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Chapter 115: Lightning Tribulation (3)

A large purple streak of lightning had flashed onto Fan Yuqing with a thunderous bloom as she raised her hands to receive the full blast of the lightning. At the same time, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng had also cried out loud as the full force of the lightning rippled through them, threatening to rip their very souls to pieces!

Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing were all trembling with the aftershocks of the lightning blast as they attempted to recover their wits…

Ye Jing said weakly, “Guess that we have just managed to survive the second lightning. Seven more to go…”

Xuan Danfeng nodded. Her fingers were trembling as she popped in a vitality pill while Fan Yuqing was looking extremely pale as she grasped tightly the horn of the Tyrant Behemoth.

Ye Jing tenderly touched Fan Yuqing’s hand and asked gently, “Are you alright? You really don’t look so well.”

Fan Yuqing closed her eyes and said, “I’m alright. You have better focused on your own survival first.”

Ye Jing nodded weakly as she popped a pill before she said, “Sisters, I still have some high grade soul stones here to replenish our spiritual force…”

Fan Yuqing quietly grabbed one of the high grade soul stones before she closed her eyes once more to recuperate from her injuries. It was because she knew that she had to recuperate faster than the lightning attacks or else she would not be able to survive this lightning tribulation.

Soon, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth purple lightning had descended and a hole that was 3m deep had appeared where Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were and they were all lying on the ground now…

Even the horn of the Tyrant Behemoth had cracked under the pressure of the continuous lightning strikes. The only thing that was unaffected by the lightning strikes was Ye Jing’s immortal sword.

Up on the slope of the mountains, Xiaofang could barely watch anymore; he was trembling and hating himself that he was unable to help. He had wanted to rush down the mountain slope but the Celestial Liege warned him of the consequences of distracting them.

“There is nothing we can do now except to observe.” He warned Xiaofang.

The seventh purple lightning had burst from the dark heavens like a furious coiling dragon and was now flashing to the ground below where Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing were.

Fan Yuqing quickly mustered all her strength to stand up as she raised her palm to receive the full fury of the sixth purple lightning as she coughed out blood before she was slammed in a circle onto the ground while Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were scattered around the newly created pit as they coughed out a few mouthful of blood.

As they all landed simultaneous on the ground, the horn of the Tyrant Behemoth had also scattered into hundreds of fragments…

Ye Jing smiled weakly with her face on the ground, “The horn is gone now…so are all our soul stones…”

Xuan Danfeng was convulsing on the ground as she struggled to eat the pill that was in her fingers but the lightning had left her upper body paralyzed…

Fan Yuqing was lying on the ground and her breathing was extremely weak, “We…have taken so many divine pills already. These pills do not have any effect anymore…”

She closed her eyes and said, “Sister Jing, Sister Danfeng….I’m sorry. I’ve thought that we’re able to pull through this. But in the end…I am just so weak…and my haughtiness has even cost you your lives…”

Ye Jing muttered, “You…are not…weak. You are taking twice the hits as us…we’re actually…not bad…at all, we have managed to survive until now.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “At least, we…can still chat…for five minutes more…any last wishes?…”

Ye Jing said weakly, “…Sister Yuqing…I’ve a secret to tell you…I actually do not trust you or like you when we have first met…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Is this…even a secret?”

Ye Jing grinned weakly, “I like you when we’re in the…Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…I wish that… journey has not ended so fast…”

Fan Yuqing smiled quietly, “Is that so…”

Ye Jing gasped weakly as she coughed out another mouthful of blood, “I…have…another secret…that I want to tell you…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “I thought…you just say you only have one secret…and now you have…another secret?”

“That one…doesn’t count since you…have already known. This one…is a real…secret….do you remember Dongfang Jun? I’ve met him and…”

Fan Yuqing was jolted and she gasped weakly, “What about him?…”

Ye Jing smiled and said weakly, “If we survive the next lightning then…I will tell you…alright?…the next wave of lightning…is starting soon…”

The entire dark heavens were now arcing with purple lightning and the mountains were shaking with the sounds of thunders.

Rumble! Boom!

An explosive purple lightning had descended once more against them!

Fan Yuqing mustered all her entire strength as she struggled to stand but the most she could manage was only to her knees as she raised her palm upward to receive the eighth purple lightning, “Ye…Jing! Don’t die…and don’t forget to tell me…”

The ground below them had sunk another 1m and the earth was sent flying all around them in a huge explosive impact. Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were all sent flying and rolling on the ground…

After a few pauses, Fan Yuqing struggled to stand but instead she was crawling toward the motionless Ye Jing, “Ye Jing, don’t…die! What…about…Dongfang Jun…you promise…to tell me…about him…”

When she had crawled to Ye Jing, she called out weakly. “Wake….up…please…” Upon seeing that Ye Jing was motionless and did not respond, she slapped her gently on the face. “You badass maiden…you promise to tell me about Dongfang Jun…”

At this moment Xuan Danfeng was aroused by Yuqing panicky calls for Ye Jing. She did not even have the strength to open her eyes as she muttered weakly, “I heard your voice…is Ye Jing…still there…”

Fan Yuqing slapped Ye Jing’s cheek a little harder, “You are a golden celestial as well as a saintess now. You…can’t die like this…”

The tribulation lightning had voided Ye Jing’s entire spiritual sea and all her meridians were dead. That was why Ye Jing were no longer responding. A golden celestial may have superb regeneration ability but without spiritual force, regeneration was not possible; the tribulation lightning had severed Ye Jing’s meridians and voided her spiritual sea, making regeneration nearly impossible as regeneration depended on spiritual force and the meridians as its conduit.

Xuan Danfeng muttered weakly, “Yuqing…I don’t think I can make it to the very last…thank you…I happy to know you as a friend as well as a sister…”

Fan Yuqing coughed weakly, “We will make it. Try to be strong…don’t take the lead from Ye Jing…she is so useless…”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing froze as she sensed a strong spiritual force that was within Ye Jing. Without thinking, she had reached into Ye Jing’s spatial space and took out a folded painting, “This scroll, why does this painting have so much spiritual force within it?”

Without thinking, she had spread out the celestial painting and an outflowing of strong spiritual force quickly enveloped the pit.

Xuan Danfeng was revived by the spiritual force and she managed to open one eye weakly, “What is this? Did…a miracle just happen…”

Even Ye Jing was revived by the strong surge of spiritual force…

Ye Jing was suddenly convulsing weakly as she grabbed Fan Yuqing weakly, “Please…this…painting is more valuable…than my life. It is Dongfang Jun…last gift to me…if you use it here, it will be destroyed…”

Fan Yuqing was startled but after a moment thought, she said weakly. “If we all die here then Dongfang Jun won’t be happy…”

She sighed quietly as she looked at the celestial painting. Through it, she could sense Dongfang Jun’s aura. He must have spent many years meditating and cultivating with this celestial painting…

Mustering whatever strength she could, she tried to absorb as much spiritual force as possible while saying. “Your spiritual sea is already voided of any spiritual force and you are unable to absorb any now. Only this celestial painting will be able to save us…”

Then she knocked Ye Jing to sleep. Afterward she crawled to Ye Jing’s immortal sword as she spat her blood on it before gripping the sword up to the heavens…

Xuan Danfeng was startled as she coughed out, “Yuqing, no wait…are you thinking of drawing the lightning entirely onto yourself?”

“Come, this is the ninth lightning strike already…” Fan Yuqing muttered as she attempted to stand.

Heavy downpour and strong winds began to descend…

Finally the last purple lightning streaked across the heavens, gathering strength and with a mighty thunderous rumble, it flashed down upon the tip of the immortal sword and Fan Yuqing screamed out loud as brilliant light surrounded her…

This last lightning bolt was actually more powerful than the first eight lightning and the entire vicinity exploded with its fury as the mountains shook violently.

Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan, the Celestial Liege, the Confession Lady and the rest who had a bird eye view could only see a burst of purple light exploding into the pit where Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were and the entire vicinity was now carpeted with thick smog…

Without saying a word, Xiaofang had dashed down the mountains!

He was quickly followed by Gong Nanyan, the Celestial Liege, the Confession Lady, Chu Yunfeng, Luo Bihua and Li’Er.

Even Beitang Ying was rushing down the mountains after she had recovered from her shock of witnessing the nine-stage tribulations…

Xiaofang was bleary as he shouted for Ye Jing amidst the heavy downpour and the strong howling winds…

“Jing’Er, you will be alright. Please be alright…”

Elsewhere there were excited shouts as the news quickly spread that Lin Wucheng and Tang Yiren had both successful overcome their lightning tribulations and were both Great Saint now…

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Chapter 114: Lightning Tribulation (2)

When Fan Yuqing arrived at Ye Jing’s place, Xiaofang, Chu Yunfeng, Luo Bihua and Li’Er had also arrived and they were all gathering nervously around Ye Jing.

