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Chapter 13: Living Dead Man and Dead Living Man

Zhan Bai had chased the old man that was riding a donkey for forty to fifty miles before he lost sight of him.

But a miraculous thing happened. Although the old man had disappeared, he found his ‘Heartless Sword’ thrust on a pine tree.

Zhan Bai almost could not believed his very own eyes. How could such a strange thing happen in this world? The sword that he had lost, would actually be found on the top of the tree, waiting for him to retrieve?

But that was the truth that his eyes had seen – The golden edge of the scabbard, the green scale fish leather scabbard! The Heartless Sword was in indeed hanging right here!

Zhan Bai thought he had developed a blurry vision. He thought because of his constant longing for this sword caused him to develop hallucinations. So he rubbed his eyes and lifted his head again and saw that the Heartless Precious Sword was still hanging up there.

One month or so ago, [Cruel Hand Midget] had stolen Zhan Bai’s sword and his small sack and even thrown the contents away.

The distance between the sword and him was four yards but because he was trying to verify if the sword was real, he had no time to think and jumped up to retrieve the sword.

Actually he had not paused to consider that the height was too high. So when he had jumped and caught the sword, he was surprised and exclaimed. “What excellent swiftness movement skill!” As he praised himself, astonished that his lightness feat had suddenly improved by so much.

But as he landed, there was a shout behind him that startled him.

The sword that was now in Zhan Bai’s hand had twice been stolen away from him. The experience scarred him badly. Therefore thinking again, that he would be so unlucky as to lose his sword once more, he got a big fright much like a bird that was being fired upon by an arrow.

Quickly, he turned around and drawn his sword, displaying a stance, ‘Fending in Eight Directions in the Dark’ as soon as he turned around, sending a blink of light as he unsheathed his sword. Next he looked at what had occurred.

Goose pimples broke out.

For standing behind him were two strange men in white hemp cloth and both of them were looking idiocy at him with their pale white faces that did not even have any hint of any blood.

These two weird men had suddenly appeared behind him without a single sound like a spectral. Moreover these two weird men carried a ghastly aura. What was more, with their appearance, even the forest of pine woods suddenly became eerie.

Although it was now a beautiful afternoon but Zhan Bai could not help feeling like he was in hell and all his hair was standing.

What was even weirder was that those two men were almost identical whether in appearances or dressing. It was like a person playing the role of two persons.

Just when Zhan Bai was still startled, one of the weird man began to flash his teeth to laugh.

But his laugh was even scarier. His facial expressions did not even tweaked, showing forth his teeth.

As for the another man, he extended forth a hand and eerily shouted. “Hand it over!”

Zhan Bai took a step back and placed his sword in front of his chest. He thought to himself. “No matter what happen this time round, I must not lose my father’s sword again. Even if I have to die, I would not bulge!” As he thought, he said. “I am not acquaintance with the two of you. I do not know what you want me to hand over?”

“Ke!Ke!Ke!…” The two weird men began to laugh aloud, shivering Zhan Bai.

“The first thing you have to do is to hand over the sword!”

“The second thing you have to do is to hand over your life. But I think it is wiser for you to hand over the sword first, or else after you have died, fancy a old man like me will have to bend over to pick the sword!”

The tone of the words was filled with arrogance. After Zhan Bai had heard it, he began to furrow deeply and he was now filled with rage. As he had already cast away life and death, he laughed coldly and said. “What a thing to say! Hurry and report your names! I, Zhan Bai, will never tainted my sword with killing nameless ghosts!”

When both of them heard Zhan Bai’s name, they glanced at one another and their expressions suddenly tweaked. And asked at the same time. “What! You are named Zhan too! Is it real?”

“Ridiculous!” Zhan Bai thought. “Will a surname be fake?”

Therefore he exclaimed proudly. “Is it because the two of you have used a fake name, therefore you did not dare to say aloud your names?”

But who would expect that it would cause a distress in their innermost hearts. One of them began to shout. “I am called [Living Dead Man]!”

The another man thundered. “I am called [Dead living Man]!”

The two of them exclaimed at the same time. “We are really nameless and without surnames as well. But if we tell you our real nicknames, it is the time for you to meet your maker!”

Even as the both of them spoke, they had sprang forward and attacked Zhan Bai ferociously with palm and gripping attacks.

Zhan Bai tightened his grip on the hilt and started parrying left and right. After continuously displaying five, six strokes only then did he managed to fend them off.

Even though Zhan Bai had encountered many top pugilist exponents recently but he had never seen such weird strokes that were being displayed by those two weird men. When they attacked, it changed from gradually slow to fast rapid attacks. When they extended out their palms and fingers, it suddenly became as fast as a fast moving hurricane.

And so each time they attacked with a single stance, Zhan Bai was forced to parry with another three to five stances. Therefore when they attacked with two to three stances, he found himself in a frenzied state.

At that moment of time, Zhan Bai totally lost his state of calmness when he was facing the [One leg Flying Heretic]. It was because even though the [One leg Flying Heretic] strokes may be very fast, but there were still some breathing spaces for him to parry. But now, those two weird men when they attacked, they left no thinking time for him to pause and consider.

Zhan Bai martial arts were originally very complex. In the beginning, he had spend more than ten years training in hardship in his martial arts. But a lack of guidance from a Enlightened Master restricted his martial skills to the most ordinary ones.

But then after he had practiced hard the orthodox intricate formulas in the [Sacred Manual], his inner strength tremendously increased. His eyes and ears became sharp and focus, becoming extraordinary in the process and he finally had the potential to practice the higher forms of martial arts.

However, he still could not comprehend all those strange and wondrous sword and unarmed techniques. And then, after quite a few encounters with the top exponents, he managed to grasp a few strokes and stances due purely to a moment’s inspiration. For the gaps in between the strokes, he tried to alleviate by filling it with possible strokes as he fought along.

But now, under the fierce attacks of those two men that were using a weird and wondrous attacking stance that severely crippled Zhan Bai ability to hold his ground as he tried his very best to parry in all directions.

After tens of strokes fly past, Zhan Bai was now parrying more than he could retaliate. His sword could not even aim accurate at them as powerful windforce caused by those two men defrayed the sword.

Zhan Bai was feeling panicky now. Suddenly he started to see white images of them attacking him as they split from two to four, from four to eight, from eight to sixteen, from sixteen to much much more as they started to surround him.

Naturally Zhan Bai understood that the illusions were caused by the two weird men’s illusionary swiftness movement skills. But he did not know which were the actual and which were the illusions. He could only danced his Heartless Precious Sword all around him continuously in a bid to protect himself.

Zhan Bai’s ‘Three Flair Swordplay’ was a most ordinary swordplay but when he had displayed it, sword energy chillingly radiated from it as it thundered like thunder in the thunderstorm. It was like a furious dragon in a maelstrom.

The two weird men were no less startled than Zhan Bai who was equally startled by their martial art skills. It was because very few people could even ten strokes of their collective display of the ‘Trilateral Equilibrium Soul Snatching Palm’.

And Zhan Bai could actually have the ability to fight with them for more than ten strokes and not be defeated!

In a blinking flash, another five, six strokes scurried by.

[Living Dead Man] was patience enough and he was not in a hurry as he attacked Zhan Bai stroke by stroke, stance by stance. [Dead Living Man] however was by natural an impatience man.

After witnessing that Zhan Bai was still undefeated, he suddenly gave a thunderous shout as he executed a stance named ‘Dividing the Mortals’ as he forcefully barged towards and aimed at five of his vulnerable accupoints as he sliced with his left hand and chopped with his right hand.

This stance of his were extraordinary swift and deadly. Zhan Bai was already dazzled by those two weird men that he did not even know where all the incoming strokes were coming from. His only natural reflex was to dance the Heartless Precious Sword around him non stop like a gale, seeking self preservation instead of attempting to hurt his opponents. Therefore when this deadly stance was displayed, he was unaware of it.

He was an exemplar of a blind man riding a blind horse. He did not even know that he had walked into a treacherous road…

However [Living Dead Man] was looking out for Zhan Bai with a hidden agenda and he fended off all the killer strokes executed by the [Dead Living Man]. Just when [Dead Living Man] was about to fly into a temper, [Living Dead Man] snatched the bundle off Zhan Bai’s sword and retreated backwards.

[Dead Living Man] did not know why [Living Dead Man] had suddenly retreated but they had always assaulted and retreated together. So when he saw [Living Dead Man] had back off, he was filled with displeasure and did the same as well.

Zhan Bai suddenly felt as though a heavy pressure had been lifted off him as the illusionary white figures had started to vanish. And he stood rooted to the ground vigilantly with his sword.

Then the two weird men began to open up the bundle and casually took a bundle of hair from it and looked at one another before they finally turned towards Zhan Bai and asked. “What is it?”

However when Zhan Bai had saw them picked out the bundle of hair from inside the bundle, he was furious and stared at them with blood shot eyes.

It was indeed the clues and the items left behind by his father that he had been painstaking seeking all this while!

“Return it to me!” Zhan Bai thundered. “Where did the both of you find it from?”

The two weird men did not expect Zhan Bai to become suddenly so fierce and threw the hair in front of him, coldly said. “You can have it if you want it. This isn’t any good stuff anyway.”

Immediately after they had said that, they took out a thread of silk strings and once again, they looked at one another. They turned and looked at Zhan Bai without expressions to ask. “What is this then?”

“Hurry and return it to me!”

Zhan Bai did not notice that the bundle was snatched from his sword hilt. He only felt strange that how could these two weird men possibly could have his deceased father’s possession? Therefore he became very agitated and shouted continuous. “All the things in that small bundle are mine!”

But the two men ignored the yelling pleas of Zhan Bai and reaching into the bundle and threw a iron pearl and a copper button from inside the bundle at him.

Suddenly the two of them began to dance madly in a hilarious manner, all the while screaming.

Zhan Bai was startled. Why did they suddenly become crazy?

Suddenly the two men caught hold of Zhan Bai by his arms, from two sides and they started to grip him tightly. But Zhan Bai bit his teeth tightly and did not mutter a single sound e even though he was in terrible pain.

How did they catch hold of him so easily? Firstly, he was caught by surprise and did not guarded against them. Secondly, they were simply too fast.

“Is this the Precious Heartless Sword?” [Living Dead Man] asked in a shrieking sorrowful voice as he gripped Zhan Bai’s on his right shoulder.

Zhan Bai tried to resist as he protested. “Let go of me!”

“Are you the descendant of the Great Hero Zhan Yuntian?” Asked the [Dead Living Man] as he asked in an equally sorrowful voice as he gripped him on his left shoulder.

Grieved at the mention of his late father but still Zhan Bai refused to say a word more.

Suddenly the two weird men let go of Zhan Bai and together, they bowed at him. And then, [Living Dead Man] lamented sorrowfully. “Heaven is not blind after all, our benefactor has a heir!”

[Dead Living Man] was lamenting loudly as well. “Heaven is blind, our benefactor have been wronged so unjustly that it can sink to the bottom of the ocean!”

“What else!” [Living Dead Man] clenched the copper coin in his fist tightly. He lamented aloud in terrible grief. “Brother, what do think is this?”

Suddenly, [Dead Living Man] was hollowing even more loudly and his shrieking voice was as though it could shatter rocks and penetrated to the clouds.

“Us two brothers, try as we try, we still cannot find out who killed our benefactor and he had to die in limbo.” [Dead Living Man] seemed to finish lamenting as he sunk his voice painfully to add. “Rather than live in this world to suffer the indignant of not avenging our benefactor that is worse than death, that is why we hide our real names and use the nick of [Living Dead Man] and [Dead Living Man]. But today after witnessing these objects…”

[Dead Living Man] looked even more sorrowful as he pointed at the copper coin that [Living Dead Man] was holding and he was weeping. “Now that we already know who to seek vendetta with but we are unable to avenge for our benefactor. Can we still face anyone in life? Do we still deserve to live in this world?”

“That is right!” [Living Dead Man] too began to lament in great sorrow as he questioned. “My brother! Do we still have anything that deserve to live for in this world?”

As they said, they began to hug one another to weep uncontrollably…

Never did Zhan Bai expect that these two ghastly weird men that radiated such an eerie and cold demeanor, would have such warm heartfelt affection! Moreover, judging from their tone and mannerism, it was quite obvious that they were his father’s friends.

Therefore by now, Zhan Bai had already cast away his dislike and feeling of repulsive for them. Instead, he felt so intimate with them as though it was like his father meeting with his best of friends.

He tried to comfort them by saying. “Do not grieve. There is a saying: It never too late for a gentleman to avenge a wrong even if it were ten years late. As long as the two of you have this heart, not to mention myself but also my late father will be extremely grateful in the underworld!”

It would be better if Zhan Bai did not comfort them for it upset them even more as they hollowed loudly with tears. “What a great shame, how can we face his family! What a great shame, how can we face his family!…”

Suddenly [Living Dead Man] as he lamented began to bang his head headlong into a pine tree.

It was obvious that he was too deeply overcome with grief and was now trying to commit suicide by rushing headlong into a pine tree which width required two men to surround with their hands.

Zhan Bai was too late to [Living Dead Man] and when he tried to hold him back, [Dead Living Man] had rushed into a giant pine tree on the other side!

There were a series of loud crashing sound caused by the two men as they attempted to bang their heads again and again!

Zhan Bai was secretly stunned. The force of these men when they banged into the trees were like thousand weight force.

Seeing that they could not succeed in their suicide, they lamented aloud as they shrieked before finally making their way out of the pine forest in extreme grief.

After Zhan Bai had saw them went afar and after standing on the same spot for some time, did he recovered his thoughts as he thought. “It really so unthinkable that these two ghastly men are actually men of blood and tears!”

“Alas!” Zhan Bai sighed aloud as he thought. “From their tone, it seem that they had already known who killed my father. But why did they say, they can’t avenge for my father…”

When Zhan Bai had thought of that, he suddenly stomped his leg and shouted. “Alas Ah! Why did I forget to ask them…”

“Little rascal! Who did you forget to ask?” Someone replied him from his back. “You are actually talking to yourself!”

Zhan Bai turned around and his blood ran cold for standing right in front of him was the [Cruel Hand Midget].

Zhan Bai furrowed his eyebrows puzzling over the prospect of his luck.

[Cruel Hand Midget] laughed aloud and looked extremely happy as he said. “Little fellow, you seem none too please to meet an old man like me?”

Zhan Bai did not bother to answer him.

“But, who will expect that we can actually encounter one another again! Moreover it is the same place. Little Fellow, can you not say that it is not Heaven’s Will after all?”

Zhan Bai was jolted. He suddenly remembered this was the same place that he had encountered the [The Outrageous Flying Cloud]. It was also the very same place that they had tried to raid his escorts. Recalling all these things that had occurred one month ago, he was crestfallen and a feeling of sadness overwhelmed him!

“Since we have so much fate,” [Cruel Hand Midget] jeered, ignoring Zhan Bai that looked so depressed and said. “Then surrender it now!”

Zhan Bai stumbled backward at his words as he thought. “Not again!” He bitterly said. “Old senior! You have thrown junior’s things away and caused me untold grief. Don’t you feel that is enough already? Now you want to take things from me again! What do you want? I really do not have anything on me…”

[Cruel Hand Midget] giggled and pointed at his Heartless Precious Sword. “I promise this time I do not want your smell stuff anymore! Hand over your sword and let me have a look!”

Zhan Bai was furious and he thought. “Must I be manipulate and let other snatch my things like that?” And he stared at him and said aloud. “Everyone in the Martial Fraternity knows that a pugilist’s weapon is his second life! For an old senior like you to mutter such a thing, don’t you feel ridiculous at all?”

[Cruel Hand Midget] tweaked his face as his jovial expression disappeared and he solemnly said in a deep voice. “I only ask you this. To surrender it? Or not to surrender it?”

Zhan Bai laughed coldly and replied proudly. “Then you have to ask my sword to see if it is in agreement!”

[Cruel Hand Midget]’s eyes were filled with malevolent air. Because Zhan Bai thought that he was about to attack him, he secretly channeled his inner force throughout his body as a precaution.

Suddenly [Cruel Hand Midget] turned panicky as he caught sight of the huge pine trees lying all over in pandemonium. He pointed his finger around and asked. “What is going on around here? How did these trees fall?”

Zhan Bai really felt laudable at himself. He had been so nervous for quite awhile and this [Cruel Hand Midget] suddenly switched his attention and asked about those fallen trees. He thought that this old man was really unreasonable and he did not want to waste anymore time with him.

“Then…” Zhan Bai said. “I plead with old senior to spend some time investigating and to ponder over it! Junior still have other matters to attend to and I take my leave now!” After saying, Zhan Bai turned his head around and walked away.

There was a hum and a shadowy flash as [Cruel Hand Midget] made his way in front of Zhan Bai. He thundered loudly. “Little rascal! Are you thinking of running again? You dare to play punk with me right in front of my very eyes? Then you are asking for trouble!”

Zhan Bai waved his Heartless Precious Sword and coldly replied. “Then, may I ask you for some instructions! I will simply fight and not back off!”

[Cruel Hand Midget] hummed aloud from his nostril as he exclaimed none too please. “Little rascal! You dare to exchange blows with me?”

Zhan Bai straightened his back and answered without hesitating. “I can’t wait in fact to take a look at some of old senior’s epitome strokes!”

[Cruel Hand Midget] looked undecided and his eyes were looking left and right around him…

However Zhan Bai knew that the [Cruel Hand Midget] might be weird but he was actually a very cunning man. Afraid that he might use some sneak attacks on him, he immediately focussed his attention and circulated his inner strength throughout his entire body to ready himself for any attacks.

Suddenly the [Cruel Hand Midget] noticed some words on the ground tens of yards away. And slowly he began to walk towards it as if curiosity got the hand of him. He was heard muttering. “Alas! Who wrote these words on the ground?”

Because the Midget had relaxed his malevolent air, Zhan Bai found himself relaxing from his tight tension as well. He suddenly found himself unable to smile. Even if he were to cry, there would be no tears. Not in the least having the curiosity as the [Cruel Hand Midget], he began to storm out of the surrounding pine woods in broad strides…

At the same time, Zhan Bai hardened his heart and said to himself if the [Cruel Hand Midget] tried to stop him again, he would surely circulated all his internal force and stabbed him in the chest with his sword. Even if this freak were to confuse him and muttered sweet nothings to him, he would never even kindled his eyebrows to ponder…

As soon as his heart was hardened, it became soft again as he walked in strides away. Only this time, the [Cruel Hand Midget] did not try to stop him but he began to read out some words that could barely considered sentence, causing him to pause and turned back!

“The act of avenging thee father…must…gold…be left avenge…do not be rush…Donkey…Gut…”

[Cruel Hand Midget] was heard scolding as he jumped up and down. “It made utterly no sense at all!”

But to Zhan Bai, it made perfect sense as blood rushed to his head and his heart pounded. “Alas ah! Isn’t it obviously the hints of the old man with the donkey? He is trying to tell me who killed my father!”

Zhan Bai rushed back immediately as the [Cruel Hand Midget] began to erase the words by his jumping! But it was too late!

He shouted hilariously. “Old senior! Do not erase all those words!”

Even though he had rushed back as quick as lightning but [Cruel Hand Midget] had totally caused all the words to vanish from the ground!

He looked at Zhan Bai to say, “What is the matter with you, little fellow? Are you the one that wrote all those words on the ground? It really made no sense at all! Didn’t you study at all when you are little? To think you are an adult now!”

How would Zhan Bai still have the mood to argue with him? He only bowed his head low at the ground that just moment ago contained the clues to his father’s death as he exclaimed anxiously. “Old senior! What must you pit yourself against me! Why expended so much efforts on me? Really! It was really…”
Zhan Bai kept scolding ‘Really’ for some time in repetitious not knowing what to say.

But the [Cruel Hand Midget] began to applaud with his hands after witnessing how frustrated Zhan Bai was. He thought that it was the most fun thing that had happened.

“Alas!” Zhan Bai let go of a long sight as he thought. “Why wasted so much time on him. It is better if I stay away from him, the faster the better! Since that old man that rides the donkey has left his sword and words behind for him, surely he is trying to help him secretly. Even though those words are not clear but his father’s killer must surely be at Nanjing (gold can be pronounced Jin). Why don’t he take a trip down to Nanjing? Maybe he can find some clues there…”

As he was thinking, he began to turn back to walk away…

But the [Cruel Hand Midget] suddenly blocked his way and shouted. “Little rascal! If you do leave your sword, don’t even think of leaving here! Do you think you are able to leave on your own?”

Zhan Bai was really pushed to a corner by him and he snapped by executing ‘Sword Finger of the Heavenly South’. He was so angry that he was speechless now and he attacked the [Cruel Hand Midget] who responded by shouting. “Wonderful attack!”

Suddenly [Cruel Hand Midget] swayed aside, avoiding his sword stance and attacked fiercely toward Zhan Bai right wrist with his left hand.

This counter attack was exactly a technique known as the ‘Hand grasping and weapon clenching style’ for unarmed fighter to fight against some one with a weapon in hand. At the same time, his right hand swiftly and fiercely reached out and hit violently at Zhan Bai’s left chest.

Indeed, the [Cruel Hand Midget] was not to be trifled with. In a mere instant, he had countered, counter attacked and his strokes were all secretive and marvelous. It was indeed very extraordinary to behold.

Zhan Bai was taken aback. Even with a sword in his hand, he could not gain an edge over him. Not only did the [Cruel Hand Midget] not retreat in the face of his deadly and swift swordplay, he had even successfully counter attacked and put him at a disadvantage.

All Zhan Bai could do was to muster all his strength and swung his sword in a defensive position in a bid to withdraw his attacking stance. But it was already too late and his right wrist was hit by the [Cruel Hand Midget] and he felt his chest experiencing a painful sensational as if his bones had cracked. He felt his upper body growing numb and his Heartless Precious Sword almost dropped from his hand…

It was a lucky thing that after Zhan Bai was struck in the chest, his right wrist was not gripped by the [Cruel Hand Midget] or it would well be fatal.

Zhan Bai was panicky and he lifted his left hand to parry his attacker remaining blows. Both of them were knocked back three steps.

Because both of them were still in the process of exchanging blows and had not used all their might, they could not gain an immediately edge over one another.

In Zhan Bai’s panicky state, he had seal off the remaining blows with a powerful stretch thus saving him from a perilous situation. He did not think much about this exchange but as for the [Cruel Hand Midget], it wounded his pride.

With his consummate skills and present state of cultivation, how could Zhan Bai had the strength to knock him back? It was something that was impossible.

He thundered at Zhan Bai, “Good rascal! Hats off to you! What about taking a blow from my hands!” Upon saying, he raised his strength of cultivation to eight folds and violently struck out.

A streak of windforce that hallowed as he extended his hands. The [Cruel Hand Midget] palm strike was startling!

Zhan Bai had unconsciously pushed the [Cruel Hand Midget] backward. Therefore he received a boast to his confidence and he quickly switched his sword to his left hand and let his right hand received the incoming blow.

There was a thunderous clap as sand flew in all directions.

Zhan Bai was still standing firmly on the same spot while the [Cruel Hand Midget] was knocked back five to six steps backward before he could steady himself.

This time round, the [Cruel Hand Midget] was startled and he thought. “I have found fame in the pugilist world for many years and rarely meet any worthy opponents. How could I be knock back by such a unremarkable young man?”

One month ago, he had encountered this young man and had already known that his skills were ordinary. Therefore, how was it possible for Zhan Bai to improve so tremendous in a single month?…

If this got out to the pugilist realm that he was jerked backward by this unknown young man, how would he going to face anyone in the future? This was too great a blow to his pride.

When the [Cruel Hand Midget] analyzed up to this point, his eyes turned murderous and stray of his hair were standing up. This was a sign that his internal force had been cultivated to the level of finesses. “Rascal! Not bad.” And then he thundered aloud. “What about taking another blow from me!”

Zhan Bai knew instantly that this old man had used all his might. Wishing to know the extent of his internal cultivation as well, he lifted the energy from his diaphragm and used ten fold of his strength by exercising the Sacred Manual consummate skills.

The [Cruel Hand Midget] laughed, “I see that you have readied yourself!”

Zhan Bai did not know that the [Cruel Hand Midget] was planning a ruse so he replied. “Old senior, please exhibited your blow! Junior I…”

But who would have thought that when Zhan Bai was still speaking in mid sentences that the [Cruel Hand Midget] would suddenly attack him suddenly as he shouted. “Heh!”

