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Chapter 71: Heavenly Fragrance Mountains

The endless flower mountains range of the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains left a deep impression on Ye Jing. The seeping white mists of the mountains coupled with the many fragrances of the mountain flowers left her in awe of the beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

Ye Jing murmured, “No wonder this place is called the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains. No wonder that how the Heavenly Fragrance Villa got its clan name. The spiritual force here is also strong. It is not weaker than the Five Cloud Peaks.”

Yu’Er flapped her wings to agree with her but she also shrieked several cries of warnings.

Ye Jing turned around with a fragile smile to her party and said, “Yu’Er says we got company. This is quick. We have just stepped at its perimeter only.”

Chu Yunfeng was smiling to Li’Er, “We are going to meet the ladies of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa soon.”

Li’Er scoffed softly, “If you are not careful, they will slice you into tens of pieces.”

Chu Yunfeng laughed it off, “The number one beauty of the celestial realm, Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue, it is the dreams of men to die under her skirt.”

Li’Er giggled as she gave him a soft kick, “Then why don’t you die now?”

Chu Yunfeng laughed, “Because I haven’t touched her skirt yet so how can I die so soon?”

“Lecherous, good for nothing Chu Yunfeng!” Li’Er rebuked him lightly as she pretended to ignore him.

As usual, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were standing quietly at the side. It was as though nothing could move them and they continued to admire the scenery quietly.

It was not before long when several hundreds of female protégés dressed in the white and green attire of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had quickly appeared all around them.

A beautiful lady that was leading the group hurried her steps in front of Ye Jing and flashed her long sword at her, “ May the Holy Consort Ye please turn back. We do not welcome you.”

Although Ye Jing did not know her name but she had recognized this beautiful lady with the golden eyes who was with Feng Minyue at the Nuer Mountains. She lifted her beautiful eyes and said softly, “I am no longer the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. Today, I am the Goddess Envoy and I am representing the Goddess Palace.”

The beautiful lady said without any emotions, “We know. Our Heavenly Fragrance Princess wants us to tell you that you will always be the Holy Consort Ye that she knows and her dear sister. So please depart from here peacefully!”

There was stillness in Ye Jing’s body when she had heard her. She quietly shook her head with a soft sigh before she lifted her beautiful eyes to say, “I thank my Sister Saintess Minyue for remembering our sisterhood. However, unless she surrenders the Dispersing Fragrance Pill and the Heavenly Celestium Silk to me, I will not leave. In fact, I will lay the Heavenly Fragrance Villa to waste unless my terms are met.”

The beautiful lady shuddered as she took a step back. But she quickly mustered her strength and said coldly, “There are only five of you and we have hundreds here. Are you overestimating yourself and underestimating us? We are already quite polite to you so do not force our hand.”

“I won’t back off.” Ye Jing had already unsheathed her beaming divine sword as she took a step forward. She silently said, “Minyue, I am sorry. I know that you would not forgive me…” She had fond memories of the time that they were together in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and also when they had fought together against the Devil Isle. Now she felt she was a horrible person and she was now here to take Dispersing Fragrance Pill.

She raised her head and looked towards the beautiful lady, “So what are you waiting for?”

The beautiful lady gritted her teeth and cried out loud, “I, Celestial Su Shanyue will not be polite then! Everyone, display the swords formations!”

Celestial Su Shanyue was an initial stage golden celestial and junior protégé sister of Feng Minyue. At the same time she was also a high ranking elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

Hundreds of swords were immediately arrayed into dozens of dazzling formations as the female protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa pointed their swords at Ye Jing…

Ye Jing had flown to the first sword formation that was nearest to her that was being formed by Celestial Su Shanyue that had addressed her, “Stay back. I can handle this alone.”

With Celestial Su Shanyue leading this sword formation, the martial aura that was grouped together was greatly enhanced and this propelled Celestial Su Shanyue’s martial aura to the peak of the golden celestial level.

She was startled that Ye Jing had chosen to fight them alone and even more astonished when she had suddenly flown straight into their sword formation with a burst of furious golden aura that clearly marked her as a late stage golden celestial. Was she not just an intermediate golden celestial just three months ago?!

While advancing from the initial stage to intermediate of the celestial level was not difficult, it was by no means easy as the foundation of that celestial level would need time to be solidified. That was why she was still at the initial golden celestial level for over a hundred years. The Intermediate to late stage of the celestial level was like a big realm of divinity to be crossed and it was extremely difficult. But this Ye Jing had moved from the initial level to the late stage of the golden celestial level in only four months?!

This feat was too impossible to be believed but right now Celestial Su Shanyue did not have the time to think too much about this for Ye Jing was diving straight for her with her sword energies imbued sword.

She muttered with a pretty shout, “You are courting your own death…”

Just as she had shouted halfway, a cold piercing sword energy had struck her on her abdomen as the afterimages of Ye Jing suddenly flashed past her sword, crippling her onto the ground in agonizing pain. Her inner core had been struck by Ye Jing!

In that very instant Ye Jing had daringly evaded dozens of sword energies and strikes as she struck down one opponent after another with great agility.

In the space of ten blinks of an eye, more than thirty protégés were left moaning on the ground.

Panicky voices soon overwhelmed among the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

“Move back and focus your sword energies on her!”

The protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa began moving back as they unleashed hundreds of sword energies on Ye Jing.

But Ye Jing casually waved her sword to deflect or dissipate all the sword energies into nothingness. Her heaven-step divine sword had the divine power to attract and lessened the strength of opposing energies around her, making it doubly easy for her to dissipate opposing energies without using much of her internal profound strength.

Moreover she was protected by the aura of the peaked golden celestial level and if she was forced into a desperate situation, she would use the Divine Rejuvenation Force to protect herself.

However there was no need for her to do so as their only golden celestial that was opposing her was now lying on the ground. Against weaker opponents, there was no need for her to go into extremities even though she must say that she was quite impressed by the coordination of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

While the strength of the practitioners forming the sword formation were important but the coordination between them were equally important for the sword formation to unleash its full power.

Ye Jing thought, “These protégé sisters of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa are all particular close with one another. I can sense from their subtle emotions and distresses whenever I have struck one of them down.”

She pushed away her thoughts and charged into the nearest sword formation. As she charged, the females protégés began to scatter as one of them shouted, “She is coming. Don’t let her come close to us!”

Ye Jing raised her left palm and displayed the Big Dipper Hands as she raised her voice to shout, “Not so easy!”

Immediately eight of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were crushed under the oppressing martial power of the Big Dipper Hands and were moaning on the ground.

Ye Jing flashed through multiple sword formations like a phantom as she slashed through the ranks of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa like a seemingly impossible to stop goddess of death.

Within a hundred blinks of an eye, all three hundreds of her opponents were all on the ground. The scene was appalling as distressing cries and moans were everywhere.

Sword energies were much more difficult to use and master. Only a few elite celestials were talented enough to use it. More than half of the celestials that had attained as a golden celestial were actually incapable of traversing to the sword energy level. Therefore it was not wrong to say that these three hundred protégés were the elites of the Sword Energies Heavenly Hall of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa but now all their prides were trampled by Ye Jing who did not even have a single drop of blood on her black satin robe.

Using sword energies on Ye Jing was actually a big mistake as she could sense energies more acutely than anything else. It was even more so now after she had attained the late stage of the Seventh Sense Divinity recently which greatly enhanced her perception all around her.

Ye Jing was undisturbed by the carnage that she had caused. Her alluring eyes had a hint of sorrow as she calmly said, “We will go up to the citadel of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa now.”

Although her voice was soft but it could be heard clearly by everyone, it had an added depressing weight upon the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and many of them who could still find their voices broke down into sorrowful cries.

“Ye Jing, you demoness!”

“If I can still able to move, I will kill you…”

“Curse you to the depths of hell, Ye Jing!”

Ye Jing beautiful figure had already vanished in a blink of an eye and did not hear their curses. But even if she did, she was already used to hearing the same venomous curses and this was nothing new to her. This was the path that she had decided and there was no return for her.

Even though Chu Yunfeng was now used to seeing Ye Jing in action, he was still startled nevertheless. It was because Ye Jing had single handedly dispatched one golden celestial and dozens of Immortal Celestials. As a peaked Enlighten Celestial who was aiming to join the elite rank of the Immortal Celestials, he knew that every single one of these Immortal Celestials were formidable fighters and probably the best of their generation.

There were around thirty of them who were at the level of the Immortal Celestial. It seemed that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had almost sent all their celestial experts to deal with them.

While the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was ranked slightly higher in strength than the Holy Consort City in term of their clan strength but they had far fewer protégés than most of the clans. It was because it was not easy to find so many female celestial protégés in the first place.

Li’Er shook her head sadly as she said silently said, “Protégé mistress is so soft hearted. She wants everyone to hate her and yet she takes care not to kill any of them. It is the same for all the other celestial clans…”

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Chapter 70: Extorting Gong Nanyan

It had only been three months and the transformation of Gong Nanyan, the icy beauty of the Lofty Snow Palace was startling.

She was now polite and had an amicable feel around her.

By now, everyone knew that there was a Young Master Fang who was staying in her abode and speculated that this may be the cause of her sudden transformation.

Where in the past she was someone to be avoided, now everyone was fondly greeting their Fourth Protégé Sister with affections.

Gong Nanyan was walking down the hallway in the inner sanctum and was on the way to her abode when she chanced upon her Third Protégé Brother Yu Degang. She gave a polite nod as she walked past him when suddenly Yu Degang flew next to her and said with some hesitation, “Little protégé sister, may we have a word each other?”

She nodded lightly as she looked curiously at him, “Is there anything that you want to say?” They had seldom talked with each other in the past and this was actually the first time that Yu Degang had approached her for a talk. If it was in the past, she would simply walk away or pretended that she had not heard him.

Yu Degang sighed deeply as he said with a shaken voice, “Junior Sister, I’m anxious for you. You must be careful of that Young Master Fang. These young masters are usually spoil brats and they are playboys. Do you know how many women Young Master Fang had bedded in the past? I fear that he is just playing you. Also I saw him flirting with the female protégés the other day…”

Gong Nanyan smiled with no hint of any negative emotions, “Senior Brother, you are overthinking. Xiaofang, he…he is really nice to me.”

