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Chapter 39: Shocking Lie Xingyuan

When Lu Qingyun opened his eyes, he found himself on his bed and there was Lie Xingyuan who was looking tenderly at him.

When she saw that he had opened his eyes, she said excitingly, “Senior brother, you have finally woke up! Do you know that you have been sleeping for the past three days?”

He was startled and was muttering, “What? I’ve been sleeping for three days? Xingyuan, thank you for putting me on my bed…”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “It is Yan’Er who told me about your condition. She is spirit and can’t move you so she sought help from me.”

Then she lowered her glances as she said quietly and her eyes were full of concern, “Senior brother, it is alright to fail. Don’t make it so hard for yourself, alright? Even if you don’t win in the competition, there is nothing to be ashamed about. You will always be my senior brother and the person that I will respect the most. Please drop that sword art that you are learning. You are only killing yourself in this manner.”

Lu Qingyun grinned, “Alright I will stop practicing from now on. Actually I have already mastered the Flaming Crimson Sword to the third stage. So I can finally take a break now.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “You what? But this is impossible…”

He laughed softly, “And I am now an upper third realm expert. It is all thanks to Yan’Er.”

Lie Xingyuan: …

Upper third realm expert! That was the same level as Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue! Moreover he had even mastered past the first stage of the Flaming Crimson Sword in a matter of days and had even attained to the third stage? This was monstrous talent at work.

She stared with disbelief at Lu Qingyun, “I don’t get it…”

To jump two small realms in a matter of days especially as a Third Realm Expert was almost totally unheard of.

Lu Qingyun grinned, “It is hard for me to explain now as I am a little confused myself. But yes, I manage to do it.”

Then he paused for a little while, “Did Keqin…erm I mean master looks for me while I was in the practice chamber?”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head, “No, she did not come at all.”

She was secretly upset with Qin Keqin for not coming to look for Lu Qingyun. Maybe she did not want to see her therefore she did not want to come at all. But Lu Qingyun was her disciple and she had not even spent a single day to properly instruct him. She was a totally reckless master and unfitted to be one.

She sighed secretly. Qin Keqin was the Devil Goddess as well as the Great Saintess Fan Yuqin. Was she a good or a bad person? This, she really did not know. But since her master had made her promised not to reveal anything about Qin Keqin to Lu Qingyun or to anyone else, she had to keep her sacred promise to her master.

“Oh…” Lu Qingyun looked a little disappointed when he had heard that. He muttered, “Maybe she is really busy…”

Lie Xingyuan nodded and said, “Yes, she is probably too busy.” Too busy for you, she added silently.

Lu Qingyun quickly regained his smiles, “You know. Now that we both have a new sword art to our sleeves, we may need some practical training to see whether the sword skills that we’ve learnt are really effective. Or else we won’t know its actual performance in real combat.”

Lie Xingyuan pondered for a while before she said, “Actually all protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa have to go for experiential training twice a year. Usually there is at least one experiential training mission every week. We can sign up for it if there is a mission slot available.”

Lu Qingyun’s eyes immediately lit up, “Oh great. Then let’s do it then.”

Lie Xingyuan responded, “I will get it done for us then.”

Lu Qingyun nodded and asked, “But I am the sect’s senior brother, can I really go?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “Of course you can. They will treat you as a core disciple. Other than no more than three core protégés can partake in the same experiential training, there are no other rules to prevent you from going. Moreover, it is required for everyone including the elders.”

Lu Qingyun was surprised, “Oh even the elders?”

Lie Xingyuan nodded, “The elders, even the grand elders are counted as a core protégé to assist the weaker protégés in handling the experiential training.”

“I see. What is this experiential training about then?” He said with a laugh. He did not know what it was and had already asked Xingyuan to sign them up.

“Usually it is to venture into dangerous territories to hunt some rare desolate beasts. It is nothing new actually. All experiential training can last from a week to several weeks depending on where the assigned mission is.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “So I see. It doesn’t seem to be so difficult after all?”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling weakly, “It is usually not too difficult unless we luck out and meet with some high ranking desolate beasts.”

Lu Qingyun was grinning, “We won’t be so unlucky, am I right?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “With senior brother around, we will always be lucky.”

The two of them began to laugh jovially.

“Yes, we are both lucky so we won’t meet with real dangers.”

“Hopefully so.”

“Xingyuan, you got to believe in yourself…”

“I am trying very hard…”

In another part of New Empyrean City where the Solitary Manor was.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was looking solemnly at Celestial Bai Laoxiong and Tang Bufan before he said, “That Qin Keqin, I will have my vengeance on her soon for injuring me and destroying my hard sought spirit entity.”

Due to the destruction of his spirit entity, his cultivation core was severely injured by Qin Keqin and his realm level had temporary dropped from the initial sixth realm to the intermediate fifth realm. It would take him some time to recuperate and to get back his original strength.

Celestial Bai Laoxiong cursed Qin Keqin, “I will never forget about what she had done to me. Brother Wen, I will definitely help you.”

Since he was driven out of the Heavens Ridge Villa, he had thrown his lot with Supremacy Wen and was made an elder of the Solitary Manor.

“As for three core protégés, I will make sure that they get their deserved ends too. They had forgotten about my kindness to them and when I’m in trouble, none of them has followed me and has chosen to be tortoises in the Heavens Ridge Villa.” Celestial Bai Laoxiong was cursing loud.

Tang Bufan smiled coldly as he said politely to Celestial Bai Laoxiong, “It is lucky that I have a new master now and I am really honored to be your new core protégé.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong smiled, “You have the potential too. I’m so glad that I’ve you as my core protégé too. In the future, just follow me and I can promise you that you will get all the wealth and women that you want.”

Tang Bufan sighed bitterly, “Right now, I’m being pursued by the Black Hands Guild. Even my butler had lost his life to protect me. Can’t we hire the assassins to assassinate Qin Keqin and Shi Guanyin instead? At least once Shi Guanyin is dead, the Black Hands Guild won’t pursue me anymore.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong replied solemnly, “The Black Hands Guild and other assassin guilds won’t take any offer to head hunt anyone who is a fifth realm expert and above. This is their rule. For the time being, you can hide here until everything is over.”

Tang Bufan smiled bitterly. Because of Shi Guanyin and the sudden appearance of Qin Keqin who had screwed up his plans, now he had lost everything.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang smiled coldly, “Just serve me with your loyalty and I will promise you that I will help you to get back on the Heavens Ridge Villa and anyone that has offended you. I have a score to settle with Qin Keqin and the Heavens Ridge Villa as well.”

Then he had curled up his lip, “By the way, I have summoned you all to tell you a piece of good news.”

Bai Laoxiong asked, “Good news? What good news?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang smiled, “I have managed to invite a friend that I have been courting aggressively with gifts of goodwill for a number of years. He has agreed to come to help us to deal with Qin Keqin. He is none other than the elder of the Celestial Sword Clan, Saint Zhou Hai!”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong muttered, “Seventh realm expert…this Saint Zhou Hai will indeed be a great help but he is from the Celestial Sword Divine Realm and the elder of one of the nine patriarch celestial clans. Such a formidable figure, he will agree to help us?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang laughed aloud, “It is because of our friendship over the years. Moreover, the Celestial Sword Divine Realm has always been thinking of swallowing the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm so this is a good opportunity for them to act too.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong said after a thought, “Brother Wen, let’s be careful on this. It may not be a good idea for the Celestial Sword Clan to come to the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm. This may displease our patriarch master the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. Although there is only one seventh realm expert in the entire Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm and she is currently missing at the moment but the full strength of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is not to be underestimated. Moreover, the Solitary Manor may run into trouble.”

“Brother Bai, this you won’t have to worry too much,” Supremacy Wen Hongguang was smiling. “I have already thought of that. Therefore Saint Zhou Hai will be coming to New Empyrean City with another alias and he will be back in a matter of weeks. By then, I will have regained my strength to the upper golden celestial level.”

When Celestial Bai Laoxiong heard him, he was relieved and he too, was smiling broadly.

Even Tang Bufan was smiling as he said, “Then I hope that Saint Zhou Hai will be able to come as soon as possible. I shall wait for that day to arrive!”

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Chapter 166: Author Notes

Hello! Author here. I have some emails from interested readers who are fans of A Fluffy Cultivation.

Just to clarify. It has been a long and fluffy cultivation adventure with everyone here, thank you!

Personally I really like the story too, getting lotsa of hits here and on webnovel. It is meant to be a light comedy adventure, similar to A Martial Odyssey. It supposed to end at the Unmoving Mountains but due to its popularity, I’ve decided to extend the ending by another 30 chapters to give it a more fulfilling ending before I move on to The-Good-For-Nothing Cultivator or The Monstrous-Genius-Cultivator (Shortened to The Good-For-Nothing Cultivator in the end).

