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Chapter 77: The Sacred Maiden Ceremony (3)

Fairy Ye Chengxi returned a quiet hand bow to Saintess Fang Zhenfei before she picked up Sky Forth that was thrust in front of her.

She muttered incoherently, “This is my old master’s sword. It’s so good to see you again. But why is this sword with her? Did she really find it by the roadside?”

Jin Yuyun displayed a smirk as she swung her divine sword in front of her and there was a shrieking sound that was caused by the breaking of the windforces that was caused by her sword.

Her sword was really a good sword as evidenced by the sounds of the windforces that were heard when she had swung it!

Many of the cultivators had an envious look as they gasped softly at her divine sword. In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, obtaining a divine sword was a lofty dream for many and that included the elite protégés from the seven major orthodox clans.

Jin Yuyun was the daughter of Jin Yilong and she had a lofty position within the Mystic Profound Pavilion. Plus the fact that her father had doted on her and that was why she had a divine sword. As a matter of fact, she was his only child.

The higher the realm level a cultivator was, the more difficult it was for them to have any children. Even though Jin Yilong had many consorts but after so many years, she was still his only child and because of this reason, he had spoiled her rotten.

Naturally because Jin Yuyun felt that she was a proud daughter of the heavens, she had even dared to challenge Fairy Ye Chengxi in the presence of so many high level cultivators. She did not care if these high level cultivators were her seniors in cultivation. She was bent on winning renown for herself.

“Please give me your instructions!” Jin Yuyun laughed softly.

Fairy Ye Chengxi also returned a polite greeting, “Please give me your instructions.”

With that they had immediate brandished their swords and were immediately encircling each other.

Fairy Ye Chengxi steps were extremely light and she was like a fairy that was drifting like a cloud. The onlookers were all dazzled by her and many did not even realize that she was even moving continuously.

Jin Yuyun was the first to attack upon seeing that Fairy Ye Chengxi had hesitated to make the first move.

She had immediately unleashed a series of sword strokes; her strokes were ingenious and contained stroke within a stroke.

“It is the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds!” Many of the cultivators were gasping with startled astonishment.

The Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds were an advanced swordplay that was ranked within the top thirty sword arts ranking. It was an extremely fast swordplay but it was also extremely difficult to master.

From Jin Yuyun’s astonishing display of the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds, everyone knew that she had reached a high level of expertise in it. Moreover her sword strokes were augmented by her divine sword and all her strokes displayed startling profound power that immediately put most fifth realm golden celestials to shame.

Fairy Ye Chengxi immediately counter-attacked with the sword art of the Orthodox Sword Sect, which was a several light whirlwind strokes that seemingly lacked power.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin nervously as he muttered, “Our sect sword ranking is at the forty-nine rank. It isn’t too bad when compared to a superior sword art like the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds.”

“Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sect swordplay is currently unranked. It used to be forty-nine when Sword Saint Ji Yuan is around. I am afraid that Fairy Ye Chengxi may suffer a crushing defeat this time round.” A cultivator in front of Yuan Ji was discussing with the cultivator next to him.

When Yuan Ji heard him, he had an ugly face and he was cursing silently. “What? Our sect swordplay has now fallen into such a poor state?”

“Actually the swordplay of the Orthodox Sword Sect is rather ordinary. I just don’t understand how Fairy Ye Chengxi is able to become a Sword Saintess…”

“Whether it is cultivation level, sword art, profound strength, profound power and sword, Jin Yuyun is superior to Fairy Ye Chengxi. There is no doubt that Fairy Ye Chengxi has a disadvantage.”

Jin Yuyun had suddenly raised a soft shout as she mustered all her profound strength as she charged forward with the Torrential Charge and the Sweeping Gale Force, two of the most powerful sword arts of the Thirteen Strokes of the Gushing Winds.

Immediately there were dozens of sword strokes that accompanied the sword display of Jin Yuyun as she charged forward, forcing Fairy Ye Chengxi to skip five steps backward.

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “The victor is determined now.”

All of a sudden Fairy Ye Chengxi had returned a barrage of sword strokes into the Sweeping Gala Force which consisted of dozens of dancing sword shadows.

To the astonishment of all the onlookers, Fairy Ye Chengxi had neutralized all the sword strokes that were from Jin Yuyun in a blink of an eye and all of a sudden her sword was pointing at Jin Yuyun’s throat!

Everyone was blinking their eyes. It was because it happened so fast that only the higher realm cultivators could actually see what was happening.

Even Jin Yuyun was stunned that Fairy Ye Chengxi’s seemingly weak sword strokes had neutralized her Sweeping Gale Force in a blink of an eye. Her Sweeping Gala Force was so fast that she could unleash thirty-six strokes in an instant. This quick burst was extremely draining to her profound strength but very few opponents actually had the measure to oppose the insane speed of the Sweeping Gale Force.

But Fairy Ye Chengxi had displayed forty-eight strokes in an instant and had completely neutralized her Sweeping Gale Force.

Before Jin Yuyun could realize what happened next, Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sword was already on her throat!

Yuan Ji had of course predicted that Fairy Ye Chengxi would win and not Jin Yuyun.

It was because he had often ruthlessly bullied his Chengxi with his barrage of sword stroke, showing no mercy to her. The only way for her to break his barrage of sword strokes was not to engage his sword strokes directly at the very start when it was at its strongest point but to engage it when his profound strength was renewing.

He had trained to his Chengxi to watch her opponents’ attacks keenly and to overcome this kind of speed techniques.

“Speed techniques have a weakness. You can overcome it via a little trick and of course, you have to be fast too.” He had told her.

Jin Yuyun really could not believe that she would lose to Fairy Ye Chengxi.

She quickly parried Fairy Ye Chengxi’s sword aside and raised her palm to display a powerful palm profound art. The instant that she had displayed her palm profound art, a burst of triple halo began to burst forth around her!

Everyone was alarmed because they could see that this palm profound art was the powerful Mystic Profound Hand, a divine profound art that could crush the bones of even a golden celestial!

Jin Yuyun had taken advantage of Fairy Ye Chengxi’s mercy to suddenly knock aside the sword that was pointing at her throat to retaliate. In the eyes of many of the cultivators that were watching the duel, it was a shameless act and it was even more shameless because Jin Yuyun cultivation level was higher than Fairy Ye Chengxi.

But Fairy Ye Chengxi gently raised her left fingers as five piercing sword energies fingers struck Jin Yuyun’s palm hard, causing her to shriek painfully as she stumbled three steps back.

Many of the cultivators were startled by Fairy Ye Chengxi’s display of her sword energies fingers.

“Fairy Ye Chengxi is a sword energies practitioner?”

“And her sword energies can even break the Mystic Profound Hand?”

“Maybe Jin Yuyun is too weak in her Mystic Profound Hand…”

Jin Yilong shouted at Jin Yuyun, “Have you disgrace yourself enough? Come back to your seat now.”

After he scolded his daughter, he turned to look lecherously at Fairy Ye Chengxi and smiled at her, “Fairy Ye is indeed skillful. I am truly impressed by you. Please accept my sincere apologies for the rudeness that is displayed by my daughter. I will like to invite Fairy Ye to visit the Mystic Profound Pavilion so that I can extend my heartfelt apologies.”

“I appreciate it.” Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled lightly before she returned to her seat, leaving Jin Yilong to wonder if that was a yes or a no.

“Maybe she is too shy to answer me. After all, there are so many cultivators around. Maybe I will ask her in private instead.” Jin Yilong was grinning as he stared lecherously at Fairy Ye Chengxi.

He was only interrupted by an angry huff by his daughter who had returned to her seat that was next to him, “Father! I have not lost yet!”

Jin Yilong frowned when he had heard her, “Forget it. Finger skills are a natural nemesis to palm skills. You didn’t know that she is a sword energies practitioner…”

“Fist skills are a nemesis to her finger skills. Father, get me a powerful fist cultivation profound art to fight her. Next time I will smash her fingers.” Jin Yuyun interrupted her father with an unhappy face.

Third Young Master Jian Menghao was heard quite audible, “I will like to challenge the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi too…”

“Sit down and be quiet!” Saintess Jian Yuluo stared coldly at him before lowering her voice. “Aren’t you shameless? She is a maiden. Don’t bully her. Do you want to become the enemy of all the cultivators that have their eyes on her?”

With a reluctant and lustful look, Third Young Master Jian Menghao forced himself to stand still. After all, he did not dare to disobey his Celestial Teacher and aunt.

Yuan Ji’s attention had quickly returned to Saintess Fang Zhenfei.

He was sighing heavily. “She is sitting in the prestige seat. I can’t even go over there to talk to her. At least I can see her for the last time before my passing. This is a small consolation to my heart. I wonder if she will feel grieve for me and is willing to guard my tomb as my widow?”

“Fat hope!”

Yuan Ji was startled when his thoughts rebuked him. But he soon realized that it was actually Xiang Li.

Xiang Li was now rebuking him, “Forget that Xue Qianxue! What is so good about her? You have two lovely saintesses that you can make merry with. Why are you throwing your life for a mere maiden?”

When Yuan Ji saw Xiang Li in his soul sea, he was frowning lightly. “Go away.” He gave an additional frown when he remembered that Xiang Li was actually a lusty spirit entity that only appeared whenever he was having fun with the two sister saintesses.

“Why did I have such a sentient spirit entity for? Where is my noble heart and caring spirit entity?”

“Remember you are not my master yet.” Xiang Li laughed as she reminded him. “You ought to find me a new owner soon. Maybe you ought to pass me to Hua Wuwu…but I like Maiden Ling Feiyue better…she is a great saintess…her future is limitless…”

“I will never see Feiyue again. Moreover we have already broken up. I will dump you into a pit hole full of shit before I die.” Yuan Ji interrupted her with a light frown.

“You are so honest with me. I like it. Hehe.” Xiang Li did not seem to mind as she disappeared again.

All of a sudden several holy maidens were announcing, “Sacred Maiden Qianxue is making her entrance. Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi is making her entrance. The matriarch elders of the sect are making their entrances…”

The announcements were repeated three times altogether.

But after the first time when everyone had heard the mention of Sacred Maiden Qianxue, the entire hall fell into breathless anticipations as everyone was looking at the inner hallways for her arrival.

The hundreds of young masters had even left their seats as they stared blankly at the inner hallway. The fans of Xue Qianxue were in their thousands!

After all Xue Qianxue was the number one peerless beauty of the Orthodox Fraternity and was the apple of their eyes and desires.

Even Yuan Ji was standing instead of sitting down.

All of a sudden, everyone was shoving one another as they muttered. “Why did you stand up for? Stop blocking me. Stop shoving me. Hey, sit down!”

Many of the maidens in the hall were naturally unhappy when they saw the looks that were on the men that were like ravenous wolves.

But the men ignored the looks of the maidens, their consorts and even their elders as they continued to lean forward. There were even many that even ignored their elders’ commands to sit down.

One must know that in order for a young master to even catch a glimpse of Xue Qianxue, they had to bring expensive gifts to even have a chance to have a look at her. But today Xue Qianxue would be making her public appearance. Naturally no one would want to give up such a chance to see her for the very last time!

An old elder in front of Yuan Ji was rebuking his protégés, “All of you, sit down! You are all throwing the sect’s face away.”

Yuan Ji was impressed by the old elder as he thought, “At least there is a man of culture here.”

The old elder started to shove his protégés, “All of you are blocking my view. Sit down!”

Yuan Ji: …

“They are coming!” The cultivators were all muttering excitingly as they could see the shadows that were beyond the hallway and many of the cultivators were even extending their divine senses to probe.

Before long, a group of beautiful golden celestials had emerged from the hallway. They were the beautiful Zhao Songjin who was dressed in the white and gold attire of the sacred maiden garb and she was accompanied by several beautiful saintesses and elders of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

Zhao Songjin was really astonishing beautiful and she was also in the top ten beauties ranking of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

She was smiling proudly and why would she not be haughty at the same time? Today was her big day and from this day onward, she would be in charge of the powerful Celestial Orthodox Sect, one of the patriarch clans of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

But her smiles slowly faded because she could sense that the divine senses of the many cultivators were actually not on her but were all extending beyond the hallway; they were only interested in Xue Qianxue!

She forced herself to smile gracefully as she took her seat in the middle of the hall with her other protégé sisters.

Before long, a second group had emerged from the hallway and everyone was now muttering excitingly. “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue! She is here!”

“Xue Qianxue is finally here!”

“Look! Look!”

The Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi was actually quite pretty too and she had thought that everyone was looking in awe of her. After all, she was a great saintess and had a lofty status within the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

But she soon realized her mistake because all the looks and divine senses were sweeping past her to her personal protégé who was behind her, Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue!

Although Xue Qianxue was surrounded by more than ten beautiful golden celestials but her peerless beauty was just too dazzling, causing the others to fade away in her presence.

The loveliness of Xue Qianxue was a mixture of innocence and cuteness at the same time while her alluring beauty was like a radiance beauty that immediately lifted the spirits of her admirers. The more they admired her, the deeper her beauty was able to etch into their hearts.

That was why her peerless beauty was like a sweeping awe in the hall. Only the heavenly graceful beauty of Fairy Ye Chengxi was able to light a candle in her presence.

The smiling Xue Qianxue had noticed Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan the instant that she had entered the hall as she muttered silently, “So that is Ji Yuan’s two consorts? I so envy him…”

When she had thought of Ji Yuan, her fingers were unconsciously at her belly. She had used her profound strength to seal the growth of her unborn child. This was a secret that she was unwilling to reveal to her matriarch or to anyone. She was determined to give birth to her child once this handover ceremony was over…

Zhao Songjin was gritting her teeth as she stared coldly at Xue Qianxue. “She can still smile? After I have become the Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin, I like to see how you can manage to smile. Maybe I can even arrange an accident for you.”

Yuan Ji was blinking his eyes when he saw Xue Qianxue. It was as though he was seeing her for the very first time. She still had her long pony tail bundled to a side and her loveliness was still as melting as ever.