Ye Jing was heard panicking asking them, “What should I do? This is my first time…”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly as she greeted the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady, “Hi, long time no see…”

The Confession Lady looked blankly at Fan Yuqing, “Child, are you well? How’s everything going?”

But Fan Yuqing did not respond as she looked at Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing. It was obvious that it was Ye Jing that was undergoing the lightning tribulation and not Xuan Danfeng.

She smiled weakly at Ye Jing, “You are in trouble again, am I right?”

Ye Jing protested weakly, “It isn’t my fault. It is Sister Danfeng…she distracts me and suddenly it happens…I really don’t know exactly what is happening…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling awkwardly, “I didn’t know that she is in the midst of her cultivation…”

Fan Yuqing folded her arms and said coolly, “Now that it happens, there is nothing we can do. She is pretty lucky to have her lightning tribulation so soon. Let’s see now if she can overcome it. Don’t stay in the room unless you want the entire place to be blown apart by lightning later. You have only got a short time to prepare before the actual lightning tribulation starts.”

Ye Jing quickly picked up her sword and asked around panicky, “So what should I do?!”

The Celestial Liege said, “Prepare whatever you can. You need to have lightning resistant artefacts or any treasures that may help you.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “I don’t have any…”

Xiaofang suddenly spoke out as he took out a horn, “Jing’Er, wait! This is the horn of the Tyrant Behemoth. Although we have not refined it into lightning pills yet but the horn is still useful.”

Fan Yuqing frowned, “It seems that Ye Jing has quite a bit of luck today. If I am not wrong then this is the horn of an eight rank Tyrant Behemoth. How did you manage to get it?”

Xiaofang grinned, “From the corpse of the Tyrant Behemoth when we had fallen into the gorge. Where we had found you…”

Fan Yuqing immediately waved her fingers. She did not want to refresh her memories with that dreadful place for as long as she lived. Then she turned to Xuan Danfeng, “Since Ye Jing is facing the lightning tribulation, it will be a little weird if Xuan Danfeng doesn’t face hers. She will find it difficult to account to everyone later. Why don’t Sister Danfeng takes the lightning tribulation at the same time?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled awkwardly, “It is not like I have a choice…”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “If I say you can then you will be able to. I will help to be your conduit…”

The Confession Lady immediately said, “Niece, this is too dangerous. You can’t risk your body like this…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “I’ve grown up now. I know what I am doing.”

The Celestial Liege nodded and said to his consort, “Let it be. Let’s assist at the side.”

Slowly the Confession Lady nodded as she heaved a soft sigh, “Niece, be very careful.”

Fan Yuqing had turned to Xuan Danfeng, “Hold your hand onto mine. Release all your spiritual force just like what Ye Jing is doing now. This is the exact same experience as when you are having a breakthrough from the golden celestial level to the sacred saint level.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded nervously and she did as Fan Yuqing had told her to do.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Actually, my spiritual force seems to be leaking. It is not like I am actually releasing my spiritual force on my own accord…”

Fan Yuqing grabbed Ye Jing’s hand as the three of them sat around Ye Jing’s immortal sword, “You talk too much. Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “I am really afraid. That’s why I am talking so much. So what are you planning to do?”

Fan Yuqing looked up and looked at everyone, “Firstly, everyone else should get as far away as possible from this place until we are the size of a berry in your vision. Secondly, the three of us will be taking the lightning tribulation together. The real lightning tribulation will of course aim for Ye Jing but because I am acting as the conduit, the lightning tribulation will be aiming for me instead before distributing its raw power to Ye Jing and Danfeng.”

Then she frowned softly, “Why is the rest of you still here?”

Xiaofang smiled bitterly as he said, “Jing’Er, be careful…”

Ye Jing was secretly looking at Xiaofang as she said silently, “Xiaofang, if I don’t pull through then I hope that you can be strong…”

Gong Nanyan said softly to Xuan Danfeng, “Protégé mistress, please be careful…”

Afterward, everyone had departed except for Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng and Fan Yuqing.

Fan Yuqing was also releasing her aura and her golden aura had completely enveloped over Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng.

Ye Jing was smiling, “Sister Yuqing, your aura is so comfortable and soothing. Almost intoxicating.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “You won’t say that once the lightning tribulation has started.”

Xuan Danfeng nervously said as she quickly took out some of the precious pills that she had been saving and distributed to Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing, “There are many types of lightning tribulation. The three-stage silver lightning tribulation, the six-stage golden lightning tribulation and the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. I wonder what we will be facing? Since Ye Jing had only just reached the intermediate saintess level then this should be the easiest of the lightning tribulations, the three-stage silver lightning tribulation.”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she said casually, “You are probably right in your guess. But with me as the conduit, this will probably be the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation instead.”

When she had said that, Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing had immediately turned ashen as they both said weakly together, “Crap! Holy! I am going to die here today!…”

Ye Jing was almost in tears, “I think I just got conned by you. Sister Yuqing, please be merciful and let go of my hands…”

Xuan Danfeng actually had a tear that dripped down her cheek as she said almost incoherently, “I have heard that the three-stage silver lightning tribulation is nine times more fearsome than a normal lightning while the six-stage golden lightning tribulation is thirty-six times more deadly than a normal lightning. As for the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation, it is eighty-one times more deadly than a normal lightning. If we were to take the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation then we will be struck by nine lightning one after another that have the ferocity of 81 lightning. All in all, we have to take the punishment of 729 lightning. This is not something that our golden bodies will be able to take.”

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly, “Sister Danfeng, your math is really good…”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Not really. I have done some early assumptions just in case I have to take my lightning tribulation one day.”

Fan Yuqing looked at them and said casually, “Taking the nine-stage lightning tribulation will only make your future potential stronger as a Great Saintess and increases the likelihood for your immortal ascension. Taking the three-stage lightning tribulation will only make you a weak Great Saintess…”

“I don’t mind being a weak Great Saintess…” Both Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng said weakly at the same time.

Ye Jing gave a faint smile, “It is better than a dead Great Saintess.”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling bitterly, “I agree as well.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “The two of you have no aspirations at all. I can’t believe that you are patriarch leaders. You only got this one chance to temper your celestial body and you won’t have a second chance. Don’t be afraid and trust me. I’ve taken the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. It isn’t that difficult to overcome it. I was only half-dead when I had overcome it.”

Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng: …

Fan Yuqing continued casually as she saw the lightning had turned into freaking purple and was thundering as though it was sundering the heavens and the earth, “Well, it seems that the lightning tribulation is about to start. Be prepare…”

Ye Jing panicky said, “Wait! I still I’m going to take a pee…I am so nervous…”

Xuan Danfeng blurted out, “I’ve stomach cramp now. What a bad timing…I need to take a pee too…”

Fan Yuqing frowned with disbelief at their nervousness, “Pee in your panties then because it is already starting…”

As she said that, a purple streak of lightning had suddenly descended and had flown into them, exploding furiously as it struck!

Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan, Beitang Ying, the Celestial Liege, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, the Confession Lady and Luo Bihua who were watching from the side of the mountain were startled at the intensity of the purple lightning bolt as it exploded over Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng, sending fires, debris and dust to scatter all around…

Xiaofang had broken into cold sweat as he could only stared at what was happening and he was unable to do anything to help…

Gong Nanyan was trembling nonstop and her golden eyes were watery…

When the dust had scattered, Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were all breathing hard. All three of them had received a tremendous jolt though their hearts and it felt like their souls could depart from their bodies.

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were startled to see that there was blood that was dripping down from Fan Yuqing’s lips. It seemed that she had taken more punishment than them…

Fan Yuqing weakly said, “You are only taking the strength of 81 lightning but I’ve to take the strength of 162 lightning because of my heaven-defying act. Don’t be a crybaby and start to be serious or we will all lose our lives here.”

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were immediately guilty as they popped in whatever divine pills that they had as they exercised all their spiritual strength to the fullness in anticipation for the next stroke of forthcoming lightning.

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she took a pill, “Good. This won’t be easy but with the horn of Tyrant Behemoth here and Ye Jing’s immortal sword that can dissipate energies here, we do have a good chance to succeed. So don’t any of you die halfway.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded weakly while Ye Jing pursued her lips and said weakly, “You too, Sister Saintess Yuqing…”

Fan Yuqing looked up to the thundering heavens and said grimly, “The second lightning is coming soon…”

Elsewhere, there were many celestials that had gathered to watch the lightning tribulations at a safe distance and were discussing hotly…

“Elder Lin Wucheng of the Ancient Ascension Sect has attracted a three-stage lightning tribulation…”

“The Celestial Sword Clan Elder Tang Yiren has attracted a six-stage lightning tribulation…”

“Look! Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng has actually attracted a nine-stage lightning tribulation?!”

