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Chapter 13: One Hundred Years Ago (4)

Late at night;

Ji Yuan began to follow the plan that was decided and he knew that Xue Qianxue was staying in a particular inn.

Xia Jiajia had said to him, “I know that she likes cleanliness the most and will surely take a bath at exactly the same hour of the night.”

He had asked Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyang, “You are not following me to the inn?”

Ling Feiyang smiled, “I’m a gentleman.”

Ji Yuan: …

“I am also a gentleman…” He muttered.

Xia Jiajia shook her head, “Do you expect me to jump on the roof top with my long skirt?”

“Erm, no.” Ji Yuan smiled weakly before he left to execute their plan.

When Ji Yuan had left, Xia Jiajia turned to Ling Feiyang with a curled smile. “So how is the feeling of letting your bosoms touched by him?”

Ling Feiyang: …

“He will be a dead man soon. Does it matter?” Ling Feiyang smiled coldly. Then he added, “If he is not dead anytime soon then I will chop off his dirty hands.”

Xia Jiajia averted her eyes, “Actually he is actually quite good looking, without his ugly beard of course.”

Ling Feiyang waved his fan as he said coldly, “Unfortunately he has offended me several times already. He thinks that I am just his junior and a lowly fifth realm golden celestial.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled jovially, “He only has his eyes on me. He doesn’t have any extra eyes for our seventh realm saintess Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue here.”

Ling Feiyang averted his eyes, “For a moment, I’ve thought that he had seen through my disguise and is just making a fool out of me.”

Xia Jiajia asked, “Do you think that he will succeed in his mission?”

Ling Feiyang said coolly, “It won’t be hard for him and that is the reason why we have lured him here.”

Xia Jiajia said quietly, “Actually I don’t want him to die.”

Ling Feiyang said, “He is already a dead man when he has offended Xue Qianxue in this manner. This is something that he did on his own accord and we didn’t force him to say so. I say that the result is actually much better than we have expected. We should reward Li Yi handsomely for his playacting.”

“I shall see to that.” Xia Jiajia nodded.

With a soft sigh, she said melancholy, “The minute that he tries to barter with Xue Qianxue on her personal secret then he will be a dead man.”

“Barter or not, he is already a dead man.” Ling Feiyang was suddenly smiling.

Ji Yuan had already found the inn that Xue Qianxue was staying put.

He was muttering, “According to Xia Jiajia, there are eight bronze mirrors that are placed strategically in her room. Since this is only an inn, her room shouldn’t be big and the bath tub should be in her room.”

From the roof top, he could see that the beautiful form of Xue Qianxue as she began to remove her robe gracefully.

“She seems to be alone?” He thought.

But he was soon blinking his eyes. What was the point of seeing only her shadow?

He was soon frowning.

He had to get closer.

So he quietly leapt onto the roof top that was above her room and quietly removed the corner of a roof tile. He would only need a light hole to see clearly.

He was thinking with silent chuckles, “Who needs mirrors or divine sense when I have my superior lightless skill anyway? I only need my eyes.”

Xue Qianxue was indeed in the bath tub and he could see her bare shoulder and beautiful shy face.

He was soon gasping. Perhaps beautiful was not the word to describe her peerless look that could melt the hearts of men and caused men to sin. He saw that she was also snowy white and had her hair bundled upward into a long pony tail.

“She is indeed a goddess. No wonder she is ranked as one of the two goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.” He was muttering to himself. “She is only not beautiful but cute looking. However I already have my Xia Jiajia and let’s not forget that behind her beautiful demeanor, she is also my enemy that wants to humiliate me. Without my beard, I’ll be a laughing stock in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Xue Qianxue was giggling to herself as she played with the scented flowers that were floating on her bathtub. She was soon singing a beautiful soft tune as she laughed at the same time.

Ji Yuan was muttering, “She is like a fairy goddess. This is too sinful. She seems to be seducing me…”

But he continued to look at her and was mesmerized by her actions. Soon he had forgotten about his mission and he was drooling.

All of a sudden he had realized that he had been on the roof top for quite some time now and he had completely forgotten about his mission.

Then he looked at Xue Qianxue who was still in her bathtub as he thought, “I can’t believe that she has been inside the bathtub for nearly an hour? What is she? A duck? At this rate this is going, I can’t see her naked figure…”

“This is a bad position. I need to shift a little. With my superior eyesight, surely I can see through the water and know whether she is a white tiger…”

So he started to shift his body and all of a sudden he felt the numbness that was on his legs. “Crap, I’ve been in the same position for too long and my legs have gone numb…”

All of a sudden he had tripped on the exposed roof tile and he had crashed through the roof, landing with a loud splash into Xue Qianxue’s bathtub!

Xue Qianxue was completely stunned when she saw his head popping out of the water of the bathtub, “Ji Yuan! It is you! How…how…dare you…” She had immediately covered her body with her hands and had curled up her body.

