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Chapter 24: What Have I Done?

Fairy Ye Chengxi was now walking around as she called out, “Sister. Yan’Er, where are you?”

The inner protégés had told her that Palace Mistress Shangguan Yan was taking a walk here with Palace Master.

“Where is she? Weird?” As she walked, she quickly swept her divine sense.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had appeared in a flustered manner and she was carrying Yuan Ji. “Sister, help me. Palace Master Yuan Ji has fainted.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was startled as she quickly inspected Yuan Ji; he appeared to be stoned and his eyes were staring blankly but he was also smiling and drooling.

“What happens to him? I’ve never seen anything like this?” Fairy Ye Chengxi was gasping softly.

Shangguan Yan smiled weakly, “I really don’t know what happens. He had suddenly fainted. You can help me to take him to the hall first?”

She had pointed to a small resting hall nearby.

Fairy Ye Chengxi panicky nodded.

As she helped Yuan Ji, she suddenly saw that he was wearing his robe in the reverse side. “This Palace Master is like a little child. He can’t even be bothered to wear his robe properly.”

Shangguan Yan said with a flustered voice, “Men are all like this. They don’t care.”

Actually it was Shangguan Yan who had helped Yuan Ji to dress up hastily when she had suddenly heard her sister’s voice calling out for her. It was because Yuan Ji was now in a trance and he could not dress himself on his own.

The scent that she had accidentally used on him actually worked extremely fast.

When the two maidens had moved Yuan Ji to the small resting hall, Shangguan Yan panicky said. “I’ve an ointment that is from Palace Mistress Xia. It is really effective for faints. I will go get it now. Sister, please don’t touch or move him until I’m back.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded quietly as she cast an anxious look at Yuan Ji. “I will wait for your return.”

Shangguan Yan panicky rushed out of the hall as she said softly, “I will be back very soon.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was now staring at Yuan Ji as she said silently, “What has actually happened? My old master never has any history of fainting spells. He is always healthy. Is it because of his failed breakthrough?”

In her mind, her old master had actually failed in his cultivation realm breakthrough and had even suffered a stunning blow to his cultivation realm, causing him to lose his golden body. That was why he had refused to acknowledge her when he had first re-appeared.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was soon heaving a melancholy sigh. “Your Chengxi is here. Even if you have lost your profound strength, I don’t mind. I will be with you…”

All of a sudden she had noticed that the pant that was inside Yuan Ji’s robe was wet and she was suddenly gasping. This wet patch was expanding rapidly in front of her.

She covered her mouth with shock, “Master…”

Yuan Ji was now in a delirium. He had totally no idea what was happening except that he was now having a fun time.

Yan’Er had suddenly disappeared from the scene and now she had been replaced by Fairy Ye Chengxi.

“Chengxi? Why are you here in my bedroom?” Yuan Ji was shocked.

Fairy Ye Chengxi had quietly bended her knees in front of him and said quietly, “Your Chengxi is here to serve you.”

It was only then that he noticed that Chengxi was only dressed in her lingeries.

Yuan Ji immediately said, “Chengxi, this won’t do. We can’t do this thing…”

“Yes, we can.” Fairy Ye Chengxi was quietly looking pitifully at him. “Master, Chengxi has always like you. Why are you so cruel to me?”

“I am cruel to Chengxi?” Yuan Ji stammered.

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded shyly as she leaned toward him while still on her knees. “Can you take Chengxi please?”


Yuan Ji was now staring at the face of a heavenly fairy that could cause men to sin. His willpower began to falter and he was suddenly taking off his robe…

When Shangguan Yan had returned to the small resting hall, Fairy Ye Chengxi was looking quite flustered.

Shangguan Yan quickly took a bottle for Yuan Ji to sniff.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had noticed that Yuan Ji was not wearing his robe in the reverse anymore. “This…”

Fairy Ye Chengxi knew that Shangguan Yan had noticed it and she quickly said with hot flushes, “It won’t be good for a Palace Master to be wearing his robe the opposite way. Therefore I’ve helped him.”

Shangguan Yan slowly nodded as she averted her eyes from her sister

But both Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi was suddenly playing dumb. Some things were best not to say out.

Before long, Yuan Ji had recovered from his trance. “What happens?”

He was suddenly startled when he saw Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were both looking at him with a weird expression.

He had suddenly remembered what he had done to Shangguan Yan.

“This…did I get caught in the act by Chengxi?” He began to smile bitterly.

Shangguan Yan was too shy to explain and she was looking nervously at her sister Fairy Ye Chengxi. How much did she know? Did she guess?

But Fairy Ye Chengxi merely said quietly, “You have fainted earlier so we have brought you here. Are you feeling much better now?”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “So I have fainted? So that’s what happens. Look at me. I must have been cultivating too hard.”

When he had said that, he was looking extremely sheepish.

He was looking a little perplexed. He thought that he was doing it with Shangguan Yan but how come he was dreaming that he was doing it with Fairy Ye Chengxi?

All of a sudden there were angry noises from outside the hall.

In a short moment, an elderly senior protégé had walked into the hall with four protégés and they were carrying a tray.

This elderly senior protégé was Old Liu Xuan and he was lamenting loudly, “Palace Master, please take a look at this! This is so outrageous!”

Old Liu Xuan was also the sect’s law enforcer elder. Every few days he would run to Yuan Ji to complain about the lack of rules and laws in the sect.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and asked curiously, “What is it?”

He walked to the tray, followed by Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi.

As they approached, Old Liu Xuan sighed heavily as he removed the cloth that was on the tray; on the tray were a body lingerie and a panties.

Shangguan Yan was gasping softly. She quickly averted her eyes shyly because she had recognized her own lingerie that she had left behind earlier in a hurry…

Even Fairy Ye Chengxi was gasping softly as she stole a glance at Shangguan Yan.

Yuan Ji was staring blanking at the tray and he was smiling awkwardly, “Erm, so…”

Old Liu Xuan raised his fists in fury, “Palace Master, to think that we have an adulterous pair that dares to do such a thing inside the inner palaces of the Emperor Hall Sect. They must have thought that everyone is dead! We must find out who are the adulterous pair is!”

Yuan Ji replied sheepishly, “Surely we can close one eye this round?”

“No Palace Master! We must enforce the rule of law strictly and deliver the sect punishments to the offenders. They are doing it in the inner palace. This is total disrespect to you and a slap to your face!”

Yuan Ji was smiling awkwardly as he said silently, “Actually my face is quite thick.”

But he said with a weak smile, “So what does Old Liu Xuan proposes? The culprits must have long fled the scene.”

Old Liu Xuan laughed as he pointed at the lingeries, “Did Palace Master sees that it is still wet? Our sect has a profound treasure that can trace the culprit by sampling the blood.”

Shangguan Yan was now really flustered. She really did not want anyone to know that these lingeries belong to her.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Are you going to check us as well?”

Old Liu Xuan laughed, “Of course not. Our Palace Master, Palace Mistress and Fairy Ye Chengxi are above guilt.” Then he laughed even louder, “If Palace Master wants to do this thing, there are plenty of places for you to do it discreetly. Is there a need to do it in the wild?”

Yuan Ji: …

Shangguan Yan: …

Fairy Ye Chengxi: …

Yuan Ji replied weakly, “Go then and find out who are the culprits.”

Old Liu Xuan was delighted as he shouted with his hoarse voice to the other four protégés. “Come follow me. We are going to check all the three thousand protégés today! The honor of our Palace Master and the Emperor Hall Sect must be protected.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi said quietly, “I take my leave first. The inner protégés are still waiting for me to give them the instructions.”

With that she had hastily left the hall.

Yuan Ji muttered curiously, “Weird. Why is Fairy Chengxi acting so weirdly?”

With hot flushes, Shangguan Yan said almost incoherently. “She knows the lingeries belong to me…”

Yuan Ji was startled, “She knows? How did she know?”

Shangguan Ya smiled weakly, “I happen to wear the one that she gave me in the past.”

Yuan Ji: …

As he staggered back in shock, all of a sudden something fell from his robe to the floor; it was a body lingerie.

Shangguan Yan was in shock as she looked at Yuan Ji, “This belongs to my sister. How did you get it?”

Yuan Ji stared at the body lingerie that was on the ground with a perplexed look.

“I don’t remember…”

He was actually telling the truth.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan remembered her sister flustered look when she had entered the hall and that even Yuan Ji’s robe had been adjusted by her.

She was gasping in shock as she stared at Yuan Ji, “Don’t tell me that…”

Yuan Ji: ???

But Yuan Ji attention was now in the direction where Fairy Ye Chengxi had gone. He was thinking, “Does it mean that she isn’t wearing any now…”

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Chapter 23: Palace Master Yuan Jing

Yuan Ji was now the Palace Master Yuan Ji and he had taken over the Emperor Hall Sect.

Suddenly he found himself taking charge of some three thousand protégés. These protégés were mostly low level cultivators and only a couple of them were fourth realm cultivators.

Three months had quickly passed.

And Yuan Ji had regained his profound strength to the fifth cultivation realm.

Although three months had quickly passed, it was like three days to him.

It was because he suddenly found himself with three roles; Palace Master (because the former Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing had gone missing), Elder (all the other elders were killed) and top protégé fighter (all the top cultivators were also killed).

He found himself cursing Xia Jiaqing again, “Why don’t you come back and be the Palace Mistress again. Do you know that you left behind a pile of shit to me?”

The minute the Emperor Hall Sect had lost most of its top cultivators, the other celestial clans in the surrounding vicinity were sending him challenges after challenges to reclaim lost honor or territories.

“I’m in mourning. According to the fraternity laws of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, they have to wait three months to challenge me or my sect. Go and tell them to wait for three months!”

“What? The three months are almost up?!”


He was forced to seek help from Fairy Ye Chengxi to help him to run the Emperor Hall Sect and had made her an honorable elder of the Emperor Hall Sect.

Because he was also so short of elders, he was forced to ask Shangguan Yan for help too. Although she was a weak cultivator but she was nevertheless still a fourth realm cultivator.

But the thing that worried him the most was that he had almost run out of excuses why he was not consummating his unison with Shangguan Yan.

Whenever he sees her, he would feel extremely guilty.

Today he was on the way to the practice platform because Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were giving an instruction there to the inner protégés.

“I shouldn’t be cultivating all the time. I should at least take a look around my new sect. At least I should show my face once a while.” He said to himself.

All of a sudden he had paused in his tracks and hid himself.

It was because he was suddenly overheard some protégés exchanging gossips on him and he was frowning.

“Our new Palace Mistress Shangguan Yan is so personal and enticing. Our Palace Master is so lucky to have her. I can’t imagine having such an enticing beauty like her in bed every day.”

