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Chapter 230: Peace or War

Three days later in the Clarity Valley of the Melody;

Today was the start of the peace talk and each side would be allowed to bring seven aides to accompany their leaders.

The Devil Goddess was naturally accompanied by four of her golden shadows and three other shadows.

Lu Qingyun as alliance leader was accompanied by the three divine rulers, Tang Xuefeng, Qian Jingjing, Saint Tang Yiren and Saint Lin Wucheng.

Although it seemed that both sides had only just a few representatives but along the perimeter of the Clarity Valley of the Melody were thousands of cultivators in waiting.

The righteous celestials were naturally backed by more than two hundred golden celestials and their presences were nerve racking to the dark celestials

Due to the differences in the cultivation methods of the righteous and dark celestials, the progression of the righteous celestials tended to be slower than the dark celestials but because of the same reason, the numbers of higher level righteous celestials were actually more numerous than the dark celestials.

Although the dark celestials had almost two hundred golden celestials on their side but the righteous celestials actually had more golden supremacies and saints.

Lu Qingyun trembled a little when he saw the Devil Goddess as her group stood a good distance away; there was no need for both sides to be near as they could use their profound voice to communicate with great clarity. Moreover, their hearings were also just as good.

He began to wonder, “Master…Keqin…no, I should call you Fan Yuqing from now on…I wonder how your wounds are?”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing also had a light tremble when they noticed the change that was in his countenance.

Fan Yuqing aka the Devil Goddess also had a shudder when she saw Lu Qingyun as she said silently, “Yun’Er, you are looking more and more heroic now. So we’re finally on the opposite side now.”

Then she took a quiet look at Tang Xuefeng. “Xuefeng, I wish you good luck with him. From now on, he is yours…”

The Devil Goddess was the first to speak as she raised her voice, “So you’ve requested for a peace talk? Do you mean it? Why don’t you say your terms first?”

Lu Qingyun nodded lightly before he said, “Both sides will retreat to their respective territories before the war starts. We will treat it as though nothing has happened.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled, “Are you sure you aren’t buying time for your supplies to reach you? Or you’re plotting something else?”

Lu Qingyun replied, “No…”

The Devil Goddess interrupted him, “No one will reveal their plans to the others. Even if you are doing despicable acts, you’re still the righteous celestials…”

Immediately, Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang were all interrupting coldly. “We will never do anything unrighteous. Look, who’s the despicable ones…”

Lu Qingyun interrupted them. “This is between the Devil Goddess and I.”

Immediately the three divine rulers were all humming as they kept quiet.

Saintess Su Rushuang could not resist a soft chuckle. “We are only trying to protect the honor of our alliance leader and did not mean to interrupt.”

The Devil Goddess hummed coldly before adding, “What about the celestial clans that you had destroyed? What about their lives that you had taken? Can they come back to life? How am I going to answer to all the celestials that are in my three divine realms? Do you think that it is going to be so easy to just retreat and treat as though nothing has happened?”

Lu Qingyun sighed heavily, “Indeed no.”

The Devil Goddess nodded, “Yes indeed.”

Lu Qingyun forced himself to smile, “Both sides have lost many. It is pointless to continue. Since we have such a great feud, why don’t we use the traditional celestial way and have an honor duel with each other to end our feud? Win or lose, as long as one side perishes honorably then we shall all retreat to our respective divine realms and none shall intrude for the next one hundred years.”

The Devil Goddess replied coldly, “I am a little afraid that others may say that I am bullying you.”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “But you are injured so it is a fair duel.”

“So you are thinking of defeating me and killing this Devil Goddess that you so despise while I am wounded?”

Lu Qingyun nodded slowly, “This is the best opportunity for me, don’t you agree?”

The Devil Goddess returned a nod as she said nonchalantly, “I’m willing to give you such a chance. So we have the duel now?”

When she had said that, all her golden shadows were gasping and they quickly whispered to her, “Don’t! You can’t fight now. This is too crazy. Your wounds will surely re-opened.”

The three divine rulers were all delighted that the Devil Goddess would actually accept a duel from Lu Qingyun. They actually did not know the details of the peace talk and had thought that Lu Qingyun would be only be a fool for trying to persuade the Devil Goddess.

This was much better than they had expected!

Today the Devil Goddess would perish in this very valley!

They were all thinking, “The Devil Goddess did not know that our Alliance Leader Lu actually commanded two saint-step divine swords. With her current condition, she is only courting her own death!”

Lu Qingyun shook his head, “We shall have our duel in a month time.”

When he had said that, all the divine rulers and the celestials from both sides were startled.

Even the Devil Goddess appeared to be startled as she said, “You’re not afraid that I may recover in a month time?”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “Only then will the duel be honorable. I want to fight the peaked Devil Goddess.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “I have no reason to reject a proposal that is stacked to my advantage, right? Therefore I accept your honor challenge.”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun had brandished his two saint-step divine swords and had thrust them in front of her. “I won’t be easy for you to beat now. I will suggest that you get yourself a better weapon to duel with me.”

The three divine rulers nearly spurted blood when they saw that their Alliance Leader Lu had just revealed his trump cards in front of the Devil Goddess.

“Is he stupid or what?” They were cursing him silently.

The Devil Goddess hummed coldly as she flashed her Primordial Heaven Chart into a blue divine sword, startling everyone with the presence of her divine sword.

It was because the blue divine sword that she had just flashed was also a saint-step divine sword!

Saint Yuan Chenggong and the other two divine rulers were all startled, “The Devil Goddess can use a sword?!”

All of a sudden another white divine sword had also appeared in front of the blue divine sword and it was another saint-step divine sword!

Fan Yuqing had transformed her Tranquil Flute to a saint-step white divine sword!

“As you can see, I’ve two saintly divine swords too. Therefore are you regretting your decision now to give me a month’s grace?”

Lu Qingyun smiled and said, “As expected from the Devil Goddess.”

With that, he had turned his back around.

As he turned around, he was saying quietly to himself. “You will always be my master and my Keqin.”

Fan Yuqing stared blankly after him as she said silently, “You will always be my Yun’Er…”

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Chapter 229: Prelude to Peace

Fan Yuqing was startled to hear from the envoy of the orthodox cultivators that they had wanted a peace talk.

“Is this a ruse?” She thought.

“Then we shall meet Alliance Leader Lu in three days later at the Clarity Valley of the Melody. You can go now.”

She promptly dismissed the envoy and took off her mask and looked at Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Yue Lingxi and Ye Jing.

“Do you think that this is an ambush?”

Xuan Danfeng nodded, “It may be a possibility. We have just killed Saint Gao Tianshou and they may be pulling the same similar stunt on us. They know that they outnumber us and we have lost our element of surprise now.”

Fan Yuqing’s golden eyes looked a little dazed. Actually before they had received the envoy, they had all known from Zhou Hai and their other informants that Lu Qingyun was the one that had wanted the peace talks and he was met with much opposition.

Feng Minyue looked at her and said quietly, “You don’t really care about the peace talks, am I right? You are just thinking that he is engaged to Yun Xuefeng now and you’re brooding because of that?”

Fan Yuqing: …

They had an earlier discussion before the envoy had even come and yet Fan Yuqing was still asking them whether if the peace talk was actually a ruse. This only shows that she was not paying attention to their analysis at all.

Her mind must have wandered away when she had heard that Lu Qingyun had suddenly been engaged to Yun Xuefeng and that was the reason why Fan Yuqing was looking lost now.

They could understand her because she had only Lu Qingyun in her heart and she had often talked about ending this conflict quickly so that she would return to the Heavens Ridge Villa to see Lu Qingyun again.

Fan Yuqing averted her eyes, “He must have hated me so much after he had known that I’m the Devil Goddess. It is impossible between the two of us now. And now he has even engaged to Yun Xuefeng. She is really a nice maiden. I like her as well.”

Yue Lingxi said, “Do you need me to go teach him a little lesson?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I will go as well to give him a few slaps to wake him up.”

Ye Jing was frowning, “There are so many saints there now. Before you can even reach him, the two of you will be slaughtered by them first. Don’t forget that Great Saint Tang Yiren and Lin Wucheng have just arrived on their side.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Ye Jing, why don’t you join us?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Sorry, I value this worthless life of mine.”

“Lin Wucheng is actually on our side. Why are you afraid of?” Xuan Danfeng laughed.

“This still doesn’t change the fact that we are courting our own deaths if we go there with just the few of us here.” Ye Jing shrugged her shoulders.

Xuan Danfeng returned a weak smile when she had heard Ye Jing. Although she was also a great saintess like Ye Jing but Ye Jing was on par with the Devil Goddess. Without Ye Jing to help them, it was really courting their own death if they were to storm the main camp of the orthodox cultivators.

As a great saintess, she can fight 1-2 saints at the same time but Ye Jing was on a totally different league than her; she could fight 5-6 saints at the same time and could emerge almost unscathed. After all, Ye Jing was once a super villainess that had once rampage throughout the Nine Celestial Fraternity on her own.

In a sense, Ye Jing was no less horrible than the Devil Goddess in her terror. The only difference between the two of them was that Ye Jing was endorsed by the Great Goddess Heaveness and all her crimes were forgiven and she had turned from a super villainess to a super heroine.

Feng Minyue was frowning softly, “It seems that all of you have regained your profound strength already? Since you are all so free, why don’t you help to do some patrolling in the vicinity? I have noticed plenty of hostile activities in our vicinity lately. And that envoy earlier was followed by no less than ten golden celestials and they are secretly planting their arrays along the way. So why don’t you go and give these golden celestials a warning or two first?”

Yue Lingxi coolly said, “I’m going back to my tent to cultivate first. I’ve lost more profound strength than anyone of you.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Actually I have not restored my profound strength to the peak yet.”

Ye Jing laughed lightly, “I was just warning them not to be hasty only. I need to cultivate my profound strength too or else we won’t be their match in time for the peace talk.”

Before Ye Jing had left the tent, she winked at Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing. “Maybe it is time for the Nine Celestial Goddess to make her appearance.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently as one by one, Ye Jing, Yue Lingxi and Xuan Danfeng had left the tent.

There was only Feng Minyue now.

Feng Minyue quietly asked her, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, what do you think of the peace talk?”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “It is not a peace talk. It is a duel to the death for either one of us.”

Feng Minyue sighed softly, “Must things go this way?”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly.

Feng Minyue said quietly, “I will go and kill this Lu Qingyun first before that happens.”

Fan Yuqing said weakly, “If you do so then I will kill myself straight away.”

Feng Minyue: …

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Chapter 228: New Initiatives

Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches;

In just a matter of days, the Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches was crowded with the thousands more cultivators as the cultivators from the other camps had quickly fled to this stronghold to regroup.

As a matter of fact, the number of cultivators quickly tripled and even the ranks of the golden celestials quickly doubled.

Right now the three divine rulers had just finished a meeting with all the leaders under their banner and were being updated of the current situation; although the three camps had been taken by surprise, most of the cultivators had managed to escape. However their losses of the spirit stones were heavy and without the precious spirit stones, they could only slowly cultivate back their lost profound strength.

Saint Yuan Chenggong cursed the dark celestials, “May they choke on all the spirit stones that they have looted from us.”

“Although we have lost our camps but it is not a big loss. Sometimes it is better for us to fight together rather than splitting our forces thinly.” Saint Linghu Fei said.

Saintess Su Rushuang smiled, “Although we may have some losses but the losses on the dark celestials are just as bad. They may have taken our camps but it is merely a small victory and we have made them paid heavily. In short, it is a costly victory for them. If you consider the situation on our side now, we have managed to lure them all out and they are now forced to defend on three sides while we have a single point here that is totally unassailable.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong pondered for a short while before he nodded, “True, true. Moreover the Devil Goddess is now out of the fight. This will make things easier for us now.”