Ji Yuan was also stunned because he was now looking at Xue Qianxue straight into her face and she was more beautiful in person than from afar. “Wait! I can explain…my lightless skill has just failed me because my legs are numbed…”

Xue Qianxue was gasping with horror, “You…you…you are peeping at me?! You are actually a flower thief…”

Ji Yuan immediately protested as he said panicky, “You have really misunderstood me. I am not peeping. I just want to know if you are a white tiger so that I can use your secret to trade for the safety of my beard.”

He was now panicky explaining because he was really afraid of losing his life in the next instant.

Xue Qianxue: …

There were tears in Xue Qianxue’s eyes and her voice was trembling, “Get out of here immediately!”

“I will quickly. Sacred Maiden Xue, I’ve admired you for a long time. This isn’t really intentional…”

He clumsily attempted to get out of the bathtub but he had suddenly lost his balance in the water as he fell onto her and his head had landed on her bosoms, grabbing her boobs as he tried to regain his balance.

“This isn’t intentional…” He continued to mutter as he jumped out of the bathtub in a hurry. As he tried to look for an entrance, he had a clumsy fall on the wet floor before he crawled out of her room in great panic.

As Ji Yuan made his escape, he did not stop until he was in a forest.

He was muttering, “I am not dead yet?”

He soon broke into a cold sweat, “Xue Qianxue will never spare me for peeping at her. Now it is not only my beard that is endangered. My own life now is also at stake. What should I do now?”

He began to pace in circles, “It is a lucky thing that she seems to have lost her wits earlier when the accident happens or I will surely be dead. But when she recovers her wits, the first person that she is going to look for and to kill is me…so what shall I do?”

“Ji Yuan, you have completed your mission?” It was Xia Jiajia and she was followed behind by Ling Feiyang.

“Why are you so wet?” Xia Jiajia asked curiously.

Ji Yuan was startled from his thoughts when they had suddenly appeared. But after realizing that she was Xia Jiajia, his heart began to calm down immediately.

He put on a straight face before he said calmly, “I took a dip into the river because Xue Qianxue is really too hot.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “So who is hotter? Me or she?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Of course it is my Jiajia.”

Xia Jiajia giggled softly before she asked, “So what have you found out?”

Ji Yuan actually did not see a thing but he was not about to let the maiden that he liked to look down on him. Moreover there was this Ling Feiyang who was constantly looking lecherously at his Xia Jiajia. Therefore he said with a soft laughter, “Of course I’ve seen everything. She is indeed a white tiger.”

It was merely a guess.

Ling Feiyang and Xia Jiajia quietly stole a glance at each other; this was the information that they had needed.

When it was time for Ling Feiyang and Xue Qianxue to duel with each other, Ling Feiyang would use this information to taunt Xue Qianxue and to distract her from performing her best.

And Ling Feiyang would then reveal to Xue Qianxue that it was actually Ji Yuan who was peeping at her. No matter what the outcome of the duel was, Ji Yuan would be a dead man.

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Chapter 210: The Return

The golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, numbering some thirty were sitting inside a celestial array as they retrieved one cultivator after another.

These beautiful golden celestials were all perspiring heavily as they had overdrawn their profound strength to return the cultivators from the sealed ancient celestial ruin back to the surface.

There were some that carried an anxious look on their countenances and they were namely Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng.

Feng Xiaoxiao was slightly startled to see the anxious look that was on Tang Xuefeng; she could see and hear her anxious heart with her Listening Heart Skill.

She thought, “This shouldn’t be right? He has made her cry. She should be hating him instead. Hmm, maybe my protégé sister wants to execute him with her own hands for humiliating her. Maybe this is the best outcome now…”

The six hours that had given to the exploration party were due and most of the cultivators had returned to the surface.

Now there were only three talismans that remained to be retrieved.

A cultivator was soon retrieved and he was not Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan looked extremely disappointed.

Standing near the edge were Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye as they watched keenly the return of every cultivator that was brought back by the golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa; they shared an equally disappointed look.

Even Gongsun Ya had a look of disappointment as she muttered, “He has saved my life after all. I should show a little concern for him…”

Soon a second cultivator had been brought back into the cheers and claps of the exploration survivors. But he was not Lu Qingyun either.

And the final cultivator was also brought back but the cultivator was a she and not a he. Therefore she was not Lu Qingyun either.

Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng had completely lost hope now.

Lu Qingyun was not among the survivors…

Lie Xingyuan took a pleading look at Shen Yufeng, “There is still time, isn’t it? Can we extend our range and make another search with our divine senses?”

Tang Xuefeng quickly added as she said panicky, “I second it as well. There may be a survivor.”

Shen Yufeng was perplexed. It was obvious to her that the survivor that both maidens were waiting for was Lu Qingyun. What had happened while she was away?

“Alright. Since there is still a little time and we have completely exhausted our profound strength yet, we shall make a more thorough search.” Shen Yufeng said as she took a look at the other five sixth realm golden supremacies that were all nodding discreetly.