He still could not believe that he had been intimate with such a peerless beauty.

Xiang Li had suddenly reappeared in his soul sea and was gasping, “She is Xue Qianxue?”

She was soon smiling, “She is really not bad. No wonder you want to dump the Goddess Ling Feiyue for her. Well, I’ve changed my mind and decide to help you.”

Yuan Ji took a suspicious look at her before muttering, “Xiang Li, actually are you a male or female spirit entity?”

Xiang Li had a flustered look before she chuckled, “Of course I am a female!”

Yuan Ji muttered, “Are you sure? I never seen a more lecherous female than you…”

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Chapter 76: The Sacred Maiden Ceremony (2)

In all of Yuan Ji entire life, he had never seen a hall that was as vast as this that could accommodate more than fifty thousand cultivators.

Not only was this hall grandeur and spacious but it looked like it could accommodate another one hundred thousand cultivators without any issue.

He had only one sentence to describe his experience with an envious look after a while in the hall, “The Celestial Orthodox Sect is really a rich sect.”

Everywhere, the beautiful protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect were serving the guests with rare fruits and aromatic wines.

He was actually looking in the direction of the prestige seats and saw that even though there were only six celestial clans that occupied it but their protégés numbered in the thousands.

He was completely stunned by their numbers and was immediately sheepish.

It seemed that he needed to tweak his plan a little now…

He turned to growl weakly to Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, “Do they need to send so many cultivators just to attend a ceremony?”

Hua Wuwu laughed, “It is only once every few centuries big event and moreover it is a change of leadership. Naturally the other six major orthodox clans must give a little face.”

“It is more than enough face.” Yuan Ji muttered unhappily.

Hua Baiyue whispered to them, “Look this time round, even the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect is also here. What a surprise!”

Yuan Ji immediately followed her eyes and saw the protégés of the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect. There were actually not many of them and they were only in their dozens instead of hundreds.

He immediately noted that their robes were actually light blue and that their female protégés were also donning a light blue face veil. Most of the female protégés had already loosened their face veils to sample the rare fruits and aromatic drinks that were spread in front of them.

Almost all, except for an outstanding maiden with a pair of beautiful golden eyes. However he was soon disappointed because he had noticed that the insignia on her forehead was a blue bird rather than a blue flower petal.

The veiled maiden that he had suspected to be Xia Jiajia had a blue petal on her forehead…

Next he managed to discover the seating arrangements of Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan. They were not hard to miss for they were sitting near to the upper echelons of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

Yuan Ji could not help staring in their directions. He was not being discreet at all. But luckily for him, he was not the only ones who were staring at the two astonishing beauties. Therefore his actions were deemed as normal and did not attract any attention.

As a matter of fact, half of the male cultivators were all staring and inhaling in appreciation of the heavenly beauties of both Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan. Moreover there were many beautiful maidens that were sitting at the prestige seats and naturally almost everyone was looking in that direction.

Those who had the bronze invitations did not care if they were staring unruly because they were numerous and many of the maidens in the prestige seats and gold seats were actually dressing in their best. Their intentions were only too clear and it was for the men to appreciate.

Even though the men were all looking lecherous at the many beautiful saintesses, supremacies and golden celestials in the hall but they were not foolish to do anything funny. The rules were simple enough. They could only stare but not touch or harass anyone.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji saw a beautiful saintess in the ranks of the Profound Heaven Manor. He was actually quite startled to see her because he had never known that she was from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor and she was sitting near Jian Menghao.

Jian Menghao was naturally Third Young Master Jian Menghao that he had met in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trial. Before Yuan Ji could take any actions on him in the trials, he had committed suicide.

But Yuan Ji was soon frowning because he had suddenly noticed that this beautiful saintess was now serving fruits to Jian Menghao and they were actually quite intimate. There was a look of displeasure in his countenance when he saw them.

When Hua Baiyue saw his countenance and followed his eyes, she began to chuckle. “What? You’ve already set your sights on Saintess Jian Yuluo, one of the top ten beauties. You really have sharp eyes or shall I say envious eyes?”

“What? She is Saintess Jian Yuluo?” Yuan Ji was startled. He was startled because when he had known her, she had called herself Saintess Yuxian and she had never told him that she was actually Saintess Jian Yuluo from the Profound Heaven Sword Manor

“Actually you don’t have to be envious of them.” Hua Baiyue giggled. “They have an aunt and nephew relationship. Moreover Saintess Jian Yuluo is the Celestial Teacher of Jian Menghao.”

Yuan Ji laughed nonchalantly, “Is that so? Why says I am envious? It is just that I have recognized that Jian Menghao and had thrash him up inside the Lotus Sword Mansion. And why should I look at other beauties when I have two lovely saintesses by my side now?”

As he said to Hua Baiyue, he was thinking. “Saintess Jian Yuluo is not Xia Jiajia. Saintess Fang Zhenfei may not be Jia Jiajia too. So I have come to a dead end. Jiajia, where are you. Do you know that I am looking for you? Do you think that you owe me an explanation? Or do you have any difficulties? I can help you but only if you’re willing to tell me…”

His attention soon returned where Saintess Jian Yuluo was. There was a burning hurt in his heart and the bad memories that had occurred three hundred years ago had returned to him.

That was the start of his bad luck. After he was dumped by his old sweetheart, he was captured by Little Princess to be made into her dual cultivation slave. But luckily for him, he had managed to escape after one month of imprisonment when she was not looking and he was found by Saintess ‘Yuxian’.

He was now smiling bitterly now. So Saintess Yuxian was actually Saintess Jian Yuluo. Why did she lie to him? They had a short three months of romance after she had nursed him back to health but she had suddenly disappeared afterward. For the next one hundred years, he had been searching for her news before he had finally given up on finding her.

But three hundred years ago when he saw her again, there was a mix feelings in his heart.

Now he had finally understood why she had left him. It was because she was a proud daughter of one of the patriarch celestial clans and he was only a lowly fourth realm cultivator back then. For him to covet after a lofty seventh realm saintess was an unthinkable act and her celestial clan would never allow their relationship to develop.

Because of the loss of Saintess Yuxian and to fill in the emptiness of his heart, he began to drink heavily and spent more time on creating romantic poems. The rest of the fraternity may only know him as the Great Poet Ji Yuan but they did not know why he was able to create such lingering romantic poems. It was because he had undergone a series of setback three hundred years ago!

This was something that Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi did not know about their old master’s past. Only his best friend Guo Tianming knew what had happened to him. Problem was, he was beginning to wonder if this ‘best’ friend of his had a tight lips about his awkward and bitter past.

“I will kill you if you tell anyone about this.” He cursed Guo Tianming silently at the thought that his best friend’s lips may not be so tight after all.

His thoughts were interrupted by Hua Wuwu who asked him, “There are about three thousands golden celestials here and as many as three hundred seventh realm golden saints here. Have you decided already?”

Yuan Ji replied her quietly, “We shall proceed as planned. As soon as Xue Qianxue has arrived, I will distract them. Help me to rescue her.”

Hua Wuwu nodded quietly before she stood up with her sister Hua Baiyue and they seemed to be leaving.

Yuan Ji was startled, “Where are you going?”

Hua Wuwu replied coolly, “Naturally we are going to get as far away as possible from you. If we are seen with you then they may think that we are in cahoots and it will make the rescue plan difficult to execute.”

Hua Baiyue whispered melancholy, “Brother Yuan Ji, please don’t die.”

Hua Wuwu was quietly clenching her fists as she left with Hua Baiyue. They knew that Yuan Ji’s plan was to sacrifice himself for Xue Qianxue but they did not expose him.

There was actually another way to avoid the personal duel with their old master. And that was to allow the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the many celestial clans to kill him in full public view. In this way, the Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace would be appeased if he could not turn up for their personal duel.

After all, the Old Master could not find fault with a dead man. If he really wanted to find fault then he would have to settle this feud with the hundreds of celestial clans that had kill him.

Yuan Ji nodded quietly as he could only watch them mingle among the thousands of cultivators. They were right. It was best if they were far from him when he had stepped out to confront the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

All of a sudden he saw Lu Qingyun, Fan Yuqing and the rest of their group at the golden seats.

He was startled, “I thought that they are from the Nine Celestial Fraternity? Why are they here? They will be tricky for me to handle…”

Yuan Ji did not know that they had also stolen their invitation cards too. Fan Yuqing loved banquets the most and would never give up any chance to attend one.

He was soon impatiently counting the passage of time as he resolved silently, “Qianxue, I will surely rescue you. Because of me, you have lost everything…”

Just as everyone was jovially toasting and shouting cheers to one another, a spirited and beautiful lovely maiden had stepped on the side of the prestige hall with a soft shout, “Junior here is Celestial Jin Yuyun of the Mystic Profound Pavilion. I will like Celestial Fairy Ye Chengxi to instruct this junior here!”

Jin Yuyun as one of the ten acknowledged beautiful fairies and her alluring beauty was only slightly beneath the four great beauties. Therefore when she had stepped forward with a challenge to Fairy Ye Chengxi, everyone was startled but they were also looking in her direction with eager anticipation.

It was obvious to them that Jin Yuyun may be envious of the heavenly beauty of Fairy Ye Chengxi and even her reputation.

Even Yuan Ji was muttering, “Chengxi is only a beautiful vase. She won’t be a match for this Jin Yuyun who is backed by the formidable celestial resources of the Mystic Profound Pavilion.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi said nonchalantly as she took a look at Jin Yuyun before she humbly lowered her glances, “Chengxi is only less than two hundred years of age. How can I be considered to be your senior? We are both at the fifth realm golden celestial level and moreover I am younger in cultivation age than you.”

There was a flush on Jin Yuyun’s countenance. It was true that Fairy Ye Chengxi was younger than her. But she forced through a smile and said, “Everyone knows that Fairy Ye Chengxi is a Sword Saintess. Even if I do not acknowledge that you are my senior, it is not justifiable.”

Then she chuckled softly, “Don’t tell me that a Sword Saintess will be afraid of taking a challenge from the same realm level?”

“Chengxi is only afraid that we will spoil the happy occasion.” She said quietly without lifting her eyes.

Jin Yuyun chuckled softly as she turned to ask all the cultivators in the hall, “If we have a short duel here, will it spoil the mood of everyone here?”

Immediately there were jovial outbursts, “No! Please continue! It is going to be an eye opener…”

Almost all the cultivators that were shouting a reply were all eager to see the two beauties in action. After all, this was not something that they could see every day!

Yuan Ji was actually shouted unhappily, “It will surely spoil my mood so get lost!” But his voice was drowned by the thousands of cultivators that were now hoping to see a fight between these two beauties.

Yuan Ji: …

“These cultivators are too lame…”

Shangguan Yan gasped softly as Ye Chengxi quietly rose up as she replied politely, “In that case, Chengxi will only have to oblige the wishes of everyone.”

When she had said that, all the cultivators were clapping and shouting excitingly.

The only two persons that seemed extremely unhappy about it was actually Yuan Ji and Jin Yilong. It was because Yuan Ji did not want his Chengxi to lose his face and similarly, Jin Yilong did not want his daughter to lose his face too!

“This Jin Yuyun is really good. She manages to distract everyone but it is a pity that her distraction is at the wrong timing when Xue Qianxue, Zhao Songjin and Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi had not arrived yet.” Yuan Ji sighed.

Then he added with another soft sigh, “If they had already arrived then she probably doesn’t have the iron guts to create this disturbance.”

Everyone was now muttering to one another.

“So who do you think will be able to win?”

“Jin Yuyun is an upper tier fifth realm golden celestial while Fairy Ye Chengxi is an initial fifth realm golden celestial…”

“Jin Yuyun is two small tiers higher than Fairy Ye Chengxi…”

“But Fairy Ye Chengxi is a Sword Saintess…”

“Although Fairy Ye Chengxi is a Sword Saintess but few have rarely seen her in action…”

“Is a Sword Saintess formidable?”

“Why don’t you take the Sword Trials and experience it yourself?”

Although there were about twenty sword saints that were rumored to exist in the entire fraternity but they were rarely seen. Even the seven major orthodox patriarch clans had only one known Sword Saintess and that was the Saintess Jian Yuluo.

Saintess Jian Yuluo had only attained as a Sword Saintess in the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords three hundred years ago. At that time she was already a saintess.

The other two known Sword Saints were actually Ji Yuan and Fairy Ye Chengxi.

Countless number of cultivators had taken the Sword Trials of the Forgotten Valley of the Saint Swords and had failed.

All the sword cultivators who were lucky enough to survive the Sword Trials to become a Sword Saint knew how difficult it was.

Fairy Ye Chengxi may be only a fifth realm cultivator but in the eyes of the sword practitioners from the first to the seventh realm, she was their heroine and the shadow that they were chasing after!

Jin Yuyun was smiling as she took out an earth grade divine sword, “Please give me your instructions, Sword Saintess Ye Chengxi!”

Fairy Ye Chengxi had unsheathed her sword and to the awkwardness of all the sword cultivators, they saw that it was only a half-step precious sword.

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly when he saw her half-step precious sword. It was because her sword was actually given to her by him.

His Orthodox Sword Sect was quite poor and the best sword that his sect had was actually a heaven-step precious sword and he had given it to Xia Jiajia…

He cursed her softly, “Chengxi, I’m sure that you can get a better sword from the treasuries of the Emperor Hall Sect? At least get yourself an earth-step precious sword…”

All the sword cultivators were now looking anxiously at Fairy Ye Chengxi…

Not only was Jin Yuyun two tiers higher than Fairy Ye Chengxi but she also had a divine sword that could project her profound power. Moreover she was from one of the patriarch clans and had many secret profound arts hidden in her sleeves.

Although most of the cultivators used a sword but most were not sword cultivators. Only around 10% of the cultivators presented in the hall were actually sword cultivators while the rest were sabre cultivators, spear cultivators, palm cultivators, finger cultivators, fist cultivators, body cultivators, profound power cultivators, internal profound art cultivators, profound aura cultivators etc. The majority of the cultivators were actually hybrid cultivators.