Yu Degang had a bitter face as he said, “You can’t be serious about this because he isn’t serious about you. Junior sister, let me speak to our protégé mistress. He is too dangerous to remain in your abode. Who knows what he will do to you…”

There was a flash of displeasure in her eyes as Gong Nanyan said coldly, “This is my affair and have nothing to do with anyone. Moreover, he is a true gentleman as well.”

That was a blatant lie and she was surprised that she could say it out without flushing. For the past three months they had been intimately sleeping together and she had been enjoying his touches. There was not a single day that she did not desire him.

Yu Degang frowned, “I feel that he has an ulterior motive here. He may have set his sights on our clan secret martial arts. Junior Sister, I hope that you do not leak any of our clan profound arts to him or else you will be a great sinner to our clan!”

Just as he was about to tell her more, Gong Nanyan had suddenly walked off without saying a word.

“This…Junior Sister…” He was suddenly overcome with jealousy for Young Master Fang. Ever since Gong Nanyan had a change of personality, she was becoming more and more attractive. Even Yu Degang himself was feeling that only he was a most matching fit for her.

A petite protégé had suddenly run up to him to say with a smile, “Senior protégé brother, I have found out what you have tasked me to check. The clan leader of the Sky Sword Pavilion only has two daughters and no sons. I did a further check too but no one in the Sky Sword Pavilion has heard of a Young Master Fang.”

Yu Degang was suddenly delighted as he gave a big grin, “Tell no one about this. You can go now.”

The petite protégé humbly lit a faint smile, “I hope that senior protégé brother will keep a good lookout for me in the future.”

Yu Degang smiled as he gave the petite protégé a pat, “You can come to my room tonight for my special favors.”

The petite protégé was delighted as she flushed shyly, “Thank you…”

He was delighted as he watched the petite protégé disappeared from the hallway, “So this Young Master Fang is an impostor. This is good news to me.”

Gong Nanyan was irritated by Yu Degang defamation of Xiaofang and the reasons why she had walked away all of a sudden was that she could sense that Yu Degang did not like Xiaofang. Therefore there was no need to continue with the conversation.

But as soon as she had returned to her abode, her mood was light again.

Her beautiful countenance was looking gently at Xiaofang who was practicing swordplay in the outer court when she had arrived. She immediately went up to him with a soft embrace to his back as she asked softly, “Are you tired? Do you want to take a rest?”

Xiaofang let out a deep breath as his eyes met her, “I am not tired…”

As he said that, Gong Nanyan had moved in front of him and kissed him gently on his lips.

They were soon exchanging passionate kisses while holding each other tightly. Xiaofang hands were upon her slim waist and he was gently caressing her lower and lower…

All of a sudden Xuan Danfeng had suddenly entered the outer court yard and gasped softly.

Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang were also gasping with alarm as they quickly let go of each other panicky.

There was a deep flush on Gong Nanyan as she quickly said softly while she looked at the ground shyly, “Greeting to protégé mistress…”

As for Xiaofang, he had turned ashen. It was because of the dire warnings that Xuan Danfeng had given to him three months ago.

She had said to him back then, “If I found out that you have been taking advantage of her then there will be severe consequences. I won’t allow my protégé disciples to be bullied. By placing you with her, this means that I’ve trusted you a lot. Do you get me? So don’t you dare to bully her or try anything funny…”

Suddenly her words began to echo in his head like a lightning bolt and causing him to be fearful…

Xuan Danfeng was equally startled and she was flustered. This was broad daylight and they were actually hugging each other so intimately. This was not something that she had not known but in fact, she had discreetly encouraged it. But it was a pretense that she had to continue on.

Like a great actress, a quick thinking Xuan Danfeng gasped aloud. “Why is it so dusty here? Oh my eyes hurt. Nanyan, you should spend more time cleaning the courtyard and not to let it get too dusty…”

Gong Nanyan was lightly startled for she did not expect her protégé mistress to come out with such a lame excuse but she quickly caught on the act and replied, “I will later…”

Xuan Danfeng walked past them and said with some urgency in her beautiful voice, “Come inside. I have got something urgent to tell the both of you.”

Gong Nanyan nodded as she stole a glance at the flustered Xiaofang…

Xiaofang was astonished. Did the Palace Mistress really not see what they were doing earlier? Or was she only suppressing her anger until they were inside? He had an extremely complicated feeling in his heart…

As they went inside, Xuan Danfeng heaved a heavy sigh. “Close the door and sit down with me.”

Gong Nanyan closed the door and sat down next to Xiaofang. The two of them were looking at the table really shyly and did not know what to expect. They did not dare to look at Xuan Danfeng in her face at all…

Even though their affair was something her protégé mistress had already known but Gong Nanyan knew that this open display of affections outside the personal room was really too outrageous. She thought silently, “This is really all my fault. I shouldn’t have kissed Xiaofang just now…”

Xuan Danfeng actually had a more important matter to say and was not thinking of the incident earlier. She said solemnly, “Xiaofang, do you know that the Holy Citadel City had been destroyed and disbanded one month ago?”

Xiaofang murmured with a startled expression. His body was suddenly shuddering as he suddenly rose up, “What happens? Is the Holy Consort alright? Is…she…alright…”

Xuan Danfeng looked at him intently as she observed him silently, “It seems that he really did not know. No wonder Ye Jing is willing to put him here. Ye Jing, what are you doing…”

But she quickly said, “Xiaofang, don’t worry. Sister Ye Jing, she is alright. I have heard that the destroyer of the Holy Citadel City is none other than Ye Jing herself.”

“Huh?!” Xiaofang was taken aback. “Why should she do that? It is unthinkable…”

Xuan Danfeng nodded as she interrupted with a heavy sigh, “Yes, this is really unthinkable. When I have received the news, I was equally shocked. I am still shocked. I was even in tears earlier. That is why my eyes are a little swollen just now and the dust so easily got into my eyes.”

That was convenient excuse that she had just created for the incident earlier.

Gong Nanyan was secretly glad. It seemed that her protégé mistress was helping her to cover it up.

Xiaofang was somewhat glad that Xuan Danfeng did not see what they were doing earlier but he was now anxious for Ye Jing so he asked panicky, “Where is she now, do you know?”

Xuan Danfeng shook her head, “It is not just the Holy Citadel City that is destroyed by Ye Jing but several dozens of celestial clans as well.”

Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang were stunned. Ye Jing had destroyed dozens of celestial clans?! This was unthinkable and an impossible feat for Ye Jing to do alone…

Xuan Danfeng smiled bitterly, “I know that it is really hard to believe but it is the truth. Anyone that has seen her before cannot forget her easily. She didn’t even bother to mask her identity. What I have heard is that she got help from her two followers and both of them are sacred saints. She now claims to be the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace and everywhere she goes, she has been taking and plundering the celestial clans’ inheritance. What she did is not different from what a dark celestial clan is doing.”

She inhaled with a heavy heart, “In fact, she is now the number one public enemy in the celestial realm. Whether the clans are righteous or heretic, no celestial clans are spared from her plundering.”

Xiaofang was completely stunned as he listened. This was not the Ye Jing that he had known. The Ye Jing that he had known was soft hearted and often lazy. How did Ye Jing become a Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace? He knew that Ye Jing had a clue where the Goddess Palace was but he really did not expect her to join the Goddess Palace and even destroyed her own patriarch clan which had thousands of years of history. She had completely disregarded her own ancestors and left behind a shameless legacy that future generations would scorn.

Even Gong Nanyan was shocked. The Goddess Palace was one of the three celestial consecration places and had never intervened in the affairs of the celestial realm. Suddenly the Goddess Palace was on the move and the Goddess Envoy was actually Ye Jing?

Xuan Danfeng sighed heavily, “Xiaofang, I like you to go and find her immediately. Whatever the reasons, you got to stop her from making further mistakes. My scouts told me that she is heading toward the Five Cloud Peaks of the Divine Sovereign Clan. That region is where the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is located.”

Then she rolled her eyes to Gong Nanyan, “Nanyan, go with Xiaofang.”

Gong Nanyan soft voice was immediately delighted as she answered without hesitation, “Alright…” When she had heard that Xiaofang would be leaving soon, she was immediately saddened and cursed the short time that they had with each other…

Just as Xiaofang was giving a bow with his hands to thank Xuan Danfeng for sharing this piece of important information with him, there was a shout from outside the room. “Junior Sister, this is me.”

It was unmistakable the voice of Yu Degang and he was carrying a mocking laughter, “Is my Junior Sister enjoying an intimate moment inside with Young Master Fang? It is the broad daylight and you are doing such a shameful thing now.”

Then he mocked further with a louder voice, “Young Master Fang, I know that you are a fake. I have checked the Sky Sword Pavilion and there is no Young Master Fang in the clan. Hehehe, I don’t know how you manage to convince my protégé mistress likewise.”

He laughed coldly and jovially for a while, “Junior Sister, why are you keeping so quiet? This is so unlike you. I know that you are inside. If it was the past you, you would have already dashed out of your room to confront me. Are you panicky now or are you caught in a state of undress? Do you want my help to help you to put on your clothing?”

“If you think that is all that I know then you must be mistaken. I even know that you have been secretly imparting our clan profound arts to him. No wonder there is no need for him to come to the practice chamber anymore.”

Gong Nanyan could not resist asking from behind the door, “So what do you want?”

Yu Degang laughed heartily, “So what do I want? If Junior Sister is willing to sleep with me for three days then I can help you to cover your deeds with Young Master Fang. I can assure you that our protégé mistress won’t even know…”

Before he could finish, the doors were forced open by the wind force that was generated by a display of Xuan Danfeng’s right hand and at the same time she was saying coldly, “How dare you threaten your junior sister with such lewd remarks. Have you no respect for your protégé mistress? Now tell me, what the clan punishment for sexually harassing your fellow protégé is?”

Yu Degang had completely turned pale when he saw that it was his protégé mistress when the doors were suddenly forced open. He panicky knelt down and banged his head loudly on the ground, “Protégé mistress, please forgive me…”

He was actually trembling with great fear…

Xuan Danfeng hummed coldly as she lashed out her furies, “Forgive you? Dream on! You dare to threaten your junior sister to sleep with you? What next? You want to sleep with your protégé mistress next? Do you think that I do not know that you have been abusing your position as protégé brother and have been sleeping with the female protégés? Who your junior sister likes to sleep with is her own affair. This has nothing to do with you.”