Since Tang Xuefeng had also made the request, it was hard to refuse her. After all, almost all the high ranking golden celestials knew that she was the daughter of their Heavenly Fragrance Princess.

Shen Yufeng shouted with her pretty voice, “Protégé sisters! Unite our profound energies into this celestial array. We will make another search!”

The divine senses of all thirty of the golden celestials began to delve into the Pangu Suppressing Arrays once more. They would sense that the profound energies mark of the five hundred cultivators had almost dissipated. Once that happened, the ancient celestial ruin would be closed once more.

Their divine senses quickly flew throughout the ancient celestial ruin hoping to detect the profound signatures of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa’s talismans.

But it was all in vain as their searches yield nothing.

Shen Yufeng said solemnly to everyone, “We need to pull back our divine senses now or we will lose our profound strength permanently in this Pangu Suppressing Arrays.”

Lie Xingyuan suddenly said, “No wait please! I can sense the profound signature of the talisman behind the mountains. It is not on the ground but in the air.”

“In the air?” Tang Xuefeng was startled. “Where?”

Shen Yufeng made a verification based on Lie Xingyuan’s account before she nodded, “Indeed.”

“Sisters, home it on the profound signature now!” She called out to all her protégé sisters.

When the talisman was burnt, it will leave a profound mark on the soul sea of the cultivator. They had no idea why this profound signature was in the air.

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled weakly, “Maybe a flying desolate beast has lifted him into the air or he has been eaten up by one.”

All of a sudden Feng Xiaoxiao was flustered because she had suddenly noticed the fierce glares of Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan that were upon her.

“I was only kidding…” She muttered almost incoherently.

“Bring this cultivator back.” Shen Yufeng said. “Quickly.”

There was a bright halo that flashed into sight as they brought the unknown cultivator back and everyone was now looking in his direction.

This cultivator was Lu Qingyun!

Immediately Lie Xingyuan, Tang Xuefeng, Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were all smiling as they began to surround him.

“Are you alright?”

“Are you hurt in any way?”

“Do you know that you are the last to return?”

“I’ve thought that I will never see you again.”

“Brother Qingyun…”

“Senior brother…”

Lu Qingyun was startled when he was suddenly surrounded by so many beautiful maidens and they were all asking after him at the same time.

“Erm, I’m alright…” He weakly replied.

Far away from Lu Qingyun; Shen Yufeng, Feng Xiaoxiao and all the other golden celestials were startled when Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan had suddenly broken ranks with them and had suddenly flew hastily to Lu Qingyun.

Shen Yufeng had a perplexed look as she muttered, “Lie Xingyuan I can understand but Tang Xuefeng?”

She took a look at Feng Xiaoxiao, “What is going on here? Maybe you should tell me a thing or two?”

Feng Xiaoxiao was blinking her eyes rapidly, “I…erm…don’t know…”

Faraway in the Divine Moon Realm;

Fan Yuqing was startled as she looked into the reflection of the copy of the Divine Sword Jade Light. “I can’t see his soul sea anymore. A spirit entity is now the host of the Divine Sword Jade Light. What is going on here…”

But she quickly calmed down, “As long as this divine sword does not break, it means that he is still alive…”

“Yun’Er, I can see that you may have already some lucky occurrences in the ancient celestial ruin. This is good. It seems that I am unable to stop you from awakening your true strength. No one can…”

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Chapter 12: One Hundred Years Ago (3)

Xia Jiajia had taken Ji Yuan to an Inn and they were now walking up the stairs to a reserved room.

Ji Yuan looked at her alluring figure as he chuckled, “Isn’t this a little too soon? We have just met. This isn’t too romantic, don’t you think so? But if that is what you want, then…”

Xia Jiajia was startled as she caught his hand that was on her butt, “You! What are you doing?”

Ji Yuan was startled too as he stammered, “I am just trying to warm us up.”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly as she pushed his hand away, “It isn’t what you think it is.”

Ji Yuan was gasping as he took a step back, “You are attached to someone already?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled softly, “I’m not. In fact, you are just my type.”

Ji Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. He had fallen in love with her at first sight and he was not about to let her go just like this. He quickly smiled, “Then why are we…erm…coming here?”

Xia Jiajia rebuked him gently, “There are more than one uses for coming to an inn and it doesn’t mean we have to share a room. Are you thinking of that?”

“Of course not!” Ji Yuan quickly said with a flustered look. “I am a renowned gentleman of the sword.”

Xia Jiajia giggled before she whispered, “We are dealing with Xue Qianxue. Just the two of us alone may not be able to deal with her, am I right? Therefore I’ve another friend here who is able to help.”

Ji Yuan growled lightly, “Actually you just need me…”

“We are here.” Xia Jiajia interrupted him as she pushed opened the door.