“Our Palace Mistress is an unranked great beauty. Now that she is a Palace Mistress, she may be ranked as the fifth great beauty soon.”

“If that is the case then won’t our Palace Master have two great beauties as his consorts?”

“Of course! Why do you think our Palace Master invites Fairy Ye Chengxi here to be our honorable elder? Things are not so simple. It is because he can see her every day.”

“But I rarely see Palace Master talking to Fairy Ye Chengxi. In fact, Palace Master is rarely in sight.”

“You’re too young, too simple.”

“You never know what they are doing at night. Why do you think that our Palace Master is always not around during the day?”


“Because he has completely exhausted himself with the two great beauties during the night! Haha!”

“Listen, this is our personal secret. Don’t go around telling anyone…”

“Actually our Palace Master is quite handsome…it is no wonder that even Fairy Ye Chengxi and our previous Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing are all looking at him in a weird manner.”

“Yes, I agree…” A female protégé said.

“Other than the Great Poet Ji Yuan, I don’t think anyone is as great looking as our Palace Master…”

“But it is a pity. The Great Poet Ji Yuan is only handsome when he is beardless…”

“I have heard that the one and only portrait of the beardless Ji Yuan is worth 10,000 high grade spirit stones and is now hanging in the forbidden ground of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Did he hear what he was hearing from these outrageous protégés?

He resisted the temptation to confront these protégés as he continued quietly to the practice platform while muttering, “I am busy cultivating during the day and night so that I can save all your asses from getting kicked by the other celestial clans. These good-for-nothing protégés only know how to gossip nonstop.”

He was soon at the practice platform but remained out of sight.

“Hm, Chengxi isn’t here yet?” He thought. “Maybe it is too troublesome for her to travel here every day. I should offer to give her a residence here. This place has plenty of rooms for her anyway.”

Shangguan Yan had just finished a practice round with the inner protégés that numbered some three hundreds and she was now chatting with them.

“Palace Mistress, we have heard that you used to be a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect and you are a junior sister to Sword Saintess Fairy Ye Chengxi. We are curious how you managed to be a core protégé? We are all inner protégés here and we hope to become a core protégé one day.”

Shangguan Yan was smiling gently at the inner protégés.

Her smiles were like a beautiful breeze that seemed to lift the spirits of all the onlookers and that included Yuan Ji.

He was a little smitten when he saw her gentle countenance.

“How come I never know that she can smile so beautifully?”

“Because you’ve never make her smile at all.” His inner demon countered.

“I am actually not a good core protégé.” Shangguan Yan said quietly. “I have to practice twelve hours a day while the others only have to practice three hours a day. I am actually not good with the sword.”

Everyone was suddenly quiet because they could sense her melancholy gaze upon them; it was as though she could express her emotions through her countenance and quiet voice.

“I’ve actually no time for my cultivation so I try to make it up by only sleeping two hours a day and during meal breaks.”

When Yuan Ji heard her, he was suddenly very downcast as he muttered, “Yan’Er, sorry…”

It was because he knew that he had punished her for being so weak in her sword techniques.

“This is a sword sect. We practice our sword together with our cultivation practice. How can you be so useless with your sword? From now onward, you will practice your sword from day to night until I’m happy with you. Don’t forget that you’re a core protégé and not an ordinary protégé. How can your swordplay be weaker than an ordinary protégé?”

All the inner protégés were suddenly quietly. It was because none of them were willing to practice their swords for twelve hours a day.

Shangguan Yan smiled bitterly, “After nearly a hundred years, my sword skill is still no better than one-tenth of my sister Chengxi. And I continued to practice twelve hours a day for the past one hundred years even though my old master is no longer around.”

Yuan Ji was stoned when he had heard her. “I am no longer around. Why the hell do you continue to practice so hard for? I can’t see it anyway.”

Actually all the inner protégés were also thinking the same but they did not dare to interrupt Shangguan Yan.

She continued melancholy, “When my old master took me in as a core protégé, I’ve promised him that I will not fail him and I will work hard to meet his expectations. Whether my old master is still around or not, I never fail to practice my sword while I was still in the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. “When I took you in, you are still a child. A child promise is not worth remembering!” Then he was trembling, “I didn’t know that you are suffering so much while you’re in the Orthodox Sword Sect. Maybe coming to the Emperor Hall Sect is a release for you instead….”

Then he added bitterly, “You must have hated your old master so much, am I right?”

Some of the inner protégés could not resist sighing loudly, “Then Palace Mistress must have hated your old master?”

“If I were Palace Mistress, I would hate him!”

“Death to Palace Mistress’ old master…”

Yuan Ji cursed them softly, “These idiots. Why are they cursing me all of a sudden?”

But he had quickly returned his attention to Shangguan Yan. He already knew her answers. She had told him that she had hoped that he was dead and would never come back.

Shangguan Yan voice was trembling softly and there were tears in her eyes, “He is a good master. I am just not worthy to be his core protégé. I can’t protect the Orthodox Sword Sect. I don’t want my old master to be back because I can’t bear to let him see how useless I am. I don’t want him to see this good-for-nothing core protégé that he has so painstaking trained to no avail.”

Several of the protégés now had tears down their cheeks when they had heard her.

She continued woefully, “My old master is not only a Sword Saint, a peak sixth realm golden supremacy, the greatest poet in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivator with the most beautiful long beard in the fraternity and also has the celestial title of the Gentleman of the Sword but he is also the best master in the entire fraternity. Although he has scolded me harshly all the time but I know that he is trying to force me to be better and he has never lifted his finger to hit me, not even once.”

The inner protégés were all trembling as they listened. Many of the female protégés were crying now. It was because they had been caned all too many times while they were receiving instructions from the elders and senior protégés in the past.

But their new Palace Mistress Shangguan Yan had never caned them and instead she was extremely patience with them. Moreover after each practice round she would chat with them so that everyone could keep up with the practice paces.

Although Shangguan Yan sword play was much slower than Fairy Ye Chengxi but her pace was enjoyable to many of the inner protégés, especially the slower ones.

Fairy Ye Chengxi sword play was too fast and it was difficult for her to slow down her natural reflexes. At the same time, she was also fifth realm golden celestial and a renowned Sword Saintess so naturally even a simple stroke that had come from her, contained unfathomable speed and profound strength that defied the understanding of an ordinary cultivator.

Yuan Ji was trembling hard and he had to use all his willpower to suppress the tears that were in his heart. “Yan’Er remembers all my titles…I have really let her down…”

It took him a while to completely suppress all his emotions before he stepped out of hiding as he coughed on purpose to alert everyone that he was here, “So how is the practice? Is everyone doing well?”

All the inner protégés were startled by his sudden appearance and quickly greeted him.

He waved them off as he turned to Shangguan Yan to ask, “Fairy Chengxi isn’t here yet?”

Shangguan Yan shook her head, “She will be here soon enough.”

Yuan Ji nodded before he said, “Yan’Er, let’s take a little walk over there first while we wait for her to arrive.”

Shangguan Yan nodded as she followed him.

For some time, they did not talk at all but were both walking awkwardly together.

Finally Yuan Ji said awkwardly, “Yan’Er, actually…” He had suddenly hesitated. It was because he could not tell her that he was his old master. He did not even know why he was suddenly asking her to take a walk with him.

Actually he wanted to apology to her for his past action but he had suddenly remembered that he was not Ji Yuan the old master anymore but Yuan Ji and this Yuan Ji was now her personal lord.

Shangguan Yan looked at him quietly, “Actually?”

He hesitated sheepishly before saying, “Actually I have never look down upon you.”

Shangguan Yan smiled awkwardly, “I know…” But her eyes were extremely melancholy. She did not dare to ask him why then he had not taken her if so?

But Yuan Ji could tell from her countenance what she was actually thinking of.

He heaved a heavy sigh before he said solemnly, “Yan’Er, I want to take you now.”

Shangguan Yan was startled, “Now? Here?”

“Yes now. There is no one around.” Yuan Ji said as he pulled her into the bushes.

Shangguan Yan was gasping softly, “In this place?”

Yuan Ji nodded, “I can’t wait anymore. Yan’Er, are you willing?”

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly before she said with flustered voice, “Your Yan’Er is most willing. I’ve been waiting for this day…”

It was all that he needed to hear.

Yuan Ji did not wait for her to say more as he quickly stripped her to nothingness, pulling her robe off, her dress, lingerie and finally her panties off her.

As he touched her, he was amazed that her body was silky smooth. This was a divine body in one in a million.

In front of him now, was a most beautiful maiden who was pure and close to his heart. It did not take him very long to start kissing her passionately.

“Yan’Er, this is going to hurt for your first time. I am going in now. Don’t be afraid.”

Shangguan Yan was already gasping softly with pleasures and soon Yuan Ji had entered into her. This caused her to grip her fingernails tightly into his firm body.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was asking, “Your fingernails, did you apply the scents that Xia Jiaqing had left for you?” It was because he had suddenly realized that before he had entered into her, her fingernails were already sinking it into him and he had only just noticed.

Shangguan Yan was suddenly gasping softly, “Out of habit, I am always applying it…”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes before saying sheepishly, “Never mind, it is already too late. Do you have any antidote for it?”

Shangguan Yan muttered softly, “I have another scent that can remove it…but it is not with me now…”

“Tell me later which part is real and which part is delusion…” Yuan Ji was now on fire and he was impatient to talk. Very soon, he was passionately banging her like a wild beast.

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Chapter 22: To Stay or Not to Stay

Shangguan Yan had suddenly asked him, “Brother Yuan Ji, where are we going?”

Yuan Ji was startled. He did not really think of that yet. So he said, “We can go to the Orthodox Sword Sect to seek refuge?”

Shangguan Yan gently shook her head, “This won’t do at all. You will only get Chengxi into trouble. She can’t cope on her own already and she won’t be able to cope with the added pressure from Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “We can hide in the mountains. No one will be able to find us. But it will be hard on you.”

Shangguan Yan smiled gentle, “I don’t mind following my lord to the mountains but may your consort say an unpleasant word to you?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Why are you so polite to me? I won’t be upset. Please say.”

Shangguan Yan inhaled softly, “We should stay here in this place.”

Yuan Ji: …

“I can’t cope with Xue Qianxue. She is currently too strong for me to handle.” Yuan Ji said bitterly.

Shangguan Yan saw that he was not angry with her so she continued shyly, “Xue Qianxue may not be so petty to come knocking into our doors yet.”

Yuan Ji was perplexed, “Why so? These cultivators are always so petty. The strong will always bully the weak.”

Shangguan Yan replied, “Because this will only prove her guilt. If she is really guiltless, she won’t be bothering her time with us.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he muttered, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Shangguan Yan continued with her soft voice, “I may not know why Palace Mistress doesn’t want to see you anymore but I know that she has left this place to you. Why don’t you make yourself the new sect leader and be the Palace Master of the Emperor Hall Sect instead?”

