Qin Keqin returned a jovial laugh.

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “Our father must be a great immortal cultivator I think.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes, not saying anything. She merely said, “Maybe.”

“Sister, I have something to tell you…” Lie Xingyuan said weakly.

Qin Keqin smiled, “Why don’t you rest first? We have all the time in the world when you’ve recovered.”

“No, sis.” Lie Xingyuan pursed her lips. “I will be leaving here soon to be a core protégé of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. I hope that you understand.”

Qin Keqin nodded slowly, “I had already heard from Shen Yufeng. She had told me of her intentions.”

“Does he knows?” Qin Keqin asked her. ‘He’ referred to Lu Qingyun.

Lie Xingyuan nodded slowly before she said weakly, “Will you blame Xingyuan for making this decision?”

Qin Keqin smiled gently, “Of course not. Please a good rest first. I will be back soon.”

Lie Xingyuan nodded weakly before she closed her eyes.

Qin Keqin trembled a little as she thought, “Xingyuan obviously likes Lu Qingyun but she has chosen to leave him…”

When she had exited Lie Xingyuan’s room, Lu Qingyun was pacing up and down in the hall.

When Lu Qingyun saw Qin Keqin, he immediately asked. “Is Xingyuan going to be alright?”

Qin Keqin returned a faint smile, “She will be alright. Don’t worry.”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “I really don’t know who that old man is. He calls himself the Three Destinies Old Man. I have never met anyone as formidable as him. I will surely seek him out…”

“No, you stay your hand.” Qin Keqin interrupted him gently. “Let me do it.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “This won’t do. That old man seems to have a feud with me.” He did not want her to know that the old man had known about their relationship and he was worried that she may lose her reputation.

Qin Keqin shook her head, “You won’t be able to find him but I can. Moreover I know who he is.”

“You know him?” Lu Qingyun was startled.

Then he thought, “That old man seems to fear Keqin somehow. I wonder why?”

Qin Keqin smiled gently, “Don’t worry. I won’t come to harm. Why don’t you take a good rest first? You didn’t sleep for an entire night now.”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly before he said, “Alright then…”

As Qin Keqin watched him left the hall, she thought. “I’ve better not let him know that Xingyuan is my real sister or he will feel bad about treating Xingyuan as a personal maid. Moreover Xingyuan enjoys being his personal attendant.”

After making sure that Lu Qingyun was sound asleep, Qin Keqin had quietly walked outside the abode.

She took a quick look around with her divine sense before she said quietly, “I know that you are hiding around. Why don’t you come out now?”

From the shadows, an old man had suddenly appeared. He was the Three Destinies Old Man but at this moment, he had changed to a youthful man with heavy muscles and was no longer a hunchback. “Yuqin…”

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Chapter 139: The Three-Destinies Old Man

It was a day after Lu Qingyun had returned to his abode from his outing with Qin Keqin.

Today he was hard at practice in the practice chamber as he was preparing for the regional celestial clans’ competition. As for Qin Keqin, she was attending a meeting with the grand elders as they had a debriefing for her.

Lu Qingyun thought, “This time round, I must do my very best so that I can bring glory to the Heavens Ridge Villa and to…shake off my good-for-nothing cultivator image.”

When he had told Qin Keqin that he had selected for the upcoming regional celestial clans’ competition, she simply laughed and was amused. “Maybe you should surrender in the first round. They are all powerful opponents, the best of the best.”

“How can I let my master look down on me?! I must definitely shine in this competition and let Keqin knows that I am no longer the good-for-nothing cultivator. Why is that she has no confidence in me…”

He was finding this to be a little bitter to swallow.

“Yan’Er, are you still there?”

Yan’Er did not reply to him.

“Is she cultivating or is she sleeping?” Lu Qingyun was groaning softly. “But then, since Yan’Er isn’t around, I can finally have my personal time with Keqin…”

As he practiced with his sword, half of the time he was daydreaming about Qin Keqin and was sighing if he should have been bolder at the inn…

“How can I win Keqin’s heart?”

“I want to win her soul, mind and…body completely…”

Just as he was thinking about Qin Keqin, a youthful old man had appeared in the practice chamber, giving him a fright.

Lu Qingyun said aloud, “You again! How did you get in? Xingyuan let you in?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled coldly, “I can come and go as I am pleased. Let me ask you. Why didn’t you do as I’ve bade you? Have you left her?! Do you want to bring a calamity upon her then you will be happy? Or has your lust got over to your head?”

When Lu Qingyun saw the Three-Destinies Old Man again, everything that he had once said to him had come back to him like a great hammer. He began to stammer, “I…I…”

But all of a sudden he was growling, “What I do is my business. It doesn’t seem to be your business, am I right? Why are you so angry about it?”

“Young man! I have tried to give you so many advises and yet you are repaying my kindness with ingratitude and doubt. Are you still a cultivator of the heart?”

When Lu Qingyun heard him, he began to stammer. “Of course, I am a cultivator of the heart…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man said coldly, “This is your last warning. Leave her or else.”

“Or else what?” Lu Qingyun asked curiously.

The Three-Destinies Old Man began to grin sinisterly, “Or else don’t blame me for being impolite to you.”

Lu Qingyun frowned, “You may be an elder of the clan but I am the senior brother of the clan. I think that I am already too polite to you for not showing you to the door and yet you are threatening me? Do you know what the clan punishment is, for breaking into the abode of a senior?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled coldly, “You want to talk about the clan rule with me? Fine! Do you know what the clan rule for inappropriate relationship with your master is? Do you know what kind of a scandal it will be for you and her?”

Lu Qingyun was startled. He had never told anyone except for Lie Xingyuan about Qin Keqin and him. Moreover, he did not tell anyone that he was in a relationship with his master. Their relationship was supposed to be a secret relationship. He really could not imagine what would happen if the grand elders had known about it. There was a chance that they may even cripple his cultivation and drove him out of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Was this the calamity that the Three-Destinies Old Man was warning him about?

And he had actually known about it and was giving him an opportunity to turn over a new leaf?

He began to stammer softly, “Old senior, how do you know?”

“How do I know? You are asking the Three-Destinies Old Man who is a diviner, how do I know?” The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled coldly. “Do you want the whole world to know that you have dishonored your master? Do you want me to tell the grand elders? Not only will your master loses her position as sect leader but you will be severely punished. Don’t tell me you did not know how unpopular your standing position within the clan is?”

Lu Qingyun said in a low voice, “Old senior, please pardon me for being rude to you earlier. If you will help me to keep it a secret, I’ll promise to return you a personal favor in the future. How about that?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man laughed, “Do think that a righteous person like me will be so easily bribed? I have already given you plenty of warnings but you have continued to be consumed by the lusts in your heart. Do you think that you can drive me away with mere words or are you thinking that you can silence me so easily?”

“Is he trying to blackmail me?” Lu Qingyun was quietly thinking. “I don’t care about my own reputation but I can’t allow Keqin’s reputation to be sullied by me…sigh…”

So he said solemnly, “What do you want?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man saw that his threat seemed to be working so he smiled, “What do I want? Simple. Promise to leave her.”

Lu Qingyun was quiet for a while and he was forced to think. Until today he had never thought that this old man would come to confront him and had even known his relationship with Qin Keqin. He had suddenly realized how wrong he had been and that his relationship with Qin Keqin would soon come to a miserable end.

With a soft sigh he said, “Old man, who you are exactly? And why are you breaking us apart?”

“I am a nice old man.” The Three-Destinies Old Man was smiling.

Lu Qingyun: …

He said slowly, “I’m a forth realm expert and not a low level cultivator…”

“So you are thinking of silencing me?” The Three-Destinies Old Man interrupted with a soft laugh.

Lu Qingyun clenched his fists tightly before he said solemnly, “I only want to tell you that I am not a lowly good-for-nothing cultivator that won’t back off without a fight to be with the one that I love. I don’t mind what the others will think of me but I cannot allow her reputation to be destroyed.”

Then with a woeful sigh, he said. “If you can threaten me today, you can threaten her in the future as well. I have no wish to kill anyone but for her sake…”

Lu Qingyun had flashed out his half-step divine sword ten with a wave of his hand, “We can only settle this with a duel. If I am able to defeat you then you must promise me never to reveal this matter to anyone. But if I lose, I will be a dead man. I will use my honor to protect her honor.”

“A fight?” The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled delightfully. “You must know that I’ve never shied away from a fight.”

With a gleeful smile, he had taken out a long black sword. “Young man, don’t say that I didn’t warn you first. I’m really a formidable old man!”