Zhan Bai was taken completely by surprise as he hurriedly raised his vital energies around him in a quick attempt to take the incoming blow.

“Pang!” A thunderous sound was heard.

Zhan Bai began to see stars as he was dazzled by the furious amount of impact. He found himself almost unable to stand still. The pressure of that blow was like the sudden rushing of the great river Changjiang that had rushed upon him. He knew that if he was in grave danger now. If he could not handle this blow, he would die instantly.

Therefore he focused his thoughts and mustered all his vital energies from his diaphragm as he tried to perform the Thousand Weigh Fall to steady himself while at the same time, he circulated the vital energies to both his shoulders and then to his both his hands. Surprisingly, he managed to withstand the attack in its entirely and the danger faded.

Although the [Cruel Hand Midget] did not think much of Zhan Bai nor did he placed him in high regards, he knew by now that this young man was not to be underestimated.

In this third round of fight, he tried to use a little ruse; While Zhan Bai was talking, he would attack because while talking, vital energies would leak away. It was an excellent opportunity to kill Zhan Bai on the spot and he would preserve his pride as well.

Therefore he lifted and used all forty to fifty years of his internal power and extended both his hands into a blow while thinking. “Rascal, you are finished this time…”

But who would expect that Zhan Bai would suddenly managed to calm his explosive force down and reversed the force at him!

The [Cruel Hand Midget] was greatly startled and he immediately calmed himself down and mustered his remaining strength to both his hands…

Zhan Bai too readied all his internal strength to resist…

It was now a contest of vital energies as they froze in a posture with hands extending together. Those who did not know might have wondered why an old man and a young man were posturing for in the forest!

On closer look, both men were looking extremely anxious and were shaking slightly. The old man was staring with murderous intent at Zhan Bai.

The internal skills that Zhan Bai had mastered was the Sacred Manual containing all the orthodox upper echelon intrinsic formula and it was passed down by the Lord of the Only Eye.

At such, the book was the most marvelous in the world. The martial skills that were recorded in it were all rarely seen but were all first class. It had the powers of the monastic order to subdue demonic forces.

What more, Zhan Bai had a most extraordinary encounter. He was attacked by Zhang Shipeng’s Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display that caused his vital energies to reverse upon himself. Lucky, Master Lingfeng had unwittingly dealt him a blow and cleared his eight wondrous meridian channels.

Therefore Zhan Bai inner martial arts underwent a tremendous increase. It was not beneath some one that had forty to fifty years of internal cultivation and practice.

Once again, they were equals in this standoff.

The [Cruel Hand Midget] too was experiencing that Zhan Bai’s internal force was like the great river Changjiang that were rushing at him. He bit his teeth and concentrated on dealing with the pressure. Not only was he startled, he was enraged!

What amount to the time to boil a hot teapot passed as the both of them fought a physical and mental contest to see who would be the first to go under. The surrounding woods had suddenly became eerily quiet.

Suddenly Zhan Bai remembered that the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual had two lines of secret formula that formed: “An illusion that is not, the weakness that is not.” Did the intrinsic formula meant it as ‘Suck’?

Therefore Zhan Bai thought. “I need to go Nanjing. If I contest with him painstakingly in this manner, I wondered when would it ended? Why don’t I attempt to use this ‘Suck’ method. It would well be my liberation to leave this place!”

Because Zhan Bai was still young and impatience, he did not pause to think that this was a life and death matter. What he had thought of, he acted upon it. Therefore at this moment of time, he reversed all his vital energies backward and he could feel a suction in the [Cruel Hand Midget]’s palms as well.

The energy that was reversing was like tens of thousands of rivers rushing forth and it was rushing at him! Zhan Bai was greatly startled…

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Chapter 12: Old Man Dong

So many top martial exponent fighters here, although all had walked from the North to the South and were rich in experience but they had never saw a fighting that was conducted in such a manner. Therefore…Everyone was like speculators that were looking at a show and actually forgot that it was a life and death duel.

Sima Jing who was watching at the side, although he felt insulted by Zhan Bai and wanted to fight with him but to fight Zhan Bai together with [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, was a greater embarrassment.

After watching Li Ju and Zhan Bai exchanging more than thirty strokes, there was still no sign of any victor, so he decided to turn his attention to the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] first.

[Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] was staring wide eyes at the duel between Li Ju and Zhan Bai.

Making up his mind, he raised his voice to say. “The four lowly juniors, are you still waiting for me?” And he rung his bell.

The [Three Heroics] raised their swords in fright while Fan Suluan seemed to be enthralled by Zhan Bai. The looks on the [Three Heroics] gave the [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing great pleasure.

And now he started attacking them as he toyed with them. Their swordplay meant nothing to him.

[The Three Swords of the Fan Clan] were very angry and flustered at the way Sima Jing toyed with them considering their status as well as their father in the Martial Fraternity.

Fan Suluan was startled and turned her head around to see her brothers in grave danger.

Her Second Brother [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie had been knocked back five to six steps back. And he had lost his balance, his sword was even sent flying off his hands.

Sima Jing was laughing hilariously.

Once again his soul seeker bell flew as it gave out a tingling sound as it now flew towards back of [Wind Chaser Sword]’s head.

Fan Suluan upon turning her head had witnessed this very scene that would take her brother’s life. With a grasp, without a hesitation on her own safety, she extended her two hands and leapt towards the soul seeker bell.

At the same time, [True Heart Sword] Fan Ju and [Stellar Cloud Sword] Fan Ying upon seeing their brother losing his stance and was now in grave danger, attacked Sima Jing at the same time in a bid to distract him from their brother and sister.

Sima Jing indeed pulled his soul seeker bell away but Fan Jie was still hit, his shoulder was hit by a force that was like a thousand weight and the sensational pain reached even to his heart and he had collapsed onto the ground…

The soul seeker bell had now returned to Sima Jing’s hands and [True Heart Sword] and [Stellar Cloud Sword] because they were very near him, was trembled by its sound and they seemed to have a lack of focus. Therefore they knew that they had to back off.

But at the very instant, Sima Jing sent his soul seeker bell at Fan Suluan.

Fan Suluan martial skills were weaker than her three brothers. Her three brothers combined forces were not even a match for the [Soul Seek Bell] Sima Jing one mighty attack. And now, two of her brothers were forced to retreat after having been trembled badly by his bell, another of her brother was serious injured.

Against Sima Jing’s fierce and extremely powerful bell that was shooting at her now, she had no choice but to use all her might in her hands to block it. But she failed and the bell had struck her on her chest and she had turned ashen immediately after grasping out…

Suddenly there was a deep voice, although the voice was not too loud but it was very crystal clear in Sima Jing’s ears. “Sima Jing you scoundrel! How dare you have the guts to commit murder here? Stop it immediately!”

Sima Jing was startled and he halted his attacks to turn his head…

A big figure was sent knocking against him and Sima Jing had caught him. It was his buddy the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju!

Now even Sima Jing was stunned and he turned to look at Li Ju’s face that had turned very white. He was biting his teeth, from the looks of it, he had been afflicted by internal injuries.

He thought. “Don’t tell me, my buddy is defeated by that green thorn young man?”

Sima Jing was startled in his heart and lifted his head to look. He saw Zhan Bai standing across him looking at him with his bright and big eyes. His eyes caused Sima Jing to receive a very shock for only now did he realized that only a person with pure inner strength would have such a bright eyes and spirit.

But still how could he going to believe that this unremarkable young man was the one that had injured [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju?

In actuality, the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju that was rampaging in the Northwest whom no one in the Martial Fraternity would dare to agonize was indeed wounded by Zhan Bai with a blow.

It was because after fighting for a long while, Li Ju was after all an old and experienced pugilist. How could he not sense that Zhan Bai was secretly stealing his skills? Because Zhan Bai was only interested in how and when he maneuvered his attacks.

So he thought. “Rascal! You have actually run to my house to pick some bargains! Heng! Heng! I going to teach you a terrible lesson now so that you will not think that I am such a fool!”

Therefore he used a feint and Zhan Bai had actually fallen for it as he dodged it and now he changed his stances so fast that Zhan Bai now had no chance to dodge it as he landed a blow on Zhan Bai’s chest.

Even all the top martial exponents had thought the same as well.

Because Zhan Bai was startled and he immediately tried to block with his hands, in a panicky, he used a stance of ‘The Buddha Mediation’ and there was a clanking sound as he sent the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju flying backward six to seven big steps to the back. Zhan Bai was real lucky to have used correctly.

That was why Li Ju had suddenly knocked into Sima Jing as he had only one leg and could not control himself.

In front of so many martial exponents, especially in front of Master Murong, how could Li Ju faced anyone? With a shout, he insisted on fighting with his life with Zhan Bai but he was gripped on his shoulder by Sima Jing.

Li Ju began to follow the glance of Sima Jing who was looking at the dark recess of the woods for he suddenly noticed that Sima Jing had turned very white and frightful. And he saw a thin old man with a long white beard, very old, eighty years or more riding a donkey. He had many wrinkles on his face but his eyes were very shining and mesmerizing.

The old man looked very harmless and innocent as he tried to control his donkey. “Beast! You are frightened because you have saw so many people issn’t?” He paused for awhile before shouting. “But I have important matters to attend, if you do not hurry, I be late.” And he started to whip the donkey with a small leather whip.

When this old man appeared, the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] Sima Jing and Li Ju had turned ashen and they were looking very frightful…

Sima Jing had already broke out in cold sweat as he thought. “No wonder the voice is so familiar. It is because he has come! Alas! Today, I, Sima Jing is really so down on my luck to meet him…”

Li Ju was even more scared than him as he thought. “It over now! Today I have disgraced myself utterly…”

Not only the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] was feeling scared and startled but all the top ten martial exponents of the Baotu Manor, including Master Murong was feeling the same too.

[Meteor Hand] Murong Han expressions had changed. Not only he had thousands of top fighters under him and his martial skills were at the epitome too. His status and his air, had long been considered to be a Grandmaster.

But now when he had saw this thin old man, he had actually grown frightful. It was really hard and weird thing to explain.

Zhan Bai thought. “This old man that is selling rolls of clothing ever since I am a escort guard, I have met him a few times already. Why did he always appear in the areas where pugilists have often gathered? I don’t think he is there to do business?…”

The old man was shouting. “Folks! Help me! Aiya! No good! My donkey has been startled! Help me to stop it! Ah! Ah! No good, no good! I old man, is finished…” He looked like he would almost fall from the donkey.

And the donkey began to run and it was really very fast but not even a single pugilist stepped forward to help him even though there were so many top exponent fighters here. In fact, they even moved aside…

“Alas!” The old man grasped in startle. “Why don’t anyone of you help me ah? Do you want to watch me die? Ah! Ah! People of this era are really very bad! The hearts of people are very bad…” There was another “Argh” and he looked like he was about to fall.

[Meteor Hand] Murong Han suddenly stepped forward and bowed with both his hands together. He was filled with great respect and apologetic as he said. “Is respected old senior surname Dong, of the [Divine Donkey with the Iron Gut] fame? Junior, I am Murong Han, paying my respect to you!”

It was really strange for the donkey had now throttled in front of Murong Han now and not moving, stopped five feet away from him. It was as though nothing had happened earlier.

But when Murong Han had finished spoken, everyone presented had their expressions changed.

It was because when this old man had first appeared, only the older pugilists were startled but not the younger pugilists.

But when Murong Han had mentioned his name, everyone instantly recalled that he was the earth shaking [Divine Donkey with the Iron Gut] Dong Qianli, that was so renowned forty to fifty years ago. Therefore everyone expressions had now changed.

It was because this old man was a legend himself and his martial skills were so unfathomable that not even heaven knew his limits. As for his many strange tales, it became myths and legends in the Martial Fraternity. It was also because forty to fifty years ago, he had already vanished from the Martial Fraternity and very few people had seen him.

[Cripples from Beyond the Pass] Sima Jing and Li Ju had became a cripple because of him.

At that time, Sima Jing and Li Ju had rushed back to their Mentor Teacher crying out that they had been crippled by the [Divine Donkey with the Iron Gut].

Of course at that time, they would never reveal how they had been bullying the people in the Northwest and of the many atrocious things that they had done. They only told their Mentor Teacher how they were attacked by the [Divine Donkey with the Iron Gut] and how he had insulted their Benefactor Teacher.

And they added a lot of fuel to fan the flames of anguish causing their Mentor Teacher to flew into a rage and he immediately went into the Central Plains to avenge for his disciples.

So it seemed that at that time, their Mentor Teacher was already one of those few prominent figures in the Martial Fraternity. But he also knew that if he wanted to win the [Divine Donkey], he stood no chance. Therefore he invited all the very top martial fighters of the unorthodox clans and there were tens of them. They were numerous and challenged the [Divine Donkey] on the summit of Mt. Taixing.

This fight would take place on the peak of Ji Gao, on Mt. Taixing, attracted the attention of almost all the top martial fighters in the Central Plains. Even the top recluse fighters from all the four corners of the earth and ocean were there too.

But their Mentor Teacher and tens of the very top unorthodox fighters at that time, everyone was fell by Sixty-four stances of his ‘Wondrous Hand’. Many were killed or seriously injured and no one ever managed to walk out beyond his ten attack strokes!

So this fight tremendous increased the fame of the [Divine Donkey] but after this, he had disappeared from the Pugilist Fraternity.

And now, this legendary fighter, Dong Qianli had appeared here. Would not everyone be startled?

“Hahaha!…” The old man laughed and said to [Meteor Hand]. “You must have misunderstood me for some other person! Just because I am riding a donkey, does not mean I am the [Divine Donkey]! And I am not [Iron Gut] too! Haha! I am a [Tofu Gut] in fact and I am most afraid of seeing fights…”

As the old man laughed and said, he and his donkey was now besides the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird]. They were now urgently trying to save the life of their Second Brother, [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie!

Fan Ying was holding Fan Jie while Eldest Brother Fan Ju was trying to make sure that Fan Jie’s life channels could flow. Fan Suluan was trying to mouth a secret pill of the Fan Family for her brother to swallow.

The old man said. “Look at this, do you think it is not scary? People are wounded because of fighting!” He looked at Fan Jie and then looked at Sima Jing and Li Ju before asking. “Who is the one that started this fight?”

The haughty [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] were instantly so frightened that they had turned white with fright but did not dare to admit or deny. They had become mutes all of a sudden…

At this time the old man was looking at Zhan Bai and he was laughed and laughed.

Zhan Bai did not know why the cloth seller old man would want to laugh at him but every time he had saw him, he would smile and laugh at him so he smiled as well.

“Little brother!” The old man said to Zhan Bai. “We seem to share some destiny, we have met again!”

“What a coincidence!” Zhan Bai replied. “Wherever I go, old mister you will be there!”

The old man laughed again and suddenly he got off from the donkey and walked to the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] and pointed at Fan Jie’s right shoulder. “His right shoulder is wounded through the Bingfeng accupoint. Unless you treat him in time, he would be a vegetation in no time!”

[True Heart Sword] Fan Ju was now perspiring. No matter how much he had tried to clear his brother’s channels, he did not seem to be able to clear his brother’s injured accupoint. Because he was the nearest to the old man, he instantly felt a slight wind fluttering from the old man’s fingers. Fan Ju was very startled and he did not know it was a legendary skill that was displayed in the Pugilist but was never seen, ‘Aerial Accupoint Technique’!

Fan Ju did not know the old man’s intention and was afraid that his brother would come to harm so he was very startled…

Suddenly [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie shivered several times before he woke up from his unconsciousness and opened his eyes…

Only then did he realized that the old man was helping them and helped his brother cleared his accupoint channels. He had spent a great deal of his time and energy yet still could not save his brother and now this old man had simply lifted his finger and he had saved his brother. To think that he had almost wanted to stop this old man when he had pointed his finger so he said secretly to himself. “It is so embarrassing!”

But when this old man had got off from his donkey, Zhan Bai had suddenly noticed that on the back of the donkey was a sword. Instantly, Zhan Bai head and heart began to tremble hilariously…

It was because the sword was his family heirloom the ‘Heartless Precious Sword’! The sword that his father had left behind for him to avenge him.

So he shouted. “Issn’t this my precious sword? Old Mister…”

Just when he was about to grab the sword, the old man was even faster and had got on the donkey and had throttled a few paces away. “Ah! This little brother, what happens to you? Why did you want to steal a old man’s precious sword?”

“Heng!” Zhan Bai was very angry now as he coldly hummed. “I don’t know who steal from who precious sword? I don’t have sand in my eyes! You have been following me all the way and even steal my precious sword! And you even dare to flash it in front of me?…”

Zhan Bai was angry and he began to spring to the old man but the old man and his donkey throttled even faster away.

Zhan Bai was afraid that he would run away so he began to use his ‘Eight Diagram Movement Swiftness Skill’ to give chase.

“Aiya!” The old man sounded panicky. “Little brother, your greediness arouse when you see something precious and even think of robbing me! So many of you here, who can help me stop him ah!”

“Old man! Don’t pretend to be silly!” Zhan Bai scolded after him. “If you don’t return my precious sword, even if you were to run to the ends of the heaven, I will still chase you till you have returned my precious sword!”

“Aiya!…Aiyo!…” The old man exclaimed several times as he sped away in his donkey with Zhan Bai chasing him in a frenzy as they disappeared into the dark woods.

When the top exponent fighters of Baotu Manor had saw that Zhan Bai had run away while chasing the old man, many of them wanted to go after him but was stopped by Master Murong…

Ch12 End

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She bats an eye to Zhan Bai and grasped. “If it not for you last night…”

Although Zhan Bai did not understand but he had some linking. He felt sweet but it was without guilty conscious as he asked. “Are you alright then?…”

That beautiful young maiden was melancholic as she replied. “Although it not a big deal but my entire training is ruined! I can no longer attain the impervious body from now on…”

Then she suddenly asked. “Do you know who I am?”

Chapter 11: Fan Suluan

When the [Three Heroics] had heard the cries of their sister, their swords hesitated for a while.

Zhan Bai took the opportunity to unleash ‘The Battling Wind’ and ‘Hidden Leopard in the Southern Mountains’ in three continuous waves.

At this moment of time, Zhan Bai internal power was already stronger that what he had in the past, especially when he had used it in a bid to save his own life, these three blows were really too mighty to be blocked directly.

So these blows that were seemingly enough to move mountains and overturned the ocean created such powerful windforce across the air that the [Three Heroics] would never dream of and grasped how impossible for such a unremarkable young man like Zhan Bai to have such powerful inner martial palm technique, that they withdrawn their attack stances and swung their swords around to be on the defensive.

The [Three Heroics] moved swiftly five feet away from Zhan Bai and their swords were right in front of them to protect against a direct attack as they quickly surrounded Zhan Bai from all sides.

“Rascal! You do have some ability.” Eldest Brother [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun shouted to Zhan Bai as he furrowed deeply. “But don’t you think you are too arrogant abit?”

Third Brother [Stellar Cloud Sword] Jun Ying coldly said as he pointed his sword at Zhan Bai. “Hehe. But if you want to escape from the three swords of the Fan lineage, it will be a wistful thought!”

Fan Su, whose real name was Fan Suluan had by now hurried to her brothers, brushing her long flowing hair back as she came, said. “My three brothers, he…young hero Zhan has saved him in the dungeon and moreover, he…just now help me to treat my injuries…” (How could she tell her brothers that Zhan Bai had touched her? That was the reason why she was upset with him earlier).

Although Fan Suluan was a woman but she had the frankness of speech of a man but now, she was feeling terribly embarrassed and she was stammering now.

When Jun Ying saw the look on his sister face, he did not know whether to believe his sister or not.

But [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun asked. “Is it true?”

[True Heart Sword] was famous of his nonchalance. Therefore no one really knows if he was asking his sister or Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai who had tried his best to save a person but in the end, what he got, was anger. He had really met with too many unreasonable things lately. So he refused to say anything because he was feeling anger now.

“Dage!” Fan Suluan was filled with melancholy as she said. “Do you think your sister will lie to you?”

Although Fan Ying was staring at Zhan Bai and did not turn his head to look at his sister but he could hear his sister melancholy voice, so he knew that it would not be faked.

As for [True Heart Sword], he was beginning to feel that he had unwittingly hurt his sister’s pride by doubting her. Although he was a lonely and cold person but to his only sister, he loved her dearly and would do anything to protect her.

So when he had heard her melancholy voice, he immediately withdrawn his stance and turned around. “Since it is true, then, we just have to let him go.”

Fan Jie too had withdrew his stance after listening to his brother.

Fan Ju shouted. “Let us go!”

So the [Three swords and one Mystical Bird] began to walk towards the slope of a small hill…

When Zhan Bai had saw such a scene, his heart underwent a million heart breaks. His life was really so ill-fated. Everyone that he had met or known, were all so unreasonable. He had saved a life out of good intention but in exchange, what he got was a stomach of resentments.

But when he had saw Fan Suluan walked away with her long flowing hair that was flying in the wind, he could not help but felt a sense of emptiness and longing for her. But he did not know the reason that had caused it. He just felt that Fan Suluan and him were like a bosom friends that could talk about everything.

But now, when she had just left like this, he found himself musing and missing for her. Therefore for a time after she had left, his thoughts were in a faraway place and he was startled on the same spot…

As a matter of fact, he had even forgotten about the rudeness of the [Three Heroics]. But before the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] had gone far, he could hear a ruffle of voices in the forest in front of him and a few series of hum. And then an eerie voice could be heard.

“Fleeing? Do you think it is so easy? Do you think that Baotu Manor is a place where you can come and go as you pleased?”

Zhan Bai could also see tens of shadows moving in the distant woods! And they had cut off the retreat route of the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird].

[Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] immediately halt their steps and they had turned ashen with frightened looks on their faces but they immediately formed a circle around their sister and from the looks of it, they were preparing to fight to the death!

When Zhan Bai witnessed it and saw a man clothed in beautiful clothing among them, he unconsciously became angry…

It was because it was Master Murong of the Baotu Manor, whom everyone had known in the Martial Fraternity as [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han.

Actually Zhan Bai did not know that he was [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han but the clothing he was wearing now was identical to the piece of silk clothing that his father had left behind. This was the main reason why he was incited.

Zhan Bai did not know yet that this [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was his father’s killer but in this world, not many people would afford or like to wear this type of elegant robe. It was the only lead he had in pursuing his father’s killer.

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was shouting at the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird]. “Outrageous juniors! You dare to make a night attack upon Baotu Manor. Drop your weapons and surrender now. Do you want to wait for me to handle you personally?”

“You despicable man!” [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun angrily bramble out. “You don’t have to show off your power and influence! It is only because you have many people with you but do you think we be afraid of you? Since we dare to come, why should we fear you in the first place, what you have, showcase to us!”

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han smiled and said. “Junior! You are hovering on death’s door and yet you dare to mutter so much rubbish. If you were to throw away your sword, then I will on account of your father, will still give you an option to live. If not, heng!” He coldly hummed and then stared at him with blighting eyes that were filled with a malevolent air. “If not, this hill will be your burial ground!”

[Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] knew that [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han would surely do what he had threatened. Moreover he was staring at them with such malevolent air. And the ten top exponent fighters of Baotu Manor were also at the back, staring at them in the same manner too, not to mention the tens of followers at the back too.

But, this concerned their family reputation in the Martial Fraternity and their deceased mother…she had suffered a great humiliation in the hands of Master Murong therefore she had committed suicide. Therefore they were filled with anger instead and everyone of them had decided to put their life and death aside and said at almost the same time. “Rubbish aside! Show us what capabilities you have to bring us down!”

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was solemn and then he waved with his hand. Immediately five to six of his ten most powerful exponent fighters sprang in front!

Every single one of the top ten exponent fighters of the Baotu Manor, was the epitome exponent fighter that could dominate the Martial Fraternity in an area of expertise. Just any of them was the most resounding person in the Pugilist.

Therefore everyone of them thought that with just their lone presence, no one would dare to intrude upon Baotu Manor. But now, in just a single night, numerous people would dare to intrude into the manor, even set fire upon the manor.

Without a doubt, all the top ten exponent fighters regarded it as an insult. So when Master Murong had signaled for them to bring them down, everyone had sprung in front at almost the same instant.

But because of their status in the Martial Fraternity, naturally they could not fight the Fan Clan with wolf pack tactics.

[The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng bowed with his hands together to the rest of the top martial exponents. “My dear brothers! As I am the oldest here, allow me to fight with them!” And he took out his silver flute.