In the room was a handsome beardless young man with bright golden eyes. He was sitting upright and was sipping a small cup of wine. In fact, he was the most handsome man that Yuan Ji had ever seen.

Immediately there was an envious look in Ji Yuan’s eyes. His first thought was that this young handsome man was a golden celestial and he was immediately unhappy that Xia Jiajia was in his company.

Xia Jiajia immediately giggled as she pointed at Ji Yuan, “Look who I’ve brought here. This is Supremacy Ji Yuan, the protégé master of the Orthodox Sword Sect. He is also a Sword Saint and the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan smiled as he thought, “I didn’t know that I am so renowned. To have my renowned pronounced out by such a peerless beauty is so different from announcing it myself. Haha.” Then he stared coldly at the handsome beardless young man with his silent thoughts. “I am an upper sixth realm golden supremacy. Go away. You have no chance with my Jiajia.”

Xia Jiajia looked warmly at the handsome beardless young man before she introduced him with gentle chuckles. “This is Young Master Ling Feiyang. He is from the Flying Swords Divine Sect and is a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Ji Yuan smirked. Flying Swords Divine Sect? Never heard of this insignificant sect before. A mere fifth realm golden celestial and he wants to fight with me over my Xia Jiajia? Dream on!

Xia Jiajia smiled, “I’ll leave it to you gentlemen to chat while I go fetch some good wines for us to discuss over the table later.”

When the door was closed, Ji Yuan immediately said. “So you are Ling Feiyang?”

Ling Feiyang said, “It is my honor to know Brother Ji Yuan…”

Ji Yuan quickly interrupted, “Call me Supremacy Ji Yuan. We are not so close to be addressing each other as brothers yet. Right now, I’m your senior while you are my junior.”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly, “Yes, yes…”

“And what happens to your beard? Did you lose it during your golden body transformation? This is most unfortunate.” Ji Yuan mocked him.

Ling Feiyang smiled, “It is better this way. I can’t be bothered with the sight of an unsightly beard.”

Ji Yuan quickly reprimanded him, “This you are really very wrong to say that. The beard is the pride of real men.”

He began to stroke his beautiful long beard before he laughed, “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to appreciate it now. Do you know that Maiden Xia Jiajia is attracted to me because of my beautiful long beard?”

Ling Feiyang began to smile weakly, “Oh really?”

Ji Yuan put his hand on the table with a light slam as he said coldly, “If you are smart, you should know what to do. She will never like a beardless man like you. In fact, no maidens will like you at all. Got it? So don’t you have any lofty thoughts on her.”

Then he smiled, “Who knows that I may even give you a tip or two about cultivation practice. I can even consider you to be my brother. But you should know what to do, am I right?”

Ling Feiyang rolled his eyes before asking, “So you like her?”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Of course. Didn’t I state my intention clear enough already?”

Then he added, “Look at you. You are drinking wine like a maiden. Do you even know how to drink at all? If you want to drink, you should drink it flask by flask!”

Ling Feiyang replied weakly, “I prefer to drink sip by sip.”

Suddenly the door was swung opened by Xia Jiajia as she carried a tray of wine flasks into the room.

“So how is your chat? Are the two of you getting along well?” Xia Jiajia laughed softly as she entered the room.

Ji Yuan immediately laughed aloud as he put his arm around Ling Feiyang neck, “Of course we are getting along well. We just have a great personal talk with each other.”

He quickly looked at Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, do you agree?”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly before nodding, “Yes…”

Ji Yuan had suddenly patted Ling Feiyang’s chest as he laughed, “We are already getting along so well together.”

Xia Jiajia was suddenly gasping and she had almost dropped her tray.

Ji Yuan turned to Xia Jiajia to ask, “What is wrong? Maiden Xia, are you alright?”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly, “I…I am…alright…come, let’s us drink together as we discuss our plans.”

Ji Yuan nodded before he returned his attention to Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, really. Your chest is too soft. You should beef up a little, you know.”

Ling Feiyang: …

Ji Yuan had suddenly noticed that Ling Feiyang had rosy cheeks. “I see that Brother Ling isn’t a good drinker. No wonder you are only taking such small sips. Haha.”

Xia Jiajia said weakly to Ji Yuan, “I see that the two of you are really getting along so well. Let’s talk about how we are going to deal with Xue Qianxue.”

Ji Yuan nodded, “Alright.”

But he soon asked, “But I don’t understand why Xue Qianxue will be in this small desolate place? And she is traveling incognito.”

Ling Feiyang said quietly, “That is because I have a secret duel with her in two day time.”

Ji Yuan was roaring with laughter, “You are merely a fifth realm cultivator and you are dueling with a seventh realm saintess? This must be the funniest thing that I have ever heard.”

Ling Feiyang: …

“Do you think it is funny?” Ling Feiyang asked him.