That was the main reason why the seven major orthodox patriarch clans had a hard time producing a Sword Saint was because they simply had too many profound arts and it was hard for them to specialize into a field alone.

Jin Yuyun could not resist a soft chuckle, “Aiyo~ I didn’t know that Sword Saintess Ye Chengxi is actually so poor that she cannot afford a better sword.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi replied nonchalantly, “This precious sword is from my old master to me. It is more than good enough.”

Jin Yuyun chuckled, “You call this sword of yours a precious sword?”

Even Yuan Ji was cursing the same, “You call this sword of yours a precious sword?” He almost had the urge to throw her his divine sword.

Fairy Ye Chengxi smiled with great tenderness as she looked at the reflection of her sword, “This sword is precious in my heart…”

“Chengxi! Why don’t you use this precious sword?”

The voice had come from Saintess Fang Zhenfei as she threw a sword in front of Fairy Ye Chengxi.

Everyone was quite startled that it was actually Saintess Fang Zhenfei that had spoken.

But when they had all used their divine senses on the sword that Saintess Fang Zhenfei had thrust in front of Fairy Ye Chengxi, they were all quite disappointed to learn that it was actually just a heaven-step precious sword.

“I believe that this sword belongs to your old master and it is the heritage sword of your Orthodox Sword Sect. I have happened to find it by the roadside.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei said indifferently before she resumed her meditating pose.

Fairy Ye Chengxi gasped immediately when she saw the precious sword and her eyes were bleary. “This is Sky Forth, my old master’s precious sword…”

Yuan Ji was also startled to see his sect heritage sword again. But he was more startled that Saintess Fang Zhenfei actually had his heritage sword. Although he could not be sure if she was Xia Jiajia but when she said that she had found it by the roadside, he was already ninety percent sure that it was her!

Moreover he had given Sky Forth to her as his pledge for her. Why would it be in the hands of others?

“Find it by the roadside? When she had stolen the Blue Divine Flower, she had also said that she had found it by the roadside. She is really such a bimbo. Haha. Jiajia, I have finally found you…”

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Chapter 75: The Sacred Maiden Ceremony (1)

As soon as it was daybreak, the heaven gates of the Celestial Orthodox Sect were filled with thousands of cultivators for today was the crowning ceremony of the new sacred maiden!

These cultivators all had a proud smirk on their faces because they were considered to be important figures to be invited.

The invitation cards were divided into Prestige, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Only the other six major orthodox celestial clans would receive the prestige invitation cards.

Most of the invitation cards that were given out were actually the bronze invitation cards but to many of the cultivators, getting an invitation was better than none!

The whole place was extremely noisy as everyone had an excited look on their faces. Moreover it was like the big gathering and everyone was just trying to greet or ingratitude to one another.

“Haha, isn’t that my old friend…”

“Greeting fellow cultivators!”


“Haha, you have an invitation too?”

“We are from XXX sect and XXX place. I wonder if we can be friends?”

Some of the cultivators were already drooling at the thought that they would be seeing the Goddess Xue Qianxue.

“Alas! It is such a pity that we will only see her for the last time…”

“She isn’t going to die. She is just going for her great saintess breakthrough.”

“With her talents, maybe her reclusion will end in a short few hundreds years…”

“Why is she so hasty in achieving a breakthrough?”

“Listen up! I know! It is because her rival Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is now a great saintess…”

“It is a pity that Ling Feiyue is an unorthodox cultivator and we won’t have a glimpse of her…”

“The gentle refined beauty of Ling Feiyue is like the beauty of the moon while glorious beauty Xue Qianxue is like the warmth of the sun…”

“The four goddesses are Fairy Ye Chengxi, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Xia Jiaqing…”

“It seems that we are now back to the two goddesses now…”

“Seems so. Goddess Xia Jiaqing is now missing while Fairy Ye Chengxi is now married…”

“Who is that lucky bastard that married Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“Don’t worry. That lucky bastard is soon going to be dead in one month time…”

“Maybe that will be a good time to go to the Emperor Hall Sect to console Fairy Ye Chengxi…”

“I actually like Fairy Ye Chengxi better…because she is easier to control than the other goddesses…”

“Among the four goddesses, only the Palace Mistress Goddess Xia Jiaqing is the most mysterious…”

“She had founded the Emperor Hall Sect with the help of her four grand elders. Although it looks like she was a capable leader but I have some insider news from the Emperor Sect Hall. Xia Jiaqing is actually extremely lazy and she barely likes to lift her fingers…”

When Yuan Ji heard the latest round of gossips about Xia Jiaqing, he was smiling and agreed silently. “She is not only lazy but she is also a bimbo!”

It took him all his willpower to resist the temptations to join into the gossips.

Yuan Ji had a worn a fake beard for this occasion. It took Hua Wuwu and Wu Baiyue a lot of efforts to persuade Yuan Ji to wear the fake beard. It was because Yuan Ji was disgusted with the thought of wearing a fake beard.

“Are you a real man? Do you even have this small amount of tolerant?”

“A true man can taste the bitter gall and endure the humiliations.”

But in the end they won over him because they had ‘taunted’ him and Yuan Ji’s Undying Fighting Spirit had worked against him.

As for Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, they had donned a veil and did not need any disguise.

Yuan Ji had also used his mystic art to hide his golden celestial enlightenment.

When Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue saw that he could hide his enlightenment, they quickly asked him to teach them this mystic profound art.

“To be honest with you. This mystic profound art isn’t easy to master. It takes me over ten years of constant practice to finally master it. It isn’t a profound art that you can learn in a single day.” Yuan Ji had explained to them.

When he had said that, they were quite disappointed.

Hua Wuwu asked him, “Where did you learn this mystic profound art from?”

“I had actually stolen it from the Evil Cultivation Palace when I was escaping from them.” He had purposely neglected to mention that he was in fact escaping from Little Princess.

When the two sister saintesses had heard that he had stolen it from the Evil Cultivation Palace, they had immediately lost interest in the mystic profound art. “No thanks.” They suddenly said.

After a few hours of queuing, they were soon near the heaven gates and Yuan Ji saw that everyone was now taking out their invitation cards.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had not really checked his invitation card.

Therefore he checked his invitation cards and saw that he had three bronze invitations. He turned to ask Hua Wuwu, “Erm, with your skills, you have only managed to get three bronze invitations?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled softly, “What? Are you expecting a gold invitation? If you are then why don’t you get it yourself?”

Hua Baiyue was giggling too before she said, “Stealing the gold invitation cards will be too noticeable. So are the silver invitations. It is better for us to work on the bronze invitations. Even if they have lost the bronze invitations, they dare not tell anyone about it.”

Yuan Ji nodded as it made perfect sense.

But still he could not help muttering, “The bronze seats will naturally be too far away from Xue Qianxue to rescue her…”

They were soon at the top of the heaven steps and they were told to line up in three groups; one line for the gold invitees, one line for the silver invitees and another line for the bronze invitees.

The gold invitees’ line was quite short while the silver invitees’ line had a few hundred cultivators. As for the bronze invitees, the queue was lined up all the way down the mountain paths.

Yuan Ji estimated that there were as many as thirty thousand cultivators in the bronze invitees’ line alone.

All of a sudden there were dozens of flying mounts that were descending on the platform that was near the heaven gates.

From the banners that were on the mounts, they could clearly see that the mounts had clearly belonged to the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the Mystic Profound Pavilion.

Needless to say, the Mystic Profound Pavilion had the Prestige invitation card and needed not queue like the rest of them.

As soon as the flying mounts landed, Yuan Ji could recognize one of the cultivators as Jin Yilong. Most of the cultivators that were on the flying mounts were actually golden celestials and there were dozens of them. However not everyone was from the Mystic Profound Pavilion and it consisted of a few celestial clans as well.

Just as Yuan Ji was frowning at the sight of Jin Yilong, he suddenly saw a smiling and haughty beautiful maiden that was next to Jin Yilong. This maiden immediately captured the hearts of many of the cultivators that were watching.

“Do you know who this maiden is? She is Jin Yuyun. She is the youngest daughter of Jin Yilong and is the most beautiful maiden in the Mystic Profound Pavilion. Moreover at her young age, she is already a golden celestial!”

Yuan Ji had a light tremble when he saw Jin Yuyun. It was because she really resembled his former sweetheart that had left him for Jin Yilong. Even now he could hear her saying to him, “If we have a daughter in the future, we shall call her Ji Yuyun and if we have a son, we shall call him Ji Tianyun. Yi for righteous, Tian for heavens and Yun for the new era. Together, they will be the righteous heavens of the new era. Isn’t this perfect?”

His former sweetheart had always been good with words and when he had recalled what she had said to him in the past, there was a piercing arrow in his heart.

All of a sudden all the cultivators were gasping breathlessly. It was because two astonishing beauties had stepped forth from the ranks of the protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

Even the heart of Yuan Ji had almost jumped up because he had suddenly recognized that they were none other than Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan!

The heavenly quiet grace of the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi could not be put into words. Her glances were averted, giving her an image of a bashful beauty that was heart wrenching in the hearts of men.

When the cultivators below the heaven steps had heard that Fairy Ye Chengxi had appeared, everyone was pushing upward and were rowdy to have a glimpse at the heavenly fairy Ye Chengxi!

“Is she…Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“It is really Fairy Ye Chengxi!”

“She is indeed a goddess…”

“This is my first time seeing her and I’m impressed…”

As for Shangguan Yan, she was equally astonishing and she had a dignified and intelligent look. She looked more like a humbled scholar but there was something about her that would cause all men to attempt to bully her.

“Who is this beautiful maiden that is next to Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

“She must be Shangguan Yan…”

“I’ve heard that she is the first consort of that idiot Yuan Ji who dares to challenge the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

“This Yuan Ji is too lucky to have two such consorts…”

“But it is a pity that the two of them will soon be widows…”

Yuan Ji saw that Jin Yilong was continuously looking in a lecherous manner at his two consorts and he was really unhappy.

Just as he was pondering why the Celestial Orthodox Sect was escorting his two consorts to the sacred maiden ceremony, a cultivator that was next to Yuan Ji was drooling as he said aloud. “That idiot Yuan Ji. If I were him, I would not be giving my life in vain. Since he doesn’t appreciate his two consorts, I may as well help him to accept his two widows…”

He did not manage to finish what he was saying because Yuan Ji had suddenly poked him in his eyes and before anyone could notice what was going on, he had tripped him down the cliff below.

He immediately shouted, “Someone has accidentally fallen down the steep cliff!”

But no one gave a care to the fallen cultivator as they were all engrossed in watching Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan.

The reason why no one bothered was because they had thought that the cultivator probably had weak knees because he had never seen such beauties in his entire life before. Moreover, the fall would probably not kill him.

Hua Wuwu smiled as she whispered to Yuan Ji, “Are you happy to see them?”

But Yuan Ji was frowning lightly, “The Celestial Orthodox Sect is probably up to no good. They obviously knows that they have ‘killed’ me and they are only pretending to give the seats of honor to the Emperor Hall Sect. Or else why do you think they will be invited by the Celestial Orthodox Sect?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled before she whispered, “Maybe it is due to her own merits. You seem to have forgotten that Fairy Ye Chengxi is a Sword Saintess?”

Yuan Ji muttered, “Maybe her opponents have given leeway to her because of her beauty and not because of her ability.”

Hua Baiyue, Hua Wuwu: …

Hours later, it was finally their turn to present their invitation card to the holy maidens and they were told to enter a small hall where several groups of holy maidens could be seen with brushes in their fingers as they took note of the gifts that were presented to the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

In front of them, a group of cultivators proudly proclaimed. “We are from the Mighty Sovereign Sect. We hope to find grace with the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the gift that we are presenting is the Ten Thousand Spirit Void Lingzhi!”

Then the leader of the group put a pouch in front of a holy maiden who was in charge of checking their gifts. “We hope to have a good seat to witness the beautiful allure of the sacred maiden.”

The holy maiden smiled beautifully as she checked the contents of the pouch. Sisters, give the guests from the Mighty Sovereign Sect a good seat.”

“Yes senior sister!”

When Yuan Ji saw the scene, he could not help heaving a soft sigh. “They are actually accepting bribes in broad daylight!”

Hua Baiyue chuckled softly, “This is the norm. There is nothing weird about it.”

But Yuan Ji continued to look at the two sister saintesses, “Ahem, maybe you may want to offer a gift and a bribe to them.”

Hua Wuwu grinned at Yuan Ji with a playful tease, “You are too shameless! Listen up, we are not going to help you on this. This is your personal matter. Our parts are already done.”

Yuan Ji muttered, “I can use my body to repay you later.”

Hua Baiyue gave him a hard kick, “Dream on!”

Hua Wuwu laughed softly, “It is more fun to see you embarrassing yourself.”

The next group of cultivators was from the Iron Pride Sect. They were a renowned sect for not giving any bribes or gifts.

“So it is the cultivators from the Iron Pride Sect?” The holy maiden in charge frowned unhappily. “Take down their names and check their invitations thoroughly.” Then she smiled at the leader of the Iron Pride Sect, “Please do not feel offended. We are just making sure that there are no unorthodox cultivators that have sneaked into the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Although she had said that, everyone could see that two vastly different treatments between the two groups!

The next group of cultivators consisted of only three cultivators. Their leader was not even a great celestial as he presented his three invitation cards. And the leader of this puny group was naturally Yuan Ji.

The holy maiden in charged looked at Yuan Ji curiously, “You are not a golden celestial yet you have two subordinates that are golden celestials?”

Yuan Ji immediately grabbed their waists, “You are mistaken. They are not my subordinates. They are my little consorts.”

The holy maiden in charge looked at Yuan Ji with contempt before asking coolly, “Where are you from and what is your gift?”

“We are from the Virgins Sanctuary Sect.” This time it was Hua Wuwu that had spoken. It was because they had not told Yuan Ji where they had stolen the three invitation cards from. All the invitation cards had a secret marking which would reveal the name of the celestial clan to the Celestial Orthodox Sect, preventing theft from another. There was no way Yuan Ji could know just by checking the invitation card alone.