“Isn’t Xuan Danfeng the youngest saint among the three?”

“Will Xuan Danfeng going to survive the nine-stage lightning tribulation?…”

“Even Saintess Mu Huiyin has attracted only a three-stage lightning tribulation…”

“I’ve heard that Saintess Ziyue had previously attracted a six-stage lightning tribulation. That is why she is able to remain in the celestial realm for such a long time…”

“It is an extremely rare chance to see this nine-stage lightning tribulation. It is said that even the mountains will be shattered by the purple lightning…”

“If a saint were to survive through a three stage lightning tribulation, their time here will be extended for two to four thousand years. Surviving through the tempering of the six-stage lightning tribulation will grant five to seven thousand years while a nine-stage lightning tribulation will bestow an extended time of eight to ten thousand years…”

“I wonder what the lightning tribulation of Saintess Yuqing when she had become a great saintess?”

“Isn’t Lin Wucheng the most senior and oldest of the three celestials? Why is that his lightning tribulation is the easiest?”

“Even though the three-stage lightning tribulation is the easiest but there is still a thirty percent mortality rate. It isn’t as easy as you think…”

“The nine-stage lightning tribulation rarely appears. Now that it has appears, the entire mountains are shaking even as we speak…”

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Chapter 113: Lightning Tribulation (1)

Ye Jing inspected her Heavenly Decree but it was still voided of any runic texts. She quickly put it back into her spatial jade belt. “Well, no news means it is good news then?”

Giving a soft sigh, she took out her immortal sword to have a look. She had been trying to divine harmony with her sword for many days now but all her attempts had ended up in failure. With her acute Divine Sense ability, it just did not make any sense for her to fail in her attempts especially when she had previously succeeded.

She was groaning softly, “Xiaofang is able to divine harmony with his immortal sword in such an easy manner and why is that I can’t? I really don’t believe that he is such a genius…this is so disgraceful…”

“Or is it my sword is unable to recognize me now?Or because my cultivation core has changed now…”

Ye Jing gasped all of a sudden as she thrust her sword into the ground, “That’s why! Now I know why. After I’ve absorbed the Heavenly Profound Pill, my cultivation core has also undergone a tremendous transformation…”

Therefore she began to act upon her thoughts by releasing her saintess aura to envelop her sword with her spiritual force…

After absorbing the Heavenly Profound Pill, this was the first time that she had released all her profound aura.

The entire room was soon glowing with her brilliant golden aura and even Yu’Er was flapping her wings in astonishment…

The immortal sword that was thrust into the floor was soon vibrating with her spiritual force as a faint connection was established between them.

Ye Jing was delighted and she was smiling, “Yes, that is the feeling…”

All of a sudden there was a voice behind the door. It was Xuan Danfeng as she laughed jovially, “Sister Jing’Er, I am back this morning. The first thing that I am back is to look for you. Do you miss me and now think that I am your best sister?”

Ye Jing was startled from her deep meditation as she looked up and shouted, “Alas! It is Sister Danfeng. You are such a liar. You’re only here to see Gong Nanyan. Leave me out of your mushy mushy words…”

Ye Jing gasped out all of a sudden for she was suddenly jolting as though she had been struck by a lightning bolt as she grabbed her sword for support. Instead of sensing that her spiritual energies were upon her sword, her spiritual energies were now departing rapidly into a spiral column upward.

However other than that, she did not feel as though she had any ill-effect and instead she was floating lightly on her foot, “What is this weird feeling that I am experiencing now?…”

When Xuan Danfeng had heard her sudden cry, she barged into the room and was startled to see Ye Jing losing control of her spiritual energies. “This…don’t tell me…”

From outside, a dark storm had suddenly descended and the loud thunderclaps that were produced by lightning could be heard rumbling aloud!

Instinctively, Xuan Danfeng knew what it was as she gasped, “This is the lightning calamity! Someone is breaking through from the intermediate sacred saint level to the upper sacred saint level? Are you facing your lightning tribulation now?”

Ye Jing was startled, “Is me? How is it possible? I have only just breakthrough to the intermediate saint level…”

Just as she was still doubtful, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had also barged into her room as they said panicky at the same time, “Jing’Er, you are facing your lightning tribulation?!”

The Confession Lady looked at her blankly, “What did you do this time?”

Ye Jing was smiled weakly as she looked at her godparents, “I don’t know what is going on…I was just trying to cultivate with my immortal sword…”

Attracted by the commotions, Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying had also rushed into the room…

Beitang Ying gasped softly when she saw the Celestial Liege but otherwise, her countenance was soon expressionless.

Elsewhere all the celestials that were at the Unmoving Mountains were startled by the unnatural dark storm that had suddenly descended. They knew that someone was attempting a lightning tribulation in order to overcome the barrier to become an upper sacred saint. If that person were to succeed then a great saint would be born.

A number of high level celestials quickly moved their fingers to calculate what was going on and most of the signs were soon pointing at the guest palace of the Lofty Snow Palace.

There was only one intermediate saintess in that location and she was none other than Xuan Danfeng.

Immediately there were plenty of speculations that Xuan Danfeng was attempting for a breakthrough to a Great Saintess…

“Isn’t that too fast? Six months ago, she is only an intermediate saintess…”

“You may not know this but the lightning tribulation doesn’t depend on the cultivation talent of the cultivator. Rather, it can only be chanced upon by lucky occurrences…”

Almost immediately, there were more gasps from the high level diviners as they quickly calculated that the lightning tribulation would strike two more locations at the Unmoving Mountains; the guest palace of the Celestial Sword Clan and the main palace of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

This could only mean that Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan and Elder Lin Wucheng of the Ancient Ascension Sect were also facing their lightning tribulation at the same time!

Three intermediate saints of the patriarch clans were actually taking their lightning tribulation today. Such an event had never happened before!

Should they succeed in overcoming the lightning tribulation then this would mean a great boost to the fighting strength of the righteous celestial clans!

Today was indeed a weird day and a day that caused a great flurry among the hundreds of celestial clans. This was the second time that the hundreds of celestial clans were this excited and this event was soon the talking point of the day. The first time that everyone was this excited since they were here, it was the duel that was between Saintess Fan Yuqing and Saintess Mu Huiyin.

At this moment, Fan Yuqing was frowning lightly as she quickly divined with her fingers. “It comes from Xuan Danfeng guest palace alright. But why do I have this nagging feeling that this has to do with Ye Jing?”

She said to Feng Minyue, “I will go and take a secret look…”

Feng Minyue nodded and said gently as her golden eyes looked tenderly at her, “Be very careful…”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “There is nothing to worry about…”

Feng Minyue sighed quietly, “Why is that I got a really uneasy feeling about this?”

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Chapter 112: Trivial (3)

Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing were both quietly looking at the starry heavens that were above them. They were alone in the back mountains of the Unmoving Mountains and were lying on the grassy patch.

Somehow tonight, they felt like talking to each other before the forces of the Devil Isle approached. According to updates, it would take no more than three days before the arrival of the Devil Isle.

There were many reports of casualties and every day, hundreds of wounded celestials would be carted into the fortress of the Ancient Ascension Sect for treatment. Most of the fighting was conducted between the fighters of the righteous celestial clans and the dark celestial clans. The Devil Isle rarely intervened except for once when it looked like they were not advancing.

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Tomorrow, Sister Danfeng will be back with her clan forces. Hopefully, she will be alright. What about your Minyue?”

For the past week, Xuan Danfeng had been mobilizing her clan forces to aid the hasty retreat of the righteous celestial clans to the Ancient Ascension Sect. At the same time, she was giving her forces some field experiences and exposure to the melee.”

Fan Yuqing said casually. “She is already back. I’ve told her that I will be here. She will be here to look for us later.”

Ye Jing nodded as she smiled, “It seems that Mu Huiyin is going to be greatly disappointed. She is expecting the Goddess Envoy or the Goddess Devil to confront her but her stupid plot did not succeed.”

Fan Yuqing smiled with a tiny chuckle sound, “I don’t think she is expecting her plans to succeed anyway. If there are spies of the Devil Goddess or the Goddess Envoy at the banquet then they would already have known of her schemes. Rather, she is trying to be the center of the targets. Although I don’t wish to admit it, she is a true heroine. I feel a little bad toward her.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Which part did you feel bad toward her? Seducing Liang Ni?”

Fan Yuqing turned and smiled at her, “The part about asking Xiaofang to put poop on her bed.”