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “Naturally it is the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

“I’ve heard that someone will lose his beautiful beard in a few more days. This is also the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.” Ling Feiyang chuckled as he took a sip of his wine. “A beardless Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan suddenly slammed his hand on the table, “We need to deal with Xue Qianxue or she will think that she can push us around. So…”

He hesitated sheepishly before continuing, “So, what is the plan?”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “Actually we’ve already got a plan but we need Supremacy Ji Yuan help.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan said curiously.

Xia Jiajia chuckled as she put a flask of wine to her mouth before smiling, “Do you dare to peep at her while she is taking her bath?”

Ji Yuan: …

“This isn’t such a good idea, right?” He stammered. “I may get killed.”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “We have heard that Supremacy Ji Yuan’s lightless skill is second to none in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Even your eyesight can pick up the tiniest of details.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “I can’t really say my lightless skill is second to none but it is definitely in the top five. As for my eyesight, hehe, I can even see a fly from a mile away.”

Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyang were quietly looking at each other. They really did not know that Ji Yuan’s eyesight was this good.

“But she is a saintess. It won’t be easy to spy on her.” Ji Yuan pointed out. “As soon as we train our divine sense on her, she will surely know. Therefore this plan will not work.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “No, this will work because I’ve already planted tiny mirrors in her temporary dwelling place. If you train your eyes on the mirrors, she won’t know. Therefore what we need is your eyesight.”

Ji Yuan was perplexed, “I am from the orthodox celestial clan and is also a sect leader. I am not a flower thief or a lecherous fellow. I really can’t do this and what is the objective of doing so? I don’t really understand.”

Xia Jiajia bended her head to Ji Yuan before she whispered, “We only want to know if she is a white tiger and mean no harm.”

Ji Yuan was gasping. “She is a white tiger?”

(A white tiger is a term that refers to the lack of pubic hair)

“This is for you to find out.” Xia Jiajia smiled. “You can use her secret to trade for your beard.”

Ji Yuan muttered, “I need to think. This is not an honorable thing that we’re doing.”

Ling Feiyang smiled, “What if Maiden Xia will agree to follow you from now on?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes blankly as he looked at Xia Jiajia, “Really?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Naturally I will or do you want to lose your beard?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Then let’s do it.”

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Chapter 209: The Mysterious Floating Citadel (3)

Xingxin was hovering in mid-air as she looked quietly at Lu Qingyun before saying, “It is my duty to kill all the intruders that have entered this great hall.”

When she had said that, dozens of divine swords were suddenly forming from the metallic ball that was hovering in the middle of the hall.

Lu Qingyun muttered, “Isn’t this too unfair? She can hurt me but I can’t hurt her…”

Yan’Er chuckled, “Master, you are fighting a ghost now.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“Yan’Er, this isn’t the time for any joke. If I die, you will die too. Quick, think of something. Like, making friends with her.” Lu Qingyun said weakly.

Yan’Er nodded as she hovered to Xingxin, “Can we be friends and you do not hurt my master?”

Xingxin giggled as she nodded, “I am…only scaring him. No one has ever found their way to this hall and I can’t leave this hall too.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “No one? This place isn’t so hard to find.”

“It is actually protected by multiple layers of celestial arrays. It isn’t that simple to find this hall.” Xingxin said.

Lu Qingyun laughed awkwardly, “Really?” He had been following the winds until he had found this place and had failed to notice his surroundings.

Xingxin said quietly, “I am also not allowed to appear in front of any strangers.”

“Oh?” Lu Qingyun said.

Xingxin looked quietly at Yan’Er, “Because of Yan’Er and you. I found the courage to show up.”

Lu Qingyun blinked his eyes, not understanding.

Xingxin said slowly, “Yan’Er…has a physical form…I wish to have one as well…”

Yan’Er clapped her hands, “That is right. I have taken over the Horizon of the Heavens.”

Xingxin nodded slowly.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was frowning as he looked at Yan’Er. He had suddenly realized that these two spirit entities were communicating in secret. Xingxin never had the intention to hurt him and that was why Yan’Er was not panicking and was even playful.

Xingxin looked earnestly at Lu Qingyun, “Xingxin wishes to leave this accursed place…to go out. You have the Divine Sword Jade Light. It is a saint grade divine sword that is bathed in the pure profound energies of the Endless Abyssal Sea. It…will be a suitable vessel for my spirit entity.”

She struggled to find words before adding, “In return, I will divine harmony with your soul sea so that you can wield the Divine Sword Jade Light to its fullest potential. You shall be my master.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “I can wield the Divine Sword Jade Light to its fullest potential? Really?”

“Actually I don’t mind that but why me? You are the artefact spirit of this citadel and have an immortal soul. At least you have your freedom here.” Lu Qingyun pointed out.

“Because you are the true master of the Horizon of the Heavens…” Xingxin said melancholy. “…and also the same race as my masters.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “This Horizon of the Heavens, isn’t it just a divine sword?”

Xingxin smiled, “That is its true form but it is more powerful than just a divine sword. It will be able to restore my master’s strength.”