Yuan Ji hesitated and muttered, “This…isn’t such a good idea, am I right?”

“You are the only elder left now and moreover if you really like my sister Chengxi, you can use this opportunity to protect her.” Then she averted her eyes shyly before adding. “We can protect her together.”

Yuan Ji muttered, “We can protect her together? Meaning?”

Shangguan Yan began to flush shyly, “You are such a badass. Surely you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t.” Yuan Ji was growling softly. He really did not know what she meant by that.

Shangguan Yan inhaled softly before saying shyly, “Do you really want me to say it loud?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Of course.” He was scratching his head now. Too many things had happened on this night and his judgment was a little clouded now.

He was thinking. “I know I can protect Fairy Ye Chengxi once I’ve regained my profound strength but Yan’Er is so weak. How does she protect Chengxi? But at this point, no one knows that I am actually a seventh realm cultivator. It should be Fairy Ye Chengxi protecting us and not the other way round.”

Shangguan Yan looked at him blankly before she sighed softly, “No wonder Palace Mistress doesn’t want to see you until you’ve become a romantic cultivator.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “These two things do not seem to be connected.”

Shangguan Yan had completely given up on him as she lowered her glances with great shyness, “You can take my sister as your consort too.”

Yuan Ji had finally realized what she was trying to mean, “We can protect her together.”

He was cursing himself, “Why is it that my brain seems so slow lately? It must be the effect of losing my precious beard. I ought to get my beautiful beard back as soon as possible.”

But he quickly said to her, “We are impossible.”

Shangguan Yan could not believe what she was hearing because she could see his eyes were constantly looking lustfully at Chengxi all the time when they were together.

Actually Yuan Ji’s eyes had lingered on Ye Chengxi longer than he had wanted because half of the time he was having a flashback when he was a master to her and not because he really coveted her. But to Shangguan Yan, she had misunderstood. To anyone else, they would also have misunderstood Yuan Ji’s staring to mean that he was interested in her.

Shangguan Yan asked, “Why is it impossible?”

But Yuan Ji did not reply to her because he did not want Shangguan Yan to know that he had always regarded Ye Chengxi as only his disciple and nothing else, even though he had to admit that Ye Chengxi was really too stunning to look at nowadays.

He just shook his head and said quietly, “Alright then. We shall stay here. I think Yan’Er suggestion is good.”

Shangguan Yan was delighted as she nodded shyly.

But very quickly she was saying shyly, “Brother Yuan Ji…my lord…shall we?”

Yuan Ji was also happy when he saw her delighted countenance. At least she was not crying anymore and she was really lovely when she was smiling. “Shall we what?”

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly and her head was bowed lower than ever, “Shall we… consummate…our marriage.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji rolled his eyes and he had almost fainted on the spot.

It was like a thunderbolt had suddenly struck him.

He had completely forgotten about this.

Now he was quickly thinking how he should reject her, the faster the better.

It was because he did not mind consummating their marriage if she was really a widow.

But her chastity was still intact.

And when her chastity was still intact, he began to regard himself as her old master rather than her lord.

Although there were no rules in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity against a master taking his protégés as consorts and concubines but Yuan Ji had prided himself as a Sword Saint with the highest moral ground. At such, he did not feel good about this.

“What’s wrong?” Shangguan Yan looked at him nervously and she was really afraid that Yuan Ji would think that she was a loose maiden for suggesting that they consummate their marriage.

“Nothing. It is just that I am not feeling too well today.” Yuan Ji smiled weakly. “I’ve probably lost too much of my profound strength lately. Shall we talk about this when I’ve regained my profound strength?”

Shangguan Yan: …

Yuan Ji had suddenly turned away.

“Brother Yuan Ji, where are you going?” Shangguan Yan panicky called out after him in confusion. “You’re leaving already?”

Yuan Ji quickly said before he left the bridal chamber, “I’m going to the meditation room to cultivate.”

Shangguan Yan had burst into tears and she was trembling melancholy, “In the end, he is still looking down on me…”

She did not know that Yuan Ji had heard her and he was leaning outside the room. He was trembling hard.

“I have never looked down on you. I don’t have the right to do so. I know what you have done for me. But do you know that I am actually the old master that you’ve hated all these years? I am the one that had heaped abuses on you all these years. One day, you may discover who I am and when that day comes, you will never forgive me or yourself because you have given your chastity to the one that you have disliked the most in your entire life.”

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Chapter 21: Xue Qianxue is our Enemy

Yuan Ji had rushed out of the bridal chamber.

Along the way, he had passed by the great hall and there were still many guests who were drinking merrily.

Everyone had astonished look when they saw Yuan Ji.

“Isn’t that Elder Yuan Ji?”

“Isn’t he supposed to be bedding the bride now?”

“Why is he out?”

“Why is he in a rush?”

“Come, let follow him and have a look…”

Almost immediately, half of the guests began to follow Yuan Ji.

When they had followed Yuan Ji to the outer courtyard, everyone including Yuan Ji was stunned by what they were seeing in front of them.

Dozens of bodies was laying everywhere.

But the most startling were seeing the dead bodies of Li Qiang, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao!

Three sixth realm golden supremacies had all died with barely a sound, along with several powerful cultivators that were at the fourth and fifth realm level.

This was impossible, right?

No one could perform such a feat, right?

Everyone was now staring blankly at the dead bodies and Yuan Ji was staring the hardest.

Yuan Ji first thought was that Xia Jiaqing had been killed and he was trembling uncontrollably.

“I saw Palace Mistress walking out with the elders…”

“Is our Palace Mistress among the dead?”

“Who will be so vicious to kill all our elders…”

“All our top experts are killed overnight…”

“The Emperor Hall Sect is a goner now…”

Yuan Ji was dazed as he muttered almost incoherently, “Jiajia, you are still alive. Am I right?”

With a blanked look, he checked the corpses of the three elders and saw that every single of them was killed very quickly, almost without any resistance. It was not because they were all taken by surprise but because their defenses totally tanked under when they were attacked.

Finally Yuan Ji muttered out, “Seventh realm sacred saint expert.”

“Elder Yuan Ji, what is going on around here?”

“Who kill our elders?”

“Even the sons of the elders are all dead…”

“Who is so vicious?”

“It is impossible for this to happen. Are we dreaming?”

Yuan Ji opened up their clothes and saw the palm prints on their body. It was the palm print of a maiden.

Then he was gasping, “Xue Qianxue…”

It was because only Xue Qianxue had a feud with Xia Jiaqing and she was also a seventh realm expert!

When everyone heard that it was Xue Qianxue, they were gasping loudly. “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue?”

“This make sense. Our Palace Mistress seems to dislike Xue Qianxue and she is always asking us to keep a tab on her.”

“This is a massacre and an unrighteous act. Why should Xue Qianxue do something like this to lose her repute?”

“Did you see Xue Qianxue doing it? We have no proof at all. This is just our wild guess. She may be the one that kills our elders and Palace Mistress but we can’t do anything to her…”

Yuan Ji shouted, “Stop muttering there. Raise the alarm and find our Palace Mistress!”

Then he added coldly, “No matter if we have proof or not, I want the whole fraternity to know that it is Xue Qianxue that has done this evil deed. Go and announce it to everyone and have them to announce it to the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

A few hours later;

The reports of the dead had finally come in. All the elders and almost all the experts of the Emperor Hall Sect had all died mysteriously.

But Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing was not among the dead.

Yuan Ji was trembling when he had stepped into the bridal chamber again. Everything had happened too sudden and he was now in a daze.

“Xue Qianxue hates Jiajia. Therefore she may not want to kill her immediately. Maybe Jiajia is still alive and I can still save her. Even if I were to storm the powerful Celestial Orthodox Sect, I will still do it.”

Shangguan Yan was still sitting quietly on the bridal bed as she waited for Yuan Ji to return. When she saw Yuan Ji, she immediately smiled shyly. “My lord, have you found Palace Mistress?”

But all of a sudden, she saw that Yuan Ji was trembling and he was in a daze. “You didn’t find her?”

Yuan Ji laughed coldly as he hit his fist on the wall, “Someone attacks us this very night. All the elders and top experts of the Emperor Hall Sect are all dead now.”

Shangguan Yan gasped in shock but she was soon smiling coldly, “Good. They are all not good men.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly when he had heard her, “Yan’Er, why do you say that? We are all protégés of the same sect…”

But Shangguan Yan interrupted him softly, “But you have killed Hai Sheng. In your heart, they are not your fellow protégés. Do you know that even Palace Mistress often says to me that they are all not good men?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “She really says that? I can only see that she has closed her eyes to their many misdeeds. She knew that the elders have siphoned off the treasuries and she had proof. Yet she is so eager to believe they are framed and only ask me to investigate the accounts. She can’t even be bothered to punish them.”

Shangguan Yan said quietly, “She is smarter than them so I believe that Palace Mistress knows what she is doing.”

“Of course she thinks that she is smarter than them. She is only trying to make use of them to fight against one another. But this will only allow these villains to grow even more arrogant.” Yuan Ji said ruefully. “And now, she may even be dead.”

Shangguan Yan was gasping with shock, “Something has happened to Palace Mistress?”

Yuan Ji said with trembling voice, “Xue Qianxue may have just come and massacre all the elders. Our Palace Mistress may be taken away by her. They are all killed by a powerful profound art and Xue Qianxue’s Sacred Maiden Profound Art is ranked in the top ten most powerful profound arts. Only she has the ability to massacre everyone so quickly.”

Shangguan Yan was trembling and she was gasping with tears, “Palace Mistress has always treated me so kindly…this…can’t be true…”

Yuan Ji clenched his fists tightly, “Xue Qianxue, I won’t forgive you…”

He was beginning to imagine the tortures that Xue Qianxue would put through to Xia Jiajia before she finally succumbed to her injuries.

Shangguan Yan muttered, “Brother Yuan Ji, do you still want to hear Palace Mistress last message for you?”

“What message? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Yuan Ji muttered with a heavy sigh.

“I try to but you didn’t give me a chance to speak.” Shangguan Yan said quietly as she took a glance at him.

Yuan Ji had suddenly remembered that he was the one that had interrupted Shangguan Yan as he was in a hurry to find Xia Jiajia earlier.

He muttered sadly, “This is most probably her last will. Tell me about it.”

Shangguan Yan nodded before she said softly, “She asks you to take good care of yourself and she will only see you again if you are able to become a romantic cultivator.”

Yuan Ji: …

“What? She says that?!” Yuan Ji was stunned.