Since, he had said he was the oldest here, surely he must be the oldest although it was very hard to tell from his age.

Suddenly the blind priest laughed. “Brother Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyric Flute Display’ is so renowned throughout the Pugilistic Martial Fraternity. To deal with a few lowly juniors, is there a need for Brother Zhang to fight personally? In my opinion, allow me, a blind priest to fight instead!”

A one arm bald old man who was really the [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing shouted. “Please forgive me, my brothers. Let me fight instead!” And he sprang ahead of them to engage the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird].

When the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] attacked at the same time, their co-operation were perfect, their timing and placement wondrous. It was because these three swords and pair of hand, formed the famous Fan Clan Sword and Fist formation known as the ‘Mystical Energy Triple Slash Formation’. The four of them were well versed in this formation and now forced to fight together, their display were indeed formidable!

But [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing as the top martial exponent fighter in the Northwest, his martial abilities were naturally unfathomable. Moreover his temper was extremely violent. Together with [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, they were known as the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass].

And now, he wanted to be the first of the ten top martial exponents to attack because he wanted to show off his skills. However in momentum carelessness, he had gonna the lower hand because he had never expected these four juniors when they were fighting together, would be this formidable and their stances and strokes would be this marvelous.

[Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing when he attacked with his hand, his attacking force was like a huge boulder that was thrown into the ocean. At the same time, two teething sword energies flashed in his left and right. He instantly knew that he was in trouble. But lucky he was rich in fighting experience and knew that his present pose was disadvantaged, therefore he scuffled his legs backward and just managed to avoid the killer sword strokes coming in from his left and right side!

Now [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing was terrible angry and he took out a bronze bell. This bell was just an ordinary bell in the eyes of others but when he started to ring it, everyone’s ears were shrieked by it as it went. ‘Dingdang’ ‘Dingdang’.

Immediately several top martial fighters began to move backward. It was obvious that this small bell was not simply a bell. Moreover Sima Jing nickname was [Soul Seeker Bell]. Surely there must be a reason why he was nicked this way.

When the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] saw Sima Jing took out this bell, they seemed to remember suddenly who this man might be and all their expressions changed!

Fan Suluan mind and spirit had been trembled by the ‘Soul Seeker’ effect of the bell and now when she had attacked, her sense of direction seemed to have been confused! And she even felt dizzy now and knew that something was not right as she leapt backward as she grasped. “Aiya!”

Sima Jing’s soul seeker bell was indeed very powerful. Just one stance alone, was enough to break the ‘Mystical Energy Triple Slash Formation’ And moreover as he sensed the weakness in the formation, he began to attack Fan Suluan. But before he could do so, a thunderous shout was heard, halting his attack.

“Hold your hand!” As a powerful windforce streaked out.

Sima Jing moved back two yards and saw that it was a young man that had just appeared. “Huh! Is him?”

This young man was indeed Zhan Bai.

So it seemed that the shrieking sound of Sima Jing’s bell woke Zhan Bai up from his thoughts. When he had lifted his head, he had saw that Fan Suluan was in grave danger.

As Zhan Bai had always been filled with a sense of heroism, so how could he not step forth? Moreover Fan Suluan was the bosom friend in his heart.

Therefore in this crisis, he had actually forgotten about the sleazy angry that were caused by her three brothers. His only thought was on saving a life and he did not even considered if he could even win Sima Jing! It was right to say that he had lent a righteous hand and disregard life and death. Moreover he was trying to save his bosom friend, so it was purely without hesitation.

So when Zhan Bai had shouted. “Hold your hand!” He had used ten folds of his strength and generated a powerful windforce.

Sima Jing was startled therefore he had leapt two yards backward.

He had expected to see a top martial exponent fighter. When he had calmed down to take look, it was actually the same young man that caused him to fight with that Crazy Lei. Therefore he was startled and angry at the same time.

Angry because, when he was fighting with others, someone would actually dare to interrupt. Startled because, this unremarkable young man actually had such powerful palm technique. It was so unbelievable.

“Young rascal!” He shouted angrily at Zhan Bai. “I have heard that you are a junior of Lei Zhenyuan, why do you keep opposing me time and again?”

Zhan Bai looked into the crowd but there was no sight of Lei Dashu. Although he was a honest young man but he could tell that Sima Jing was trying to shift all the blame upon Lei Dashu. Zhan Bai really did not know how to lie but if he say he did not know Lei Dashu, it would weight heavily in his heart for he had accorded him with great kindness, saved him two times from dangers and even passed onto him the ‘Sacred Manual’. If he admit he was the junior of Lei Dashu, would it not give him a great deal of tricky troubles? How could Lei Dashu alone fight the entire Baotu Manor? Therefore he opened his eyes widely to look around but still he could not find any words to reply.

When the [Three Heroics] saw that it was the same young man that had saved their sister once more, they were instantly filled with guilt towards him.

Fan Suluan recomposing from her startled looks, was now looking intently at Zhan Bai with her curvy watery eyes. What was she thinking now…

[Zhaxing Shou] furrowed deeply with his eyebrows…

“Young friend, you are indeed extraordinary!” [The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng smiled as he stepped from the crowd. “I wonder who protégé are you? What is your name, can you tell me?”

Even before he could reply, a voice thundered. “Brother Zhang, why waste your breath! Let us bring this junior down first and coerced him to speak after we had him in our hands. Then all the truths will be out!”

The speaker moved very fast, even though he had just one leg. He was indeed the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju. When Zhan Bai had startled and caused his old buddy Sima Jing to move back two yards, he was startled as well.

But he was not like the others. He was very sharp and observant and although he could not guess Zhan Bai’s background but he could tell that he had only internal force and did not have any extraordinary stances. Therefore he stepped forward, intending to use his unique martial skill ‘Lightning chasing the Wind Hands’ to overcome this young man.

This old freak was ruthless and attacked without hesitation. So just when [The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng was questioning Zhan Bai, he had shouted and attacked Zhan Bai as he leapt forward in mid air with a stance of ‘Golden Leopard Flashing its Claw’.

Zhan Bai dodged with his legs and extended his hands with lightning speed with a stance, the ‘Implosion Divider’.

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju as he displayed his stances two times in continuous was very sure that Zhan Bai could not evade it that was why at the same instant, he shouted. “Now you will fall!”

But who would expect Zhan Bai who looked stiff and slow, would suddenly become so fast and swift and that he had actually dodged his stances. This, enraged the [One leg Flying Heretic] as he displayed three of his killer stances now, ‘Hungry Ghost seeking Souls’, ‘Severance of the Nerves and Pulses’, ‘Hitting the Vitals’  in continuous attack strokes.

Although the old freak had one leg but he was unbelievable fast or else he would be called the [One leg Flying Heretic]! But no matter how he looked at it, Zhan Bai did not seem to be using any extraordinary swiftness movement skill to dodge his attacks and he always managed to dodge his attacks at the very last minute or after he had attacked.

Especially Zhan Bai’s bright big eyes that were looking at all the changes of his stances and strokes with an intensity. It was like he did not care much very much for dodging and retaliation and more like a Mentor Teacher that was giving pointers to his disciple.

Since everything that the disciple knew, was taught by the Mentor Teacher, no matter how fast he was, he was still unable to hit his Mentor Teacher. And the Mentor Teacher did not need to dodge on purpose, he would dodge his disciple’s attacks therefore he did not even need to guard against his disciple and just observed if his disciple attacks and movements skills were properly used.

From this point of view, then won’t this unremarkable young man martial abilities be much higher than this [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju who had been lording over the Martial Fraternity for tens of years? It was really so unbelievable! Therefore, many of the top martial exponent fighters that were watching this scene were stunned and they paid all their attention to this fight…

As for [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, he was more startled than anyone else. Even as he attacked Zhan Bai non stop, he was thinking. “I must have knocked into a ghost! How could it be possible that my specialty hand and claw martial skill could not even touch a young inexperience young man? I am losing all my face!”

Therefore [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju stances became even more vicious and all his strokes were a life ender display.

In actuality, Zhan Bai could dodge all his killer stances and strokes were due to his unconscious reflexes and he himself did not know the reason.

Naturally, it must be credited to his gruesome training that he had put his efforts into for quite a number of years. At the same time, because he had practiced with the Sacred Manual and cultivated his internal strength with its intricate formulas, his internal force got a huge boast. And now his ears were even sharper and coupled with the fact he had broken through his eight wondrous meridian channels and pulses, his reflexes were now extraordinary fast. What he thought, he would react, as his mind and thought moved as one.

But Zhan Bai had forgot to attack as he stared wide eyes at the [One leg Flying Heretic] marvelous killer stances.

But who would say he was foolish? He had actually picked up the extraordinary skills of the [One leg Flying Heretic] even as the fight was carried on. Just like that, the stances and strokes of the [One leg Flying Heretic] were slowly being copied and ripped by Zhan Bai. And the old freak did not even notice it as he attacked faster and faster. In a twinkle of an eye, he had displayed twenty to thirty stances and strokes.

Ch11 End

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This ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ was an most extraordinary feat that none in the Martial Fraternity had rarely seen and only heard of. And this young maiden that looked like sixteen, seventeen had actually exhibited it as she sprang and walked in the air! She turned around and it was WanEr!…

Chapter 10: Event Horizon Blight Hand

There was a ruffle outside the door of the room. It sounded like someone had been hit in his accupoints and then the door swung opened. Then Lei Dashu appeared and said solemnly. “Hurry and go!”

Zhan Bai eyes were very sharp now and immediately he had recognized Lei Dashu who had stood outside the door. Without hesitating, he grabbed Fan Su in her hands and shouted. “Go!” And they sprang out of the door and out of the dungeon with Fan Su following tightly.

Outside was a huge commotion. There were fighting all over and fire had broke out in several areas.

Zhan Bai looked around him and saw that Lei Dashu was not here now. So where was he?

Fan Su on the another hand was saddened to see her own people getting killed or seriously wounded. The pugilists from the Tu Bao Manor were fighting more and more ferociously, especially a blind priest that seemed to be fighting with so much courage that her own people could not measure to him.

She did not know who that blind priest was but she saw her second brother [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie and the two Jin brothers were fighting with the blind priest now and they were looking pathetic!

At a coincidence time, [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie had exhibited a swordplay from the Wind Chaser Swordplay a killer stroke. ‘The Swift Wind Felling the Grass’ and displayed it at the back of the blind priest.

But the priest seemed to have eyes on his back suddenly turned around and turned his powerful blow on Fan Jie instead!

Suddenly Zhan Bai saw a dark figure flashed to take the blow off her brother with her hands in mid-air, it was Fan Su!

[Wind Chaser Sword] narrowly escaped from death but as for Fan Su, after she had took a blow from the blind priest, her shoulders became numbed and her blood flowed in the reverse. She could barely stood her ground and was biting her lips, holding herself to prevent a mouthful of blood from her mouth from throwing out. Her eyes grew dim and her petite face was ashen.

“Good rascals!” The blind priest laughed hilariously. “I like to see how many men do you still have? Ask them all to attack! So I can send them all to the western paradise!”

And he started to attack the Jin brothers and [Wind Chaser Sword] with his left hand and Fan Su with his right hand which had turned green.

It was obviously that he intended to kill Fan Su with a blow and that blow on his right hand was imbued with all his internal power!

Fan Su was startled as she saw this blow coming that was like a windforce dividing the ocean. The pressure was enveloped within two yards of his blow, even if she would to dodge it, it would be futile!

Biting her teeth, she mustered all her internal power with both her hands to take the blow with the ‘Conqueror Mighty Hand’

The Jin brothers and [Wind Chaser Sword] had already been hard pressed by the blind priest left hand stances and had been forced to back off.

Fan Su who had been seriously injured after she had took his earlier blow did not seem like she could be able to take the blind priest full blow. As she gathered all her vital energy to her internal force on her hands, she simply could not endure anymore and thrown up a mouthful of blood and before she could even intercept the blow, she had collapsed onto the ground.

“Stop!” Zhan Bai yelled as he sprang forward to attack the blind priest on his chest.

Although the blind priest could not see but his hearing was as good as seeing. But he was very angry now and his malevolent air increased tremendously. It was because every time he was being surrounded and attacked, he would fly into a terrible rage.

That was because, his eyes were blinded when he was once surrounded and ambushed. But because of his firm resolution, after he was blinded, he did not give up and throw away all his martial abilities, instead he trained even harder for thirty years in the wilderness. Finally he had reached the pinnacle of ‘Using ears as eyes’. Not only was he better than a person with sight was. What was more, even his senses were all greatly enhanced.

Furthermore, during those thirty years, his martial abilities had also tremendously improved. After he re-emerged in the Pugilist again, he hunted down all his enemies that blinded him. Eventually he became a protégé of Murong Han and became one of the top ten exponents of Baotu Manor.

Tonight, a great deal of enemies had dared to intrude. The blind priest because he wanted to repaid Master Murong for showing appreciation to him was now fighting with his very life and best of his abilities. Because he was highly skilled, many of the intruders had actually been wounded or killed by him.

The ‘Three Heroics’ from the Fan Clan, [Winder Chaser Sword] who was the second of the three brothers, could be considered one of several expert fighters that had intruded into the manor but even he was not his match. The renowned thirty six stances of the Wind Chaser Swordplay could not even handled this blind priest. The Jin brothers afraid that their second young master would be in grave danger had joined forces with him.

But this blind priest could even fight three of the best swordsmen in the Martial Fraternity with ease.

The blind priest blows were called the ‘Event Horizon Blight Hand’, it was not impossible for him not to smash Fan Su into meatball…

But Zhan Bai did not know how powerful was the blind priest technique was, so he actually went to intercept it for Fan Su with a great shout. Using ten folds of his strength, both his hands and the blind priest impacted on one another. Instantly a vacuum of windforce erupted all around them, pebbles and sand started to fly in all directions from the explosive impact!

Zhan Bai was forced back five to six steps back and he saw darkness in front of his eyes! And he thought. “What a powerful blow!”

Zhan Bai was most fortunately that he had started the Sacred Manual internal force if not this blow from the blind priest would surely claim his life!

At the same time, the blind priest was secretly startled and thought. “This person’s blow is very powerful and seem to have the monastic power of subduing the evil forces and I have never seen such a powerful fierce blow ever in my life!”

With a great shout, [Wind Chaser Sword] and the two Jin brothers began to seize the opportunity to attack the blind priest!

Zhan Bai was dazed after taking the blow. He had to stand for awhile before he could recover his clear state of mind. Actually Zhan Bai had no wish to fight and he was only concern about saving Fan Su’s life. So he immediately carried her and started to run into the darkness!

“Stop right there, you junior!” It came from a man behind him and all his attack strokes were terribly fast!

Zhan Bai was startled as he thought. “Oh no…”

Zhan Bai tried to evade it but he had to think about the Fan Su in his hands, therefore he was slower in his reaction just when he was about to be hit, Lei Dashu flashed past and saved him!

“Lei Zhenyuan!” an old man with only one arm angrily said to Lei Dashu. “Are you so ungrateful as to help the outsiders?”

“Sima Jing!” Dashu solemnly said. “Don’t say any rubbish! Do you know what kind of a person is me?”

Zhan Bai was shocked to hear that the one armed old man was [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing who twenty years ago who everyone had feared in the Martial Fraternity!

It was because [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing was an infamous evil heretic in the Northwest region. Together with the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, they were known collective as the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass]. Their martial abilities were unfathomable and they were very cruel. They virtually kill or maimed all their enemies.

No pugilists from the unorthodox and orthodox clans even dared to provoke them. Who would have expected that Sima Jing would be a protégé of Master Murong now?

“Then…” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing coldly said. “Why did you stop me from capturing an escaped prisoner?”

“Brother Sima, you have made a mistake.” Lei Dashu replied sharply. “This young man is a junior of mine. How can he be an escaped prisoner?”

“Hehehe…” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing laughed coldly for awhile before saying. “Together with Master Murong, we personally captured him and locked him into the dungeon, so how can it be not true? Lei Zhenyuan, you are obviously helping the outsiders…”

“Shut up!” Lei Dashu thundered. “So what if I, Lei Zhenyuan is helping the outsiders? It is not up to a bald head like you to question me!”

“Crazy Lei!” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing really hated people for calling him a bald head, so when he heard him scolding him bald head, his malevolent air was stirred and he replied coldly. “Others are afraid of you but do you think that I, Sima Jing is afraid of you! Don’t think that your seventy-two stances of ‘Sacred Hand’ is really invincible! To me, it is not even worth anything!”

“If you do not believe, you can try it now!” Lei Dashu clenched his fists.

“Fine!” Let me have a taste of your ‘Sacred Hand Enoch’!” And he delivered a blow towards Lei Dashu! His palm windforce was very powerful, Zhan Bai could hear it very clearly.

But Lei Dashu smiled and he was as steady as the mountain as he took the blow.

[Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing when he had almost landed his blow on Lei Dashu’s chest, changed it to a claw and with slashed against him with much ferocity and speed.

Zhan Bai who was standing on the side was watching with much excitement and interest. For an old man like him with only one arm that could display such ferocity, swift, steady and had so much changes that defied logic was really very startling.

The two of them were not only swift in their movements and attacks, it was also very marvelous to behold. Zhan Bai who was watching was totally immense in their fight that his visions had only them in sight and he was hilariously delighted.

In fact, he had forgot that he was going to save Fan Su, that was the reason why he was running away in the first place. His eyes were wide opened as he followed every single of their stances and strokes…

Some one once said. “If one were to witness the fight between two very top exponents, it is better than three years in the tutelage of their Mentor Teacher.”

Zhan Bai had carried the heavy responsibilities of avenging for his father and was engrossed in training martial arts but he had never meet a competent Mentor Teacher. What he had learnt were more useful in strengthening himself but if he would to meet a top exponent of the Martial Fraternity, it was as good as suicide.

Although Zhan Bai had cleared his eight wondrous channels and pulses but regarding how a top exponent would fight, their timing and the intricate of their stances, how it was changed and interchangeable, he had no idea at all.

And Lei Dashu and Sima Jing was the top ten fighters of the Baotu Manor, their internal strength cultivation had already reached the purity state and could control it with ease, moreover they had their own divine skills that made them even more unfathomable.

However because of this very same reason, Lei Dashu and Sima Jing was accorded with the same respect by Master Murong, it caused them to have divides. Because every one of them had thought that they were the best.

But because for the sake of their reputation and status in the Martial Fraternity, they could not fight with one another. But now, when the opportunity had come, they actually fought with the best of their abilities, their stances were getting more and more vicious as well as heavy!

It was as though they were their worst enemies now!

But luckily, there were hundreds of people intruding the Murong residence and with fire everywhere, none noticed that they were actually fighting among themselves.

Suddenly there was a low captivating voice in Zhan Bai’s ears that woke him up from his admiration. “You are too brave! Why are you still standing here and not leave?” And he felt someone with a slim body had tugged him by his sleeves. And the slim body had sprung into the darkness.

Only then did Zhan Bai remember that he was in the lion den and that he was still carrying an unconscious new bosom friend of his. He felt that the person that had just tugged him and disappeared in front of him was a friend and not a foe. So he decided to follow first as well as to leave this dangerous place and to treat Fan Su’s injuries first.

While chasing the shadowy figure in front him, Zhan Bai began to find the person familiar. The shadowy figure swiftness movement skills were very fast and would stop often for him. After turning a corner and out of the manor, the person signaled for him to run into the woods before finally stop running.

Because Zhan Bai could see in the dark, he had noticed that it was WanEr by now.

“Who are you carrying in your embrace?” WanEr asked when Zhan Bai had caught up with her, as she brushed her long flowing back with her hands.

“This is a new friend of mine, his name is Fan Su.” Zhan Bai replied without hesitation. “Maiden…”

“A Fan fellow?” WanEr interrupted. “That must be the enemy of our family then. Let me take a look who he is?”

When WanEr had said it, she had already sprang forward like the wind and clawed her hands at Fan Su’s face.

Zhan Bai really did not expect WanEr swiftness and actions would be so swift, certainly she was not below par when compared to her older sister.

And now, this little sister had reached out so fast upon hearing that his friend had the surname Fan, Zhan Bai worried that WanEr would use her killer stances to hurt the unconscious Fan Su. Although Zhan Bai and Fan Su were newly made friends but they hit off very well. Afraid that WanEr might hurt his friend, he tried to evade from her attacks.

There was a tearing sound! Although Zhan Bai had evaded very fast but WanEr was also very fast. This one dodge, one claw, tore Fan Su head clothe off.



WanEr and Zhan Bai were both very startled to see that a mass of long flowing hair began to drift down and Fan Su was actually an extraordinary beautiful young maiden in disguise!

“Heng!” WanEr was startled. Suddenly there were hints of jealousy on her face and she coldly hummed. “So it is a girl! Now I know why you will want to risk your life to save her huh!”

“I…I really don’t know!” Zhan Bai stammered out. He was startled as well. “Really…don’t know she is a girl…”

“Don’t put on any pretense now!” Jealousy was the birthright of any woman. The more deeper love was, the more deeper jealousy was.

Although WanEr was an innocent and naïve maiden and she was untouched by the realities of the real world but she was after all a woman.

Therefore she would still have this jealousy that she was naturally equip to have. After a period of tendering to Zhan Bai while he was unconscious, she had already secretly loved Zhan Bai. But now he had risked his life to save such an extraordinary beautiful young maiden and even carry her intimately in his embrace to protect her, so from her heart, floated some sour feeling and she unhappily said. “Then, now that you know huh!”

Her meanings to Zhan Bai: You can put her down now.

Alas but Zhan Bai happened to be a young man that did not know the hearts of girls so he did not know what she meant. Looking at the unconscious Fan Su and then he lifted his head to look at the surrounding and noticed that it was the same place that Lei Dashu had brought him to learn the Sacred Manual so he muttered. “She is seriously injured. I’m going to treat her injuries.”

After saying, he actually sprang to the cave in front of him carrying Fan Su and ignored the unhappy WanEr who was still standing on the spot waiting for him to put Fan Su down.

“You…” WanEr was startled for Zhan Bai surprised her with his reactions.

When she saw that he had run into the cave with the girl, her expressions changed and she lifted her hands to stop him but suddenly she seemed to have thought of something and could only mutter ‘You’ and then she stopped. She was still reeling from shock, after biting her lips for awhile, she stormed away hatefully.

WanEr was like a smoke that had wisped into the thin air.

As for Zhan Bai, in his mind, he was only concerned about Fan Su’s injuries so he did not pay attention when WanEr had left in anger.

Ch10 End

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There existed a mysterious energy technique, the ‘Supreme Intricate Energy Force’ that could revive dead channels…

Lament by Murong Hong, Adapt from Li Bai;
Long yearning, breaks my heart…
I roll back the hanging, gaze at the moon, and long sigh in vain…
My lonely lamp is not bright, I’d like to end these thoughts…
Above is the black night of heaven’s height…
The sky is long, the road is far, bitter flies my spirit…
The spirit I dream can’t get through, the mountain pass is hard…
Frost coalesces on my bamboo mat, changing its colour with cold…
The moon is like the autumn that never sleeps…
I think of him all the time but never once have I seen him…
His past memories flashed in my eyes…
My tears were like lake…
Suffering terrible heart breaks…

Chapter 9: A great Tragedy Occurs

Although the blind priest could not see but his hearing was exceptional excellent. And not in the least inferior to someone who had eyes. Although he could not see but when he picked out the tearing sound of Murong Hong garments, he too turned ashen and withdrawn several steps backward. His lips were trembling and muttering something but no sounds were heard for a long while.

“How outrageous? It simply too…simply too…” Young Master Lingfeng could only mutter to himself and not knowing what to do. It was because although she was his own sister but now she had nothing on her. So how could he have dared to approach her, to stop her? He could only clenched his fists and trembled…

Zhan Bai turned his head around and saw the young maiden Murong Hong with her pure peerless beauty in front of him and she was nude therefore he was stunned.

“No one can bother about me! I love him! No one can bother me about me! I love him!…”

Murong Hong had removed her clothing, now she was even removing her accessories on her hands, ears and her decorations on her head. She had returned to her natural state and her long flowing hair rolled from her head as she flew into the embrace of Zhan Bai like a bird.