Yan’Er was nodding, “That’s right. Master’s strength will be restored in no time!”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he flashed out the true Divine Sword Jade Light, “Come inside then. I will take you outside. But before that, may I ask you something?”

Xingxin nodded as she hovered near him, “Yes master?”

“I don’t think I have the time to explore this citadel for any profound treasures. As a matter of fact, I should be burning the talisman anytime soon and to exit this place. Erm, I wonder if there are any valuable spirit herbs or celestial herbs that are in this place? I wonder if you can guide me to find them?” Lu Qingyun asked sheepishly, unsure if it was morally alright to make such a request. He was trying to plunder his newly spirit entity.

Xingxin smiled as she seemed to be able to read his thoughts, “Since I will be leaving this place, these things are of no use to me. It is better to bring some of it along.”

Then she chuckled, “Why don’t I bring all the profound treasures here so that master can have your pick?”

Lu Qingyun’s jaws almost dropped to the ground, “You can bring all the profound treasures to this place?!”

“Of course! Master has so fast forgotten that your Xingxin is the master of this great citadel.”

“This is great!” Lu Qingyun was really excited at the thought of seeing so many profound treasures. But he was soon sighing heavily, “My spatial ring and belt, I don’t think I can carry so many items…”

Lu Qingyun was now looking at the number of rare celestial herbs and spirit plants that were lay in front of him as well as a great quantity of profound treasures including the purest Heavenly Relics that he had ever seen.

“This…how do I carry all these?” He muttered as he looked at Yan’Er and Xingxin.

Although he had a spatial ring and a spatial belt but all items had a weight. It may be a spatial storage but the items were real and the weight of these items would affect his fluid movement. That was why most cultivators would only put a sword or two in their spatial rings and nothing else while they kept their other less important items in their spatial belt as a secondary backpack.

Putting a sword on a spatial ring had an advantage; it was almost the same as training with a sword that was in the hand constantly without attracting attention in the most unlikely of places.

And spatial rings and belts were only given to core protégés of a celestial clan usually. Although these spatial storages could only hold a backpack of items but that was more than enough usually. At the same time, it was very expensive to craft one and all the spatial storage items had the signature of their celestial clan of origin and the personal profound signature of the cultivator that it was given to, so was to prevent the others from using it.

Xingxin chuckled as she pointed to an exquisite jade belt, “This spatial storage belt is empty and is a profound treasure. It is equivalent to a hundred of master’s current storage belt.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “What is the point? I can’t move with such a heavy weight around my waist.”

Xingxin giggled, “It is a profound treasure and it is able to render the items within it weightless.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he quickly examined the exquisite belt before shouting excitingly, “Yan’Er, Xingxin. Quick! Find me all the best things that I can carry with me!”

Yan’Er looked around her and saw the hundreds of celestial herbs and profound treasures that were around her, “Which one is the best?”

Even Xingxin looked a little lost.

Lu Qingyun quickly said awkwardly with a heavy sigh, “Never mind, I think I will select these spirit plants myself. Two hours are not enough. We need two months to sort everything in this place. Just get me the oldest spirit plants and those spirit plants that have the most profound energies.”

Then he looked at the hundreds of profound treasures that were lying around, “Although profound treasures are important but it is really too numerous to take it away. I will just take a few and leave the rest of it to the other lucky cultivators to find.”

“Erm, I may need some high grade spirit stones too.” Lu Qingyun laughed weakly as he muttered. “It seems that greed is unsatisfied.”

He started to calm himself down as he thought, “I may just have the celestial herbs to make a sixth rank divine pill now. All I need is more time to research the celestial herbs that I’ve found. I will fulfill my old master’s dream as well as mine.”

Then he smiled to Xingxin and Yan’Er, “Let’s not be too greedy. I just need the cultivation resources for my future breakthrough to the sixth and seventh realm level. I’ve already have the two best profound treasures in my hand and that are the two of you here.”

He was actually not wrong. The Horizon of the Heavens and the Divine Sword Jade Light were the better profound treasures than any other profound treasures that could be found in the citadel.

And that was the main reason why Xingxin had manifested herself to him, drawn by the Divine Sword Jade Light that could make a potential vessel for her. Even if the entire artefact core of the citadel could be re-forged into a thousand divine swords, it was incomparable to a single saint divine sword and moreover this was a divine sword that was bathed in the profound energies of the Endless Abyssal Sea.

Xingxin and Yan’Er were both nodding with delight as they looked with earnest at Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun’s eyes seemed to be in a faraway place, “Now I am closer and closer to Keqin…I hope that she is well…will I ever meet her again…”

Suddenly Xingxin had interrupted his thoughts, “Master, actually there are plenty of fourth rank, fifth rank and even a couple of sixth rank divine pills here. Isn’t it easier to get the divine pills instead?”

Now that she was connected to Lu Qingyun’s soul sea, she was able to sense his needs.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he blinked his eyes, “Did you just say there are a couple of sixth rank divine pills in this place?!”