A Fluffy Cultivation is a fast pace cultivation adventure that is meant to introduce the world setting of the current celestial fraternity in a light and fun way. Some readers are thrilled that some of the characters in A Martial Odyssey is also in the Fluffy Cultivation.

Young Ye Jing may not be a perfect FL but two wrongs can make a right, that is her way. She is a heroine and also a villainess while Fan Yuqing is a villainess but also a heroine. They are each other nemesis and foes. Sometimes they are villainess at the same time, sometimes they are heroines, with their roles constantly switching due to mistrust. In the epilogue, so are they friends or foes? Or both?

If you enjoy A Fluffy Cultivation, come join me in the new adventure for The-Good-For-Nothing Cultivator with Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng in their new adventures. This is not the end but the beginning of a new adventure;)

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Chapter 165: Epilogue

Two years later…

Today was the grandest wedding in the entire history of the Nine Celestial Fraternity for it was the wedding of the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing to Dugu Fang. Or rather, it was the Dugu Fang who would be marrying Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan today.

Xiaofang was the hero of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and he had some renown. It was however quickly eclipsed by Ye Jing who had become the number one heroine of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. It was one of the main reasons why this wedding had been so grand.

The other main reason why it was so grand was because of Gong Nanyan. Gong Nanyan was now the new Palace Mistress of the Lofty Snow Palace. Xuan Danfeng had decided to enter seclusion and handed over the position of the Palace Mistress to her.

Also at the same time the celestial domains of the Holy Citadel City and the Lofty Snow Palace would be merged into one super domain. Ye Jing and Gong Nanyan would both jointly rule over this new super domain.

Their grand wedding was attended by many of the golden celestials, golden supremacies and sacred saints of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. To say that it was grand, was just the perfect word.

Presiding over their grand wedding as master of ceremonies was none other than the Great Saintess Ziyue and Great Saint Dong Sheng, the two most respected figure of the entire fraternity.

Numerous celestials had arrived at the Holy Citadel City and the numbers of renowned celestials were too numerous to count.

Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng and Mu Huiyin were all sitting in a secluded spot as they watched the celestials below.

Because it was a secluded spot, none of the celestials noticed them for their presence would be too startling. After all, three of them were great saintess and even Feng Minyue was also an intermediate saintess.

Xuan Danfeng looked at Fan Yuqing, “I am really surprised that you will actually come.”

Fan Yuqing had a smiling curl, “Of course I have to come. This is after all the wedding of my troublesome junior sister.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I have heard that you have established a sect in New Empyrean City? In Feng Minyue’s celestial domain?”

Fan Yuqing giggled, “Not exactly but yes. They have begged to use my name to help them establish a footing.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “The great name of the Great Saintess Yuqing will soon make the sect a big name.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I have used another alias.”

Xuan Danfeng said, “Oh?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I am only known as Fairy Jade Light to them and Great Saintess Yuhuan to them.”

Mu Huiyin asked curiously, “I am just curious. Why are you in that desolate place in the first place?”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she looked up the heavens, “It is because one day I will find him there. I don’t know when but he will descend again…”

Suddenly all the sister saintess kept quiet for they knew that she was thinking of Dongfang Jun again…

Feng Minyue tried to change the topic and said, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, I wonder what wondrous gifts have you brought for Sister Jing on this trip?”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly laughing softly as she held her belly, “I have prepared her a big gift. A super big gift in fact. When she has returned to her bed chamber, she will be crying for joy and cursing me for the rest of her life.”

Mu Huiyin was groaning softly, “Don’t tell me that you have thrown poop on her bed…”

When she had said that, even Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng had turned ashen. It seemed that it would not be peaceful tonight when the two great saintess would start fighting with each other.

All of a sudden Yun Chen, Zhou Hai and Lin Wucheng had approached them. They were looking pathetic and were stinky.

Fan Yuqing had an ugly countenance when she saw them.

Lin Wucheng was smiling bitterly, “Ye Jing says she has already seen through all your mean tricks. If you want your mean tricks to succeed then you have to do it yourself. She says that she can’t stop you if you are to do it yourself but you will stink so you probably won’t.”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes and was speechless. After a short pause, she said. “Don’t tell me that we got a spy in our midst? Who is it? Is that Beitang Ying?”

Yun Chen was smiling weakly, “Indeed. Please forgive my wife.”

Fan Yuqing was groaning softly, “She has actually taken the side of Ye Jing. They are really very close nowadays. These bitches…”

She turned to look at Feng Minyue, Mu Huiyin and Xuan Danfeng. “Listen sisters, I have a plan. You will seduce the groom tonight…”

Mu Huiyin protested immediately, “No way. I am now with Tie Nansen. No way I’m doing that. That is below my dignity and Nansen will be upset.”

Xuan Danfeng winked at Feng Minyue, “It sounds like fun, don’t you think so?”

Feng Minyue had a slight flush on her cheeks as she said, “You’re not afraid that your disciple Gong Nanyan will fall out with you?”

Xuan Danfeng was giggling jovially, “I can pretend to be drunk…”

Everyone: …

Yun Chen was muttering to Lin Wucheng and Zhou Hai, “These beautiful saintesses are all so cunning. Sooner or later, my Ying’Er will be like them…”

Zhou Hai was laughing, “Beautiful, they are all so beautiful…”

Lin Wucheng who was looking at Fan Yuqing with interest, “Very beautiful…”

Fan Yuqing had suddenly turned to them and said, “Hmph, do you know that you stink? Why don’t you go take a bath first? I promise you if I don’t avenge your humiliation today then I am a turtle.”

Yun Chen, Zhou Hai and Lin Wucheng were all laughing as they slowly turned away while Fan Yuqing had gathered Mu Huiyin, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue together to discuss the next step of their infallible plan.

“Xiaofang is soft hearted and that is his weakness. So it will be easy to handle him…”


“…we can do this…”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had suddenly looked up and was startled. As she looked up, all the others were all looking at the same direction that she was looking at.

Fan Yuqing was suddenly smiling because she had recognized her Sister Yi Si walking slowly toward her direction.

She lit a sheepish face at her other sisters, “Guess we have to drop the plan for now. Today is Ye Jing’s lucky day for my sister is here.”

Feng Minyue muttered, “Your sister?”

Fan Yuqing nodded as she smiled wryly, “In the presence of my sister, I can only be a good sister today. How did Ye Jing manage to get her down from the immortal realm. I guess my fight with Ye Jing will be in another day and time. After all, today is her happy occasion. We should not ruin it.”

In the Nine Celestial Fraternity, the intrigues of the celestial clans are many and the alliances fragile. This is not an underestimation at all. Celestials will engage each other in battle of wits, sometimes for petty gains and even for no particular reason. It is a fraternity full of wiles and at times, a bored celestial like Fan Yuqing will appear and she will gather a number of bored celestials to her banner to wreak havoc across the nine celestial fraternity, sparing none including her junior sister Ye Jing.

Author Note:
Thanks everyone for the fluffy reads and this wonderful journey with the Fluffy Cultivation. Fluffy cultivation is meant to be a fast pace, non serious and fun adventure based on the celestial realm of A Martial Odyssey and shared the same universe.

Thanks for following this fluffy villainess story!

If you like the Fluffy Cultivation, be sure to watch the next part of the journey with Fan Yuqing in The Good-For-Nothing-Cultivator.

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Chapter 164: Daughters of the Heaven

Jian’Er was floating above the two maidens and she could sense great sadness that was coming from them…

Fan Yuqing was clearly heartbroken as she stared at the sea of lava for a long time.

Ye Jing had a more brittle heart than her and she had sobbed for a long time. This was the second time that she had wept for Dongfang Jun. When she had visited the Willow Winds Manor again, it was not so much to pay a visit Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er and Luo Bihua but to pay her respect at Dongfang Jun’s grave.

At that time she had only married Dongfang Jun because it was only to fulfill his last wish and that he needed her to protect the Willow Winds Manor for him.

After a long time had passed and the tears of both maidens had run dry, Fan Yuqing slowly took out a jade stone and said bitterly through the jade transmission array that was within. “Yuqing here. Heaveness, I have found the dark immortal. He is…now dead.”

The Heaveness voice could be heard transmitting, “So fast? Who is he and which level of the lab are you now at?”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “We are at the third level now and inside the Turtle Citadel. This isn’t an ordinary dark immortal. He is actually the reincarnation of the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan and is a desolate immortal.”

“This-“ the Heaveness was clearly shocked. “Then how did you defeat him? He isn’t a power that you or Ye Jing can handle. Is Ye Jing alright? Is she well?”

Fan Yuqing turned to look at Ye Jing who had remained stone, “She is alright but she is in no mood to talk.”

There was a soft heave of relief, “That is good…are you well Yuqin? I mean Yuqing.”