Gong Nanyan was suddenly looking very flushed while Xiaofang was feeling awkward as he imagined what Xuan Danfeng would do to him if she had found out about his deed with Gong Nanyan…

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Chapter 69: Path of No Return

As Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady continued their way away from the Five Cloud Peaks, a man, a woman and a divine phoenix were waiting ahead of them.

They were none other than Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er. The phoenix was of course Yu’Er, Ye Jing’s spiritual contract beast.

Li’Er immediately gasped, “Protégé mistress, are you well? You seem to be injured? How is the trip?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I’m alright. I have got what I have wanted from the Divine Sovereign Clan.”

When Ye Jing told her mother, the Lady Consort Ye, Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er that she wanted to destroy the Holy Citadel City, they were initially quite shocked.

Ye Jing had said, “In the future I will have a lot of enemies. If they cannot extract their vengeance against me then they will surely look for my clan of origin. It is better that I pretend to destroy it myself out of madness than let the others destroy it. From now on, you are all free to go.”

The Lady Consort Ye had tried in vain to persuade Ye Jing to reconsider carefully but in the end Ye Jing was adamant in carrying out her plans.

When she had visited the Holy Citadel City, the Lady Consort Ye had actually adopted Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er as her daughters because she had actually liked them so much. So Ye Jing found a place for them in the Tranquil City where they would be safe.

As for Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng, they insist on following her even though they knew that it was dangerous.

“Do you know that should you decide to follow me, in the future you will all be despised and hunted by everyone? The destiny that I have chosen is cruel indeed, even more so for my followers.”

But Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng laughed it off and could not be persuaded.

Even when she had told them that she would fight all the super exponents of the celestial realm, they were adamant in following her. Failing to persuade them, she finally relented.

Ye Jing smiled gently as she looked at everyone, “Thank you…”

Li’Er asked curiously, “So where are we going next now?”

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “We are going to pay a visit to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and pay my Sister Saintess Feng Minyue a visit. They have two treasures that I want to obtain, the Heavenly Celestium Silk and the Dispersing Fragrance Pill. The Dispersing Fragrance Pill is particular useful to me and in the entire celestial realm, it is one of a kind.”

Suddenly Ye Jing had coughed out blood, causing panic from Li’Er and the Confession Lady as they surrounded her with concern looks.

“I’m alright. After I’ve taken some blood pills, my vitality will be replenished. So do not worry.”

The Confession Lady was sighing softly. It was because Ye Jing constitution was weak and she had forced herself too hard.

In just three short months, Ye Jing had forced herself to the upper tier of the golden celestial level. Not only that, she had also overcome the Traverse Divinity and was now at the late stage of the Seventh Sense Divinity. She just need one little step to become a saintess and attain the Crisis Divinity.

However this little step was an impassable barrier for most of the celestials. She had to overcome the life and death tribulation of the sacred saint level first in order to become a saintess. At the same time, there was another life and death tribulation if she wants to achieve a breakthrough to the Crisis Divinity.

That was why she would need all the celestial heritance that she could find and obtain in order to breakthrough as fast as possible. That was because her aim was not just the sacred saint level but she had to be a peaked sacred saint as soon as possible and ascend as an immortal in order to avert her fate of death.

Ye Jing tried to force a smile, “After we screw up these celestial clans, won’t the Devil Isle be hopping mad?”

The Confession Lady said indifferently, “It is their fault for making a premature attack on the celestial clans. That is why the Goddess Palace got six months to make our moves. Well, we can still got another three months to do so. Unless we screw up ourselves, they can’t stop us.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Don’t worry. I will make sure that all the patriarch clans will be arriving at the Unmoving Mountains in three month time.”

Then she turned her head around so that no one could see her tears as she said silently to herself, “Xiaofang, where are you? Are you having fun now? I hope you are. Our Little Fenghuang is fine, don’t worry. Do you know that I am suffering now? I’m dying. I am sorry that I can’t keep our promise to be together. Let’s hope that Danfeng or Yuqing will be able to take care of you in the future…by now, you should have already received news that I’ve turned into a horrible and despicable villainess…”

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Chapter 68: What a coincidence! 

A group of fatigued celestials numbering three hundreds were making their way up to the Five Cloud Peaks where the Divine Sovereign Clan was situated.

These celestials were from the remnants of the Divine Lights Palace, which was a second rate celestial clan that was closely allied with the Divine Sovereign Clan.

When their clan was attacked by the Ye Jing and was burnt to the ground, they were naturally dismayed. What more, even their most prized celestial treasure the Candlelight Soul Stone was taken by her.

Therefore they had come to the Five Cloud Peaks to look for Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, hoping that he could help the Divine Lights Clan to address their grievances.

Ye Jing had made quite a deep impression three months ago on them. They could not understand why Ye Jing would suddenly destroy her own clan and then turned her back on the rest of the celestial clans that had just proclaimed her to be a heroine.

She even proclaimed that she was the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace and made several demands. At first they had thought that she was only making a joke but it soon turned up that her threats were too real.

As they continued along the mountain paths, they were using strong words to encourage each other.

“Don’t worry. The Divine Sovereign Clan will be able to help us to take back the Candlelight Soul Stone.”

“He will make that Demoness Ye Jing pays dearly for this…”

“This great dishonor that is upon our clan will be avenged ten times over…”

“If we meet that Demoness Ye Jing, I make sure that I bang her ten thousand times and eat her flesh…”

“Even that is still not enough to satisfy my hatred for her…”

“Who is talking about me in broad daylight?” Ye Jing had suddenly appeared in front of them. Behind her were also the man and woman that had destroyed their clan…

Immediately all three hundred protégés of the Divine Light Palace had turned ashen as though they had seen a ghost in front of them.

Ye Jing had just finished the fight with Ancestor Yuan and had just walked down from the Five Cloud Peaks. She was looking pale as her internal injuries were not light.

But she still managed a cold smile, “I wonder who the ones are so it is only the dogs of the Divine Light Palace. Hmph, who wants to bang me ten thousand times and eat my flesh?”

A golden celestial stammered, “Why…why are you here…aren’t you afraid of the Divine Sovereign Clan?!”

Another golden celestial cursed angrily, “To think that you have such a heavenly appearance but your heart is as poisonous as a scorpion!”

The two of them were the only golden celestials in the group and they were the elders of the Divine Light Palace.

Ye Jing had beaten them just a few days ago so naturally she was able to recognize them.

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “What a coincidence. I’ve just made a visit to the Divine Sovereign Clan to make some demands and I’ve just finished my business with them. I have thought that I have disbanded the Divine Light Palace already and why are you here? Do you want to leave behind a leg, a hand or your cripple inner core behind?”

A female protégé had suddenly stepped forward as she raised her long sword and said bitterly, “You can insult us but you cannot humiliate us. The protégés of the Divine Light Palace will rather die than suffer any indignant to the honor of our clan!”

Ye Jing had already unsheathed her long sword, “What is your name? I will give you a fitting death then.”

“Hmph! Then you better remember my name well. I’m Jiang Shufei…”

The first golden celestial had quickly pulled her away, “Shut up. You are not in a position to talk here…”

“But father…”

Ye Jing coldly said, “Too late.”

When she had said that, she had already sent a cold piercing sword energy to fly toward Jiang Shufei with a startling speed…

The first golden celestial immediately used his sword to dissipate the incoming sword energy but Ye Jing had suddenly unleashed a second sword energy in the next instant and the golden celestial was struck with an explosive energy burst on his right shoulder!

This caused the first golden celestial to take three hurried steps back while Jiang Shufei cried out, “Father!…”

Jiang Shufei suddenly kneel down before Ye Jing, “If you spare my father, then I will be your slave.”

Ye Jing looked at her fingernails before she said coldly, “Good. I am in need of some servants anyway. Now scram and don’t let me see you around the Five Cloud Peaks. And remember this. Don’t ever think of reviving the Divine Light Palace.”

The first golden celestial was weeping, “Child, you…don’t have to do this…”

Jiang Shufei sobbed, “My life for the three hundred of us. This is worth it. Find a mountain and hide…”

The first golden celestial was still lamenting loudly even as he was pulled away by the second golden celestial, “My daughter…”

When Jiang Shufei saw that her clan kinsmen had finally departed, she raised her sword all of a sudden to slice her neck but there were five beaming bursts of light from Ye Jing’s fingers that immediately loosened her grip on her sword and her sword was sent flying into the air.

Ye Jing had just displayed the Starlight Fingers, a martial skill that was taught to her by the Fiery Phoenix Goddess.

Jiang Shufei was startled but at the same time she was humming coldly, “I will rather be dead than be humiliated by you.”

Ye Jing simply walked past her as she said casually, “I have changed my mind. You seem to be a useless servant to me and I don’t need your service any longer. Go back to your father.”

In the next instant Ye Jing and her two followers were already out of sight.

Just as Jiang Shufei was still staring at the darkness in confusion, a handsome man had suddenly barged into her and he was asking, “Did you see Ye Jing? I mean a beautiful maiden and behind her are two…”

Jiang Shufei interrupted coldly, “I have seen that Demoness Ye Jing alright. And who are you?”

It was Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and he was chasing after Ye Jing. When he got interrupted, he began to look at this young maiden in front of him and was awestruck by her air of righteousness, “I am…Yuan Chengzhi…and you are?”

Jiang Shufei was startled as she took curious look at him, “You are Young Master Yuan Chengzhi from the Divine Sovereign Clan?”

She quickly regained her composure and averted her eyes, “I’m Jiang Shufei from the Divine Lights Palace…”

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Chapter 67: Nightingale Divine Pearl

Ye Jing smiled weakly when she had suddenly seen the immortal sword that was in the Ancestor Yuan’s hand. This added a layer of difficulty and complexity to her already challenging plan.

She forced herself to say nonchalantly, “I didn’t expect that the Divine Sovereign Clan to have an immortal sword in their possession. But to me, this doesn’t change a thing.”

Ancestor Yuan replied coldly, “All the patriarch clans have their own celestial secrets. If you are thinking of challenging one then you must be prepared to face the consequences. If you still insist on moving on the wrong trajectory then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Ye Jing whispered, “I guess that I have to trouble my two seniors for this.”

The Celestial Liege said, “No problem. We will settle this for you.”