Zhan Bai’s heart was like a holy sanctuary that was opened for her. He had never seen such a sight before. She was a beautiful cloud fluttering across the evergreen plains that caused flowers to sprout from the vast earth. And this picturesque of a naturally very pure nude maiden that was running towards him carried no taint of sin, her wondrous beauty shone forth and was as pure as the holiest and her goodness was like an heavenly angel!

Therefore regarding Murong Hong, Zhan Bai had no ill feeling or desire. Nor did he feel shameful about her instead he felt it was natural and her goodness overwhelmed him. So he too started to take off his clothing as well.

Murong Hong looked at him and her eyes beamed with light and joy as she grasped in happiness. “Ah! Yo! Heh!…”

Only Zhan Bai’s pants were left when Murong Hong flew into his embrace and hugged him tightly. She had gone insane, insane with her happiness, insane with freedom. She had never been this happy and free before. This freedom caused her to be so blissful.

But, Young Master Lingfeng, Zhang Shipeng, the blind priest, bald old man and the rest were stunned speechless, beyond belief, beyond imagination at the sight in front of them.

Among them, only Zhang Shipeng was the most upset for he had never expected that his invincible skill ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ that could bow the Entire Fraternity to his feet, could create such a disastrous effect, bordering on disgrace and tragedy.

Zhan Bai too felt unrestraint joy and freedom…therefore he too had thrown everything away. But there were two things that he could not thrown. In fact, he was brought back to reality by them.

One was the ‘Bone Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’, it contained all his hopes and he could hear Lei Dashu words in his ears very clearly [Learn the supreme martial skills, create your own future and avenge for the wrongful death of your father…] The second one was the sack that used to contain all the clues to his father’s death. That was his only clue left, all the more he would not thrown it away.

Therefore he was brought back to reality and suddenly found himself in the embrace of the very beautiful Murong Hong who was according him with a million types of affections. And her love for him was so pure, she was idolizing him as she kissed him.

But he ignored her for he was now thinking, how was he going to shake off those speculators and to train the skills in the ‘Sacred Manual’ And how to investigate who was his father’s killers?…He was clenching the two objects tightly and totally forgot about the Murong Hong who was kissing him affectionately…

Suddenly there was a cold hummed in the distant as a man thundered coldly. “Unless bums! Hurry and seize her back, what are you all waiting for? She has thrown away all my face!”

At the same time, another voice was heard, it was the elegant lady that had saved Zhan Bai. “HongEr! HongEr!” 红儿 She was very startled as she called out. “What is happening to you? What has happened?”

Thereafter, the sounds of tens of people could be heard and this time, Zhan Bai was startled and woke up from his thoughts. He looked up and saw tens of people in front of him.

He saw a man in his fifties with beautiful and fine clothing looking at him in anger that it was very hard to look into his eyes. Even the beautiful lady that had saved him was here too. So he guessed that the man must be her husband as well as the ‘Old Master’ that was in everyone’s lips.

Suddenly he had also noticed that around him were four maids in green removing their outer garment to cover Murong Hong.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to!…” Murong Hong was grasping but she was very afraid of her father and dare not go against him. Although she had not regain her senses yet but in her heart she was very unwillingly to leave.

There was a sudden inspiration and jolt in Zhan Bai. He quickly tucked the ‘Sacred Manual’ and the sack into his trousers. Lucky his pants were very tight and his items did not fall out.

“Give him a piece of clothing and ask him to follow us!” The fierce man in fine clothing thundered.

One of the men that was carrying a sabre took off his black cloak and sent it flying towards Zhan Bai.

Maybe this man that had just threw the cloak wanted Zhan Bai to die. For the cloak was imbued with the vitalize strength of Inner Martial force. It did not flutter lightly instead it was sent flying like a heavy object and it was heading headlong towards Zhan Bai’s chest!

Zhan Bai smiled and he extended two fingers and dispersed the internal force that was in the cloak and immediately put on the cloak on. This ‘Finger Dispersing a Thousand Weigh Force’ was not an easy feat to demonstrate and he was very proud when he had displayed it but the angry man in fine clothing did not even look at him and had turned away.

It was as though he knew that Zhan Bai would not resist and would surely follow him!

There was a strong reaction inside Zhan Bai but when he saw the angry looks on all the pugilists and the compassionate eyes of the elegant lady that was looking at him, he forced himself to swallow all his protests and angry words but it was rather forcefully.

So he thought. “I like to see what you will do to me? I will follow you first and wait and see!”

But after he took a few steps, his pride was wounded. So he scolded himself secretly. “Zhan Bai, Zhan Bai! Do you want to be such a coward? And be like a sheep that is sent to the butcher!”

But his enemies were too strong and he could feel their burning aura. He knew he did not have the power to resist. Although he was feeling stubborn inside but he also understood that he could not sacrifice himself blindly. He must leave himself an option to complete his heavy responsibility to his father.

Therefore, he forced himself to swallow his anger and decided to take one step at a time. Until he was forced to, he would not sacrifice himself lightly.

But he felt so ashamed following these group of people that he had to lower his head. He began to wonder what sort of a person was this world renowned [Meteor Hand] Murong Han. Then he started to look at him and he was jolted.

Suddenly he had found Murong Han’s garments to be very special. It seemed that his garments would occasionally glittered out light, indeed it was very special. But even a very rich man would not have possible own such clothing.

This accidental discovery caused Zhan Bai to be jolted. Was not his clothing identical to the silk clothing in his sack? This discovery caused him to be filled with anger and to charge in front to engage in a life and death fight! But he tried his very best to suppress his feeling and bit his teeth. “Is this despicable man the killer of my father?”

Zhan Bai thought again as he searched his mind for answers. “Before my father had died, he personally give me this small sack. In the sack were some loosened hair, a silk string, iron pearl, a bronze button, bronze coin and a silk piece of cloth that was identical to what Murong Han is wearing now. Even if he is not my father’s killer but at the very least, it is a very good clue…”

Zhan Bai followed the Murong Master for quite some time, he entered through doors after doors in the end, Murong Han did not even question him but instead he found himself jailed in a dark dungeon.

Zhan Bai did not know how was [Meteor Hand] going to do with him and why was he locked into the dungeon? So he was inevitable very nervous. But after a while, he decided to endure it and since he was being cut off from the outside, he might as well started to practice the unfathomable arts in the ‘Sacred Manuel’.

At first, he was in a hurry to train his martial abilities. When no one was around even in broad daylight, he would start to open the pages of the Sacred Manual. But the drawings of the Enchantress in various enticing poses distracted him from his concentration and he found himself unable to calm himself down to pour over the mysteries of the book.

In fact, more often than not, he would think wry especially when he had remembered the pure and beautiful Murong Hong with nothing on her. The drawings in the Sacred Manual would often than not, lead him to think of Murong Hong and caused him to lose his concentrations and to think wry!…

In the end, he was shocked into waking from his senses because if this carried on, he would surely be afflicted by deviation phenomenon while training. Therefore he began to follow his old method in the dark cave, closed his eyes and began to feel with his fingers. Therefore with all his heart, his spirit, he began to immense himself totally in the ‘Sacred Manual’, forgetting about the passing of day and night and even the loneliness that was in this stone dungeon…


[Meteor Hand] Murong Han blamed himself for not being a strict father. Now how could his own daughter took off her own clothing in full view of so many people? If this news got out to the Martial Fraternity, how was he going to face anyone?

[Meteor Hand] was the leader of the Five Northern Provinces, was extremely furious now. He and his lady was strictly questioning Murong Hong, what caused her to disregard her very own shame in a secretly chamber.

But Murong Hong refused to reply to her father’s questioning.

This further enraged him even more. He rose up and threw a beautiful decorated short sword in front of her and thundered. “Then you be better off dead! So that you will not further disgrace me!” After finishing, he rushed out of the chamber in a fit of anger.

Murong Hong with tears on her cheeks, without hesitation once her father had left the chamber, picked the short sword and stabbed on her neck.

But the beautiful lady, who was also Lady Zhan seized from the hands of her daughter the short sword as she wiped away the tears from Murong Hong’s face. “HongEr, you must never end your life! Your father is fuming in a fit of anger. After a while, he will be alright!”

“Mum!” Murong Hong could not stop crying as she collapsed into her mother’s embrace…


Zhan Bai was in the dungeon cultivating his breathing and practicing the Sacred Manual. In fact he had the reached the divine state of forgetfulness and only his senses were exceptional sharp. He felt a flow of vitalize energy flowing throughout his body…when suddenly the iron door of the dungeon cracked opened with a loud sound.

Zhan Bai suddenly opened his eyes and found out that he could see very clearly in the dark!

“Night vision!” Zhan Bai was startled and hilariously happy…

It was because when Zhan Bai was circulating his internal force to resist the Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display, at the most crucial moment he was interrupted by Murong Hong and he would have been afflicted by deviation phenomenon, luckily for him, that Young Master Lingfeng in momentarily fit of anger had dealt him with a heavy blow. Not only was he not injured but his dead pulses in his body was jolted that he had threw out blood and his two main energy meridians were cleared!

These two main energy meridians were the most difficult channels to clear for all the exponents. Yet under a series of coincidences, Zhan Bai had turned his bad luck into luck and cleared his two main energy meridians.

It was really a miracle!

Although he had unconsciously cleared the most difficult obstacle to all the exponents resulting his two main energy meridians to flow but it was through an unorthodox means.

If he did not do any warm up after Young Master Lingfeng had caused his two energy meridians to flow, he would surely be a handicap afterwards. But Master Murong had to force him to walk a long distance therefore causing him to exercise all his limbs and pulses, saving him from being a handicap. However, even this was not enough, even if he did not become a handicap but if he did not get the chance to cultivate his breathing, it would still result in his death from weak flow of blood and energy.

Coincidental upon coincidental, when Master Murong had seized him back to his manor, he did not question him or subject him to anything and only locked him into a dungeon.

And he got the chance to cultivate his breathing and flow of energy.

It was indeed the most coincidental things that could ever happen. It was like the Heavens wanted a miracle to happen to a naturally kind hearted young man like Zhan Bai and changed all the powers that were harming him to powers that could aid him.

All these, naturally he simply did not know it yet. By the time, he was aware of it, he would already be the most invincible in the Entire Fraternity. Therefore, putting aside all these, let go back to what Zhan Bai was experiencing in the terrible darkness of the dungeon.

It was now in the middle of the night and yet he could see in total darkness. He was hilariously delighted in his head. He did not believe it was true and turned his head around to look out of the window grills and he saw the bright constellations of the stars that he had never seen before. He bit his fingernails to prove that it was not a dream. And he started to look at the new friend that was being culled into the dungeon.

A young handsome man in clad in assassin clothing, from the looks of his chest, looked strong had been thrown into the dungeon with him. Zhan Bai began to admire the looks of this handsome man for he had never saw anyone this handsome.

Somehow Zhan Bai did not know why but when he saw him, he thought that they were seemed to share some forms of destiny and an intimate feeling had formed out of the blue between them.

So he started to smile at the young man but who would expect he would ignore him. Instead he was looking up at the ceiling as though he was staring in the heavens.

Suddenly Zhan Bai had a jolt. This jail room had no light, only he could see him but the other young man might not have seen him!

Therefore he started to speak. “This brother, for what reason are you being locked inside the dungeon?”

“Who? Who are you?” The person was very startled and started to look around. It was obvious he could not see a thing inside this jail room.

“I am Zhan Bai, may I know your name if it is convenient for you to give?”

That person when he had heard Zhan Bai’s name, after thinking over for quite some time could not remember there was such a person in the Pugilist, became less guarded and sighed. “I am already a prisoner, why bother to about any names! Friend, let me tell you honestly, you and me are already in the lion den, we can only resign ourselves to our fate and wait for death, what is there for us to talk about? Alas!” After saying, this soft spoken young man sighed again.

Zhan Bai smiled and said. “Although life and death is up to our destiny but real man don’t fear death. As long as what we do are without guilt and never to let our conscious down, even if there are swords and blades in front of us, why should we be afraid? Moreover, we can still make use of our intelligence and intellect to find a way out and live! Although we may well possible die but as long as we can make one more friend before we die, issn’t it a small comfort too? Moreover, it very hard to find a close friend that is willing to undergo life and death with you!”

When the young man heard Zhan Bai encouragement and extraordinary words, his spirits seemed to lift and the looks of anxiety began to lessen a lot on his face. “Thanks for this teaching. I am Fan Su… Actually she had one more letter to his name but after pausing for awhile, she did not know if it was safe for her to say her full name.

But Zhan Bai had thought that his full name was Fang Su, so he said. “Oh it is Brother Fang Su! Let me help Brother Fang to untie!”

By the time, she wanted to protest, Zhan Bai had already unloosened the ropes around her. She was normally a high and haughty person but when she thought that she was now in the manipulations of others and could do nothing but look, her face began to turn flustered. And there were even tears on her face now. It was really heart wrenching for her to be so humbled in front of others.

But Zhan Bai did not know her thoughts so he said. “Brother Fan, don’t be too upset about our dire predicaments! Even the sages of old had their down moments.” Therefore, he started to relate to him all his happenings and how much humiliations he had to face…

After she had noted that Zhan Bai was really an honest and frank person, she began to take a liking to him.

But when Zhan Bai had finished loosening all the ropes around him and saw that Fang Su could not move, he discovered that he might have been blocked in his accupoint channels. So he offered to help him to clear his accupoints but no matter how much Zhan Bai offered to help, Fang Su would object very strongly.

When Zhan Bai saw Fang Su’s face had turned red, although he felt it was a strange thing but Zhan Bai was a pure hearted young man so he did not think of anything. So when he saw Fang Su was objecting very strongly, he began to use the ‘Aerial Accupoint Technique’ to clear his accupoints.

This ‘Aerial Accupoint Technique’ was a skill that Zhan Bai had picked up from the Sacred Manual. He was simply following the book but did not know how profound and startling this skill was!

But she was secretly very startled for she would never expect [Meteor Hand] would jail such an invincible top martial exponent fighter in this jail room!

Suddenly from the outside, there were cries of fighting and killing from the outside…


Ch9 End

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Poor Zhan, as the sayings go, although the True Way could be high and mighty but the Dark Force was even higher. The more a person pushed his internal force to a greater height, the dark force within would be harder and harder to resist. It was inevitable Zhan Bai would be afflicted by deviation phenomenon, leading to cripple or death.

The Lord of the Only Eye would surely turned in his grave if he had known that Zhan Bai, the successor of his wondrous Sacred Manual, had failed in his willpower…

Chapter 8: Enchanting Lyrical Illusions

As for the rest of the crowd, everyone had long retreated far away and preparing to witness the display of this ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!…”

But this time, the melody was not as sad and sorrowfully as before. In fact, it was a very joyous and exuberant type. It was as thought it was the blossoming of all the spring flowers, a hundred types of birds singing and the vast earth was filled with life and jubilant.

It was like a youthful lover that knew that an affectionate companion was waiting for him in a garden filled with the magnitude of a hundred different kinds of flowers. Therefore he started to sing and dance as he made his way to her and to throw himself into her embrace. It was filled with happiness, joy, love and not even a trace of sorrow or heart breaks…

But Zhan Bai was prepared this time and he had cleared his mind from all thoughts. He was sitting on the grass patch on the ground reciting silently the intricate formula of the ‘Sacred Manual’. “In Energy there is a Mixture Concealing within it, Lift the Pure and left behind the Impure, In Way there is but One Rule Altogether…” This was actually the orthodox intricate formula to discern the bad qi and the good qi (energy).

The Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual was indeed the most wondrous book in the Entire Fraternity. As Zhan Bai began to follow the circulation method to practice his flow of vital energy, he had actually reached the point of purity in his breathings and entered the state of forgetfulness. Therefore he did not even heard the touching affectionate music of the flute play!

Although standing far away, many had tried to cover their ears but they had been affected by the flute play. Some of the henchmen of Young Master Lingfeng had even lost control and was now dancing with a jubilant looks on their faces…

Even Murong Hong who had extremely good self-control and willpower, was seen with her eyebrows seeming dancing and she seemed to be losing her willpower…

But even as the flute play was playing, there was not a trace of emotion from Zhan Bai…

‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng who was watching Zhan Bai began to feel disappointed and he thought. “Although this young man looked like he has the fundamental physique for martial training but he doesn’t seem to have developed far in martial ability levels, so how could he have such a extremely strong willpower? And not be affected by my flute play…”

Therefore ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng began to change the tune of his flute play from one of being joyous to extreme hopelessness.

When the tune changed and instantly became sad and grieving, it was like the withering of the spring flowers and the cold chilling winter had crept in. And the icy snow had frozen all the life in the vast earth with the violent icy wind destroying and desolating all life. The period of happiness was over, happiness had turned into despair. Even the most loved companion was lost, hope had vanished and hopelessness reigned over everything. Everyone started to lose their hearts and was discouraged and the future was as bleak as a bottomless pit. Only darkness and emptiness reigned…

Young Master Lingfeng, the priest with his eyes closed and a bald old man who had much stronger internal power and they were at a further distance too, was not affected by the flute play. But all the henchmen of Young Master Lingfeng were now totally enthralled by the flute play and were sad beyond measure.

Even Murong Hong who had the highest willpower but because she was worrying about Zhan Bai and had stood besides Zhan Bai, was moved by the flute play. Although she was wearing a veil but it could not hide her eyes that was like the Spring Mountains and the merry laughs of her eyes. But now when the tune of the flute play had changed, the smiles of her face that was like flower vanished and she was filled with a melancholy and sadness. When the music of the flute play had reached its epitome, her tears began to flow down her cheeks.

But Zhan Bai remained unmoved and that caused ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng to be perplexed with amazement.

‘Ascending into the Bliss of Spring Joy’ ” and ‘Descending into the Withering Winter’ were two of his greatest compositions yet it could not move such a young man!

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!”

The music of the flute play had now been changed from the ‘Descending into the Withering Winter to the ‘Frosty Blade of the Autumn Wind.’

It was extreme sorrow now, like the dying cries in a sea of million men of war and horses that shook the entire earth!

The terrifying screams of people dying in the battle and the grief experienced in such a war that was so heart wrenching! It was as though the listeners were participating in such a battle!

Suddenly Young Master Lingfeng’s henchmen were fighting among themselves. In an instant, three to four were seriously wounded! Young Master Lingfeng immediately hit their accupoints but they were looking at one another with hatred and outrage, refusing to put down their weapons. They were all still bleeding and terrible to behold…

Murong Hong purity looks suddenly was filled with an air of malevolent air but she bit her teeth to resist it. And her face was covered with her fragrance sweat, indicating that it was taking all her willpower and endurance…

“Brother Zhang!” The priest with his eyes closed was actually really a blind man but his hearing was very sharp and sensitive. He could actually know his surroundings very well much like he was actually seeing it. He knew that ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng’s ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ had failed to move this young man, instead he was causing their own people to be so pathetic.

Therefore had had used the Secret Whispering Skill to secretly whisper into his ears. “This young man is a bit strange. Let us change to another location to seize him so as not to startle the Old Master!”

The blind priest was using the Secret Whispering Skill to talk to Zhang Shipeng. Others could only see his lips were moving but they could not hear what he was saying. Only the ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ could hear it very clearly. But the words of this blind priest had unintentionally stroked his burning rage. It was because it was impossible for his renowned ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ to fail against this nameless nobody of a young man. What if this had leaked to the Pugilist Fraternity, how would he going to face anyone!

Therefore, he did not stop playing and played even more hurriedly and in faster pace.

And he began to play a variety of melody to bring out a person’s emotions, rage, joy, sorrow, fear…the seven affections and the six worries were playing according but…he was still unable to move Zhan Bai.

At this moment of time, Zhan Bai had a beautiful and pure glow on his face as he focusing on bringing his five hearts upon the heavens. In fact, he looked like he could exude a golden treasure light in this mountainous green wilderness. An inviolate aura of tranquil and righteousness had enveloped him.

Zhang Shipeng with his silver flute had rampaged the Pugilist for tens of years and was invincible. The proudest moment of his entire life was to fight the ‘The Three Elders of the Central Plains’ that had dominated the entire Martial Fraternity and forced them to retreat with his Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display. Since then, his internal power had tremendous increased. But he was old now and not as energetic as before so he was contented to be in a semi-retirement.

But today when he had witnessed this young man that could kill Chen Qing and Chen Ping with only one stroke, even evaded Tianya Kuangsheng three killer stances and drove him away in a fit of anger thus causing him to show an interest in Zhan Bai therefore he wanted to use the Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display to gauge his depth.

At first, he did not use all his strength for he was very sure just with just the Spring and Winter melodies, he could shatter Zhan Bai’s will.

But who would expect that after he had displayed his Four Melody Chapters of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, even played the Soul Devourer Chapter of ‘Seven Affections and Six Worries’ to destroy Zhan Bai’s Will but Zhan Bai remained unmoved.

Zhang Shipeng was secretly very stunned and thought. “This young man looked like the type that is very emotional but how could his willpower exceed that of ‘The Three Elders of the Central Plains’?”

That was because he had never expected what Zhan Bai used to resist the ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ was from the most wondrous book in the Entire Fraternity ‘Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ which contained the ultimate form of the intricate formula from the Monastic Orthodox Order!

In the past, when the Lord of the Only Eye, was forced to resist the charms and temptations of the ‘Most Desire of the Desirables’ ‘The Heavenly Enchantress’ when she was using her ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ on him and he was afflicted by a deviation phenomenon. And all the talents and knowledge of the Lord of the Only Eye was almost totally destroyed and became a naught, Steel Hearted Priest, Chief Leader from the Orthodox Sect of Wudang and ‘Bitter Water Saint’, Abbot Leader of the Shaolin Monastic Order quickly saved him before it was too late.

Therefore he started to transfer all his knowledge and ingenuity into this ‘Sacred Manual’. Among the skills that were in the manual, included a technique to refine energy and to resist the dark force. It was a skill that was unprecedented from the ancient times to now. It was created to deal with the ‘Heavenly Enchantress’ to counter her ‘Most Desire of the Desirables’ charms.

Was there anything else in the whole wide world that would be as tempting as her?

It was why, no matter how formidable was Zhang Shipeng’s Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display, it would not reach and move Zhan Bai’s heart.

But, how would Zhang Shipeng who called himself ‘The Invincible in the Entire Fraternity’ swallow this bitter pill? His face was now flustered in redness and his pair of eyes almost exploded and he started to lift his vital energies to display the most powerful Chapter melody in his arsenal ‘Enchanting Lyrical Illusions’!

Therefore this time the melodies of the flute could even breech the clouds above and shattered rocks. “Hu Lu, Hu Lu!”

As the melodies exploded up the air, there were thousands of rain dews spluttering down much like the ‘The Heavenly Maiden Stripping’, ‘Rain of Flowers’, ‘The Slow Dance of the Snowflakes’. Even the rainbows and the Solstices were not as colourful and wonderful that this displayed caused by the melodies…

Young Master Lingfeng expressions changed and the bald old man that was besides him shouted. “Everyone retreat!” And he caught hold of the wrist of Young Master Lingfeng as he sprang tens of yards away.

The blind priest knew that the ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng had already used his most powerful stances and could not be stopped. Therefore he could only secretly sighed. Now that things had reached such a stage, there was no stopping it. The only option was to follow the bald old man and move back tens of yards from the scene as well as to protect Young Master Lingfeng…

This rainbow melodies once it had enacted, had countless of extremely beautiful maidens in the nude dancing, it was the most enchanting sight to behold…This was the illusions of a young man. But in the hearts of a young maiden, it was different. It was a very perfect young man that was besides her and he was so gentle, so caring. His passion and love was enough to melt the hearts of any young maiden…

In the heart of a greedy person, everywhere was gold in exceedingly qualities and pearls of the highest qualities littered everywhere…

If in the heart of a vain person, there would be a crown of the emperor awaiting him and countless number of servants and court officials polishing his ego…

What a most extraordinary marvelous music that it could create illusions. What a person desired most and not obtainable yet he or she had their hearts content now.

What you wanted, you would get it!

Therefore, who would resist such powerful temptations? This dream of a illusion, this illusion of a dream. This desire, who could resist it? Who would not be tempted by it? Who would not fall into this vortex of this melody?

But, Zhan Bai was not moved!

This ‘Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ had the intricate principles of the Monastic Orthodox Order, the willpower that was bestowed, was most extraordinary!

But, standing besides Zhan Bai was a young maiden by the name of Murong Hong, who was also the older sister of Young Master Lingfeng, daughter of ‘Zhaxing Shou’ Murong Han, she had lost control of her willpower!