When Yuan Ji heard Hua Wuwu, his jaws almost dropped to the ground and he felt like flipping over. It was because the Virgins Sanctuary Sect was an all-female cultivation sect and that their protégés must all be virgins.

Even the holy maiden in charge was staring at Yuan Ji and her mouth was gasped open in shock…

Hua Baiyue quickly took out a beautiful pearl as she display an awkward smile, “This is a super rare thousand year Water Mystic Pearl from the Eastern Celestial Fraternity.”

When the holy maiden in charge saw the large pearl, she was even more startled. It was because the Eastern Celestial Fraternity was located far away from the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and this Water Mystic Pearl was indeed priceless!

“This is for all the sisters here.” Hua Baiyue giggled as she took out a pouch full of high grade spirit stones for the holy maiden in charge to examine which immediately caused her eyes to light up.

“This is our young mistress. Sorry for the bad humor.” Hua Baiyue smiled as she peeled off Yuan Ji’s beard. “We are traveling incognito and the fraternity is treacherous for us. Therefore we have to use a little disguise. Have you ever seen such a beautiful face on a man?”

The holy maiden in charge and all the holy maidens were all gasping softly, “She really has a beautiful face.”

Some was even muttering, “If she is a man, I don’t mind being with him…”

Yuan Ji immediately fake a feminine voice, “That’s right.”

The holy maiden in charge and several of the holy maidens that were around her were all smiling now. So that was the reason! They had almost been fooled!

The holy maiden in charge was holding onto the high grade spirit stones with a joyous look as she laughed softly, “Make sure to give them the best seats!”

Hua Wuwu laughed heartily, “Thank you fellow sisters!”

When Yuan Ji had a chance to whisper Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, he immediately said unhappily. “Next time, can you please tell me in advance first?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled, “There won’t be a next time. By the way, you owe us a hundred high grade spirit stones and a Water Mystic Pearl…”

Yuan Ji feigned ignorance and pretended not to hear her as he quickened his pace.


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Chapter 74: Little Princess

As soon as Yuan Ji and the two sister saintesses had left the abandoned temple, he began to say to them with an anxious look. “So it seems that the Evil Cultivation Palace is involved. This is getting a little complicated.”

He had already suspected that Xue Qianxue undoing had to do with an influence that wanted her position. He had never expected that the influence would both be an external and internal one.

“This is the problem with a big sect. There are always multiple factions that are always vying for influences and prestige.” He sighed.

Then he was started to look at Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, “I know you won’t answer me on this sensitive question but why is the Hundred Flower Divine Flower showing me this for? Obviously the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has already been aware that something is going on between Jin Yilong and the Zhao Songjin. Don’t tell me that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is trying to ruin the sacred maiden ceremony?”

All of a sudden he had noticed that there was something weird about the expressions that were on Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. They were looking flustered and their eyes seemed to be in a daze.

“Eh, what do you think of my deductions?” Yuan Ji asked with an awkward smile when he saw their weird expressions.

Hua Wuwu shyly inhaled heavily, “Brother Yuan Ji, can we talk about this later?”

“That is right.” Hua Baiyue said in agreement as she had tugged Yuan Ji along with her before lowering her voice to say shyly, “This spot seems to be a quiet place and it is surrounded by boulders. As long as we are fast, we won’t be found out…”

Hua Wuwu whispered, “Are you an eunuch or are you a chicken?”

Yuan Ji: …

His Undying Fighting Spirit began to fight back in his sub consciousness and he muttered unwittingly, “I’m not…”

He immediately understood what they had wanted and he began to follow them into the boulders.

After that he had lifted up their skirts, only to find out that they did not even pull up their undies. It seemed that they were planning for this…

It did not take Yuan Ji very long to do his specialty job.

But what he and the two sister saintesses did not know was that a shadowy figure was standing more than a mile away and her eyes were like the falcon. Although she could not see what was beyond the boulders but she could roughly guess what was going on.

“So Ji Yuan, you are still alive huh?” This shadowy figure was actually Little Princess.

She lit an alluring smile, “You have not only survived the Black Hand Guild’s assassination and you have even survived your breakthrough. Well done indeed. So you are a seventh realm saint now?”

“My father the Evil Palace Master is still hoping mad that the Black Hand Guild did not manage to finish you off. When his seclusion had ended a decade ago, he had been looking all over for you. He was only appeased when he had learnt that you may have died during your breakthrough. After all, one hundred years had passed since you had entered your cultivation retreat. But today, I have finally found out that you are actually alive and kicking.”

If Yuan Ji could hear her, he would surely curse her loudly and rebuke her with these words. “I don’t have any cultivation resources or cheats. All of you are just pampered young masters and mistresses with so much cultivation resources in your hands that you can’t imagine anyone using one hundred years for your breakthrough. Of course you will think that I am dead.”

Little Princess of course could not imagine it because she was naturally a rich cultivator and moreover the longer a breakthrough, the riskier it was.

But to Yuan Ji, his speed of breakthrough was already considered faster than most of the other poorer cultivators.

Even his speed of recovery that he had estimated to recover to his full vital strength after his breakthrough was still faster than most of the other poorer cultivators which was slightly more than a year.

However to the powerful and rich cultivators, they had more than enough high grade spirit stones to ensure that their cultivation sea would not be affected too much. After a breakthrough, there was a small window in which the cultivators could drain the high grade spirit stones to regain their precious loss of vital energies at a fraction of the high grade spirit stones original spiritual force. But even then, most of the rich cultivators would still require several months of additional cultivation and tons of precious profound pills before they could regain their vital strength.

But to Yuan Ji, he had no such luxuries or resources.

He was just a representative of the poor cultivators.

In the celestial fraternity, there were many stories on how a poor cultivator who was despised by everyone would suddenly rise to be a powerful cultivator just because he had found a cultivation cheat that allowed him to cultivate at many times the normal speed of cultivation and even defeat cultivators that were many realms higher.

In order to appeal to the masses who were all poor cultivators, the main lead would often have a cripple core. In this way, the masses of cultivators would have an empathy with the main lead. It was because nothing was worse than having a cripple cultivation core since it was not possible as everyone was a cultivator. This allowed everyone to imagine themselves as the main lead as they thrashed the arrogant young masters and young mistresses.

But the reality was actually different. The truth was that most of the cultivation cheats and resources were all in the hands of the powerful celestials and the elite protégés, leaving almost nothing to the masses. If anyone wants the cultivation cheats and resources, they would have to use their true ability to win it in the trials. And that was really hard work and no one was willing to put in hard work.

Therefore it was easier to imagine an OP main lead that did not need to put in any hard work and had a cultivation cheat from the very start.

For a story like Yuan Ji who was struggling to regain his cultivation strength after a breakthrough was definitely not going to appeal to the masses. It was because many of the lofty masses had a proud heart even though they were all low level cultivators. Yuan Ji case was all too normal for them and their proud hearts refuse to face the reality of the cultivation fraternity.

Yuan Ji on the other hard put in a lot of hard work in his cultivation practice as well as his sword arts. When he was the Great Poet Ji Yuan and had a little renown, he tried to advise the masses that it was unrealistic to even find a cultivation cheat when one was a cultivation cripple.

But the stories evolved faster than he could advise and soon all the main leads in the stories were the rebirth of a great immortal lord to explain their cultivation cheats and speed of cultivation.

Needless to say, Yuan Ji soon gave up on the unrealistic cultivators and continued to put in efforts into his cultivation. It was because the stories are unable to affect the reality that it was the powerful celestial clans that were holding onto all the cultivation cheats, a fact that the proud hearts of the poor cultivators had denied.

At the same time Yuan Ji was actually quite a righteous person, considering that he could not bear to see everyone in his Five Heavens Peaks get massacred by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and would rather accept a personal duel from the powerful old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace to spare their lives in exchange.

Even when he could lay his hands on the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, a supreme cultivation art that everyone was eager to lay their hands on, he had given it to Ling Feiyue because his thoughts were on training himself up in the shortest time to face the old master.

One look at the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, Yuan Ji immediately understood that he had to spend tens of thousands of spirit stones to advance in this supreme skill and he may even need a lot of supporting cultivation cheats. The problem was that time was not on his side. In this aspect, he was actually realistic enough.

But of course, to the majority of the low level cultivators if they had known what he had done, they would probably curse him for being stupid to let go of such a cultivation cheat and to give up a chance to become a true dragon.

Even the Young Masters and Mistresses would think so as well. It was because their first thoughts were to take the True Sacred Saint Profound Art to cultivate it in an isolated place. They would not care if anyone else would die because of that. To them, it would only mean fewer rivals for them. Moreover, the powerful celestial clans rarely have life threatening threats.

But they were not Yuan Ji and they were not a Sword Saint like him.

For Yuan Ji, he had to protect the lives of his two consorts, Shangguan Yan’Er and Fairy Ye Chengxi. Moreover he had grown up in the Five Heavens Peaks and used to have many childhood friends. Although most had perished in the trials or clans’ battles, leaving only a stupid Guo Taiming as his only best friend but he could not abandon him.

The choice was very clear to him.

While his actions may be stupid and even naïve in the eyes of the majority of the cultivators but he remained true to his Great Dao and righteous to his friends.

Moreover, he had not given up hope on defeating the old master yet. He had a strong conviction and this strong conviction had enabled him to defeat stronger opponents in the past.

Because of that, he had even cultivated a new state of divinity, the Undying Fighting Spirit in a matter of months rather than years to strengthen his conviction and mental fortitude. Although he was now beginning to see it as a weakness after he got taunted by the two sister saintesses and lost his cool but let leave this for now…

Little Princess was now humming silently from where she was standing in secret, “Ji Yuan! I will make sure that you will die ten thousand times over if you dare to screw up the plans of the Evil Cultivation Palace. You will regret the day that you was born and the day that you had met this princess!”

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Chapter 73: Ji Yuan (Extra 1)

Three hundred years ago;

A cultivator by the name of Ji Yuan was walking drunkenly in the streets and he was knocking into one person after another.

He had never been so drunk before as a matter of fact and it was not because there was a happy occasion that caused him to drink more than the usual.

Earlier today when he was meeting his sweetheart in the mountain wilderness, his sweetheart had brought along a man by the name of Jin Yilong who was a golden celestial.

He was quite startled when he saw Jin Yilong.

Just as he was about to ask his sweetheart who this man was, she had said to him. “Ji Yuan, you’re a good man and your future is limitless. But we are from two different worlds. I’ve finally found the man of my heart and he is Young Master Jin Yilong.”

Ji Yuan was shocked beyond words as he stammered, “Did he force you to say these words? I can protect you. My Orthodox Sword Sect has some influences in these parts and moreover I have many cultivation brothers from half a dozen celestial sects who will be willing to back me. Don’t be afraid of this golden celestial. So what if he is a golden celestial?”

“Ji Yuan, you’re mistaken. I am in love with him. Do you know that he is the Young Master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion?” She replied calmly.

“I’m no longer your Brother Ji Yuan? You used to call me Brother Ji Yuan…” Ji Yuan stammered. He turned and began to stare blankly at Jin Yilong, “Because he is rich? So you have chosen him?”

“No, because I’m truly in love with him and he is a good man too. It is after a long and conflicting consideration that I’ve finally decided to choose Young Master Jin Yilong. Please understand that this has been a most difficult decision for me to arrive.” She insisted.

Jin Yilong laughed, “We may have only met yesterday but this little beauty has already completely won my heart.”

“Moreover my father has already approved of our relationship.” She returned a gentle smile as she looked lovingly at Jin Yilong.

Ji Yuan laughed bitterly, “You have only met yesterday and you have already decided to go with him?!”

Jin Yilong had suddenly grabbed his former sweetheart by her waist and laughed, “That’s right. Moreover she is already my woman.”

Ji Yuan began to stare blankly at him, “You! I will fight with you…”

Needless to say, he was not a match for a sixth realm golden supremacy like Jin Yilong.

Next he was beaten to the ground and forced to watch their ‘intimate’ show.

Back to the streets;

“Hey, watch where you are going!”

“So what if you are a fourth realm cultivator?”

“This city is the territory of thirty celestial clans!”

“Just ignore him. He is just a drunkard…”

Ji Yuan laughed like a mad man, “I am going to drink again.”

Soon he saw a tavern and barged in.

“Hey, you can’t come in. The whole tavern is reserved…”

“Shut up!” Ji Yuan said as he sniffed his way up to the tavern and into a private room where there were many jars of wines that were waiting on a big table.

When he had barged in, there was a stunning maiden with a mesmerizing allure sitting on the table drinking all by herself. Standing around her were four other golden celestials.

The stunning maiden immediately frowned unhappily, “Who is this drunkard? Who let him in? Doesn’t the tavern owner know that we have reserved the entire tavern?”

Several stewards that were behind Ji Yuan were all scared out of their wits as they stammered for words, “Great Celestials…we try to stop him…but he is too strong for us…he seems to be a fourth realm cultivator…”

Ji Yuan was already banging the table but before he could bang it another time, he was seized by the four golden celestials.

“Outrageous! How dare you bang the table in front of our Little Princess?” One of the golden celestials shouted at him.

“Let your servant cripple his cultivation core!”

“I will just kill him for our Little Princess!”

Ji Yuan laughed, “All you young masters and young mistresses of the powerful celestial clans are all so haughty. Do you think that you can buy everything with your wealth?! Haha!”

The stunning maiden frowned lightly, “Let this crazy man go. He seems to have suffered a setback. We shouldn’t let him spoil the mood of this princess.”

“Now scram!” One of the golden celestials shouted to Ji Yuan as they let him go at once.

But Ji Yuan flashed with his hands as he took a cup of wine and splashed it into the face of the stunning maiden, grinning drunkenly, “So what if you have four golden celestials? They are not as fast as me…”

“Arghh! Little Princess…your servants didn’t protect you well…”

The four golden celestials were all so shocked at what Ji Yuan had done that they were now beating him to the ground with their fists and kicks.