Lu Qingyun nodded with a woeful smile, “I can tell. Because I didn’t notice you when you have entered the practice chamber. Your cultivation level isn’t weak.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled coldly, “At least you’re not so dense after all. If I am able to defeat you then you will leave her and never to look for her ever again!”

Lu Qingyun said, “Do you think that I will want to live without her? Do you think that I will really leave her?”

“Good. Then I won’t be merciful with my sword strokes.” The Three-Destinies Old Man had immediately displayed his animus aura and his cultivation strength appeared to be on the same level as Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun too, had displayed his profound aura as he lifted his sword as he said slowly. “So the calamity that would befall Keqin is a lie? You are only trying to make me leave her, am I right?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man chuckled, “That is right. I will make sure that you will never, ever see her again or use your filthy hands to touch her ever again!”

“That will depend if you are able to force me to do so!” Lu Qingyun said quietly.

The Three-Destinies Old Man hummed coldly, “I have not really met anyone who is my match for a long time. Since you are but a junior, I will allow you to make the first move.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I hope you do not regret it.”

This old man looked really formidable. Although he did not know who this old man really was but he was not going to be careless.

He had just created a new fourth level sword stance from the Flaming Phoenix Sword, the ‘Soaring Heavens as One’ and he knew that he had no other choice but to use it today!

Within a blink of an eye, Lu Qingyun had immersed himself with his profound aura as his profound aura began to burn with a wavering of rainbow hues around him.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was quite startled and he muttered, “You are so young and yet you have already attained the Heaven, Earth and Human, three as One Unison.”

In the realm of martial arts, when a practitioner could merge with the Heaven, Earth and Human as One Unison, it also meant that his Spirit the Heaven, Earth the Soul and Human the Body had broken off the restrains of the human limits and he was now a super exponent.

Usually a non-cultivator could only use only one-tenth of their body’s potential while a cultivator could use a third of their body’s potential. But for a person that could unite the Heaven, Earth and Human as One Unison, he was only limited in his body’s potential.

“Good! You are indeed my worthy opponent!” the Three-Destinies Old Man said nonchalantly. “Then I won’t have to hold back anymore.”

“Be careful!” Lu Qingyun shouted. “Alpha Soaring Heavens as One.”

Immediately he had flashed his sword with a brilliant red flare at the Three-Destinies Old Man. This stroke was extremely brilliant, swift and contained all of his martial power that he could muster.

The Three-Destinies Old Man raised his black sword to parry the incoming brilliant red flare and there was a brilliant and explosive shockwave that forced the two fighters to take several steps back.

Lu Qingyun was gasping for his air as he had temporary exhausted all his entire profound energies while the Three-Destinies Old Man was still standing coolly when the shockwaves had died down.

“Not bad. Is that all you got?” The Three-Destinies Old Man hummed coldly.

Lu Qingyun stared at him with shock. He could not believe what he was seeing. Although he had not really tested his new sword stance yet but the martial power that he had just released was enough to kill any sixth rank desolate beast outright.

“Now is my turn.” The Three-Destinies Old Man said as he raised his sword.

All of a sudden Lie Xingyuan had rushed panicky into the chamber practice after she had heard an explosive sound and saw an old man who was trying to flash his sword toward Lu Qingyun.

Lie Xingyuan had immediately attacked the old man with her palm, “Who are you?!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was startled when Lie Xingyuan had suddenly rushed into the practice chamber. Her aura was so faint that he did not detect her approach.

He quickly raised his left palm out of natural reflex and had struck her shoulder with a thunderous impact.

Immediately Lie Xingyuan had spurt blood and she was sent flying against the wall. Immediately she was knocked unconsciousness.

“Xingyuan!” Lu Qingyun was horrified and his eyes had immediately murderous.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was staring blankly at his left palm and he was muttering, “The profound aura of…the Invincible Divine Force…impossible…”

Lu Qingyun forced himself to circulate all his remaining profound energies as he raised his sword, “How dare you hurt Xingyuan! You are a beast, a monster!”

His profound aura began to flare brilliantly as he swung his sword at the Three-Destinies Old Man. This was his ‘Beta Soaring Heavens as One’, an additional level of power with the power technique of the Phoenix Burst incorporated into it.

Again the Three-Destinies Old Man had parried his sword stance but this time the explosive shockwaves did not explode in the way of Lu Qingyun but had exploded around the Three-Destinies Old Man.

This caused the Three-Destinies Old Man to be thrown against the wall with a thunderous impact.

Lu Qingyun did not wait to see if he had won or not and he was immediately at the side of Lie Xingyuan, “Xingyuan! Are you alright?” He panicky began to examine her body for internal injuries and was checking her pulses.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was actually unharmed by the explosive shockwaves. An ordinary fourth realm expert would have died in that instant but not him.

He was actually stammering, “Is she…alright?”

Lu Qingyun shot him an icy look, “If she is harmed in any way, I will surely perish together with you!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was sighing softly as he took out a pill, “Here, let her take this divine pill. This is a wondrous pill. I can promise you that it will surely heal her of her wounds.”

Lu Qingyun hummed coldly, “Who knows if your stuff is actually poison? Save it for yourself!”

“Let me take a look at her….” The Three-Destinies Old Man was saying weakly.

Lu Qingyun flashed his sword in front of him, “I am afraid that you have to get past my sword first!”

Just as the Three-Destinies Old Man had wanted to say more, Qin Keqin had appeared at the entrance of the practice chamber and she was trembling.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was startled when he saw her and he was muttering, “Yuqin, I…let me explain…”

Qin Keqin said with trembling lips, “Do you know what you have done? Leave the divine pill behind and get out of here. I don’t want to see you!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was also trembling and he was muttering, “What have I done…” With that he had vanished to the entrance.

Lu Qingyun did not know why the Three-Destinies Old Man would suddenly be so afraid of Qin Keqin. But he had no mood to ask why.

His only concern now was to revive Lie Xingyuan!

He swore silently that he would kill this Three-Destinies Old Man if anything was to happen to Lie Xingyuan!

“Yun’Er, let me take a look at Sister Xingyuan…” Qin Keqin said woefully.

Qin Keqin had rushed back to the abode because she was linked with Lu Qingyun’s divine sword and that her divine sense could feel the titanic clashes that had just happened.

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Chapter 138: Lie Xingyuan’s Decision

“So you have already decided?” Lie Qing asked Lie Xingyuan.

While Lu Qingyun was out with Qin Keqin, Lie Xingyuan had returned to her old haunt to meet her master.

This was something that she had to inform her master.

There was a slow nod before Lie Xingyuan answered, “Yes, I have already decided and have agreed to cultivate under the wings of Fragrance Herald Shen Yufeng. Master, will you blame Xingyuan for waiting until now to inform you?”

Lie Qing smiled gently, “Of course not. You’ve already grown up now. You have the right to make your own decisions.”

Lie Xingyuan lowered her glances as she said quietly, “Master, I am just an orphan and you are the one that have brought me up. Xingyuan will forever be grateful to your great kindness for my upbringings. When I have become a great cultivator in the future, I will never forget master!”

Lie Qing took a quiet look at her. Although Lie Xingyuan was only an upper third realm cultivator now but she was actually a fifth realm golden celestial. This was a fact that only she had known. It was because she had suppressed her cultivation potential with the Invincible Divine Force.

But once Lie Xingyuan’s could breakthrough to the fourth realm, she would be rapidly advancing to the fifth realm level as this level was original her real potential. Even the seal that she had placed upon to suppress her cultivation potential could not stop Xingyuan exploding growth once her breakthrough to the fourth realm level was made.

“Since I must leave the Heavens Ridge Villa sooner or later, I may as well make the decision to leave now.” Lie Xingyuan said with a regretful heart.

“Child. Is it because your senior brother has been mistreating you? If so, please tell me.”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head and there was a smile at the mention of Lu Qingyun, “Senior brother is like a big brother to me. He treats me very well. Almost too well.”

“Or is it because of Qin Keqin?”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head with a smile, “No, she is very good to me as well. In fact, she has allowed me to call her Sister Keqin in private. I am really happy to have the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing…as my sister. After all, she has been my idol for the longest time.”

Lie Qing nodded slowly, “I remembered that you had once told me that when you’ve grown up, you will want to be a heroine like the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing and the Great Saintess Ye Jing. And one day…you will get rid of the Devil Goddess from the Nine Celestial Fraternity.”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling as she averted her eyes, “Yes! But that was in the past.  I had once thought that the Devil Goddess was the ultimate evil of the Nine Celestial Fraternity but I have never expected that she will actually be the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing. I just wonder who she really is. A good person or a bad person?”