Ancestor Yuan chuckled coldly, “Young lass, if you want to take my clan’s treasures why don’t you do it yourself? Or are you incapable of doing so?”

Ye Jing smiled and replied coolly, “I’m afraid that I really not your match. This, at least I am smart enough to know. You don’t have to use psychology on me. It won’t work on me.”

Ancestor Yuan glanced briefly at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and said, “Take out the Nightingale Divine Pearl now.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba sketched out his hand and the Nightingale Divine Pearl materialized from his spatial ring to his hand. Not understanding Ancestor Yuan’s intentions, he asked. “May I know why…”

The Nightingale Divine Pearl was actually a black shaped pearl with an imposing aura within it. This was the first time that Ye Jing had seen it.

Ancestor Yuan said to Ye Jing, “The might of the entire Divine Sovereign Clan is not something that you can handle. Why don’t we do it in a more civilized manner? If you can take a blow from me and still remain standing then I will gift the Nightingale Divine Pearl to you and you will depart from here amicably.”

Ye Jing asked, “What if I don’t then? Do I need to leave behind a leg or a hand?”

Ancestor Yuan laughed coarsely, “There is no need. If you can’t take my blow then you are more likely to be half-dead. If you survive my blow then you shall depart in peace.”

Ye Jing smiled, “Then I will like to take your challenge.”

The Celestial Liege whispered, “Jing’Er, this may not be a good idea.”

Ye Jing said nonchalantly, “Should I die here then so shall it be. There is nothing to be worried about.”

When she had finished saying, she had already walked several steps in front of her and laughed softly, “May Ancestor Yuan display your martial feat on me then.”

Ancestor Yuan was slightly disturbed that this Ye Jing did not seem to fear death and she was fearlessly taunting him.

The Celestial Liege secretly whispered into Ye Jing’s ears, “Jing’Er, you should use your Divine Rejuvenation Force. Your opponent is a peaked sacred saint.”

But Ye Jing seemed to ignore the Celestial Liege as she readied a defensive stance.

Ancestor Yuan roared thunderously and he had flown forward with his stretched palm. So powerful was his martial power that the entire floorings below his charge were all ripped apart and high velocity debris were flying all over the hall!

Ye Jing gave a martial shout as she imbued her entire martial power into her palm to receive the incoming blow.

There was a thunderous burst of explosive thunderclap and Ye Jing was jerked with a great shock as she was sent flying all the way to the entrance before she took seven steps to steady herself…

Everyone was gasping that Ye Jing did not fall.

Usually taking a step backward means a power disparity of 10%. But to be sent flying back with such a tremendous force means that the power disparity was actually more than 100%.

Ye Jing began to jolt and trembled before she coughed out a bout of blood even as she tried to walk with steady steps.

It was obvious that she was seriously injured through this martial power exchange and that Ancestor Yuan martial power was way above what she could handle.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi could not resist gasping out loud, “Maiden Ye Jing, are you alright?!”

Ancestor Yuan snatched the Nightingale Divine Pearl from Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and tossed it with startling speed to Ye Jing, “You have won. Take it and leave.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was shocked, “Do we really have to give it to her…” But before he could mutter a word more, he was silenced by the sudden intense cold stare of Ancestor Yuan.

Ye Jing lit a slow smile on her pale face as she turned around, “Good, you have kept your side of the bargain. Seniors, let’s go.”

The Celestial Liege quickly placed his hand on her back to treat her internal injuries as they departed together.

Seeing that they were gone, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said solemnly. “I don’t understand. We already have them surrounded. At a command, none of them will be able to escape from here.”

Ancestor Yuan hummed coldly, “At what price? You are planning to sacrifice thousands of celestial protégés so that we can proudly declare to everyone that we have won?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said gravely, “The Nightingale Divine Pearl is extremely precious to us and had been with us for thousands of years. It is the main reason why the Divine Sovereign Clan is now a patriarch clan…”

Ancestor Yuan smiled coldly as he interrupted, “Of course I know that. But do you want to lose the Sovereign Aura Vessel as well?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba found himself looking at Elder Zhou Hai and Elder Jin Lei before he asked weakly, “May Ancestor Yuan please enlighten us.”

Ancestor Yuan said, “Actually I have only used 70% of my martial power.”


Everyone was staring at Ancestor Yuan with disbelief in their eyes!

Judging from Ye Jing’s injuries, if Ancestor Yuan had used 100% of his martial power on her, she would surely be flattened on the spot and may even die instantly.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba stammered, “I don’t understand why Ancestor Yuan will want to lose on purpose…”

Ancestor Yuan looked at them, “From the very start, we have already lost!”

He raised his fingers to rebuke them, “Can’t you tell that the two saints that are with her are equally as formidable as me? Maybe even more so.”

Elder Zhou Hai smiled weakly, “Surely not. Ancestor Yuan is already a legend in the celestial realm in your heydays. None of the present generation of celestials is your equal…”

Ancestor Yuan smiled bitterly, “What do you think of Dark Monarch Beitang Ze?”

Beitang Ze was a peaked monarch and he had recently died in Tranquil City.

Everyone was looking at each other, not knowing what Ancestor Yuan was trying to say by suddenly mentioning Beitang Ze.

Ancestor Yuan looked up the ceiling and said solemnly, “He was killed by someone. A friend of mine who had witnessed it told me that someone had killed him in an open duel with just three strokes.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was stunned, “That is impossible…”

Not only was Grandmaster Yuan Tianba stunned to hear that, so did everyone. It was because once a celestial had reached the saint or monarch level, they were difficult to die.

Elder Zhou Hai stammered, “Are you saying that one of the saints that are with Ye Jing is actually the one that had killed Beitang Ze?”

Ancestor Yuan nodded, “You are not stupid after all.”

Young Master Yuan Chenggong bowed with his hands and said, “Even if that is the case, I don’t see why we have to lose the Nightingale Divine Pearl when we can retain it?”

Ancestor Yuan looked at Young Master Yuan Chenggong and then he looked at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi before he rested his eyes at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “You have two sons here but it seems that none of them can succeed your mantle. Why should that lass Ye Jing accept my dueling proposal even knowing that my martial power is above her? Have you all thought of that before?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was smiling weakly as he thought, “Is Ancestor Yuan indirectly scolding me as well?” It was because he was unable to figure it out himself as well.

Everyone was looking at each other for a while until Elder Zhou Hai said, “Let me put this way then. The reason why she has accepted the duel is because she knows that you will be lenient to her?”

The ruddy face Ancestor Yuan stroked his long beard and said, “Finally we have a smart one here. So what if we have won this time round? You want to lose everything on the second round? It is a good thing that we have lost this time round and given a respite by the Goddess Palace. If I am not wrong, the Goddess Palace will be going around to the other major celestial clans after this. Just one Nightingale Divine Pearl for the lives of thousands, do you think that this is only a small bargain now?”

Then he bitterly smiled, “Even if I use 100% of my martial strength, that lass Ye Jing will still be able to hold up against me.”

“What?!” everyone was exclaiming in disbelief. It was because they had seen her barely able to withstand that blow of his.

“She is smart. Rather than using all her internal strength to resist my martial power, she allowed my martial power to overwhelm her to lessen the impact of her injuries. Against an opponent that does not care for face, she is really a smart and tough one to beat.”

When high level celestials fought with each other in contests of martial power, face saving was extremely important so they would definitely not give an inch to their opponent. If they could lose three steps, they would not give four steps. Therefore they would resist with all their might so that they could improve upon their power disparity the next time round.

But Ye Jing had simply disregarded that and let the martial power lifted her all the way to the entrance.

Ancestor Yuan looked sternly at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and said, “I saw her subtly looking at you a few times just now. It seems that the main reason why we got such a big discount is due to your friendship with her.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was jolted as he stammered, “I…”

Then he had rushed out of the audience hall in a hurry.

Ancestor Yuan sighed, “Nowadays I don’t know what up with these young people…”

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Chapter 66: The Goddess Envoy

At the Five Cloud Peaks of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

It had been three whole months since the end of the Devil Isle crisis. Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was not happy at all. In fact, he had been depressed ever since.

He was supposed to be engaged to Saintess Yuqing. Not only was the engagement called off but his standing within the Divine Sovereign Clan was now in peril. There was not a day that he did not endure being ridiculed upon.

He had spent yet another restless day today when frenzied messengers were running panicky all over the place.

He was surprised because this was really unusual. Did something bad happen all of a sudden?

He stopped a messenger and asked, “What is going on?? Why the panic?”

The messenger stopped breathlessly, “The…the Holy Citadel City is destroyed overnight…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled, “By who?! Is the Holy Consort alright?”

The messenger bitterly said, “That was nearly a month ago! We have only received news today. We have heard that it is the Goddess Palace…”

Then the messenger said hurriedly, “I need to go now. The elders of the clan are in a state of panic. Pardon me, young master but I got many news errands to run for them…” Then he was off.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi muttered, “The Goddess Palace?!”

Suddenly another messenger had ran to him, “Young master, you’re wanted at the audience hall now. It seems that the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City has arrived…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi heaved a soft sigh of relief, “She is safe…”

Then he hurried to the audience hall.

In the audience hall, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei and many of the elders were already there. Even his brother Young Master Yuan Chenggong was also in the audience hall.

Standing in the middle of the audience was a heavenly maiden that was dressed in black satin and robe. She was none other than Ye Jing. Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had recognized her peerless allure immediately. Standing next to her was a man and a woman. They had deep piercing golden eyes and their cultivation levels were not low.

He arrived just in time to hear Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shaking his head with great sadness, “Alas! I didn’t expect the Holy Citadel City to meet with such a terrible fate. This is so regrettable. It is good that Holy Consort Ye has managed to escape the disaster. I promise you that we will help you to restore your clan and give you whatever aid that you will require against the Goddess Palace. May I ask what feud has the Goddess Palace has with the Holy Citadel City?”

All the elders and senior masters of the Divine Sovereign Clan were now muttering among themselves. Like the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace was said to be one of the three celestial consecrated places and had never intervened in the affairs of the celestial realm in the past. Why was the Holy Citadel City destroyed by the Goddess Palace all of a sudden?

This occurred at the most inconvenient time when the entire celestial realm was still unnerved by the Devil Isle.