Shangguan Yan asked curiously, “What is wrong?”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was sheepishly looking at Shangguan Yan before he asked weakly, “Do you think that it is actually Palace Mistress that has massacred all the elders?”

The reason why he was suddenly asking this was because this last message from her had indicated to him that Xia Jiaqing had gone missing on purpose.

Shangguan Yan nodded quietly.

Yuan Ji: …

“Why do you think it is a possibility?”

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly before she said, “I don’t know for sure but Palace Mistress certainly has the ability to move freely everywhere without the elders knowing.”

Yuan Ji was blinking his eyes, “She isn’t a saintess. How did she manage to do so? She is only upper tier sixth realm golden supremacy.”

Shangguan Yan looked at him curiously, “She isn’t a saintess?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Of course she isn’t a saintess. Everyone knows that she is only a golden supremacy. I brought that information before I come.”

“Then I may have heard wrongly.” Shangguan Yan said quietly.

Yuan Ji laughed weakly, “What did she say? I am just curious to know.”

“Once she is so upset with the elders that she says softly, do they believe that this saintess here will one day kill them whenever I want?”

Yuan Ji: …

He was suddenly muttering, “A hundred years ago, she was only a peaked fifth realm golden celestial but a hundred years later, she is an upper tier sixth realm golden supremacy. This advancement is really too swift. Why didn’t I discover this loophole in her stories?”

Then he was muttering, “If Ling Feiyue can also lie to me about her cultivation level, so can Xia Jiajia. I am such a fool. If she isn’t a saintess, why should Xia Qianxue even bother with her…the enemy of a saint is always a saint…”

“So she is really the one that has massacred everyone? But why? Isn’t this her sect?”

Suddenly he had a realization in his mind;

“She is merely waiting here for me…”

“To keep her a hundred years pledge for me…”

“She has already recognized me when I have returned but she did not expose me…”

“She made me an elder because she already knew who I am…”

“Then she made me marry Shangguan Yan because she knows that she is my disciple…”

“She made me take over the treasuries that Hai Sheng was in charge of because she wants me to siphon the treasury…”

“This is her surprise for me…”

“The reasons why she did not act against these elders are because they are already dead men in her eyes…”

“Once everything is in place, she can finally leave…”

“I see her everyday yet I do not treasure her but curse her every single day when she is Palace Mistress…”

“Jiajia, why didn’t you want to acknowledge me? I’m serious about our one hundred years pledge….”

“No, it isn’t her fault. I am the one that refuse to acknowledge her. I am in disguise but she isn’t. This is a great misunderstanding…”

“Jiajia, I will look to the ends of the earth and find you…”

“And what does she mean by she will see me again when I’ve become a romantic cultivator? Is it because I’ve no beard now? That must be it. I must quickly restore my beautiful beard at all costs…”

Shangguan Yan saw that Yuan Ji was in a daze so she gently said, “Brother Yuan Ji, are you alright?”

Yuan Ji quickly snapped out of his trace and he was soon staring blankly at Shangguan Yan. “I just remember something really important and we ought to pack up quickly.”

“Which is?” Shangguan Yan asked curiously.

Yuan Ji smiled most bitterly, “Well, you see. I think I’ve just offended Xue Qianxue (again). I’ve just told all the protégés in the Emperor Hall Sect to spread a rumor that Xue Qianxue has massacred all our elders, except for me of course. When she has heard of this, she won’t be pleased at all and will come after me.”

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Chapter 20: Shangguan Yan (2)

Today was Yuan Ji’s big day with Shangguan Yan.

But everything was in a daze for Yuan Ji. He could only remember the fake smiles and congratulations that had come from the other three elders. In their eyes, there were only envious look and hatred for him.

And now he was sitting in the bridal room with Shangguan Yan.

Shangguan Yan did not remove her bridal headdress that had also veiled her face as she waiting for her groom to do so.

Yuan Ji was not happy at all. It was not because he was unhappy with Shangguan Yan; she was perfect in many ways.

But he really did not have the heart to face her.

It was because he blamed himself for landing her in her woeful state.

Moreover there was another reason too.

He had regarded himself as her highly respected old master. Although he had a new identity now but this master-disciple relationship had never changed in his heart. Therefore he was unwilling to enter the bridal chamber.

The two of them just sat there for a long time without exchanging a word.

Finally Shangguan Yan was weeping and her soft gentle voice was heard saying. “Brother Yuan Ji, are you despising me that you don’t even want to look at me?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Not at all.”

“Then why won’t you lift my veil and look at me?”

“That is because…” Yuan Ji could not continue. It was because he could find no other reasons not to do so.

Shangguan Yan: …

“No, you really despise me.”

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply, “No, I really don’t.”

Shangguan Yan was trembling now. “You are lying.”

“Yan’Er, I am not lying to you.” Yuan Ji sighed even heavier than before.

“You call me Yan’Er?” Shangguan Yan trembled even harder than before and her tears were dripping down on her dress. “Why are you calling me so intimately yet you’re so distant at the same time…”

Yuan Ji: …

He had always called her Yan’Er. Just now he had accidentally let slip of his tongue.

“My old master used to call me Yan’Er too.” Shangguan Yan sobbed softly.

“Your old master must have liked you so much too.” Yuan Ji forced himself to smile.

“No, he don’t. He…dislikes me in fact. He is always scolding me. I can never do anything right in his eyes. In his eyes, I am unfit to be a core protégé and he often said that he must be blind to choose me to be his core protégé.” Shangguan Yan was trembling uncontrollable now as the bad memories of her old master returned to her.

Yuan Ji was also trembling uncontrollably. Yes, he did say all these hurtful words to her in the past and more.

He had wanted to be the strict master and he did not see anything wrong with that. It was because he had an equally strict master in the past too and he had always thought this was the proper way to teach the protégés so that they could be outstanding cultivators. After all, the life of a cultivator could be extremely brutal. One wrong mishap and their life would be consumed by their cultivation practices.

In the end, it was his useless Shangguan Yan that had supported his Orthodox Sword Sect with her self-sacrifices.

He really felt so ashamed of himself.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had her hands touching his arm gently, “But I have my lord now…do I?” Her fingers were trembling hard when she had said that. It was because she was unsure if she was right to say so.

Yuan Ji could feel her trembling fingers on his arm and he could see her tears that were dripping.

Finally he said gently and he was also trembling, “Yan’Er, don’t cry. From today onward, you are not alone anymore. Forget your old master. He is already no more. In the future, I will take good care of you.”

“Really…” Shangguan Yan’s voice was trembling. She could not believe what she was hearing. “Then why…don’t you take off my bridal veil yet?”

Yuan Ji sighed softly as he took off her bridal veil with trembling fingers.

He could see her tearful and sorrowful eyes. Immediately his heart was aching. He muttered, “Sorry. I am too insensitive.”

Their eyes locked gently and Yuan Ji said quietly, “Yan’Er, you are so beautiful today.”

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes as she said softly, “No, I am not. My eyes must be so swollen now and my face must be fluffy, I am ugly to look at.”

“No, you’re not. You are really very beautiful now.” Yuan Ji said firmly.

Shangguan Yan shook her head gently, “Chengxi is more beautiful than me…the way you look at her is different from when you look at me…I saw your eyes are constantly on her.”

Yuan Ji: …

“My sister didn’t even want to come to my wedding today. She must be so heartbroken right now. And you are the same. I can tell that the way my sister looks at you is completely different too.”

Yuan Ji: …

He smiled weakly, “Yan’Er, say no more. From now onward, I’ll take good care of you. Alright?”

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes as she said gently, “Brother Yuan Ji, your Yan’Er must let you know something first or else you will be unhappy with me later.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “I won’t be unhappy with you. Don’t worry.”

“Palace Mistress says she has a surprise for you.”

Yuan Ji was startled. He had completely forgotten about Xia Jiaqing’s surprise.

He smiled bitterly, “Nothing good will ever come out from her little surprise.”

Shangguan Yan lowered her eyes and her lips were trembling, “I’m actually Palace Mistress’ spy.”

Yuan Ji: …

Although he was surprised but he quickly regained his composure to say, “Well, this is a little surprise. But I don’t blame Yan’Er. You must have your own difficulties for doing so.”

But he was suddenly perplexed. “Why did Xia Jiaqing wants me to know that Shangguan Yan is her spy? Is it because she is trying to remind me that she is constantly watching over me? Isn’t it better that I do not know who is spying over me? She is too tactless…she is really a bimbo…”

Shangguan Yan continued slowly and her voice grew even softer, “My body is still pure.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He was completely stunned and surprised as he thought, “Don’t tell me this is the surprise?!”

His pupils had turned white and he felt like flipping over to the ground right now.

“On my first day here, Palace Mistress had secretly approached me and asks me to be her spy. In exchange, she gave me a special scent to apply on my fingernails. This special scent will cause men to develop delusions once I’ve scratched them. Even a golden supremacy has no immunities to it.”

Yuan Ji stared blankly at Shangguan Yan and he was suddenly stoned.

He was trembling all of a sudden as he stammered, “Palace Mistress has protected my Yan’Er since the very start…”

“Yan’Er, I need to go out for a little while and I’ll be back soon. Alright?” He quickly said to Shangguan Yan.

Shangguan Yan was about to say something but Yuan Ji quickly interrupted her with a gentle smile. “I will be back for you later. I have never despised you and will never do so. You are my consort now. But there is something that I must ask Palace Mistress now.”

With that he had dashed out of the bridal chamber.

It was because he had suddenly realized that Xia Jiaqing had already known who he was and that was the only reason why she was letting Shangguan Yan to inform him of her ‘little’ surprise.

He was now panicking, “Jiajia, I’ve wronged you…”

He had to find her quickly before it was too late.

Why did he have to sit in the bridal chamber for so long?!

If he was not wrong then tonight it would be the last time that he would see Xia Jiaqing again. He prayed that he was wrong this time!

He was muttering, “You are a fool not to trust her.”

“Don’t be fooled by her great beauty…”

“Don’t be so naïve to trust her completely…”

“I didn’t say that. It is my inner demon that is feeding me the wrong ideas…”

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Chapter 19: Shangguan Yan (1)

Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing had hastily summoned all the elders to her presence as she said solemnly, “I am sure that all of you know what had happened to Elder Hai Sheng, am I right?”

When Yuan Ji saw her, he was gasping softy. She was too beautiful today, dressed in a rich light blue dress that had the likeness of a beautiful mystic bird.

He was muttering almost incoherently to himself, “Don’t be fooled by her great beauty. Don’t be so naïve to trust her completely…”

Li Qiang took a step forward as he stared coldly at Yuan Ji, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao before saying, “My respects to the Palace Mistress. I’m sure that his killer must be among us!”