Saint Linghu smiled weakly, “Don’t forget that they still have four great saintesses fighting on their side.”

Saintess Su Rushuang was smiling, “While we have more than two hundred golden celestials regrouping here now. What can four mere great saintesses do? They can’t change the situation. We outnumber them.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong nodded, “Moreover our new alliance leader looks formidable.”

Saintess Su Rushuang smirked coldly, “Unfortunately he is also out. Of all times, he had to pick such a time for his breakthrough. We don’t have spare spirit stones to help him to restore his inner elixir sea. I can be generous enough to donate him some couple of hundreds of spirit stones but it won’t be enough.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong nodded, “This is so true. He says that he is going for a short cultivation retreat to stabilize his new cultivation foundation. But I think he won’t be able to come out so soon.”

Saintess Su Rushuang nodded, “By the time he has finished stabilizing his new cultivation foundation, it would be months already. Therefore we can simply ignore this good-for-nothing alliance leader for the time being…”

All of a sudden the dozens of golden celestials had interrupted her as they hastily greeted Lu Qingyun who had entered the hall, “Alliance Leader Lu!”

Many of the golden celestials that were on Saintess Su Rushuang side had quickly raised their loud voices to drown her voice lest it was overheard by Lu Yun, their new alliance leader.

It was indeed Lu Qingyun and he had entered the hall with Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng. As he entered through the hall, he said quietly. “I’ve heard that everyone is discussing on the plans to deal with the dark celestials today. Therefore I am thinking that I should be involved too. After all, I’m the alliance leader.”

Saintess Su Rushuang was looking a little flustered as she looked at him. “Indeed we are.”

Saintess Su Rushuang, Saint Linghu Fei and Saint Yuan Chenggong were actually looking at Lu Qingyun with a little shock. It was because Lu Qingyun seemed to be quite spirited as though he had regained his profound strength.

But it was impossible for any cultivator to regain their profound strength in a matter of three days.

So Saintess Su Rushuang chuckled with the intention of finding it out. “Alliance Leader Lu, we are so glad about you. Actually we want to ask you to attend this meeting but we are afraid to disturb your cultivation. You look really spirited today. I guess that it won’t be too long before you can recover your profound strength. Do you need any spirit stones from us?”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “No need. I’ve already recovered my profound strength to the peak.”

When he had said that, the three divine rulers and all the golden celestials were all stunned. It was because it was clearly impossible to regain one’s profound strength to its peak after a breakthrough. Most realm breakthrough was extremely demanding and would drain almost all the cultivator’s reservoir of profound energies in their soul sea.

*Note that soul sea/ inner cultivation sea/ elixir sea actually shared the same meaning

Lu Qingyun really did not lie to them. He had really recovered his profound strength to his peak.

Three days ago, immediately after he was proclaimed to be the alliance leader, he had announced that he would be in a cultivation retreat to regain his profound strength.

Naturally, this was understandable as everyone here was a cultivator. After a breakthrough to a new realm, the cultivators would be at their weakest level and they would need to cultivate further to regain their profound strength. Most cultivators would usually take six months to a year to regain their profound strength but it was not unusual for some cultivators to take three years and even ten years to do so.

But for a high level cultivator to regain his profound strength to the peak in a matter of just three days was too exaggerating!

It was no wonder that all the high level cultivators in the hall were now staring with a doubtful look at Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun saw their looks of disbelief and he asked nonchalantly, “You don’t believe?”

Three days earlier, when he was alone in the cultivation room, he had taken out hundreds of high grade spirit stones that he had taken from the flying citadel in the ancient celestial ruin. By cultivating and absorbing these high grade spirit stones, he would slowly regain his profound strength.

But he had too many of these high grade spirit stones and his absorption was too slow. Therefore he asked Yan’Er and Xingxin to cultivate as well.

Now because Yan’Er and Xingxin were both spirit entities, they could absorb at ten times the speed of any cultivator of their same level. Combined with Lu Qingyun who could also absorb three times as fast as any cultivator of his same level, their rates of absorption were actually 23 times faster than any cultivator of their same level.

Now because they were using high grade spirit stones that could triple the absorption rate by three times more, their speed of absorption was actually 69 times faster than any cultivator of their same level.

High grade spirit stones were 100 times more expensive than a normal spirit stone but it was highly valued by the high level cultivators for their breakthroughs and for regaining their profound strength. Even though the speed of absorption was only 2-3 times more but it was worth 100 times the value of a normal spirit stone because time was the equivalent to life and death for the cultivators.

This was especially so during a life and death tribulation.

If it was not for Lu Qingyun’s high grade spirit stones, Qian Jingjing’s breakthrough to her fifth realm golden celestial level would be much more risky.

But 69 times the normal speed was still not enough for Lu Qingyun to completely regain his profound strength. It was because his reservoir of profound energies in his inner cultivation sea was really too vast.

But luckily he had with him several fifth rank divine pills that could increase his rate of recovery by five times, upping his 69 times speed of recovery to 345 times. In just three days, he was cultivating at the astonishing speed of 1,035 times of any cultivator of his same level.

In short, in just three days he had cultivated an equivalent to 34.5 months or 2.875 years.

In just three days, a thousand high grade spirit stones were completely expended and a dozen of the fifth rank divine pills were also used!

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed when he had heard Lu Qingyun said, “You don’t believe?”

“Naturally we believe Alliance Leader Lu. But isn’t it too hasty a recovery? We’re just worried if Alliance Leader Lu may feel unwell and may need a few more days of rest.”

Lu Qingyun returned a faint smile at him as he replied, “Thank you for Divine Ruler Saint Yuan’s concern for me. I’ve never been so good before. So this is the profound strength of a sixth realm golden supremacy? I feel that I can have another breakthrough to the sacred saint level anytime soon.”

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone: …

Everyone was secretly cursing Lu Qingyun in their hearts. It sounded like breakthrough was a piece of cake to him. Every breakthrough for the golden celestials was a life and death tribulation. There were many golden celestials that had perished during their attempt to breakthrough to a new realm.

After getting a new lease of life, few golden celestials that had succeeded in their breakthroughs would want to attempt it again so soon. Why not enjoy the extended lifespan first that was brought about by the new breakthrough first?

That was what most golden celestials would be thinking first.

Moreover after each golden celestial breakthrough, it would take a long time to reach the peak of the new realm level. Lu Qingyun was the first that they had known to ever reach the upper tier sixth realm golden supremacy level after he had just breakthrough from the fifth realm cultivation level.

Saint Linghu Fei saw that Saint Yuan Chenggong was rendered speechless by Lu Qingyun so he stepped in to say, “Our new Alliance Leader Lu really knows how to be humorous.”

Then he said gravely, “We’re actually discussing on a stratagem to deal with the dark celestials. Since Alliance Leader Lu is here now, why don’t we let Alliance Leader Lu gives a one or two hopeful suggestions instead?”

Everyone was nodding but most of the nods and smiles were actually malicious. It was because none of them actually believed that Lu Qingyun had anything to offer. After all, he did not even have a power base to back him off.

What everyone saw was that he was only a puppet of the three divine rulers who were using him as their scapegoat if things go south.

Lu Qingyun inhaled softly before he said lightly, “We should have a peace talk with the dark celestials.”

When he had said that, everyone was laughing out loud.

“Peace talks?”

“Orthodox and unorthodox do not mix!”

“Are we losing already? We have won 99 times and the dark celestials have only won just this once. And we are holding peace talks with them?”

“If we do, then won’t the dark celestials think of us as a laughing stock?”

“They may think that we’re afraid of them.”

“Peace talks? Too naïve!”

“We should attack them while the Devil Goddess is still severely wounded. Their morale must be low at this moment.”

“After we have bashed them hard then we talk about any peace talks.”

Saintess Su Rushuang gave Lu Qingyun a smile, “I’m sure that Alliance Leader Lu is able to see with your own eyes that this suggestion of yours isn’t garnering any support. Therefore I suggest we drop this impractical suggestion…”

Lu Qingyun interrupted nonchalantly, “We will have a peace talk with the dark celestials, with the Devil Goddess herself. I will tell her that we will all go back peacefully to our divine realms and we will all be willing to bury the hatchet.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong had immediately stepped forward angrily, “Don’t forget that we have made you our alliance leader because we’ve thought that you will be the hero that can lead us to fight against the Devil Goddess. Now you’re talking about a peace talk?! Are you a spy for the Devil Goddess or what?”

Saint Linghu Fei said with an ugly face, “We are now so close to wiping out the terror of the Devil Goddess forever. Without the Devil Goddess, the three dark divine realms will soon be broken up into three weaker divine realms. When that happens, true peace will reign in the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we will no longer live in the darkness of the Devil Goddess.”

Lu Qingyun asked quietly, “How many times have the Devil Goddess invaded the nine divine realms ever since she had united the three dark divine realm??”

Everyone rolled their eyes and said nothing. They could not recall any…

Saintess Su Rushuang smiled, “Just because she haven’t done so yet doesn’t mean she will not do so in the future. After all, uniting the three dark divine realms is just her first step. Sooner or later she will be targeting the other nine patriarch divine realms.”

Lu Qingyun said, “But she hasn’t yet, am I right?”

“What if she doesn’t have the intention?”

Then he added, “What if I can make her promise never to invade the nine patriarch divine realms?”

Saintess Su Rushuang hummed coldly, “No one has ever succeeded in telling the Devil Goddess what to do. No one.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong nodded, “Or else she won’t be the Devil Goddess that is feared by all in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “If you don’t try then how do you know that it won’t work?”

Saint Linghu Fei laughed coldly, “Don’t forget that we have killed so many of the dark celestials already. Even if we are willing, the dark celestials may not be willing…”

Lu Qingyun interrupted, “Since we’re willing then we may as well give it a try first. Whether they’re willing or not, let adopt a wait and see approach.”

Saint Linghu Fei hummed coldly, “Hold it! We didn’t say that we’re allowing this. Who do you think you really are? Have you forgotten that we are the ones that have put you in this position? Listen up, we have been nice to you so far so don’t push your luck too far with us.”

Saintess Su Rushuang was also smirking coldly as she looked at Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing. “It is just the three of you versus the opinion of all of us here.”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “I am not alone here.”

He turned to nod gently at Tang Xuefeng.

Tang Xuefeng looked up to him as she returned a faint smile before she loosened the braid that was on her head, “My real celestial name is Yun Xuefeng. My father is Yun Xinghe, the divine ruler of the Celestial Sword Clan.”

Everyone was suddenly gasping when ‘Tang Feng’ had suddenly shed off her disguise.

“What an astonishing beautiful maiden…”

“She is really a great beauty…”

“I already know that she isn’t a man. How can a man be this beautiful…”

“Is she telling the truth?”

Saintess Su Rushuang was laughing to and fro, “Do you believe that we will believe you?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong hummed, “Do you know what the consequences are for the imposters?”

Saint Linghu Fei laughed, “Do you know that Saint Xinghe does not have a daughter or any heir?”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled as she clapped her hands three times.

All of a sudden two middle-age men had appeared in the entrance that was behind her.

When everyone saw the two middle-men, they had all turned ashen immediately.

It was because one was Great Saint Tang Yiren from the Celestial Sword Clan and the other was Great Saint Lin Wucheng from the Holy Ascension Sect. The two of them were not just from two of the biggest patriarch celestial clans but they were also great saints!

“Saint Tang Yiren…”

“Saint Lin Wucheng…”

Everyone was greatly startled.

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “They are my god-fathers and naturally they will be able to prove my identity.”

Saint Linghu Fei was stammering, “I wonder what brings the two great saints here?”

Tang Yiren laughed jovially, “Naturally it is because I am trying to see who is trying to bully my god-daughter and her future significant other.”

Tang Xuefeng held onto Lu Qingyun’s arm and laughed softly, “That’s right. So who is still against the peace talks?”