Ye Jing looked up with a cold smile as she said slowly, “In the future you can just address me as Celestial Ye Jing. I am no longer the Holy Consort.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said gravely, “That won’t do. You are after all a patriarch leader of one of the nine leading celestial clans. We will surely help you to restore your celestial clan for you. In the meantime if Holy Consort Ye doesn’t mind at all, you are more than welcome to stay here…”

Ye Jing interrupted sharply as her beautiful golden eyes stared coldly at everyone, “This Celestial Ye Jing here has nothing to do with the Holy Citadel City. In fact, I am the one that have destroyed the Holy Citadel City and wiped it off the map…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba quickly said, “This is not something to joke about. It is not your fault. We will help you for sure and hopefully help you resolve the vendetta with the Goddess Palace…”

Ye Jing hummed coldly as she walked in a small circle before saying, “You’ve totally misunderstood me. I, Celestial Ye Jing is now the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace. I have destroyed the Holy Citadel City because it is just an insignificant clan that is of no use to me. From now onward, I am the Goddess Envoy. I am here to demand for reparations from the Divine Sovereign Clan.”

Everyone was startled and buzzing with shock, “What is going on?”

“She is the Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace?”

“She destroys her own clan? This is madness…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was smiling bitterly, “I hope that you know what you are talking about. There are only the three of you here while you are facing the entire might of the Divine Sovereign Clan here.”

Ye Jing totally ignored him as she said icily, “For breaking off the engagement with me so that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi could marry Saintess Yuqing, do you think that the Divine Sovereign Clan at least owes me some reparations?”

Elder Zhou Hai suddenly said, “Maiden Ye Jing, there is no need to pretend that you are a Goddess Envoy or any representative from the Goddess Palace. If you have any difficulties, please say so. We are grateful for your aid during the Golden Clans Congregations. If it is within our power to do so, just say so and we will help you.”

Even Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was saying, “Maiden Ye Jing, why don’t you stay here with us for the time being? We can talk over this…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba waved them to be quiet as he solemnly said, “So what do you want?”

Ye Jing smiled wryly as she looked intently at everyone, “I want the Nightingale Divine Pearl, the Sovereign Aura Vessel and 1000 high grade soul jewels.”

When everyone had heard Ye Jing, they were stunned. She was asking for the sky!

The Nightingale Divine Pearl was a saint treasure pearl that could increase the chance of a breakthrough for the cultivator. Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was currently using it to achieve for a breakthrough to the Sacred Saint level.

The Sovereign Aura Vessel was an inheritance artifact that was left behind by the founder of the Divine Sovereign Clan. It had the added effect of nurturing pills and enhancing its effect.

As for 1000 high grade soul jewels, 1000 gold coins was equivalent to just one high grade soul jewel. Even though the Divine Sovereign Clan was rich but it was not that rich.

She was asking for the sky, literally!

Whatever good impression that Ye Jing had with the Divine Sovereign Clan was suddenly gone now and the elders of the Divine Sovereign Clan were all flushed with anger.

Ye Jing did not seem to be affected by their hostile stares as she continued casually, “Look at you and me. After such a long time, you are still a peaked golden celestial. Only now you are attempting for a breakthrough to a Sacred Saint? Isn’t that too late already? If you are not careful then your star may fall from the heavens. What about me? I’m a peaked golden celestial now. If you have given your Nightingale Divine Pearl to me, you may be grateful to me for saving your life and helping me to become a Sacred Saint instead.”

Elder Zhou Hai shouted angrily, “Ye Jing! You are too insolent! Apologize to our grandmaster now!”

But Ye Jing continued to say casually, “As for your Sovereign Aura Vessel, why don’t I help you to take care of it instead? In my hands, it will be in good hands. After all, it is better to surrender to me rather than the Devil Isle. What do everyone think of my good proposal?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba roared with laughter as he shouted angrily, “Maiden Ye Jing, do you know that you don’t look like a villainess at all. I have been giving leeway to you because of your contribution against the Devil Isle. But now you are here to exhort us? Do you think that the Divine Sovereign Clan is a clan that you can trample as and when? Do you want to me to force my hands on you?”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “Why don’t you try? A trash clan like yours should be honored to let me trample.”

All of a sudden a messenger entered hurriedly into the audience hall and said to the Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “Grandmaster, clan leader Wu Jiebian urgently seeks an audience with you. He says, he says…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said angrily, “Why can’t you wait? Can’t you see that we are having a heated discussion here?”

The messenger took a terrify look at Ye Jing before he blurted out, “He…says that…his clan the Divine Lights Palace had been wiped out by Ye Jing…at the same time, three second rate celestial clans and seven third rate celestial clans in our domain vicinity had also been completely annihilated by the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Young Master Yuan Chenggong, Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai and all the others could not believe their ears. This Ye Jing had already wiped out so many clans on her way to the Divine Sovereign Clan?

Ye Jing lifted her head to smile coldly, “Well then, what do you say now? Will you accede to my demands?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had unsheathed his divine sword as he muttered weakly, “Call Ancestor Yuan here. Now!”

The messenger quickly departed…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba called out sternly, “Prepare the sword formation and don’t let them leave! Get her!”

Elder Zhou Hai shouted as he unsheathed his sword, “Lass, what you did is truly unrighteous and unforgivable! Let me exchange some pointers with you first!”

The sword energies of Elder Zhou Hai were beaming like stellar light as he executed his strokes point blank at Ye Jing.

Sword energies were extremely lethal at point blank and could tear apart even the strongest metals.

Ye Jing had also unsheathed her divine sword as she slashed her sword forward and a burst of sword energies could be seen exploding from the back of Elder Zhou Hai, sending him flying backward in the next instant!

Everyone was startled that Ye Jing could even defeat Elder Zhou Hai now and in such an effortless manner…

As for Elder Zhou Hai’s sword energies, it exploded furiously in front of Ye Jing, missing her completely.

All the onlookers were shocked that Ye Jing could evade Elder Zhou Hai’s sword energies attacks at point blank and escaped unscathed. She had even counter attack with a sword energy of her own.

Compared to three months ago, this Ye Jing was like a changed person and she was even more formidable than the last time they had seen her!

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba suddenly shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Take her down!”

Immediately, eight of the elders combined their auras into one formidable imposing aura as they charged forward at the same time with their swords.

The imposing aura of eight golden celestial celestials forming a sword formation array at the same time could oppress any golden celestials and rendered the lone defender helpless. The elders of the Divine Sovereign Clan were at least confident of this.

Before Ye Jing could shake off their oppressing aura, their swords would be at her throat!

But they did not expect that the man behind Ye Jing would make a sudden move and with two raised palms, his martial power had exploded over them in a thunderous outburst and in the next instant, all the elders had coughed out blood and the sword formation array was in shambles.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had turned ashen immediately. It was because the man that had just made his move was a sacred saint and judging from his martial power, he was also a peaked sacred saint!

Where did Ye Jing find such a monster? No wonder she had dared to come to the Divine Sovereign Clan to make her demand!

At the same time all the elders were all thrown back by the mysterious man, the woman behind Ye Jing had also made her move as she sent dozens of darts flying all across the hall and numerous protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan were all moaning on the ground in pain.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was further taken aback and he almost got a heart attack. It was because when this beautiful woman had made her sudden attack, her martial aura was suddenly revealed to approach the peaked sacred saint level as well.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Young Master Yuan Chenggong were both stunned and suddenly they found out Ye Jing’s imposing aura were enveloping them and filling them with fear…

Ye Jing quietly said, “Thank you Uncle Huan and Aunt Ling.”

Uncle Huan was actually the Celestial Liege while Aunt Ling was the Confession Lady Ye Ling. The two of them were actually the Great Saints of the Goddess Palace and the Tranquil City.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had never seen these two peaked sacred saints before but he had suddenly known fear. He was stammering with fear, “Who…are you…”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “This you don’t have to know. You only need to know that we are experts from the Goddess Palace.”

All of a sudden the audience hall was resonating loudly, “Who dares to mess with the Divine Sovereign Clan? Who is the one that dares to bully my descendants?!”

A ruddy face old man with a long beard had walked into the audience hall.

“Ancestor Yuan!” All the elders and protégés were immediately jolted as they greeted loudly.

Immediately the oppressing aura that was on Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Young Master Yuan Chenggong and all the others were broken by this ruddy face old fellow.

Judging from the formidable aura that was continuously emanating from this Ancestor Yuan, Ye Jing knew that he was a peaked sacred saint. Moreover this intimidating aura that was around him was none other than the formidable Divine Sovereign Force and he had already attained to the peaked level.

Ancestor Yuan looked intently at Ye Jing, “So you are the one that wants to take our Nightingale Divine Pearl and the Sovereign Aura Vessel?”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “That’s right. You must be their Ancestor Yuan.”

Ancestor Yuan replied equally coldly, “Then you must be sick of living to make such a demand.”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Actually I am really sick of living and that is why I am here. I ask again, do you or do you not want to accede to my demands?”

Ancestor Yuan lifted his right hand and a sword materialized in his hand…

Even Ye Jing was taken aback. It was because the sword that was in his hand was a high grade earth-step immortal sword!

Ancestor Yuan hummed coldly, “What do you think?”

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Chapter 65: The Goddess Palace

Ye Jing was now standing in a beautiful hall in the Tranquil City. She had totally no idea where she was. It was the same as the first time that she had visited the Ruler of the Tranquil City. She had entered via an illusionary wall.

It was because other than a few prestige people, none had ever seen the mysterious Ruler of the Tranquil City before.

As she waited, she began to wonder what Xiaofang was doing now. Maybe he got seduced by Xuan Danfeng and was banging her now?

A heavenly maiden walked slowly toward her as she smiled, “Isn’t this Ye Jing? You are back so soon already?”

Ye Jing smiled as she gave a hand bow, “My respects to the Goddess Isa. The Devil Isle had disrupted the Golden Clans Congregation hence I have returned.”

The Goddess Isa nodded and gave her a faint smile, “So why brings you here?”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “I am sure that you’ve already known what has been happening recently. I am now half a step to the Seventh Sense Divinity but this crucial half step is so difficult. I need help to achieve a breakthrough.”

The Goddess Isa laughed softly, “What makes you think I will help you?”

Ye Jing smiled in return, “Didn’t you already help me when you have given me the Blue Aura Divine Pill? Surely when you have helped someone, you got to help all the way to the end?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Maybe I had a good mood the last time. That’s why. But why should I help you at all?”