Deng Qiu said coldly, “Watch your mouth! I say the killer is you instead!”

Li Qiang laughed, “Did I say that the killer is you? Look who has the guilty heart here?”

Deng Qiu hummed coldly, “I am the killer? I have lost my son to this mysterious killer too!”

Tang Ao interrupted them, “I say we must investigate Fairy Ye Chengxi instead. She is the last person to see Elder Hai Sheng alive.”

Then he was smiling wryly, “Let me interrogate her…”

Xia Jiaqing interrupted him sharply, “She is not the killer. There are many witnesses and even Shangguan Yan can vouch for her.”

Tang Ao smiled coldly, “Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi are protégé sisters. Who knows if they are telling the truth?”

“So you think that with their combined puny skills, they are able to kill Elder Hai Sheng at all? Do you even know how formidable Elder Hai Sheng is?” Xia Jiaqing hummed coldly. “And do you think that they can even afford to have a single divine sword capable of doing so? If they are unable to afford one then the killer must be someone who is at least on an even level to Elder Hai Sheng.”

Then she took a cold look at Tang Ao, Deng Qiu and Li Qiang. “The three of you are also sixth realm golden supremacies. Do you think you are able to kill Elder Hai Sheng so quickly that the entire room seems undisturbed?”

Li Qiang, Tang Ao and Deng Qiu were suddenly quiet. It was because even if they could surprise Hai Sheng, it was not possible to kill him so quickly.

“Rather than fingering the blame on one another and sowing discord among yourself much to the delight of our enemies, you should be trying to find out who is our most likely enemy.” Xia Jiaqing rebuked gently.

Yuan Ji chuckled softly, “Maybe the Emperor Hall Sect has too many enemies in recent years to really know who its enemies are.”

Li Qiang, Tang Ao and Deng Qiu were now staring coldly at Yuan Ji because this remark of his was not funny at all.

“Very well then. Elder Yuan Ji, you will lead the investigation.” Xia Jiaqing winked at him. “I want you to report directly to me on a daily basis on the progress of your investigation.”

Yuan Ji: ….

He immediately protested, “I don’t think I am the right person to do this…”

Xia Jiaqing interrupted sharply, “My decision is final.”

Li Qiang, Tang Ao and Deng Qiu were all smiling now; it was because Xia Jiaqing was known to deliver the sect punishment to anyone that failed to accomplish their tasks. Moreover, this was an extremely tricky task to find the killer.

“One more thing, Yuan Ji…” Xia Jiaqing smiled after a quick ponder. “I want you to take over the duties of Elder Hai Sheng. That will include his residence and his protégés. His duties are very important to the Emperor Hall Sect and include the debt repayments from the various celestial clans like the Orthodox Sword Sect. But remember this; do not press Fairy Ye Chengxi for any interest.”

Li Qiang immediately said, “Palace Mistress, this won’t do. Elder Hai Sheng’s duties are too complicated for a new elder to handle. Let me be in charge of it instead.”

Tang Ao and Deng Qiu were both saying at the same time too, “Let me be in charge of it instead.”

Xia Jiaqing smiled at her three elders, “What? So that you can siphon the sect’s treasuries, am I right?”

Li Qiang smiled weakly, “I am incorruptible.”

Tang Ao patted his chest loudly, “Same here!”

Deng Qiu laughed, “Even if I have ten lives, I dare not do such a despicable thing.”

All of a sudden Xia Jiaqing threw several scrolls on the floor, “According to Hai Sheng’s secret accounts, all of you have taken his bribes. I am missing millions of silvers and hundreds of high grade spirit stones. Even my Red Dragon Divine Pill is also missing from my treasury. How do all of you explain about this?”

Li Qiang smiled weakly, “Please believe us Palace Mistress. We will never do anything like this. It must be doctored by Hai Sheng.”

Deng Qiu and Tang Ao had turned ashen as they picked up the scrolls to read. “It is all doctored by Hai Sheng. We did nothing like this.”

“Therefore I am sending Yuan Ji to check the accounts and to balance everything again.” Xia Jiaqing said sternly.

Li Qiang, Tang Ao and Deng Qiu were all smiling weakly, “Yes, yes.”

Yuan Ji was smiling weakly to himself, “The Red Dragon Divine Pill is now inside my stomach. How do you expect me to find it for you?”

Then he was looking at Xia Jiaqing and saw her two cute bunny hair as he thought, “She looks so cute and beautiful today…”

“Yuan Ji, when you take over Hai Sheng’s residence, you must also take good care of Shangguan Yan.” Xia Jiaqing had turned to smile wryly at him. “She is a lonely widow now.”

Yuan Ji replied awkwardly, “This is for sure.”

“Good. Then you shall take her as your little concubine.” Xia Jiaqing chuckled softly.

Yuan Ji was stunned, “What? This is impossible. I can’t do it.”

Tang Ao was smiling lecherously, “If Elder Yuan Ji doesn’t want to take care of her, I’m willing to do so. Why don’t Palace Mistress gives her to me?”

Deng Qiu was also smiling, “I am also willing to take care of Shangguan Yan.”

Li Qiang laughed, “I am the most willing.”

Shangguan Yan was really an enticing quiet beauty and the three elders were now filled with lusts that they could have her. Since Yuan Ji did not want her then they would be the kind soul to take her in instead!

Yuan Ji was shocked when these three elders were all seizing the chance to take Shangguan Yan. He felt that he had really owed Shangguan Yan a lot for what she did for the Orthodox Sword Sect in recent years and he was guilty for treating her so harshly in the past.

Therefore he said loudly, “Who says I’m not willing to take care of Shangguan Yan?”

Li Qiang laughed, “You just did. We all heard you loud and clear earlier. If you back off from what you’ve just said, how do we trust you to manage our sect’s accounts in the future? This means that you’re not an honorable or a trustworthy person at all.”

“Brother Li Qiang is right.” Deng Qiu laughed aloud. “How can we trust you in the future?”

Tang Ao stared coldly at Yuan Ji, “Shangguan Yan can only wed one of us here today!”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes before he said weakly, “I only say that this is impossible for me to take her as my little concubine but I never say I won’t take her to be my main consort. She doesn’t deserve to be a concubine to anyone. I shall grant her a proper status instead.”

When he had said that, Xia Jiaqing had turned extremely quiet and all the three elders were rendered speechless.

Finally Xia Jiaqing inhaled softly, “So be it then. She shall be your consort proper.” Then she was smiling, “I’ve a little surprise for you.”

“Surprise? What surprise?” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

“You will only know on your wedding day.” Xia Jiaqing chuckled softly and her beautiful golden eyes were sparking.

Yuan Ji laughed. “That won’t be so soon.” He was thinking, “Crap. What am I saying to Jiajia? I only want to take Jiajia as my consort. Did I just screw myself up? Now I can only delay this wedding as far back as possible.”

Xia Jiaqing chuckled, “You will actually know it very soon. I will help you to host your wedding tomorrow.”

Yuan Ji: …

He immediately said, “Our priority should be to find the killer first…”

But Xia Jiaqing was already saying to her personal attendants, “Go make arrangements for it and announce it to the entire Emperor Hall Sect. Since Elder Yuan Ji used to be a protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect and Shangguan Yan is a junior protégé sister of Fairy Ye Chengxi, please send an invitation to Fairy Ye Chengxi.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji was blinking his eyes as he muttered almost incoherently to himself. “Xia Jiaqing, I thought that you say you like me? Why are you forcing me to marry Shangguan Yan then?”

But it seemed that Xia Jiaqing could hear his thoughts and she was heard giggling, “Remember, I didn’t force you. You have said you want to take Shangguan Yan as your consort yourself. I am sure you will be curious to know what my little surprise for you will be tomorrow.”

Yuan Ji: …

Xia Jiaqing was actually cursing him quietly, “I only ask you to take her as your concubine but you are actually taking her as your consort.”

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Chapter 18: The Beast of a Man (2)

Fairy Ye Chengxi’s beaming long sword had flashed at Yuan Ji’s throat but the final strike did not come.

It was because her fingers were now trembling uncontrollably.

She could only mutter almost incoherently, “You are a beast of a man…you violate my junior sister…do you know that she’s your…” She would not tell him that she actually knew that he was his old master and could only say silently. “Master, Chengxi is so disappointed in you!”

“Sister Chengxi, this hero here saves me from this beast of a man.” Shangguan Yan pointed to the dead Hai Sheng as she said coldly. “In fact, he is my great benefactor.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi gasped softly, “What is going on here?”

Shangguan Yan was still sobbing softly when she had finished telling Ye Chengxi what had happened.

Ye Chengxi looked at Yuan Ji quietly as she averted her eyes, “So this is what has happened. He is really the real beast of a man.”

Then her eyes were panicky as she muttered, “But what shall we do now? Elder Hai Sheng is dead now…my Orthodox Sword Sect will be wiped out once this deed has been discovered.”

Yuan Ji interrupted awkwardly as he looked at Shangguan Yan. “This is not the whole truth. I’ve killed Hai Guotian too. If you want to take vengeance for him and to find someone to blame for your misfortunate, you can look for me. I am Yuan Ji. I am also the new Elder of the Emperor Hall Sect. You can look for me anytime to take your revenge.”

But Shangguan Yan hummed softly, “Good. Well done.”

Yuan Ji: ???

“She is not taking vengeance for Hai Guotian?” He thought curiously.

Ye Chengxi said tearfully as she hugged Shangguan Yan tightly, “Sister, I’m the reason why you are suffering in this place.”

Shangguan Yan shook her head gently, “It’s not your fault. It is all the work of our old master. He had left us just like this…”

Ye Chengxi said panicky as she stolen a secret look at Yuan Ji, “Do not be disrespectful to our old master. He didn’t know and I’m the useless sect leader here.”

“In this world, only you will still accord him with the greatest of all respect. I hope he is dead and will never come back.” Shangguan Yan said tearfully and her soft voice was trembling hard.

Yuan Ji: …

He was thinking, “I didn’t know that I am so unpopular and everyone is suffering because I am not around. But do you know that if I am still around, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue will not spare me or my sect. I have no other choice but to hide and to try for a breakthrough to fight them.”

He put on a strong resolve to find out what the plot that was against him a hundred years ago and to find out who the conspirers were for landing him into this woeful state.

Yuan Ji suddenly said, “I have a plan and we have to enact upon it immediately.”

Both Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were now looking curiously at him.

He inhaled deeply before he said, “Everyone knows that Fairy Ye Chengxi is here but they do not know that I am here. Therefore the plan is really simple. I will pretend to be a masked assailant and have Fairy Ye Chengxi to chase me for some time until we have enough witnesses.”

Then he gave Shangguan Yan a gentle look which caused her to flush lightly, “We will need Maiden Shangguan Yan’s help to be the main witness and to scream after us. She is actually the key witness to all these.”