Immediately all the other celestials kept quiet while the three divine rulers were all looking weakly at one another.

Two great saints from two of the most powerful celestial clans were now backing their new Alliance Leader Lu.

And an ‘heiress’ of the powerful Celestial Sword Clan had suddenly emerged from nowhere.

Saintess Su Rushuang was the first to speak, “Actually we can try the peace talk first. I never say that I am against it in the first place.”

Saint Linghu Fei was also laughing, “It is definitely worth trying first.”

Against the might of the two most powerful patriarch divine realms, their divine realms were just too puny to even compare against one of them. Therefore Saintess Rushuang, Saint Linghu Fei and the golden celestials that were under their banners had to humble themselves.

Saint Yuan Chenggong was the divine ruler of one of the three most powerful patriarch celestial clans and naturally he was not afraid of provoking the Celestial Sword Clan and the Holy Ascension Sect.

But if it was two major patriarch celestial clans then even his Divine Sovereign Clan would need to be tactful about it. Furthermore, his Divine Sovereign Clan did not even have a single great saint to support it.

Therefore he could only smile bitterly and said, “Peace talks? Naturally we welcome one if it comes along.”

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Chapter 227: Messy Aftermath (2)

In the secret location in the mountains was the camp of the Devil Goddess;

The tent of the Devil Goddess;

Fan Yuqing was grasping her wounds weakly as cold sweat perspired from her forehead. Surrounding her were Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Ye Jing and Yue Lingxi.

Feng Minyue said quietly, “This is the best paste for wounds in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. I will advise sister saintess not to exert yourself lest your wounds re-opened. This will take at least a month to get rid of the lethal profound energies of the divine sword that is in your wounds. Until then, you will be in this weaken state. Even exercising your profound strength may cause your wounds to re-open. You’re now a mere mortal now.”

Xuan Danfeng exclaimed out coldly, “I want to kill this Lu Qingyun now! He has actually used the divine sword that our sister saintess had given to him to wound her. This is too ridiculous!”

Yue Lingxi said quietly, “If you’re not wearing the Sky Heaven Lithe, your wounds will be much deeper. To think that even the Sky Heaven Lithe offers little protection against a saintly divine sword.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “He is so different from the last time…”

Fan Yuqing chuckled weakly, “You’re all wrong about him. Did you see that he only taking aim on my non-vitals?”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted, “One more inch and all the non-vitals will become vitals. I can’t believe that you can still defend him. It is better for you to find another man. You need to break up with him for sure.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “He knows who you are now and he can still bear to bring his sword onto you. Didn’t you say that his lofty ambition is to deliver the Nine Celestial Fraternity from the dark terror of the Devil Goddess? This is the real him.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “But I’m really the Devil Goddess right? I can’t deny this fact. I didn’t want to evade his strike because I didn’t want to waste an opportunity to kill Saint Gao Tianshou. So it isn’t his fault. He did try to warn me…”

Xuan Danfeng frowned softly, “Stop defending him anymore.”

Fan Yuqing looked at them with her soft eyes as the memories of the past returned to her, “Some of you are there too. Do you still remember that time when he rather chose to end his own life rather than lift his finger to hurt me?” – Fluffy Cultivation Chapter 163

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng: …

Fan Yuqing was trembling and there were tears in her eyes, “I have never forgotten how he had chosen to end his lofty existence for my sake. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for him to reincarnate?”

Then she added woefully, “So what if he had slashed me? I know that he did not mean it and that’s enough already. I can see the sorrows and the regrets that are in his eyes. I know it hurts him more than anything else.”

Everyone: …

Ye Jing said quietly, “He is not Dongfang Jun.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “He is my Yun’Er now.”

Ye Jing: …

“You’re hopeless…” Ye Jing had turned around and she was trembling. “Don’t curse me when you regret it later.”

“I won’t…” Fan Yuqing said dreamily.

“Up to you, junior sister.”

“Who’s the junior sister?” Fan Yuqing frowned lightly.

But she was soon inhaling weakly with a weak smile, “We did get rid of Saint Gao Tianshou and his ambitious sons, am I right? From now on, there will be peace in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. We can finally retire to our hideout now and lead an ordinary life. Thank you everyone. Without all of you here, we can’t pull off this dangerous stunt off.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “We have to thank your other shadows that are in the camps of the righteous celestials too. Their acting is pretty good too.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded too, “If not, we won’t be able to even enter the main hall too and will just be wasting our precious profound strength before we even get to see Saint Gao Tianshou.”

All of a sudden there was a voice calling out from outside the tent, “Devil Goddess, you have a visitor. He says he is Zhou Dafu.”

Fan Yuqing giggled weakly, “What Zhou Dafu? He is Zhou Hai.”

Then she shouted, “Bring him in.”

When she had said that, everyone began to put on their masks.

In a little while time, a masked man with a black hood had entered the tent.

He was indeed Zhou Hai as he took off his mask, “Ah, my goddess! Are you seriously injured? That Lu Yun is too much! I almost want to expose him as that good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun! How can he do this to you?”

Fan Yuqing said weakly, “I’m alright and I won’t die. So how are things on your side?”

Zhou Hai said, “All the cultivators from the other three camps are now re-grouping in the Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches. The war has not ended yet.”

Then with a short hesitation, he said bitterly. “The three divine rulers have made Lu Qingyun as the alliance leader now.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly, “Is this a joke?”

Zhou Hai said solemnly, “He had killed Supremacy Liang Tiege and Saint Wu Lei with a single stroke of his sword. Not only that, he had breakthrough six times in a row to become an upper tier golden supremacy now.”

Everyone: …

“That’s not all. He actually has two saintly divine swords and he is able to divine harmony with both divine swords. I’m afraid that he may be the strongest golden celestial in the camp of the righteous celestial now.”

Everyone: …

Fan Yuqing was gasping, “He…has become so strong now?”

“Two saint grade divine swords…” Yue Lingxi was gasping softly. “He has divine harmonized with two saintly divine swords?”

Feng Minyue muttered softly, “Lu Qingyun is now the alliance leader…”

“He had breakthrough six times in a row?!” Xuan Danfeng was stunned.

Ye Jing was also gasping with shock, “Is it possible that he is even more dangerous than Saint Gao Tianshou?”

Xuan Danfeng muttered, “We can still win him. We have so many great saintesses here. Let’s think of another plan first.”

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances, “We’re only lucky this time that Saint Gao Tianshou’s secret trump card does not work too well against us but he is going to be a different opponent.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “If we can lure him away from the other golden celestials, surely we can kick his ass. It doesn’t matter if he has two saint-step divine swords.”

Fan Yuqing was now shaking her head weakly.

“The Divine Sword Jade Light has a great secret. It is able to divide itself into ten heaven-step divine swords and attack simultaneously. The sum of ten heaven-step divine swords is greater than any single saintly divine weapon. Once the owner is able to divine harmony with her, it is the single most powerful saint sword in the Celestial Fraternity.”

She added woefully, “Even if all of us join hands together, you will only be throwing away your lives. A saintly weapon will need another saintly weapon to neutralize.”

Yue Lingxi was also smiling bitterly, “The divine harmonized Horizon of the Heavens also contains one of the three strongest desolate forces in the universe. I am afraid that the Lu Qingyun that we know previously is now no longer the Lu Qingyun that we’ve known in the past. One saintly sword is more than enough for us to handle and moreover he has two.”

Fan Yuqing inhaled weakly before she said, “I happen to be divine harmony user of two saintly weapons too, the Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute. Maybe in this world, I am the only one that can restraint him.”

Yue Lingxi asked in a low voice, “Is he going to turn into…”

Fan Yuqing shook her head, “I don’t know. I hope not…”

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Chapter 226: Messy Aftermath (1)

Lu Qingyun was still staring blankly in shock when Saint Yuan Chenggong had suddenly approached him with a smile, “May I know the name of this hero?”

Lu Qingyun muttered blankly, “Lu Yun.”

He was still thinking of the incident earlier; he had slashed the body of his most beloved Keqin and master. Although he did not use all his profound strength and was only merely trying to stop her from killing Saint Gao Tianshou but he did not expect the Devil Goddess to go all out with her profound strength against Saint Gao Tianshou.

Was he wrong trying to defend the righteous and peace of the Nine Celestial Fraternity from the Devil Goddess?

But it turned out that his playful master who had actually aided him to become a powerful cultivator was none other than the Devil Goddess herself.

He had only learnt of the whole truth today and he could not believe what he was seeing.

His master was actually the infamous Devil Goddess that everyone had scorned and the number one super villainess in the entire fraternity. How could he have accepted such a truth?

It was impossible for him to accept such a truth…

He had suddenly remembered an incident that there was one time that they were out in the street and Keqin had threatened to break off with him if he dared to buy the portrait of the Devil Goddess. It was because the real Devil Goddess was not ugly at all. – Chapter 148

His heart was now weeping, not because his master was the Devil Goddess and she had lied to him but because he had actually lifted his sword to wound her, causing his heart to bleed with a deep wound.

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were now next to him and they were calling quietly to him, “Second brother Lu, are you alright?”

They were very startled when Lu Qingyun had dared to approach the terrifying Devil Goddess and they could see that there were at least ten instances that the Devil Goddess could kill him. But luckily, the focus of the Devil Goddess seemed to be wholly on Saint Gao Tianshou and not Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng had quietly called for her god-father to save Lu Qingyun for interrupting the vengeful attacks of the Devil Goddess. Just as Great Saint Tang Yiren was about to intervene, the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows had all retreated quietly without laying their hands on Lu Qingyun.

Therefore he did not intervene and had also quietly slipped away.

What Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing could not understand was why did the Devil Goddess merely give Lu Qingyun only a push out of the way?

They could clearly see that the Devil Goddess was grasping onto her wounds with her other hand. Perhaps her injuries were really severe. After all, the sharpness of a saint grade divine sword had no comparison. That could be the only explanation.

But Tang Xuefeng was sharper than Qian Jingjing and all the others in the hall.

Although everything happened so fast and the Devil Goddess was quickly taken away by her four golden shadows but not a single of the four golden shadows took a vengeful swipe at Lu Qingyun.

Was it because they were all too concerned about the injuries of the Devil Goddess and they were more eager to get away. It was a real possibility.

But then she had also noticed that some of the golden celestials seemed to only make a half-felt attack on the retreating Devil Goddess and her group.

She could understand why if they were conserving their profound strength for their defenses but she was an array expert and she was really good in remembering the movements of all the cultivators presented. She had noticed that some of the righteous celestials seemed to have an easier time throughout the battle and the heretic celestials also seemed to be lenient against the same group of righteous celestials.

Therefore Tang Xuefeng was thinking, “What is going on around here?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong patted Lu Qingyun on his shoulder with a loud chuckle, “You’re perhaps now the greatest hero of the Nine Celestial Fraternity for wounding the Devil Goddess. It is a heroic act that we ought to celebrate.”

Saint Linghu Fei gave Lu Qingyun a respectful bow with his hands, “Great hero Lu, please allow me to give you a humble bow with my hands!”

Lu Qingyun said bitterly, “I’m not any great hero.”

Saint Linghu Fei laughed, “Surely you can. Moreover you have a saint grade divine sword in your hand and you have won back some of the pride that we have lost today.”

Even Saintess Su Rushuang was nodding as she smiled at Lu Qingyun, “You’re indeed the number one great hero in the Nine Celestial Fraternity now.”

Then she said quietly, “Saint Gao Tianshou and his sons are all dead now. We’ve no one to lead us now. So I hope that Great Hero Lu will lead us in the fight against the Devil Goddess as our alliance leader. What do you think?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong immediately said, “I second that. We need Great Hero Lu to lead us at this critical point.”