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly, “I’m alright. I didn’t lose an arm or a leg. I have a few requests. I wonder if the Heaveness can accede to my requests?”

The Heaveness said, “Feel free to say.”

Fan Yuqing inhaled deeply before saying, “Can you check if Tie Nansen is alive?”

The Heaveness replied, “Give me a short while.”

It was really a short while before the Heaveness said, “Yes, he is alive. It seems that he has holed up in cave and preparing to wait out for the trial to end. He seems to be seriously injured.”

Fan Yuqing muttered, “Mu Huiyin will be pleased to hear of this news.”

Then she said, “I like to exit the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Can it be done?”

The Heaveness replied, “I can open a portal for you but are you sure about it?”

Fan Yuqing replied, “I wish to leave this sad place…”

Ye Jing had suddenly interrupted, “I want to leave this sad place as well. Please…”

The Heaveness had heard Ye Jing and she asked with some concern, “Ye Jing, are you alright? What happens to the both of you? This sad place?” She was suddenly gasping, “Don’t tell me that the two of you have been brutalized…”

Fan Yuqing really did not know whether to laugh or cry as she quickly interrupted, “It isn’t what you think and we didn’t lose our chastity or anything.”

There was a soft sigh of relief on the Heaveness end as she muttered, “You didn’t say clearly. That is why I have misunderstood.”

Ye Jing asked Fan Yuqing, “Where are you going after you have left the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “I will like to visit this Willow Winds Manor that Dongfang Jun seems to be cherishing dearly. Can you take me there?”

Ye Jing nodded, “Yu’Er will be able to take us there.”

Then she said quietly, “I will also like to go there too and mourned for him till the end of the trial.”

Fan Yuqing took a look at Ye Jing, “Then let’s us do the same for him.”

As Ye Jing nodded, Fan Yuqing asked again. “What about Xiaofang and the rest?”

She replied, “It is best that they meditate at the wall. It is more beneficial for them to do so. They may gain valuable insights.”

Fan Yuqing looked at her, “So junior sister, how many more secrets have you been hiding from me?”

Ye Jing returned a weak glance at her, “Hmph, who is the junior sister?”

“You are…”

“Am not…”

“Why don’t you die again?…”

“Heh…fat chance…”

Ye Jing was suddenly chuckling, “Alright I do have one more secret to say. Sooner or later, you will know anyway so I may as well tell you now. I am with child now. I intend to give Xiaofang a big surprise.”

Fan Yuqing was moaning mad, “You’re not exiting the trial to mourn for Dongfang Jun, am I right? You are just trying to save yourself from the embarrassment of giving birth in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. I told you not to play with fire and now you are in a fine fix.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “When did you ask me not to play with fire. You only warn me after the fire had started…”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing chuckled, “So do you want to become the god-mother to my baby?”

Fan Yuqing smiled indifferently, “Only if you acknowledge me as your senior sister, my dear junior sister.”

Suddenly Ye Jing was solemn as she quietly asked, “Sister Yuqing, so what are you planning to do after we are done with the mourning?”

Fan Yuqing smiled brightly, “I will find his new soul with the Primordial Heaven Chart. This time round, there won’t be any Shen Zhen or you to mess up my new life with him, got it?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Sounds like you are treating me like your love rival. I am just thankful that you don’t snatch my Xiaofang. After all, your bewitching legs may be too much for him to handle.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing turned solemn and said, “I hope that you will be able to find him one day and when you do, I will surely turn up for your wedding banquet.”

Fan Yuqing gave her a cold smile, “Hmph, honestly I won’t want to invite you lest he remembers you.”

Ye Jing smiled, “You are as mean as ever to me. Then I shall come uninvited.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “When did I ever stop being mean to you?”

“Never!” Ye Jing chuckled.

Fan Yuqing had stood up already, “You sure you want to come with me? You will be missing out on many lost opportunities here.”

Ye Jing smiled, “If I don’t come with you, how are you going to go to the Willow Winds Manor?”

Fan Yuqing smiled mysteriously, “I will always have a way.”

Ye Jing chuckled, “Show me your spatial ring. How many more wondrous treasures and teleportation items do you have?”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Don’t you touch me or I will slap you silly. You are only a master practitioner level here.”

“You know Sister Yuqing, actually I have a way to make a lot of soul stones from the immortals. Do you want to hear about it? We can rip them off. Together, we will be the richest immortals when we have ascended to the immortal realm. However, I will only be willing to share with you if you….you know what I mean…”

“I really don’t know what you mean…”


The Heaveness was suddenly coughing, “About that Ye Jing, I will like to hear. I won’t tell anyone about it. Not even to the Great Goddess Fantian, the Goddess Isa or the other goddesses.”

Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing: …

They had completely forgotten that the transmission array was still active…

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Chapter 163: My Name is Dongfang Jun

Dongfang Jun had suddenly paused and had turned around to face Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing, “Why didn’t you take the opportunity to run?”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “Why should we run from you?”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly and she was trembling, “You are not dead. I am so…glad…”

Dongfang Jun smiled coldly, “I am however glad that I am dead and finally remember who I am.”

Ye Jing smiled and her eyes began to flow, “Who you are is not important. The most important thing is that you are still alive.”

Dongfang Jun muttered, “Maiden Shen Zhen…”

Fan Yuqing looked at Ye Jing, “When did your name become Shen Zhen?”

Ye Jing asked Dongfang Jun, “Do you care to explain why you are not dead? Do you know when you have passed away, I’ve cried for an entire week.”

Dongfang Jun said quietly, “I know. I saw.”

Ye Jing was stunned, “You saw? Then why didn’t you look for me?”

Dongfang Jun nodded slowly, “Because I had awakened from my memories.”

Then he raised his fingers as a burning wisp of fireball appeared in his hands, “I need some time to cultivate back to my former strength. The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is a perfect place for me to regain my strength.”

Fan Yuqing asked quietly as she interrupted him, “You have forgotten about me already?”

Dongfang Jun replied coldly, “We can never be together. It is because we are mortal enemies.”

Fan Yuqing was trembling, “Just because you are a dark immortal and I am the daughter of the gods?”

Dongfang Jun nodded, “Because you are the daughter of the Great God Pangu and he is my mortal enemy who had killed me!”

Fan Yuqing was shocked, “My…father…had killed you?”

Even Ye Jing was startled but she said, “What past is past. It is extremely rare for soul to have memories of their past life. You should not bring up the past.”

Dongfang Jun smirked coldly, “What do you lowly life forms know about my great past? I reign as the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan over the desolate immortals. I was even once the ruler of the immortal realm. Even my heaven eye is at the ninth immortal positioning. I have a lofty existence that you cannot imagine.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly, “You…you are the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan…”

The Great God Pangu had fought a bitter war with the desolate immortals when the Ancient Fortress that was led by the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan invaded the immortal realm 6000 years ago. In that ensuring heavenly battle, the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan was slain by the Great God Pangu and the desolate immortals were shattered through the cosmos.

Dongfang Jun said, “My soul is an immortal soul. I can never truly die for I am one of the greatest immortal. So how can I ever forget my past?”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile, “If you die one more time, maybe you can erase the past.”

Dongfang Jun’s crimson aura had exploded into a fiery phoenix form as the ground beneath them started to burn, “Unfortunately, I really don’t wish to die again.”

Fan Yuqing raised her white flute with trembling fingers, “I will help to end your lofty existence…”

Ye Jing was startled, “Sister Yuqing, are you really going to fight him? He is a good guy…”

Fan Yuqing smiled at her, “Dongfang Jun is a good person and the person that I am in love with. But the Great Lord Xuan Yuan is a tyrant desolate immortal that had killed countless people. To him, we are all lowly life forms. If I don’t stop him before he regains his full strength then a calamity is unavoidable. Moreover, there are countless numbers of desolate immortals that are waiting for his return. This is truly a calamity for the three known realms and even the desolate realm.”

Dongfang Jun said quietly, “Yuqing? So you are the Saintess Yuqing that everyone is talking about. I didn’t know that it is you.” Then he looked at Ye Jing, “Then you are also not the Maiden Shen Zhen that I have known but Maiden Ye Jing?”

Ye Jing nodded, “Yes, that is my real name…”

Dongfang Jun laughed heartily, “So I see. You are also the successor to the Heaveness. I’ve heard that you have been conferred the Nine Celestial Goddess by the gods. Good, good. The two of you are all champions of the gods.”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “Leave her alone. She doesn’t have any martial strength in this place. Your opponent is me and me alone.”

Dongfang Jun had immediately summoned a phoenix sword as crimson flames surrounded, “Against my Annihilating Force, everything will be burned to the ashes.”

Ye Jing gasped as her perception told her that his sword was a saint-step immortal sword, the most powerful class of the immortal swords.