Ye Jing: …

Ye Jing said, “You seem to be more popular than me. Liang Ni, Lin Wucheng, Yun Xinghe and so many others…”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “That is because I don’t hole up like you do. If you were to make a few appearances then you will have plenty of suitors behind your tail.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “You mean plenty of haters and people that want me dead?”

Then she asked, “Say, do you really have anyone that you really like?”

Fan Yuqing looked at her coldly, “Why are you such a gossiper?”

But as she turned her head away, she said quietly. “A long time ago, yes. There is one…”

Ye Jing was thinking, “Was he the one that her elders did not want her to be with? The one that has no cultivation future?”

Fan Yuqing heaved a soft sigh as her eyes seemed to be in a distant place, “He is a good man. Better than anyone else in the world.”

Ye Jing was smiling as she asked curiously, “Such a good man, you must surely introduce him to me. What is his name and where is he from?” She was thinking. If this man could catch her eyes then surely he must be an extraordinary person.

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “You won’t know him.”

Ye Jing frowned softly, “C’mon!”

Fan Yuqing looked up to the heavens, “I wonder how he is now? It has been more than two hundred years. I’ve first met him in Tranquil City that day. He is actually just an ordinary celestial with no extraordinary background. In fact, his cultivation level is quite low and is only at the master practitioner level. At that time, I was already a saintess. So you can imagine the gap that is between us. But he is a knowledgeable scholar and I’ve already fallen in love with him. I don’t think in my entire life, I will love another as much as I love him. Dongfang Jun, I wonder what you’re doing now? Are you well?”

When Ye Jing heard his name, she was suddenly startled and there was a weird expression on her. She had married Dongfang Jun in his dying days and she was his widow…

Ye Jing miserably thought, “Surely not. I hope that they are not the same person. If not, Fan Yuqing will surely kill me…”

She felt really guilty as though she had just taken Fan Yuqing’s toys and she quickly said, “Well, things may change after two hundred years. After all, two hundreds is actually a long time. Maybe he has already gotten married and has kids. So you should try to forget him.”

Fan Yuqing looked away and Ye Jing was startled to see that her body was trembling lightly, “I can’t. I can never forget him. I don’t care if his cultivation level is low or if he can never become a golden celestial…”

Ye Jing tried to comfort her, “Did you try to look for him? And how did you separate?” She obviously knew that it was her elders that had separated them but she was asking to mask her guilt and to disguise the fact that she had already known…

Fan Yuqing replied slowly, “I think that is enough already. This is too personal already. What about you? When are you going to get marry to Xiaofang?”

Ye Jing said coyly, “We are not an item and he hasn’t proved himself worthy yet.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Fan Yuqing looked at her and said, “You are just a kid. Just like him. So I think that the two of you will be the best match. If you give him up then he is going to be with Gong Nanyan in the future. This, you ought to be wary.”

Ye Jing smiled with a light flush on her face, “Then let him marry Gong Nanyan then. I will not care less.”

Fan Yuqing frowned at her, “Sometimes I think that you deserve a spanking on your butt. You doesn’t seem too worry that your position as number one will be taken or is it because you have a special hold on Xiaofang?”

Ye Jing giggled, “I’m not telling you. Why don’t you tell me if you like Xiaofang or not? Be honest with me!”

Fan Yuqing blew a gust of wind on her face, “You are too sly. If you are not honest with me, why should I be honest with you? Do you really think that this entire fraternity is your playground?”

Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh as she grew solemn, “Do you really think that I want to be the Goddess Envoy? I am really afraid of my future. Or rather, I am afraid that I will have no future…to be with Xiaofang. So it is better that he has someone to take care of him in the future. His greatest mistake is to look for me…”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing continued as she looked up the starry heavens, “I have a strange premonition that we may be fighting against each other. Will you kill me, Sister Yuqing?”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I am just an ordinary celestial that is thrown into the samsara sea of destiny. But you are different. You are born with a special destiny as well as the daughter of the heavens.”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly, “I guess that your godparents have already shared with you this much. Then I want to tell you that I want to have nothing to do with my special destiny because in my entire life, they do not want me to take any risks. I feel unworthy of my special destiny. Even my Sister Yi Si will rather give her Eternal Lotus to you than to me. You have no idea how I feel…”

Ye Jing looked at her and for a while, the two of them were looking at each other as though they had a new understanding of each other…

Finally Ye Jing spoke, “You really don’t look like a villainess at all.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “You don’t look like one either. But I am better than you because I have probably killed more than what you can possibly count them and before you say anything, I am totally serious. That is why I am no longer the daughter of the heavens but a really nasty villainess.”

Ye Jing smiled as she cuddled in Yuqing’s arm before falling asleep…

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “Hey, don’t fall asleep here. Or I will really strip you naked here…”

Ye Jing opened her eyes and said gently, “I really wish that I got a real sister like you. It is like I have finally blurted out what is in my mind and now I feel much better…”

Fan Yuqing did not say anything. It was because in her heart she had already regarded Ye Jing as her half-sister…

At this moment, Feng Minyue had just arrived as she called out. “Sister Yuqing, Sister Ye Jing. Haven’t you chat enough? Let’s go back.”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she floated gently to her feet as she reached her hand for Ye Jing, “Come. It is getting late. We should go back and have a good rest.”

Ye Jing nodded and gave a smile at Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue, “Then I make a move first. Our guest palaces are at two different mountain peaks of the Ancient Ascension Sect’s premises. “ With that, she had flashed down the mountains…

Feng Minyue smiled gently as she watched her disappeared down the mountains, “I can’t believe that she is now an intermediate saintess. Her advancement has been so rapid. Among the four of us, she used to have the lowest cultivation level. Now she is ahead of Danfeng and I.”

Fan Yuqing nodded but she soon smiled, “So how is your trip?”

Feng Minyue said gently, “The dark celestials are more numerous than I’ve expected. On average, their fighting skills are better than the fighters that are from my domain.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “That is because their dark celestial fraternity is more ruthless than the righteous celestial fraternity. Although their average fighters are much better but they do not have many high level fighters due to their ruthless attrition rates. You didn’t encounter the fighters from the Devil Isle?”

Feng Minyue shook her head, “We have a glimpse of the Sword Centipede once and we quickly stay steer of it.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Lucky you did. That is a ninth rank desolate monster. Even a peak saint may find it hard to beat. Is there anything else?”

Feng Minyue smiled weakly, “I have heard many gossips of you.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “Hurry and tell me. I am keen to know my own gossips.”

Feng Minyue hesitated for a while before saying, “There are rumors about you, mostly regarding Yun Xinghe and Liang Ni. They say that the reason why Mu Huiyin and you have fought so openly is because of Liang Ni. By now, everyone had known that Liang Ni had been expelled from the Listening Rhythm Pavilion. Also, they…are discussing your dazzling body during the fight with Mu Huiyin…”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “What’s wrong with that? Why is your voice faltering all of a sudden?”

Feng Minyue sighed softly before continuing, “I think that some of them have wild imaginations after you have torn off your long skirt. They are discussing that you may not have worn any panties.”

Fan Yuqing had suddenly turned a little ashen as she said in a low voice, “They really have sharp eyes…”


“’Cos, I didn’t wear any on that day…”


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Chapter 111: Trivial (2)

Beitang Ying, Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan were now sitting opposite one another. They were all looking awkward and were just sipping tea while they studied their cultivation slips.

Finally Ye Jing could not resist the silence as she said in a half-teasing manner, “Beitang Ying, I see that you are a golden celestial now. The same as us. Isn’t this such a wonderful feeling? You ought to thank Xiaofang. He has made such a great sacrifice for you.”

Beitang Ying looked up at Ye Jing before she said quietly, “This you need not worry. I am not an ungrateful person and will find a way to repay him.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Surely you are not thinking of using your body to repay him or something like that?”

Beitang Ying raised her eyes to meet Ye Jing before she said quietly, “This method is a little too low, am I right?”

Gong Nanyan: …

Ye Jing: …

Beitang Ying smiled faintly as she added sarcastically, “Even if I deploy this method, I will be ten times and a hundred times better than any of you. Am I right? The two of you look so traditional. To get a man’s heart, it all dependable if you are able to service him good in bed.”

Gong Nanyan, Ye Jing: …

Ye Jing smiled weakly but she was thinking, “You are a virgin and you are lecturing us? How shameless can you be…” But she could not tell her that she was no longer a virgin and she could only display an idiotic expression.

She tried to change to another topic, “What are you planning to do after this?”