Saint Linghu Fei was nodding too, “I am also agreeable to that. Since all three of us are in unison about this then why don’t we make Great Hero Lu as our alliance leader straight away?”

Many of the golden celestials were stunned by this sudden proclamation and they were all staring at the three divine rulers and Lu Qingyun.

Actually although many of the golden celestials were lying on the floor but there were only ten real causalities. It was because once a cultivator had become a golden celestial, it would be really difficult to kill them unless their vitals were all shut down.

Out of a hundred odd over golden celestials, seventy golden celestials could still stand while twenty other golden celestials had received such a severe beating that they would need months to recover.

The remaining golden celestials could still be considered a mighty force and moreover there was no way the Devil Goddess could recover from her wounds in such a short time. The heavy wounds that were caused by a divine sword would render her golden body’s regeneration ability to a slow snail.

Therefore the Devil Goddess was as good as out of combat action now.

Lu Qingyun answered bitterly to the three divine rulers, “Shouldn’t you take care of the funeral of Saint Gao Tianshou and the dead first?”

The three divine rulers were all looking weakly at each other. Actually they had a hidden motive to make Lu Qingyun as their alliance leader.

One was that he had a saint grade divine sword that could intimidate his opponents.

Two was that he had actually wounded the Devil Goddess and was a perfect lightning rod to attract all the attention of the vengeful heretic celestials. Who knows if he may end up dead like Saint Gao Tianshou in another assassination attempt.

Three was that he was only a fifth realm golden celestial and was easy to control.

Therefore there was no hurry to make any one of them the alliance leader first. They could always wait for later to get rid of this ‘Lu Yun’ later and obtained his saint grade divine sword.

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed, “Of course we will take care of the funeral of Saint Gao Tianshou but appointing a new alliance leader is equally important as well.”

Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang were both nodding in agreement, “That’s right.”

All of a sudden a trembling Supremacy Liang Tiege who was holding onto the dead body of his sworn brother Supremacy Hai Zhongtian was shouting angrily. “Our divine ruler has just been killed and you’re all appointing a mere fifth realm cultivator as your puppet? This I am not convinced at all!”

He stepped forward and pointed his sword at Lu Qingyun while shouting mightily. “If you want to be alliance leader then you have to get past my sword first!”

Saint Wu Lei had also stepped forward angrily, “And my sword too!”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “Don’t provoke me today. I’m…not in a good mood today.”

Supremacy Liang Tiege hummed coldly as he flashed to Lu Qingyun with all his profound power on his sword, “Whether you’re good mood or not, you will be a dead man today!”

In everyone’s eyes, there was no way Lu Qingyun could survive an attack from a golden supremacy and moreover Supremacy Liang Tiege was now attacking with all his profound strength.

Even Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were gasping as they raised their swords to defend Lu Qingyun.

But Lu Qingyun was faster and was faster than anyone had expected.

In that instance, he had raised his divine sword and had cut down Supremacy Liang Tiege, splitting his golden body with his profound strength and shattering his precious sword into hundreds of broken pieces.

As Supremacy Liang Tiege dropped down dead, all the golden celestials that were watching the scene could not believe what they were saying.

Not only was Lu Qingyun faster with his sword that anyone of them had expected but his profound strength was also above Supremacy Liang Tiege. In front of this Lu Yun, Supremacy Liang Tiege seemed like a defenseless low level cultivator.

Lu Qingyun’s swordplay had always been faster than most cultivators while he was only a low level cultivator. But his speed attacks would often lack the profound power because he was only a weak cultivator in the past.

But now it was a thing in the past. Not only was he strong in his profound strength now but the foundation of his profound strength was built on an inner cultivation sea that was three times as vast as any normal cultivator of his level.

Moreover he had the added profound strength of the awakened annihilating seed in his soul sea now. Therefore his profound power had already exceeded that of a peaked golden supremacy.

Plus with the added profound power of his saint grade divine sword in his hands, Liang Tiege would need a divine sword in his hand to even handle a single stroke from Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun stared blankly at the dead body of Liang Tiege. This was the very first time he had ever killed someone. Liang Tiege was the very first person that he had killed but why was that he did not feel remorse at all?

In that earlier instance, he had recalled the malevolent air of Liang Tiege that had wanted to kill him a few days ago and he had acted unrestrained. He had always been able to restraint himself but why was this not the case today?

Saint Wu Lei was enraged as he raised his precious sword to attack Lu Qingyun.

Although this Lu Yun could shatter Supremacy Liang Tiege’s precious sword but there was no way that he could shatter a saint’s precious sword. It was because when a cultivator had exercised their profound strength to empower their attacks, their profound power and animus would also affect the swords that were in their hands, protecting it from damages while increasing the killing effectiveness of their swords.

Moreover Saint Wu Lei was a seventh realm saint and the profound strength between them was like heaven and the earth!

Today this Lu Yun would die!

All of a sudden there was another saint grade divine sword that was in Lu Qingyun’s other hand and there were two divine halos that were surrounding them.

“He is able to divine harmony with his divine sword?!”

“Not one divine sword but two divine swords at the same time. Is it even possible at all?”

“He has two saint grade divine swords?!”

Everyone was stunned at the sight of Lu Qingyun’s two divine swords.

Even Saint Wu Lei was startled but he had already attacked halfway therefore this Lu Yun must still die today!

In the entire history of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, there were no fifth realm golden celestials that could kill a seventh realm saint in a one to one fight.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun’s profound aura had suddenly shifted and it had exploded into an outburst, startling all the onlookers. It was because Lu Qingyun’s profound aura had suddenly increased from the fifth realm level to the sixth realm level now in full visibility of everyone as he broke through the limitations of his fifth realm level.

This stunned all the onlookers; did they see him completing a full realm breakthrough right in front of them and it was completed in barely a blink of an eye?!

Was such a thing even possible in the first place?

Actually Lu Qingyun potential was actually much higher than anyone was seeing now and given the right condition, he could breakthrough to the seventh realm level at a moment notice.

But now because Lu Qingyun was suddenly attacked by such a powerful opponent, his instinct immediately took over from him to resist the incoming attack.

Only a sixth realm golden supremacy could successful use a spirit entity to its fullest potential. After Lu Qingyun had fully divine harmonized with both his divine swords during the battle with the eighth rank Emperor Tyrant, he had already fulfilled all the sixth realm conditions for a breakthrough.

The sixth realm level, also called the spirit level was hard to breakthrough for many fifth realm golden celestials.

While the fifth realm energy level could be easily understood by most of the cultivators, the spirit level was on another cultivation level that was extremely difficult to grasp.

But not to Lu Qingyun. It was because through the constant exposure with Yan’Er and the recent divine harmony with her, he had long grasped the spirit level. But he lacked for a breakthrough was a state of divinity to trigger his breakthrough.

There must be a strong will for a breakthrough and a state of divinity must be established for a breakthrough.

And when Saint Wu Lei had attacked Lu Qingyun, the state of divinity was quickly formed instinctively.

Five small bursts and one major burst would be seen in the blink of an eye from Lu Qingyun’s profound aura when the breakthrough was completed.

Lu Qingyun had breakthrough from the fifth realm lower tier, middle tier, upper tier to the sixth realm lower tier, middle-tier and upper tier in the blink of an eye. That was the indication that his profound aura was now showing to everyone!

Saint Wu Lei was stunned by what he saw and he was even more startled when Lu Qingyun had cut him down in mid-air with his two divine swords.

It was a clean kill.

Everyone was stunned by the scene and was staring in disbelief that a saint was killed in such an easy manner. But seeing is believing. After all, saint grade divine swords could easily triple the profound power of a cultivator.

In the hands of a sixth realm expert, a saint grade divine sword was equivalent to the deadly strike of a great saint. Moreover there were two saint grade divine swords in this Lu Yun’s hands.

Many of the golden celestials were stammering, “He…he…has breakthrough six times…is this even possible…”

Each time a breakthrough occurred; vast reservoirs of the cultivator’s inner spiritual sea had to be consumed. Therefore it was not possible for someone to breakthrough six times in a row!

But they were not Lu Qingyun and they had no idea how unfathomable Lu Qingyun’s inner spiritual sea was now, especially after he had spent a ‘year’ inside the Endless Abyssal Sea.

The three divine rulers were now staring blankly at Lu Qingyun and they were all thinking of the same thing. “Did we just choose a monster to be our alliance leader instead?”

But to Lu Qingyun, he was muttering sadly. “So I’ve just killed another now…I told you not to provoke me today…”

He, together with Yan’Er and Xingxin were one body that was in one harmony. They had all decided that Liang Tiege and Wu Lei both deserved to die.

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Chapter 225: The Great Banquet (4)

In the middle of the hall were dozens of golden celestials with their precious swords and divine swords.

When Gao Tianshou had given the command the attack the Devil Goddess, dozens of golden celestials had all rushed to the epicenter where the Devil Goddess, her three golden shadows and twenty odd masked golden celestials were.

The stunning display of dozens of superior grade precious swords and divine swords were all too stunning.

Normally the appearance of a single divine sword was enough to draw envious looks and awes but today in this hall, there were actually dozens of divine swords from both sides.

Hundreds of glaring flashes and shadows were flickering with every flicker of an eye.

One of the fiercest battles between the righteous celestial clans and the heretic celestial clans now took place in this small hall.

And the key target in the golden eyes of the righteous golden celestials was none other than the Devil Goddess herself who was standing in the epicenter as her three golden shadows defended her.

Extraordinary sword arts, powerful profound arts and deadly sword energies were unleashed by both sides instantly.

Although golden celestials were difficult to be killed but golden celestials had their own disparities as well. There were fifth realm, sixth realm, seventh realm golden celestials and the seventh realm golden celestials were further grouped into those who were saints and great saints.

In just a few blinks of an eye, several fifth realm golden celestials were felled by the more powerful golden celestials of the supremacy and saint levels.

In the hall, everyone had a sword in their hands save for the Devil Goddess.

It was because the Devil Goddess was not known to carry or fight with any weapons, preferring to use her own unarmed martial profound arts instead. The name of her profound art was known to all and it was called the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill.

The original name of her Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill was actually the Divine Horizon Hands and was passed down to her by her father. As she did not want to anyone to associate the Divine Horizon Hands with her bad reputation, she had actually changed the name of her profound art.

It was a profound art that the Devil Goddess often used and combined with her seventh realm profound strength, it was often more than enough to deal with most of her opponents.

But today, her opponents saw it as a sign of weakness and thought of it as an opportunity for them to exploit. After all, there was no way bare hands could contest against the might of a divine sword, moreover there were so many divine swords that were swinging now against the Devil Goddess.

When Fan Yuqing created her Devil Goddess identity, her character design did not include the Devil Goddess to wield any weapons and not because the Devil Goddess could not wield any weapons.

But because her opponents did not know, they had quickly interpreted her lack of weapons as a cultivation backlash by a divine sword that caused her unable to wield any weapons.

In the Celestial Realm, there were many unfortunate cultivators that suffered a backlash after an unsuccessful sword art breakthrough or suffered a rejection by a divine weapon that would cause them to suffer burning touches if they were to use their profound strength to wield a metallic weapon.

Now most of her opponents were now betting on this possibility.

And if their hunches were correct then the Devil Goddess may also suffered a double adverse in pain if she was struck by a metallic weapon and more so, if it was a divine sword.

She may even be defenseless against the strikes of a divine weapon!

Saint Gao Tianshou and the three divine rulers that were on his side were now watching the battle keenly, hoping to exploit a weakness in the ranks of the Devil Goddess.

They were not in a hurry because time was on their side and they had more than ten saints now that were slowly closing in on the Devil Goddess.

Among the some eighty golden celestials that were surrounding the Devil Goddess and her aides, Lu Qingyun was one of them.

He had displayed his Fairy Light Divine Sword as a heaven-step precious sword now because he did not want to draw attention to himself.