“What do you think then?”

“It is difficult to say but I think she is a good person.” Lie Xingyuan sighed, “Master, what do you think?”

Lie Qing smiled, “In the past several centuries, have you heard of the Devil Goddess harming any person?”


“Maybe she is no longer who she is unlike the past?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “Do nature changes so easily? Master, how do you know who she is? It seems to me that master knows her quite well and she is even a little afraid of you.”

Then she lowered her glance, “It is alright if master does not want to tell me. Your Xingyuan will understand. Also Master, are you a high level cultivator?”

There was a smile that was on Lie Qing before she chuckled mesmerizing, “I will answer your question one at a time. I had watched her grow up. Like you, she was a playful child when she was little.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “Master, you had watched her grow up?”

Lie Qing’s mesmerizing black eyes began to turn a deep golden as she said, “I am indeed a high level cultivator. It is just that I have suppressed my appearance to mingle with the crowd.”

Lie Xingyuan was gasping, “My master is actually a golden celestial. All along, I don’t know…”

She was orphaned since young and her master had taught her the Invincible Divine Force among other skills. However she was forbidden to use the Invincible Divine Force and her martial power was sealed off by her master so that she would not be able to execute the Invincible Divine Force.

Her master had told her, “Once you have reached the fourth realm level, I will break your seal and allow you to use the Invincible Divine Force.”

“Xingyuan, I have something to tell you. It is time for you to know.” Lie Qing quietly said.

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “Don’t tell me you want to tell me that you are actually my mother consort?”

Lie Qing: …

“I was only joking,” Lie Xingyuan returned a faint smile. “I just wish that I do have a mother consort like my master.”

Lie Qing: ….

Lie Qing smiled, “I wish that I have a daughter like you as well.”

She paused briefly before saying gently to her, “Fan Yuqing real name is Fan Yuqin. She was only around your age when she had become the Devil Goddess. She was very young back then and playful.”

Lie Xingyuan gasped. The Great Saintess Fan Yuqing was so young when she had become the fearsome Devil Goddess?

“The rumors are not wrong. She had indeed killed many people recklessly in the past because she had thought that she was the daughter of the heavens and was administrating her sense of justice. Those that she had killed were the evil cultivators. As far as I know, she had killed anyone for a long time.”

Lie Xingyuan said weakly, “But she is currently the Devil Goddess of the three dark divine realms. She is always a threat to the Nine Celestial Realm and a threat to the orthodox celestial clans.”

Lie Qing smiled, “Good and evil always have a side to tell. This is what everyone has known about her. But do you know that without her to rein in the three dark divine realms, there will be even more fighting than what it is now? Why do you think that even the former ruler of the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm Feng Minyue is abetting her? You saw the former ruler of the Lofty Snow Palace Xuan Danfeng that day too right? Why do you think that both of them will be helping the Devil Goddess?”

Lie Xingyuan muttered softly, “Xuan Danfeng also knows that she is the Devil Goddess?”

There was a nod from Lie Qing as she added quietly, “Fan Yuqing is your idol. You know almost everything about her. She has three other close companions and they are Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng. How do they not know about her?”

“Even Ye Jing knows about her real identity?” Lie Xingyuan was gasping. “I’ve thought that the Nine Celestial Goddess and the Devil Goddess are always opposing each other?”

Lie Qing smiled, “It is all a façade. They do have some petty squabbles all the time but it did not mean that they aren’t friends.”

“Master, you are not afraid that I will tell the others about who Fan Yuqing really is?” Lie Xingyuan sighed softly.

“You won’t. Once you have promised me something, you won’t ever break your promise. This is the righteousness of your heart.” Lie Qing replied gently.

“Master, why are you telling me this?” Lie Xingyuan asked quietly. “So that I will keep it a secret? Since master had watched her grow up, I’m sure that you wish to protect her identity. Your Xingyuan is willing to swear to the heavens not to reveal her identity to anyone.”

“Actually Xingyuan, I want to tell you that she is actually your older half-sister and in this world, she is your only kin.”

Lie Xingyuan was stunned. “This is impossible…Fan Yuqing is my half-sister?! This cannot be. Then who is my mother consort and father?!”

She was suddenly trembling as she stared at her master, “This isn’t a joke?”

Lie Qing shook her head, “It isn’t. I’ve also told her about you. Therefore she is really your Sister Keqin and you are her Sister Xingyuan. I know that it is hard for you to accept it now but it is real.”

Lie Xingyuan was muttering, “My idol is actually my sister and…” She had wanted to say that they had both liked the same man…

“Master why are you telling me this now?” she asked quietly.

“Because I want you to give some careful thoughts about your decision to join the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. You should at least let your sister knows about it first. No matter what your decision is, you should at least treasure the time that is with her first, am I not wrong to say so?”

There was a sudden flash that was in Lie Xingyuan’s eyes as she suddenly fell upon her knees, “Master, since you know who Fan Yuqing is and you know that we are half-sisters. Surely you also know about my background. May I plead with my master to let me know who my parents are and where are they now?”

Lie Qing sighed softly before saying, “I can only say this. Both your parents are immortal cultivators and you may be able to see them one day.”

Lie Xingyuan was gasping and there was a sudden hope in her eyes, “I may be able to see my parents one day.” There were tears in her eyes as she smiled, “This…is so good…I’ve always thought that I am an orphan…”

Lie Qing quietly looked away as she muttered quietly in her heart, “Child, please forgive this mother consort of yours for not being able to acknowledge you now.”

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Chapter 137: The Calm before the Storm (2)

The inn guest room was not large and there was a comfortable bed at the corner.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “There is only a single bed. Surely Keqin you are not going to sit all the while I am taking a nap?”

Qin Keqin smiled, “I can read something while you are napping.”

“Alright then.” Lu Qingyun said as he took off his outer robe and just when he was about to jump onto the bed, Qin Keqin was also taking off her outer garment and had walked behind him.

He was staring blankly at her lingerie and her sensual front…

Qin Keqin yawned softly, “I feel sleepy all of a sudden and will like to rest as well. Yun’Er, quickly move aside. If you’re not jumping into the bed, I am going to do so!”

Lu Qingyun began to protest weakly, “We are sharing the same bed? This…isn’t such a good idea, am I right? After all, we are still not officially man and wife yet…”

But Qin Keqin had already jumped onto the bed and had rolled up the blanket before she chuckled softly, “So are you napping or not? Why are you pretending to be such a gentleman all of a sudden when you can’t even keep your hands off me?”

“Erm…that is two different matters…”

But Qin Keqin had already rolled to a side on the bed before she muttered sleepily, “Since you are such a gentleman, don’t you touch me while I am sleeping. Or else I won’t be too polite to you later.”

Lu Qingyun scratched his head for a second before he gave a soft sigh. He was already too sleepy to argue further and moreover he had eaten too full. So he quietly climbed onto the bed nervously.

But when he was on the bed, he found out that he was unable to close his eyes. Instead, he could sniff the sweet fragrance that was lingering on Qin Keqin.

“So that is how a maiden scent is like…” he was muttering to himself.

Quietly, he opened his eyes to look at her bare shoulder and back.

With a soft sigh, he muttered silently. “I am a gentleman. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of Keqin while she is sleeping. Moreover she needs her rest.”

So he closed his eyes to take a nap.

But after a few minutes of napping, he had suddenly realized that he was actually not that sleepy anymore and was awakened.

Slowly he opened his eyes to look at the bareback of Qin Keqin…

He muttered silently, “I am a gentleman…”

But his sheepish eyes were already looking below her lower body and were staring at her exposed legs.

Lu Qingyun was suddenly afflicted by the lust-demon and his eyes were on fire. The longer that he had stared at her legs, his internal fires were also getting bigger at the same time.

“This is too sinful. I have better closed my eyes…”

But his eyes continued to stare at her legs and her sensual body.

Finally, he reached out to touch her skirt with nervous fingers before he lifted the skirt slowly up.

His eyes slowly grew wider as he muttered blankly, “I am a man of culture and I’m cultivating my heart…”

He gulped his saliva as he stared at her fertile region and was immediately hard on.

“Lu Qingyun, you are such a beast!” he scolded himself silently. “To think that you dare to call yourself a gentleman. Why are you such a lustful animal in front of the maiden of your heart? Do you want your image to completely shatter in front of her?”

Unknown to him, Qin Keqin was only pretending to be sound asleep and her golden eyes were actually opened. She had already had more than her share of sleep while she was doing her cultivation retreat. It was only a white lie that she had told Lu Qingyun that she was sleepy.