She was trembling now, her slim body that was like a leaf was trembling nonstop and her face was a rosy red. Her eyes that were like the Spring Mountains were immersed with the pain of love. Her watery eyes were beaming now, was wishful, shy and revealing a uncontrollable desire and urge…

There was a sound and Murong Hong had tore away her veil and threw it to a side as she was sunder in urges and desires.

Ah! Her face was as pure as a pearl, captivating and enthralling that not even the most brilliant of all sculptors could carve out, for her face was so perfect! The young maiden in black had finally revealed her face that was like a heavenly fairy, out of the world and no place on the face of the earth would find a face like her.

The Murong Hong without her veil was beautiful and enthralling. She had lost all her haughtiness and cold demeanor, looking with a hundred affectionate expressions as she was consumed by passion while she walked step by step towards Zhan Bai.

“Ge (Brother)…I have waited you for a long time…(repeat), I miss you…think of you so badly…Ai. Ge…I love you…”

Her passions were like fire and she was muttering dreamily in a low voice at the same time throwing herself into Zhan Bai’s embrace, with one hand around his neck, the another on his face…

Zhan Bai was happily mediating when he got a cold shiver down his spine and there was an itchy feeling on his face. So he opened his eyes to take a peek and saw an extremely beautiful young maiden whose beauty was peerless in his embrace and after sniffing her fragrance and warm …His heart was like Boom! Boom! Boom!…And he immediately became panicky and he made a mess of his internal circulation and breathing as blood rose up from his Dan Tian (Stomach) to his Ni Wan and sputtered to his five organs…

Sniffing a drop of blood from his nose now, Zhan Bai found his first line of defense that was his heart breaching through.

And the enchanting melodies from the Chapter of Enchanting Lyrical Illusions took the opportunity to invade. Zhan Bai found himself opening his arms and to hug her very tightly…

This picture of such a romantic warm first love when it descended upon the eyes of the haughty Young Master Lingfeng caused him to be so embarrassed and angry that he yelled. “That is enough!”

This explosive shout gathered all of Young Master Lingfeng’s internal power, was like the thunder of a lighting bolt and instantly ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng stopped his gold melting melodies.

In between the explosive shouts, Young Master Lingfeng had sprung to the front of Zhan Bai and Murong Hong. Pulling his sister away from Zhan Bai with one hand, the another hand he dealt a direct blow onto Zhan Bai’s chest!

There was a loud ‘Pa’ sound as Zhan Bai was too dazed to try to evade the blow as Young Master Lingfeng dealt a heavy blow on the still sitting Zhan Bai who staggered for awhile with his body but he did not fall.

But it was such a heavy blow by the thousand weigh force of Young Master Lingfeng that Zhan Bai vital energies were dispersed, his internal organs trembled and his heart pounded hard that he could not resist opening his mouth as he pui out a mouthful of blood!

Suddenly there was a loud slapping sound as the young maiden in black, Murong Hong slapped Young Master Lingfeng till he was forced to take five to six steps back and could barely stand, almost falling to the ground!

Five red marks instantly appeared on the handsome face of Young Master Lingfeng, even the side of his mouth had blood dripping.

It was obvious that this slap by Murong Hong was not light. Young Master Lingfeng was born in a wealthy and noble aristocracy family, had a pampered upbringing. Not to mention beating, in all his life, he had never even received a single word of scolding. And suddenly he received such a heavy slap out of the blue that he was actually too stunned to react…

After the young maiden in black, Murong Hong had slapped Young Master Lingfeng, he did not seem to be conscious of it but was looking lovingly and full of tenderness at Zhan Bai, even as she captivating grasped. “Ge…oh!…Are you in pain? Ah! My pitiful Ge…Let your sis examine your injuries to check if it is heavy?…”

As she said, she walked forward and lifted her sleeves to help Zhan Bai wiped away the bloodstains on his lips.

“Why don’t you walk away argh! Maiden, I am used to hardships, what this bit of injuries mean to me!”

Who would expect that Zhan Bai would feel indifferent to the tender and affectionate Murong Hong. Pushing her away, he began to stand up, turned around and walked staggering away…

“Ge! Wait for me, sis will follow you!” She started to tag closely behind him but Zhan Bai was still walking unevenly in front and ignoring her pleas. She was now pleading and crying with her tears flowing down her cheeks for Zhan Bai did not seem to care.

After Young Master Lingfeng was heavily slapped by his elder sister, he was left in a state of shock for he had never been slapped before. But what was even more shocking was that his elder sister that almost never talk, ignored everything in her surrounding would act out of her norm today and even pursuing a young man that was a stranger to her, so desperately and lingering. Therefore when he witnessed such a scene, his eyes were staring wide-opened in shock and he actually forget about the pain on his face…

“Maiden Hong! Mistress Murong!” The blind priest and the bald old man chased after her and blocked her passage to wake her out of her senses to remind her that she was still a chaste maiden and her status…

But who would expected, Murong Hong would stare at them rudely and yelled. “What are the both of you doing here? Get lost!”

The blind priest and the old bald man were actually very highly regarded and prominent figures in the Martial Fraternity. They were highly respected in the Pugilist. Although they had become protégés in the Baotu Manor and resident in the Murong residence but never once did Master Murong dare to treat them with contempt or disrespect. So when Murong Hong suddenly shouted at them, they were stunned at the same time.

“Maiden Hong!” The bald old man furrowed with his eyebrows and said. “You are the one that disregard your status and as your Uncle, I am not gong to let you run in an amok!”

The blind priest added. “Maiden! You must consider your father status in the Martial Fraternity and not be artful…”

“Don’t be so annoying!” Murong Hong was feeling vexed now for Zhan Bai had now walked far. She immediately attacked with both her hands using ‘Dividing the Wild Horse’ and forced them to step aside as she sprang towards Zhan Bai shouting. “Ge…wait for me…”

The blind priest and bald old man had never expected Murong Hong to attack them so they were caught off guarded by her stance. Also they had never expected her to use the ‘Dividing the Wild Horse’ stance with such power and ingenuity that under the condition of being caught off guarded, she could actually force two of the most prominent top exponents in the Martial Fraternity to back off two steps!

The blind priest and the bald old man were reddened with embarrassment that once again, they sprang as though they were flying and caught up with her to block her.

Murong Hong was like a small child as she made a fuss and cried out. “Get lost! Get lost! I don’t want any of you to interfere…” As she sobbed, she started to tear off her clothing piece by piece.

She was very swift and fast, in three to five gestures, she was able to tear off her black silk garments off and following her gestures were her very beautiful and pure white jade body.

The bald old man immediately turned ashen and took flight. Although he was very old, was invincible in the Martial Fraternity and had witnessed many extraordinary things in the Pugilist but none of what he had seen, was this sudden. Unable to cope with it and unable to stop her anymore, he took flight in extreme panicky…


Ch8 End

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Twenty years or so ago, a man stirred up a turmoil in the Martial Fraternity because he found the Record of the Secret Knowledge of Martial.

The skills recorded in the manual were even more marvelous than all the major orthodox sects combined…

Chapter 7: Murong Hong

“Wait a minute!” Lei Dashu shouted in a hurry to stop Zhan Bai.

Just when Zhan Bai was about to tear the book, he saw a dark figure at the entrance of the cave and he was jolted. For the black figure was swaying charmingly with her slim body, her long hair was flying along with the wind, it was undeniable a beautiful sight to behold. And her face was covered with a black veil but her beautiful hands were white as jade, she was that mysterious maiden that was dressed in black whom had saved him from Young Master Lingfeng!

When Lei Dashu saw this mysterious maiden in black, his expressions shown a none too pleased a look. He furrowed deeply and asked. “What is the matter?”

Covered by her black veil, the maiden in black with her watery captivating eyes turned to look at Zhan Bai briefly before she said coldly to Lei Dashu. “Little brother and little sis are fighting now.”

“Why did you not care about it?” Lei Dashu asked in concern.

“There is nothing I can do!” The maiden in black replied as coldly as ever.

“Heng!” Lei Dashu hummed, he sounded like he did not believe it. Then he asked. “What about your mother?”

“He doesn’t want to listen to mother as well!” She replied.

“What about your father and others?! This is your family matter, why did you want me to go and settle it?” Lei Dashu was getting impatient with her.

“All others can do nothing about it!”

Zhan Bai who was standing nearby, was feeling strange. From Lei Dashu’s expressions, he was obviously very startled and worried but he talked like he did not care. And the maiden in black sounded so icy cold like she did not care. Moreover she was talking about her own brother and sister! But she was asking Lei Dashu for help.

Zhan Bai was worried for WanEr, that innocence and naïve young girl. Was she fighting with her brother because of him?

“I go take a look.” Lei Dashu finally said. It was obvious that he was after all still concerned about WanEr. He turned his heard around and intonation with his head to him. “Wait at this very place for me!”

His meaning was very clear to Zhan Bai, he wanted Zhan Bai to keep the Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual carefully. And Lei Dashu sprang out of the cave in a hurry!

However the maiden in black did not leave with Lei Dashu. Instead she was still standing at the entrance of the cave, looking at Zhan Bai with her watery captivating eyes that were like the Spring Mountains. She looked so beautiful, captivating and enticing with the light of the sun shining behind her back!

“Maiden, please take a seat inside…” When Zhan Bai noticed that the maiden was looking at him with her beautiful affectionate eyes, his spirit and usual composure had already dispersed. He wanted to say a few courtesy words but now he realized that only he was alone with this maiden, so how could he have invited an unmarried maiden inside the cave to sit with him?

So when he had thought of that, he started to rub his nose to ponder. But the hand that was rubbing his nose was holding that ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’.

That maiden in black suddenly saw that he was holding a multi colour book so she asked. “What is the book that you are holding to? Can I have a look?”

Zhan Bai was greatly startled by her request. How could he show her all the drawings that were on this book? Definitely not! Especially she was only a young maiden. Therefore he hurriedly tried to toss the book into his clothing and stammering in a hurry. “Nothing…there is nothing!”

“What are you hiding?” She blinked at Zhan Bai. “I only want to take a look and I have no intention to take it. You stingy meanie!”

“This…this…maiden you cannot…look…”

Zhan Bai had always been a proud person. After ten years or more of wandering, he had suffered all the cold treatments. Therefore he was most afraid of letting others looking down on him. And the words of this young maiden had wounded his heart greatly. If it were other things, he would definitely show it to this maiden even if it mean losing his very life. But no matter what, he did not have the courage to show this book to an innocent young maiden.

“Heng!” She raised her head up to hum and she became even colder. “I have never beg anyone before. I didn’t expect that the first time I have to beg, I would have hit a nail. I have saved your life once before, just this alone, you should have let me take a look no matter what!”

As she said, she had walked to Zhan Bai and extended out her beautiful hand to say coldly. “Surrender it!”

When Zhan Bai sniffed her wonderful fragrance as she extended out her hand and saw her beautiful watery eyes looking at him, he started to feel hapless and lost. He started to move slowly backward and muttered. “Maiden…really cannot allow you to take a look…”

When the young maiden saw that Zhan Bai really did not give her any face, she started to lift her body up with the force of her leg. At the same time, she had two fingers from her left hand ready to poke Zhan Bai’s eyes with a stance ‘Stealing Peaches from under the Leaf’ 叶底偷桃 while her right hand was focusing on snatching the book from Zhan Bai’s hand.

When Zhan Bai suddenly saw the young maiden attacking him, he began to react with a natural reflex by flunking the book continuously on her, to force her to retreat. Because he had been playing with his fingers as he mapped out the secret manual and that under a situation where there were no strokes, coupling with the tremendous increase of his internal power, his natural reflex became explosive fast. Therefore the young maiden was forced to retreat and withdrawn her stances. Now she was the one looking stunned at him.

But she soon recovered from her startled expression and after all, the young maiden martial abilities were several notches much higher than Zhan Bai, so using a feint, she successfully snatched the ‘The Sacred Manual’ from him. Next she sprang to the outside of the cave and muttered. “I would really like to see what kind of book is this? What makes it so valuable that you did not even want to show it to me!…” As she said, she began to open the book.

“Maiden! You cannot look!” Zhan Bai shouted in great anxiety and hurry outside as he sprang out of the cave to snatch the book!

When the young maiden opened the ‘Sacred Manual’ and took an eye into it, her whole face turned red and she said in a low voice. “Oh mine! What a dirty book! Take it back!” And then she turned around, preparing to throw the book back into the cave.

The young maiden had turned very fast indeed but so was Zhan Bai when he rushed out of the cave. Therefore they knocked into one another’s embrace with both grasping. “Aiya!”

When the young maiden in black was in the embrace of Zhan Bai, her chest became numbed and her entire body softened. This was something that she had never done before in her entire life. As a chaste maiden, to be knocked into the embrace of a man, although it was not painful but it caused her to be so startled and embarrassed. Unwittingly, her heart began to pound very fast. In that instant, her face was all pinkish red and she was too shocked to say anything…

When Zhan Bai knocked himself into the embrace of this young maiden, he could feel it was so sweet and warm, an experience that he had never encountered before that caused him to lose his very senses and think wry. Immediately he took his three steps back and lifted his head and saw that she was looking at him with her bright watery eyes but her face was red with anger. (That what he had thought)

“Ah! So sorry!” Zhan Bai was like a big child that had no evil intentions or thoughts. When he had knocked into another, he would immediately apologize. He joined his hands together and hurriedly apologized at the same time picked up the Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual and tucked it into his clothing.

Suddenly there was an eerie laughter that startled Zhan Bai that he turned his face around to look.

What Zhan Bai had saw startled him even more. Beyond the cave, on the grass patch, stood tens of people and he did not even know when they had arrived!

The one that was leading them was a Young Master Lingfeng! And behind him were eight men with big blades that were looking at him hatefully.

Among the eight men, three to four of them looked awfully familiar to him. It was Chen Qing and Chen Ping that were with the beautiful lady when they had tried to harm him. And some were those that tried to carry him off when he was lying on the bed seriously sick and wounded.

A priest stood on Young Lingfeng right side and there were another two on his left. All four of them had air of aura indicating that they were not to be trifled lightly. And their eyes were so bright, telling Zhan Bai that their martial skills were very high as well. Only the priest’s eyes were closed while the rest were staring at him like swords.

Zhan Bai was too startled to say anything, therefore he could only take a look at this and that of each of them.

“Heng!” The young maiden in black hummed in a low voice and then she coldly said. “After you have bullied your little sister, you have come to look for your older sister now!”

Young Master Lingfeng furrowed faintly and ignored her. Instead he said coldly to Zhan Bai. “I suppose you have recovered from your sickness now?”

“All thanks to you that my sickness has been recovered.” Zhan Bai did not know why Young Master Lingfeng had come, therefore he just replied him.

“What funeral arrangements do you wish to hand over?” Young Master Lingfeng smiled.

“…” Zhan Bai was too speechless to reply him.

“Are you pretending to be a fool or are you afraid?” He stared at Zhan Bai and said. “Don’t you remember what you have told me in my room? A real man need not fear death.”

Now Zhan Bai was mad because the tone of Young Master Lingfeng was stepping on his toes. “I am not afraid of anything before but I don’t know what you meant?”

“Hahaha!…” Young Master Lingfeng simply laughed hilariously. His laughs were earth shattering and piercing. It was obvious he had powerful internal force.

A middle age arrogant man walked two steps in front and said. “Ignorant rascal, how dare you talk with such disrespect to our Young Master. Are you tired of living already!”

When Zhan Bai looked at this middle age man in the eyes, he already knew he was not his match. But he secretly prepared to be on his guard and preparing to fight with his very life for it was his stubborn nature not to submit even if he would to die.

But before the middle age man could lift his fingers, Chen Qing and Chen Ping stepped forward and bowed with their hands together to Young Master Lingfeng. “Master, let us capture this man for you!”

Zhan Bai was feeling indignant now for even the servants looked down on him…

Young Master Lingfeng lowered his head and looked at them for awhile and then coldly added. “I want him alive and not dead!”

Just this sentence alone caused Zhan Bai’s blood to boil…

Chen Ping and Chen Qing bowed with their hands together to their Young Master and the middle age man before saying. “Just this nameless nobody, there is no need for our Second Master to lift your hands. Let your humble servants capture him for you!”

“Hahaha!” The middle age man roared in laughter. “One is enough, there is no need for two to capture him!”

When Zhan Bai heard it, he was all the more hopping mad now and thought. “Everyone in front of me look down on me. Although I know I am not their match but at least I will take one or two down…”

When Chen Qing and Chen Ping heard what the middle age man had said, they really feel shy about taking Zhan Bai together. Therefore Chen Qing said. “Then, let me have a go.” And he drawn out his sabre and pointed it at Zhan Bai. “Draw your weapon!”

When Zhan Bai remembered how he got thrashed, beaten up by these servants and hacked by them, he became even more angrier. So he ‘hehe’ and said. “Fighting with you servant, I do not need any weapons! I will use my bare fists then!”

Actually Zhan Bai heirloom sword ‘The Heartless Precious Sword’ had been lost in the hands of Young Master Anle. Even if he wanted to draw a weapon, he had no weapon. But when he saw Chen Qing treated with him contempt, so he used the ‘Peerless Spear to fight the Peerless Shield’ stratagem. Since Chen Qing was so outrageous and arrogant, he had to be even more outrageous and arrogant than him!

From the words of Zhan Bai, everyone in the crowd had their expressions changed. Of course Chen Qing all the more could not resist shouting. “What an arrogant rascal! Watch my sabre!”

That day in the woods, Chen Qing had a taste of Zhan Bai fists and hand martial techniques. But that was three versus one. Although he wanted to be as arrogant as Zhan Bai and threw his weapon away to engage him in a bare hands fight but he dare not. So he thought. “Let me slash him one or two times to smoothen the fire of my heart…”


Before Chen Qing could hack Zhan Bai, the young maiden in black had interrupted with a captivating grasp. “Chen Qing, aren’t you disgraceful? You actually use a weapon to fight with a bare handed person!”

Chen Qing flustered with embarrassment. He held his sabre and stood on the same spot, not knowing what to do…

“This matter has nothing to do with you!” Young Master Lingfeng furrowed with his eyes and said. “You actually have the audacity to be alone with this stranger. The fact that I did not pinpoint what you did, is already enough and you still want to interrupt by the side. Don’t you know what is shame?”

The young maiden in black was actually trembling in anger now. How could such a cold demeanor maiden be moved to such anger and was actually speechless now. She pointed her beautiful fingers at Young Master Lingfeng. “You…you…” But for quite a while, she could not say anything.

“Chen Qing! Hurry and continue the fight!” Commanded Young Master Lingfeng and ignoring his sister.

Chen Qing raised his sabre to hack at the head of Zhan Bai.

But Zhan Bai was ready and plunged forward with his hand using the most direct form of attack ‘Splitting Huashan’ 力劈华山 and hit Chen Qing directly on his chest.

There was a loud cranking sound as though Chen Qing had been landed with a thousand weight force that sent him flying back three yard away! And he died on the spot! And his sabre flew even further away…

Everyone was slightly stunned.

Then there was a shout as Chen Ping grieved by the death of his brother charged at Zhan Bai. Moreover it was such a demeaning humiliation to be defeated by a nameless nobody such as Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai reacted by hitting him on his face with his right hand with a stance ‘Hitting the Golden Bell’ . Chen Ping instantly collapsed with blood sputtered on his seven senses in his face.

Although Chen Qing and Chen Ping were just guards in the Murong residence, their martial skills were not weak. Even a first rated fighter in the Martial Fraternity would find it near impossible to defeat them within two or three strokes.

But now when Zhan Bai attacked, he had instantly killed the two men with just a single stance. Therefore all the highly martial skill experts that were presented here when they witnessed such a feat that was out of their expectations, were all startled and their expressions changed.

Everyone was thinking. “Such an unremarkable lad would actually have such astonishing display!”

Not to mention the others, even Zhan Bai himself was stunned. He thought. “A few days ago at the woods, I am not their match. How come today, they would become so weak now that I can kill them with only a blow?”

One must know that the Sacred Manual was the most wondrous book in the world. All the divine skills contained within it were the most closely guarded secrets in the Martial Fraternity that was long lost or that it was deemed too dangerous to pass. 不传之秘 And now his internal force had tremendous increased and he even used all his strength, so how then could Chen Qing and Chen Ping resisted it?

Master Lingfeng countenance had changed by now, especially when he had witnessed how Zhan Bai had killed his two henchmen…

“Hahaha…” The arrogance middle age suddenly laughed aloud and his voice was loud and trembling to the ears. Till he had stopped, his laughter was still echoing back. One could know that this man internal power level had already reached the divinity state of as pure as a raging fire.

“Little rascal!” The middle age man laughed again as he stared at Zhan Bai. “In front of Young Master, you actually killed two members of the Murong residence. You are indeed arrogant enough! What guts too!”

“Who matter who it is!…” Zhan Bai was feeling quite guilty for he did not knew that he had dealt such a heavy blow. But what he felt more stronger now, was the sense of humiliation and indignant. He knew that he had now committed a hate situation, since it was a no-win situation for him so he decided to throw his life out and he said. “…You can settle the score with me, my life is here for the takers!”

“What arrogance little rascal!” The man stared at him with explosive looks and said solemnly. “Do you know I am?”

Zhan Bai said. “Forgive me for my blindness. I do not know who are you!”

“[Ultra Boastful Scholar]” the man thundered. “Do you know now? [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou is me, I am [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou! Just three strokes! I need only three strokes to slay you!”

“What if after three strokes thereafter, I am not dead?” Zhan Bai interrupted. He knew that he was obviously not his match because this Zhao Jiuzhou martial abilities really won him by too many notches and his instincts were warning him now. However, he refused to bow to weakness and he was denying it now stubbornly.

But how could he not know the name of [Ultra Boastful Scholar]? He had heard of his legendary exploits and deeds too many a times. Everyone in the Pugilist had heard of him and his exploits and deeds were even integrated into songs and lyrics.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was borne as a protégé of the Changbai Clan 长白门, he learnt all he could in three years and he could even defeat all the top exponents in the Changbai Clan. Even his Mentor Teacher was not his match. After that he seemed to think Changbai Clan had nothing to teach of him and there was nothing worthy left for him to learn, therefore he left the mountain without permission and announced to the Pugilistic Fraternity, if anyone could defeat him, he would bow to him as his Mentor.

Because he was highly gifted, no matter what clans and sects martial techniques, if he happened to see, he would never forget about it, in fact he could be even thought of a way to counter it instantly.

That was why after three to five years later, the number of exponents that could still be his match were fewer than few. But no one could defeat him. After that he went on his own to Songshan, to the Shaoshi Peak to challenge the Shaolin most renowned formation in the Pugilistic Fraternity, ‘Luohan Formation’.

After that he went on his own to duel with the Wudang Sect top three exponents ‘The three Scions of Wudang’ and he could even escape unscathed. Therefore the name of [Ultra Boastful Scholar] began to vibrate throughout the entire Martial Fraternity.

But after that for unknown reasons, [Ultra Boastful Scholar] disappeared from the Pugilist. Who would expect that he would appear here and actually became a protégé guest in the Murong residence, ‘Baotu Manor’.

But judging from the characteristics of [Ultra Boastful Scholar], he had never been impressed by anyone before and now he was so courtesy to Young Master Lingfeng. It was very strange indeed!

“If you can still live after three strokes,” Zhao Jiuzhou said. “I will give the title of [Ultra Boastful Scholar] to you. Little rascal, prepare to die now!”

“I have long been prepared!” Because the arrogance of Zhao Jiuzhou incited him greatly, he was offended and replied sarcastically.

“Prepare to take the first stroke!”

Even before Zhao Jiuzhou had finish uttering ‘stroke’ he had lifted himself up and somersault like a dolphin straight towards Zhan Bai’s San Yang, Fen Shui accupoint points on his chest!

Zhan Bai was greatly startled for he had never seen this stance ever before in his life, much less heard of it! Because he did not know what manner of a stance and stroke was this or a method to counter it, he decided to use the ‘Horse Spanning the Golden Mountain’ swiftness movement skills to evade!

What an coincidentally, just when he had turned his body to evade, he tripped on a pebble and he lost his balance to fell with a ‘Ai’ sound…

“The second stroke.”

Zhan Bai was still on the ground when Zhao Jiuzhou had displayed the second stroke. This second stroke of his was even more ingenious and unique. He flew towards Zhan Bai like an arrow, and used his legs to kick against the ground as momentum towards him. His legs moved so fast that he could scarcely saw Zhao Jiuzhou tip of his shoes touching the ground, much like he was treading on water as he pushed out his hands against him.