Ever since he had become a fifth realm golden celestial, he now had the ability to make a copy of his divine sword Jade Light as a precious sword.

Right now, the three golden shadows were forming the inner ranks of defense that were guarding the Devil Goddess.

Lu Qingyun did not have any problem of sneaking pass the twenty odd heretic golden celestials as there were too many fighters from his side for them to handle.

Each of the golden shadows was in fact fighting with at least five opponents at the same time.

Lu Qingyun had suddenly raised his sword to strike the nearest golden shadow in sight, seizing an attack of opportunity after she had forced three golden celestials to back off.

While he was attacking the golden shadow, he was also looking at the Devil Goddess; their golden eyes had actually met in that instant.

The sword attack that was from Lu Qingyun was quickly parried and with a quick flash of the divine sword that was in the golden shadow’s hand, Lu Qingyun was quickly kicked out of the epicenter of the fight.

When Gao Xianyou saw Lu Qingyun was sent flying backward in the most awkward manner, he laughed at Gao Tianyou, “Big brother, is this your valuable recruit? Haha.”

Gao Tianyou: …

When Lu Qingyun was kicked far away, he was quickly helped up by Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing as they panicky said with great concern. “Are you alright…does it hurt…”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly as he shook his head, “I’m alright…”

He was staring at the golden shadow that had just kicked him. It was all too obvious that she was lenient to him. It was because he had purposely created an opening for her to attack him. Instead of a lethal strike, he was given a powerful kick instead.

But the main reason he was sighing was because he had almost got the answer that he had wanted; he wanted to know if the two other golden shadows were someone that he had known.

When he had got near to the golden shadow, he did not use his divine sense to unravel her identity but instead he was sniffing her. His nose was extremely sharp and with a sniff, he could identify thousands of spirit herbs and their properties.

And the golden shadow was Great Saintess Feng Minyue. It was because he could sniff her light heavenly fragrance that was unique to her. High level cultivators could alter their profound signature but there was one thing that they could never change and that was their unique scent.

Although he was now short of sniffing out Qin Keqin but he was almost certain that the Devil Goddess was her; it was because their eyes had been exchanging ever since he had stepped into the battle foray.

He was only a fifth realm cultivator and was like a fly in the eyes of the Devil Goddess. It was unusual enough that she was paying him attention that was out of the norm.

His gambit had worked.

He was still alive after the charge and he almost got his answer.

But now he was staring blanking at the Devil Goddess. He could not believe that Qin Keqin was actually a super villainess. Qin Keqin was also the great heroine Fan Yuqing. How could a great heroine possibly be the greatest super villainess in the history of the Nine Celestial Fraternity?!

He was completely stunned.

All of a sudden he had never felt so lost in his life. He had finally realized that he did not know Qin Keqin well at all. She had too many secrets.

Then he remembered the Starforge Substances that Qin Keqin had wanted him to have. Was she actually planning to turn him into one of her shadows so that she could rule the Nine Celestial Fraternity?

He was now totally confused what he should call her now; Qin Keqin or Fan Yuqing?

All of a sudden the Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “So you are finally here? What takes you so long?”

No one knows who the Devil Goddess was talking to until a golden profound light had suddenly crashed from the roof top into the hall and another golden shadow was suddenly seen.

But this newly arrived golden shadow was a little unfortunate as she had landed into the midst of four saints and they had all raised their swords at her. In that instant sword energies and sword arts were zapping all around.

But the golden shadow simply walked out of their way as she slashed them with her sword. “This…looks like a bad landing spot…”

The four saints were startled that they had not only missed her but they were also slashed by her sword. Luckily for them and unlike the other three golden shadows, this newly arrived golden shadow had only a precious sword in her hands. If she had a divine sword then their injuries may not be light.

One of the saints was stammering, “Her attacks can penetrate past our seventh realm profound aura? She is also a seventh realm saintess?”

The stammering saint soon got his answer. This newly arrived golden shadow appeared to be much more formidable and was also extremely agile as she flashed to and fro the ranks of the righteous celestials with extreme ease. No attacks could stop her because none of the attacks could hit her!

In just a just while, this newly golden shadow had totally messed up the tight formations of the righteous celestials.

This newly arrived golden shadow appeared to be quite annoyed as she shouted in the direction of the Devil Goddess, “Junior sister, why are you still standing there like an idiot? Hurry and help me!”

The Devil Goddess raised her palm to floor one unfortunate righteous celestial that got too near to her as she laughed, “So you need my little help now? Why are you late in the first place? And I am your senior sister. You’re now my junior sister.”

The righteous celestials were startled as they listened on to their conversations.

Senior sister? Junior sister? None of them knew that the Devil Goddess actually had a protégé sister.

All of a sudden the ranks of the righteous celestials seemed to be panicking because this newly arrived golden shadow appeared to be a great saintess as well.

“The heretic celestials have five great saintesses on their side?! How come we did not know about this…”

Lu Qingyun was also startled when he saw the newly arrived golden shadow. It was because he had suddenly found her lightless movement to be really familiar and he had seen it somewhere before.

All of a sudden he had remembered the fight between an extremely beautiful maiden and an eighth rank Giga Mountain Giant. In that fight, that extremely beautiful maiden was moving like a phantom and she could even handle the eighth rank Giga Mountain Giant as though she was just taking a walk.

And that extremely beautiful maiden was the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing.

Lu Qingyun was stunned.

“Isn’t the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing the greatest champion of the righteous celestials? In the stories, she had suppressed the Devil Goddess within the three dark divine realms and brought peace to the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Why is she calling the Devil Goddess her junior sister? Maybe she isn’t the Nine Celestial Goddess. The Nine Celestial Goddess will never do anything like this. She will never betray the Nine Celestial Fraternity…”

He could not believe what he was seeing as he struggled with his beliefs.

The Devil Goddess had suddenly shouted, “Now!”

The Golden Shadow ‘Yue Lingxi’ had suddenly raised her divine sword as her martial profound force had suddenly parted a small gap in the ranks of the righteous celestials. Numerous weaker celestials were instantly floored or sent flying aside by her powerful profound force that was in the shape of a demonic wolf.

At the same time the Devil Goddess had charged forward as she unleashed the powerful profound art of the Great Goddess Alice the Mystic Stratosphere as she flew like a shooting star through the ranks of the righteous celestials.

“Stop her!”

“Close your ranks!”

“The Devil Goddess is aiming for Saint Gao Tianshou! Stop her!”

Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang, along with a dozen of their fifth rank golden celestials had also joined in the fight as they attempted to close ranks with the rest.

They had to protect Saint Gao Tianshou at all costs because he was the one that the Devil Goddess feared.

Right now Saint Gao Tianshou was rooted to the ground and they knew that he had expended nearly all his profound strength and he was now circulating his profound energies in a hasty bid to quickly regain his profound strength.

Until that happened, they must protect Saint Gao Tianshou at all costs.

As the Devil Goddess sped through the ranks of the righteous celestials, a dozen golden celestials were felled by her. Among the fallen were Gao Tianyou and Gao Xianyou!

All of a sudden the ranks of the saints that were holding the charge of the Devil Goddess and her four golden shadows had broken and confusion reigned in the ranks of the righteous celestials.

Five seventh realm great saintesses were now fighting their way through the ranks of the righteous celestials in a straight line like an unstoppable force now.

Although there were a hundred righteous golden celestials in the hall but more than half were scattered all around and they could not stop the Devil Goddess now.

Saint Zhou Hai had suddenly coughed out blood under the ‘attacks’ of the Devil Goddess and he had accidentally swung his divine sword at his fellow celestials. Unknown to the righteous celestials, Saint Zhou Hai was actually a secret shadow of the Devil Goddess. Therefore he had no reason to fight against the Devil Goddess.

And he was not the only clumsy one all of a sudden. It was because in the ranks of the righteous celestials, the Devil Goddess had long planted four saints and eight supremacies as her secret shadows.

These twelve shadows were her secret moles since her early days and were scattered in all the four divine realms.

And today she was activating them.

This was the main reason why the formations of the righteous celestials were broken up so fast, with some of her moles stepping aside for her to sweep into it and hindering the rest.

The Devil Goddess really did not lie to the four divine rulers that the other camps had already been taken by her. Her moles had told her of this banquet in advance and she had sent all her divine lords to attack the other three camps.

The force that was attacking this camp was actually puny and was just a distraction.

Fan Yuqing figured out that she did not need a large force but she would need all the capable fighters that she could find. In the end, she did not find many since she had to split her divine lords into three main groups.

Therefore she had asked her rival Ye Jing to aid her this time.

But why would the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing aided her? Was it because she had a handle in the hands of the Devil Goddess?

The answer was actually no. Even though they were rivals all the time, they were also the best of friends at the same time and moreover, they were really protégé sisters of the Great Goddess Heaveness.

And now the Devil Goddess sped past all her opponents, covered by her golden shadows. With four great saintesses behind her back, who would dare to come forward to stop the Devil Goddess now?

But one cultivator did.

He was Lu Qingyun and he had the saint grade Fairy Light Divine Light in his hand as the two of them reached Saint Gao Tianshou at the same time.

Lu Qingyun was saying to the Devil Goddess, “Don’t please…”

But Saint Tianshou and the Devil Goddess had already clashed with all their profound strength mightily in a thunderous explosive exchange that exploded a tremendous ripple of profound force that caused all three of them to cough out blood at the same time.

In that instant the Devil Goddess had seized Saint Gao Tianshou’s divine sword, “I shall use your sword to end you…”

Gao Tianshou laughed weakly, “You can’t use my divine sword. It has already been divine harmony by me…”

The Devil Goddess spat her blood on the divine sword to temporary remove Saint Gao Tianshou’s profound link with his sword. “Oh yes? My blood happens to have the ability to do so…”

She had swiftly swung the divine sword and had pierced it through Saint Gao Tianshou’s heart and at the same time Lu Qingyun had swung his sword against the Devil Goddess.

In that instant, it was as though time had frozen for the three of them;

Saint Gao Tianshou was killed by the Devil Goddess and Lu Qingyun had swung his sword to stop the Devil Goddess but she was so determined to kill Saint Gao Tianshou that she did not evade Lu Qingyun’s attack.

Therefore Lu Qingyun’s divine sword broke through the protective profound animus of the Devil Goddess and he had slashed her.

Lu Qingyun was shocked and he was stammering almost incoherently, “Keqin…I’m sorry. I…didn’t mean to hit you. I only…want to stop you…I really…didn’t mean it at all…”

The Devil Goddess’ aura had a subtle shift and Yan’Er was sobbing in Lu Qingyun’s inner cultivation sea, “I…have…hurt…Big Sister Keqin…”

Qin Keqin quickly pushed Lu Qingyun away as she grasped her wounds. It would be hard for her to regenerate the wounds that were caused by a saint-grade divine sword.

Her four golden shadows were immediately by her side to assist her while they stared fiercely at Lu Qingyun.

But none of them made a move against Lu Qingyun as they assisted the Devil Goddess for their getaway.

Lu Qingyun was left alone to stare blankly at the back of the Devil Goddess.

As for the remaining righteous celestials, they did not make a move to stop the heretic celestials from making their getaway. Everyone appeared to be spent and many were staring blankly like Lu Qingyun.

Saint Gao Tianshou was dead now.

Many of the golden celestials had fallen and among the fallen celestials, were also Gao Tianyou, Gao Xianyou and many high ranking golden celestials.

The more powerful righteous celestials that could still fight were mostly the moles of the Devil Goddess and naturally they would not give anyone the orders to pursue the Devil Goddess.

No one was foolish enough to pursue the trail of four great saintesses that were now escorting the Devil Goddess.

Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang the three divine rulers were also staring blankly at the carnage and the dead body of Saint Gao Tianshou.

It was like they had suddenly become lost.