She shouted, “Jian’Er, come out and enshroud me with your sword aura.”

A little girl had suddenly appeared from within her and enveloped Ye Jing with her protective aura against the toxic fumes.

In the meantime, Fan Yuqing was enshrouded in her golden lotus aura and she had opened her heaven eyes to the fifth positioning.

The two of them had leapt on top two columns as their surroundings were quickly surrounded by a sea of burning lava.

Dongfang Jun said quietly, “Yuqin, we have met again…”

Fan Yuqing had a tear in her eyes as she nodded lightly, “Indeed again. But this is not the result that I want…”

Dongfang Jun smiled, “It is also not the result that I want too. To think that we are mortal enemies.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “That is your business with my parents, not mine. To me, you are always the good-for-nothing cultivator that I’ve known.”

Dongfang Jun smiled, “In the past, I’ve always lived under your shadows. Even your two seniors despise me for being good-for-nothing.”

Fan Yuqing said, “But you are not. You are actually the Great God Xuan Yuan.”

Dongfang Jun smiled, “Indeed. You have said all that is on my mind.”

Fan Yuqing said tearfully and her voice was suddenly hoarse, “Even if you are the Great God Xuan Yuan now, you are still the good-for-nothing Dongfang Jun that I’ve known and loved.”

Dongfang Jun smiled, “Thank you…”

All of a sudden he had suddenly leapt backward and into the sea of lava, shocking Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing…

“Yuqin, I know better than anyone else. You want to atone for your parents for me…but I don’t want you to perish…I will perish alone…so be strong and live well…for my sake…one day we will meet again and I will be your good-for-nothing Dongfang Jun…good bye Maiden Shen Zhen and thank you for protecting the Willows Wind Manor…Yuqin I love you…”

Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing had both leapt to the column that Dongfang Jun was and they were weeping out loud…

“Dongfang Jun…” They were both weeping his name.

The Dongfang Jun that they had known was a kind hearted cultivator who had fought for his clan and friends. Even though he had regained his past memories, his memories as Dongfang Jun were not wiped out and he had never forgotten about Fan Yuqin and Shen Zhen.

He had chosen to give up his life because this was the only way for him to forget his lofty existence as the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan for he only wanted to remember the memories of Dongfang Jun.

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Chapter 162: Inside the Turtle Citadel

Ye Jing was the first to reach the entrance of the Turtle Citadel. The entrance was massively and a shimmering blue white portal had blocked the way.

The entrance was ten times taller than she was and she felt so tiny when she was looking up at the massive entrance. “It looks so small from afar…”

She was quickly joined up by Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue, Xiaofang and Mu Huiyin who were right behind her.

Ye Jing muttered, “I wonder what is inside?”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “I am sure that this will be the first time you are visiting this place so there are some things that I must tell you first.”

Everyone had turned around to look at Fan Yuqing curiously…

Fan Yuqing explained, “While we are inside, our cultivation level will be suppressed to that of the master practitioner level. Even though we are mostly saints here, we won’t be much better than any golden celestials or golden supremacies that are in there.”

Ye Jing was shocked as she quickly said, “Then no way I am going inside. It is too dangerous.”

Xuan Danfeng had a look of dread on her countenance as she said, “Those cultivators from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity have no morals and we are all so beautiful.”

Even Feng Minyue had a look of hesitant on her.

Fan Yuqing said with a soft chuckle, “However, I won’t be suppressed by the immortal arrays inside. Therefore all you need to do is to follow me tightly and nothing unduly will happen to you.”

Ye Jing was speechless, “Why won’t the immortal array inside you? This is so unfair.”

Even Mu Huiyin was looking curiously at Fan Yuqing as she muttered, “You are just a peaked great saintess. Why aren’t you affected?”

Fan Yuqing replied coolly, “Although the immortal arrays inside are formidable but it cannot restrict a practitioner of the fifth heaven eyes positioning. Got it?”

Mu Huiyin stared at Fan Yuqing and was shocked, “You…you have already attained the heaven eyes divinity?” She had been spending the last couple of centuries pouring through several mystical cultivation slips as she tried to unravel the heaven eyes divinity but all her attempts had failed.

She had never expected that Fan Yuqing would have actually already attained it and that she was also a high level heaven eyes practitioner too.

Ye Jing quickly said, “I am at the second positioning. Surely the immortal array doesn’t have any effect on me too, am I right?”

Mu Huiyin turned to look at Ye Jing with astonishment as she thought, “Even she has attained the heaven eyes divinity? But isn’t her bone age only around 30?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Too low. The first two positioning is only the mortal positioning. You need to reach the heaven positioning and that is only at the fifth positioning.”

Ye Jing muttered, “This is so unfair…”

Everyone else except Fan Yuqing was looking at Ye Jing with a bitter smile. Ye Jing’s talents and divine luck had already exceeded all of them combined…

All of a sudden Ye Jing could sense that Fan Yuqing was troubled as she whispered, “What is wrong?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Nothing. Let’s go in now.”

Indeed, she was troubled. It was because she could sense the presence of a dark immortal inside the Turtle Citadel. It seemed that she had already found the dark immortal that was detected by the Great Goddess Heaveness and that a fight inside would be inevitable.

Inside the Turtle Citadel, a group of about a hundred cultivators from the various celestial fraternities were meditating in front of a massive wall as they hope for a divine insight and a chance to imprint their names on the wall.

There were fierce rivalries between the cultivators as they compete bitterly against each other to raise their cultivation levels.

This strange wall contained mystic laws of the heavens more advance than anything that they had studied before and the benefits here were more wondrous than any other treasures elsewhere.

One of the cultivators was suddenly roaring with laughter, “I have finally unraveled the heaven eyes positioning! I’m finally a half-step immortal cultivator now.”

Then he had suddenly stepped forward to force his palm on the wall, infusing all his spirit strength on it and suddenly the name of Gongsun Wan had appeared high on the wall.

It was one inch deep!

The higher the name was, the bigger the name and the depth of the inscription were all factors in marking the achievements of the cultivator.

His peers were praising him, “Genius…” while the other cultivators were mostly looking enviously at him.

Gongsun Wan’s name was now among the very top, causing him to look very pleased and haughty.

“Not bad,” A handsome young looking man said. “But it is actually nothing.”

Gongsun Wan smirked coldly, “Oh? Then can you do better?”

He had recognized this handsome young looking man as someone who had come just a month earlier while he had been here for the past three years.

Unlike the other cultivators who began to meditate as soon as they chanced upon the profound inscriptions on the wall, he had only stood on the same spot while he admired the wall. And he had stood on the same spot for the past one month!

The handsome young looking man smiled coldly as he suddenly hit the wall and the entire wall was shaking hard, startling all the cultivators to look into his direction.

And his name had appeared high above Gongsun Wan. Not only was his name twice as big but the imprint of his name Dongfang Jun was as twice as deep on the wall!

This means that his divine insight was far superior to anyone here!

It was at this moment that there was a spatial distortion that had appeared in the surrounding space and a party of five beautiful maidens and a young man had stepped forth into the place.

Many of the cultivators were in awe and full of admiration for the five beautiful cultivators that had suddenly shown up.

“They are from the Nine Celestial Fraternity?”

“Such wondrous beauties…”

“Seem like we have some interesting newcomers…”

But the most surprising was actually Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing as they stammered out at the same time, “Dongfang…Jun…”

Fan Yuqing was trembling and she had almost tripped when she had caught the sight of him. Why was he here? Was he not dead?

Even Ye Jing was stunned when she had seen him…

The handsome young man was equally astonished when he had seen them and he had suddenly turned pale all of a sudden…

Ye Jing muttered, “His eyes are golden now? He is a golden celestial?”

Even Fan Yuqing was startled. It was because the Dongfang Jun that they had known was a good-for-nothing low level cultivator. But this person in front of them was actually a golden celestial or even higher.

The handsome young man looked at Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing as he said calmly, “I’m not Dongfang Jun and I do not know you.”

Gongsun Wan had suddenly smirked coldly as he pointed to the wall in front, “You say that you are not Dongfang Jun? Then what is this name on the wall now?”

On the tall edge of the wall, was the characters ‘Dongfang Jun’.

Fan Yuqing was trembling as she looked at the wall and him, “You…are…really Dongfang Jun?!”

The handsome young man smiled coldly, “I am not. It is just a random name that I’ve used.”

Ye Jing could not resist saying, “You are lying. You are Dongfang Jun. You have the same familiar aura as him…”

The handsome young man: …

Fan Yuqing had stepped forward as she looked at him intently. Her voice was trembling, “You are lying. You are a liar. You are him and you are Dongfang Jun. You don’t remember me anymore? I’m Yuqin…”

Finally he said without any expression, “Yes, I am Dongfang Jun but I am no longer the Dongfang Jun that all of you have known.”