Xingxin grinned as she pointed to the pile of sealed bottles that she had earlier summoned into the place. “Over there master.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing heartily, “Why don’t  Xingxin…say so earlier…haha…”

Xingxin and Yan’Er were both laughing jovially too as they watched Lu Qingyun made a mad rush to the pile of sealed bottles as he muttered, “Even fifth rank divine pills are extremely precious…these are treasures beyond treasures…two hours are definitely not enough…”

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Chapter 11: One Hundred Years Ago (2)

Ji Yuan had walked into a celestial guild and said to the personal guild attendant, “I want some information about a person.”

The personal guild attendant was smiling. It was because the inquirer was a golden celestial and golden celestials were rich enough to afford payment for rare information.

She gave Ji Yuan a lovely smile, “That will depend on what information that you want about that person and the rarity of the information. It ranges from a single gold coin to several spirit stones. But you can rest assure that we will protect your confidentiality. May I know the person name first?”

Ji Yuan quickly nodded, “So be it. Do you have any information on Xue Qianxue?”

The personal guild attendant was gasping but she soon lit a wry smile, “If you want to know if she is attached or have any suitors, the price is 10 spirit stones. This information is highly sought after and I can promise you that we have the latest update on her.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “I am not interested in that.”

“Then?” The personal guild attendant asked curiously.

“I want to know her profound skills, her swordplay and how strong she is.” Ji Yuan said firmly.

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Are you sure?”

Ji Yuan asked, “Are you afraid that I won’t be able to pay you?”

“It isn’t that…” The personal guild attendant was sighing, “That will be 1 gold piece.”

“So cheap?!” Ji Yuan was astonished. 100 gold pieces was equivalent to one low grade spirit stone.

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Everyone knows who Xue Qianxue is and her ranking. This information isn’t worth much.”

“Well, I don’t so I want to know.” Ji Yuan smiled weakly.

The personal guild attendant was thinking, “Is he living in another world? He actually doesn’t know how strong Xue Qianxue is?”

But she kept her thoughts to herself while smiling, “Xue Qianxue. Sacred Maiden to the Celestial Orthodox Sect. Seventh Rank Middle Tier Saintess. One of the two most beautiful goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity…”

Ji Yuan said impatiently, “This, I know already. I am not paying you for this. I’m not interested in her family or status. I want to know her profound skills and ranking.”

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Alright then. I will go straight to the point. She practiced the Sacred Maiden Profound Art and the name of her swordplay is the Beautiful Maiden Swordplay. Her lightless skill…”

“What is the swordplay ranking of her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay?” Ji Yuan interrupted her with an anxious look.

“Well, it is currently ranked number nine.”

Ji Yuan was gasping as he thought. “Then I’m screwed.” His own swordplay was ranked forty-nine in the Swordplay Ranking but her swordplay was actually ranked ninth…

There was no way that he would want to shave off his beautiful beard. Therefore he thought of challenging her with his sword. After all, he was a highly respected Sword Saint and he had full faith in his sword.

But now, he was suddenly not so sure anymore…

He said weakly, “Not bad. But her sword art is still beneath me. What about her Sacred Maiden Profound Art?”

Although he may not best her in swordplay but he had full faith in his profound art. After all, usually these type of beautiful cultivators were weak in their profound arts and were more like a beautiful vase.

“The Sacred Maiden Profound Art is ranked in the top ten most powerful profound arts.” The personal guild attendant nearly fainted when he had asked her about it. This was something that everyone knew about.

Ji Yuan broke into cold sweat. His own profound art was not even among the top 100. Moreover Xue Qianxue was a seventh realm saintess and her profound strength was superior to him.

He could only pray that she was a lazy cultivator and her Sacred Maiden Profound Art was not as highly accomplished as the ranking said. After all, these types of rankings could be faked by anyone.

When he remembered how Gao Xianliang got kicked by her across the room, he began to panic as he thought. “Even a powerful sixth realm golden supremacy got kick in that manner…she isn’t weak…”

“Great Celestial, do you want any other information?” The personal guild attendant asked weakly.

“No, that is enough.” Ji Yuan said as he put down a gold coin on the table.

He was muttering to himself, “Although I am the protégé master of my own sect but I can’t let my protégés know that I’ve offended Xue Qianxue. This will be awkward to my face. Alas, what shall I do now?”

All of a sudden his eyes had looked up because a most astonishing beautiful maiden had quietly walked into the celestial guild house. She was dressed in black robe that showed her beautiful legs and she had her long hair bundled into a beautiful top that immediately gave her an elegant presence. At the same time, her pair of golden eyes was looking intently around her.

Ji Yuan muttered silently, “She is so beautiful. I wonder if she is attached. If only I can hook her up.”

She was indeed the most beautiful maiden that Ji Yuan had ever seen and his eyes were wandering on every inch of her.