Just then several protégés had rushed into the hall with several panicky messages. “The other three camps have been attacked and are now in the hands of the heretic celestials.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang nearly fainted from shock when they had heard the news.

The Devil Goddess really did not lie to them at all.

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Chapter 224: The Great Banquet (3)

After the dozens of golden lightning had flashed through the hall and exploded in front of the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows, the entire hall was covered with a thick smog and debris were fluttering everywhere.

It was as though the entire place had been struck heavily by a meteor and the aftershocks continued to ripple nonstop.

Half of the golden celestials in the hall had been floored by the power and force of the six-stage golden lightning.

But in the epicenter of the attack, the Devil Goddess and her three golden shadows were standing unharmed, protected by their golden animus that was shining brilliantly.

All the onlookers were trembling now and were looking at the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows with great shock.

It was because the brilliant of their profound aura had indicated to all of them that they were all great saintesses of the highest level!

Upper seventh realm experts!

The upper seventh realm sacred saint level was the hardest tier of the seventh realm level to breakthrough. It was almost like a standalone tier.

In order to overcome from the middle tier sacred saint level to the upper tier sacred saint level, the saint must first overcome a lightning tribulation first. Only if they could survive the life and death tribulation of the lightning tribulation would they be able to overcome this last barrier to become a Great Saint.

But it would not be easy. Failure to do so would mean death instantly.

And there were three types of lightning tribulation; the three-stage silver lightning tribulation, the six-stage golden lightning tribulation and the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation.

The three –stage silver lightning was the most commonly encountered but it was equally as deadly, killing a majority of the saints that were attempting it.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more powerful the lightning tribulation was.

And Saint Gao Tianshou had survived a six-stage golden lightning tribulation and he had broken the middle tier barrier to become a Great Saint.

The six-stage golden lightning tribulation was rarely encountered and it was even harder to survive it.

But Saint Gao Tianshou did and he had become the second Great Saint after Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan to survive the six-stage golden lightning in recent history.

And he was the only Great Saint among the eighteen saints that were presented in this hall.

That was exactly how uncommon a Great Saint was.

That was the very reason why the other three divine realms had flocked to his banner and had even proclaimed him to be their alliance leader.

But now, they were seeing the presence of four great saintesses!

Saint Gao Tianshou and all the other golden celestials simply could not believe what they were seeing.

If the sight of four great saintesses were surprising enough, the fact that they had all survived a six-stage lightning tribulation had completely caught everyone off-guarded.

It was because a six-stage lightning tribulation was thirty-six times more deadly than a normal lightning and four times deadlier than a three-stage lightning tribulation.

Most golden celestials would have been pulverized instantly regardless of their profound strength.

But for the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows, they had actually survived through it. Was this not the most astonishing thing to happen?

Was it even real?

The Devil Goddess said coolly, “You can only use the sanctorum power of your divine sword only once, am I right? Is this your trump card? This attack must have sapped half of your profound strength if I am not wrong about it.”

Saint Gao Tianshou hummed coldly, “I really don’t understand how did you manage to survive the six-stage lightning of my divine sword? You have a profound treasure that can ward off my lightning?”

The Devil Goddess chuckled, “Profound treasure? Do we need one? Did you see anyone of us using one? Even if you are able to use your six-stage lightning ten times on us, you still won’t be able to kill any one of us here.”

“Rubbish!” Saint Gao Tianshou shouted. The terrifying power of the six-stage lightning was not something to be underestimated. Even if Saint Gao Tianshou were to take the six-stage lightning tribulation again, there was no telling that he may survive it. Moreover, it was ten times.

The Devil Goddess said coldly, “Do you know why? I guess you still haven’t figured it out yet. The four of us had survived through the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. That is why your six-stage golden lightning is unable to hurt us.”

Everyone was gasping with shock when they had heard the Devil Goddess.

“She has survived through the nine-stage purple lightning? This isn’t possible…”

“And there are four of them now…”

“We are fighting four Devil Goddess?!”

“Aren’t the other three just her weaker followers?!”

“Four great saintesses…”

“Four great saintesses that had overcome the nine-stage purple lightning…”

“In recent history, only three great saintesses had ever overcome the nine-stage purple lightning. They are said to be the Great Saintess Feng Minyue, Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng and Great Saintess Ye Jing…” *Fluffy Cultivation Chapter 113-115

Even Saint Gao Tianshou appeared to be shocked.

The Devil Goddess chuckled as she looked in the direction of Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang, “Why are you still here? Do you know that your camps have already been taken over by me?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong shouted, “Rubbish! I have over twenty thousand cultivators in my camp. Do you think that you can take over my camp with your mere talks? Your main forces are now attacking this place at this very moment. Do you think we will believe your bluff?”

Saint Linghu Fei said coldly, “That’s right. It is only her trick to get us out of the way. Her only aim is Saint Gao Tianshou.”

Saintess Su Rushuang nodded, “Therefore all the more we ought to protect Saint Gao Tianshou. We have a hundred over golden celestials in this very hall and we outnumber them four to one. Even if they are great saintesses, they are still unable to fight our combined strength.”

“Everyone attack them at the same time!” Saint Gao Tianshou gave a spirited shout. “Today we will get the Devil Goddess and end the war!”

Immediately dozens of golden celestials had all charged into the middle of the hall where the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows were.

But Lu Qingyun remained unmoving.

And when Lu Qingyun did not move, so did Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng.

Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes.

In front of him was the Devil Goddess herself and the target of his secret dream to get rid of her.

But today when he had finally seen the Devil Goddess herself, why was he feeling that she had a more heroic air than Saint Gao Tianshou?

Although he could not really see her golden eyes clearly as she was donning a mask but why was he feeling that her eyes were as playful as Qin Keqin?

Qin Keqin had the most playful eyes that he had ever seen, especially when she was rolling her eyes teasingly.

He was suddenly feeling his spatial space for the secret transmission that Qin Keqin had left behind for him.

Qin Keqin had two great saintesses as her sisters. And two of them were also the two of the greatest saintesses in the Nine Celestial Fraternity, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue. Everyone knows that these two legendary saintesses had overcome the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation in the past.

The Devil Goddesses also had two golden shadows who were Great Saintesses and they had also overcome their nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. Was this too much of a coincident?

He knew that the third golden shadow was Yue Lingxi and there was no doubt about it. But there was no way Qin Keqin would know who Yue Lingxi was but yet they were in each other company?

Lu Qingyun was sighing to Yan’Er and Xingxin in his inner cultivation sea, “Yan’Er, do you think that she is…”

Yan’Er shook her head, “Their profound signature is different.”

Lu Qingyun replied quietly, “Some cultivators are known to have the ability to alter their profound signatures. It is not hard at all for any seventh realm experts.”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun said in a low voice to Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng, “Wait here for me. Don’t take any action please.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were both startled by him but it was too late to stop Lu Qingyun as he had already charged into the battle foray!

Just as Tang Xuefeng was about follow after Lu Qingyun, an old voice said after her. “Wait here or I will take you away now.”

Tang Xuefeng was startled as she quickly turned her head around. It was because this voice seemed so near yet she was not able to sense his presence at all!

Even Qian Jingjing was startled by this sudden old voice and had turned her head around.

Away from them, a golden celestial was standing in the shadows of the hall quietly.

Tang Xuefeng gasped softly, “Godfather!”

Qian Jingjing looked curiously at her, “Godfather? You have a godfather? Aren’t you from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa?”

The Heavenly Fragrance Villa was an all-female protégés sect. Therefore there were no men in its ranks.

Tang Xuefeng smiled weakly, “He’s is indeed my godfather and he is also the Great Saint Tang Yiren. I’m using my god-father clan name.”

Qian Jingjing was greatly startled as she gasped softly. Another Great Saint!

There was another great saint that had successfully survived through the six-stage golden lightning and he was none other than Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan. And he was actually Tang Xuefeng’s godfather?!

Tang Xuefeng did not want to lie to Qian Jingjing so she sighed softly to her, “My father is actually Saint Yun Xinghe, the divine ruler of the Celestial Sword Clan.”

Qian Jingjing gasped with shock.

The Celestial Sword Clan along with the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Holy Ascension Sect were the three most powerful celestial clans in the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. Under their clan banner, were numerous golden celestials and they also had the three of the largest divine realms in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

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Chapter 223: The Great Banquet (2)

The Devil Goddess was laughing and her mesmerizing figure was moving to and fro, “You have such an interesting banquet here and you’re not inviting me?”

Saint Gao Tianshou smiled, “I don’t think you are here to enjoy the banquet, am I right?”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “That’s when you are wrong! I enjoy banquets the most!”

It was true that the Devil Goddess enjoyed banquets the most in the past when she was terrorizing the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Saint Gao Tianshou laughed, “But unfortunately we do not welcome you for our humble banquet. Moreover you will soon be our prisoner.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “You want to capture me today? Do you think that it will be an easy matter?”

Saint Gao Tianshou lifted his fingers and made a small flicker.

Immediately two golden saints had flashed toward the Devil Goddess. These two golden saints were the elders of the Valiant Arms and their combat abilities were only second to Saint Gao Tianshou.

“Elder Gong Nantian here!”

“Elder Xu Qiang here!”

Under the attack of powerful two saints, even the Devil Goddess may find it a little hard to remain undefeated.

Moreover she was in enemy territory now and the presence of her air was naturally weaker than them.

All of a sudden two of her golden shadows had stepped forward with their palms that were aimed at the two golden saint elders.

There were thunderous thunderclaps as both sides exchanged blows with their palms.

In a blink of an eye, the two elders were forced to take three tremendous steps backward, much to their startled shock!

“This…” Elder Gong Nantian gasped. “They are also seventh realm experts? This is impossible…”

Elder Xu Qiang was also gasping too and he could feel the trembling of his fingers. “Their profound strength is actually above us?”

“The golden shadows of the Devil Goddess are also seventh realm experts?!”

Many of the golden celestials were caught by surprise.

According to the updates on the three dark divine realms, the dark celestials had only nine saints in total. And all the saints were male with the only exception of the Devil Goddess of course. Moreover, the Devil Goddess was rumored to be the only Great Saintess.

As for Elder Xu Qiang and Elder Gong Nantian, they were both middle-tier seventh realm sacred saints. It was really hard for them to meet an opponent that had the superior profound strength than them.

“They must have taken some divine pills to boost their profound strength…”

“That’s right…”

“This must be the only reason!”

“They are indeed heretics. To think that they will stoop so low as to take some heretic drugs to boost their profound strength…”

“We have eighteen saints in this hall. Even if all their golden saints are here today, we still outnumber them. So what can two extra two saintesses do to us?”

“If we all attack the Devil Goddess together, this victory is ours. We don’t even need months or years to win the war.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly when she had heard them. “Actually I didn’t bring any of my golden saint divine lords with me. If I know that I am being outnumbered by eighteen saints here, I may not want to come after all.”

“This Devil Goddess is really too brave.”

“Or foolish!”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were now looking at Lu Qingyun who had been observing the Devil Goddess.

Qian Jingjing whispered, “Brother Qingyun, what do you think? Should we step in to help?”

Tang Xuefeng was also whispering, “Saint Gao Tianshou may order us all to attack at the same time. In this way, we can help him to weaken the strength of the Devil Goddess and provide a firmer winning condition for him.”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “I have never dream that the Devil Goddess has such a heroic spirit and guts to come here alone. Maybe I am wrong about the Devil Goddess.”

He turned to said quietly to the two maidens, “The main battle is between the eighteen saints and the Devil Goddess. The rest of us are just punching bags.”

Then he whispered to them, “The third golden shadow that is standing next to the Devil Goddess is a Great Saintess.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing gasped softly, “How do you know?”

Lu Qingyun had of course recognized Yue Lingxi as the third golden shadow from her shoes.