“So what do you think of this plan?” He asked them.

“It is a good plan…” Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan said at the same time. They were suddenly looking at each other with a flushed look.

Shangguan Yan suddenly looked at Yuan Ji, “This is a good plan but there may be a little problem with it.”

Yuan Ji was curious, “Which is?”

Shangguan Yan said quietly, “I wonder if Master Yuan Ji still has the strength to flee from my Sister Ye Chengxi and the other pursuers once this plan is enacted?”

Then she looked at Yuan Ji intently before saying, “If you still have your profound strength, you will be able to dodge my protégé sister’s attack earlier. Or is there another reason why you are unable to evade her ordinary stroke?”

Yuan Ji: …

He had indeed used up most of his profound strength. In order to use his lightless skill, he would need his profound strength or he would be running just like an ordinary man and he would be breathless in no time.

“Please wait me a little while.” Shangguan Yan said quietly as she disappeared from the room.

In no time she was back with an exquisite box as she quietly opened it as she said shyly to Yuan Ji, “This is for you.”

Inside the box was a large crimson pill and Yuan Ji’s divine sense had told him that this large crimson pill was imbued with strong spiritual force.

Yuan Ji had actually recognized this crimson pill and he was stammering, “This is the Red Dragon Divine Pill, a fifth rank divine pill…but how…”

This Red Dragon Divine Pill was able to restore his lost profound strength more rapidly than any other profound pills that he had and it could also provide a quick burst of profound strength to him almost instantly.

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly, “It isn’t mine but it is yours now.”

Yuan Ji was stunned.

Fifth rank divine pills were extremely precious and rare in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Even if his Orthodox Sword Sect was at its peak, he would still be unable to afford one-tenth of a fifth rank divine pill and moreover this was the Red Dragon Divine Pill. It had other spiritual properties besides just restoring one’s profound strength.

“Maiden Shangguan Yan, I believe that you have only one such Red Dragon Divine Pill. Do you know that this divine pill will be able to propel a fourth realm cultivator to a fifth realm golden celestial immediately? It is too precious for me to take. You should keep it for yourself.” He said quietly.

Shangguan Yan smiled at him shyly, “Isn’t this good for you then? You can be a golden celestial.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly to himself, “Actually I am a seventh realm saint now…I have used a secret profound art to lower my cultivation realm…”

Ye Chengxi was thinking, “Junior sister doesn’t know he is our old master…”

“Why don’t you want it? Isn’t this a profound treasure that everyone wants?” Shangguan Yan said curiously.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “This is really too precious for me to take. I can’t take it…”

“Why not? You are my great benefactor.” Shangguan Yan sighed softly before she added. “Or you are looking down at me and in your heart, you despise me?”

Yuan Ji was startled, “No, I don’t…”

“Then take it. This is my gratitude to you.” Shangguan Yan said firmly.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly. “This is really too precious. I really can’t take it…”

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had gently popped the Red Dragon Divine Pill into his mouth and was looking at him with great tenderness, “Do you want to force my hand? Right now, you can’t even defeat me and I’m a very, very weak cultivator.”

Suddenly Yuan Ji felt extreme guilt in his heart.

It was because he had remembered in the past he was always rebuking her harshly.

“Yan’Er, you are so useless. You are a core protégé and yet you are weaker than an ordinary protégé!”

“Yan’Er, we are a sword sect and you can’t even wield a sword properly? Where is your grip?”

“Why your sword strikes are always lacking in strength. You can’t even hurt an ant…”

“Yan’Er, how many times must I tell you already? You are completely useless and hopeless…”

“You are unfit to be a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect…”

And yet when the Orthodox Sword Sect was facing its greatest crisis, Shangguan Yan had stepped forward to sacrifice her happiness to buy time for her sect leader and senior protégé sister Ye Chengxi to save the Orthodox Sword Sect.

Now, she was even offering the Red Dragon Divine Pill to her great benefactor that she did not know was actually her old master.

Yuan Ji was completely ashamed of himself…

“Actually I am the one that is really the beast of a man…”

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Chapter 17: The Beast of a Man (1)

Yuan Ji was extremely confident of his lightless skill and his ability to follow anyone.

With a flash, he had already sneaked out of the hall when the protégés were looking in the other way.

“Where is Elder Yuan Ji?”

“He is here a moment ago…”

It did not take him long to find Elder Hai Sheng as he dashed back to his residence.

His residence was on top of a lofty mountain peak that was south of the Great Emperor Hall.

Elder Hai Sheng was shouting to the dozens of protégés that were lined up to greet him, “Get out of my way!”

He was running rapidly back to his own residence.

Although there were dozens of protégés along the slope that led to Elder Sheng’s personal palace, none of them had noticed Yuan Ji as he slipped past them like a shadow.

He had always thought that his lightless skill was second to none. But luckily he did not make that claim when he was with Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyue. It was only when he saw the lightless skill of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue that he had realized that their lightless skill was a notch better than his.

Before long, he saw that Hai Sheng had barged into a courtyard and was shouting, “Don’t let anyone come into this place. But if Fairy Ye Chengxi is here, allow her to look for me inside. Got it? If you got it then scram!”

Yuan Ji was startled. “Chengxi will be here?! She will be violated by Hai Sheng for sure. This Hai Sheng is still under the influence of the Elated Happiness Powder. I must think of a way to save her.”

Then he ruefully thought as he recalled Ye Chengxi’s beautiful looks, “With or without any Elated Happiness Powder, she will be violated by him for sure.”

His eyes quickly followed Hai Sheng beyond the courtyard and he was now running across a man-made lake toward a beautiful three-storey building.

Hai Sheng was now in front of the three-storey building and he had hastily pushed opened the gate as he made his way inside.

In no time he had barged into a beautiful scented room, startling an elegant maiden who was inside. This elegant maiden was astonishing to look at; she had lovely eyes that were drawn like a beautiful phoenix and a tiny mouth that gave her an alluring appeal.

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply when he saw her; this maiden was indeed a city-toppling beauty. Moreover her quiet demeanor gave her an allure that was irresistible.

This elegant maiden had quickly burst into tears when she saw Hai Sheng.

Hai Sheng laughed jovially, “My little beauty, are you surprised to see me back so quickly? Why are you so eager to put on your clothes and why aren’t you waiting for me in the bed?”

This elegant maiden immediately cursed him with her soft trembling voice, “Hai Sheng, you are a beast! You dare to violate your own daughter-in-law. Your son’s spiritual tablet and coffin is still in the hall. Yet you dare to do this beastly act on me. Are you still fit to be a highly respected golden supremacy and an elder of the Emperor Hall Sect?”

Hai Sheng was not angry but laughed, “You know that I am afflicted by the Elated Happiness Powder. This scented powder is extremely difficult to plunge unless the partner that I have copulated with is a top beauty. Only then will my internal fires be vented off quickly.”

Then he had grabbed hold of her waist, “I have no other choice but to look for you. If not, how will I be able to face the Palace Mistress just now?”

“Let me go, you beast of a man!” The beautiful maiden gasped as she swung her hands to beat Hai Sheng’s chest. But her hands lacked strength and it was like a soft tickle that made Hai Sheng even more excited.

“You have been in my residence for so long. Do you think that you ought to repay me for giving you the resources to become a fourth realm cultivator?” Hai Sheng laughed.

The fourth realm level was crucial to many of the cultivators. It was because this was the cultivation level that aging would completely cease for them. Therefore the sooner that they were able to reach this crucial level, the better. This was especially so for the maidens that treasured their youths.

“Or else it will be a pity for a flower like you to fade. You are indeed the top beauty in my residence.” Hai Sheng laughed. “Later when your close sister Fairy Ye Chengxi has come, I will bed her as well.”

The elegant maiden was shocked, “Leave Chengxi alone.” She screamed out softly, ” I…will submit to…you…”

Hai Sheng laughed, “But you are already mine since last night. There is nothing to submit from you.”

He began to push her to the bed as he torn off her silk robe from her, revealing her inner lingerie. With a loud chuckle, he had pulled off her inner lingerie to reveal her beautiful naked peaks.

“Hai Sheng, you will burn in hell!” The elegant maiden sobbed between her curses.

Hai Sheng did not even pay attention to what she was saying and had loosened her silk belt. “What an enticing figure. I really can’t get enough of you.”

He quickly pulled her dress off before pulling down her pants to savor her with his lustful eyes.

Hai Sheng was laughing, “You may not know this but my son only marries you to get closer to Fairy Ye Chengxi. Although you are a worthy replacement but you are not Fairy Ye Chengxi. Today, I shall collect the interest for my dead son from you and the Goddess Fairy Chengxi.”

Yuan Ji had originally only wanted to be an observer as he was curious how Hai Sheng had managed to purge the effects of the Elating Happiness Powder so quickly.

What he did not expected from Hai Sheng was that he had violated his daughter-in-law. And this daughter-in-law of his seemed to be a cultured and a gentle maiden. She was extremely soft spoken and her strikes lacked strength despite the fact that she was a fourth realm cultivator herself.

Immediately he had felt sympathy for her.

Moreover he was moved to anger when he had immediately thought of what would happen to Ye Chengxi later.

Hai Sheng was a sixth realm golden supremacy and he could easily overcome Ye Chengxi who was only a fifth realm golden celestial.

Therefore although he knew that he may not be Hai Sheng’s match but he had decided to take a bold gambit as he dashed into the room with his flying sword!

He had only got one chance before Hai Sheng could make his retaliation!

The instant that he had flown through the window, Hai Sheng had immediately turned around with almost supernatural reflexes. “It is you, Yuan Ji!”

Yuan Ji’s sword exploded through Hai Sheng sudden golden animus that had burst out to protect his body from harm.

Hai Sheng was a golden celestial of the sixth realm level. Whenever an attack happened against a golden celestial, the profound aura that was protecting a golden celestial would automatically be triggered. It was extremely difficult for a low level cultivator to hurt or to surprise a golden celestial.

Hai Sheng was laughing, “My profound aura is a sixth realm profound aura and I’ve the golden body of a golden supremacy. Do you think that your mere attack will even work on me? It is merely scratching me…”

All of a sudden Hai Sheng had ceased his laughter and he was foaming golden blood.

Slowly he looked down at the body and saw that Yuan Ji’s sword had actually pierced through his heart.

He was shocked. “How is this even…possible?”

Then he noticed that the sword that was in Yuan Ji’s sword was no ordinary precious sword but was in fact an earth-step divine sword that could easily penetrate through his golden body!

“How did you manage to lay your hands on a divine sword…you are…only a lowly cultivator…”

Hai Sheng quickly grabbed the divine sword as he attempted to pull it out of his body. Because he was a golden celestial, his wounds would quickly heal and even his organs would regenerate if the divine sword could be pulled out.