All of a sudden he had raised his crimson aura and immediately dozens of cultivators behind him were sent flying against the walls and across the huge chamber!

All the cultivators were startled!

“His cultivation level isn’t restricted in here?”

“He has merely exhibited his profound aura and we are all thrown back in this manner…”

Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing and the rest of their party had recognized the crimson aura to be the Annihilate Force that they had seen Liang Ni displaying. Could it be that he was actually Liang Ni’s so call master?”

Ye Jing was smiling and she had lowered her glances, “You are really the Dongfang Jun that I’ve known. You can choose to direct the direction of your profound aura against us but you choose not to.”

Dongfang Jun: …

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “Have you forgotten that we are already man and wife?”

This time even Fan Yuqing was startled as she muttered, “How come you’ve never told me?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she stole a glance at Fan Yuqing, “I’ve many secrets…”

Even Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue and Mu Huiyin were looking at Ye Jing with a stunned expression as they thought, “They are bonded in the sacred vows of marriage?”

Only Xiaofang was not surprised because Ye Jing had come clean with him. Moreover they were only man and wife in name only.

Dongfang Jun said coldly, “I can easily kill all of you now.”

Fan Yuqing looked at him, “You…are a dark immortal?”

When she had said that, all the other cultivators were stunned. This seemingly gentle young man was a dark immortal?!

Dongfang Jun had suddenly flashed to the entrance of the second level of the chamber that was at the far end of the chamber. This second level of the chamber was only accessible to those that had gained insight with the mystic wall and had opened their heaven eyes.

He merely said before he disappointed into the second level portal, “Do you dare to follow me?”

Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing had immediately flashed into the portal!

Xiaofang had followed them too but he was repulsed by a rebound force as he tried to enter through the portal.

One of the cultivators smiled weakly, “It is no use. You need to open your heaven eyes before you can enter the second level.”

Gongsun Wan who had just opened his heaven eyes said, “I am not going inside. I am not going to fight against a dark immortal. In fact, I am getting out of here immediately.”

When he had said that, he had taken the chance to exit the Turtle Citadel via another portal at the other end of the chamber.

He was quickly followed by dozens of other cultivators. These cultivators would rather value their lives than throw it away by fighting a dark immortal.

Even if he was not a dark immortal, they were severely handicapped inside the Turtle Citadel as their cultivation level was suppressed to that of the master practitioner level. But if they were outside then it was a totally different story.

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Chapter 161: The Devil Goddess

200 years ago in a dark stormy night…

Mu Huiyin, Liang Ni, Tie Nansen and Qin Tianming had secretly gathered in an underground chamber.

Qin Tianming said as he looked at Mu Huiyin and Tie Nansen, “Let’s be quick about it. The spies of the Devil Goddess are everywhere. What is that you want to discuss with us?”

Mu Huiyin smiled coldly, “Saint Tianming, do you still consider yourself to be a saint? Are you turning into a coward already? Why are you so afraid of the Devil Goddess?”

Qin Tianming hummed coldly, “I am not the only one who is afraid. Even the most powerful patriarch clan of the Nine Celestial Fraternity is afraid to act against her so what can my Spirit Banner Clan do? We should ask our Brother Nansen here to ask the great saints and saintess of the Ancient Ascension Sect to deal with her instead.”

Tie Nansen smiled awkwardly, “We did not dare to disturb our elders who are in seclusion.”

Liang Ni said bitterly, “Ever since the Devil Goddess has appeared 4 years ago, the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity has known no peace. The orthodox righteous clans are afraid of her and are the unorthodox heretic clans. This is really the first time.”

He turned to look at Tie Nansen, “I’ve thought that a few golden celestials and saints have taken punitive actions against her a few weeks ago? Why had they gone so quiet all of a sudden?”

Tie Nansen smiled even more bitterly, “Saint Nanxun has now decided to enter seclusion. We are not to disturb him.”

“What?” Liang Ni, Mu Huiyin and Qin Tianming all exclaimed at the same time. “What happens?”

Qi Tianming asked, “Isn’t he the leader of the punitive expedition against the Devil Goddess?”

Tie Nansen looked at everyone before he sighed heavily, “You mustn’t tell anyone what I’ve told you. The Devil Goddess had thrown him into a pit of shit. My Senior Saint Nanxun had never felt so humiliated in his life before. Ever since he had become a golden celestial, he had never touched such unworldly thing.”

When one has become a golden celestial, there is naturally no need to eat or pass bodily fluids. Even if a golden celestial is to consume food and drink, they can dissipate it as their aura.

Saint Nanxun naturally had not touched shit for hundreds of years.

Qi Tianming, Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni were all speechless.

Mu Huiyin muttered, “Saint Nanxun actually got thrown into a pit of shit. Then what had happened to the rest of the Ancient Ascension Sect’s golden celestials?”

This time Tie Nansen sighed even more heavily, “Their humiliation is not lesser than Saint Nanxun. The male golden celestials are all forced to dance for the Devil Goddess in…women’s clothing while the female golden celestials are stripped naked by the Devil Goddess to admire.”

Mu Huiyin was trembling, “This is too ridiculous…”

Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “It is not only my clan that had suffered such demeaning humiliation. Do you know that even Xuan Danfeng was stripped naked for three days and hung upside down a tree as the Devil Goddess invaded her body?”

Mu Huiyin was stunned, “She is a patriarch leader and yet she is subjected to such humiliation. How is she going to face anyone in the future?”

Tie Nansen smiled bitterly, “Everyone has agreed not to say a word so far.”

Liang Ni smiled, “And yet you are telling us all this.”

Tie Nansen protested weakly, “You are all my best friends. So there is no harm in sharing with you.”

“This Devil Goddess is so atrocious. We must do something against her.” Mu Huiyin said bitterly.

Tie Nansen looked with concern at Mu Huiyin, “Huiyin, the Devil Goddess didn’t do anything to you right?”

Mu Huiyin had a tiny flush on her countenance as she lied, “No, of course not. She is the scourge of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. We are some of the high level celestials around. If we don’t help to get rid of her, how can we claim to be from the righteous orthodox clan?”

She had of course come into confrontation with the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. They had a secret duel in which she had lost badly. Because she had lost, she was forced to kneel under the skirt of the Devil Goddess and had her lingerie taken away. The Devil Goddess was of course not interested in wearing her lingerie but she had instead given to her shadows and said, “This is Mu Huiyin’s lingerie and you may have it.”

Naturally she would never tell anyone about it, including Liang Ni.

No one really knows where the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had come from. One day she had suddenly appeared and surprised many with her astonishing martial skills. At first no one had really treated her seriously because other than mean tricks, she had not really taken any lives. But in a short time, she had suddenly amassed many supporters and shadows that were all willing to do her biddings.

She would come uninvited and started to host a banquet at the clan expenses and her guests were many. In time to come, she merely commanded everyone to attend one banquet after another everywhere in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Many of the affected celestials were forced to travel up and down, barely had time for their own cultivation. The entire celestial fraternity was like her playground.

The patriarch clans and many of the celestial clans did try to stop her but she was too formidable and had no hideout where they could find her easily.

She was a threat that no one knew how to deal with. Her motives were not to rule or control any clan hence it made everyone confused. But her decrees were laws. Anyone that refused to attend her banquet was paid a visit and humiliated.

Her actions were totally bizarre and although there were many punitive actions against her, none had succeeded.

At the same time her actions were not enough to call the many high level celestials of the patriarch clans to end their seclusion to deal with her. Other than forcing everyone to attend her banquets, no one really lost an arm or a leg except for the heretic clans in which she seemed to have a vengeance against.

Some of the patriarch celestials were even glad that there was someone who was actively dealing and messing up with the dark celestials from the other three celestial domains.

Of course, there were also many high level celestials that had ended their seclusions to deal with her. But they had strangely quickly returned to their seclusion and pretending that nothing had ever happened.

They had probably suffered some humiliating experiences that they did not want to talk about or to let their juniors know.

Qin Tianming suddenly said, “We may have an opportunity soon to deal with the Devil Goddess.”

Everyone was looking at him with a startled expression.

Mu Huiyin asked with a soft smile, “Are you sure? I’ve heard that she can even fight off ten saints on her own and escaped unscathed before visiting them one by one to enact her vengeance. If we don’t succeed at the first opportunity then we are asking for troubles.”

Qin Tianming had a mysterious smile, “She is dueling with this Celestial Yuehua in a couple of days. We can strike her down if she is injured.”

Mu Huiyin was a little disappointed, “Even an intermediate saintess like myself can’t handle her, you are telling me that a mere golden celestial can handle her? What is her name again? Yuehua? I’ve never heard of her.”

Qin Tianming laughed, “Even though she is a mere golden celestial but she had actually defeated me a couple of weeks ago.”