Ye Jing giggled softly as she looked around the golden hall for a while, “I am in the Goddess Palace now, am I right? You did mention that you are from the Goddess Palace the last time and that you are a greater immortal?”

The Goddess Isa nodded slowly, “So?”

“I’m just wondering if I am now fit to be a pawn of the Goddess Palace?” Ye Jing asked with a smile.

The Goddess Isa laughed lightly, “So you are interested to join the Goddess Palace now?”

Ye Jing nodded, “I figure out that if I want to see Fenghuang again then I may as well join the Goddess Palace. Moreover why should I bother to steal the Heavenly Decrees from the powerful Devil Isle when you guys also have the Heavenly Decrees as well?”

She glanced around with her golden eyes before saying, “We are not alone in this hall am I right?”

The Goddess Isa shrugged her shoulders and said, “Since she is already aware of your presence, why don’t you show up now? I must say that her divine sense ability is already on par with you now…”

There were several golden flashes of light as several silhouette figures began to walk into the golden hall…

“Ancestress Ye!” Ye Jing gasped. One of the first figures that had walked in was her Ancestress Ye Yin who also went by the alias of the Ascension Goddess.

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “Finally someone attainment is not a piece of shit anymore and she can even perceives our presence.”

“Celestial Teacher Heaveness…” Ye Jing was taken aback at the familiar sight of the second figure. “You both know each other?”

Ye Jing did not recognize the third person that had entered. But she was also an equally beautiful goddess. She smiled at her distantly, “I am the Fiery Phoenix Goddess.” But she made no attempt to move but remained at the corner of the golden hall. It was like she was just an observer.

The Heaveness walked gracefully to her and held her hands, “How is my Ye Jing doing?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I am trying to seek help from the Goddess Isa but maybe I should seek my celestial teacher first. I don’t know why I am so dense as not to think about it first…”

The Heaveness heaved a soft heavenly sigh as her eyes glittered, “Child, I’m really sorry. I’ve placed a soul mark on you so that your memory of me will be hazy. That is why you will find it a difficult to remember me from your memories.”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes, “Huh?!”

The Heaveness patted her on her head and gave her a smile as a sudden light shot up from her forehead, “The soul mark has now been removed…”

All of a sudden Ye Jing shouted softly as she began to recall all the events in the Heavenly Temple, “Celestial Teacher, you are from the Melancholy Valley! Isn’t this place the Goddess Palace?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Who says the Melancholy Valley can’t be friends with the Goddess Palace?”

Ye Jing was suddenly confused, “I don’t understand. I’ve thought that the Goddess Palace is at odds with the Melancholy Valley…”

It was because she had remembered the sharp exchanges between her Celestial Teacher Yi Si and her Ancestress Ye…

The Heaveness smiled gently as though she could read her mind, “That was before. But we have now decided to pool our resources together into you so that you can be a champion of the Goddess Palace against the Devil Isle.”

The Goddess Isa said, “The day that you have ascended to the Heavenly Temple is also the day that we have decided to appoint you as our champion.”

Ye Jing began to smile bitterly, “So it is actually my own undoing that I have decided to climb the heavenly steps.”

The Ascension Goddess casually said, “If you have not done that then we will still be in a dilemma where we can find our champion.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I am just a little curious. I’m sure that you may have other candidates in mind before me. May I know who they are?”

The Ascension Goddess took a glance at the Goddess Isa and the Heaveness before she said indifferently, “Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue, Lofty Snow Palace Gong Nanyan and Holy Citadel City Dugu Fang.”

“What? Xiaofang is one of your candidates?”

Ye Jing knew who Feng Minyue was but who was this Gong Nanyan? She did not think that she had seen her before. Maybe she could ask Xuan Danfeng or Xiaofang in the future.

The Ascension Goddess smiled with a thoughtful look, “I have my eyes on him when I’ve first met him. He is definitely more promising than you at that time.”


Ye Jing thought miserably. Is she really my Ancestress Ye…

But she could resist asking, “Why are you choosing the weak? How do you expect to win against the Devil Isle if the champions that you have in mind are weaker than the Devil Isle? I have fought against one of the old freaks from the Devil Isle and they are extremely formidable. Even my two sister saintess Danfeng and Yuqing are not their match. Maybe you should just pick my two sister saintess over me instead.”

The Ascension Goddess hummed coldly, “We only choose the ones that are of good moral character and not necessary the best.”

Ye Jing thought bitterly, “Then why did you say my cultivation is a piece of shit…this is so hypocritical…”

The Heaveness asked gently, “Speaking of your sister saintess, who is this Yuqing?”

Ye Jing was surprised that they did not know about her so she said, “Her name is Fan Yuqing. But her real name is probably Fan Yuqin. She just recently changed her name.”

Suddenly she noticed that all three of the goddesses were exchanging quiet glances with each other as though they were whispering something in secret.

After a while, the Heaveness asked her. “Do you know where she is now and where did she go?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “I have no idea. She seems upset with Xiaofang so she had left hastily. You know her?”

The Heaveness said in bewilderment, “Why will she be angry with Xiaofang?”

Ye Jing casually said, “You know, the usual relationship problem.”

The Heaveness was startled by her answer and asked curiously, “She likes your Xiaofang?”

Ye Jing muttered as she looked at her Ancestress Ye, “How come everyone seems to know that we are an item…”

The Heaveness laughed softly as she glanced at the others, “We have a lot of gossips between us. We know that Xiaofang is now at the Lofty Snow Palace even before you have entered the Tranquil City.”


Ye Jing smiled weakly as she said, “If I become your champion, I have a few conditions.”

The Ascension Goddess had a flicker of displeasure in her eyes but she said indifferently, “What is it?”

Ye Jing inhaled deeply as she mustered all her willpower to say firmly, “Firstly, I want to see my Little Fenghuang. Secondly, I want some help to attain the Seventh Sense Divinity. Thirdly, I also want the Goddess Palace to impart some martial divine skills to me to defeat Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong on my own.”

The Ascension Goddess, the Heaveness and the Goddess Isa seemed to be discussing wordlessly. Their lips were moving fast but due to Ye Jing lower martial level, she was unable to eavesdrop on their divine whispering.

The Goddess Isa gave a final nod and turned to Ye Jing, “We agree to your terms but you mustn’t kill Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong or anyone from the Devil Isle. Alright?”

Ye Jing was startled, “Why so?”

The Goddess Isa replied indifferently, “Like us, they are acting on their orders to prevent the forthcoming calamity. Even though we may not agree totally with what they are doing but it is a necessity. Moreover Xiao Shuai has a daughter Xiao Youxue who is a great goddess and she is also the patron goddess of the Devil Isle. It will be terrible if you’ve killed her father.”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “What about the countless number of celestials that Xiao Shuai had killed then?” But she quickly softened her stance to say, “I agree…”

She was suddenly melancholy as she glanced at the Heaveness, “Celestial Teacher Heaveness, am I going to die very soon?”

The Heaveness slowly nodded, “Through the Emptiness Translucence that we are sharing, I can see your forthcoming future. This only appears if you have some forthcoming calamity. Exactly what is causing that, I really do not know. I have tried to divine the outcome a countless number of times but it always end up the same.”

Ye Jing lowered her glances as she trembled, “Lately that feeling has become stronger and stronger. I really don’t want to die so soon. But since I have to die then I want to do something meaningful at the very least.”

The Heaveness had suddenly embraced her and said with great sorrow, “Child, be strong. I don’t wish for it to happen either. You are my one and only successor. Why is your fate so dark…”

All of a sudden the Fiery Phoenix Goddess had moved next to them in a flash. Her speed was so astonishing that Ye Jing was startled by her.

The Fiery Phoenix Goddess said coldly, “If the Heavens have predetermined your fate, are you going to wait for it to descend to you? Your destiny is in your hands. Fight it with all you got. Maybe you can even change your fate.”

Ye Jing asked slowly with trembling lips, “How can I change my fate?”

The Fiery Phoenix Goddess said, “Thrive to be an immortal and ascend to the immortal realm before your destiny ends here. That’s how.”

Ye Jing felt despaired. Asking her to ascend to the immortal realm in such a short time was an impossible thing for her to accomplish for she could sense that her impending death was just round the corner.

The Fiery Phoenix Goddess said slowly, “Come with me.”

Ye Jing looked at the Heaveness, the Ascension Goddess and the Goddess Isa for guidance before she asked, “Where are we going?” Secretly she was worried if it was even safe to follow her at all.

The Fiery Phoenix Goddess had suddenly tapped her foot lightly and an oppressing aura began to envelop around her, attempting to suck the energies all around her.

Ye Jing was startled as she stammered, “Isn’t this martial force the same as Han Shaodong’s Divine Rejuvenation Force?”

Then the Fiery Phoenix Goddess suddenly raised her palm and an outline of a gigantic palm burst out to fly with a startling explosive speed at the Ascension Goddess!

Ye Jing gasped as she did not know why the Fiery Phoenix Goddess had suddenly attacked her Ancestress Ye…

But the Ascension Goddess simply raised her right palm without even looking at her attacker and dissipated the mighty explosive martial power of the Big Dipper Hands in the next blink of an eye!

The aftershocks were so resounding that it took a little while to die down.

But what had really startled Ye Jing was that the Big Dipper Hands that the Fiery Phoenix Goddess had displayed was even more formidable than what Han Shaodong had displayed and it was generated in a blink of an eye without any warning. Her Ancestress Ye the Ascension Goddess was equally formidable as she neutralized the mighty martial force of the Big Dipper Hands in the next instant with her Denunciation Force.

Ye Jing stammered, “Why are you attacking my Ancestress Ye and how did you know Han Shaodong’s martial skills?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “Child, don’t worry. We are only having our usual friendly spar.”

Ye Jing almost fainted on the spot. This was a friendly spar?! If her Ancestress Ye was hit by the Big Dipper Hands, this may even be fatal. Moreover this was a sudden attack and there was no prior warning at all…

The Fiery Phoenix Goddess smiled angelically, “I am Han Shaodong’s ex-protégé mistress. Naturally I also know the Divine Rejuvenation Force and the Big Dipper Hands since I was the one that had imparted these two skills to him. Since you want to defeat Han Shaodong, naturally you have to follow me.”