Little Princess was trembling uncontrollably because this was the first time that someone had ever dare to splash wine into her face.

Her jovial mood had suddenly soured immediately and she was staring at Ji Yuan coldly, “What is your name?”

“Ji Yuan! I will never change my name! My name is Ji Yuan! Do you have the guts to fight me one to one?”

Little Princess said coldly, “There are fates that are worse than death. Do you think that you can provoke this princess here and get away just like this? Ji Yuan, you will regret the day that you are born!”

“Let me chop him into eight pieces!” One golden celestial panicky offered.

“I will skin him alive…”

“I will boil him alive…”

“I will crack all his bones…”

The four golden celestials were panicky now. It was because if their Evil Palace Master were to know that his Little Princess was splashed with wine in her face in front of them, all of them would lose their lives. It did not matter if they were golden celestials or not. The methods of the Evil Cultivation Palace were always cruel.

Worse, they would suffer a fate that was worse than death itself!

It was not an exaggeration that they were also trembling hard now.

The only person that was not trembling was Ji Yuan.

Little Princess was full of indignant as she said coldly, “Get me ten barrels of wines. He dares to splash this princess face then I will splash him back! This princess here will make him rue the day that he was born!”

“Little Princess, we are in the territories of the righteous orthodox sects and we are traveling incognito. It is best that we keep a lower profile. I have heard that the protégés of the Mystic Profound Pavilion are nearby. Why not give him a clean death?”

“You dare to question my orders?!” Little Princess said unhappily and there was a killing malevolent air between her eyes.

The four golden celestials immediately replied, “Your subordinates dare not disobey Little Princess’ orders…”

“Then do it! Get me ten barrels of wine!”


At that time Ji Yuan was already beaten to a pulp on the ground and he had no idea what had taken place.

The first thing that he had realized when he had regained his consciousness was that he was being used by Little Princess as her dual cultivation partner.

He was completely stunned because he did not even remember how he was captured by her!

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Chapter 72: The Broken Down Temple (2)

Jin Yilong had completely stripped himself naked and so was Zhao Songjin.

The enchanting and beautiful Zhao Songjin was now kneeling in front of Jin Yilong and her bashful looks were now looking up at Jin Yilong. At the same time she was smiling shyly and her fingers were on Jin Yilong’s thighs.

“Young Master…Jinlong…” She muttered softly as she looked with great sentiments into his eyes. But before she could see more, Jin Yilong had stuff her mouth and he was grinning. “Tonight, I shall play the future sacred maiden to my hearts’ content…”

The beautiful figure of Zhao Songjin was really moving but when Yuan Ji saw the red butterfly taboo above her breast, he was greatly startled.

It was because this little known taboo belonged to the upper echelons of the Evil Cultivation Palace which was one of the three unfathomable heretic palaces of the Desolate Celestial Palace. The other two palaces were the Water Melody Palace and the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

The reason that Yuan Ji had known about it was because he had once accidentally bedded one of the little princesses of the Evil Cultivation Palace. It was an experience that he was not going to forget because he almost got his vital energies drained by her. That was when he was only a fourth realm cultivator and it took him all his wits to escape from the maiden that called herself the ‘Little Princess’.

The Evil Cultivation Palace was a heretic celestial clan that practiced the evil dual cultivation profound art. It was mostly one sided and they would drain the vital energies of their victims to further their own cultivation.

The reasons why the Evil Cultivation Palace was not a public enemy yet was because it was too mysterious and no one really know their whereabouts. Moreover the top cultivators of the Evil Cultivation Palace were all powerful cultivators.

Even the Little Princess that Yuan Ji had encountered previously was a saintess. Luckily for Yuan Ji at that time, he was still considered a low level cultivator and it did not affect his cultivation progression too much. If it was not for the little princess taking a liking for him, he would long be dead because he would never be able to resist the cultivation strength of a seventh realm saintess at that time.

But from his experiences with the little princess, he had recognized that the red butterfly taboo had represented the elite echelons of the Evil Cultivation Palace.

That was to say that this Zhao Songjin was actually a clever spy that was from the Evil Cultivation Palace!

“So the Evil Cultivation is the dark force that is behind Qianxue’s downfall? So they plan to take over the Celestial Orthodox Sect?”

“Hmm, this make senses. The Celestial Orthodox Sect is an all-female cultivation sect with more than thirty saintesses and in the eyes of the evil dual cultivators, the protégés of the Celestial Orthodox Sect is their most ideal cultivation partner.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had a cold shiver down his spine, “Zhao Songjin may not be the only spy from the Evil Cultivation Palace. There may be others too…”

While Yuan Ji was pondering about his findings and was connecting the mysterious dots, the scene below them was getting extremely steamy and lewd.

Jin Yilong was now ravaging Zhao Songjin with all kinds of positions and he was extremely brutal in his lust, bending Zhao Songjin in all kinds of awkward and lewd positions. He was not gentle to the future sacred maiden at all.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were completely flustered as they stared at the scene below with their watery eyes and even to the extent of covering their mouths with both hands.

It was obvious that that they had never seen anything like this before.

As for Yuan Ji, he was actually unaffected by the scene below as he could control his heartbeat. He was actually grinning silently, “Jin Yilong, Jin Yilong. You didn’t know that women with that red butterfly taboo cannot be touched? With your cultivation realm strength, you may not feel the shrinking of your realm boundaries but it is more than enough for your cultivation realm to be stagnant and you may not even know why. Haha. You may think that you are so smart enough to play her but she is actually the one that is playing you with her fingers.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji could feel something weird going on around him. Both his hands were pulled by Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue to under their skirts and their soaking wet undies.

The two sister saintesses were looking at him with pleading eyes for him to pleasure them.

Yuan Ji was suddenly startled to see both their countenances were now so flushed.

“This…” He blinked his eyes as he stared at them.

He was not stupid so he gently nodded as he began to finger them. He knew that the scene below was too much for them to bear especially when they had just tasted the forbidden fruits of passion with Yuan Ji only just a few days ago.

Below them, Jin Yilong was whispering to Zhao Songjin. “Aren’t you delighted that you will soon become the next sacred maiden?”

Zhao Songjin chuckled softly, “I think that you will be the most delighted, am I right? When I have become the new sacred maiden and you will be esteemed sect master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion?”

Jin Yilong laughed coldly, “The Mystic Profound Pavilion is a big sect and the contesters to the sect master position are as many as a dozen.”

“But it won’t be an issue after you has announced to everyone that we are a couple? Am I right?” Zhao Songjin was smiling sweetly. “After all, if you can have the sacred maiden as a consort then your standings within the Mystic Profound Pavilion will immediately be outstanding. They may just decide to make you sect master because you’ve netted me.”

Jin Yilong laughed jovially, “It seems that you are smart after all. That is precisely my intention. So have you got the Sacred Maiden Profound Art yet?”

At the mention of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art, Zhao Songjin was indignant. “That Xue Qianxue still thinks that she is the sacred maiden. She says that she will only surrender the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to me only after the sacred maiden handover ceremony. Even our matriarch and grand elders can do nothing to persuade her because she said that this is the unbroken sacred law.”

“Hehehe. Just be patience and wait a few days. It will soon be yours.” Jin Yilong smiled. “You have already waited for so many centuries to be the sacred maiden. Finally this position is yours. Just a few days more only and you can’t wait?”

Zhao Songjin hummed coldly, “I just don’t want the things that will soon be mine to be in her hands.”

Jin Yilong lowered his voice to ask, “I am still a little curious. Why did Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue wants to give up her position as sect leader in her prime?”

“What?” Zhao Songjin said unhappily, “Are you one of the young masters that are going after her as well? So I am merely your replacement for her?”

Jin Yilong laughed, “You are jealous?”

“Let me tell you then. Xue Qianxue is actually a slut!” Zhao Songjin laughed coldly before adding, “She was caught in the middle of an act by the elders and had completely disgrace the entire Celestial Orthodox Sect! The matriarch is so angry that she has decided to remove Xue Qianxue as our sect’s sacred maiden. What sacred maiden? She is nothing but a slut!”

When Yuan Ji heard her, he stopped what he was doing to Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. He scolded her silently, “You are a slut as well!”

Jin Yilong laughed, “Good. I like sluts. I really didn’t know that Xue Qianxue is such a maiden. Do you think that you can arrange for me to…”

He did not have to spell it out aloud for Zhao Songjin who understood immediately. She giggled softly, “If my future lord can pleasure me well tonight then I can create an opportunity for you to play with Xue Qianxue. After all, I will be the new sacred maiden then and all the protégés will have to listen to me.”

“Why is that you seem to be more eager than me?” Jin Yilong smiled lecherous at her while sweeping his eyes around her naked body at the same time. “You want to humiliate her?”

There was a delightful expression that reflected on Zhao Songjin’s eyes as she smirked with contempt, “She has always been proud and been disdainful of me. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect her to be so crazy with that man and this gives me the perfect handle that I have been waiting for so many centuries.”

“Hehehe.” Jin Yilong’s eyes were already brimming with lust and he was now imagining that he was doing Xue Qianxue. But he quickly focused his thoughts to ask curiously, “I am just curious. Who is this man that can cause Xue Qianxue to lose her mind?”

“Just some handsome cultivator. He is actually quite handsome looking, come to think of it. Even I feel a little tempted by him.” Zhao Songjin displayed a mysterious smile when she said that but she quickly said. “You don’t have to know who he is. It is because he is just a nameless person and he is dead now.”

“Good that he is a dead now.” Jin Yilong laughed heartily.

When Yuan Ji heard him, he cursed him silently. “My foot! I am still alive and well.”

Zhao Songjin said quietly to him as she urged Jin Yilong, “It is getting late now. You should go now. I shall see you at my ceremony.”

Jin Yilong gave her one last caress before grinned, “See you soon.”

After Jin Yilong had left, Zhao Songjin had only just put on her robe and she was sweeping her glances around her. “If you have seen enough, why don’t you come out now?”

Yuan Ji was startled. Had they been discovered?

Did he curse that Jin Yilong too loudly in his head that she had heard him?

Even Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue also had a look of guilt on their flushed countenances. They did not know if they had accidentally moaned too loud when Yuan Ji was fingering them or their light trembling had alerted Zhao Songjin.

In any case, they were extremely reluctant to get up because they were really in no condition to do so!

Yuan Ji saw their shy looks and he immediately understood.

Just as he was about to surrender himself, a most stunning maiden with the look of an alluring vixen had suddenly walked into the temple with a soft giggle. Her figure was really extremely enticing and the lust in Yuan Ji’s heart had quickly surfaced. But he was soon frowning unhappily and the lust in his heart had also quickly dissipated.

It was because he had recognized her.

She was ‘Little Princess!”

Yuan Ji was stunned. He had never known her real name because that was what everyone had called her while he was her prisoner.

“I wonder who it is. So it is Little Princess.” Zhao Songjin was suddenly smiling. “My greetings to Little Princess.”

Little Princess smiled as she scanned her eyes around. “My good sister. You don’t have to be so polite. In the future, you will be Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin. Even my father and I will have to show you some faces.”

Zhao Songjin said politely, “Little Princess is really too polite to me. I dare not have any second thoughts. Moreover Little Princess has always treated me as your good sister. Once I have become the sacred maiden, I will surely reveal the cultivation methods of the Sacred Maiden Profound Art to Little Princess.”

“I am so glad that you have remembered this.” Little Princess chuckled softly. Then she grew a little solemn, “Do you know that you have been followed?”

It was not only Zhao Songjin who was startled but Yuan Ji as well.

He was actually thinking, “Crap! She knows…”

Even Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were alarmed.

They all knew that Zhao Songjin was a middle-tier seventh realm saintess. As for this Little Princess, her air was even more superior to Zhao Songjin. Therefore she may also be a seventh realm saintess.

Yuan Ji actually knew that Little Princess was a seventh realm saintess three hundred years ago. With her cultivation speed, she may even be a middle-saint or an upper tier saintess by now.

Therefore if they want to silence the three of them, it may not be that difficult. After all the Evil Cultivation Palace also had their own divine profound arts. Moreover Little Princess seemed like someone important that even Zhao Songjin was polite to.

“Who are they? Are they still around?” Zhao Songjin said with great alarm. She was really afraid that her affair with Jin Yilong would be found out. Although the Celestial Orthodox Sect did not forbid marriages but she could not reveal her liaison with Jin Yilong before the ceremony. It was because she was deemed the most pure maiden and that was why the matriarch had chosen her to be the sacred maiden.

Little Princess merely said, “It is safe now. I have sparred and driven off that person off already. The Hundred Flower Divine Palace seems to be on our tail lately. We must be extra careful.”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace?” Zhao Songjin frowned lightly. “They seem to be everywhere nowadays. I have heard that the Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is having a duel with that Yuan Ji in a month time. Maybe because it is not happening and that is why the Hundred Flower Divine Flower is now poking into our affairs?”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “There is no medicine for regrets now. You have alarmed the Hundred Flower Divine Palace by insisting on silencing that idiot Yuan Ji. Now because of this Yuan Ji, we have to be wary of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Yuan Ji was muttering to himself, “What did I do exactly?”

But he was also thinking, “So there is really an expert from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace that is always following us around?”

Zhao Songjin heaved a heavy sigh, “We thought that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace did not know that Yuan Ji had visited the Celestial Orthodox Sect. Therefore we had thought that silencing him was the best option. We did not think that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace would actually send two seventh realm saintesses to take his corpse away.”

Little Princess hummed coldly, “The Hundred Flower Divine Palace has always been vengeful. You screw up the duel with their old master and it seems that they may try to screw up your ceremony. You are just lucky that I am here tonight.”

Zhao Songjin humbly said, “I am really grateful to Little Princess tonight. If it isn’t for Little Princess, my deeds will surely be discovered. It does seem that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is just so and so only. Maybe the reputation of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is an exaggeration. It may be the time for us to move against the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…”

Little Princess interrupted coldly, “You really think that I have bested that person from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?”