“What?!” Everyone was startled and they were staring at him in disbelief.

Qin Tianming’s swordplay was extremely formidable. Even a great saint may find it hard to weather his sword strokes.

Mu Huiyin stammered, “She is this formidable?”

Qin Tianming nodded and said, “Not only is she extremely formidable, the mysterious man that is with her is equally formidable.”

Mu Huiyin asked, “What is that mysterious man?”

Qin Tianming smiled, “No idea. That is why he is the mysterious man. Probably her partner. They seem to be extremely intimate with each other. Throughout the duel, he had never made a move or pay any attention to the duel. It was as though he knew that I would be losing.”

Back to the present, Mu Huiyin had turned to look intently at Fan Yuqing. “That day, are you the one that had thrown poop on my bed?”

Fan Yuqing had a faint smile, “It is only a small payback for forcing me to jump down the cliff to the desolate mists below.”

Mu Huiyin said quietly, “So you are really the Devil Goddess. So what are you waiting for now? I guessing that you must have suffered greatly from that point onward. No wonder you have disappeared for over two centuries.”

Fan Yuqing sad coldly, “Indeed. Because of you and your group of friends, I’ve wasted two centuries of my most beautiful life. I was only 22 when I was left for dead while you got to enjoy two centuries more of your blissful life.”

Mu Huiyin trembled as she glanced at her. She had almost forgotten that the Saintess Yuqing was only about 240 years of age. How did she become a great saintess at the age of 22?!

That was the reason why she had discount the possibility that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess because she was too young.

To think the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity was once played around her finger tips by a 22 year old brat?

She was unlucky enough to encounter Celestial Yuehua and got injured. Then who was this Celestial Yuehua and what was her background?

She shook off those thoughts because it was all meaningless now. Knowing the mean nature of the Devil Goddess, she would never let her off. Moreover, she was determined to die with dignity and never be humiliated by her again.

She already had that resolve on that day she had decided to fight the Devil Goddess. Because she had that resolve, later after she had defeated the Devil Goddess, she had even overcome her lightning tribulation to become a great saintess.

But instead of a sword, Fan Yuqing had suddenly extended her hand to her with a smile. “Are you planning to sit on the ground all the time? Why don’t you join us as we explore the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? You will be safer with us than alone. After all, this is the 3rd level and it has considerable difficulties.”

Mu Huiyin looked at her tender hand for a while before she took her hand, “You are not going to take your vengeance on me?”

Fan Yuqing laughed as she took a glance at Xiaofang, “You’re not the one that has caused me to be seriously injured in the first place. That honor goes to Celestial Yuehua. Moreover, I was young back then and I guess that I’ve really gone overboard a couple of times. So we are quits now.”

Mu Huiyin asked quietly, “You are not afraid that I will let the entire fraternity knows that you are the Devil Goddess?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Do whatever you want. I am unconcerned.”

Mu Huiyin smiled faintly, “It really doesn’t matter anymore…”

Although Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess in the past but her status had changed now. She was now the god-daughter of the Great Saintess Ziyue and come to think of that, no one would really bother with her over the humiliating antics that she had done two centuries ago. Or rather, no one would want to wash their dirty laundry and tell the entire fraternity what the Devil Goddess had done to them in the past.

Moreover she was a Great Saintess and there were many realistic celestials who did not want to make a foe out of a great saintess unless they had no other choices.

In additional, the Saintess Yuqing seemed to have three other saintess sisters that were on her side, including one Nine Celestial Goddess who was now the acknowledged number one heroine of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. The Nine Celestial Goddess had given up her life to save the entire fraternity from the dark descendant and it was also an undisputed fact that the Saintess Yuqing had saved many from the Devil Isle.

There was a saying; if you can’t beat then join them.

All of a sudden Mu Huiyin found that it was not just Fan Yuqing’s hand that was lifting her up but Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were also lifting her up with welcoming smiles.

Ye Jing was smiling to her warmly, “We are all on the same side. Welcome to the party.”

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Chapter 160: The Mystic Stratosphere Skill

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly as she looked coldly at Liang Ni, “It seems that you have attained to the second positioning of the heaven eyes. You are really a half-step immortal cultivator now.”

Liang Ni smiled as the blazing suffocating of his aura enshrouded the vicinity, “Indeed.”

Fan Yuqing continued calmly, “However, you are not a great saint yet and had not undergone the cleansing tribulation of the lightning tribulation.”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “It doesn’t matter. My strength is already greater than any of the great saints.”

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “Although you are given an insight of the immortal practice but you are merely a half-step immortal cultivator and not a real half-step immortal. To be an immortal means you must complete the lightning tribulation and the great saint ascension. I am afraid that you can’t advance beyond the second positioning. After all, the first two positioning is known as the mortal positioning and is only considered to be the most basic.”

Liang Ni asked her suspiciously, “How did you know so much?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly as her forehead began to glow, “That’s because I have already attained to the fifth positioning, the lesser heavens positioning.”

Liang Ni was a little startled, “You have attained to the fifth positioning? Impossible…”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “You’ve better believe it. Also your Annihilate Force seems to be only at the 3rd level?”

Liang Ni was startled, “How do you know? I have totally mastered this skill now.”

Fan Yuqing said, “Is that so? Then you may not know that there are a total of nine levels to this divine skill but it seems that your master has only given you limited knowledge of it. To say that you have mastered it is actually still a far cry from it.”

Liang Ni: …

But he quickly composed himself and said, “Hmph! Do you think that you can shake me by saying so? Even this 3rd level is enough to make me invincible. In the future, there are many opportunities for my master to impart to me more divine skills. Therefore I am not worried at all. As for you, you should be the one that ought to be anxious now for I am going…”

He was smiling gleefully. It was obvious what he was going to do.

Mu Huiyin gasped out, “Saintess Yuqing, be careful of his heretic aura. It can burn through our saint aura.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly as she took a glance at Mu Huiyin with a silent gratitude before she lifted her skirt with her left hand to display a combat stance.

Liang Ni curled an evil smile as he noticed the silt that opened up her beautiful slim leg all the way up to her thigh. She really had lovely legs and he was having a good bird eye view of it. He was bulging now and to think that this would actually be this lucky day that he would be obtaining this goddess that he had been coveting for ages into his embrace. He would definitely show her an experience that she would never forget and after that, she would be begging for his presence every day.

Fan Yuqing was enticing to all the men and women that saw her countenance. It was not because she was extremely beautiful but because everyone was drawn to her lofty existence as a half-divine being. It was the same reason why the celestials had been drawn to and was seeking immortality.

Liang Ni was not an exception of course but he was planning to do more than just glancing at her. The thought of copulating with her made him excited. He was planning to copulate with her for the next three days and nights, totally ravaging her and making her his own sexual slave.

As he glanced over to the three other saintess, he was already entertaining lofty thoughts of them together with Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin stripped naked around him as they pleasured him and begging him for his favors.

Having five saintess to provide him daily with their primordial yin, this was something that was unprecedented and he could easily be the most powerful celestial in the entire celestial realm. Perhaps even his so call master would not be his match. Or else why did he need his help for?

“You really have a dark soul…” Fan Yuqing said coolly as she suddenly lifted her palm and struck Liang Ni with a tremendous thunderclap on his forehead as a brilliant burst of light exploded from the other end of his head.

Seizing upon Liang Ni’s brief distraction, she had suddenly attacked with her secret divine skill the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill. This divine skill was an immortal skill that was only usable if her heaven eyes were opened.

Fan Yuqing said ruefully even as Liang Ni had suddenly fallen down dead, “I really don’t know what you are thinking in your head when we are supposed to be dueling. You seem to have forgotten that you are fighting an opponent with the fifth positioning and yet you are dreaming away. This momentary distraction has cost you dearly. May your dark soul perish and never to reincarnate.”

It was not without reason that she had mentioned his dark soul. While Ye Jing could sense energy with her bloodline ability, Fan Yuqing’s also had her unique bloodline and that was to see the souls of the others. That was also one of the main reasons why she had only killed those with disturbing dark souls.

Ye Jing was startled as she looked at the scene, “This is over already? Where is the epic fight? And what is this skill that Sister Yuqing is using? I’ve never seen it before…”

Fan Yuqing had heard Ye Jing and she was smiling gleefully to herself, “Ye Jing, even though you have inherited the divine skills of the other goddesses but this Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill is the inheritance skill of the Great Goddess Alice. Since young, I was trained under her personal guidance. I can be said to be her personal disciple. If you think you’re catching up to me, dream on!”

At the same time she had disrobed her cloak to wrap over Mu Huiyin but Mu Huiyin had suddenly slapped her hands away as she said coldly, “Saintess Yuqing! I know who you are now. You’re the Devil Goddess, am I right?”