Zhan Bai was panicky now and he did not know what to do and he tried to run but he lost his balance again and slipped all the way to the side, thus he evaded the blow once more. He was really very lucky for although [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had missed him but the windforce of his hands were even more powerful than a sword and a small pine tree five feet away was bend over by the force of his windforce!

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was not a person that gave empty promises. His first two strokes were not only ingenious but swift and formidable too. Putting Zhan Bai aside, even it was the top most powerful exponents 一流的顶尖高手 would find it most difficult to evade it.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] blows were really ingenious and marvelous. He had already calculated where Zhan Bai could evade. And the second stroke was a finishing blow at the only possible point where Zhan Bai could evade should he have the genius to know where to evade. And he had used the second stroke without pausing.

Therefore when Zhan Bai fell in an awkward position, he not only evade the first stroke but also the second stroke as well. For the second stroke was even more ingenious at point blank.

So when [Ultra Boastful Scholar] saw that Zhan Bai was on the ground, he did not know that Zhan Bai had unintentionally dodged his attack strokes and only thought that he was using a special swiftness movement skills. But on closer inspection after he paused for a while, he saw that Zhan Bai had really fallen down. Therefore he laughed and shouted. “Little Rascal! Stand up first!” And he waved a hand at the fallen Zhan Bai.

Just when he was trying to stand, [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had shouted for him to stand and he could sense a windforce in the air, therefore he thought that the third attack stroke had arrived so he used a swiftness movement skill ‘The Lazy Donkey Rolling’ and he rolled backward for eight feet before he rose up from the ground.

‘Hahaha…” [Ultra Boastful Scholar] laughed hilariously. “Little rascal! Don’t be too tense. I have not yet exhibited my third attack stroke yet!” As he said, he walked to Zhan Bai, all the while staring at Zhan Bai…

The third attack stroke that he was going to use, was to kill another person while he was still laughing before his opponents could gather or concentrate their thoughts on defense, was really vicious and terrifying but also an important fighting factor.

“Heng! Uncle Zhao!” The young maiden in black hurriedly said. “You are after all a prominent figure in the Martial Fraternity. So what you have said, do you honor it or not?”

“Your Uncle Zhao is always a man that keep my word and my words are gold, so how could I not honor my words! If not, why did I stay in your Murong residence for ten years, Maiden Hong, don’t you agree?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] took a few more steps toward Zhan Bai even as he was replying to her.

“Then,” she said. “Uncle Zhao you have said that after three strokes you could kill him but now three strokes are finished, why then do you still want to attack him?”

Her big bright captivating eyes were looking at [Ultra Boastful Scholar] and at the same time, looking at Zhan Bai too.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was about to attack Zhan Bai when he heard her saying that he had used three attack strokes. Therefore he said solemnly. “It was obviously two attack strokes, everyone here is a witness. So why did you say it is three attack strokes?”

“The first stroke is called ‘Against the flow of the River Jiang’, the second stroke is called the ‘Changing the Course of the River Jiang’. Uncle Zhao, is your niece right to say so?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] nodded and said. “Right! What about the third attack stroke then?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was secretly surprised that this young maiden, Murong Hong was so highly gifted that she even knew about his self-created martial art ‘Wind Chaser Wondrous Hand’.

But it was obviously that he had used only two strokes and not three. So he thought. “No matter how brilliant you are, you won’t be able to pinpoint my third attack stroke.” Therefore he waited patiently for her to reply.

“The third stroke,” She said rolling her big eyes. “Was when this young man was on the ground, Uncle Zhao you have exhibited the third stroke.

“Heng!” Tianya Kuangsheng coldly hummed. “Your Uncle would never attack a person on the ground. That was just a gesture to ask him to get up so how could it be considered a stroke?”

“The Waves against the Sand!” Murong Hong said. “It was obviously a deadly attack stroke. If it wasn’t for the fact that the young man had dodged fast enough, he would be dead!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was stunned on the spot when she pointed it out!

It was because he really did have such a stroke in his Wind Chaser Wondrous Hand stances. And that wave of his hand really resembled that technique but he did not purposely attack Zhan Bai, if he did, how could Zhan Bai have dodged it while he was still lying on the ground?

Although Murong Hong had exposed this attack stroke of his but he could still deny it and continued to exhibit the third attack stroke on Zhan Bai and to kill him.

But [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had long established his name as one of the very top martial exponents so how would he deny his own stances? Moreover he was a haughty and arrogant man!

Therefore he was startled for a while before he shook his had and said solemnly. “Uncle Zhao considers myself to be conceded. But, Maiden Hong, I must make it very clear. Today I concede because of your mouth and not in his hands!”

When he had finished, he turned around and bowed with his hands together to Young Master Lingfeng. “I have stayed at your residence for ten years now and have no contributions whatever so. Therefore today I bide farewell till we meet again!”

When he had said the last four words, he had already sprung away in an instant and had disappeared from view. No one expected him to just leave! Moreover, his swiftness skills were simply too fast that not only Young Master Lingfeng did not have the chance to say anything but the others too!

“Heng!” Young Master Lingfeng hummed and pushed all his resentments upon his sister and said. “You actually caused Second Uncle Zhao to be so upset as to leave. I like to see how you are going to account for our Father!”

Murong Hong lifted her nose up and coldly hummed too. “He leave by his own free will, so what can I do!”

“But you are wasting your efforts!” Young Master Lingfeng said even more coldly. “I am not going to spare him today!” And he started to walk towards Zhan Bai.

“Young Master please hold your hands!” A middle age man who was clothed beautifully said. “Let an old man like me blow a melody tune and invite this young man to appraise it. I wonder if this young man you have the interest and the mood?”

But Zhan Bai gauged that the man was not more than forty so why did he call himself an old man? But he understood that in the Pugilist, the more courtesy a man was, the harder he was to deal with and it not wise to antagonize these types of people. Although he did not know who he was but from his air and his sharp eye, he knew instantly that he was a top martial exponent in the Martial Fraternity.

But Zhan Bai had already decided that no matter who it was, he would never let anyone despise him. Because he was all too clear that to ask for mercy from these merciless pugilist heroes that killed without even blinking their eyes, were hopeless and was a form of humiliation. It was even harder for him to bear than death. Therefore, without even thinking to consider, he had agreed. “No matter what you have up to your sleeves, I’ll accept!”

When Zhan Bai had agreed so fast, Murong Hong furrowed deeply and said. “You silly rascal! Aren’t you finding trouble for yourself? Do you know that this Zhang Shipeng of the Soul Snatching Silver Flute is even harder to antagonize than Tianya Kuangsheng and you even dare to challenge him?”

The Soul Snatching Silver Flute Zhang Shipeng smiled and took out a silver flute and he started to blew on the flute. “Hu…Lu! Hu…Lu!”

He had started playing the first two tunes, which was extremely clear and high pitch!

Then Zhan Bai suddenly became…

All the people from the surrounding started to move backward and used a cloth to cover their ears. And Murong Hong was so anxious that she started to stomp her legs and her heart was secretly crying out. “Oh dear…”

Although the way Zhang Shipeng played the flute was not too loud but it was surprising high pitch and clear. The melody of the flute began to penetrate deeply into the hearts of all the listeners and cause them to have a heart breaking and even their souls would weep, and those who had weaker willpower was now feeling emotional and their tears began to flow.

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!” And the melody got even sadder. Zhan Bai’s face was full of sorrows now and he was now staring idiocy at a place faraway. His spirit and soul was lost and he had tears on his cheeks now.

Murong Hong knew that the melody from the flute was very deadly therefore she had already focus with all her thoughts to guard against it and had cleared her mind with all thoughts. So she was not affected by the music of the flute. But when she saw Zhan Bai sorrowful look and that he was weeping now, she knew that Zhan Bai was caught unprepared by this musical display. So in great anxiety and haste, she shouted aloud. “Uncle Zhang! It is not fair!”

It was because ‘Meteor Hand’ Murong Han accorded all the top exponents that were protégés under him with great esteem and respect. Not only did he address them as his brothers but he also wanted his son and daughters to address them as their Uncles. Therefore Murong Hong would address them as her Uncles. Naturally, it was his stratagem to win over their hearts.

The Soul Snatching Silver Flute Zhang Shipeng smiled and stopped playing his flute and said. “Maiden Hong, what other opinion do you have?”

Murong Hong flustered and her cheeks turned rosy. Although she was covered by a veil but from the sides of her cheeks and eyes, she looked terribly flustered now. She kept defending Zhan Bai against her own people that when Zhang Shipeng on the sly hinted her abit, she immediately got his meaning. Especially when Zhang Shipeng kept smiling at her and his eyes were full of hidden meaning.
Now she felt awkward having her feeling revealed. She was usually very composed and would wrap herself in a cold demeanor. She would never lose control of her emotions and feelings this easily.

But how did she become so affectionate to this lonely wanderer of a Zhan Bai?

Therefore before her usual mannerism underwent a tremendous change. And her cold, noble and haughty air was changed to a shy, flustered mannerism of a young chaste maiden!

Although she was still terribly flustered at the moment but she knew that Zhan Bai was in grave danger now so she cast away all reservations and shyness to say. “Uncle Zhang, you are so famous in the Martial Fraternity so how could you ambush a Junior!”

‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng was greatly startled and he looked none the pleased. “Maiden Hong! Can you care to explain it?”

“Uncle Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is widely recognized as the most pinnacle epitome technique in the Pugilistic Fraternity. You did not declare it to him and display it out of the moon, by catching him unprepared, isn’t it equal to ambushing him?”

“Who say I did not declare it?” He was indignant that she had coined his attack as an ambush. Therefore he was really angry now. He sunk his face and said solemnly. “I have invited him to appraise my flute skills and he has personally agreed. More than ten eyes and ears are my witnesses. So how can you say I did not declare it? Heng! It is really so outrageous!”

“But,” Murong Hong was a most quick thinking person and have a keen intellect. Even though ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng was not wrong and every one of his words true but because she wanted to save Zhan Bai with great anxiety, she had already know what to say to disrupt the contest.

Rolling her captivating eyes, she said. “But Uncle Zhang, you did not declare that you are using the melody of the flute to duel, naturally he would not be prepared!”

So Murong Hong turned to Zhan Bai and said. “Do you agree or not? Do you know that Old Senior Zhang ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is a set of powerful martial technique?”

Murong Hong had good intentions. She wanted to remind Zhan Bai to be on the alert and not to lose his life in muddle.

But Zhan Bai was still looking in great idiocy, his tears were still flowing down his cheeks and he did not seem to hear anything.

Murong Hong was startled. She knew that Zhan Bai had been bewitched by the melodies of the flute and was now an idiot. She wondered if he had suffered internal injuries or had his internal force shattered in the process. So she pushed Zhan Bai and said in a high pitch voice. “Did you hear what I have said, hello, did you hear me or not?”

Zhan Bai broke into a cold sweat and he woke up all of a sudden from his daze. And he looked at Murong Hong and did not know what had happened.

It was because when Murong Hong had pushed Zhan Bai, she had secretly hit his ‘Cai Tai’ 采台 and ‘Qi Hu’ 气户 accupoint channels thus knocking him back to his senses.

Upon seeing Zhan Bai had now returned to his normal state, she hinted aloud to him. “‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Old Senior Zhang wants to use his ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ that has destroyed many in the Martial Fraternity to duel with you. Can you really accept his challenge? If you think you cannot, it better that you do not wrought disaster upon yourself!”

Murong Hong was purposely protecting Zhan Bai. First, she reminded him of the formidability of ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’, next she reminded him not to force himself. Even if he did not accept the challenge, it did not matter for given the status Zhang Shipeng in the Martial Fraternity, he would feel shy to force a pugilist junior to accept his challenge so that he could use his killer stance.

But, Zhan Bai totally misunderstood her good intentions. When he had just woke up to his senses and heard the young maiden in black wording him cautiously, he thought that she too, was looking down upon him!

After furrowing deeply with his eyes, he said. “Senior Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is so resounding throughout the entire Martial Fraternity that for a pugilist junior like me to experience it, I feel so lucky! I just have to invite you to demonstrate to me then. If I am not unfortunate as to die, it is my absolute glory too!”

He thought to himself. “Ah Zhan Bai, Zhan Bai! Although you have been very unfortunate to go through the grinds but you mustn’t destroy your family reputation. In the past, when your Father with the ‘Heartless Precious Sword’, roamed the North and the South in a glorying display of his heroism. You must learn to be like your Father and not to let a few words demoralize you. You must not never let anyone look down on you!” He had totally misunderstood the young maiden in black!

Zhang Shipeng was expecting Zhan Bai to reject the challenge after Murong Hong had showcased all his formidability. But who would have expected Zhan Bai to accept his challenge so readily.

So he said. “Then, let me invite you to appraise my musical composition!” And he started to put the flute onto his mouth…

Murong Hong stared at Zhan Bai hatefully. Although she was so anxious but what could she do when things had developed to this stage?

Ch7 End

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Chapter 6: The Soul Destroyer Secret Manual

Zhan Bai used the weirdest eyes to look at Lei Dashu but that did not stop him from ceasing his hilarious laughter.

Lei Dashu laughed mysteriously. “You must be feeling very strange why did I bring you to this place and then suddenly I have left? Issn’t it?Zhan Bai was startled and nodded his head. Lei Dashu added. “You are also wondering about this cave, issn’t it?”

Once again Zhan Bai was startled and he thought. “How did he know what I am thinking?”

But he did not know that anyone in his situation would surely be thinking about the same thing too.

“The first thing naturally you won’t not be able to guess but the second thing…” He laughed and laughed. “Take a look first, this cave may not look extraordinary. I simply shifted the position of the bed and block off the entrance of the cave. After that I shifted another boulder to block off the cave. In the darkness, naturally you have thought that the entrance of the cave is still in front of the bed but you did not know…” He laughed merrily and then added. “That the entrance of the cave is just besides the bed only.”

Zhan Bai was startled and secretly sighed. “What did I not think of that? Why did this wild old man appears to be talking sense now and so unlike what I have known? Is he pretending to be crazed and wild but…”

Lei Dashu appeared to be very happy just by looking at the bewildered look on Zhan Bai’s face. He then walked over and took the book while smiling.

Only then did Zhan Bai notice that the cover of book was multi-colour.

Lei Dashu said. “The only reason why I bring you here is to discuss about this secret manual. After so many days, I am very sure you must have read this book already, right?”

Zhan Bai nodded.

Lei Dashu added. “I lock you inside this cave so that you can read this manual alone and in the darkness so that you can marvel over the wondrous of this manual. So I wonder now…” Suddenly he had turned solemn and serious.

But when Zhan Bai was angry instead as he thought. “You want me to read and marvel over this wondrous manual but instead you lock me in a place where there is no light for me to read. Heng…what logic is that!” So he interrupted. “I greatly appreciate your intentions, Old Senior but my eyesight have no problems at all. I can still read in a place where there is light. If Old Senior think that I can only read in the darkness, then…heng heng…” He was an outspoken person therefore he would voice out all his anger out, no matter who he was facing. And he could say so without hesitation and would never think of the consequences. Well, that was also the characteristics of a young hero.

Instead of being angry with him, Lei Dashu had a faint smile on his face. Only when Zhan Bai had finished ranting, Lei Dashu sighed deeply and looked at Zhan Bai queerly. “Really, your temperament is exactly the same as him. Alas…” He sighed again.

Lei Dashu tossed the manual to him and said. “An outspoken young man is not a bad thing but you not judge anything lightly whether it is things or people, do you understand?”

Once again, Zhan Bai was startled since he had not understood what Lei Dashu was trying to tell him.

Lei Dashu coldly said. “Open the book and have a look!”

Zhan Bai became curious and he thought. “Is it because this book cannot be look when there is light?” But how could it be? He could still remember all the words that were so real. So he turned the cover of the book and look – He was totally stunned on the spot.

His heart, began to beat in a fast pace, seemingly would jump out any time. He even thought of destroying this secret manual that contained all the epitome knowledge of the Martial Fraternity.

But another strong desire and curiosity caused his eyes to fix upon the book. In that instant, he felt his eyes grew hazy and amorously. And a lustful thought became to overwhelm him and he found himself unable to stand steadily. Even his hands were trembling as he turned another page.


He was given a heavy slap by Lei Dashu and the secret manual was snatched by him.

Only then did his mind become clear. But when he thought what had happened to him earlier, his cheeks started to become red hot.

It was because when he first opened the multi-colour cover, although there were some words on the book but the entire page was filled with the drawings of an extremely beautiful maiden in various glamorous poses that had nothing on her. And the pictures were all so real life and in colours. Her poses were all so moving, detailed and so revealing that even if it was a steel hearted or idiot man that would to look at the drawings, they would be bound to be moved by it. Moreover Zhan Bai was just flesh and blood. He was a hot blood young man and had never seen such drawings before. What more, there was something mysterious about the maiden various poses too that had caught his attention.

Although he had calmed himself down now but his heart was still beating very rapidly.

Lei Dashu laughed aloud for awhile and said. “Although you cannot see in the darkness but it is better than seeing it, right!”

Zhan Bai darted his eyes, feeling very guilty.

But Lei Dashu smiled and patted him on his shoulder and said in a friendly manner. “But you do not need to be so upset about it. This ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ since ancient times till now, had destroyed the heroic spirits of many heroes. As you are still young, what does it matter to you?” He seemed to be encouraging Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was grateful to him. Instead of getting a reproach from losing his willpower, he got an encouragement. So he muttered. “Old Senior…I, Junior…is still young and lacking in experience. I hope that Old Senior you will not take it to heart.”

One must know that Zhan Bai had an unyielding character. If someone were to bully him and wanted him to lower his head to apologize, it was something he would never do. But if someone were to accord him with kindness, he would feel guilty and would say anything out.

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “This ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ is a most wondrous book in the world. As you are young, you may not have heard of it before but…even if you were the same age as me, you may not have heard of this book either. I spent lots of efforts and tried a million ways before I could finally obtain this book. But I was almost driven to deviation phenomenon by it.”

Then he stopped for awhile before he handed the book to Zhan Bai once again. “Take another look, this is not the only intrinsic wonder about the book.”

But Zhan Bai lowered his head and eyes, he did not dare to look at the book again.

Lei Dashu smiled and then opened the book to its first page, covering most of the page with his hand and said. “Take a look at the words on this book first.”

Although Zhan Bai had decided that he would never look at the book again but he knew that Lei Dashu had a purpose so his eyelids just opened slightly. He was totally shocked because the bold words that were on the book were. “A beautiful woman must have charm, have affections, be interesting, be spirited…the lips must be like the glory of the sun and body to be as seductive as the wind…” He lifted his glances and did not dare to look anymore. He was greatly startled and he muttered. “I remember the first few lines of the book are not like this! How did it become…”

Lei Dashu furrowed deeply and then he was suddenly delightful. “Come, feel it again with your eyes closed.”

Zhan Bai closed his eyes and began to feel the page. It was still the first thirteen characters that he had known so well. He grasped. “What is going on here?”

Now Lei Dashu was laughing and he seemed extremely happy. “At first I am afraid that even when you found this book in the darkness, you would not be able to find the secrets behind the book. I didn’t expect that you can actually feel the words that are hidden in the book.”

Zhan Bai added. “Junior have completely memorized all the words that are in this book…”

Lei Dashu furrowed with his eyes and hurriedly asked. “Then do you know the hidden meanings of the book?”

Zhan Bai sighed. “Junior is not gifted therefore I may not be able to grasp fully. But after spending so many days on it, I have grasped it more or less. I still need some pointers from Old Senior.”

Lei Dashu suddenly closed his eyes and sighed. Slowly he said. “It seem like it is all predestined and cannot be forced. Alas…at least my efforts for you are not wasted at all.” He opened his eyes and began to sit on the stone bed. Then he said. “If you have really understand the meaning of this marvelous book, as long as you work hard in future research, it won’t be too long that even I am no longer your match.”

Zhan Bai could not resist asking. “Since this book is obviously an orthodox Inner Martial Arts, why did it have such an improper name? Furthermore, it is obvious that the author of this book wanted to pass on his martial arts to future generations. Then why did he have to draw such obscene pictures inside the book? It is deliberately leading others to sin.” And his pitch was slowly getting higher. “The Inner Martial Arts of such a person, I doubt it is really an accepted orthodox training method, it is alright if Junior I, did not learn such skills.”

One must know that he had an unyielding character and he followed the doctrines of his parents faithfully, thus he was a true gentleman. That was why he had spoken frankly what he had thought.

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “Although the book has a great deal of nefarious contents in it but the divine skills that are in this book are no doubt the most highly guarded secrets of the Orthodox Clans in the Martial Fraternity. Moreover, the way this book is, is still more or less acceptable.”

Zhan Bai coldly hummed.

Lei Dashu added. “Not many people know of the history of this book. But all in all, this book has a history of 270 years and it once belong to a highly regarded man in the Martial Fraternity known as the Lord of the Only Eye.”

Zhan Bai could not resist asking. “That Lord of the Only Eye, what sort of person is he? He has only one eye?” He was after all still young and what he felt strange about something, he would ask instead of keeping it in his heart.

Lei Dashu smiled. “Although the Lord of the Only Eye named himself ‘Only Eye’ but it well possibly meant that he had a unique way of discerning the good and evil in a person. He could look at a person and instantly know if he is good or evil, subsequently many hypocrites who pretended to be good in the Martial Fraternity were exposed by him. This Senior was not only highly skilled but he was also a hero of his times, it a pity that I was not there to witness his glory.”

Zhan Bai furrowed deeply. “Then why did such a person want to create a book that would harm the others? From what I can see, he is also a hypocrite (Some one who pretended to be a gentleman) as well!”

Lei Dashu laughed. “A person shouldn’t judge too fast if he is not certain, moreover I afraid that he is now ashes now and could not have possible rose from the coffin to argue in his defense. What he did is good or evil, everyone will have different views on it but this secret manual that he had left behind, is not a book that is considered harmful.”

Zhan Bai furrowed with his eyes because he was not totally convinced by his arguments, so he could not resist protesting. “So Old Senior, you have said earlier that this book caused a great deal of heroes to lose their heroic spirits, so how could it not be considered to be a harmful book?”

Lei Dashu laughed. “I didn’t expect that you are so young yet you are so stubborn. Even if you want to be stubborn, you must stubbornly choose to do good. Only those that are stubborn and do good, are considered to be a true gentleman.” He ceased his laughs and said. “According to legends, that Lord of the Only Eye did not have one eye but instead he was also a very handsome and charming man. He could be considered the number one most beautiful man in the Pugilistic Realm. Although he was entangled by many mortal love and relationships throughout his life but he had a heart like iron therefore he was never tempted.”

Zhan Bai hummed and thought. “A person that have a heart of iron is surely a heartless man. If a man is heartless, surely he is not a good person.” He was now prejudiced against that Lord of the Only Eye and was not impressed by him. Only when he saw that Lei Dashu was so impressed by that Lord of the Only Eye that he did not say it aloud.

Lei Dashu said. “When this Senior first took his place in the Pugilistic Fraternity, although his martial skills were high but he had not reached the point of acme yet. And those people that he had exposed with their wiles, naturally hated him very much. But as he was a very amicable person, there were also many highly regarded men in the Martial Fraternity that befriended him and accorded him with esteemed prestige. Therefore his enemies could only hate him in the dark and could do nothing to him.”

“But his enemies thought hard and long, even using a million methods to entice and trap him. As soon as he committed a single mistake, they would use that as an excuse to get rid of him. But who would expect…haha.” Lei Dashu laughed for a while before adding. “But who would expect that his heart was really as solid and firm as gold, they would use power and influences to entice him, even beauties to seduce him but he remained unmoved therefore he did not fall into any traps.”

Although Zhan Bai was not impressed by the Lord of the Only Eye, he was secretly praising his solid willpower. “If he is such a person, then he is indeed a worthy and real man.”

Lei Dashu added. “One day, he finally penetrated and grasped all the deepest knowledge of the Inner Martial Arts, thereby he searched for a secret place to research the upper epitome of all the marvelous Inner Martial techniques. Although he had made all necessary precautions but he did not guard against his best friend, who because of jealousy betrayed his training place. Therefore once the news spread, all the most malicious dark forces were on the move. They intended to interrupt him while he was training. Among all the malicious dark forces, the most terrible and most powerful, was said to be an Enchantress that was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy. She actually exhibited her Glamorous Soul Seduction Skill and before he could reach the acme point of his supreme Inner Martial Art, she caused his heart to move.”