Beitang Ying replied without a second thought, “I intend to follow Saintess Yuqing. Wherever she goes, I am going as well.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she thought, “Don’t tell me she is in that type of a relationship…no wonder she is still a chaste maiden at her age…”

Beitang Ying looked at her and asked, “What about you? Are you going to marry Xiaofang after the final battle is over?”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she tried to hide her shyness, “No one can predict if that will be the final battle. Moreover, I may not be alive after this too. If you want to ask about Xiaofang, you can ask Nanyan here. Whatever happens to Xiaofang, I do not care because I am totally not interested in him.”

Beitang Ying: …

Gong Nanyan: ….

Beitang Ying looked at Ye Jing and said coldly, “Do you think that I am blind or an idiot?”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Say whatever you like.”

Beitang Ying looked at Gong Nanyan and asked, “So you like Xiaofang?”

Gong Nanyan coolly looked at her and said, “Whether I like Xiaofang or not is my business and none of your business.”

Beitang Ying looked intently at Gong Nanyan before she heaved a soft sigh, “Actually even if you never tell me, I am still able to guess.”

Still Gong Nanyan did not say anything but continued to study her cultivation slips.

All of a sudden there was a mini explosion in Ye Jing’s room and she was startled. She panicky flashed to her room as she cried out, “Yu’Er!? Are you alright?”

Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying followed right behind her.

Ye Jing’s room was in a mess now, with broken furniture and there were multiple fires that were burning all over.

Yu’Er was in the middle of the room in her true phoenix form and she was so large that her head had even reached the ceiling.

Ye Jing asked weakly, “I thought what it is. So it is my Yu’Er that has a breakthrough to the Eighth Rank…”

Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying were both startled when they had heard that. An eighth rank desolate beast was equivalent to a cultivator that was between an upper golden celestial and an initial sacred saint.

Right now, this phoenix was now an eighth rank Saint Beast!

Ye Jing swept her eyes around her room and said unhappily, “You have better clean this mess up or else I will wed you to an old and ugly phoenix.”

Yu’Er was crying and shrieking as she flapped her wings in protest…

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Chapter 110: Trivial (1)

After arranging for Beitang Ying to settle with Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan, Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue were taking a slow stroll back to the guest palace of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa when they chanced upon Liang Ni arguing with Mu Huiyin and Ascension Master Tie Nansen.

As Mu Huiyin saw Fan Yuqing, she smiled coldly to Liang Ni. “Isn’t that your new lover? Why don’t you look for her right now?”

Liang Ni was startled as he turned around and saw Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue heading in his direction, “Saintess Yuqing…”

Tie Nansen said sternly, “On accord of our friendship, I shall arrange a superior room for you. But if you want to leave then I shall not stop you either. Remember that your protégé mistress has expelled you from her sect. You are not to pester her again.”

Liang Ni said angrily, “Tie Nansen, do you think I do not know that you are coveting my protégé mistress for ages? She doesn’t like you so you can give up your wishful thoughts…”

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly as she took Tie Nansen’s arm, “You are wrong. I have already reciprocated to his love and we’re together now. It is all thanks to you that I’ve finally know what a good person he really is. He has been waiting for me for close to 800 years. Now I only wish to spend my remaining years with him.”

As Fan Yuqing quietly approached, Mu Huiyin smiled faintly and said. “Saintess Yuqing and Saintess Minyue, how is your day?”

Feng Minyue merely nodded gently because she knew that Mu Huiyin was only looking at Fan Yuqing.

Fan Yuqing smiled gently as she looked at Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni, “I’m good. How about you? I think I am hearing an argument?”

Liang Ni was looking at Fan Yuqing as he muttered, “Saintess Yuqing, can we talk later?”

Mu Huiyin smiled coldly, “The two of you can talk all you want. From today onward, Liang Ni isn’t my disciple anymore. As a matter of fact, I have expelled him from my sect. Good bye.”

Then she walked off without looking back.

Tie Nansen bowed quickly with his hands to Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing, “Let me apologize for Mu Huiyin. She isn’t in a good mood today…” Then he had disappeared in Mu Huiyin’s direction.

Liang Ni turned to look at Fan Yuqing and he was smiling awkwardly, “I…have been looking for you for many days but you are always in the company of Saintess Ziyue.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “My godmother has many things to share with me, especially on methods of cultivation and I have shared some of my cultivation experience with her as well. You know that the big battle is coming soon and we all need to prepare ourselves for it.”

Liang Ni nodded and asked, “I wonder if we can chat one to one?”

Fan Yuqing shook her head gently, “I’m sorry. I am really tired. I’ve just been to Xuan Danfeng place and I got a headache from her. Moreover, Sister Minyue and I are still going to discuss the clan strategy for the upcoming battle. Why don’t we have a chat when everything is over, alright?”

While Liang Ni was staring at her with a sense of loss, Fan Yuqing said. “You ought to pay more attention to your current condition. You don’t look too good and in fact, you are looking a little emotional. I don’t know what happening between your protégé mistress and you but you should try to pacify her and everything will be fine. She isn’t serious about expelling you. It must be because of me and because of our duel that she is upset with you. You should try to avoid me until you’ve pacified her first.”

Finally she heaved a soft sigh before she walked away, “Good bye and take care.”

Liang Ni really did not know what to say. It was because his relationship with his protégé mistress was a secret…

He was thinking as he allowed his thoughts to go wild, “Maybe Saintess Yuqing can sense that Huiyin doesn’t like her and that is why she is trying to avoid me…it is all for my own good…she really cares about me…”

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Chapter 109: Saving Beitang Ying (3)

Ye Jing asked, “Eh? Why did the Devil Envoy let us go just like this? I can’t believe that we have escaped. We really have thick plot armor…”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly as she put a golden pill into Beitang Ying’s mouth, “Take this golden pill. This will cleanse the golden silkworm from your body.”

Beitang Ying was startled, “How did you know that I am afflicted by the golden silkworm?”

Fan Yuqing suddenly stabbed Beitang Ying’s shoulder with a light force which caused her to slumber, “Take a good sleep first.”

Ye Jing asked, “How do you know that she is afflicted by the golden silkworm?”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “It is the only method that the Devil Isle likes to use. Why do you think that they can control all the clan leaders?”

When she had approached the Devil Envoy to snatch Beitang Ying away, the Devil Envoy had secretly put the antidote into her hands as she divine whispered in her ears, “I don’t mind that you take Beitang Ying away but you should at least take the antidote for the golden silkworm away as well.”

As for why the Devil Envoy willingly gave her the antidote, even Fan Yuqing did not know the reason why…

Ye Jing looked at her with some doubts before she asked, “And how did you get the antidote?”

Fan Yuqing said, “Sister Jing, I notice that you really have so many questions. Our priority is to take her back first. This Celeste Wind Maiden really goes easy on me.”

Ye Jing asked, “Who is this Celeste Wind Maiden? The Devil Envoy name?”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “That’s right. You are still young and may not have heard of her celestial name. Her lightness skill has no equal and she can float like the wind. Even you are not her equal. Are you thinking of fighting her earlier? Cos I saw your fingers moving just now.”

Ye Jing frowned lightly, “I am just preparing myself for a fight…”

Feng Minyue took off her mask and smiled gently, “I was expecting a battle too. Sister Jing, you mustn’t tell Beitang Ying our identities and who is the real Devil Goddess, alright? Beitang Ying didn’t know that Sister Saintess Yuqing is the Devil Goddess.”

Ye Jing looked at Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue before nodding, “Then you mustn’t tell her I am the Goddess Envoy or that I have joined your group. Because she doesn’t like me and I doesn’t like her too.”

Feng Minyue smiled gently, “Deal.”

Fan Yuqing said after examining Beitang Ying, “We need to take her to Xiaofang. They have half-crippled her cultivation core.”

Ye Jing said weakly, “Can I protest? We have a big battle that is coming along. Asking Xiaofang to help her will only weaken him. It will affect his cultivation level…”

Fan Yuqing said indifferently, “You are not Xiaofang. I will ask Xiaofang for his opinion.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “You are bullying him. You know he is a nice guy…”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly as she carried Beitang Ying over her hands, “Only to you. Not to me. Are you leaving or not? Or I will be abandoning you.”

Ye Jing sighed softly as she tailed behind Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue.

In a little while time, they had sneaked through the heaven gates of the Ancient Ascension Sect and was in Xuan Danfeng guest palace. Sneaking into the Ancient Ascension Sect was actually easier than sneaking into the Xuan Danfeng guest palace for they had happened to chance upon Celestial Xu Wenping, Celestial Song Feixian and Shi Wan’Er, three of Xuan Danfeng’s direct disciples.

The three of them did not know that Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang were staying in the same place as them. It was because Xuan Danfeng did not tell them and instead she had hidden them as common protégés of the other clan leaders that were in her entourage.