When they were on the same bed, she was thinking. “So it is how a couple sleeps together…”

Right now, she was aware that Lu Qingyun had secretly lifted her skirt up and was staring at her most forbidden part. With her seventh realm sense, it was not hard for her not to know what he was doing even though she had not turned her head around.

Her countenance was flushing hotly when she had suddenly realized what Lu Qingyun was doing with his eyes but she did not stop him.

“I hope that you don’t go too far or I don’t know how I will react,” she was silently saying to herself.

Slowly Lu Qingyun had lowered down her skirt as he covered her with the blanket before he sighed with great remorse in his heart, “Keqin, I have already violated you with my eyes. Therefore from today onward you are my consort and I will surely be with you till ends of the heavens.”

Qin Keqin smiled with a sigh of relief when Lu Qingyun had suddenly covered her with the blanket. She was blaming herself why she had chosen to jump onto the same bed as him earlier.

Actually she did not mind if he touches her but this was not the time yet. Since her birth, a powerful immortal seal had been placed by her mother consort the Great Goddess Fan Tian in her body to prevent her chastity from being violated.

If Lu Qingyun were to violate her, her mother consort would know and if her mother consort would know then it would mean the end of their forbidden relationship.

Outside the inn, the Three-Destinies Old Man was now on the verge of berserk.

He was ‘quietly’ watching with his spirit perception on what Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin were doing in the room.

He almost spurted blood when he ‘saw’ that they were now sharing the same bed.

But had quickly calmed down when he saw that they were not doing anything else.

But he was soon enraged again because his profound perception could pick up the slightest of movements in the room and that Lu Qingyun was lifting Qin Keqin’s skirt while she was asleep.

“What a lustful animal! He is worse than a desolate beast!”

Just as he was about to storm into the room to beat Lu Qingyun to a pulp, Lu Qingyun had suddenly covered Qin Keqin with a blanket. This caused his exploding rage to calm down a little but only a little.

It was because Lu Qingyun had violated Qin Keqin with his eyes!

This was something that he could not endure and his eyes had turned murderous.

Lu Qingyun did not know that he would soon be out of luck in the upcoming days as the Three Destinies Old Man would be targeting him for his lecherous ways.

In the meantime just as Lu Qingyun was covering Qin Keqin with the blanket, Qin Keqin was suddenly chortling softly as she turned around to kiss Lu Qingyun.

“Keqin…you are not asleep?”

But Qin Keqin did not reply him and they were soon rolling all over the bed as they kissed passionately.

Lu Qingyun’s hands were all over her and just as he was about to torn off her lingerie, Qin Keqin had suddenly tiptoed off the bed and was putting on her outer garment, “Shame on you! You’re supposed to take a nap and yet you are trying to be funny with me!”

“But you are the one that has kissed me first.” Lu Qingyun gave her a sheepish and guilty look.

“Are you sure you didn’t do anything funny with your hands earlier?”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “I did nothing at all.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “You are a fake gentleman! I don’t believe in you anymore. We are breaking up!”

“Keqin, oh no…you can’t!” Lu Qingyun frantically said.


“Because you are my woman now…”

“When did I become your woman?”

“Just now…”

“What did you do just now then?”



“Yes, nothing at all.”


“Not really…erm…but…”

Qin Keqin had thrown a pillow at Lu Qingyun, “But what?”

“I saw everything…”


“I have admitted it so you don’t break up with me anymore, alright?”

“Mm, let me consider first…”

“Keqin, so you are my woman now…”

“Fat hope…”

While the two of them were playacting and flirting with each other, the Three Destinies Old Man nearly had a heart attack when he saw they were kissing and rolling on the bed.

“Lu…Qing…Yun…you are a beast!

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Chapter 136: The Calm before the Storm (1)

A couple was now strolling along the merchant streets of New Empyrean City. The man was tall and was wearing a black curtain hat while the woman was donning a curtain veil that braided onto her hair.

Although the passers-by could not see the woman face clearly but her figure was extremely moving. Moreover, her beautiful thigh was quite visible and quite a few of the lewd men were looking at her legs.

This woman who also had a nice slim figure was cuddling warmly to the tall man and their arms were holding onto each other. It was really an enviable sight!



This enviable couple was actually Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin.

Today, Qin Keqin had decided to take Lu Qingyun to the merchant district to train him up for the upcoming martial competition.

“Remember to take note of the prices of the wares that are in this place,” Qin Keqin smiled as she reminded Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun stammered, “Alright…” Although memorizing the prices of the wares were easy enough but with Qin Keqin’s bosoms rubbing against him, he was too distracted to focus on his mission. Instead, he was secretly rubbing against her and he was enjoying the soft experiences.

“Lu Qingyun, Lu Qingyun…you are really such a lecherous man…” He scolded himself with a miserable look on his face. “You ought to cultivate your heart in earnest…”

Unknown to them, a slightly hunchback old man with a youthful appearance was secretly following them.

And this old man was the Three-Destinies Old Man and he cursing Lu Qingyun with a burning anger in his heart, “Lu Qingyun! Did you not promise me that you will leave her?! Why are you holding onto her now? You are nothing but a lecherous beast!”

All of a sudden he almost spurt blood when he saw that Lu Qingyun had suddenly placed his hand on Qin Keqin’s back and he was slowly moving his hands lower and lower…

Lu Qingyun had thought that there was no one who was looking his way and he was moving his trembling fingers to fondle Qin Keqin below…

Qin Keqin gasped softly before she shot him an icy look, “Yun’Er, we are in public…don’t…”

But Lu Qingyun did not heed her and had placed his fingers on her butt before Qin Keqin caught hold of his naughty hand with a chuckle, “Yun’Er, if you continue to do that, I am afraid that I will have to break your naughty fingers.”

“Haha,” Lu Qingyun responded with a weak smile. “If my Keqin wants to break my fingers then I’m afraid that you have to take care of me until I’ve recovered.”

“Fat hope!” Qin Keqin gave him a glance before saying shyly. “Let your Xingyuan takes care of you instead. I’m not free!”

Then she whispered shyly, “Control your naughty fingers and your lower body. Or else…”

“Or else what?” Lu Qingyun chuckled.

Qin Keqin smiled alluringly as she hinted, “Or else you will have to imagine the consequences!”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “My hands are beyond my control when it is around you…”

Qin Keqin pulled his hand with a soft laugh, “Come! Let’s take a look over there! I will help you to keep a good watch on your fingers from now on!”

“Keqin, I have two hands you know…”

“Go play with yourself with your other hand…”

Lu Qingyun rolled his eyes as he chuckled, “I need your other hand…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man almost spurt blood when he saw what Lu Qingyun was doing.

“He has actually dared to touch her down below!” The Three-Destinies Old Man was staring furiously and he was now a walking time bomb that could explode anytime. “This is too outrageous! If I don’t kill him today then I am not a man!”

As he watched, he grew angrier and angrier, nearly spurting blood on a number of occasions. It was because Lu Qingyun was now holding onto Qin Keqin and he was fondling her body.

Spurt blood!

Actually he had almost spurted blood and was about to explode all his profound power onto Lu Qingyun. In that instant, Lu Qingyun would surely be a dead man in the street.

But at the last minute, the Three Destinies Old Man suppressed all his anger because Qin Keqin was still around and he did not want her to see him. With great difficulty, he swallowed his anger and continued to watch with great agony.

Suddenly he saw that they were entering an inn.

He was immediately panicky!

“Are they opening a room together in that inn?! This is too reckless and outrageous!”

Qin Keqin had told Lu Qingyun when she saw the sign of the Four Happiness Inn, “The dishes here are pretty good. Why don’t you have a try? I know that you are hungry.”

Lu Qingyun was indeed hungry so he had answered, “Alright.”

They were soon ordering many dishes but it was only Lu Qingyun who was eating.

“Keqin, you are not eating?” he asked.

Qin Keqin smiled, “I have not touched ordinary food for many years now. Don’t worry, I will be alright. I just have some tea.”

It was the truth.

When a celestial is at the golden celestial level, they will no longer require any food or water. Just the spiritual energies alone will be able to sustain them.

The only foods that Qin Keqin bothered to take nowadays were the aromatic drinks and divine fruits. As for ordinary dishes, no matter how mouth tasting it was, she had no interest.

Lu Qingyun understood all these so he just helped himself with the dishes while they continued to chat.

The Three Destinies Old Man heaved a soft sigh of relief when he saw that they were just having a meal and was not there to reserve a room.

Qin Keqin was looking at Lu Qingyun and she was smiling, “Yun’Er, you look weary. Is it because you have so many things to remember?”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he gave a little yawn, “I think that there are too many dishes and I have eaten too full.”