“The divine profound art of Little Princess is incomparable…”

But before Zhao Songjin could finish singing her praises, Little Princess interrupted coldly. “My profound strength is actually weaker than that person. Luckily for me, that person was only interested to flee the scene and that’s why.”

Zhao Songjin was looking startled. After a short while of alarm, she asked with a perplexed look. “It is impossible, right? Little Princess is a great saintess…”

Little Princess smiled coldly, “That person happened to be a seventh realm sacred saint too. It seems that the rumors are true after all. That fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art is actually put to good use by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Zhao Songjin smiled awkwardly, “No matter how formidable the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is, they wouldn’t dare to come disturb my sacred maiden ceremony. The number of seventh realm experts alone is enough to wipe out the Hundred Flower Divine Palace many times over!”

Little Princess returned a mesmerizing smile, “Is that so? Maybe you are right. The Hundred Flower Divine Palace has always been mysterious and unless it fits into their grand scheme of things, they won’t even be bothered to show up. But if they do show up then they can’t blame the Evil Cultivation Palace for opposing them.”

“Indeed.” Zhao Songjin was smiling as she walked out with Little Princess.

Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue did not dare to be careless. They waited for some time before they deemed that it was safe before they emerged from their hiding place.

Before they had left the abandoned temple, Yuan Ji saw that there were two large patch of water on the mat.

But he was smart enough to keep quiet about it before he sneaked away with the two sister saintesses.

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Chapter 71: The Broken Down Temple (1)

For the next few days, Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue could see thousands of cultivators that were making their way to the Celestial Orthodox Sect.

In the skies above, there were also the daily sights of hundreds of cultivators that were on their flying mounts as they flew above them.

Yuan Ji knew that the cultivators that were on the flying mounts were all either high level cultivators or rich cultivators that could afford a flying mount.

The Desolate Celestial Fraternity was a vast divine realm. Some of the cultivators were from the faraway celestial clans and they could only reach the Holy Maiden Peaks on time if they had a flying mounts.

After all, all the seven major orthodox clans owned hundreds of miles of mountainous territories and were situated quite faraway from one another. Even though they had three months to prepare for the upcoming sacred maiden ceremony but it was just too far for many of the celestial clans to reach on time.

Take the Celestial Orthodox Sect for example, almost the entire Holy Maiden Peaks that consisted of no less than three hundred mountain peaks were the forbidden ground of the Celestial Orthodox Sect even though in reality, only around thirty peaks were actually occupied. If one was to traverse all the mountains of the Holy Maiden Peaks, it would take a month even if the cultivator was a seventh realm expert.

One day Hua Wuwu said quietly to Yuan Ji, “We will take a long detour from the main path.”

Yuan Ji asked curiously, “What for?”

Hua Wuwu averted her eyes before she walked quietly away, “You shall know very soon. It seems there will be an interesting show tonight.”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly after her before he took a quiet glance at Hua Baiyue who pretended to look the other way as well.

Ever since that fateful rendezvous night together, there was a subtle change in their attitude toward one another.

Yuan Ji knew that they had revealed too much information to him already and for that, he was extremely grateful to them.

Earlier Hua Wuwu had disappeared briefly and he knew that she had disappeared to receive her instructions.

He made no attempt to follow her or to question her. It was because it was totally unnecessary.

If he followed her then he would only alert the super exponent that had been following them and he would only cause more troubles for Hua Wuwu.

He did not question Hua Wuwu or tease Hua Baiyue and asked them why because he wanted to save them the headache of finding an excuse.

There was now an unspeakable trust that was between them.

Although it appeared that they were all not speaking to each other but their eyes were always silently looking at each other.

Even when Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were pretending to chat with each other, they would discreetly take a quiet forlorn look in Yuan Ji’s direction.

Yuan Ji had said to them that night, “I do not ask for you to betray your sect for my sake. But if I am able to defeat your old master then I will return your freedoms to you and I will take you away.”

Although it was a just a few short sentences, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were deeply touched by him and their hearts had melted in front of him.

Yuan Ji had also realized these two sister saintesses had been secretly helping him all this while. Even though they had appeared reluctant to help him but they was really helping him wholeheartedly each time. It was just that they did not want him to abuse them so they would purposely protest now and then so damper his spirits. 

Eventually they could only mutter a clue for him, “Even for us, we don’t know what our old master’s intentions are. We are not privy to the upper echelons. In the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, we can only adhere to the strictest wishes of the upper echelons.” 

“If you did not steal from the Hundred Flower Divine Flowers then we wouldn’t be enemies.” They could only say bitterly as such to him.

Yuan Ji was completely quiet on that and he could only swallow this bitter pill in silence. It was because he really did not steal the Blue Divine Flower from the Hundred Flower Divine Flower. He had no intention of betraying Xia Jiajia. It was only because of this Blue Divine Flower that the chastity of his Yan’Er was protected. So how could he blame Xia Jiajia for stealing it?

Hua Wuwu led their group through several desolate mountains and valleys that were far away from the main mountain path. As a matter of fact, the desolate forests and mists were so thick that they had even encountered several dozens of desolate beasts that were in the vicinity.

But because they were all golden saints, they quickly flashed to safety.

“Are we reaching soon? It is almost night fall soon.” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

Hua Wuwu replied, “Soon, I think.” Her eyes were checking quietly for her sect’s marking that only the protégés of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace could recognize. The markings were really discreet and it was just some random three pebbles with a flower petal under one of the pebbles. Most cultivators would think that it was just some random marking.

Yuan Ji was not a fool and he knew that the two sister saintesses were checking for their sect’s marking. So he had also spent some time trying to find out what their sect’s marking looked like. To his dismay, it was too discreet for him to notice.

Hua Baiyue chuckled softly when she saw his expression. It was because she knew what Yuan Ji was trying to do.

It was a quiet battle of wits between them.

After a while later they had come to a broken down temple with a small pavilion that was hidden in the mountains.

Hua Wuwu smiled, “It seems that we have found it. Be sure we do not leave our tracks behind.”

Yuan Ji and Hua Baiyue nodded with a wry smile; with their lightless profound art, they could even walk lightly on the grass. Naturally there would be no tracks that would be left behind.

It was an old abandoned temple that was dedicated to the Great God Pangu, the creator of the Three Known Realms.

As they flashed inside, Hua Wuwu said quietly. “Let me check for a good spot to hide. Stay here.”

Yuan Ji nodded and he did not follow her. It was because he knew that Hua Wuwu was merely following her sect’s markings and she did not want him to see anything that was damaging to the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. For that, he had respected her. It was because she had already revealed too much to him and he did not want to place the two sister saintesses into a tight spot.

He was just a little curious why would they bring him here?

And what was this show about?

What would anyone be in this broken down temple in the middle of nowhere and moreover the vicinity was overrun with ferocious desolate beasts?

They soon found a good spot that was hidden between two statues that were on a higher elevated ground than the main hall of the abandoned temple.

Yuan Ji quick eyes saw that this hidden spot had already been cleaned free of dust by someone earlier and even a comfortable mat had been placed carefully on the ground.

Hua Wuwu smiled to Yuan Ji, “We shall hide here and wait. It is a little cramp around here so we just have to squeeze and lie on the ground till the show starts.”

Hua Baiyue displayed an adorable wink at Yuan Ji as she whispered, “Your hands have better be clean. We are only here to watch the show and not to put up a show for you.”

“Or we will be forced to chop it off for you.” Hua Wuwu warned him with a wry smirk.

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. How did they know his intentions before he had even acted?

“Alright…” He muttered as he laid himself on the mat.

Very quickly, Hua Wuwu was laying on his left side while Hua Baiyue was on his right side.

They continued in this posture for many hours and now it was in the middle of the night.

Yuan Ji was getting a little restless and even more so especially when he had with him two lovely beauties that were pressing him from both sides.

Therefore his naughty fingers began to caress their backs.

Seeing that they had no reactions, he began to finger his way down their butts, which caused Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue to flush hotly.

But still, they continued to remain quiet.

Just as Yuan Ji was about to lift their skirts up, he had heard a noise from the outside and he quickly stayed his fingers.

Two masked figures with golden eyes had quickly flashed into the temple. One was obviously a maiden while the other was a man. They quickly checked the place and scanned it with their divine sense.

After assuring that there were was no one around, the two masked figures began to chuckle softly.

The masked man laughed as he pulled off his veil from his handsome face, “No one will ever come to this place. We have already been here so many times.”

This handsome face also had a beautiful mustache and he looked like a refined young master.

When Yuan Ji saw the face of this stranger, his fists had suddenly tightened. It was because he had recognized this hateful man!

He muttered silently, “Jin Yilong!”

He had almost forgotten about this man that he had always wanted to erase from his memories. It was because three hundred years ago, Jin Yilong had snatched the maiden of his heart away from him and had even humiliated him. At that time, he was only at the initial stage of the fourth realm immortal celestial level and Jin Yilong was a lofty peaked sixth realm golden supremacy.

Unless Jin Yilong had a deadlock in his cultivation, he would already be a saint now.

Now Jin Yilong had a formidable background. He was the young master of the Mystic Profound Pavilion, one of the seven major orthodox clans. So it was impossible for him not to become a saint by now. It was because the cultivation resources and wealth of the Mystic Profound Pavilion was the acknowledged number one in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity!

Ever since that day he had lost the maiden of his heart to this playboy young master, Yuan Ji had a change of character; he had even become a little eccentric, growing his beard long and was even flirtatious. By the time he was a fifth realm golden celestial, he was already bedding saintesses that were two realms higher than him.

However he had formed no attachments to these saintesses because there were no emotion attachments in the first place and he did not want to be tied down by anyone. Moreover the hurt that Jin Yilong had afflicted to him was too great; Jin Yilong had forced him to watch them making love in front of him.

Until to this day, he could not believe that the maiden of his heart would actually betray him for some minor cultivation resources!

For a long time he had been made a laughing stock. Even his best friend Guo Taiming had known about this little history of his.

It was not until he had met Xia Jiajia that he felt that he could bury his hurt forever. It was because he did not really expect Xia Jiajia would actually agree to wait him for a hundred years and even gave him a pledge of her own.

He was now smiling bitterly in his heart, “The old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is really too cunning. He obviously knows my little history and he wants to dampen my fighting spirit with the sight of my most disliked person.”

All of a sudden his jaws dropped again when the masked maiden had removed her veil; it was because he had recognized her as the imminent Sacred Maiden Zhao Songjin!”

“What is she doing here?” He began to wonder but it did not take him long to know.

It was because Jin Yilong was soon holding onto her waist as he kissed her passionately while he was loosening her belt. With a strong pull, he had caused her skirt to drop onto the ground…

Yuan Ji had turned to stare blankly at Hua Wuwu. He could only say silently because if they had made any sound, these two seventh realm experts would be able to sense their presence immediately. “This is the show?!”

Hua Wuwu seemed to know what he was saying and she returned him a light nod. But it was obvious that she was equally startled too. Although she knew there was a show going on but she did not know the details of this show!

Hua Baiyue was covering her mouth and she seemed to be in shock too.

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Chapter 70: The Divine Heart Recite

Yuan Ji was now holding onto the Divine Heart Recite cultivation scroll that he had obtained from the Lotus Sword Mansion.

There were three stages to this Divine Heart Recite; the Absolute Spirits, the Undying Fighting Spirit and the Natural Instinct.

He had since attained the Stage of the Absolute Spirits and he was going to cultivate the Stage of the Undying Fighting Spirit.

Even before he had started on cultivating this stage, he felt that this was going to be an awesome heart intricate skill and there would only be advantages if he could attain this state of divinity into his cultivation heart.

He began to examine the ten cultivation methods that were contained within the Divine Heart Recite cultivation scroll so he could find a cultivation method to begin with first.

“So which one should I cultivate first?”

He began to ponder slowly as his eyes scanned the cultivation methods again and again.

Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One.

Perfect Heartbeat.

Awakened Seventh Sense.

Three-in-One Reflex.

Attunement to the Spiritual Aura.

Divine Sense Revelation.

Profound Energies Attunement.

Immortal Body.

Supreme Soul Force.

Spirit Perceptions.

After some pondering, he decided to go for the Perfect Heartbeat first since he already had a solid foundation in it.

Time slowly passed and he had mastered it. He was now able to feign his death perfectly by stopping his heart and he could even derived more profound strength by strengthening his heart beat. There were also a whole list of benefits that could be associated with the Perfect Heartbeat.

Next he decided to have a go at the cultivation method of the Attunement to the Spiritual Aura. It was because he had figured out that this was necessary for him to understand the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One cultivation.

Time passed and soon he had mastered the Attunement to the Spiritual Aura.

Next he worked on the Profound Energies Attunement and the Divine Sense Revelation.

Again, he managed to cultivate it successful into his innate ability.

“So I will now be able to master the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as one?”

To his delight, his attempt was successful and he soon acquired attained the Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One.

“So should I try to attain the Undying Fighting Spirit stage of the Divine Heart Recite now?”

To dismay, after a few days of trying, he had actually failed.

He was soon frowning.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Once again he began to check the ten cultivation methods again.

“Was it the spirit perceptions or the immortal body?” He was unsure now.

Finally he took a gamble on the spirit perceptions.

To his delight, it was the correct one.

After many weeks of cultivating, he had managed to attain divine state of divinity of the Undying Fighting Spirit that was from the Divine Heart Recite.

His divine sense, profound energies flow and profound strength seemed to have improved as well. The speed in which he could gather his profound strength to execute his sword arts was now faster by 30%. This was a tremendous increase!

His left hand could now be twice as fast while his right hand was four times faster than his normal attacking speed.

He had also found out that his speed of cultivation had also increased by 100% and he could now cultivate twice as fast!

To a cultivator, the state of divinity is more important than profound arts because it could expanded upon their spiritual boundaries, enabling them to reach enlightenment and a higher realm level. However it had a main weakness; the state of divinity must be maintained constantly or it would be broken and the cultivator would suffer a backlash.