The Ancient Ascension Sect had actually prepared seven guest palaces, one for each of the patriarch clans to house their clan and their allies.

With so many celestial experts of the middle tier domain in a single place and in broad daylight, it took them some time to sneak into Xiaofang abode.

Ye Jing was smiling, “With me, it is easy. See.”

Fan Yuqing growled softly, “It is like you can see through the walls. Your divine sense seems to be more acute than anyone else.”

When they had reached Xiaofang abode, he was with Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Luo Bihua and Gong Nanyan. They were all startled when they saw Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue entering the place all of a sudden and were all in black.

Xiaofang was startled when he noticed that Fan Yuqing was carrying a beautiful maiden and she was someone that he had recognized, “It is really Beitang Ying. How did you manage to rescue her from the camps of the Devil Isle?”

Fan Yuqing said casually, “I explain later. Can you help her or not?”

Xiaofang had his hand on Beitang Ying’s belly, “Huh? Her cultivation core is damaged? Who did that?”

Fan Yuqing whispered, “Don’t ask so much. If you help her then I will give you a kiss.”

Xiaofang was suddenly flushing as he said, “Alright…”

Ye Jing was exasperated as she folded her arms, “Xiaofang, you got bribed with just a mere kiss? I tell you, this is a trick from the Devil Isle. They want you to expend your vital energies so that you won’t be able to fight them in the next couple of days. Don’t fall for their tricks…”

Xiaofang sighed softly as he smiled at Ye Jing, “Jing’Er, I have to do it…it is not for the kiss…” Then he took Beitang Ying from Fan Yuqing and closed the door…

The reason why Xiaofang readily agreed to help Beitang Ying was because he still felt guilty that day when her brother was killed in front of them. Regardless of who was right or wrong that day, Xiaofang felt that this was the least that he could do now…

Ye Jing was looking at Fan Yuqing with a startled expression, “What magic did you use on him? He…didn’t listen to me?”

Fan Yuqing looked at Ye Jing coldly, “Why should he listen to you? You are not his lover.”

Ye Jing: …

Fan Yuqing smiled as she looked at Gong Nanyan, “Why didn’t you persuade him?”

Gong Nanyan simply said as she looked away, “This is Xiaofang’s decision to help or not to help. Why should I say anything and why I should even bother?”

Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing: …

Feng Minyue was smiling as she quietly said, “Maiden Nanyan is indeed a praiseworthy maiden…”

Once in the room, Xiaofang immediately set upon to purge her poisons out. It seemed that Beitang Ying had been afflicted by a weird poison but it also seemed that she had just taken an antidote and this antidote was now rapidly dissolving the poisons that were within her. However, this antidote was not without any side effect. While it could remove this deadly poison but it would also cause the cultivation level of the afflicted to drop at the same time.

And Beitang Ying’s cultivation level had already dropped from her previous high. If her cultivation level were to drop again, she may well drop to below the immortal celestial level.

Xiaofang sighed as he scratched his head for a while to think. He got two options in front of him. One was to cleanse the poison and the effect of the antidote. That would preserve her cultivation in the immortal celestial level. Two was to help her all the way and burn his vital life energies to restore her cultivation to the supremacy level.

Slowly he decided on the second course of action as he slowly removed her clothing until he could see her exposed belly before he started to rub his palms on her spiritual sea to repair her cultivation core.

Unlike Gong Nanyan, there was no need to remove the rest of Beitang Ying’s clothing as it was only her cultivation core that was damaged.

All of a sudden Xiaofang was startled because he had noticed that Beitang Ying had opened her eyes and were looking at him.

Beitang Ying was looking very pale as she said weakly, “I must be looking very ugly, am I right?”

Xiaofang awkwardly replied, “No, you are not.”

“Then why didn’t you take a look at me until now?”

Xiaofang: …

Beitang Ying ruefully said, “I deserve this. It is my bad karma as a dark celestial. It seems that you have the healing focus ability, am I right? Or else they wouldn’t hand me over to you.”

Xiaofang nodded and said gently, “I can restore your cultivation level. Please hold on for a while.”

Beitang Ying smiled weakly, “You can stop now. It is alright. I don’t want to regain my cultivation level. I have no wish to become a dark supremacy again…”

She stroked her black hair and said weakly, “Once I have become a dark supremacy again, my hair will turn silver again and even my eyes will be crimson. It is a sentence that is worse than death to me. Do you get me? Even if you don’t aid me, I won’t blame you at all so you don’t need to feel guilty. After all, we are not exactly friends and I have been causing plenty of troubles for you.”

Xiaofang ignored her as he had already broken into heavy perspiration as he channeled his life energies into her spiritual sea.

One hour had quickly passed and finally Xiaofang muttered, “It is done…I’ve restored your cultivation core…”

Then he had collapsed…

Beitang Ying could sense that her cultivation level had been restored. Although she was still weak and was emptied of spiritual force but her boundaries were that of the supremacy level.

Just as she was muttering, “You really shouldn’t have done this for me. I don’t like my old self at all…”

All of a sudden she was gasping with shock. It was because she had taken a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Not only was her hair still a beautiful raven black but her eyes were actually golden…

She got her cultivation level back but it was not as a dark supremacy but as a golden celestial!

Her body was suddenly trembling and she was sobbing out loud…

This startled Ye Jing, Gong Nanyan, Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing from the outside and they had rushed into the room to take a look…

Ye Jing was frowning softly, “I’ve thought that Xiaofang did something to her but nothing has actually happened…”

Feng Minyue was startled, “Her eyes are golden…she is a golden celestial now!”

Even Fan Yuqing was startled, “Xiaofang can even reverse her state of divinity?”

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Chapter 108: Saving Beitang Ying (2)

The Devil Envoy was sitting casually on her throne seat as she smiled at the thirty clan leaders of the dark celestial clans that were presented. These thirty clan leaders were all from the second tier celestial clans and had some renown.

To the left of the Devil Envoy were Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong while to her right were Qi Meixue, Duan Yizong and Beitang Ying.

All thirty celestial leaders were now staring at Beitang Ying but they did not dare to ask why she was here. Today was the first time they had seen her in the Devil Isle camp. They had all thought that she had been killed six months ago but now, she was alive and well now?

Beitang Ying was looking pale and her crimson eyes had no luster. It was as though she was staring in blank air, oblivious of her surroundings.

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “So it seems that many of you have recognized Beitang Ying. She is now a new additional to our forces. With her around, we can muster the remnants of the Scarlet Heretic Sect to our side.”

She then smiled at Duan Yizong, “It is all thanks to Duan Yizong that we are able to find Beitang Ying and have her on our side.”

Duan Yizong was stone faced and he was looking at Beitang Ying…

Days ago, Beitang Ying had looked for him on the sly. He was startled to see her for he had thought that her star had already fallen…

Beitang Ying said indifferently, “I have looked for you because I think that we are still friends and I’ve a favor to ask of you…”

“….I want you to leave the camp of the Devil Isle. Leave the Thousands Fragments Sect. If you are willing to leave with me then I am willing to accompany you for the rest of your life…”

Although Duan Yizong had wanted to take up her offer but his clan was of great importance to him. How could he abandon the hopes of his ancestors and to enter into seclusion with her? Although he loves her but still he was unable to leave with her.

But regardless of that outcome, the Goddess Envoy and Qi Meixue had suddenly barged in and they had quickly subdued Beitang Ying.

It was only then that Beitang Ying knew that she had been betrayed by Qi Meixue. It was because she had used a special signal flare to contact Qi Meixue and had asked her to help to reach out to Duan Yizong who was in the camp of the Devil Isle.

Because Beitang Ying refused to yield, the Devil Envoy had crippled half of her cultivation core and her cultivation level had dropped to the upper immortal celestial level.

The Goddess Envoy said coldly to her, “You have better be obedient. There are worst fates than death. Surely a lovely maiden like you won’t want to be stripped naked and be given to the scums in the camp?”

Beitang Ying knew her meaning.

The Goddess Envoy smirked coldly, “Do you think that the Golden Mask Devil Goddess will come and save you?”

Right now, Beitang Ying was sitting without any emotions. She was heartbroken that Duan Yizong had refused to leave with her and he did not even lift a single finger to help her to escape. Now that she had become a half-cripple, her morale had sunk to a new low.

Moreover to control her, the Goddess Envoy had forcefully made her take the golden silkworm. If she was disobedient then she would suffer a thousand pains that could even pierce through her soul.