Qin Keqin nodded, “Look at you. You eat as though you are like a kid. Next time don’t eat too fast. We have all the time in the world. Why don’t we go up to have a little nap? This is an inn after all. You can have some time to digest your meals before we take another walk around. It is still too early to go back to the clan.”

“Alright.” Lu Qingyun nodded.

“Steward, a room for two please.” Qin Keqin said to one of the stewards who were nearby.

The third floor of the inn was not large and there were about thirty people on this level. But ever since Qin Keqin and Lu Qingyun had stepped on this level, everyone was secretly looking at them.

It was because when they were having a meal, they had to remove their curtain veils and the instant that they had shown their appearances, everyone was startled by the magnificent couple; Qin Keqin was too beautiful and too peerless while Lu Qingyun was too dashing and charismatic.

Men and women were all looking at them from time to time, even the other couples that were nearby and no one seemed to mind if their other half was secretly looking at them.

When Qin Keqin had suddenly called out for the steward to ask for a room, everyone was secretly thinking;

“They are really bold to open a room in bold daylight.”

“This maiden is too shameless to take the initiative…”

“This man is too lucky! They are going to the room now…”

“What a bold and shameless couple…”

“This maiden is too revealing with her attire. Her legs are showing…”

All of a sudden the Three Destinies Old Man had turned red with anger when he saw that Lu Qingyun was holding onto Qin Keqin’s back as they went up another floor. Anything further up was the guest rooms already and they were opening a room!

“Lu Qingyun, I want to kill you now!” the Three Destinies Old Man was so boiling mad that the ground beneath him had sunk a feet, startling the nearby passers-by!

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Chapter 135: Sky Heaven Lithe

Qiuxiang Huan was in her room as she quietly examined the Sky Heaven Lithe curiously. The Sky Heaven Lithe was a white and blue feathered dress.

This Sky Heaven Lithe was given to her Yue Lingxi.

At first when it was given to her, she had completely disregarded it and thought that it was just a tattered dress. But after she had worn it, she started to feel that her profound energies were now smoother and she could muster her profound strength to the peak of her martial power with half the effort.

She was truly astonished.

Moreover after three days, the Sky Heaven Lithe was fully as good as new. It did indeed have the ability to self-regenerate!

What she was wearing was a saint level treasure!

She had not believed Yue Lingxi when she had told her that the Sky Heaven Lithe was an immortal artefact. But now she was forced to believe it, because seeing is believing.

This feathered garb was even better than divine swords because it had the ability to enhance her cultivation growth while she was wearing it. She found it difficult not to wear it every night as she went to bed.

If she did not have the habit of changing to a new dress every day, she would have worn the Sky Heaven Lithe every single day. But to her, having some decency and face were equally important in the Clear Sky Pavilion. After all, she did not want the common protégés to gossip that she was wearing the same dress every day.

From that day onward, she was extremely polite to Yue Lingxi and whatever requests that she had made to her, she would readily try her best to accede to the best of her ability.

“Mistress, since you like this dress. I can get you more.”

Yue Lingxi had a shy look before she smiled, “Alright. Thank you!”

Suddenly Qiuxiang Huan had noticed that the dress that she had given to Yue Lingxi appeared to be slightly different now and was giving out a profound aura similarly to the Sky Heaven Lithe.

Yue Lingxi noticed her glances and casually said, “I have used a heavenly relic to weave this lovely dress into my new battle garb. After all, I can’t afford to let my opponents tear off my clothing anytime they please, do you agree with me?”

Qiuxiang Huan was stunned. Heavenly relics were the stuff of legends and divine swords were all made of the heavenly relics. Heavenly relics in its purest form were extremely hard to obtain and that was why divine swords were so highly sought. Often, a single divine sword was often the entire soul and life of an entire celestial clan and the celestial clans would go to battle over a single divine sword.

And yet, her new master had so casually used it on a dress that she saw no value in.

She was beginning to believe that her master was someone with a powerful background.

“Is she really what she claims to be?” Qiuxiang Huan began to wonder.

Below the Desolate Mists;

A pathetic figure was soon crawling on the ground and he was clutching dearly to a golden scroll. He was none other than Tang Bufan.

He had somehow survived the fall by landing on a wet ground. Although he had survived the fall but his legs were broken and that was why he was now crawling on the ground.

He cursed loudly to the heavens, “Qiuxiang Huan! How can you treat me in this manner! If I do not take revenge on you by making you my slave girl, I am not a man!”

But he was soon grinning. It was because the Sunflower Sacred Skill was real. In no time, he would be a fifth realm expert and he would be one of the strongest cultivators in New Empyrean City. When he had become a golden celestial, he would be able to restore his family honor and even the assassin guilds would cease their head bounty on him.

Then he would take his vendetta on all those that had slighted him. He simply could not wait for this day to come!

Finally he had found a cave.

To his shocked horror, there were dozens of skeletons in the cave.

“Why are there so many dead in this cave? Did they fall from the above as well?”

He took a quick look around and saw that this cave was large and it was actually part of a bigger cavern. But for now, he saw that he was safe.

The dozens of skeletons did not bother him either; it was because they had died a long time ago and he was not someone who was afraid of ghosts. Moreover he was a middle third realm expert and he could still defend himself with his sword even though he was incapable of moving his legs.

His priority now was to quickly recover his stamina through cultivation and began practice on the Sunflower Sacred Skill. Once he had mastered this invincible skill, he would climb up the mountains again to take his vengeance on Qiuxiang Huan.

“Huan, I will parade you naked for all to see in the Clear Sky Pavilion. I want everyone to trample upon your pride…”

With a gleeful thought, he had slowly unfolded the golden scroll to begin his practice.

The next line of the Sunflower Sacred Skill read; to begin practice, the practitioner must first unblock all his energy meridians first…

Tang Bufan was stunned by this line. It was because only a fourth realm energy level expert could fully unblock all their energy meridians and he was still far from it.

With a sad expression, he lamented loudly to the heavens. “Heavens! Do you want to destroy me?!”

All of a sudden he saw there were many characters on the wall. With a careful read, he muttered out. “The Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill. The ultimate internal profound arts.”

He was now muttering with joy, “Heavens, you are so kind to me…”

It was because the next few lines of the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill had a secret method of unblocking all his energy meridians and could propel him to a fourth realm expert immediately!

Not only that, his profound strength would also be greatly empowered by the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill, turning him instantly into one of the strongest profound strength practitioner of the same level.

Tang Bufan was laughing jovially now. “Huan, it is all thanks to you that my misfortune has turned up to be such a great fortune.”

He was feeling that he was the favored son of the heavens and the main hero of the story. Heavens was indeed too kind to him!

Soon, he would be making his ultimate comeback and he would be unstoppable!

Tang Bufan felt like he was now the ultimate winner and he would be the greatest cultivator that comes every few centuries in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

His name would soon be recorded in the annals of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and he would stand along the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing and Great Saintess Ye Jing.

Maybe he could even forcefully take the Great Saintess Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing to be his consorts at the same time.

Suddenly he was being very ambitious and with these two ultimate divine skills that he had just obtained, it was a very likely possibility.

Fifth realm expert?

That was too low an ambition for him now.

He would be a great saint! Great Saint Tang Bufan!

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Chapter 134: Keqin, don’t forget your promise!

Qin Keqin was quieting meditating in the forbidden ground of the Heavens Ridge Villa when she sensed a strong spiritual aura sweeping to where she was.

Startled, she opened her eyes and responded with her own spiritual probing; it was the work of a high level cultivator that was in the area.

She was a little amused though.

Usually when a high level cultivator swept their perception over an area, it was done in a subtle way so that they themselves would not be detected.

But this high level cultivator was so bold as to sweep through the entire vicinity without masking her profound aura.

Because Qin Keqin had responded with her spiritual sense, this high level cultivator now knew of her existence.

It was because Qin Keqin was equally curious who this high level cultivator was.

“Mm, seventh rank saintess?”

Just as she was about to probe further, this high level cultivator had suddenly withdrawn all her profound aura and had vanished.

“Interesting…” she was musing curiously.

But she had decided to drop that aside first. There was something more important than this that she had to do first.

“Minyue, Danfeng. Is anyone of you there?” she had taken out her transmission.

“Sister Saintess Yuqing, you have ended your cultivation retreat? Have you recovered your strength yet?” Feng Minyue answered.

“Almost.” Qin Keqin answered. “Mm, so who else is with you now?”

After the hard lesson learnt the last round, she was now making a check that there was no others.