It was because when Fan Yuqing had struck at Liang Ni, Mu Huiyin had remembered seeing the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill before.

At that time, Mu Huiyin, Liang Ni, Tie Nansen and Qin Tianming had cornered her. Despite her serious injuries, she had a sudden burst of strength as she severely injured everyone with a burst of brilliant light that seemed to have condensed all the might of her spiritual force into a deadly outburst of unstoppable energies.

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “So you have managed to recognize me after all, my dear Mu Huiyin. Have you forgotten how you have forced me down the desolate mists two centuries ago?”

Mu Huiyin returned a cold stare at her, “I am surprised that you are still alive. I was wondering why you have not turned up at the Unmoving Mountains. It seems that you are in our midst all along.”

Then she took a glance at the other three maidens who were behind her, “So they are your shadows? Your dark influence is indeed deep. Even the Nine Celestial Goddess is on your side.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Now that you have exposed me, are you not afraid that I will silence you?”

Mu Huiyin lowered her glances as she said melancholy, “Do whatever you want with me. My heart is already dead when Tie Nansen is dead. Therefore I am not afraid of you. I am never afraid of you.”

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Chapter 159: Mu Huiyin In Trouble

An extraordinary maiden was speeding across the mountains in a dire strait. She had set her sight on the Turtle Citadel that was on the horizon. In that place, there could be other cultivators that she could seek help from…

Her clothing was in tatters and she had been fleeing from a monster. She had already used up all her spirit stones as she set up one concealment array after another in order to flee from this monster but it was in futile. It was because this ‘monster’ had known her only too well.

This extraordinary maiden was actually Mu Huiyin and she was a great saintess. She was fleeing from Liang Ni. Although Liang Ni was only a saint at the initial level but after he had attained the sacred saint level, his martial strength had exceeded what she could handle. Moreover, Liang Ni knew all her martial moves only too well. They were master and disciple in the past after all.

Saint Tie Nansen who had accompanied her into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had fallen into the mountain gorge while trying to protect her against Liang Ni.

Three more hours!

If she could continue to evade him for another three more hours then she would be able to reach the Turtle Citadel and would be saved!

However a wicked laughter was heard from behind her, “With your feeble strength, do you think that you can reach that place to seek help? You can’t even run properly anymore.”

It was Liang Ni and he had appeared from behind her as he seized from her neck.

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Let…go of me…you monster…have you forgotten that I was your master…”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed her trembling body, “Was my master. You should have realized today consequences long ago. After you had dropped me, you have found another man so readily. Aren’t you shameless?”

Mu Huiyin spat, “Nansen is a good man. You have also known him for so many years yet you are so ruthless as to kill him. You are a monster! Even if I were to die, the Ancient Ascension Sect will never spare you!”

Liang Ni laughed as he tore her dress off, “And who will be there to tell the Ancient Ascension Sect that I have killed their sect leader? It is not uncommon to perish inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Mu Huiyin screamed, “Don’t you touch me! You’re such a monster!”

Liang Ni mocked her coldly, “Have you forgotten how many times I have bedded you already? It is almost daily for the past five hundred years! Now you are claiming that I am a monster? Do you think you are still a chaste maiden? Once I have re-ignited your passions, you will bend down before me as before.”

Mu Huiyin gasped as Liang Ni’s hands tightened around her throat, “Never. Kill me…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “You shouldn’t have cast me off just like this. If I have known that you will treat me so coldly and fly to Tie Nansen’s embrace like a cheap whore, I should have drained all your primordial yin long ago. Instead I’ve cherished you, taking care only to take a little each time.”

Mu Huiyin was startled as she stared blankly at him, “You…are actually practicing the unorthodox practices to obtain my primordial yin?”

She smiled bitterly and there were tears flowing down her cheeks, “You have already benefited greatly by absorbing my primordial yin without any unorthodox practice. Why do you want to practice the unorthodox practices to harm me?”

Liang Ni smiled coldly, “Don’t be ridiculous. Who doesn’t want to be a saint? Who doesn’t want to ascend as an immortal? I am now more powerful than you can ever imagine thanks to my new master.”

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Your master…must be an evil and despicable man. If you still regard me as your former master, you should cripple your cultivation core and beg for my forgiveness…”

Liang Ni laughed coldly as he reached his hands into her clothing, “Heroine Mu Huiyin, until now you are still dreaming. Today I will drain all your primordial yin. The primordial yin of a great saintess will be a great nourishment to my cultivation. I won’t let you die so easily though…”

“Let her go.” An alluring voice floated down to them.

Liang Ni was startled. With his perception, he was not able to tell that someone had arrived? And this voice was really familiar.

He looked up to see an alluring maiden in white standing on the ridge. She had a curtain veil around her head but her face was clearly visible. She was none other than Fan Yuqing!

Even Mu Huiyin was startled that to see her one time rival here.

Liang Ni was startled, “Saintess Yuqing, hear my explanations…”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Are you trying to tell me that Saintess Mu is the one that is molesting you and seducing you?”

Just as Liang Ni was about to protest his innocence, he was startled to see that three more beautiful maidens and one man had appeared behind Fan Yuqing.

He cursed angrily for he had recognized Xiaofang who was the man that had fatally injured him and almost killed him.

As for the three other maidens, he had recognized two of them. They were Feng Minyue, the number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and Xuan Danfeng, the former number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. As for the unknown maiden, she was extremely beautiful and had an air of charm around her.

Although he did not know that she was Ye Jing, he could gauge that she was a saintess as well.

All four of the maidens and Mu Huiyin were the most beautiful maidens of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, having their own charms and beauty.

Liang Ni was suddenly laughing, “It seems that I am in luck today. With five saintess for me to trample upon, I will soon be an immortal. You can all choose to join my harem or be completely drained by me.”

He was looking lustfully at Xuan Danfeng who was trembling lightly. He could think remember how sensual she was that evening when he had torn off her clothing.

Xiaofang was aroused to anger and he had his immortal sword materialized on his right hand, ready to strike at him.

But Fan Yuqing raised her right hand in front of him to stop him as she continued to look coldly at Liang Ni, “I have heard from my sisters how despicable you are. At first I don’t believe it till I have seen it with my own eyes today.”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed Mu Huiyin in front of them, “Even a great saintess like Mu Huiyin isn’t my match so what can you do with me? Or you are actually wishing that you are in her place?”

Mu Huiyin gasped, “Saintess Yuqing, Saintess Danfeng, Saintess Minyue…hurry and run. You’re not his match…”

All of a sudden she seemed to have remembered who Ye Jing was. Was she not the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing who had perished eight years ago? Why was she alive and why was she here?

Ye Jing said to Fan Yuqing, “We should take him down together. I have never seen such a shameless man before!”

Fan Yuqing shook her head as she jumped and landed lightly in front of Liang Ni, “No, I will handle him myself.”

In that instant, everyone could sense that Fan Yuqing’s aura had turned extremely cold and her alluring aura had suddenly dissipated.

Feng Minyue was startled as she thought, “This is the aura of the Devil Goddess…”

Even Mu Huiyin was startled, “This is…”

She said to Liang Ni, “There are many ways to die and I will make sure that you will die horribly.”

Liang Ni was still smiling at her, “And I will make sure that I have many ways to make you submissive to me.”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had attacked Liang Ni with her fingers and her white flute but it was like hitting an iron wall as her attacks bounced off.

Liang Ni laughed coldly as a blazing flare appeared on his forehead, “You don’t get it, do you? Even if you are a great saintess, you are still no match for me for I’m already a half-step immortal.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as she took three steps back, “You have opened your Heaven Eyes? How is it possible?!”

Liang Ni grinned, “It is all thanks to my immortal master.”

Fan Yuqing asked coldly, “Who is your immortal master?”

Liang Ni had suddenly thrown Mu Huiyin aside and he had flown toward Fan Yuqing, “You can ask me again when you are in my bed…”

In that instant Liang Ni had threw an explosive punch at Fan Yuqing who raised both her hands to block the attack.

There was a thunderous clap as Fan Yuqing was sent skidding seven steps after she had parried his attack just in the nick of time.

Fan Yuqing was startled as she turned pale. Liang Ni was not joking that he was now a half-step immortal. Previously she had already known that Liang Ni had practiced the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials and in the past, most of her unarmed attacks would not be able to scratch him.

But she forced through a smile, “Do you have to be so serious when you’re handling me?”

Liang Ni laughed heartily, “Against Saintess Yuqing who is Mu Huiyin’s equal, I’ve to be serious.”

Ye Jing had already unsheathed her immortal sword when Feng Minyue gently held her hand as she gently shook her head, “Let’s wait a little longer first. Have you forgotten what Sister Yuqing said earlier?”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes. It was obvious to her that Liang Ni’s martial strength was stronger than Fan Yuqing…

Earlier, Fan Yuqing had warned them before they arrived here that they should allow her to check on Liang Ni first. It was because it was impossible for Saintess Mu Huiyin to be forced to a corner by him. Therefore this Liang Ni must have a secret card.