Beitang Ying heart was now bitter cold. She had lost faith in everyone. Qi Meixue had betrayed her and Duan Yizong had also betrayed her. Only now had she realized that she was a total failure in life. It was a mistake for her to be born in the Beitang Clan, to be a dark celestial and her entire life was a mistake. Now that she had fallen, even the Devil Goddess would not be bothered with her…

All of a sudden, three maidens with masks were standing at the entrance of the large hall. One of them had a golden mask while the other two had silver masks.

A clan leader was stammering, “The…Devil Goddess…is here…”

Immediately, there were panics among the clan leaders as many rose from their seats…

Qi Meixue had immediately turned pale when she saw the Devil Goddess while Beitang Ying’s crimson eyes had a shimmer of light…

The maiden with the golden mask was Fan Yuqing while the other two maidens were Feng Minyue and Ye Jing…

Ye Jing did not want to wear this silver mask at all as she said to Fan Yuqing before they had come, “It is so ugly. I don’t want to wear it.”

Fan Yuqing threatened her, “If you don’t wear it then I will stripped you naked and parade you around the camp to distract them.”

Ye Jing protested weakly, “What kinda of a plan is this? You…are storming their camp! How do we escape later? Do we even have a backup? If I know that you are storming their camp, I should have let my godparents know…”

Fan Yuqing forced the mask on Ye Jing and said coldly, “Don’t be crybaby. If we don’t storm their camp, how do we rescue Beitang Ying?”

Ye Jing said miserably, “To think that I will be sentenced to die along with you. If I know that is your plan, I shouldn’t have volunteered to come. There better be a plot armor somewhere…”

Fan Yuqing laughed, “Are you afraid?”

Ye Jing laughed, “Actually sometimes I am more daring than you. I am just afraid that you drag Sister Minyue into your bottomless mess.”

Feng Minyue smiled gently, “I’m not afraid. So let’s go.”

That was how and why they were now standing at the entrance of the tent now.

The Devil Envoy frowned lightly, “I have let you go the other day. Why are you courting your own death?”

The Devil Goddess Fan Yuqing laughed coldly behind her mask. Although her laughter was mesmerizing but it was also oppressing, causing many of the celestial leaders with weaker cultivation level or martial levels to fall to the ground.

“Six months ago, you have said that if I want to fight you then I should come to the Unmoving Mountains. We are already in the vicinity of the Unmoving Mountains now.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “So you have come to fight me then?”

Fan Yuqing said as she turned looked at Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai, Qi Meixue and Duan Yizong. “It does seem that a fight today is unavoidable unless my demands are met.”

Xiao Shuai was laughing out loud, “Your demands? Are you joking with us?”

Fan Yuqing ignored him and said, “Firstly, I want Beitang Ying to be delivered safe and sound in my hands. Secondly, you are not to pursue me.”

The Devil Envoy continued to sit in a casual manner while combing her long silver hair, “Is that all? What makes you think that I will agree to it?”

Fan Yuqing flashed a divine sword from her spatial ring and said, “This is the Divine Dreams Sword, a heaven-step divine sword. This divine sword for Beitang Ying. What do you say? And…”

She began to stare coldly at Qi Meixue, “You have betrayed me and caused Beitang Ying to fall into the hands of the Devil Isle. I will never forgive you for your betrayal….”

Qi Meixue was brimming with tears, “Mistress, I am sorry…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted her sharply as she looked at the Devil Envoy, “Don’t give me any of your pitiful craps. I will use the life of Qi Meixue in exchange for Beitang Ying.”

The Devil Envoy chuckled with a soft laugh, “What do you mean you will use the life of Qi Meixue to exchange for Beitang Ying? Do you think that you can hold her hostage from where you stand?”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Naturally I am unable to but I can take her life whenever I have the chance. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, next month or even whenever I feel like. She would have no peace. Do you think that you can protect her all the time?”

Han Shandong interrupted coldly, “You can try but I will always be there.”

Fan Yuqing coldly appraised Han Shaodong before she hummed coldly, “So you are the one that has caused her to betray me. Very good.”

The Devil Envoy turned and looked at Fan Yuqing with a wryly smile, “You know what? Actually I really feel like dueling you today but your offer is a little tempting to me. Leave behind the Divine Dream and take Beitang Ying away.”

Ye Jing was startled as she said behind her mask, “Eh!?!”

Xiao Shuai frowned, “This…”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “Then I shall say thank you to you.”

All of a sudden she had flashed to the Devil Envoy with a startling speed but she had stopped short of the throne seat a she suddenly dropped the Divine Dream. At the same time she had turned around as she snatched Beitang Ying with her, “Let’s go!”

In the next instant, all three maidens had vanished from the tent!

The Devil Envoy gently tossed the Divine Dream to Xiao Shuai, “Take this sword. It is your trophy.”

Xiao Shuai was perplexed, “We are letting them go just like this?”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “They may be back soon to seek an antidote for the golden silkworm. No matter where Beitang Ying goes, she will never escape from our control. However there is another more important reason. Did you notice that maiden with the silver mask that had suddenly made a noise just now?”

Xiao Shuai asked, “What about her?”

The Devil Envoy said, “Her footsteps are extremely light. She didn’t make a single sound when she has first appeared. Moreover I sense the presence of an immortal sword within her inner core. Judging from her reaction, she may be spoiling for a fight with us. From her aura, she isn’t nervous or afraid of us.”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “Immortal sword?! She has one?”

The Devil Envoy nodded, “With the three of us around, there is actually no need for us to be afraid of them. The main reason why I have hesitated is because that maiden just now is the Goddess Envoy.”

Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were both startled, “She is the Goddess Envoy?”

The Devil Envoy nodded slowly, “There is a resonant with my heavenly decree. Who else can she be other than the Goddess Envoy who possesses the same heavenly decree as I?”

Then she gave a wry smile, “At least now we have a clue where the Goddess Envoy and the Devil Goddess are. That is enough for now.”

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Chapter 107: Saving Beitang Ying (1)

With less than a week before the arrival of the forces of the Devil Isle, Fan Yuqing had called Ye Jing, Xiaofang, Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue and Gong Nanyan for a discussion.

Fan Yuqing was startled when she saw Xiaofang’s golden eyes had turned gray. “What happens to you? Don’t tell me that you are practicing the same cultivation art as Ye Jing?”

Xiaofang began to look awkward while Ye Jing was giggling.

Fan Yuqing frowned, “Show me your cultivation method? I am so curious what you are cultivating?”

Xiaofang was startled as he looked at Ye Jing who nodded lightly. Slowly, he took out a bamboo slip that he had copied…

Fan Yuqing snatched it immediately as soon as Xiaofang took it out. After she took a glance at it, the first thing that she said was, “Xiaofang, is this your handwriting? Why is it so horrible? It is such a strain to read…”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she clenched her belly, “I told you so Xiaofang…”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly cursed softly, “This Emotion Divinity is too crazy. No wonder, your Ye Jing isn’t interested in you. This is an ancient cultivation method that isn’t suitable in this new age.” Then she threw it back to Xiaofang.

Ye Jing: …

Xiaofang smiled awkwardly as he took back his cultivation slip while Fan Yuqing had her attention on everyone now, “Good, you have all arrived. As you all know, we have a few days of respite before the arrival of the dark celestial clans. There are reports of heavy fighting in the mountains. That was mainly conducted by the righteous celestial clans that are within the domain of the Ancient Ascension Sect. As of now these celestial clans are actually retreating to the Unmoving Mountains. Therefore the final battle will be at the Unmoving Mountains. All the defensive arrays have already been set up except for the Hundred Celestials Killing Array…”

She stole a glance at the sheepish Ye Jing before continuing, “If the dark celestial clans dare to mount an attack, it won’t be easy. Unless of course someone conveniently dismantles all the defensive arrays here.”

Ye Jing immediately said weakly, “Even if I want to, I can’t absorb any more array cores for a long time. Moreover, you can’t combine two array cores into one…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “That is because the array core of the Hundred Celestials Killing Array is superior to the other array cores. That is why there won’t be any effect. Eh, you are even thinking of combining two array cores into one?”

Ye Jing chuckled softy as her eyes looked sheepish at everyone, “I dare not.”

Xuan Danfeng was shaking her legs and polishing her nails while saying, “Sister Jing, you better not do anything funny or else your dear sister here will get a terrible headache from everyone. The lives of tens of thousands of my protégés as well as my allied clans are at stake here.”

Ye Jing lowered her eyes as she muttered softly, “With all my saintess sisters watching me, I dare not make any funny move.”

Then she looked up and smiled, “So what is the plan?”

Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were all looking at Ye Jing…

Finally Fan Yuqing said, “So what does your heavenly decree says about this whole affair? Any new instructions?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “Nothing yet. I have been checking every day.”

Fan Yuqing nodded quietly before she said, “I need to go out for a few days so you have better behave yourself.”