This was the great disparity that existed between a normal cultivator and a cultivator that had become a golden celestial!

Hai Sheng was smiling now. It was because Yuan Ji may have succeeded in a lucky strike against him but he lacked the profound strength to truly kill him.

In fact Yuan Ji would only be delivering a free divine sword to his hands instead.

Yuan Ji saw that Hai Sheng had grabbed the blades of his divine sword and he knew that he was in trouble.

Very quickly, he began to circulate all the profound strength that he could muster to temporary raise his profound strength level to that of a fifth realm golden celestial level.

Almost instantly the divine sword had channeled his profound strength into a burst of profound sword energies that exploded into Hai Sheng’s heart.

Hai Sheng was completely stunned as he took a step back. Did he just feel the profound power of a fifth realm golden celestial exploding through his heart?

But he could not think any further because this time round, he was truly dead as he collapsed onto the ground. There was now no more heart for his golden body to regenerate.

As for Yuan Ji, he had collapsed backward with weak steps and had to balance himself with his sword.

He was now smiling bitterly to himself.

He had lost all his profound energies that he had painfully cultivated when he had forcefully raised his profound strength to the fifth realm cultivation level to kill Hai Sheng.

He did not know whether he should be glad or not.

He was actually three times lucky in this strike.

One: he had a divine sword.

Two: he had managed to aim Hai Sheng’s heart.

Three: he had only one chance to muster his profound energies against Hai Sheng and Hai Sheng did not even use his profound strength to suppress his attack because he was not expecting Yuan Ji to seriously hurt him.

The elegant maiden was stunned by what had happened and she was shocked that Hai Sheng had actually died.

But she quickly regained her composure as she kneeled down tearfully, “Your humble servant Shangguan Yan thanks great benefactor…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was stunned; it was because he had suddenly remember that he had a protégé by the name of Shangguan Yan in the past and she was also Ye Chengxi’s junior protégé sister.

He smiled bitterly as he quickly said to her. “Please don’t thank me…” Half of his eyes were actually staring at her naked figure and he was now half-drooling.

He was actually not a pervert or was looking at Shangguan Yan in a lustful manner. It was just that this Shangguan Yan was too enticing to his eyes.

But unfortunately at this time, Ye Chengxi had walked into the room and was gasping with shock; especially when she saw a naked Shangguan Yan kneeling in front of Yuan Ji and a dead Hai Sheng in the background.

When Yuan Ji saw Ye Chengxi, he panicky blurted out. “It is not what you think it is…I can explain…”

Now that he had completely exhausted his profound strength, it would only take one stroke from Ye Chengxi to completely end his life.

And Ye Chengxi had already brandished her precious sword with a brilliant glare against Yuan Ji as she said icily, “You are a beast of a man!”

<Spoiler Alert for Shangguan Yan (In white text)>

Nothing actually happens to her. It is a ‘ruse’.

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Chapter 16: Elder Yuan Ji

Ji Yuan was now Yuan Ji again as he finished recollecting the events that had happened a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago, there were the Two Goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and a hundred years later, there were now the Four Great Beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The irony thing was that he had actually known every single one of them…

He was now a seventh realm sacred saint now except for a minor glitch; he had yet to gain the profound strength of a golden saint yet because he had burnt up all his inner cultivation sea in his desperate bid for a breakthrough.

At the same time, he had ended his seclusion prematurely because he had remembered his pledge to Xia Jiajia.

But now when he had returned, he was saddened to see that she had largely forgotten about him.

Not only that, to add salt to injury, she had even declared that his beautiful beard was in fact, ugly.

He muttered weakly, “I thought that she is attracted to me because of my beautiful beard. I am really blind. And to think that we have even exchange a pledge of love together in the past.”

All of a sudden he was rubbing his chin, “Actually I only lose a heaven-step precious sword but what I have in return is an earth-step divine sword. I didn’t really lose anything except for some hurtful feelings. Maybe I should forgive her?”

But he was soon shaking his head, “Just because she has a pretty face and a beautiful body, are you going to lose your last thread of your man’s pride and to forgive her for insulting your beard? No way is this going to happen.”

“Since she doesn’t know that I am really Ji Yuan and that she seems to be interested in me, maybe I should toy with her feelings first.”

“Am I that bad?”

“I’m supposed to be the gentleman of the sword….”

“Let’s not forget that I am in this state because of her…”

He was soon sighing because she had conspired with Ling Feiyue to set him up.

“No, this is just my guess and I’ve no evidence. If not why did she agree to my hundred years’ pledge? Aww Ji Yuan, you have almost made a big mistake and have wronged her. She did wait for me for a hundred years. I am the one that didn’t dare to tell her otherwise that I’m back…”

“No wait, I still got a vendetta to settle with her for causing my sect to be in this horrible state and for causing Ye Chengxi to suffer.”

“Also why did she change her name from Xia Jiajia to Xia Jiaqing?”

“Actually that is reasonable. Because Xue Qianxue is pursuing her and she is merely a fifth realm golden celestial back then. Therefore it is only reasonable that she is forced to change her name.”

All of a sudden, he was feeling a little guilty. “Actually it isn’t her fault. It is mine…”

He began to sigh heavily as he recalled the night that he was spying on Xue Qianxue when she was taking her bath and he was now drooling a little at the steamy scene. “I didn’t follow the script that is given to me. If I had only checked the mirrors instead…”

“If everything works according to plan, I may not be in this sorry state now…”

“Maybe I am already holding Jiajia in the bed now…”

Soon he had dozed off and he was dreaming that he was banging Xia Jiajia.

He had failed to notice that a peerless exquisite maiden was quietly listening to his mutterings. She was leaning quietly against the wall as she listened.

She was actually Xia Jiaqing.

She said silently, “Ji Yuan, thank you for finding so many reasons to forgive me. It is better that you do not know that this is really a setup for you. It is better for you not to know what really happens. Or you won’t forgive me…”

With a gentle tiptoe, she had quietly vanished from view.

Ji Yuan would never know she had been around because Xia Jiaqing’s lightless skill was actually even more superior to that of Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue and himself.

The next day the Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing had summoned all the elders to her presence in the Great Emperor Hall.

There used to be only four elders and now there were five elders.

She was soon smiling to Li Qiang, Hai Sheng, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao who were the original four elders before turning her attention to smile warmly at Yuan Ji.

“This is Elder Yuan Ji and he will be the fifth elder of the Emperor Hall Sect.” She chuckled softly as she re-introduced Yuan Ji to everyone again.

All four elders instantly expressed their shocks and protests against the ‘sudden’ appointment of Yuan Ji as Elder.

“How can Yuan Ji be an elder?”

“He is only a lowly cultivator!”

“In what way is he fit to be an elder of our great Emperor Hall Sect?”

“Did he use sorcery on our Palace Mistress?”

Actually the four elders had already known of Yuan Ji’s appointment through their networks and they were merely pretending to express their fake surprises.

“Oh? The four elders have some disagreements?” Xia Jiaqing yawned softly as she took a lazy look at them.

Li Qiang immediately stepped forward, “Indeed! On this issue, it seems that the four elders are united on this matter!”

Deng Qiu stroked his heavy beard as he hummed coldly, “This Yuan Ji is just a pretty face. Look at his beardless chin, he is just a young lad that still needs milk!”

Yuan Ji was immediately flustered and just as he was about to rebuke Deng Qiu angrily, Xia Jiaqing was suddenly looking at Hai Sheng with a soft chuckle, “Weird. Elder Hai Sheng, why is your face so red?”

Hai Sheng was immediately stammering, “I…I…” He was still suffering from the ill-effects of the Elated Happiness Powder and now looking at the enticing figure of Xia Jiaqing in front of him was enough to turn him hard on.

“Elder Hai Sheng, you do not look too well. Why don’t you retire first?” Xia Jiaqing offered a suggestion.

Hai Sheng immediately lowered his head as he rushed out of the hall, “Indeed I am not well today. I am still suffering from the grief of losing my son…”

Li Qiang was muttering, “The four elders here…the three elders here…”

Xia Jiaqing had suddenly clapped her hands as she yawned softly before walking off, “Dismiss…”

Li Qiang, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao began to stare coldly after her as though they could not wait to rip her clothing apart and to set themselves on her.

This was not lost on Yuan Ji who was quietly watching their lecherous eyes.

He cursed softly, “Why did Xia Jiajia have to put herself in the company of these wolves? Even her personal attendants cannot be trusted and are in cahoots with these elders.”

As soon as Xia Jiaqing and her personal attendants had disappeared from view, Li Qiang immediately said to Yuan Ji. “Elder Yuan Ji, do not say that I did not warn you first. The position of elder in the Emperor Hall Sect is not an easy position for you to manage.”

Deng Qiu smirked coldly, “Or a position that you can hold for even a few days. So watch your steps!”

Tang Ao laughed coldly, “An elder without the support of any protégés is just a toothless tiger. If you are smart enough, you ought to tell Palace Mistress that you are willing to step down from your elder position. If you do so, I will be willing to take you under my wing and…” He laughed before he added slyly. “…and under my protection.”

Yuan Ji had three options now.

One was to ingratiate himself with them immediately.

Two was to taunt them back.

Three was to keep quiet.

He immediately made his option and said coldly, “I like being an elder. Maybe I will even ask Palace Mistress to make me a grand elder and be in charge of the elders. This will be better than in charge of any protégés. Don’t you agree with me?”

When he had said that, the three elders were all so flushed with anger that they waved angrily at him. “Just you watch out! You stupid fellow. You still don’t know the rules of the game yet! You will regret this!”

When they had left the hall, Yuan Ji inhaled out a sigh of relief. “Actually I can’t beat them now. Maybe they did not dare to beat me up because they fear the Palace Mistress. But if I were to go out now, they will be waiting outside to beat me up.”

So he decided to stay inside the hall for a little while longer since he had nothing better to do.

All of a sudden, he was thinking. “Weird. I’ve thought that Elder Hai Sheng has been afflicted by the Elated Happiness Powder last night. How did he manage to have the strength to crawl here today?”

He began to rub his chin, “I think I should take a little look at his residence…”

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Chapter 15: One Hundred Years Ago (6)

Ji Yuan was cursing himself softly. He was now lost in the mountains.

He began to blame himself, “I should have waited until daybreak to leave the inn. I can’t see a thing in the darkness. Never mind. The first ray of the sun is here now. I can finally continue on my way.”

All of a sudden, his sharp eyes spotted an extremely beautiful maiden below him.

This extremely beautiful maiden was giggling softly and there was a soft golden animus around her as she leapt with a startling speed across the ground, touching only the tip of the grasses and rocks with her gentle steps.