All of a sudden there was a spatial distortion that was around them as the ground was trembling from where Liang Ni was standing as he smiled coldly, “Saintess Yuqing, I don’t want to hurt you. I know that you have a powerful artefact core to aid you but I am totally different from where I used to be. My master has imparted to me an immortal martial skill. This immortal martial skill is ten times stronger than my Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. Why do you think that with Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin combined, they are unable to defeat me? Even if all of you are to attack me together, you are just like an ant to me.”

Fan Yuqing had turned pale as she muttered, “This immortal martial skill is the…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “The name of my immortal martial skill is the Annihilating Force.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as her thin lips trembled, “You are with the dark immortals?”

The Annihilating Force belonged to one of the most powerful desolate immortals who style himself as the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan.

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Chapter 158: The Turtle Citadel

After entering the blue shimmering portal, they found themselves surrounded by green hills and meadows. The new place looked serene and there was not a single desolate beast that could be seen.

Above them were dozens of massive floating island. Compared to the hundreds of floating islands on the second floor, this was considered to be so much less.

Ye Jing was a little surprised by the serene surrounding as she looked at Xuan Danfeng and Fan Yuqing.

“This looks like the perfect place for meditation and to have a breakthrough.” She pointed out.

Xuan Danfeng was equally perplexed too as she smiled, “Don’t look at me like this. I’ve never been to the third level before.”

Fan Yuqing seemed to be divining with her fingers rapidly as she looked at her surroundings, not bothering with them.

Feng Minyue said, “I do agree with Sister Jing. This is a perfect meditation place. It seems that we are quite lucky to land here.”

Xiaofang was hopping around the vicinity to scout but his gentle voice could be heard saying, “It seems that we are alone here in these parts. We seem to be in a conclave that is surrounded by the mountains. While we are safe here but unless we are able find a way out of these mountains, we will be trapped here.”

Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing had quickly displayed their swiftness movement to join Xiaofang as they looked around their vicinity. It was exactly what Xiaofang had said to them.

Feng Minyue was left alone with Fan Yuqing. She looked at her curiously and asked, “Sister Yuqing, what are you divining?”

Fan Yuqing had a faint smile as she looked around her, “It seems that we are around the vicinity of the Turtle Citadel.”

Feng Minyue asked curiously, “Turtle Citadel? What is this place?”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was shouting to them, “Look what we have seen. You’ll be surprised. We actually saw a mountain that is shaped like a turtle and on top of the turtle, is a tree. Well, it is only half a tree…”

Fan Yuqing smiled at Feng Minyue, “That is the Turtle Citadel.”

She extended her hands to hold Feng Minyue’s hand as they flashed to where Ye Jing was.

Ye Jing really had sharp ears as she looked curiously at Fan Yuqing, “What this Turtle Citadel that you are talking about?”

Overlooking the mountains was an outstanding mountain that was shaped like a giant turtle and on top of the mountain seemed to be the root of a gigantic fallen tree. There were no tree branches for it was like the tree had been cut cleanly into half at the bottom. But even the half remaining root stood hundreds of meters in height. It was difficult to imagine how high this gigantic tree would be if it was not chopped.

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I guess that we will be paying that monument a visit then?”

Ye Jing chuckled, “I’m more intrigued by what Sister Yuqing knows about that place.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “It is only a myth that I had heard. It was said that when the cosmos was young, the creation turtle was the first of all the creations. On its back, it carried the divine tree of the tree of life. As the creation turtle grew, so did the divine tree till it spanned the entire cosmos. The fruits of the divine tree eventually became the suns of the cosmos. But the divine tree grew at the expense of the creation turtle and this eventually caused the creation turtle to die. When the creation turtle died, it created a great void where it was the center of all the cosmos.”

Ye Jing muttered, “Poor creation turtle. But what happens to the divine tree then? Why is it chopped in half?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “It also died as well for it could not live without the creation turtle. They were originally one body. What you see is the withered form of the divine tree.”

Ye Jing looked at the Turtle Citadel and blinked her eyes, “For something that spanned the entire cosmos, this Turtle Citadel looks a little too small.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “That is because this is only a monument of the mythical creation turtle and the divine tree. The story may not be real. It is something the Great Goddess Alice told me when I was a child.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “You even know the Great Goddess Alice?”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly, “Right. We are actually quite close.”

Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue: …

Ye Jing asked, “Who is this Great Goddess Alice?”

Ye Jing really had poor knowledge in her celestial lore and had no idea who the Great Goddess Alice was.

Xiaofang was smiling weakly too because he had no idea as well. He was finding their conversation quite interesting. He knew that Ye Jing would ask anyway. Although her celestial lore was lacking but when it suited the situation, she would surely ask until there were no stones that were being left unturned.

Xuan Danfeng felt like giving Ye Jing a kick, “The Great Goddess Alice is one of the most powerful goddess in the immortal realm.”

Ye Jing chuckled, “Surely she can’t be more powerful than my Celestial Teacher the Heaveness and the Great Goddess Isa, am I right?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly as she heaved a soft sigh, “She actually is more powerful than them. You should really study your celestial lore more thoroughly. How did you get selected by the immortals to be their champion, I am so curious about it. You basically know nothing about them.”

Ye Jing: …

“Huh?” Ye Jing muttered, “Are you serious? You are not pulling my leg? How can anyone be more powerful than the Great Goddess Isa? She is the ruler of the Celestial Realm.”

Fan Yuqing was shaking her head too as she took over from Xuan Danfeng, “The Great Goddess Alice is the ex-ruler of the immortal realm. She actually ruled over the immortals in the past.”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes, “Really?”

Then Fan Yuqing whispered, “Don’t tell the Great Goddess Isa that I told you this but the Great Goddess Alice had frequently beaten the Great Goddess Isa in the past.”

Ye Jing muttered weakly, “She is so formidable? I wonder what her level of divinity in the Immortal Positioning.”

“And your Celestial Teacher, the Great Goddess Heaveness…” Fan Yuqing smiled, “Is actually weaker than the two of them.”

Ye Jing looked at Fan Yuqing with disbelief, “This can’t be right? My Celestial Teacher Heaveness is the successor of the Great Goddess Fantian. Exactly who is the stronger of the two? The Great Goddess Fantian or the Great Goddess Alice?”

Fan Yuqing growled softly, “I’m not going to answer you. Why don’t you go and ask them yourself?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “As if I am able to ask them. You are so lame.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled, “You can ask the Great Goddess Isa or your Celestial Teacher, am I right? But didn’t say I didn’t warn you. The minute you ask them, you may be courting your own death.”

Ye Jing asked bitterly, “Why so?”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “They are extremely envious of her. If you ask them out of the blue like that, they may suspect that you are with the company of the Great Goddess Alice. The wraths of the great goddesses are not to be underestimated.”

Ye Jing gave a bitter smile, “It seems that the rivalries among the immortals are…so fierce.”

Xuan Danfeng had a weird expression as she looked at Fan Yuqing. She began to mutter, “My dear Sister Saintess Yuqing, I really did not know that you know even the Great Goddess Alice as well…”

Even Feng Minyue was startled by the revelation. It was because the Great Goddess Alice was not just the ex-ruler of the immortal realm, she was also the supreme great goddess of the Three Known Realms. Before the ascension of the Great God Yi Ping as the Great God Pangu, she was already the de facto immortal ruler of the Three Known Realms.

Ye Jing saw that they were looking at her with a look of disbelief and she quickly tried to distract them by asking, “So, this Turtle Citadel, do we get any fortuitous encounters inside?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Plenty. We may be able to obtain some cultivation insights even if we are not able to obtain some wondrous treasures. Problem is…” She paused with a weak smile before continuing, “We are not the only ones that will be in that place.”

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were startled.

Ye Jing asked, “There are others that are here?”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “If there are other cultivators that are in this place, it won’t take them too long to find this serene place. Moreover they are eight years ahead of us.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded and said with a weak smile, “And moreover there are cultivators from the other celestial fraternities that are competing for the same wondrous treasures as well.”

Nodding in agreement with Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue said. “The presence of this Turtle Citadel seems to suppress the desolate aura of this place, hence it looks unusual serene. However, it is also a tell-tale sign to the other cultivators that a monument such as this exists in the mountains. Therefore, it is not surprising that there may be others who are here already, given that they had a eight year head start over us.”

Ye Jing panicky said, “Then what are we waiting for? We should hurry.” She had displayed her movement skill and had flashed toward the direction of the Turtle Citadel.

She was quickly followed by Xiaofang, Fan Yuqing and the rest.

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