The Ascension Goddess was actually laughing, “Since you are at the late stage of the Traverse Divinity now, why don’t you follow her for your breakthrough? I can promise you that there are no others in the immortal realm that can move as fast or is a better martial mentor than her, especially in the realm of the Traverse Divinity.”

The Heaveness whispered to Ye Jing, “In the immortal realm, she is known as the Goddess of Speed. If you don’t follow her now, she may just change her mind at any moment. She is equally speedy in changing her mind.”

Ye Jing was startled. Goddess of Speed?! If an immortal had an alias like this then she must really be formidable in order to be known as the Goddess of Speed.

She cried out panicky after her, “Wait…”

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Chapter 64: Xiaofang guilt

Xiaofang was massaging Xuan Danfeng while Gong Nanyan and Shi Wan’Er stood quietly by the side when Xuan Danfeng suddenly said, “Xiaofang, you seem to be distracted today? I feel that your fingers are particularly weak today.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “Maybe it is the milk. It is not as nice as yesterday.”

When Gong Nanyan heard him, she sighed softly…

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “So what do you think of Nanyan? Is she taking care of you well enough?”

Xiaofang was suddenly flustered and stammered, “Yes, yes…”

Gong Nanyan was secretly flushing at the side…

Xuan Danfeng suddenly rose and winked at him, “By placing you with her, this means that I’ve trusted you a lot. Do you get me? So don’t you dare to bully her or try anything funny on her, alright?” As she spoke, she had secretly exchanged glances with Gong Nanyan…

Xiaofang suddenly turned ashen as he said weakly, “I dare not…”

Xuan Danfeng chucked softly, “That is good to hear. But if I found out that you have been taking advantage of her then there will be severe consequences. I won’t allow my protégé disciples to be bullied.”

Xiaofang was suddenly awkward because he had already taken advantage of Gong Nanyan…

Wan’Er upon seeing the awkward expression that was on Xiaofang immediately said, “If Young Master Fang does not mind, you can come to my abode…”

Gong Nanyan interrupted politely, “Sister Wan’Er, since protégé mistress has already given me the task of taking care of Young Master Fang, there is no need for anyone to help.”

Wan’Er was a little startled. She had thought that Gong Nanyan would be appreciative of her offer but instead she had refused her. Moreover she was actually speaking in a polite and normal manner now.

What was going on?

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I may have been thinking too much. Maybe they are too excited to sleep and have been exchanging pointers throughout the night. Xiaofang, am I right?”

Xiaofang stammered, “I guess so…”

Xuan Danfeng laughed lightly, “You are all dismissed. That will be enough for today. I’m going to the principal practice chamber now. Thank you Xiaofang.”

Gong Nanyan, Wan’Er and Xiaofang politely gave a hand bow as they left.

When they were at the hallway, a young maiden in white suddenly greeted them. “Fourth protégé sister, fifth protégé sister. Li Shixi pays my respect to you.” She also gave a hand bow to Xiaofang, “Greeting to Young Master Fang.”

Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan recognized her immediately. She was the young maiden that had passed her sword to Xiaofang yesterday.

It seemed that she had been quietly waiting for them because she did not hurry away when she saw them.

Gong Nanyan asked curiously, “You are waiting for us?”

Li Shixi took a glance at Xiaofang and said respectfully, “I am just wondering if Young Master Fang is willing to give me some pointers.”

Xiaofang immediately replied, “Yes, sure…”

Gong Nanyan interrupted swiftly, “You can ask Protégé Sister Wan’Er here. He isn’t free.”

She pulled Xiaofang by his hand and they swiftly walked out of sight, leaving Li Shixi and Wan’Er to be stupefied at the hallway…

They could not believe their eyes. Their usual icy and forbidden fourth protege sister would actually take someone hand in such an unsightly manner.

When they were back to their abode, Gong Nanyan said to Xiaofang. “From this day onward, I will impart to you our superior martial arts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. There is no need to go to the practice chamber and be an eye sore anyway.”

Xiaofang was startled, “You are willing to teach me? Will you get punished?”

Gong Nanyan flashed him a glance as she said gently, “After what has happened to us last night, do you think that I will care for such meaningless rules now?”

Xiaofang sighed softly, “I…I’m sorry…”

Gong Nanyan lowered her glances, “It isn’t your fault. I’m willing. There is no way for me to repay you anyway…but…”

She looked up and said firmly, “I want you to sleep in my room from now on.”

Xiaofang protested, “This won’t do…”

Gong Nanyan cut him short, “The guest room isn’t a comfortable place to sleep or meditate. The chill there is not comfortable even for me.”

Xiaofang said, “Actually I feel alright. Really. I’ve a strong constitution…”

Gong Nanyan said coolly, “If you don’t then I will tell my protégé mistress what you did to me.”


Xiaofang awkwardly nodded, “But there is no other bed…”

Gong Nanyan said shyly, “We will sleep together of course. I can’t have you sleeping on the floor.”

Xiaofang was truly startled, “We…what?!”

Gong Nanyan sighed softly as she held his hands, “Young Master Fang, we are already at this point of no return. Why are you still treating me like this?”

Her protégé mistress had told her that if she wanted to catch hold of Xiaofang, then she had to take the initiative. After all, he was only 17 and mentally he was still a child so as long as she was willing to be forceful with him then he may not be able to resist her.

“If you don’t then I will go to my protégé mistress and tell her everything,” Gong Nanyan said quietly.

Xiaofang hesitated for a while before he said, “I already have someone that I love…”

Gong Nanyan said shyly, “This isn’t an issue at all. I don’t need a status or any recognition.”


Gong Nanyan looked at Xiaofang intently and her gazes were like a hot furnace that could melt the hearts of any men, “I want to experience being a wife to someone even if it is only for a short while. You are the one that have renewed my hope in life. After all, we only got less than six months…”

Xiaofang was jolted as he sighed, “Six months…right…”

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Chapter 63: Danfeng Real Motives

Gong Nanyan was stunned and lost for words as she stared at Xiaofang, “Young Master Fang…” She really had not expected him to purify her spiritual inner core at the cost of his own cultivation progression and expending a portion of his life energies from his inner core for her sake.

When he had massaged her breasts, she had thought that he was going to just unblock her energy veins. But he went a step further and removed the root of her problem.

Xiaofang was sweating heavily and he had exhausted himself as he muttered, “It is done…”

When he had muttered it was done, he had collapsed on her as he succumbed into a deep sleep.

Gong Nanyan was startled when Xiaofang had suddenly collapsed into her naked body. Her body began to tremble lightly but she did not push him away. Instead she slowly removed his damp robe as she was afraid that he may catch a cold.

Quietly she covered the two of them with her blanket as she muttered, “Young Master Fang…how do expect Nanyan to pay you back this debt of deep gratitude to you?”

After her inner core was purified, there was a surge of profound energies that increased her golden celestial level to the intermediate stage. She was secretly delighted but at the same time she was suddenly at a loss; it was because not everyone had a golden opportunity to restart their cultivation anew.

When her cultivation was restarted, this meant that her Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts was also at its purest form, without the harmful effects of the cold negative energies that had afflicted her body. She was back to being a normal person again and she had even regained her ability to bear children. This was provided that she did not cultivate in the Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts again…

All of a sudden, she had realized that the Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts had lost its allure on her…

She opened her eyes and looked at Xiaofang as she stroked him gently, “Young Master Fang…protégé mistress…”

It took her a long time to calm down and finally to close her eyes. But all of a sudden Xiaofang began to stir in his sleep as he grabbed her soft body tightly, muttering. “Jing’Er…”

“Who is this Jing’Er? His consort or mistress?”

When Xiaofang was sleeping soundly, he had suddenly dreamed that he was back with Jing’Er again and that they were doing their body dual cultivation. He had missed his Jing’Er so much. Especially more when Xuan Danfeng had tried to tempt him with her beautiful snowy legs and that stirred up the lusts that were within him. Right now, he was holding Jing’Er beautiful soft body and he was banging her…

All of a sudden he got a jolt because it all felt too real and he had suddenly remembered where he was. He quickly opened his eyes and he was lying on top of Gong Nanyan…

Gong Nanyan turned her glances away from him before she said indifferently, “You are awake.”

She gently removed his hands from her bosom as she got up shyly from the bed, “You should sleep a little more. I will go and prepare breakfast for you…and your warm milk.”

Xiaofang was trembling as he thought, “What have I done?!”

Gong Nanyan said quietly as she looked intently at him, “In the future when I am talking to you, I will look at you.”

Then she quietly put on her robe and left the room…

Xiaofang muttered, “She really has a nice figure…”

Gong Nanyan was actually as beautiful as Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue but because she was too aloof, it was really hard to get a good impression of her. The first impression everyone got from her was her disdain and indifferent look to everything around her.

When she had suddenly stopped her acting of speaking slowly and icily, Xiaofang found that her voice was actually quite sweet…

But he was quickly scolding himself, “Jing’Er, what have I done…”

Gong Nanyan had already reached the kitchen. As soon as she had entered the kitchen, she said politely. “Prepare a set of meal and warm milk. Bring it to my abode. It has to be goat milk this time.”

Just as she turned her back, she looked back and said politely. “Thank you for your help.”

When she had left, the protégés in the kitchen were all stunned. Was this polite and beautiful maiden really their fourth protégé sister? She had actually addressed them so politely and her voice was actually so mesmerizing?

“Did something shocking happen to her?”

“Is this really our fourth protégé sister?”

“Maybe it is her sister?”

Gong Nanyan did not return to her abode but she had walked to her protégé mistress residence and waited quietly outside the large golden doors. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She had finally decided…

There was no need to announce her coming because her protégé mistress could sense her.

“Gong Nanyan, you may come in.”

Gong Nanyan quietly walked into her protégé mistress room and as soon as she saw Xuan Danfeng, she immediately kneeled down. “Protégé mistress, I begging you for your forgiveness!”

Xuan Danfeng was meditating when she had arrived. She slowly opened her eyes with a devious smile, “Nanyan, what wrong have you done? Why are you asking me for your forgiveness?”

Gong Nanyan was suddenly weeping bitterly as she could not withhold her tears anymore, “Your unfilial disciple wishes to leave the Lofty Snow Palace…”

Xuan Danfeng asked gently, “What happens to my lofty and unemotional Nanyan? What prompts you to say such bold words today? Is it because of Young Master Fang? Did he bully you? Hurry and tell me.”