“Only me. Danfeng she is in the scrying rooms.”

Qin Keqin asked shyly as she took in a deep breath, “How is my Yun’Er? Did he drop a hair?”

To her, Lu Qingyun was now the most important person in her heart…

“He is already back in the Heavens Ridge Villa. He is perfectly fine so do not worry about it. Also, this is what we have found out…”

After listening to Feng Minyue who had related the events that had happened during the Red Death Valley, Qin Keqin was startled by what had happened.

“Alright. Thanks Minyue for taking care of my Yun’Er. I will return the favor to you soon! How about I buy you a big gift?”

“No!” Feng Minyue said firmly. “I’ve just tidied the accounts for last month. Don’t you dare to spend so recklessly. You pick such a convenient time of the month to disappear.”

“It’s my monthly period, you know.” Qin Keqin chuckled.

“Rubbish. You’re a cultivator. Your period only comes like once every sixty years. This transmission is too expensive to maintain. Next time, we will use pigeons to send our messages.” Feng Minyue had turned off the transmission.

Qin Keqin lit a wry smile. “Nowadays Minyue can’t even manage a crude joke. It must be the stress of living with the Heaveness and the Heavenly Temptress. It is a good thing that I’m here. I am not going to return to the hideout…until I’ve a good excuse for what I did, that is…”


Desolate cultivator?

Then she wondered if the high level cultivator earlier may be related to the events at the Red Death Valley.

Then she smiled, “But this high level cultivator seems to be quite tactless. I should be able to handle this odd saintess…”

Then she had closed her eyes again.

Three days later;

Qin Keqin had opened her eyes again and she had slowly rose up to walk to the entrance of her retreat chamber.

Her cultivation retreat had ended and she had regained the peak of her cultivation strength!

Minutes later she had already stepped out of the forbidden ground.

To her surprise, there were all six of the grand elders that were already waiting outside the forbidden grounds for her.

“Huh? Grand Elder Shi Guanyin, Grand Elder Ouyang Xue…why are you here?”

Shi Guanyin smiled, “Of course we are all here to welcome our sect leader from exiting your cultivation retreat…”

Yun Xing was smiling too, “Sect leader must have attained to a new cultivation height or has reached a new state of divinity.”

Wang Ming laughed, “That is right, that is right!”

There was a celestial array in the forbidden ground that would alert the grand elders if Qin Keqin were to step out of the cultivation forbidden ground. So naturally all the grand elders would be notified immediately.

This was something that Qin Keqin was aware as well but she had never expected that all the grand elders would all immediately arrive to welcome her.

Even Ouyang Xue had a delightful look in her eyes as she said, “Welcome back sect leader…”

Mu Han and Kong Guxin were all trying to speak at the same time, “We welcome sect leader back from your successful cultivation retreat…”

Of course the reasons why they were all so respectful and hastily in welcome Qin Keqin was because they had all overheard that she was actually the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing.

Her grace, the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing was actually in the Heavens Ridge Villa!

Wang Ming, Kong Guxin and Mu Han were looking intently at Qin Keqin. It was as though they could not get enough of this peerless goddess who was their idol.

Qin Keqin felt a little shy with all the stares that she was receiving,, “Mm, what’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Shi Guanyin chuckled, “Not at all. I think that after this retreat, our sect leader has become even prettier.”

Mu Han rubbed his hands and he was smiling, “That is so true. Sect leader is the most beautiful saintess…”

All of a sudden Yun Xing had stepped on his shoe as she shook her head.

Mu Han had a silly smile as he quickly corrected himself, “the most beautiful top beauty in New Empyrean City.”

Kong Guxin groaned softly as he looked at the other grand elders, “Flattering will get you nowhere.” With a smile he quickly said pleasantly to Qin Keqin, “Sect leader is certainly the top cultivator in New Empyrean City and there is no one that is equaled to you….”

“If sect leader is gracious enough to give me a tip or two on cultivation or even enlighten me, this is my great honor…” he added with a wry smile.

The rest of the grand elders: …

The rest of the grand elders had never known that Kong Guxin would suddenly be so shameless. He was a fifth realm golden celestial and he had always maintained his dignity. But now he was openly asking for cultivation tips from the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing?!

Not wanting to be left behind, Wang Ming, Mu Han, Yun Xing and even Shi Guanyin were all talking at the same time. “If sect leader will be gracious enough to give us some cultivation tips…”

Only Ouyang Xue was unmoved. It was because she was the youngest of the grand elders and she had owed her current position to Qin Keqin. For that, she was already grateful enough. But if there was something that she had wanted from Qin Keqin then it would be…Senior Brother Lu Qingyun.

But Qin Keqin only returned a faint smile as she said, “Maybe next time. I can’t wait to see my Yun’Er again.”

Shi Guanyin quickly grabbed the chance to say, “Senior Brother Qingyun is alright. He has returned safe and sound with Qiuyue.”

Kong Guxin laughed, “I have heard that even the Heavenly Fragrance Heralds are in praise of our Senior Brother Lu during the expedition.”

Wang Ming and Mu Han were all nodding excitingly.

For the past several days, they had been paying several visits with the Heavenly Fragrance Heralds and trying to get as much information as possible from them on Lu Qingyun so that they could say something to Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and thought, “Let hope that they don’t tell anyone that I am the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing…”

She pretended to say, “Thank you. I shall make my move first.” She had of course known what had happened during the time that she was in her cultivation retreat as Feng Minyue had told her everything three days ago.

With that she had walked swiftly away.

“Sect leader…”

“She is in such a hurry…”

Mu Han muttered, “Senior Brother Lu is so lucky to be looking at this goddess everyday…”

Yun Xing stared at him, “You are not supposed to gossip. Have you forgotten about it?”

Mu Han grinned back, “Did I say anything? Or are you envious?”

Yun Xing pinched him quietly, “Mu Han, why don’t you die right now?”

Ouyang Xue smiled weakly as she looked at the two of them. She had suspected that Mu Han had actually liked her former protégé master Yun Xing because the two of them would often quarrel without any reason.

Lu Qingyun was in the practice chamber when Qin Keqin had suddenly appeared with a delightful smile.

He was so startled with joy that he had dropped his divine sword, “Keqin, your cultivation retreat has finally ended…”

For the past three days Lu Qingyun was actually in the practice chamber on his own. It was because he had thought that Yue Lingxi was an opponent that was too strong for him to handle alone and he knew that he had to improve upon his sword art in order to stand a fighting chance against her.

With the insight of Yue Lingxi’s strength and his experiences with the Metamorph, he had further evolved his Flaming Phoenix Sword to the fourth level, the ‘Soaring Heavens as One’. He had of course borrowed an additional insight with his crude understanding of Qin Keqin’s ‘Heaven and Self as One’ sword art.

The fourth level of his Flaming Phoenix Sword as the true essence of his self-created sword art and would have the penetrating power that he needed to truly defeat a fifth realm golden celestial.

However he had felt that this may not be enough. Therefore he had looked at the Phoenix Burst sword manual that he had taken from the Red Heaven Sword Library. Previously this energy aura skill was beyond him since he had not attained to the fourth realm level yet.

But to his utter surprise, once he started on it, the Phoenix Burst turned out to be much easier than he had thought. Therefore he quickly mastered it and even incorporated it into his fourth level of the Flaming Phoenix Sword as an extra sword technique.

Since he was always lazy to give a fanciful naming, he had decided to call his version one as ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’ and version two as ‘Beta Soaring Heavens as One’.

Ever since he had attained to the fourth realm level, he felt as though that cultivation was not hard at all. In fact, somewhere he could fully understand all the laws and principles with only a single read.

He thought that it would be just a matter of time he could be a fifth realm golden celestial and he would actually breakthrough to this ultimate goal of all the celestials very soon.

Usually a typical celestial would require 150-300 years to attain to the fifth realm level under the most optimized condition. But Lu Qingyun felt that he could now accomplish this in just under a year.

He was about to test the new sword art that he had just created when Qin Keqin had suddenly appeared.

For a minute, the two of them were just staring at each other blankly, too shy for any words…

Finally Lu Qingyun made a slow move toward her as he forced her into a corner, “Keqin, do you remember what you’ve promised me? When I am back from the Red Death Valley, you will…”

He was looking down at her tight bosoms and his eyes had wandered to look at her exposed white slender but firm thigh.

Qin Keqin had always liked her dress to be short and there would always be a slit that opened to the side that showed her beautiful legs. She had obviously known that she had sexy legs and liked to show it off.