He replied, “She was the one that had attacked Saint Wu Lei that night.”

Qian Jingjing was perplexed, “How did Brother Qingyun know that she is a Great Saintess? She didn’t exactly show her strength that day.”

Lu Qingyun did not want to lie to her so he replied weakly, “She is Yue Lingxi, my ‘sister’.”

Qian Jingjing was gasping with shock. Yue Lingxi had nearly killed her when they had met in the Moon Demon Forest. –Chapter 194

Saint Gao Tianshou was now saying as he raised his heaven-step divine sword, “The name of my divine sword is ‘Sacred Valiant Lightning’. It is a heaven-step divine sword and is naturally one of the most powerful divine swords in existence.”

He was smiling proudly at his divine sword. “You must know this divine sword is a profound treasure of our Valiant Arms Sect for thousands of years but I am the only one in recent history that is able to wield it. It is because I am the only great saint in my sect that had been tempered by the six-stage golden lightning tribulation. Because of this, I am able to wield the Sacred Valiant Lightning.”

The Devil Goddess smiled coldly, “I have heard that once the Sacred Valiant Lighting is unleashed then all its opponents will be pulverized by the power of the golden lightning. But I have also heard that it is actually just a myth and no one has ever seen it before.”

Saint Gao Tianshou roared with laughter as he raised his divine sword and a golden globe of lightning was now enveloping his divine sword now. “Very soon, you shall see if it is only just a myth.”

He had planned to use his secret trump card against the Devil Goddess in their final battle and that day had come sooner than expected.

With his Sacred Valiant Lightning Divine Sword, he could kill the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows almost effortlessly.

“The Devil Goddess has always fought with her bare hands and she may not grasp the power of the divine swords. She will soon regret coming here today.” These thoughts had flashed in his eyes as he stared coldly at the Devil Goddess.

All of a sudden Saint Gao Tianshou had given a great shout that shook the entire hall. “My divine sword has the divine power of the Divine Tribulation of the Six-Stage Golden Lightning. It is not any ordinary lightning that anyone can hope to withstand.”

A golden sphere of lightning had fired from his divine sword toward the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows.

“This is the same power of the Divine Tribulation! This is your lightning calamity!” Saint Gao Tianshou shouted as the tiles of the hall were completely ripped apart by the furious charge of the golden lightning.

Everyone was gasping and was startled by the tremendous power that was just released by Saint Gao Tianshou’s divine sword.

Everyone could feel the electrifying pulses of the golden lightning and were paralyzing everyone in that instant.

This was truly the lightning calamity of the Six-Stage Golden Lightning Tribulation and right now Saint Gao Tianshou was duplicating the power of the divine calamity with his divine sword.

Even Lu Qingyun was completely stunned by the paralyzing golden lights that had suddenly exploded into the hall!

The Devil Goddess was startled as she took a step back, “Oh no!”

She had not expected that Saint Gao Tianshou would have such a secret weapon in his hands!

Dozens of golden lightning had flown and exploded on the bodies of the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows now.

“Devil Goddess!” the golden celestials on her side were all gasping and shouting panicky.

Saint Gao Tianshou said coolly, “This is the end of the Devil Goddess and the start of a new era.”

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Chapter 222: The Great Banquet (1) 

Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches, inside the Inner Citadel Hall;

Tonight was the golden banquet that was personally hosted by the Great Saint Gao Tianshou.

Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were among the some one hundred odd celestials that were presented.

This was an only ‘golden celestials’ banquet, meaning that all the guests presented were all celestials that were at least a fifth realm cultivator.

Lu Qingyun was now staring at Saint Gao Tianshou. “So this is how he looks like.”

Saint Gao Tianshou was as tall as Lu Qingyun and he had a heroic aura emanating around him. He was indeed a heroic figure as he was rumored to be.

On his left and right side were his two sons, Gao Tianyou and Gao Xianyou.

It was during a casual conversation that Lu Qingyun had overheard that Gao Xianyou was actually a sixth realm golden supremacy while Gao Tianyou was only a fifth realm golden celestial. It was no wonder why Gao Xianyou appeared to look down on his eldest brother and was even unafraid of him. It was because he had the superior cultivation level.

Sitting on the high seats were also three more groups of golden celestials from the three divine realms that were assisting Saint Gao Tianshou in his fight against the three dark divine realms.

Lu Qingyun was gasping now.

They were Saint Yuan Chenggong from the Divine Sovereign Clan, Saint Linghu Fei from the Supreme Truth Sect and Saintess Su Rushuang from the Divine Monarch Pavilion.

Among the four patriarch clans that had gathered, the Divine Sovereign Clan was actually the most powerful and could be considered to be a major patriarch clan. The Divine Sovereign Realm was actually one of the three top divine realms in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. The other two were the Celestial Sword Realm and the Holy Ascension Realm.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was frowning. It was because he seemed to have recognized someone that was with Saint Yuan Chenggong. He was none other than Old Saint Wen or rather he was better known as Zhou Hai.

He was suddenly excited. It was because this Zhou Hai was a friend of Keqin. Maybe he could ask him on her whereabouts?

Zhou Hai saw that Lu Qingyun was looking at him too but he pretended to look the other way.

Lu Qingyun: …

“Maybe it isn’t convenient for us to talk? I must find an opportunity to ask him if he has seen Keqin…” He sighed.

By secretly listening to some of the conversations, he realized that Saint Zhou Hai was actually a senior elder of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

Saint Gao Tianshou had now raised his cup as he gave everyone a toast, “May the victory belongs to us and the righteous wins every battle!”

Then he smiled, “For the past several months, we have been winning battles after battles against the dark celestials. It is all thanks to the combined efforts of all of you here. For this, I am extremely grateful. I cannot have done this without the assistance of the other three divine realms.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed, “It is our great honor to fight to be fighting on your side.”

Saint Linghu Fei nodded and said, “We are all from the righteous celestial clans. Moreover we all share the same goals together and that is to get rid of the dark terror of the Devil Goddess.”

“We have even captured this Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches from the dark celestials. With this citadel, we can now make inroads against the Divine Moon Realm where the Devil Goddess is said to be.” Saintess Su Rushuang said.

“Indeed!” Saint Gao Tianshou smiled toward Saintess Su Rushuang. “Rather than spreading our forces against the three dark divine realms, we just have to attack the Divine Moon Realm. Once the Divine Moon Realm falls, the other two divine realms will soon follow quickly.”

Saint Gao Tianshou then turned to everyone and shouted. “We will march against the Divine Moon Realm in a week time. The ultimate victory shall be ours!”

Gao Xianyou had suddenly stood up and said, “Patriarch Father, I am afraid we may need a little more time now.”

Saint Gao Tianshou frowned, “Why so?”

Gao Xianyou pretended to sigh heavily, “I’m afraid that several of our supply caravans had been raided recently and we have lost tens of thousands of spirit stones. Among the raided caravans, was one caravan of high grade spirit stones that was being escorted by my brother Celestial Gao Tianyou.”

Saint Gao Tianshou was staring angrily at Gao Tianyou. “How is it possible for your caravan to be raided and you can even come back in one piece?! Isn’t Saint Wu Lei in your company? And Supremacies Liang Tiege and Hai Zhongtian as well?”

Gao Tianyou, Saint Wu Lei, Liang Tiege and Hai Zhongtian were now looking sheepish at one another. They could not tell Saint Gao that they were on an assassination plan and they had lured themselves out of the camp when the raiders attacked.

This was like shooting themselves on the foot!

Therefore they did not know how to explain.

But eventually there must be an explanation.

Gao Tianyou smiled weakly as he explained. “We are attacked by a golden shadow of the Devil Goddess and were lured by her out of the camp. By the time we rushed back to the camp, half of the precious high grade spirit stones were already taken away. We are too careless.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong said, “We should not blame him for the failures. It is obvious that the enemy is too cunning. Moreover they were being attacked by the golden shadow of the Devil Goddess.”

Gao Tianyou nodded and said weakly, “We are only too eager to capture a golden shadow of the Devil Goddess to boost the morale of our fighters. That is why we have fallen into her trap.”

Then he was smiling in the direction of Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing. “Although I have partially failed to protect the cargo but I have recruited three golden celestials to our cause. I hope that Patriarch Father will give me a chance to prove myself.”

Saint Gao Tianshou asked, “Who are they?”

“They are Celestial Lu Yun, Celestial Tang Feng and Celestial Qian Qian.” Gao Tianyou introduced.

“What can three fifth realm golden celestials do?” Gao Xianyou scoffed coldly. “It seems that they did not help you to protect the cargo at all.”

Saint Gao Tianshou said coldly to Gao Tianyou, “I’ll let this pass for the time being. You have better proved yourself next time.”

Then he turned to everyone and sighed softly, “We shall delay our march for a little while.”

“Hold on for a minute!” Tang Xuefeng had suddenly stepped forward as she said aloud.

Lu Qingyun was startled and so was Gao Tianyou.

It was because no one really know what Tang Xuefeng was intending to do or say.

Tang Xuefeng smiled, “I’ve something to say first.”

Gao Xianyou frowned lightly, “Learn your manners first. You’re just a mere fifth realm cultivator and you’ve dared to interrupt my Patriarch Father?”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “So what if I did?”

Many of the golden celestials presented were startled by ‘his’ proclamation. And some were even coldly staring at this ‘Tang Feng’ now.

Tang Xuefeng smiled coldly, “Our Saint Gao Tianshou here is a great hero. He won’t be angry with a little fry like me. Am I right to say so?”

Saint Gao Tianshou frowned lightly, “What is it that you want to say?”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “Don’t you find that Young Master Gao Tianyou story to be a little weird? There are seven golden celestials, including us of course and we have all failed to capture or kill this golden shadow? Or rather, we have all gone after this golden shadow at the same time.”

Gao Tianyou panicky interrupted, “That is because we are all too eager to capture the intruder. That’s why.”

Saint Wu Lei immediately rose to speak on behalf of Gao Tianyou, “That is true. We’re all so eager, that’s why.”

Saint Wu Lei, Liang Tiege and Hai Zhongtian were now all staring coldly at Tang Xuefeng and were now warning her with their eyes not to say or do anything funny.

But Tang Xuefeng had to pretend not to see them and she continued to chuckle, much to the fierce annoyance of Gao Tianyou and his inner circle.

Even Lu Qingyun was whispering to her, “Maybe we should keep this matter under wraps. Our main objective is just to fight against the dark celestials and not get involve into their politics.”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly as she smiled at Lu Qingyun. Her primary intention was not to fight against the dark celestials and instead, she just wanted to mess up the side of the Valiant Arms Divine Realm as much as possible to buy valuable time for her own divine realm just in case Saint Gao Tianshou had become too ambitious.

Her action delighted the Gao Xianyou and he was now saying out loud, “Please pardon me for my rudeness earlier. I see that young hero is a person with righteousness in your heart and that’s why you are willing to tell us more about the bad actions of my brother. For this, we’re grateful.”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled, “Not at all. I can tell you more…”

All of a sudden Saint Gao Tianshou laughed jovially. “No need. The enemy is too cunning. This matter should be put to a rest. Tianyou, please remember that you have failed in your mission and I want you to use your life to protect everyone the next time. This is your chance to do something for the four divine realms!”

Then he added, “Today is a happy occasion for all of us so let’s not ruin it. On account of your past merits, I will give you your precious second chance.”

Gao Tianyou was smiling as he inhaled a soft sign of relief, “Yes, yes.” His eyes were suddenly staring coldly at Tang Xuefeng as he said silently. “My cold heart beauty, since you want to play me in this manner then don’t blame me for being ruthless with you later.”

As for Tang Xuefeng and Gao Tian Xianyou, they were slightly startled that Saint Gao Tianshou did not appear to be interested to hear the future accounts.