Lei Dashu paused for a long while in regrets.

Zhan Bai sighed too, feeling pity for him. “What a pity.”

Lei Dashu added again. “If one fail in his attempt to go for a breakthrough in Inner Martial Arts, he can attempt some other days but alas…”

One must know that although the True Way could be high and mighty but the Dark Force was even higher. The more a person pushed his internal force to a greater height, the dark force within would be harder and harder to resist. Especially when he was trying to clear his life and death channels and had thrown all his everything, staking his very life upon it. Failure to succeed may well possible lead to deviation phenomenon or even losing his very life.

“Therefore this highly regarded man of his times at the most crucial period of his life, had his thoughts disturbed and was afflicted by deviation phenomenon. If not for the fact that Steel Hearted Priest, Chief Leader from the Orthodox Sect of Wudang and ‘Bitter Water Saint’, Abbot Leader of the Shaolin Monastic Order when they had heard of such a vile happening, angrily rushed down from their recluse retreats and use their clans most ultimate supreme orthodox energy infusion methods to save him. Or else he would surely be afflicted by deviation phenomenon and became a vegetation state forever.”

Zhan Bai sighed and wiped his cold sweat from his head, shook his head and said. “What a close call!”

Lei Dashu added. “Alas! But from that point onward, that highly regarded man of the Martial Fraternity although he had penetrated and grasped an understanding of all the most marvelous and mysterious all the Inner Martial Arts, but because he had injured his body and he forever could not have the chance to breakthrough to the very last level of his internal force. Therefore he could only live in regrets forever. He did not want to sunder the secrets of his knowledge to the grave but he did not want anyone to effortlessly obtain his secrets as well. Therefore he spent a great deal of effort to create such a wondrous book and buried all his knowledge and secrets inside. Next he announced to the entire Pugilistic Fraternity that such a secret manual existed but if a person’s willpower is not firm enough, they must never never attempt to…” He looked at Zhan Bai and asked. “So how could you say he is wrong to do so?”

Zhan Bai lowered his head.

Lei Dashu said. “This Senior as he knew that his martial progressions would never again proceed to the next level, began to immense himself in poem and paintings. He was really a very talented man and was gifted in a hundred areas. He even became the greatest painter in the world. According, the pictures on the book was not only what he had personally experienced and the person on it, was actually the Enchantress that had once destroyed him.”

Lei Dashu patted on the book and added. “Did you notice that the maiden that you have saw although she is in various poses but her face is always the same? Alas…this enchantress is really the most desirable woman in the world. If the drawings were real, then all the more, she would disrupt our thoughts and willpower. It is no wonder that the Lord of the Only Eye…” He sighed deeply and fell into silence.

Zhan Bai was silence too after hearing the story of the Lord of the Only Eye. He began to think. “Disrupt our thoughts and willpower if the drawings were real…alas! Not only was this Lord of the Only Eye a wondrous person, I think that this Enchantress was too.”Both of them were silence for a long time as they were thinking of the Lord of the Only Eye and the Enchantress…

Finally Zhan Bai broke the silence and he asked. “What happens to this book thereafter? And how did Senior you manage to get this book?”

Lei Dashu calmed himself down to reply. “Although that Lord of the Only Eye had warned them but when everyone in the Martial Fraternity had heard of such a Inner Martial Secret Manual, who would not be moved by temptations? Not even half a year had passed, everyone had gathered at the Mount Luofu 罗浮山 . Everyone wanted to lay their hands on this secret manual. In a twinkle of an eye, after every rook and pebble had been thoroughly searched, this secret manual was found by two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox 武林正宗 Clan.”

Zhan Bai furrowed deeply and added. “Those that were also searching for the secret manual and those that were disappointed, would they let them take the secret manual peacefully away! And…when they saw this…multi colour book that looked like almost a porno book, how would they know it is the Inner Martial Arts of the Lord of the Only Eye?”

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “Actually I have heard it from others too. The actual events, I do not know too. I only know that the two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were very good fighters…” Suddenly he sighed. “You must know that all the top pugilist fighters of the Martial Fraternity after they had gathered at Mount Luofu, they had undergo a series of open fights and underhand means. The number of people that were killed was numerous. Since these two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were able to survive the elimination of the weak by the strong, their martial abilities must be exceptional, their cunning would have to be far exceeding that of others too.”

Zhan Bai nodded his head several times and said. “Indeed!” Then he had a jolt when he saw Lei Dashu and he thought. “He is original a very smart person but why did he have to behave and dressed like a wild man? Alas! I think he must be hiding an extraordinary past, I must remember to ask him the next time!”

Lei Dashu said. “After this ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ was found by them, it was said that the book was inside a fragrance wooden chest and on the chest were the words ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ hence its name. Without changing their countenance after discovering this secret manual, they opened the chest and substitute a Taiji Fist Intricate Formula inside. After that they began to follow the others to continue the search as though nothing had ever happened. Naturally others would not know.”

Zhan Bai secretly sighed and he said. “This two men are really so cunning and have thought of everything. But didn’t their expressions betrayed them not a least?”

Lei Dashu sighed and said. “All these pugilist heroes, they were not to be belittled. They had never left even a stone unturned so how could it be possible that others not tell from their expressions! But for the moment they would only suspect.”

Zhan Bai sighed. “I only know that the Fahua Southern Orthodox was a Orthodox Clan in the Martial Fraternity but I would never have guessed that they would have such a disciples.”

Lei Dashu laughed weakly. “Not to mention the Fahua Orthodox, even Wudang, Shaolin had such people too.”

Zhan Bai sighed at that.

Lei Dashu added. “Those who had gone up Mount Luofu to search for the secret manual, only tens of them were left. Most were either killed or leave in disappointed after a year of searching. Of course, the two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were two of the survivors. Several days had passed, in the middle of the night when everyone was trying to light a fire to keep themselves warm from the chilling cold of the mountains. Suddenly everyone heard a hilarious laughter coming from afar. Startled, everyone rushed to the place where the direction of the hilarious laughter was coming from. What they saw instead was the naked body of one of the protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox rolling on the ground. And in his hands, he was holding this wondrous book.”

Zhan Bai was trembling now and unwittingly grasped.

Lei Dashu sighed deeply and said. “It was because the man was tasked with keeping the wondrous book and after a few days had passed, he could not resist taking a peek for he thought that it was now the dark recess of the night so what did it really matter if he just took a few looks? Therefore when everyone were distracted, he ran to the wilderness, borrowed the light from nature and began to look into the book. Alas…If he did not take a peek, it would be good but when he did, his heart paced rapidly, his face was overcame with lust and his primeval will take over control of him. He used to be a bandit before he had joined the Fahua Southern Orthodox therefore his internal force cultivation was not pure enough. Moreover in his earlier days, he had many relationships with women, after suffering one year at Mount Luofu and suppressing his urges for just as long, he lost control after reading the book. In fact, he became crazy.”

Zhan Bai was jolted and he interrupted. “The drawings on the book really have such a enchanting power?”

Lei Dashu sighed. “You do not know the marvelous part of the book yet. According, the drawings were based on the poses when that Enchantress used the Glamorous Soul Seduction Skill. And the poem inside the book…alas! Just think why the name is named the Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer, because it have the power to bind your bones and destroy your soul.”

He paused for a while before saying. “The another protégé of the Fahua Southern Orthodox upon seeing this appalling scene, was greatly startled. In panicky, he did not seem to care about the life and death of his protégé, instead the first thing that he did was to snatch away this book. But this action aroused the suspicious of everyone and they joined hands to deal with these two men from the Fahua Southern Orthodox first. They even made an agreement not to flip the pages of this book first. They thought of many ways to torture these two men into confession. Unable to bear with the torture, they revealed what they had known.”

Zhan Bai sighed and added. “It seemed that they were unlikely to have escaped now!”

Lei Dashu sighed. “Not only did they come to harm but they died terribly too. The minute they confessed that it was the secret manual, everyone was startled and confused. Five men that were standing in the most front rows were instantly killed by the men in the back. And the rest began to fight among themselves regardless of friends and foes. There was a man named the ‘Spirit Fox with Five Claws’ who was the canniest of them all. He knew his martial abilities were weaker so he sneaked away first. But he did not gone far at all, instead he hid himself in the darkness to peek, waiting for all the top exponent fighters to kill one another first. At last, only a Kongtong disciple was left and he was very highly skilled. He laughed hilariously as he picked the book. But before he could finish laughing, the Spirit Fox with Five Claws had sneaked behind his back and stabbed him. Now there was another hilarious laughter, this time by the Spirit Fox with Five Claws.”

Lei Dashu suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai was trembling.

Indeed, Zhan Bai was not only trembling but his limbs had grown cold. Ever since he had started to roam the Pugilist, he had never expected that the Pugilistic Fraternity would be naught with so much cruel feuds and so many viciously cruel people! So he had felt unspeakable anger rising from him. So he could no longer bear it any longer and snatched the wondrous book from Lei Dashu and intending to tear it.

Ch6 End


In the areas around Lake Tongding, the folks there would often see a handsome young man accompanying by five beautiful and peerless ladies as they made their way in jubilant. If a man could have five such wives, it was really unimaginable and unbelievable. Even the bliss of an Immortal would not compare to it! More enviable were that all five of the extraordinary beautiful young ladies were hugging or carrying babies in their embrace as they made merry, it was so admirable! Could it be related to the three legendary treasures of the Martial Fraternity?…

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Chapter Five: In the Darkness

People could be weird at times. When they had come to a noisy place, they hope to have some peace. When they had come to a quiet place, they wished that it would become a noisy place. That was the feeling Zhan Bai was feeling now.

Zhan Bai began to sigh and slowly closed his eyes to calm his confuse and disarray thoughts. But suddenly, he saw a shadowy figure that moved as fast as lightning towards him. He forced himself to open his eyes and he muttered. “Lei Dashu! You…”

Lei Dashu looked idiocy at Zhan Bai for awhile before he picked him up and sprang out of the window.

Zhan Bai tried to struggle but he had no strength. He began to question why did Lei Dashu want to treat him in his way but come to think of that, this Lei Dashu was so out of the norm that even if he were to ask him, it would be futile.

Lei Dashu had sprung out of the window and turned to the right direction. When Lei Dashu had hesitated for awhile, Zhan Bai forced himself to lift his head and saw that they were surrounded by dense woods and there were huge piles of boulders everywhere.

Then Lei Dashu began to run through this dense woods and Zhan Bai was greatly startled to see tree after trees flashing in front of him dazzling him. Then he closed his eyes. No matter where Lei Dashu was taking him to kill him, he was powerless to resist. Now his fate was in the hands of heavens…

Although he had closed his eyes but he could still hear. After awhile, Lei Dashu said. “We have reached.”

When Zhan Bai had opened his eyes, he found himself in a cave with only some light from the stars from the outside of the cave acting as torches.

There was also a stone bed. The entire place was quiet but was also astonishing clean. This place was totally out of character when compared to the wild and strange Lei Dashu. He thought. “What place is this? Why did he bring me here and for what reason?”

Lei Dashu started to put him down on the stone bed.

Zhan Bai secretly sighed and once again closed his eyes. He thought. “But no matter what, there will always be a day when a mystery will be revealed.”

Lei Dashu stood besides the bed and purposely looked at Zhan Bai for awhile before he started to pat him on his chest, waist. It was such agonizing pain for him that he unwittingly cried out aloud and when he opened his eyes, his vision was hazy and then he fainted.


When he had awakened, he found the cave to be in complete darkness.

Slowly he opened his eyes and it did not seem like it was opened for everything was still pitch dark.

Therefore he tried to sit up. But who would expect that when he tried to move, he could actually sit up so effortless! What had happened to his pain and sickness? It seemed like all of his afflictions had mysteriously vanished! (It seemed like Lei Dashu had feed him the Dragon Tiger Prolonging Pill without his knowledge)

He was startled, almost could not believe that it was true. He had been afflicted with many wounds and sickness before, he had never recovered as speedily as now.

He came down from the bed and shouted in the darkness. “Lei Dashu!”

No reply.

Where did that mysterious Lei Dashu go to?

Suddenly he found out his hands and legs had become very agile. It was more agile that what he had known. Therefore he was stunned and stood on the spot for a long time. Suddenly he could feel a breeze on his body. He was all the more puzzled. In this cave where there was no light and in complete darkness, how could there be wind?

So he followed the direction of the small breeze and he reached out, only to find out that in front of him was a wall. But this wall seemed to have many tiny holes.
“Since there is wind, why issn’t there any light?” He questioned himself. “Maybe this wall lead to another passage and this passage is a place where the wind can flow in.”

Therefore he had begun to understand his surrounding but other than that, he knew nothing.

He began to feel the walls around him. There was no doors, what happened to the cave entrance that he had glimpsed earlier? How did he come here? Now he was utterly confused…

Suddenly he found a sack at the corner of the cave. There seemed to be food and water inside. The water was strangely fragrance like wine but it was not and when he took a sip, he suddenly calmed down a lot. He had never for once drunk such wonderful water. Therefore he took a few more sips. He began to sigh for he had never thought he would have such strange happenings. Moreover there was no way out too.

Inside the sack was also a book. He picked it out and walked with it to the bed. Then he remembered that there was no light at all. So how could he possible read a book? It was so laudable. Nevertheless he started to play with the pages on the book and suddenly he discovered that he could actually feel the words on the book. Therefore his heart jumped because he was extremely bored and at least there was something to keep him occupied now. So he started to map the words on the book. Now he understood the difficulties facing the blind people.

He sighed and concentrated and finally he mapped the first word as he grasped. “Air!”

Then what about the second word? Therefore finally he mapped the second word, “Mixture”.

After figuring two characters, his confidence increased tremendously. After patiently mapping further, he mapped out another three characters. “Conceal, Pure, Impure.”

The sixth character was also Pure. The seventh character was ‘Ascend, eighth character is Mixture again. The ninth character was descend, the tenth character was Way. Being quite an expert now, he began to feel the eleventh character. It was ‘One 一, twelfth character was Rule 法. The thirteen character was Together..

He took a long time, it was a tedious and difficult task of mapping all the characters. He heaved a sigh of relief for his fingers were numbed now. After a while, he recited those thirteen words together.

“Air Mixture Conceal Pure Impure Pure Ascend Mixture Descend Way One Rule Together…” But what did those words mean? He could not understand therefore he focused with all his concentrations.

He muttered. “Air, it may refer to Vital Energy, Mixture and Conceal, Pure and Impure, Pure energy ascending? Mix the energy and descend? There is only one way but the method can be many…Ah! Can these thirteen words be interpreted in this way?”

Therefore he started to experiment not knowing if he could be right or wrong.

He began to take a few sips of the sweet water and began to map more words.

Time passed, his food and water was running out soon but he did not care because those words in the book had caught all his attention. His pace was getting slower and slower because the meaning of each word was getting more and more difficult to understand too.

He really did not expect that for such a thin book, it would actually contain all the deepest knowledge of the most intricate principles and formulas of Martial knowledge. Really, this book was like the bottomless Ocean.

Because Zhan Bai naturally loved martial arts with all his heart but he had never meet an outstanding Mentor yet. Therefore when he suddenly discovered this book with all its wondrous secrets, he was so delightful and laughing like he had gone mad. He began to put aside all his other thoughts from his heart except for this book.

Although he could map the words very fast now, becoming quite an expert but his progress was getting slower and slower. Each word he had to spend more and more time thinking over it. Moreover it had to be compatible with the other words in the sentence too.

But, he believed that since there was a beginning, eventually there would be an end too. Moreover he was a very patience person.

Finally one fine day when he had finally unraveled the last of the mysterious words, his heart almost jumped out of his body in great joy! He did not realize that he had been a genius. Now he lay on the stone bed and began to recite all the words again and committing it to memory.

And then he used the methods of the book and started practicing it on his own.

Although it was such a long and painstaking period of time but finally he had his rewards. He had discovered that using the methods in the book to train his internal force, it was supernaturally fast. It was totally heaven and earth apart using the method that he had known in the past.

He found his rest to be shorter and shorter yet his spirit, mind and stamina was so invigorating. He found himself unable to think of any other things for the martial knowledge in the book was so enticing and so wondrous.

But suddenly one day when he was practicing his internal power on the bed, the bed started to move. He was so startled that he lifted a breath of vital energy and began to jump from the bed in a slow but dexterous movement to the ground. And then he was on his guard. For he did not know what sudden events would be going to happen to him now.

A ray of light burst forth from beneath the bed revealing a passage and Zhan Bai was startled as he thought. “What sort of power can cause this stone bed to move?…”

There was a laughter echoing from beneath the passage as a man emerged from the shadows – Lei Dashu! He was laughing nonstop hilariously and then he was sitting on the stone bed!

Zhan Bai carried Fan Su into the cave and gently placed her on her stone bed that he had once slept. Next he reached out to check her breathing which had by now grown weak and pathetic. And it was clear that she was dying.

Zhan Bai did not care for the divides between men and women and thought that he should try his very best to save her first. In actually, he had even forgot about the divides between the sexes. Fan Su had been dealt a heavy blow and her internal organs were now bleeding now. After Zhan Bai shifted her organs back to its original position, he used both his hands to press on her heart and did his very best to revive her meridian pulses.

Fortunately, the Sacred Manual was indeed the most wondrous martial art in the world. After Zhan Bai did some transfer of his lifeforce on her and after doing some massages for awhile according to the Sacred Manual, Fan Su began to moan and had awakened.

But it was the first time that Zhan Bai had done a transference of lifeforce to treat injuries, therefore he had expended a great deal of vital energies and was feeling extremely tired now.


When Su Fan had opened her eyes, it was pitch dark and she could not see a thing.

Suddenly, she had recalled that she had been seriously injured by the blind priest and she remembered that under the blazing fire that was in their surrounding, Zhan Bai had saved her and after that she had fallen unconscious…

Then, where was she now? She gently moved her body and found out that the excruciating pain in her chest was gone now. It was like that her injuries were no more. But who was the one that had helped her to treat her injuries then?…There were so many questions that need answers but she could not see a thing in the darkness. It caused her to think she was still in a dream.

When she had fully recovered from her daze and proven that it was not a dream, she started to finger with her long hair unconsciously as she began to think once more.

Suddenly she remembered that she had accompanied her three brothers and without the knowledge of their father led the protégés in their manor to attack the Baotu Manor, to avenge their mother’s death. She had attempted to assassinate Murong Han with two other protégés ahead of her brothers.

But she had failed, was captured by Murong Han and thrown into the dungeon. Even her two fellow protégés were dead now.
Now that her injuries were fine now, it was best that she quickly left now or else once it was daybreak, she would find herself in more dire situations.

After awhile of walking in the dark, she had saw what seemed to be the entrance of the cave and walked towards it, without seeing Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was following the supreme orthodox intricate formulas in the Sacred Manual, using a method known as ‘Returning to the Natural State’ . This ‘Returning to the Nature State’ made use of a single breath of vital energy and circulate it between the Xiao Zhuang and the Dan Tian and it could flow through thirteen levels while sustaining the body, therefore there was not even a breathing sound from Zhan Bai.

That was why Fan Su did not detect Zhan Bai, moreover it was so dark as well.

Only when Zhan Bai had saw that Fan Su had almost reached the entrance that he had finally restored his flow of breathing and revitalized his vital energy. “Brother Fan…No! Maiden Fan, where are you going?”

In the darkness when Fan Su heard the voice of a man, she really got the fright of her life. After a momentum shock, she immediately sprang out of the cave in fright!

Although she possessed epitome martial skills but a young maiden like her after she had heard a voice in this darkness, she was actually scared out of her wits.

But Zhan Bai did not know this and worried that Fan Su would worsen her injuries if she were to activate her vitalized energy. Also, he was afraid that she might have run into her enemies once outside the cave, therefore he too sprang out of the cave to chase after her.

Zhan Bai noticed that it was almost dawn now. Soon he caught up with her.

“Oh!” Fan Su grasped as though she was singing, her face was as cold as water as she coldly said unabashedly without the coyness of other girls. “So I was saved by Brother Zhan! Let me extend my appreciation to you.” And she bowed both her hands together to him.

Zhan Bai did not expect her to be suddenly so cold towards him even though she had just extended a bow to him. He said. “Fan…Maiden Fan your injuries have just been treated, it not good for you to move around…”

She turned her face around and said. “This, you do not have to worry.” And she turned around and walked away.

“Maiden, please wait!” Zhan Bai ran after her, calling for her.

Suddenly she turned around and her eyes were angry. “Is it because Brother Zhan, you have saved me, you are expecting something in return?” These two lines she had said with great severity and coldness.

Zhan Bai was startled and was speechless! He thought. “I did not fault you but why did you suddenly become so cold?…”

Just when Zhan Bai was startled, three figures emerged out of the dark woods. All of them were astonishing fast and in an instant, they had pointed their long swords in front of Zhan Bai’s chest.

Zhan Bai was even more startled because he had suddenly found himself trapped and in their hands when he was momentarily distracted. He estimated their age to be twenty to thirty. All of them have shining bright eyes and were filled with a heavy malevolent air! Suddenly he noticed that one of them looked familiar. He was the same person that had attacked the blind priest last night so he could not be from the Baotu Manor.

“Dage (Big Brother)!” Fan Su called out from his side and said. “He is not a dog of Baotu Manor…”

The oldest of the three men, furrowed deeply and then exclaimed in a low voice to Zhan Bai. “Rascal! Who is your Mentor Teacher? Why are you after my sister? Speak the truth or you will be a wandering ghost!”

After hearing that, how would Zhan Bai not be upset? He had expended his vital energy just to save person but in the end, he had to endure such threats and attitude. One must know that Zhan Bai was a haughty young man so how would he allow himself to be subjected in this manner! Moreover what incited him further were the three swords that were pointing at him. So he looked at them with a despise look on their faces, coldly hummed and kept silence!

The youngest among the three, who was also the most impatience when he saw Zhan Bai’s proud attitude, shouted. “Dage, look at what this rascal is wearing (Zhan Bai was wearing a cloak from the Baotu Manor). He is obviously our enemy. Why talk so much to him! Let finish him off and hurry away!” And he suddenly thrust his long sword into Zhan Bai’s chest!

Zhan Bai felt a sharp pain in his chest even before the long sword had pierced him and he pushed his hands at the sword.

There was a tearing sound as Zhan Bai’s cloak was tore and his chest was bleeding but luckily, it was not too deep and none of his arteries were cut.

The youngest swordsman that had attacked Zhan Bai was surprised. He did not expect that Zhan Bai had so much power in his hands that he could actually use his bare hands to block off his attack (Zhan Bai had used the windforce in his hands to lessen the impact of his thrust). In fact, he almost lost the grip on his long sword.

“Rascal, you do have some ability. How about this?” And the youngest swordsman attack again with a stance called the ‘Weeding the Grass to seek the Snake’ as the tip of his long sword was imbued with a golden ray of light towards Zhan Bai’s waist.

Zhan Bai used the strong windforce from his palms to deflect as much attack strokes from the him as possible. Then the another two swordsmen began to join in the fray.

Zhan Bai leapt one yard away and muttered. “Outrageous, you want to win me using wolf pack tactics. Farewell, I don’t wish to linger here anymore.” And he turned to walk away…

The three swordsmen came from a prominent swordsman family in Zhenjiang. Everyone knows about the [Zhenjiang, Fan lineage, Three Heroics]. Although tonight they had set fire to the forbidden ground of the Martial Fraternity, Baotu Manor and create a pandemonium but they did not get much of an advantage. It was because they had led more than twenty to thirty first rate fighters in this raid but most of their best fighters had been killed, seriously injured or surrounded by the fighters of Baotu Manor. Therefore when it was soon daybreak, they knew that they would lose their advantage in the confusion, that was why they had ordered a retreat.

But today, Fan Jie, the Second Brother of the [Three Heroics] when he was fighting with the blind priest earlier had saw his sister being carried away by a young man, he seek the assistance of his Eldest Brother [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun and Third Brother [Stellar Cloud Sword] Fan Ying to comb the areas for their sister.

Coincidentally, they had found their sister with Zhan Bai. Because their swiftness movement skills were fast, they were also high skilled in sword techniques, when they had just appeared, they had instantly seal Zhan Bai under their swords. But who would expect that Zhan Bai would manage to escape from under their swords now?