Gong Nanyan nodded slowly and then she shook her head, “I am so despicable and shameless. After I have known that Young Master Fang has the healing focus ability, I’ve actually make use of him to cure me of my afflictions.”

Xuan Danfeng said casually, “You know that you don’t have to let me know and I won’t know at all.”

Gong Nanyan wept, “Protégé mistress has groomed me for a long time and you are my only kin…”

Xuan Danfeng said slowly, “Do you know that you have only cried on your first night here. From that point onward, there are no more emotions from you. We are not like the Heavenly Fragrance Villa where even the emotions are suppressed. But you have chosen to suppress all your emotions. You have purposely made everyone that wants to be close to you, to hate you or dislike you. Child, do you think that I do not know? And today you are weeping? This is so unlike the Nanyan that I’ve known.”

Gong Nanyan wept even more bitterly when she had heard her, “Protégé mistress really understands me…”

Xuan Danfeng sighed softly, “Just because I did not pick you to go to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, you felt disappointed and depressed?”

Gong Nanyan cried out, “This…is not the reason why I want to leave the Lofty Snow Palace…”

Xuan Danfeng walked over to her and tenderly lifted her up, “I know. This is because Young Master Fang has purified your inner core for you and that is why you are thinking of leaving?”

Gong Nanyan stammered with shock, “Protégé mistress knows…”

Xuan Danfeng tenderly said, “You are my favorite disciple. How do I not know that you are never happy here? I have promised Xiaofang not to reveal his bloodline to anyone. But I have purposely leaked it to you…”

All of a sudden Gong Nanyan got a jolt…

Xuan Danfeng nodded slowly and continued, “Now do you know why I have asked you to take care of him? It is to help you foster some friendly ties with him. I just never expected that you will take action so swiftly. Judging from your sudden decision, that silly lad must have completely purified your inner core for you.”

Then she added with a mischievous smile, “Or you have already surrendered your body to him? Hmph, it seems that he can’t resist my little beauty here.”

Gong Nanyan stammered, “He…didn’t touch me at all…”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “If he didn’t touch you at all, then how did he cure you?”

Gong Nanyan was flustered as she jumped into Xuan Danfeng embrace with a soft cry, “Protégé mistress, your Nanyan really did not know…”

Xuan Danfeng patted her tenderly, “Now don’t talk about leaving the clan. I won’t stop you if you decide not to cultivate further. At most, I find you another cultivation method that can suit you. Nanyan, do you know that you are like my daughter to me? Do you like this Young Master Fang?”

Gong Nanyan slowly nodded as she buried her head into Xuan Danfeng…

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Then try to listen to him and pay more attention to his needs.”

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “I will…”

These were the reasons why Xuan Danfeng had Xiaofang brought back to the Lofty Snow Palace and why she had wanted Gong Nanyan to take special care of Xiaofang. She knew from the subtle expressions of Nanyan that she did not like to cultivate the Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts and that she had long wished to lead an ordinary life. However as a protégé of the Lofty Snow Palace, their most precious ability would be taken away. Even couples like Song Feixian and Xu Wenping was destined to be childless.

Xuan Danfeng said gently as she slowly wiped Nanyan’s tears, “Your happiness is in your hands. If you don’t make it happen, it will never happen.”

Then she smiled, “From now on, carefully instructs Young Master Fang on our celestial clan martial arts to him. You may even impart the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies to him.”

Gong Nanyan was startled, “He…isn’t a direct protégé disciple of the Lofty Snow Palace. How can he be fit to learn the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies? Moreover I can tell that he isn’t particular skillful in sword energies techniques.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Don’t you underestimate him. We will all be depending on him in the future. Moreover he is only 17 and his future is boundless.”

Gong Nanyan was shaken as she stammered, “He is really only 17?!” She had not believed him when he had told her so and she had thought that he was an arrogant liar.

There was something that was still holding her back. Finally she found the courage to ask, “Protégé mistress, may I know who is this Jing’Er?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “So you know about his Jing’Er too? She is my Sister Ye Jing, the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. Actually Xiaofang is not a young master from the Sky Sword Pavilion either. He is actually an elder of the Holy Citadel City. I’ve given him an alias here because I do not want anyone to know that he is here. That is because…”

As Xuan Danfeng described the battle at the Nuer Mountains to her, Gong Nanyan listened with more and more disbelief…

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Chapter 62: Gong Nanyan Pleads

Now that they were back at their abode after a long day at the practice chambers, Gong Nanyan said to Xiaofang. “You are quite a showoff today, aren’t you? You have humiliated both my third protégé brother Yu Degang and the swordplay of the Lofty Snow Palace today. I am just curious how did you manage to break our Lofty Snow Swordplay so easily?”

She paused briefly to look at him curiously, “It is as though you have already known what is forthcoming.”

Xiaofang replied awkwardly, “I didn’t do it intentional. I have been sparring with your Palace Mistress for a month previously so I am quite familiar with some of the Lofty Snow Swordplay.”

Gong Nanyan asked curiously, “Why should our Palace Mistress spar with you?”

Xiaofang replied politely, “We have found a profound martial art that is called the Martial Pinnacle Art in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Your Palace Mistress is using me to improvise some of her sword techniques via the Martial Pinnacle Art.”

Gong Nanyan said coldly, “I hope what you have said is the truth.”

Then she looked the other way before saying, “You look like you are here to steal our Lofty Snow Swordplay.”

Xiaofang was smiling bitterly and he did not answer her. It was because that was actually his mission…

“But do you know that the Lofty Snow Swordplay isn’t our strongest swordplay?”

“It isn’t? There is a more formidable swordplay?”

Gong Nanyan looked at the ground as she nodded lightly, “That’s right. Have you heard of the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies?”

Xiaofang shook his head as he said, “No, I haven’t.” He had never even seen or heard of it before.”

Gong Nanyan explained, “Naturally you have not. That is because we don’t usually display the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies unless we have no other choices.”

Xiaofang asked curiously, “Then why are you telling me this?”

Gong Nanyan coolly said, “Just in case if you are killed by my third protégé brother in the future then at least you know the sword energy technique that has killed you.”


Xiaofang looked at the back of this icy beauty before he said, “When you talk to the others, you don’t have a habit of looking at them?”

“It is rude to be staring at the other so usually I don’t look at them.”

Xiaofang was rendered wordless as he said weakly, “This…this…I think it is considered impolite not to looking at each other…”

Gong Nanyan waved her fingers as she walked away, “I don’t mind that you stare at me while you are talking to me.”


Just as Xiaofang was about to enter the guest room, Gong Nanyan called out to him. “Young Master Fang, can you come to my room?”

Xiaofang was really startled, “Why did she asks me to come into her room? Didn’t she say that she will cut my manhood if I enter her room only yesterday?”

But out of curiosity, he entered her room.

Gong Nanyan was sitting quietly in the middle of her room and there were two cups of wines on the table. “Please be seated.”

Xiaofang took a step cautiously into the room as he looked around him. Her room had a pleasant fragrance and her bed had pink curtains hanging.

He asked as he quietly sat down, “Yes?”

Gong Nanyan seemed to hesitate for a while before she said, “You really have the healing focus ability?”

Xiaofang nodded slowly.

Gong Nanyan seemed to know that he had nodded without looking at him as she said slowly, “I may need your help in a matter. I am unwell…”

Xiaofang was startled as he said, “Show me your wrist…”

Gong Nanyan quietly did as she was told.

After a while Xiaofang said, “This…this…”

Gong Nanyan said slowly, “I may have forced my cultivation to the golden celestial level but my inner core is irreversible impaired. Lately in recent years, I have been experiencing some chest pains. Only a practitioner with the healing focus ability is able to alleviate me of my ailments.”

Xiaofang nodded slowly, “Several of your energy veins are blocked. That is why you are experiencing pain.”

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “It is unfair for you to expend your life energies for a stranger and this will impair your own cultivation progression as well. I don’t have much money or soul jewels to give you a fair trade either. I am only asking you to alleviate my chest pains so that I can at least cultivate normally. I wonder if you are able to aid me…”

She bit her trembling lips because she knew that she had been rude to this Young Master Fang in the past two days and she was not surprised at all even if he decided to reject to help her.

Xiaofang said solemnly, “Indeed I can help you clear your blocked energy channels. But if you continue with your cultivation practice, I am afraid that your energy channels will be blocked again in no time…”

Gong Nanyan said icily as she looked up, “It doesn’t matter. As long as I can make some progress in my cultivation…”

All of a sudden she was startled when Xiaofang popped his head in front of her and grinned, “On account of your delicious milk, I can try if I am able to help.”


Xiaofang was suddenly stammering, “But…”

Gong Nanyan turned to look at him, “But what? You are a man. Why are you so washy all of a sudden?”

Xiaofang had turned around all of a sudden and he was looking guilty, “Actually come to think of that, I may not be able to help you…I’m sorry…”

Gong Nanyan had suddenly quickened her steps and closed the door before Xiaofang could make his way out.

She lowered her glance as she slowly loosened her belt to strip in front of Xiaofang…

Xiaofang was shocked, “This is…”

Gong Nanyan said in a low voice, “I know why you are hesitating. What? Have you never seen a naked woman before? I have thought that you are an experienced worldly young master?”

Xiaofang quietly helped her to put on her robe back as he sighed, “Alas, Maiden Nanyan…why are you putting me in a spot like this…”

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “I know that I am detestable and even shameless in your eyes…”

Xiaofang shook his head, “No, you are not. You are like a beautiful fairy. I know that you must have your reasons why you are so haughty.”

Gong Nanyan said slowly as she leaned against the door, “The moment that I have started cultivating the Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts, it means that I will no longer have the ability to bear a child in the future. It is because our bodies will be irreversible harmed by the strong cold negative energies of our cultivation art. I am just an emotionless celestial practitioner now.”

Then she smiled bitterly, “I used to be my protégé mistress favorite disciple. But ever since my cultivation is impaired, Wan’Er and Feixian have taken my place…I just want to be my protégé mistress favorite disciple again…am I wrong to wish for that to happen?”

Xiaofang said quietly with a soft sigh, “Maiden Nanyan, may you go to your bed so that I can take a closer look?”

Gong Nanyan nodded slowly…

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