Tang Xuefeng cursed silently, “So this is the heroic spirit of the Great Hero Gao Tianshou. He is just covering the misdeeds of his own son.”

All of a sudden a protégé rushed into the hall and he was shouting panicky, “All the Great Celestials! The dark celestials are attacking the citadel city from all sides!”

Everyone was startled.

Saint Yuan Chenggong immediately said, “I shall lead my fighters to put down the dark celestials immediately.”

Saintess Su Rushuang laughed coldly, “These dark celestials are courting their own deaths by attacking the camp of our Saint Gao Tianshou here. It seems that they are now so desperate to make a last ditch fight.”

Saint Linghu Fei hummed coldly, “Do they even have any idea that there are more than a hundred powerful golden celestials that have gathered in this place? We shall see to their deaths immediately.”

Saint Gao Tianshou had suddenly unsheathed his heaven-step divine sword and he was saying coldly. “Everyone, calm down first and stay in this place. We have some uninvited guests soon.”

By now, several of the high level golden celestial cultivators had also picked up the intruders with their divine senses.

All of a sudden from all the entrances of the hall, several masked assailants with golden eyes were seen charging inside and all the guards were quickly put down to the sword.

Several of the golden celestials that were sitting near the entrance were now fighting against the intruders that numbered some twenty and from the look of it they were all golden celestial level cultivators!

Gao Xianyou immediately shouted, “Guards! Summon the guards! They are assassins that are sent by the Devil Goddess to assassinate the four divine rulers!”

Saint Yuan Chenggong gave the assassins a lazy look as he watched them fight their way into the hall. “I’ve never thought that the Devil Goddess will be so desperate to send her precious golden celestials to their deaths.”

None of the four divine rulers were showing any sign of panic or fear. It was because they were all seven realm experts and moreover, they were being surrounded by many seven realm and six realm cultivators as well.

In short, the assassins would never have the chance to even touch them before they would all be put down to the sword.

All of a sudden a mesmerizing voice laughed coldly. “Who says they are assassins that are sent by the Devil Goddess? “

A mesmerizing maiden wearing a golden mask with a lofty aura had suddenly walked into the hall and she seemed to be laughing jovially. “They are merely my personal guards.”

Following her were three other equally mesmerizing maidens with golden masks and they were the golden shadows of the Devil Goddess.

“The Devil Goddess is here?!”

“She is actually here?”

“This…is impossible right?”

“Is she delivering herself to us?”

All of a sudden the fighting in the hall had ceased and everyone was staring at the beautiful form of the Devil Goddess.

For most of the cultivators presented in the hall, this was their very first time seeing the Devil Goddess who was the divine ruler of the three dark divine realms.

Even Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang were looking a little panicky. One to one, they knew that they were not the Devil Goddess’ match. After all she was rumored to be a Great Saintess, a peak seventh realm expert.

The only upper tier seventh realm sacred saint in their midst was Saint Gao Tianshou. He had become a Great Saint not too long ago.

But no matter what, all the divine rulers would not give the Devil Goddess her chance of fighting them one to one. They were not foolish enough to engage her in any honor duel.

Lu Qingyun was trembling when he saw the beautiful form of the Devil Goddess. He did not know why and thought that he was only being nervous.

He did not know that the Devil Goddess was actually his master Qin Keqin because she had the ability to change her divine profound aura and even the way she carried herself as the Devil Goddess was an act of disguise.

The Devil Goddess had coolly scanned her eyes at all the golden celestials presented in the hall and when she saw Lu Qingyun, she began to tremble lightly.

“Why is he here?”

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Chapter 221: Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches

A few days later, Lu Qingyun and his party had followed Gao Tianyou and his group to the Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches.

Throughout the journey, Gao Tianyou had put on a long face and he was in a bad mood; it was because the night raid by the dark celestials had reduced his two hundred strong group to a mere eighty cultivators. At the same time, he had lost half than half of the spirit stones that he was transporting to the main camp.

As Gao Tianyou did not know when the dark celestials would strike soon, he put his plans of getting rid of Lu Qingyun on hold first. It was because he did not want to put the rest of the spirit stones that he was transporting at risk since he needed all the fighters that he could muster to protect his precious cargo.

Lu Qingyun had asked him about the ‘secret’ that may cost him his life but Gao Tianyou merely said, “I will tell you when we’ve reached the main camp.”

The Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches was the main camp that Gao Tianyou had mentioned and was the converge point of the main expedition force of the four divine realms that were attacking the three dark divine realms.

The last time that Lu Qingyun had seen so many cultivators were during the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Tournament. There were literally thousands of cultivators everywhere in the streets and many of these cultivators were all at least a third realm cultivator.

In additional, there were also many golden celestials in the streets but barely anyone battled an eyelid. It was because there were actually hundreds of golden celestials in the city and dozens of golden celestials were always seen at any point of time.

The group of eighty cultivators immediately made their way toward the inner citadel.

Lu Qingyun took a look around, “So this is where the main camp is.”

Gao Tianyou was now smiling to Lu Qingyun, “I will introduce you to my father and the elders.”

Lu Qingyun returned a weak smile as he thanked him. He seemed a little less excited now. It was not because he did not want to fight the dark celestials. It was still his ambition to earn a renowned for himself in the fight against the Devil Goddess and the dark celestials but he was less passionate about fighting on the side of Gao Tianyou.

Gao Tianyou had whispered to him, “If you are willing to serve me with your loyalty then I will surely treat you like my trusted follower.”

Then he had suddenly dropped a bomb shell on him that caused Lu Qingyun to be really unhappy, “I’m not greedy. I only want Tang Feng. You can have your Qian Qian. Think about it for a few days. This is your chance to prove to me your loyalty. In return, fame and cultivation resources await you.”

Lu Qingyun did not expect that Gao Tianyou would be such a person and he was really disappointed that his so call heroic talks were all a front.

He did not tell Qian Jingjing or Tang Xuefeng about it.

He tried to convince himself by saying, “I am not helping Gao Tianyou. I am joining the cause of the good against the dark terror of the Devil Goddess. Now I am on the way to meet my hero the Great Saint Gao Tianshou and I’m finally here. There will be many other heroes as well.”

Now as they walked along the streets toward the inner citadel, there was a sudden mocking laughter from the other end.

Lu Qingyun saw that a small group of cultivators had approached them.

There were three golden celestials in the small group of ten.

A golden celestial that was leading this small group was the one that had laughed earlier. In fact, he had walked to Gao Tianshou and said, “My older brother. How are you? What happens to your group of three hundred? It seems that only less than a hundred are left now. I hope that you did not disappoint father this time.”

The cultivators in Gao Tianyou group immediately greeted this newcomer, “Second Young Master Gao Xianyou.”

Gao Tianyou did not hide his disdain for this brother of his and he said almost unpleasantly, “At least I am fighting hard outside while someone is hiding behind walls.”

But Gao Xianyou did not appear to be angry as he laughed jovially. “My brother is indeed humorous.” Then he was suddenly looking at Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng. “Weird. You have three more golden celestials with you now.”

Gao Tianshou hummed coldly, “I’ve met them on my way back here. This is Brother Lu Yun, Brother Tang Feng and Maiden Qian Qian. They are interested to join our father’s fight against the dark celestials.”

Gao Xianyou smirked coldly, “They are not bad looking. Congratulations for finding three more able fighters to join on your side.”

Then he smiled toward Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng before saying. “You can always welcome to join my camp.”

Gao Tianyou growled unhappily, “I found them first.”

Gao Xianyou laughed, “I think you are only interested in the maiden. Isn’t it always your practice?”

Gao Tianyou: …

Gao Xianyou smiled coldly, “You are just in time for the banquet tonight. I see you soon enough, my brother.”

Gao Tianyou returned a smile, “Watch your steps brother and don’t accidentally step into a pit of dung.”

Gao Xianyou appeared to be startled and there was an ugly countenance in his face.

Lu Qingyun stole a glance at Tang Xuefeng who pretended to look another way.

He was smiling weakly because this joke was said by Tang Xuefeng to Gao Tianyou and now he was saying it to his second brother Gao Xianyou.

Gao Tianyou began to laugh aloud after Gao Tianyou had disappeared from view.

He turned to say to Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing. “I have arranged for a fitting accommodation for you in the inner citadel. There is a banquet tonight. My father and all the other three divine rulers will be presented. You must definitely attend this banquet. During the banquet, I will make a recommendation for the three of you to my father the patriarch lord.”

Lu Qingyun raised his hands in a gesture of thanks, “Thank you, Celestial Gao.”

“What Celestial Gao?” Gao Tianyou laughed. “Why so polite? Just call me your Brother Tianyou and I will call you my Brother Yun.”

While he was saying that, he was actually looking at Tang Xuefeng but she pretended not to hear him and was looking the other way on purpose.

Even Qian Jingjing was looking at the other way too.

None of them had wanted to address Gao Tianyou as Brother Tianyou.

Although Qian Jingjing looked extremely innocent all the time and appeared to be a maiden that lacked tact but her swordsmanship was actually very good. Her state of divinity with her sword had long reached the Spirit Intent state of divinity and she could sense the slight killing malevolent of anyone near her.

That day, she could clearly sense the killing intentions of Gao Tianyou and his group. It was the sudden appearance of the golden shadow of the Devil Goddess that caused their killing intentions to vanish all of a sudden, hence saving them.

Actually Tang Xuefeng had also sensed their malevolent air and she knew that Gao Tianyou was up to no good.

Soon they had reached the gates of the inner citadel.

Gao Tianyou soon said to Lu Qingyun, “Brother Yun, please wait here for a little while. I will get a personal attendant to show you your resting place later.” Then he laughed, “There are many good places in the outer citadel that you may want to have a look first. All the top merchants from all over the Nine Celestial Fraternity is here. Who knows if you may find a profound treasure or two in the profound treasures market or the auction house?”

With that, he had disbanded the rest of the cultivators and he had entered the gates of the inner citadel with his inner circle group.

Qian Jingjing hummed coldly, “Finally they are off our backs. They are like smelly flies.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly but he had a subtle nod.

When the two maidens saw that he was nodding, they began to chuckle softly.

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “So even our Qingyun cannot stand him too?”

Qian Jingjing inspected her surroundings before she whispered, “Just a few days ago, they are trying to kill us.”

Then she turned to smile at Tang Xuefeng, “Because of our great beauty Tang Xuefeng here.”

Tang Xuefeng smiled, “But it seems that this Gao Tianyou had a change of plan. Why is that so?”

Qian Jingjing laughed, “Isn’t that obvious? It is because they are afraid that they may be attacked on the way here and they need us to be their extra swords.”

Then she turned to smile at Lu Qingyun, “Brother Qingyun, what do you think?”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “This Gao Tianyou is just trying to make use of us to redeem himself later.”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng gave him a perplexed look, “Oh?”

Lu Qingyun continued, “He had lost such a valuable precious cargo of spirit stones. Great Saint Gao Tianshou may not be too happy with him. However, there is a way to make up for it if he is able to recruit three golden celestials to his side.”

He inhaled softly, “And we are the three golden celestials.”

Tang Xuefeng frowned softly, “So he is only trying to pretend to be the nice guy by suggesting that he will be kind enough to recommend us to the Great Saint Gao Tianshou. But in actual fact, he is only trying to save his own skin.”

Qian Jingjing giggled as she looked at Lu Qingyun, “Brother Qingyun, why are you smart?”

Lu Qingyun returned a weak smile, “It all comes to me when I saw his second brother. It seems that this Gao Tianyou isn’t exactly favored by his father as the eldest son or else his second brother won’t be behaving in such a manner toward him.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were astonished that Lu Qingyun was able to interpret so much information from the small exchanges that he had observed.

At the same time, they were both frowning secretly to themselves. “So he is just playing dumb when he is with us all the time and pretending not to see our affections for him?”

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