“Yun’Er, your eyes…where do you think you are looking at?” Qin Keqin smiled shyly.

As Lu Qingyun moved his hands toward her to hold her slender waist, Qin Keqin had suddenly moved her hands to her back of her butt. She chuckled softly, “I didn’t see you for more than two weeks and you are becoming more and more like a lecherous wolf.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly. Even before his hands had moved to her back, Qin Keqin knew that his lecherous hands would soon be moving to her butt.

He wanted to touch her there and to feel her. It was because he knew that she was not wearing anything inside…

Right now, he had totally consumed by a strong internal fire as he looked lustfully at her.

“Yun’Er, did anything happen while I’m away?” Qin Keqin asked panicky as Lu Qingyun continued to press her on the wall…

“No…” he replied.

He had totally forgotten about the Three-Destinies Old Man, who his old master was and everything that had recently happened. It was only Qin Keqin and her ‘promise’ to him.

“You like to touch me there, right? But first you got to stay alive first. When you are back alive, I will let you have your three minutes of fun. When you are back, I will let you release it.” This was what he had vividly remembered and now he was holding her onto her promise.

He muttered, “Keqin, do you still remember what you’ve promised me?”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly as she pretended not to remember, “What did I promise you? I promise you plenty of things…”

All of a sudden he had attacked her with his hands on her bosoms and he was kissing her.

Qin Keqin gasped softly as Lu Qingyun put his tongue into her mouth. For a minute he was ravaging her with his kisses and his hands were moving all over her body.

Finally his hands did not attack her on her back but were moving to the side of her skirt as his fingers slipped through…

Qin Keqin was moaning and gasping before she made a light push on his chest with her fingers, “Yun’Er, I am your master!”

Lu Qingyun was grinning, “We are alone now. Therefore you are not my master now…Keqin…I want…”

Qin Keqin chuckled as she pushed him away with both hands, “Yan’Er has a pure spirit. You are corrupting her spirit with this.”

Lu Qingyun replied with a soft laugh, “Yan’Er has closed all her senses to cultivate in her own quiet world so she is unable to see, sense or hear us. So this is a most excellent chance for us…”

“You actually order Yan’Er to close all her senses? It seems that you have it all planned?” Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she interrupted gently.

Lu Qingyun looked shyly at her, “Tonight, I want to make you my woman…”

Qin Keqin gasped softly, “You are so shameless. Did you say this word to all the maidens that you have met?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I have only said it once and it is to you.”

Qin Keqin smiled shyly, “Who really knows about it? How do I know that during my absence, you and Xingyuan, Qiuyue, Ouyang Xue and Yin Shisi didn’t have anything going on? Maybe you have already bedded them. Maybe you are a playboy like that Tang Bufan.”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “In my heart, I have only you. How can I be compared to Tang Bufan? We are different.”

Then he was launching himself forward to hold her when Qin Keqin giggled softly, “Alright, I believe you but you can’t touch me yet.”

Lu Qingyun was startled and asked curiously, “Why not?”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes before she smiled, “Because if it is not because I’ve sent my sister saintesses to aid you, would you have come back alive?”

Lu Qingyun pondered for a while before he smiled bitterly, “Well, maybe…”

“Stop putting on a brave front. I’ve known all about it. You are just lucky to be back alive. So my promise to you doesn’t count this time.” Qin Keqin put her hand on his chest before she smiled shyly, “Therefore we have to maintain social distancing for now.”

“Waaa,” Lu Qingyun pretended to be upset as he said. “The Great Saintess Fan Yuqing will actually break her promise. Unbelievable!”

Then he had seized her to hug her tightly, “Keqin, I love you. Surely I can hug you right? I am after all, manage to stay alive.”

“Since you have tried so hard to stay alive, alright then.” Qin Keqin chuckled, “You just looking for any excuse to hug me, am I right? Why are you so desperate?”

The minute that Qin Keqin said he could embrace her, he had immediately wrapped his hands around him and was holding her tightly.

As Lu Qingyun hugged her, he was thinking quietly. “Keqin, I really love you. I know that I’m not the one in your heart but I do not mind. I don’t mind even if you are no longer a chaste maiden. In my heart, I’ve only you.”

Cultivators can live for a long time. During their long lives, it was not unusual for them to have developed many relationships.

Lu Qingyun understood this and this was something that he did not mind at all.

But he had misunderstood that Qin Keqin did not want to let him know just yet that she was not a chaste maiden. The truth was, she was still a chaste maiden.

Qin Keqin was thinking, “When it is safe enough, I will let you take me. But not now…”

All of a sudden she was flustered and she had pushed Lu Qingyun away with a soft gasp, “What are your dirty hands doing?”

Lu Qingyun had placed his hands on her butt and had felt her while she was holding onto him.



“Yun’Er, you think that we will have children in the future?”

“Keqin, don’t worry. I still love you even if we don’t have any in the future.”

The higher cultivation level a cultivator is, it is difficult for them to conceive. That is why there are many cultivators in the celestial realm who are married earlier or to a much lower level celestial.

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Chapter 133: The Sunflower Sacred Skill

Tang Bufan and Qiuxiang Huan were walking together in the back mountains of the Clear Sky Pavilion.

Tang Bufan was looking really pale and weak. He had thought that he could be able to enjoy the nights with a desirable maiden like Qiuxiang Huan but now his dreams had been shattered.

Qiuxiang Huan said gently to him, “Bufan, don’t worry. Once you have reached the fifth realm of cultivation, your manhood will be able to restore. So don’t think too much of it. Isn’t it better this way? Because you are a eunuch now, there is no need for us to fear any gossips when we are together.”

Tang Bufan was smiling bitterly. He was only a third realm expert now. Even with the primordial yin that he had obtained from Qiuxiang Huan, he was only a middle third realm expert. It may take him a hundred years at the soonest in order to become a fifth realm expert.

“Bufan, don’t blame my mother consort. She has my interest in her heart, alright?” Qiuxiang Huan said quietly.

Tang Bufan smiled weakly, “I dare not! Huan, if I can be with you forever then I will be content.”

“Good.” Qiuxiang returned him a gentle smile.

“Bufan, actually I have asked you out to show you a secret.” Qiuxiang Huan said as she took out a golden scroll that had golden inscriptions on it.

Tang Bufan was startled, “What is it?”

Qiuxiang Huan said as she placed the golden scroll in his hands, “This is the Sunflower Sacred Skill. Have you heard of it?”

Tang Bufan was astonished and his eyes were flashing greedily. “Yes, I have…heard of it…”

The Sunflower Sacred Skill was a legendary lost internal martial art that could increase the profound strength of its practitioner to seeming legendary heights. The only bad part about this martial skill was that it could only be practiced by eunuchs.

Tang Bufan began to open the golden scroll with trembling fingers and the first line that was inside the scroll was: In order to practice the Sunflower Sacred Skill, the practitioner must first severe his manhood, severe the seven passions and the six lusts, only can he gains mastery over his opponents.

He was suddenly smiling as he thought, “Isn’t this perfect? I happen to be a eunuch now.” With this sacred skill, he would soon be a fifth realm golden celestial!

“Huan, you are so kind to me! I absolutely love you!” Tang Bufan was now all smiles as he unfolded the scroll further to read.

“I love you too…Bufan…”

All of a sudden Qiuxiang Huan had pushed Tang Bufan down the steep mountains to the desolate mists below, “Bufan, you can practice the Sunflower Sacred Skill below. All the best to your future endeavors. May we never meet again. Consider this my parting gift to you.”

Tang Bufan was so stunned by the sudden push that he never got the chance to react. The only reaction that he could manage was his loud screams as he disappeared into the desolate mists.

Qiuxiang Huan was smiling again, “Bufan, our short relationship is but a terrible mistake on my part. I was so lost back then. It won’t be too good if my future groom learns about us, don’t you think so? If you truly love me then you must accept your fate. Hopefully you will be able to master the Sunflower Sacred Skill and get back your manhood soon enough.”

She chuckled, “Ops, look at me. I’ve forgotten something very important. Even if you do master the Sunflower Sacred Skill, your manhood will never be able to regain even if you can be a golden celestial. It is because…you’ve chosen to severe your seven passions and six lusts!”

“What a vicious woman!”

Qiuxiang Huan was startled and she had quickly turned around. She was a fifth realm golden celestial. How was it possible for anyone to surprise her?”

An extremely beautiful maiden was looking at her with a cold smile. She was pale looking and her robes were a little tattered and it seemed that she had just been into a fierce fight.

“Who are you?” Qiuxiang Huan was alarmed as she lifted her golden sword.