Ye Jing frowned lightly, “Where are you going alone?”

Feng Minyue smiled, “Not alone. We are going together.”

Ye Jing smiled wryly, “Take me along too. I am quite bored here.”

It was Fan Yuqing turn to frown softly, “It isn’t easy to smuggle you inside. It was easy when there were so many people that are coming into the Ancient Ascension Sect. Now you want to leave? Then who shall smuggle you inside again?”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Do you think that these defensive arrays and celestial experts here are enough to keep me rein in? I have already gone out several times with Sister Nanyan.”

Xuan Danfeng looked at Gong Nanyan and Ye Jing, “You what?!”

Gong Nanyan lowered her glances in guilt and she did not dare to look at her protégé mistress…

Even Xiaofang was startled. No wonder there were some nights that he could not find Gong Nanyan and Ye Jing…

Ye Jing smiled, “The Ancient Ascension Sect is so large, occupying thirty peaks of the Unmoving Mountains. Naturally I have to get myself familiar with the terrain just in case a fight were to break out later. Am I right?”

Fan Yuqing slowly said, “Now I rather you follow me. It seems that it is not a good idea to let you stay here after all. Nothing can cage you in.”

Ye Jing nodded with an alluring smile, “With Sister Yuqing keeping watch over me, it is way much more safer. So where are we going and what for?”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly quiet.

This caught everyone by surprise…

Finally she said indifferently, “We are going to save someone.”

Ye Jing was puzzled, “Who are we saving? I didn’t know that you still have a friend outside?”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “We are not exactly friends. You know her too. She is Beitang Ying.”

Ye Jing gasped with a startled expression, “Isn’t she dead already?”

Even Xiaofang was startled, “I thought that you have killed her?”

Xuan Danfeng was also startled as she stopped polishing her nails, “Isn’t Beitang Ying the new successor to the Scarlet Heretic Sect? But I had thought that shortly after she had succeeded as sect leader, you had destroyed her entire sect? I thought that you had killed her? Why are you helping her then?”

Gong Nanyan gasped all of a sudden. This startled everyone and everyone began to look at her…

She looked panicky as she said, “I’ve thought that it is the Golden Mask Devil Goddess that has massacred the Scarlet Heretic Sect? Are you saying that Saintess Yuqing is the Devil Goddess herself?”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly as she hid one side of her face with her palm, “Now we have one more person that knows my identity…”

Xiaofang quickly said, “You can trust Nanyan. She won’t tell anyone.”

Xuan Danfeng looked a little sheepish, “Hey, don’t look at me like this. I just have a slip of tongue. It isn’t intentionally.”

Gong Nanyan was trembling lightly as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “You…are you really the Devil Goddess who terrorized the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity two centuries ago?”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly, “This is a secret, alright?”

Gong Nanyan nodded feebly. Over the past few days, everyone had been discussing the duel that was between Saintess Yuqing and Saintess Huiyin. Even though she could not go out but she had also heard gossips of the duel when she was prowling the premises. The Saintess Yuqing was said to be only 240 years. When she was the Devil Goddess, how old was she? She simply could not believe that a person that was so young could actually have the ability to turn the entire fraternity upside down…

Ye Jing asked curiously as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “You still haven’t told us why didn’t Beitang Ying die and why are you rescuing her? She is in danger? Aren’t the two of you supposed to be mortal enemies?”

Fan Yuqing said in a casual manner, “At first, I had really killed her with my own hands. But when I saw her chastity mark, I changed my mind and had revived her. I did kill the rest though.”

Ye Jing was startled, “She still has her chastity mark? She didn’t practice the evil dual cultivation arts?”

Fan Yuqing shook her head, “She is only pretending. She hates the degrading dual cultivation in secret but in front of her brother, she dares not voice her objection. As a matter of fact, she had no love for her sect. She even hates her brother for turning her into a dark celestial and ruining her cultivation potential as a golden celestial. She didn’t want to be a dark supremacy at all…”

Then she said, “That’s not important anymore. I’ve sent her on a mission to persuade Duan Yizong the protégé leader of the Thousands Fragments Sect to surrender to us. But there is no news from her till now. Therefore I think that Duan Yizong has thrown in his lot with the Devil Isle.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I saw Duan Yizong before. He seems to like Beitang Ying. Since it is only a persuasion, surely her life won’t be in any danger?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “If she can’t persuade him then she has to assassinate him. With his death then the dark celestial clans that are under the influences of the Thousands Fragments Sect will fall apart. But it is not the case. We have news that the Devil Isle is heading this way with two of the major powers of the dark celestial clans, the Thousands Fragments Sect and the Divine Moon Manor.”

She closed her eyes with a soft sigh. She did not tell them that she had suspected that Qi Meixue had possibly betrayed her because she had not been responding to her missions. If that was the case then Yun Chen, Zhou Hai, Lin Wucheng, Beitang Ying and even herself would have their covers blown.

All this while, she had always thought that Qi Meixue was her most trustworthy lieutenant…

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Chapter 106: Exiting Seclusion

In just a few days, Ye Jing had not only completely absorbed the Heavenly Profound Pill into her spiritual sea but she had also forged a half-step immortal sword from her divine sword. The Nine Tripod Cauldron that Fan Yuqing had lent from Lin Wucheng really worked wonders.

After absorbing the Heavenly Profound Pill, not only did her martial strength also increased tremendous, she had also advanced from the initial sacred saint level to the middle sacred saint level. Even her Eternal Lotus was blossoming as its blue flowers serenely grew with strong pulses of electrifying vitalities within her.

“Did I manage to successful nurture the Eternal Lotus now?”

Ye Jing was now looking at her newly forged sword, “Like a phoenix rebirth, you are now an immortal sword. With you in my hands, I may now able to contest a saint that is of my same level…”

Her martial skills were below par to most saints of the same level. Therefore she could only rely on her divine sword to balance out her insufficient areas.

Ye Jing had not known that her level of martial skills had already surpassed many of her peers as she relied more on her instincts for attacks of opportunity than being restricted to a martial form. Therefore even her opponents would find it difficult to predict her martial moves.

The first person that Ye Jing had wanted to see was of course Xiaofang…

As she opened the door of her room, Xiaofang was already standing outside and he was grinning.

Ye Jing laughed softly, “How do you know that I will be out of seclusion today?”

Xiaofang smiled gently, “I can sense your soul. Jing’Er, you…your aura seems so strong now. Don’t tell me that you are a saintess of the intermediate level now?”

Ye Jing nodded gently, “That’s right.”

But she was soon shocked as she suddenly noticed that Xiaofang’s golden eyes had turned grey, “Your eyes…don’t tell me that you have overcome the Seventh Sense Divinity and has attained the Crisis Divinity?”

Xiaofang answered with a grin, “I was lucky. After I was bedridden for many days, it had suddenly happened.”

Ye Jing frowned lightly, “This is so unfair…why are you so lucky?”

Xiaofang protested weakly, “Jing’Er, I’ve almost lost my life…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “But you are standing in such a good condition in front of me. But listen, don’t you dare to risk your life in this manner again. Do you know that day, your caring Fan Yuqing had just given me a hard lecture.”

Xiaofang said weakly, “She isn’t my caring Fan Yuqing. She had also given me a hard lecture too and even a tight slap.”

Ye Jing walked up to him and patted his face, “Oh really? Then does it still hurt? Weird, there isn’t any slap marks at all.”

Xiaofang growled softly, “That was a few days ago…”

“You look glad though…”

Xiaofang tried to change the topic by saying, “Let me examine you…”

As Xiaofang took Ye Jing’s wrist, he was startled. “It seems that the Heavenly Profound Pill has been totally coalesced into your spiritual sea. I don’t sense any ill-effect too. This is a little hard to believe. The Heavenly Profound Pill isn’t something that can be easily absorbed in a matter of days. It may even take decades. How did you manage to do it in a matter of days?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “That is my cultivation secret. Sorry, I can’t tell you.”

Xiaofang asked, “Really?”

Ye Jing smiled, “Really!”

All of a sudden Xiaofang whispered to her, “Jing’Er if you don’t tell me then I won’t let go of your wrist.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Then don’t let go. I just don’t want to tell you…”

“Ai….Ahhh…” All of a sudden, Ye Jing gave a soft squeak as Xiaofang had carried her on his shoulder. “Jing’Er. Now that you are out of your seclusion, do you think that we can complete our Body Dual Cultivation to the Sixth Rank now?”

“Let go of me, you lecherous fellow….go look for your Nanyan or your caring Fan Yuqing…I am not going to dual cultivate with you…Xiaofang you badass…”

But Xiaofang totally ignored her and had closed the door…

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