The Fan Clan and the Murong Family used to have very co-ordinal relationships. But because of an incidental that caused Lady Fan to be disgraced and she committed suicide, the two families started to be enemies. Although Master Fan was willing to be forget about this incident and forgo vengeance for his beloved wife but his sons and daughters would never forget about this great hatred that caused their mother to be humiliated and they would always think of avenging for their beloved mother.

Because Master Fan had to leave the manor for the South to settle some matters, the Fan Brothers and sister took this opportunity to lead the top exponents that were their protégés to seek revenge. But they did not expect that not only did they fail in their vendetta, they were also not the match for their enemies and had to beat a hasty retreat.

And now, Zhan Bai who was wearing a cloak that had the insignia of the Baotu Manor, caused the three brothers to be filled with an air of malevolent. But who would expect that a unremarkable young man like him would actually escape from their swords?

Therefore they attacked Zhan Bai again, determined not to let him off.

Although Zhan Bai had cleared all his eight wondrous meridians channels and pulses, if he had the guidance of an expert exponent, in a short time, it was not difficult for him to become an extraordinary expert fighter but now, he had just his powerful internal force and did not know how to make full use of it.

But now he had to face three beaming shadow swords that flashed towards him like a celestial dragons that were now surrounding him now. He instantly felt piercing sword energies all around him, pressuring him.

Suddenly a captivating voice called out. “My three brothers, hold it!…”


Ch5 End

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Among all the outstanding beauties in the South, the most beautiful and wondrous was Jin Caifeng, so much that she was called the number one beauty in all of Jiangnan…

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Chapter Four: WanEr

But Zhan Bai had always been a haughty and proud person. The more others tried to use force on him, the more he could resist with his pride. Even if it were an axe that was on his head now, he would not even blink his eyes and submitted.

Therefore, tried as he mightily as Lei Dashu gripped him, even though he was in great pain, he did not even mutter a sound or bother to reply him.

“Speak! Who are you?” Lei Dashu stared at him and thundered. “Are you the descendant of Zhan Yuntian?”

Lei Dashu was extremely agitated and his grips were trembling even when he was asking Zhan Bai. Therefore he unconsciously used even more strength to grip Zhan Bai!

As the grip by Lei Dashu aggravated his wounds coupled with the fact he was still sick, he looked like he would pass out anytime. But he still refused to say anything.

The young maiden who was as beautiful as a flower that was sitting besides him noticed that his face had turned ashen and sweating profusely, was startled and heart wrench for Zhan Bai’s pain. She was secretly praising his determination and backbone and she was unhappy with Lei Dashu now. “Dashu! Please release your hold huh! Look, you almost breaking his arms now so how could he even reply you?…”

Lei Dashu had doted on WanEr the most and would always accede to her requests no matter what. But at this moment of time, he seemed to lose his cool and did not pay her any heed.

No matter how much Zhan WanEr tried to protest and made a fuss, he did not seem to hear her and he was gripping Zhan Bai very tightly and staring at him…

“Yun Tian alas! Yun Tian! Is it because the Heavens are looking over you that you have a descendant?…Ah! It must be it…it must be it! It must be it! I, Lei…”

Lei Dashu stared at Zhan Bai in frantic for a while before he managed to compose himself but he could still be heard muttering.

But suddenly Waner grasped in shock. “Aiya! He is dead. Lei Dashu! Lei Dashu! He is dead huh…”

Lei Dashu seemed like he had woke up from his dreams and stared at white sheet face of Zhan Bai in shock. There was even no breathing in his mouth and nose.

This Lei Dashu, was once the swore brother of the ‘Thunderous Sword’ Zhan Yuntian and they had gone through many life and death situations together. The two of them traveled across the Pugilistic Realm doing many glorious, righteous and heroic deeds.

But once, when they had parted for a short time, he suddenly received news that the Thunderous Sword Zhan Yuntian whose fame was so resounding throughout the Pugilistic Fraternity was ambushed and died terribly!

At that time, when he had heard of this terrible news, he hurried to the Peaks of Junshan 君山绝顶 . The scene on the summit of Junshan was littered with secret projectiles and weapons. There was blood all over the place but he could not find the corpse of Zhan Yuntian or even his killers!

When Lei Dashu witnessed such an appalling sight, he knew that the rumours were true after all. He almost went crazy with grief and he thought of committing suicide to repay his best friend.

But a desire that was even greater than death forced him to carry on living, the desire to seek vengeance!

Therefore he started to search for all the possible killers of his brother so as to avenge him for his wrongful death!

But he had traveled to the ends of the earth till his shoes had worn off and he still could not find any clues to the identities of the killers. Therefore for the past twenty years or so, it remained an unresolved tight knot in his heart. And then he was invited by the Master of the Murong Manor who had known him through his heroic name and invited him as an honorable guest here.

He had no intention to be the protégé of anyone but when he had thought that having found no clues after drifting in the Pugilist realm for such a long time and that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity had just established themselves and were actively seeking top exponents as their protégés. Because there would be many pugilists that frequented the Murong Manor, he might possible find a clue or two eventually. Therefore he became a protégé of the Murong Manor.

The Murong Manor had wealth that equaled a kingdom. Therefore everyone had to dress in style and observe a proper etiquette. But the Master of the Murong Manor made an exception for him because he knew him as a righteousness man and even gave him the important task of protecting the inside of the Murong Manor.

Therefore he began to stay as a protégé in the Murong Manor. It was not because the Master of Murong Manor had appreciated him but because he had doted on WanEr, even more so than what her parents had doted on her. And so he began to stay for quite a long time in the Murong Manor.

But Lei Dashu had never give up in the hopes of finding the killers of his swore brother.

And now when he thought he had saw the descendant of his brother, he was so excited that he behaved out of the norm in utter delight!

That was because he had never heard that his swore brother had a wife or any children.

But when he had seen Zhan Bai today, he suddenly noticed his mannerisms and looks were so alike to his swore brother.

He was outside the window when he had heard Zhan Bai saying to WanEr. “My surname is Zhan too…My father had died terribly and I did not even know who are his killers…”

Next he was gripping Zhan Bai’s shoulders and muttering something. Only when Waner kept shouting in fright that Lei Dashu woke out from his daze and found out that Zhan Bai had now fainted and his pupils were white! He immediately started to clear the life channels of Zhan Bai’s accupoints!

The sight of Zhan Bai fainting like he was dead caused WanEr to sob and wail nonstop!

Waner who had the looks of a heavenly fairy was a naïve and innocent maiden. The number of people in the Martial Fraternity that were courting her numbered into thousands. There were those that were wealthy, even nobles, top exponents, handsome ones…all kinds and types of people but she had never took an eye on them.

But now, she had fallen in love with this down and out poor wanderer, moreover he was also a wounded and sick young man!

Love was really so unexplainable, illogical and difficult to understand.

“Maiden!” Lei Dashu stammered out as he knew that he had been too hard on Zhan Bai and had also hurt WanEr’s feelings. He tried to say in a gentle tone. “You don’t have to worry, he would not die!”

“I, I hate you so much!…” WanEr said when Lei Dashu had tried to comfort her. And her tears were flowing nonstop.

She was heart wrenched when Lei Dashu had gripped Zhan Bai and caused him to faint therefore she had said that without thinking.

But the minute she opened her mouth, she suddenly felt that she was too disrespected to the elder that had always doted on her. Therefore she gagged awhile and said. “If he, if he really die…I will never forgive…you…”

Although she did her best to change her words and was determined not to say anything disrespectful to Lei Dashu but because she was still so concerned about the safety of Zhan Bai, she unwittingly muttered out these words that she meant not to say. And she was as rude as ever.

Lei Dashu got a shock. Ever since he had become a protégé of the Murong Manor, he had doted on WanEr and even loved and protected her as though she was like his own daughter. Although he had never married and it not possible for him to have any children but he believed that even if he had a daughter, he would not have doted her more than WanEr. Therefore he was so surprised that she could actually say such things to him…

But, that was only a momentum feeling and he immediately started to clap on all the life channels of Zhan Bai and at the same time glancing at WanEr.

When he saw WanEr looking idiocy at Zhan Bai with concern a look and that her tears were flowing uncontrollably, a thought suddenly dawned upon him. “I think that this attentive little girl of mine has fallen in love with this young man. Alas!…I must be muddle headed. To a young girl like her that has first experienced love, what can be more important and happier than the prince charming in her heart?…”

So when Lei Dashu had thought of this, not only was he not offended by her rudeness instead he smiled. “WanEr, you don’t have to so anxious. Dashu will take responsible and return you a living…”

Suddenly he stopped. He was thinking what should he say, a living groom or a living lover…but no matter what he was trying to think, he thought it sounded very inappropriate. Then he began to stroke his beard and kept blinking…

When WanEr saw the expressions on Lei Dashu’s face, this innocent naïve maiden was like the Spring flower that had bloomed after the rain, asked. “Living what huh? Dashu, why did you stop halfway?”

“Living…living person!” After pausing for some time, he managed to say something. Suddenly he began to pat himself on his head, silently praising himself for being so brilliant to think of a word finally. And he was feeling extremely happy at that.

“Pu Ge!” WanEr could not resist laughing and she said lovingly. “Of course it is a living person, do you think I will want a ‘dead person’?…”

Suddenly halfway through her laughter, she began to blush deeply, lowered her head and used her hands to pull her garments. And then she glanced over at Lei Dashu who was looking at her with a deep meaning in his eyes. And she withdrawn her glances and lowered her head even lower for her cheeks were even redder now.

Someone said. “The blushing of a young maiden is the most beautiful of all sights!” Indeed this saying was not wrong. WanEr pale face had a glow of pinkish red now giving her beauty a more glamorous glow. She was like a rainbow that gave out hues of colours, so pure in beauty and peerless. And so beautiful to behold!

Actually Lei Dashu did not know why WanEr had suddenly blushed so shyly.
But, in this world, who could guess a young maiden’s heart?

It was because, WanEr had always heard her Mother calling her Father ‘Dead person’. As she was just an innocent young maiden, she thought that ‘Dead person’ was also the representative of ‘Husband’. Therefore unintentionally she had misrepresented Zhan Bai as a ‘Dead person’, no wonder she was blushing now…

At this moment of time when Zhan Bai had regained conscious and was slowly opening his eyes, what he saw in front of him was the beautiful WanEr that was like a flower blooming in front of him. She was like a flower in the fog that had just appeared in his still hazy vision…

“Water…” He muttered.

When WanEr saw him regaining conscious, she was very delightful and happy. When she heard that he wanted to drink water, she immediately poured some of the hot boiling from the teapot to the jade bowl. And she gently carried it over to him and slowly feed him mouthful by mouthful.

“Alas!” Lei Dashu grasped out as he witnessed this lovely and noble second mistress of the Murong residence accorded this down and out young man with such tenderness and attention. Therefore he secretly sighed and thought that the power of love was so magnificent and really so unfathomable…

“Thanks…thanks…” As Zhan Bai gurgled from WanEr’s hands that were holding the bowl. When his mind had cleared, the first thing he could sniff was her unique fragrance from her body.

The second thing was to notice the face of this extraordinary beautiful young maiden who was looking at himself intently.

The third thing was to find himself in the soft gentle embrace of a purely beautiful young maiden. Therefore he suddenly found his face turning hot and an unspeakable feeling began to pollute his heart…

This warm tenderness, this divinity was something he had never experienced in his entire life. And when he saw this young maiden that was like a flower, holding him and feeding him with a bowl of clear water mouthful by mouthful. Moreover her beautiful eyes that were like spring were looking at him with boundless love.
Ah! All these that had occurred were so surreal to him. He did not know if it was real or a dream but one thing for sure, it moved his heart greatly.

So he could only muttered. “Thank you!” And then suddenly he noticed that Lei Dashu was staring at him with a strange look on his face. Suddenly he felt so embarrassing to be caught in the embrace of a young maiden that he had scarcely known therefore he struggled to sit up!

If he had not struggled, it would be better for when he struggled, he felt the painful sensation of his wounds that he immediately fell back into the embrace of the young maiden.

“Alas!” As Zhan Bai was a proud young man, he did not mouth a word of pain. Instead he clenched his teeth to endure it. Therefore once again, he fell into her embrace again.

When WanEr noticed that her hands were wet, she thought she had been careless and accidentally spilled the water but when she looked at her hand, she saw it was actually blood that she cried out in fright.

“What!” As Lei Dashu did not know why she was so startled so he hurriedly asked.

“WanEr!” Someone grasped from beyond the room and it was the beautiful lady as she walked hurriedly into the room. She was startled. “What has happen to…him!…”

At the same time, Lei Dashu began to notice that earlier when Zhan Bai had struggled, he had reopened the wounds on his left shoulder. Therefore there was blood all over the bed now.

In a state of fright and concern, the beautiful lady began to hit Zhan Bai on his Bi Ru 臂儒 and Xin Yu 心俞 accupoint channels to stop his bleeding. And then she turned her head around and said. “WanEr, go and get ready a hot ginseng soup. I want it to be thicker!”

WanEr did not reply and started to spring away like she was flying out of the room…

“WanEr!” Lei Dashu hurriedly called out. “You don’t have to go. I have a divine pill here. Ginseng can only rejuvenate and restore the blood but my pill is much stronger and better than any ginseng soup!” And he took out a thick cloth and unwrapped it with a hesitation and a heavy heart. From the looks of it, the pill inside must be very precious…

But WanEr yelled from outside. “Dashu, you give your pill to him first. I will go and get the ginseng soup too…” And she was far now…

The beautiful lady laughed and said to Lei Dashu. “This child has always been very caring…”

Although Zhan Bai was feeling awfully painful now but he had not lost his conscious yet. He bit his teeth hard to overcome the pain and looked at this lady that was looking at him like a compassionate mother.

And then he thought of WanEr that had run off to get the ginseng soup worrying about him. Considering her status, she did not need to be so attentive towards him and yet she humbled herself down to wait upon him and to attend to his very needs, he felt unlimited gratefulness towards her…

As for this pill of Lei Dashu that was of an unknown origin, being a proud person, he would rather not accept the sympathy of others. Moreover Lei Dashu was asking him to tell the truth to him before he could give him his pill, it was a threat that he refused to submit too. Therefore he ignored Lei Dashu totally by turning his head to face the wall.

Zhan Bai’s actions caused Lei Dashu to burst forth into anger. In fact, he almost exploded by anger.

Even the beautiful lady when she saw that Zhan Bai was unappreciative to Lei Dashu’s good intentions, gently said to him. “Child! This Dragon Tiger Prolonging Pill can even cause the dead to revive. It can also increase a person’s internal power. It is something that is even beyond the dreams of the people of the Martial Fraternity! Just answer Lei Dashu’s questions, hurry and reply to Lei Dashu! Once you eat this pill, all your injuries and sickness will be well again! Moreover, it can do you a lot of good too…”

She was persuading him in a compassionate and concern manner just like she was exactly his Mother.

But, Zhan Bai did not turn his head around and said facing the wall. “I do not reciprocate it!”

“This is so infuriating!” Lei Dashu angrily shouted. “Am I really blind! I…”

He thought to himself. This pill is something that people in the Martial Fraternity would want very much but not even in their wildest dream could they obtain it. One time, he disregard his own life and did a great help to Shaolin Temple. Therefore the Shaolin Abbot Leader bestowed this one pill to him. He had kept it for over fifty years and could not even bear to use it. But now, when he wanted to give it to Zhan Bai, he did not even reciprocate…

Therefore the more he thought over it, the more upset he had become.

Things that were sent out could not be taken back. If he kept the pill now, others would think he would not bear to part with it haiz…

There was a ‘Ba’ sound as Lei Dashu threw this rare and precious divine pill onto the ground and then he stormed off.

The beautiful lady was left standing in shock and surprise.

“What is going on?” Zhan Bai asked as he did not have inkling what had happened.

“Alas!” The beautiful lady grasped and then she said. “Child, do you know that you have hurt Lei Dashu’s heart.”

“Whose heart is being hurt?” Suddenly WanEr had entered the room with the ginseng soup as she asked.

Without waiting for the lady to say anything, WanEr began to blow on the soup to cool it before she took the big spoon in front of Zhan Bai and laughed lovingly. “Come! Eat this, I feed you!”

But Zhan Bai ignored the ginseng soup in front of him first and asked the lady. “Lady, I do not wish to eat this pill, how could it be considered hurting his heart?”

The lady did not reply him but she was in deep thoughts for awhile before she lowered her head to ask. “What did Lei Dashu ask you about?”

“He ask me who…am I?” How could Zhan Bai not answer this compassionate lady? “He even ask me…”

“What else?” The beautiful lady asked.

“Mother!” WanEr who had been holding the ginseng soup by the side interrupted. “Don’t ask so many much huh! First let him eat, alright! Or else, he will…”

“Don’t interrupt!” The beautiful lady silenced WanEr and then turned to look at Zhan Bai with her marvelous phoenix eyes.

“He even ask who is Zhan…” Although Zhan Bai planned to answer honestly but when he thought of his father, he began to tremble unwittingly. “…Yuntian’s to me?”

When the beautiful lady heard the name of Zhan Yuntian, she received a jolt and asked Zhan Bai hurriedly. “Why did you not answer Lei Dashu? Who is Zhan…Yuntian to you?”

“Zhan…Yuntian is my late Father…” As he was grateful to the lady for saving his life and moreover she was like a compassionate mother to him, therefore he answered her honestly.

When the beautiful lady had heard that Zhan Yuntian was his father, her eyes began to glow with an unspeakable delight. But she was too shocked to say anything for the time being…

The beautiful WanEr however did not know who is Zhan Yuntian and did not notice the change in the expressions of her mother. She was only concerned about letting Zhan Bai finished the bowl of ginseng soup. She suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai had lowered his head and there were tears on his cheeks. She hurriedly put aside the ginseng bowl and took out a handkerchief from her clothing and started to wipe his tears, at the same time saying tenderly to him. “Don’t cry huh! Come, wipe your tears and eat this bowl of ginseng soul then all your pain will be gone huh! Be good! Listen to me, huh!…”

This young maiden who was eighteen or twenty did not seem like she was talking to a person that was one or two years older than her. Instead she seemed to trying to coax a small child.

Zhan Bai’s head felt a sense of boundless serenity. Suddenly…

Suddenly from the door, a maid in green walked in hurriedly and said. “Lady!…You are here! I have been looking everywhere for you…Old…Master is looking…for lady…” The maid’s face was flustered and she was patting heavily.

The beautiful lady furrowed her eyes and looked none the pleased. She replied nonchalantly. “Why is Old Master looking for me?”

“Maid I do…do not know. Old Master he is throwing…throwing a tantrum now and asking lady…to hurry to see him!”

The beautiful lady straightened her body and looked at Zhan Bai who was lying on the bed for a while before she said to WanEr. “You must take good care of him. Mother will be back soon!”

WanEr ‘En’ a sound as the Lady and the maid walked out of the room.

Now the room was left with only Zhan Bai and WanEr. WanEr made a fuss and tried to cheer Zhan Bai at the same time so he could finish the bowl of ginseng soup.

Ever since Zhan Bai’s Mother had passed away, he had been a wanderer and had never experienced such a tender and warm feeling. Moreover it was a beautiful maiden that was feeding him mouthful by mouthful that sent this feeling of tenderness and warm into his very heart…

As he opened his mouth to eat, he could not resist looking at this beautiful young maiden. She was very moving to his eyes and she was so out of the world. Her air was so pure, her innocence coupled with that she had no hidden agendas and her heart was as pure and kind as an angel caused him his thoughts to be confused and developed a affection for her. 意乱情迷

He was totally charmed by her now and could even sniff her virgin fragrant that was from her body, it was like a dream. Try as he could, he could not understand why this extraordinary beautiful young maiden would want to accord him with such kindness?

“…I…would like to ask maiden some questions.” He had remembered that when the beautiful lady had left the room, she was filled with an air of melancholy. He wondered what was troubling her in her heart? And when he remembered WanEr innocence and kindness, and that Young Master Lingfeng that was so haughty, and that mysterious maiden in black that had an air of cold demeanor around her, moreover they were after all one family. All that and that, made him curious. So he asked. “I wonder if maiden…would be happy to answer for me some questions?”

But he felt bad about trying to ask about the personal matters of others. Therefore he was hesitating and stammering in his speech.

“I…maiden…maiden…” WanEr mimicked Zhan Bai but before she could finish, she had burst out laughing. She added. “Alas huh, it really so ugly!”

Zhan Bai turned red…

“Bai’Ge (Brother Bai),if you have anything just feel freely to ask huh!” WanEr was just being innocence, she had only mimic out of fun and had no intention to poke fun at Zhan Bai.

When she suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai was blushing, she gagged her laughs and then said sincerely. “If your little sister knows the answer, I will surely tell you. Don’t be a sissy and be so formal, when I heard it, it is so unnatural! In future just call me your sister will do huh!”

“How can…I really dare not…” Zhan Bai tried to protest but WanEr interrupted and said. “We are all Zhan, so there is no dare or dare not! Baige, what you want to say, just say it out huh!”

When Zhan Bai saw how insistent WanEr was, he was embarrassed to keep protesting so he simply said. “Wan’Mei (Sister Wan) …”

When Zhan Bai had called her Wanmei, she was very thrilled and her smiles were blooming like flowers now.

“The Old Master that the little maid is referring to, is he your father…”

WanEr nodded her head and Zhan Bai continued to ask. “Your Mother doesn’t seem to be so happy. I wonder if your father and mother…”

WanEr smiles immediately ceased as she furrowed deeply and then grasped lovingly at him. “Baige, please don’t ask me about all these, alright? Your sister is not willing to discuss the affairs of my elders…”

When WanEr had said to the last part, her voice became softer and her head was lowered too.

When Zhan Bai saw WanEr was looking so melancholy, he knew that he had touched a sensitive area of a personal matter. Therefore he changed the topic and said. “If Wanmei is not willing to say, your silly brother will not ask. But your silly brother has one more matter to ask that I do not understand. Why is Wanmei you are so nice, yet your brother is so forceful in his attitude? And your sister…”

“Don’t discuss about them huh!” WanEr lifted her head and her beautiful eyes looking at him lovingly. “Let your sister ask you some questions too. Baige, after you are well, what are you planning to do?”

Zhan Bai was stunned at her question. Naturally he had to avenge his father but he did not know who were his father’s killers. Moreover he had lost his father’s precious sword and the bundle that contained the clues to his father’s death.

Moreover his martial abilities were so lacking in completion and he was also homeless. What was more, he had left the Yanjing Escort Agency 燕京镖局 halfway, so how could he have the face to return to the Escort Agency now?

Although in this mysterious place, the beautiful lady and WanEr was all so nice to him but maybe it was because they had took pity on him because he was wounded and sick. When he was well, maybe they would not be so compassionate towards him. As for the Young Master and that Lei Dashu, he shivered to stay here…

No matter how he gauged his situations, he was in a hopeless and sorrowful state. It was really the end of the road for him!

Therefore he began to feel that a hero would actually come to this end, his tears started to flow from his eyes…

“Baige!” When WanEr had saw that Zhan Bai looked blankly and tears had flowed down his cheeks, she plunged into his embrace and with both hands, hugged him tightly and she said in a soft tender melody voice that could even melt the heart of a person even if his heart was made of iron. “Heaven’s end, Corner of the Earth, to the far reaches of the Ocean, no matter where you are going, Wanmei will never want to separate from you!”

The true feeling of this pure and innocence young maiden moved Zhan Bai greatly. It was like the cold Winter in the world and then when the warm Spring appeared, all the hopelessness became hopes and there was finally light in the retreating darkness, just like a flower had suddenly blossomed in the desert! But was it real?

Zhan Bai found himself hugging WanEr tightly too and muttering in a low voice. “Yes, we will forever never to separate! Forever never to separate, forever never to separate…”

“Heng!” Suddenly there was a cold hummed outside the window that came like the winter wind.

“Shameless brat, how dare you damage the reputation of our family!” A voice lectured in extreme coldness.

“Dage!” WanEr grasped with her melody voice. “You dare to bully me!” WanEr separated from Zhan Bai and sprang out of the window.

There were a series of fighting sound and shouting. But it drifted further and further away and finally nothing could be heard…

In that instant, everything became so quiet and cold. Ever since he had met that Young Master Anle in the forest, every thing that had happened to him became so confuse and difficult to comprehend. Although he tried to calm himself now to think it over thoroughly but he failed.


Ch4 End

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