The extremely beautiful maiden said unhurriedly, “Did you just push your lover down the mountain?”

Qiuxiang Huan repeated coldly, “Just who are you? You don’t believe that I will shred you to pieces and throw you down the mountain too?”

The extremely beautiful maiden said, “If you are able to do so, you can simply try. But I’m afraid that you will be very disappointed later because you will be the one that will be thrown down the mountain.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled coldly, “What bold words! Do you know who I am? I am Qiuxiang Huan, the young mistress of the Clear Sky Pavilion and this mountain peak belongs to me. Who I want to kill is my business. As for you, you are an intruder in the forbidden ground of my clan. Therefore I have every right to take away your life…”

All of a sudden the golden sword that was in her hand was taken away by the extremely beautiful maiden who proceeded to break her golden sword into two pieces, “You mean with this piece of broken sword, you want to take away life?”

“Or do you mean…” the extremely beautiful maiden added with a smile. “That you are a fifth realm golden celestial and you can actually take away my life?”

Qiuxiang Huan gasped softly, “How did you know?”

It was her personal secret that she had purposely suppressed her cultivation level to make it appear as though she was a fourth realm expert. It was all due to a secret mystical divine pill that was only produced by the Clear Sky Pavilion and was only known to the leadership of the Clear Sky Pavilion.

The extremely beautiful maiden smiled, “That is because your cultivation level is too low and I can easily read yours.”

Qiuxiang Huan was startled. No one would ever say to a fifth realm golden celestial that their cultivation level was too low. Moreover this extremely beautiful maiden did not have any golden eyes yet she was claiming that her cultivation level was higher than her? It was too ridiculous!

But she managed to say calmly, “So what do you want?”

The extremely beautiful maiden flashed her eyes and it turned a desolate purple, “Qiuxiang Huan! I am the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi, Desolate Lord of the Citadel of Chaos Mysteries.  I like your ruthlessness and you have a count of three to accept the offer to be my disciple!”

Qiuxiang Huan was startled, “What…Desolate Lord? I don’t even know what it is. Did you come from the other celestial fraternities?”



“Wait!” Qiuxiang Huan gasped, “I…I accept…”

“Good!” Yue Lingxi smiled. “Then kowtow three times before me to pay homage to your new mistress.”

Although Qiuxiang Huan did not know who she really was but she knew that this Yue Lingxi was an extreme character. It was because she could snap her precious golden sword with her profound strength in such an effortless manner. This was something that she was not able to do even though she had the strength of a fifth realm expert.

Therefore she began to kowtow three times as she humbly said, “My respects to mistress.”

Yue Lingxi smiled coldly, “Good. From today onward, you will be my first disciple in the Celestial Realm. From today onward, you will be a desolate cultivator of my Citadel of Chaos Mysteries and I will be imparting to you my immortal practices.”

“Immortal…practices?” Qiuxiang Huan blinked her eyes with a perplexed look.

“Of course it will be an immortal practice. The celestial practices that you are cultivating are too lowly for desolate cultivators like us.” Yue Lingxi said coolly.

Qiuxiang Huan was thinking with a soft sigh, “I’ve thought that she is a respectable mistress but she turns out to be a derange mistress…”

Yue Lingxi displayed a scroll and let it floated slowly in front of Qiuxiang Huan, “This is our citadel most powerful immortal art, the Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword. There are a total of nine levels to it. However, this scroll only contains the first three levels. Whether you can even gasp the first level will need to depend on your own enlightenment.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled weakly, “Mistress, you are not guiding me?”

“It is not our way to guide. Isn’t it already clearly written in the scroll so why do you need me to guide you?” Yue Lingxi said coldly.

Qiuxiang Huan thought miserably, “Self-learning and guiding are two different matters. You expect me to learn blindly? What if I am afflicted with the deviation fire?” But she thought that it was wise for her to keep this to herself.

Yue Lingxi said, “Qiuxiang Huan, get me what you are currently consuming now.”

Qiuxiang Huan looked at her with a weak smile, “I wonder why mistress needs the Suppressing Mystic Profound Divine Pill for?”

“Naturally it is to suppress my high level cultivation from my enemies. It is too noticeable.”

Qiuxiang smiled weakly and her heart was shaking with disbelief, “She is a high level cultivator? Don’t ever let me found out what your true cultivation level is…” But she could not resist asking with a smile, “Since mistress you’ve already known what my cultivation level is, may I know yours?”

Yue Lingxi nodded lightly, “Eighth Immortal Positioning!”

She was thinking, “I’ve better don’t tell my new disciple that I have lost half of my desolate strength…”

Qiuxiang Huan was also thinking, “I have never heard of this cultivation ranking before. She must be from the other celestial fraternities…she is probably from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity since this place is the nearest to our Nine Celestial Fraternity…”

Other than the Nine Celestial Fraternity, there were several other celestial fraternities in the Celestial Realm like the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, Drifting Cloud Divine Sea and a dozen others.

“And one more thing,” Yue Lingxi added. “I want you to help me to keep tabs on this celestial practitioner by the name of Lu Qingyun. He is very important to me!”

Qiuxiang Huan was startled when she had heard Lu Qingyun’s name and she was thinking, “Did she just say that he is very important to her? What is their relationship?”

Yue Lingxi said after a short ponder, “He is currently at the Heavens Ridge Villa and is the senior brother there. He should be easy to keep tab upon. However there is this old man, he is a little hunchback. I want you to help me to keep track on him too. He is a formidable cultivator and you should be wary of him as well. He is an enemy of our Citadel of Chaos Mysteries. If possible, I want him dead.”

“What is this old man name?” Qiuxiang Huan asked.

“The Three-Destinies Old Man.” Yue Lingxi replied coolly.

Qiuxiang Huan replied, “I will take note of it.”

“Another thing…” Yue Lingxi said.

Qiuxiang Huan was cursing in her heart. This new mistress seemed to have an endless number of requests…

But she faked a smile to say, “Yes mistress. I am all ears.”

“We must only have the best disciples for our Citadel of Chaos Mysteries. Along the way, I have heard that there is this Golden Mask Devil Goddess who is quite formidable. Find her and bring her to me. I want to make her my disciple. She is qualified.”

Qiuxiang Huan was startled. The Golden Mask Devil Goddess was said to be a peaked seventh realm expert and she was the dark mistress of the three dark divine realms. How could she possibly recruit such an influential figure without getting killed first? This Yue Lingxi was totally insane…

“Maybe she was trying to show off to me that she was not afraid of the Devil Goddess and was trying to impress me. She must really think that I am a naïve maiden…”

“And another thing…” Yue Lingxi said with a smile. “Find me a quiet place for my meditation. Your mistress had just fought with an enemy of mine and I need to recuperate my strength. Get me some divine pills that can aid me to recover my profound strength. Spare no expenses for that.”

Qiuxiang Huan was thinking, “I hope the requests can end here. She is trying to drain the Clear Sky Pavilion of its resources. I think I’ve better get rid of her…”

“Oh by the way, your dress is so much prettier than mine. Strip and give me yours.” Yue Lingxi said nonchalantly.

“What?!” Qiuxiang Huan was startled. Her mistress was asking her to strip so that she could have her dress?! This was getting more and more ridiculous!

With a soft sigh Qiuxiang Huan did as she was told and had surrendered her dress to Yue Lingxi.

“You can have my old dress. Consider this my desolate grace to you. This dress of mine has a name and is called the Sky Heaven Lithe. It is an immortal artefact of the sixth rank so it is impervious to most damages and is capable of self-regenerating. I bet that you have never seen anything like this before, am I right?” Yue Lingxi said nonchalantly.

She was sighing in her heart, “I must be too gracious to this new disciple. But since she is my first disciple here and is willing to help me with so many tasks, I ought to be a little gracious and good to her.”

Qiuxiang Huan was actually cursing her in her heart, “Who wants your tattered dress!” But she pretended to accept it with a delightful smile. Playacting was one of her main strengths so it was not hard to fake a grateful expression.

“And one last thing more.” Yue Lingxi said.

Qiuxiang Huan nearly spurt blood when she heard that Yue Lingxi continued to make her requests. She said bitterly in her heart, “Why did she keep saying one last thing when it is never the last…”

“I have heard that there is an upcoming celestial clans’ competition, am I right? I’m going to take part.” Yue Lingxi said.

“Mistress, you are going to take part?” Qiuxiang Huan stared at her blankly. “It is only for those that are below the fifth realm level. Are you?”

Yue Lingxi looked at her with a smile, “If you can disguise your cultivation strength with pills, so can I. We are going to win big and there will be no one to stop us.”

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