As long as he can maintain the Undying Fighting Spirit as his constant state of divinity, he would find renew strength and willpower to keep on fighting. It would be extremely useful to him because his upcoming duel would determine his life and death.

The third stage of the Divine Heart Recite was the Natural Instinct. He found himself struck in the mysteries of the ‘Mortal Suffering’. Unable to figure out this insight and moreover since time was running out for him, he had decided to work on the third stage after he had rescued Xue Qianxue.

He laughed silently before he called out to Xiang Li in his soul sea, “Xiang Li, did you see that? I have completed the second stage of my Divine Heart Recite.”

“Hmph!” There was a soft hum by Xiang Li but she did not appear in his soul sea.

“You’re still angry with me? What for?” Yuan Ji was frowning. “It has been so many months now.”

Xiang Li replied coldly, “Because you broke a maiden’s heart.” Although she had replied to Yuan Ji but she did not show herself.

This caused Yuan Ji to mutter, “I didn’t break your heart, you know.” Then he said quietly, “I do love Ling Feiyue and it is for her own good. You may think otherwise but I don’t care.”

All of a sudden, he could now hear the voices that were outside the cave. It was actually from Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

He was startled that his divine sense and hearings were now so sharp that he could actually hear them quite audibly.

“It has already been nearly two months since he had gone into the cave. What is taking him this long?”

“There is still time.” Hua Wuwu said quietly. “Give him three more days. If he doesn’t come out in another three times then we just have to disturb his cultivation.”

“Do you think that he will be alright?” Hua Baiyue asked with a bitter sigh.

“You mean will he be able to cultivate something in two months?” Hua Wuwu asked curiously.

“Right. I am afraid that his efforts will be in vain. It is not possible for him to cultivate anything good in two short months. And I don’t see him practicing any profound arts.” Hua Baiyue sighed softly.

“Maybe he is just unlucky in the trials. After all, there are many cultivation experts in the trials…”

“But he had completed the trials…”

“Who knows if he has really completed the trials or he is just following Ling Feiyue?”

“Right. He is so shameless that I feel that he will really do something like this.”

“He is the most shameless Sword Saint that I have ever seen…”

“And he fancies himself as the Gentleman of the Sword…”

Yuan Ji was frowning silently when he had heard them. “I am indeed the Gentleman of the Sword. If I am not a gentleman then I would have taken both your chastity that night.”

“Sister, shall we purposely drop him a cultivation art and say that we have found it? Best is, we let him find it himself and let him think that he is so lucky.” Hua Baiyue suggested.

“Yes, we should. Or else he is courting his own death.”

“But does he have the time to practice?”

“We can drop him a few profound strokes that can be picked up in three days. What do you think sister?” Hua Baiyue suggested after a while.

“That is a great idea, sister. We mustn’t let him know about it.”

Yuan Ji was startled that these two sister saintesses were actually so concern for him.

He began to mutter, “Actually they aren’t that bad. It is just that we are on opposite sides. It will be nice if one day we can be friends.”

“Ahem!” He purposely coughed aloud from inside the cave.

After he had made a sound, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were all smiles as they rushed inside the cave.

“So, you have finished your cultivation?” Hua Wuwu asked him curiously before she chuckled softly. “We have got the invitation cards for you too.”

Yuan Ji was pleasantly surprised and he asked, “Where did you get the invitation cards from? Did you harm any poor souls?”

Hua Wuwu laughed softly as she waved her fists, “Of course not but they won’t be walking for a few months at the very least.”

Yuan Ji: …

Hua Baiyue nodded delightfully, “Heh! You ought to thank us for going through all these troubles for you. Do you know that we have almost got killed because of your request?”

“I believe your first account but I don’t believe your second account.” Yuan Ji frowned. “Aren’t you standing well and good in front of me now? Where are your injuries?”

Hua Baiyue laughed with a flustered look, “My injuries are everywhere! Do you want to take a closer look?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he shook his head, “No thanks. I believe you.”

Hua Baiyue hummed softly, “You’re so fake!”

“Actually I am not only fake but also quite shameless.” Yuan Ji laughed.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were both laughing jovially, “We agree with you completely on that.”

The three of them were all laughing jovially together.

After a while Yuan Ji began to compose himself as he said earnestly to them, “Thank you for being my guardians for the past two months. I hope that you will help me for one last time.”

Hua Wuwu asked quietly, “What is it?”

Yuan Ji smiled at the two sister saintesses as he said solemnly to them, “When the time comes, I hope that you can help me to take away Xue Qianxue. I will distract them.”

Looking at Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were suddenly melancholy.

Hua Wuwu said quietly, “If you die, don’t blame us for slaughtering everyone in the Five Heavens Peaks.”

Hua Baiyue in turn began to stare coldly at Yuan Ji, “Therefore you have better not died and you have better has an exit plan.”

“Although we are quite confident that we can rescue Xue Qianxue for you but that will cost us the element of surprise.” Bai Wuwu added despondently. “As for you, it will be hard to rescue you in full view of the thousands of eyes. You should know what we mean.”

Yuan Ji smiled as he looked quietly at them. He had realized that it was their way of telling him not to die in his rescue attempt.

He suddenly asked, “How long have we known each other now?”

Hua Wuwu pondered briefly before answering, “Mm, almost four months?”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly, “That is right. Almost four months now. The duel is only a month away.”

When he had said that, they were suddenly very quiet and their countenances had also become still.

Yuan Ji lit a slow smile, “Four months is enough to become friends, am I right? So are we friends?”

Hua Wuwu inhaled deeply, “Friends?” But she was soon nodding lightly.

Hua Baiyue muttered softly, “We are friends?” She had soon smiling, “Yes, we are friends! Why not?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Good! Why don’t we head to the nearest tavern to have a drink then?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled softly, “First to be drunk shall pay for the tabs!”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “You’ve better prayed that I will get drunk first. Never say I didn’t warn you first. I may do something funny if the two of you are drunk.”

Hua Baiyue laughed softly, “If you got the courage to flirt with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and is not afraid to lose your head then you can try.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Seriously, I am really not afraid because I am going to be a dead man soon and I can now do the most outrageous thing.”

Soon they were already in a private room of the tavern and were drinking heartily.

“Toast!” Yuan Ji said aloud as he raised his cup to deliver a toast to Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

“Heh! A toast to our new friendship!” Hua Baiyue chuckled softly.

“Mm, temporary friendship.” Hua Wuwu laughed. “Because a dead man will soon no longer have any friends!”

Yuan Ji laughed heartily. “A toast to our temporary friendship then!” He did not mind what Hua Wuwu had said as he had already known that Hua Wuwu was usually the more sarcastic of the two sisters while Hua Baiyue was actually the friendlier and the butt of most of his teases. It was also because Hua Wuwu as the older sister was not a pushover too.

They had spent many hours drinking and eventually they got a little tipsy.

However they were actually far from drunk because they were all golden celestials with the ability to purge out the drinks from their body with just their profound energies.

In order to get drunk, the wines had to be spiritual rich wines that would be difficult for them to purge quickly.

However the wines in this tavern were really poor quality ones and was like water to them. It was next to impossible to get them drunk.

The reason why they were tipsy was because they did not even bother to purge out the alcohol that were in the wines that they were drinking recklessly.

Cups of wines soon become bowls of wines and it soon became entire jars of wines as it littered all over the table.

They were soon all rosy red but they did not care and continued to drink.

Suddenly Hua Baiyue asked Yuan Ji, “Why didn’t you bed us when you have the opportunity?”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “Because I don’t want to be murdered by the two of you in the next morning.”

“No sister, it’s not because he is afraid of getting murdered by us. You should know his guts by now. Do you think that he is really afraid of us? He can be so shameless as to make use of us all the time to do his errands for him. The truth is, he is a eunuch!”

Yuan Ji: …

Hua Baiyue nodded with a soft chuckle, “Yes, he must be a eunuch or else why he only dares to tease us but he did not dare to put in any action.”

Yuan Ji was frowning, “I must warn you first. Don’t provoke me. Can we change to another topic?”

“He didn’t even dare to touch us, will he dare to touch Ling Feiyue? It was no wonder that Ling Feiyue had left us without even saying good bye.” Hua Wuwu giggled.

Yuan Ji: …

“I did touch the two of you down there, you know…” Yuan Ji protested weakly.

“You call that touching?” Hua Baiyue stared at him before laughing softly. “It is only child play.”

“Yuan Ji, do you have the balls to really touch us? Or is it because your handle is too small?” Hua Wuwu fingered her cup in front of him.

Yuan Ji warned them with a frown. “Enough already…” He could feel his hard earn state of divinity, the Undying Fighting Spirit was now taking a severe beating from the two of them. He had spent two months to comprehend this great Dao and now they were destroying it in a drinking session…

“You did say that he is a eunuch, sister. Have you forgotten?” Hua Baiyue laughed. Then she pointed at Yuan Ji, “Eunuch! Eunuch!”

“Ball-less eunuch!” Hua Wuwu emphasized as she laughed after her sister.

“That is why Ling Feiyue has left him…because he is…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was seized by his Undying Fighting Spirit as he grabbed the two of them, “After I have done with the two of you, I see how you are still able to call me a eunuch.”

He had grabbed them or he would soon vomited out blood of bad energies because he could feel that he was losing his hard earn attained Undying Fighting Spirit and that his Great Dao was now suffering a backlash.

“Don’t worry Ji Yuan…” He said to himself. “These two saintesses will struggle anyway. They are not stupid.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were startled when Yuan Ji had suddenly grabbed their waists and had carried them in his strong arms. It was because the Yuan Ji that they had known was cool to their constant taunts and would never be bothered by their contemptuous remarks.

They did not know that Yuan Ji had undergone a change of state of divinity as he was practicing a new cultivation practice that required him to maintain his constant fearless fighting spirit in order to reach to a higher realm of divinity.

But to Yuan Ji’s surprise, the two sister saintesses did not struggle and only taunted him further. “He must have a small handle and he is too shy to show us.”

“He is only a paper tiger. All shows and no actions…”

“No wonder Ling Feiyue is so upset with him…”

By now they had already noticed that mentioning Ling Feiyue seemed to have upset Yuan Ji further. Therefore they began to taunt him by mentioning her name.

“Ling Feiyue is so peerless in her beauty. Not only he did not have any balls but he has no eye balls…”

“He must be an impotent man so as to cause Ling Feiyue to walk off just like this…”

Yuan Ji did not know why they did not struggle. It was because the two sister saintesses had also undergone a change of divinity after they were jostled up by Yuan Ji that night. Until now, they could still remember all his light touches and hard kicks. In their hearts, they had wanted to experience it again.

What happened next in Yuan Ji’s room was totally unexpected to the three of them.

Yuan Ji had expected for the two sister saintesses to take flight once he had started to strip them while the two sister saintesses were expecting for Yuan Ji to kick them down the bed again after a short tease.

But either of that happened and they were soon spending several hours battling against each other in the bed.

Finally after many hours of vigorous battle, all three of them had now collapsed on the bed and they were all looking at one another with a weird expression.

The firm breasts of Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were all swollen red while their butts were also rosy, having been spanked by Yuan Ji for hundreds of times.

The two sister saintesses were nibbling at Yuan Ji’s chest and holding his handle with their hands while Yuan Ji had his hands slipped between their silky white butts and he was caressing their wet cherries below.

Yuan Ji was suddenly sighing heavily as he said gently to them, “Does it hurt? Your first time?”

Hua Wuwu shook her head gently as she blew gently on his face, “Nothing has happened between us. Tomorrow, we are still friends…”

Hua Baiyue nodded as she said melancholy, “It is because tonight is the full moon. There is no one to spy around us…”

Yuan Ji was startled as he asked curiously, “Who is spying on you?” He had a long standing suspicion that the reasons why Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu were so bold because there was an expert that was keeping tabs on them.

“It is better for you not to know.” Hua Baiyue said solemnly.

Hua Wuwu said melancholy, “We just have to treat it as a beautiful dream tonight…”

Just as Yuan Ji was about to say something, he  had noticed that Xiang Li was playing with her body in his soul sea and he had suddenly realized that Xiang Li was curiously looking at them for the entire night…

His speechless thoughts were interrupted by Hua Wuwu who asked him quietly, “Normally you are so cool. Why did you…don’t tell me, you have some feelings for us?”

Yuan Ji could not tell them that it was because he was cultivating his new trump card. Even though there was now an unspoken trust between them but every cultivator had their own secret trump cards and it was normal for them not to share with one another.

He could only nod and said, “Yelp…”

Xiang Li had suddenly interrupted him in his soul sea, “Why have the three of you stopped? Stop talking and…”

Yuan Ji was frowning in his soul sea, “What are you? A peeping tom? Go away…we are in the middle of some indecent act…”

Xiang Li giggled as she interrupted him indifferently, “You are not my master yet so you have no right to command me. But aren’t you glad that my anger is finally appeased?” She then began to mutter, “These two vixens really have such a lovely body. Why did the three of you stop now? Where are the actions?”

Yuan Ji: …

He decided to ignore Xiang Li for the time being.

Hua Wuwu had suddenly caressed him with trembling fingers, “I can lift my profound signatures from you and your consorts. Take them away and run as far as possible. You won’t be able to fight our old master.”

Hua Baiyue was startled, “Sister, the punishment for betraying your own sect is death!”

“Sister, are you afraid of death?” Hua Wuwu asked her quietly.

Hua Baiyue laughed softly, “If my sister is not afraid, I am not.”

Yuan Ji interrupted them with a soft chuckle, “I am not going anyway. Moreover I can’t bear to watch the two of you died in my place. Whether I will lose or not, is still too early to be said. Who knows? Maybe it is your old master who will be slain by my sword instead.”

Hua Wuwu said melancholy, “Even if you are a great saint, you won’t be able to defeat our old master. You have greatly overestimated your ability. So what if you’re a Sword Saint? My old master has three divine profound arts and even a celestial grade sword. It will just take a blink of an eye for you to be defeated.”

“I am not afraid.” Yuan Ji said firmly. “There must be a way to win. Moreover no one can defeat me in a blink of an eye. Haha.”