She was extremely breathtaking and he found himself looking at her curved slim figure.

Ji Yuan was suddenly startled. It was because he had suddenly realized that this extremely beautiful maiden was a seventh realm saintess as evidenced by her light steps and speed that she was moving but she was not Xue Qianxue.

“Who is she? Why will there be another saintess in this wilderness? And why is she so happy about?”

Curious, he began to follow her.

Before long, he had followed her to a valley and she had stopped in her tracks.

She was looking all around her as she swept her divine sense into her vicinity.

But as Ji Yuan was actually quite far away and he had relied on his good eyesight to follow her, therefore he was not detected by her.

“Is she waiting for her lover?” Ji Yuan thought curiously.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had turned ashen because this extremely maiden had suddenly turned her face around and he almost got a heart-attack as he had recognized Ling Feiyang.

“Why is he cross dressing into a maiden?” He was perplexed. “This is too sinful to my eyes. I didn’t know that he has such a fetish…”

He began to mutter, “I should go now. I’m not interested in a man…”

“Wait a minute.” He had a sudden thought. “Ling Feiyang is a seventh realm golden saint?!”

He was suddenly gasping with shock. “I think I may have offended him that day…”

“Why am I so unlucky recently?”

He was soon muttering, “Why is he in this wilderness? Don’t tell me he is meeting Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue to duel with her?”

How could he leave like this if that was the case? This was a golden opportunity to observe the secret duel that was between two seventh realm experts. Moreover since the two of them were his potential enemies, it would pay him good to observe their fights so that he could prepare himself in the future.

What luck!

Therefore he quietly waited.

Ling Feiyang was now quietly sitting on a large rock and he was humming a beautiful tune.

Ji Yuan was rubbing his eyes. “Why is that the longer I watch him, the more that I feel that he is really a maiden? But it shouldn’t be. He is always looking so lecherously at my Xia Jiajia…”

Suddenly another extremely beautiful maiden in white had arrived and she was indeed Xue Qianxue.

“You are late for our duel.” Ling Feiyang was seen giggling softly.

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “Why are you being so impatient? Or you can’t wait to lose to me?”

“Who says that I will be losing to you?” Ling Feiyang smiled. “If you are willing to concede defeat to me then I won’t tell anyone about it. If not, hehe.”

“Fat hope!” Xue Qianxue hummed coldly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

“So be it then.” Ling Feiyang laughed as he leapt down from the rock.

Xue Qianxue said coolly, “We are the two most beautiful goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. This duel will be interesting.”

“Indeed. Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue versus Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. I wonder what will be the outcome of this duel.” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

Ji Yuan who had been listening to their conversations was stunned all of a sudden. “She is Ling Feiyue? She is really a maiden?! Ling Feiyang, Ling Feiyue.”

He was suddenly gasping, “Why is that I’m so stupid? There isn’t any man that is more dashing than me anyway…so she is a maiden…I should have realized this long ago…”

All of a sudden he had turned ashen as he suddenly remembered that he had patted Ling Feiyue on her ‘chest’ that day and had even threatened her because he had wanted to get her off from Xia Jiajia.

“Shit. I’ve just offended two saintesses in just a matter of few days…”

Ji Yuan: …

“Where can I find ten lives to tank against these two saintesses…”

But his thoughts quickly returned to the upcoming duel between the two saintesses. “If I can observe their swordplay for any weakness then I may still stand a chance. Heavens must be on my side for causing me to be lost in these mountains.”

He was also thinking, “Their secret duel must surely be extremely earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas. I should be supporting Xue Qianxue because she is from the orthodox celestial fraction. No wait, I should wish her dead instead. No wait again, I’ve also offended Ling Feiyue…maybe I should wish the two of them dead instead…”

“What a pity. Two beautiful goddesses dead in this wilderness and there is no one to pick their corpses. Maybe I should be the kind one here.” He added. “Wait, why is that I am excited below when I’ve thought of this? I am not thinking of checking their bodies or anything…”

Ling Feiyue was heard giggling, “I can now see why you are ranked as a beautiful goddess. You are indeed beautiful.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “You are not bad looking yourself. The fluttering snow as white as the Goddess Maiden Qianxue and the spirit songs as vivid as the Goddess Maiden Feiyue.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “I must admit that the first line of the poem describes us perfectly. However the next line of this poem is a little lewd. To have the two beautiful goddesses to dance with the strokes of my beautiful beard is as heavenly as the sight of the immortal fairies.”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes with a bitter smile, “It is indeed a little lewd. The poet is definitely a lecherous man. After I am done with you, I will slice this poet into multiple pieces.”

Ling Feiyue giggled and said lovingly, “Same here. He will definitely be a dead man after today.”

When Ji Yuan heard the poem, he almost fainted on the spot. He had made this poem when he was half-drunk and how did these two saintesses know about it?

“He will definitely be a dead man after today?” Ji Yuan muttered after her. All of a sudden he had a startled realization. “Don’t tell me that it is all a plot to lure me to this place? Everything that has happened in the past few days are too much of a coincidence. Don’t tell me they had setup me because I penned that poem?”

The next line of their conversations confirmed his suspicion.

“Ji Yuan will be a dead man soon.” The two beautiful goddesses said at the same time.

The two goddess maidens were now pointing their swords at each other.

“This is my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay…”

“This is my Flying Spirit Sword Art…”

Ji Yuan’s attention soon returned to the duel; it was because his heart was pounding with excitement that he was about to witness the most earthshaking battle that he was about to see in his life.

Xue Qianxue had swiftly displayed her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay as she quickly sent three strokes to point Ling Feiyue. “This is the triple slash of the third stance of my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay. So are you afraid?”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly as she raised her sword in an upward stance, “The fourth stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art will be able to neutralize your triple slash. Why don’t you try harder than this?”

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “I’m afraid that if I were to try harder, you will be dead in no time!”

“Prove it then.” Ling Feiyue giggled as she raised her sword fingers to display a defensive stance.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their sword display.

It was not because their sword display was so earthshaking that he was stunned but these two beautiful maidens were standing a good twenty paces apart as they displayed their swordplay and sword art; they were not even making any point of contact!

“This! Is this even a proper duel?!”

This went on for another thirty minutes and Ji Yuan had almost fallen asleep in the grass that he was hiding before Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue coolly declared. “I guess that it is a draw then.”

Xue Qianxue swung her sword to her back as she said casually, “Once I have mastered my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay to the Ninth level of the Flying Sword Maidens, I will definitely be able to break your swordart.”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “I have yet to reach the final stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art, the Thousand Raining Swords. Do you think that your whatever Flying Sword Maidens is going to hold up against me when I am able to use my Thousand Raining Swords?”

“Don’t be too sure yet.” Xue Qianxue smiled. “Since our swordplay is a draw, why don’t we have a contest of our profound arts? My Sacred Maiden Profound Art versus your Six Realms Divine Art?”

Ji Yuan was immediately alert. “They are going to fight it out with their profound arts now? This will be the most earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas scene that I will be witnessing. Xue Qianxue’s Maiden Profound Art is ranked among the top ten most powerful profound arts. This time Ling Feiyue is going to be dead for sure.”

Then he took a pitiful look at Ling Feiyue, “I am feeling a little pity for her already…” He could well imagine her getting crushed under the profound strength of Xue Qianxue.

Xue Qianxue smiled as she pointed to the huge boulder that Ling Feiyue was sitting earlier. “Why don’t we exercise our profound strength against that rock with our palms? The one that can imprint our palms deeper will be the victor?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “Why not?”

Immediately the two of them had both delivered a thunderous explosive attack on the rock with their palms, sending the debris of the huge boulder up into the air.

The two saintesses quickly inspected the boulder and both exclaimed with an equal disappointment, “Seems like our profound strength are quite evenly match.”

By now, Ji Yuan was cursing softly to himself. “They are dueling like two maidens. No wait, they are maidens…well, they are dueling like two immature fighters. Where is the earthshaking duel that is supposed to happen?”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “It seems that we can only duel with our lightless skill.” She pointed to the mountain cliff above them. “Whoever can scale up this mountain cliff first will be the superior cultivator. What do you say?”

Xue Qianxue was smiling, “I’m not boasting but my lightless skill is definitely number one.”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she rolled her eyes, “We shall see about it.”

When Ji Yuan saw the steep mountain cliff, he was shaking his head. Even though he had claimed to have the superior lightless skill but this steep cliff was impossible for anyone to climb. “Are these two saintesses boasting a little too much?”

The two saintesses were heard saying, “Ready?”

“Let’s go!”

All of a sudden the two beautiful saintesses were scaling up the steep cliff as they tiptoed in rapid succession. Their profound animus was like halos that were following them as they flew up the steep cliff.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their feat as he stammered, “Their lightless skill is too formidable…” He did not find their weaknesses and instead, he had found their strengths. “That means that I cannot outrun them…crap, I forget to ask about Xue Qianxue’s lightless skill ranking that day…”

He quickly prayed for them to slip and fell to their deaths instead.

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue giggled and said, “Say Sacred Maiden, are you a white tiger? Because someone saw you that night.”

Xue Qianxue gasped softly and had turned ashen. This gasp had caused the internal profound energies that she had built up to give way.

It was because she had suddenly recalled Ji Yuan and what he had told her in the bathtub and that had caused her mind to blank out.

Immediately she was falling down the steep cliff like a falling meteor!

Xue Qianxue quickly tried to muster her profound strength but it was already too late as her profound animus consumed up the rest of her profound energies.

Ling Feiyue giggled as she continued to scale up the steep cliff, “I see that someone is going to have a really hard fall.”

Xue Qianxue closed her eyes and her eyes were teary…

All of a sudden a firm hand had caught hold of her and had cushioned her fall. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was actually Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan had rushed out in the last minute to catch hold of her because he had realized that he was the one that had caused her to lose this duel. Moreover, he felt a little guilty that night as well.

“Ji Yuan…it is you…” Xue Qianxue gasped with a flustered look.

Ji Yuan was muttering incoherently to himself, “Why are you so stupid to catch her. Do you know that you are about to lose your life to her?”

He quickly put her down and fled like a madman from the scene, leaving a stunned Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue behind.

“Before they recover from their wits, I must quickly flee as soon as possible….” He was muttering.

He had broken another taboo of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and that was to observe their duels secretly.

“Why am I so unlucky nowadays?”

“Good bye Jiajia…”

“Ji Yuan, wait!” Xue Qianxue shouted after him after she had regained her wits. But he was already long gone.

At the same time Ling Feiyue had landed quietly next to Xue Qianxue as she gasped softly, “Why is Ji Yuan in this place? He saw me…then he knows…”

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