Hua Baiyue said quietly, “There is a way to win and the way to win is not to accept the duel.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “How can this even be considered a way to win? If I don’t accept the duel then the lives of everyone will be forfeited.”

“No.” Hua Baiyue said with trembling lips. “If you can find a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art then my old master will surely be willing to exchange it for your life and everyone else. But out of millions of trials, even obtaining a single fragment of this long lost profound art is extremely slim. My old master has obtained a single fragment of this cultivation profound art and had since formed the golden core. In this fraternity, my old master is invincible.”

Yuan Ji was suddenly stammering as he stared at Hua Baiyue, “What did you just say?”

Hua Baiyue repeated herself, “In this fraternity, my old master is invincible…”

“No, before this.” Yuan Ji was stammering.

“My old master has since formed the golden core?” Hua Baiyue murmured with a curious and puzzled look at him.

Yuan Ji muttered bitterly, “You say your old master may be willing to cancel the duel if he can obtain a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art?”

Hua Baiyue nodded curiously, “That is right. A few decades ago, my old master had obtained a fortuitous fragment. At that time, the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity was in great turmoil because of the appearance of a single fragment  of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. What is wrong?”

Yuan Ji was now smiling bitterly. It was because he had already given Ling Feiyue the complete cultivation scroll of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. But even if he had a copy of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art, he was unable to cancel the duel now.

It was because he had since mastered the divine state of the Undying Fighting Spirit. If the duel was canceled because he had chickened out then it would cause his Great Dao to be blemished and even cause a backlash on his cultivation realm.

Hua Wuwu saw his expression and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Yuan Ji could only say bitterly, “I wonder if there is a medicine for regrets? I may have learnt the wrong cultivation practice.”

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue: ???

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Chapter 69: New Plans

Many days later;

Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now on their way to the Holy Maiden Peaks.

Along the way Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were really pissed off with Yuan Ji and they really showed it by their cold attitude toward him.

Yuan Ji was not really bothered by their cold attitude but he was more amused that they were still willing to help him. It was because the information that they had dug for him was quite detailed.

At the same time he really did not believe that they could be blackmailed by him.

Hua Wuwu said to Yuan Ji, “This is what we have gathered from the nearby towns. The Celestial Orthodox Sect is holding their new sacred maiden ceremony in two months’ time. All the other six major righteous orthodox clans as well as dozens of influential celestial clans from the orthodox fraternity will be attending.”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he said slowly, “Then this is indeed the best time for us to rescue Xue Qianxue. Who is going to be the next Sacred Maiden?”

Hua Baiyue replied him, “It is Zhao Songjin. She will be the next Sacred Maiden.”

When she had said out her name, there was a hint of displeasure in her eyes. Obviously, she did not like Zhao Songjin very much.

Yuan Ji sighed heavily, “Because of me, Xue Qianxue is now forced to give up her leadership position…”

Hua Baiyue interrupted him softly, “Are you sure that you want to rescue her? Although this may be the best timing but it is also the most dangerous timing. They may allow Xue Qianxue to come out of her imprisonment to make the handover speech but to rescue her in front of the thousands of cultivators is not going to be easy at all.”

Yuan Ji replied firmly, “I will rescue her. I can’t allow her to suffer in that place.”

Hua Wuwu said coldly, “Don’t say we didn’t warn you first. If you fail then you will die and if you die, we will slaughter everyone in the Five Heavens Peaks.”

Yuan Ji laughed softly, “If I die, you may die with me. If you have died with me, how do you slaughter everyone in the Five Heavens Peaks?”

Hua Wuwu was giggling all of a sudden, “Dream on! Did we say that we are helping you directly?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “You look much better if you are smiling, especially now.”

Hua Wuwu had suddenly become cold again, “Who is smiling? Who will bother to smile in front of you?”

“My sister is only laughing because of your foolish attempt to rescue Xue Qianxue.” Hua Baiyue hummed coldly.

Yuan Ji smiled before he said, “I need three invitations. One invitation is naturally for me and the other two invitation are for the two of you.”

“So now we are running errands for you?” Hua Wuwu frowned. She really could not believe that Yuan Ji could be so shameless as to assign errands to them.

Even Hua Baiyue was muttering, “Why don’t you find the invitations yourself?”

Yuan Ji replied nonchalantly, “I will be a little buzy for the next two months.”

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue: …

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulder lightly before he said quietly, “Thank you.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue hummed coldly at him before they looked in the other way.

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “Actually you have lied about the Dual Cultivation, am I right? Because the two of you still have your chastity intact.”

All of a sudden Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were flustered and it showed in their rosy cheeks.

He added, “Why did you lie to me for?”

Hua Wuwu laughed with a flushed look, “Who says we had lied to you? It is just that we never got a chance to practice dual cultivation with anyone yet.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “That is the lamest thing that I have ever heard, you know?”

Hua Baiyue added with a flustered voice, “At least we are not as shameless as you. You stole our lingeries from us and even use it to threaten us into helping you. And you have even kicked us down the bed.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry. Does your butt still hurt? At that time, I didn’t have any choice…”

Hua Baiyue frowned softly, “You’re asking if our butt hurts after so many days? You’re too badass.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I know that the two of you are saintesses with a high level of attainment. Naturally your mental fortitude will be strong enough to take any setbacks. Therefore I can only ask if your butt hurts.”

Hua Baiyue: …

Hua Wuwu: …

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was staring at them intently, “The two of you seems to be aware of my plans, am I right? You’re finding an excuse to help me on the sly? Because the dual cultivation story seems to be too forced.”

Hua Wuwu said coldly, “Who is helping you on the sly? It is because you have blackmailed us…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had flashed their lingeries in front of them and said, “You can have your lingeries back now.”

Hua Wuwu, Hua Baiyue: …

Yuan Ji muttered bitterly, “It is because I don’t believe that you will betray the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. At the same time, I feel that you are trying to push me to go to the Celestial Orthodox Sect. I don’t know what your nefarious plans are. I don’t care what you will do to the Celestial Orthodox Sect or your other schemes. I only want to rescue Xue Qianxue. Do you get me? Therefore you don’t have to sacrifice your chastity or use your honey trap on me.”

He then added quietly, “There is still two months before the sacred maiden ceremony. I’m going to cultivate in the cave over there. Do you mind watching over me while I am cultivating?”

Without waiting for them to reply him, Yuan Ji had walked with a heavy heart to the cave.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were exchanging quiet glances at each other and they were sighing softly.

Hua Wuwu sighed heavily to her sister, “He is a good man…”

Hua Baiyue nodded lightly, “Do you think that he suspects our mission?”

Hua Wuwu shook her lightly, “I don’t think so.”

“He seems to have a heavy heart nowadays.” Hua Baiyue said quietly.

Hua Wuwu was suddenly flustered as she lowered her voice, “Sister, what if we have lost our chastity that night? What will you do?”

Hua Baiyue had a flustered look and her ears had completely turned red hot, “I don’t know. I told you that this is a stupid plan. Even if we lose our chastity, my hook or by crook we have to get him in one piece to the duel place. That was what our Divine Palace Master had said to us. Do you think that our Divine Palace Master is serious about this? But luckily we didn’t lose anything…”

Hua Wuwu interrupted her hastily, “Shhh, not so loud. Do you want to get killed?”

Hua Baiyue was immediately looking at her surroundings nervously, “I’m just a little anxious. But at the very least it is now going according to plans…”

Hua Wuwu nodded, “Let’s hope so. He doesn’t seem to be the type that will quietly follow any plans. Remember a hundred years ago…”

Hua Baiyue nodded, “Let’s drop our cold pretense on him. We need him to be in his tip-top form soon.”

Hua Wuwu protested weakly, “You are the one that is showing him the cold attitude. Not me!”

Hua Baiyue chuckled awkwardly, “It is not me either. I am just following your lead. You are my older sister.”

Hua Wuwu frowned lightly, “I am just a little indignant that he didn’t take us. What is wrong with his eyes? He has eyes but he can’t see that he have two lovely saintesses in front of him. That is why I am unhappy.”

Hua Baiyue averted her eyes shyly, “Same here…”

Hua Wuwu said with an apprehensive look, “Sister, we ought to be more careful from now onward. We mustn’t allow our personal feelings to ruin our mission. We can’t afford to fail our mission.”

Hua Baiyue nodded quietly, “We can’t question the Divine Palace Master. Don’t forget that Yuan Ji has a feud with our Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Even if we want to help him, we are powerless to do so.”

Hua Wuwu began to sigh heavily…

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Chapter 68: Night of Temptation (2)

Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now rolling in the bed that was in Yuan Ji’s room.

The room was completely voided of light because they did not need any light to see.  After all, they were all the cultivatiors of the highest realm level with the Darksee ability. It was an ability that all the cultivators could gain at the middle tier of the fourth realm immortal celestial level.

With expert fingers, Yuan Ji had loosened their silk belts and they had also loosened his.

In a blink of an eye, Yuan Ji had removed all their outer garment except for their lingeries as he threw their skirts, robes, socks and inner garments off the bed.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now gasping with anticipations as they proceeded to remove Yuan Ji’s clothing at the same time.

Yuan Ji grinned as he pulled off their lingeries before keeping it into his spatial ring.

Next he proceeded to fondle their ample bosoms and backs; their bodies were really silky smooth with a wondrous fragrance.

“Ah~~~” They were moaning with delight when Yuan Ji had suddenly squeezed their perky bosoms hard.

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am so lucky to have a chance to bed two such wondrous beauties.”

In no time he had also pulled down their undies and he was feeling them the smoothness of their butts before his fingers were feeling their forbidden cherries between their legs. It was soapy wet and they were now flustered with ecstasy.



Slowly he used his fingers to peel open their folds underneath and he was fingering them…

Either he or Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had realized that Ling Feiyue had quietly entered the courtyard of the room.

Ling Feiyue’s eyes were still bleary red as she entered the courtyard.

She had not left yet because she still did not believe that Yuan Ji could be so heartless to her. She had clearly felt his sentimental concerns for her during the trials. This could not be faked. Moreover he had also created a poem specifically for her. Also if they did not have such perfect synergy, will they be able to create a combine profound art that they can use together?

Therefore she wanted to confront Yuan Ji one last time to hear his difficulties.

“Maybe he didn’t want to put me in a tight spot…”

“Maybe he knows that he may not survive the duel…”

She was frantically looking for an excuse for him…

But when she had just stepped into the courtyard, her divine senses could pick up a couple of soft moans and whispers.

“Ah~~ I’m so wet now…”

“Handsome Yuan Ji, stop teasing us already…”

“Hubby Yuan Ji, can you dedicate a poem for us?”

“Sure, sure!” Yuan Ji was laughing softly.

Ling Feiyue was a great saintess of the highest tier. Therefore her divine sense could pick up a range that was further than Yuan Ji, Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu, without alerting them.

When she had heard what they were doing, she gasped silently as she burst into uncontrollable silence tears.

“Ji Yuan, you rather have them than me…why…”

“You…really dislike me?”

“It is not because you don’t want to hurt me but because you really making use of me?”

Ling Feiyue leaned quietly on the wall as she sobbed silently. It took her a while to calm down before she took off tearfully, “From today onward, there is no more Ling Feiyang. There is only Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue who will be the demoness of the orthodox fraternity…I will not have any lofty dreams of being an orthodox cultivator anymore…”

When she had left, there was a large patch of tears on the ground where she had last stood; Ling Feiyue had been thoroughly hurt and she had never been so grieved before.

A quiet shadow was sighing softly and had appeared where Ling Feiyue had last stood…

Unknown to even Ling Feiyue, there was another person that was quietly watching in the courtyard. Even with Ling Feiyue’s formidable divine sense, this quiet shadow was invisible to her.

Yuan Ji, Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu naturally did not know what was going on outside. Their divine senses were diminished because all their focuses were on one another.

Yuan Ji was now frowning in secret and he had a perplexed look. “They are still pure? I can’t be wrong. But what the heck is their dual cultivation if they are still pure?!”

He was a little bewildered but this did not have any impact on his quiet plans.

All of a sudden he had slapped their butts and kicked them down the bed with a soft chuckle. “I am going to bed now. You may have the floor.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were shocked as they questioned him, “Why did you kick us down the bed for? You don’t want to save Xue Qianxue anymore? You don’t want to know the weakness of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace anymore?”

Yuan Ji grinned at them, “Naturally I will still want to save Xue Qianxue and the two of you will help me. As for the weakness of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, I actually did not want to know because I want to win fair and square.”

The second part was of course true. Yuan Ji really wanted to win fair and square or else he would not have attained as a Sword Saint.

Hua Wuwu hummed coldly, “Dream on! You didn’t pleasure us so why should we help you at all?”

Yuan Ji chuckled softly before he said in a low voice, “Do you want me to show your lingeries to your old master? If I do, can you imagine what your fates will be? Don’t tell me that your old master will not recognize your scents and your lingeries?”

Hua Baiyue was startled as she stammered, “Don’t…you will get us killed…”

Hua Wuwu had also turned ashen, “Yuan Ji! You are so badass! You will rather have rotten apples than fresh apples!”

“Sister, let’s go.” Hua Baiyue said as she gathered her clothing.

Hua Wuwu nodded as she hastily put on her clothing.

“Yuan Ji, we won’t forget about this slight!” Hua Baiyue warned him.

With that, they had hastily left his room.

Yuan Ji laughed after them before he lay on his bed dreamily, “Now the night is finally peaceful again…”

He was soon sighing before he muttered, “Not so peaceful…”

It was because he was suddenly thinking of Ling Feiyue and was heart wrenched at how he had hurt her earlier. His thoughts had immediately flashback to the day that he had first realized that Ling Feiyue was a maiden…

That day, she was extremely breathtaking and he got a hard on just by listening to her beautiful tune that she was humming.

Ling Feiyue’s lovable smiles were the most beautiful smile that he had ever seen. But he had now caused her to lose her smiles…

“I hope that you will forget this hurt as soon as possible. I am not worthy of your time…”

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