Ji Yuan was not the only person looking at her. Almost everyone had suddenly stopped what they were doing and were in awe of her astonishing beauty.

Even the female guild personal attendant was muttering, “I’ve thought that there are only two goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. There is another goddess here.”

This beautiful astonishing maiden had suddenly approached Ji Yuan and was smiling, “Are you Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan was startled that she had actually approached him. He nodded before saying, “I am. Do you know me?”

The beautiful astonishing maiden chuckled softly, “Of course I know you. You are the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators. Someone as renowned as you is known by everyone.”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “Indeed, indeed. But I don’t know the name of maiden yet. May I know your maiden’s name?”

The beautiful astonishing maiden rolled her eyes before she said quietly, “Xia Jiajia.”

“So it is Maiden Xia Jiajia. May I know your celestial clan of origin?” Ji Yuan said as he stared at her.

Xia Jiajia smiled before she whispered to him, “Actually I am here to help you. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “I’ve no enemies…”

“Well, you have one now and that is Xue Qianxue.” Xia Jiajia chuckled softly.

Ji Yuan was frowning, “How did you know about this?”

Xia Jiajia giggled before she whispered, “I was there. You guys are so loud that day. Even a deaf man can hear you.”

Ji Yuan immediately had a sheepish look, “A deaf man can’t hear for sure.”

“But that isn’t the point right?” Xia Jiajia smiled. “You have a powerful cultivator that is on your back now and you need to shake her off. Therefore you may need my help to do so.”

Ji Yuan shrugged his shoulders, “Actually it isn’t as threatening as you think it is. I’m sure that Xue Qianxue is wise enough to know that I am innocent of any disrespect to her. The ones that made the lewd remarks isn’t me.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Are you sure about that? I have heard you loud and clear that day. You’ve made the lewdest remark on her.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Maiden Xia, you can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words! In fact, I was trying to persuade them to be respectful!” Yuan Ji said with great righteousness.

If there was anything that he would not do and that was to disrespect any maidens. It was against his Dao and the pride of his Sword Saint title!

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, he was well-known as the gentleman of the sword.

“Well. Did you say that beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder that day?” Xia Jiajia asked.

Ji Yuan nodded, “I did. What is wrong with this line?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Why are you so cute? Did you say this next then? I didn’t even know how she looks like so how can I even take her as my consort? Even if she is willing, I am not willing at all.”

Ji Yuan was frowning lightly, “There is nothing offensive about this.”

Xia Jiajia was smiling with amusement, “It may sound inoffensive but imagine letting Xue Qianxue hearing that she is undeserved to be your consort because you don’t know how beautiful she is. That is offensive. And you have to add if she is willing, you are not willing at all. Can you imagine how she feels after hearing you?”

Ji Yuan was startled after hearing her, “Surely she isn’t that petty right?”

“Did you also say that after you have got her as your consort, you will also share her divine remedy to your three other brothers?” Xia Jiajia asked further.

“This, I did say that. But there is nothing wrong right?” Ji Yuan smiled weakly.

“To Xue Qianxue, it is extremely lewd. It is like sharing her with your three other brothers.” Xia Jiajia pointed out.

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes, “I didn’t think this way at all.”

“Then you have to add that you’ve no interest in someone that you’ve never met. You even said that people tends to exaggerate things about her and that she is only being conferred the title of a beautiful goddess only because she is a saintess.” Xia Jiajia pointed out.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “I did say that…”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “And you even add that she must have plenty of suitors and that you doubt that she is even a chaste maiden.”

Ji Yuan: …

“What you’ve said got her so upset that she immediately stormed to your private room.” Xia Jiajia chuckled softly. “So, are your remarks lewd or not?”

Ji Yuan returned a bitter smile, “I did say that but the others are the worst offenders.”

“No matter how lewd they are but they are still praising her beauty but you…” Xia Jiajia was laughing so jovially that there were tears in her eyes. “I’ve never met anyone that can upset Xue Qianxue straight in her face like you did.”

Ji Yuan had suddenly pulled her aside, “Erm, let’s talk elsewhere. This place isn’t a good place to talk.”

Then he whispered to her, “You’re right. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Xia Jiajia was laughing softly, “So you’ve finally realized you have made an enemy out of Xue Qianxue?”

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Chapter 208: The Mysterious Floating Citadel (2)

Lu Qingyun was now climbing on the massive overhanging chain that was chaining to the floating citadel above.

The winds were heavy and it had threatened to loosen his grip on a few occasions.

But Lu Qingyun had exercised all his profound strength to tighten his grip as he made his way across the massive overhanging chain.

Because he was a fifth realm expert now, it only took him slightly less than an hour to perform the feat to the equally massive floating citadel.

If it was a fourth realm expert, they may even need two hours to complete the treacherous climb against the furious fury of the strong winds.

He sighed quietly as he made his way to the walls of the citadel, “I have only two hours left to burn the talisman and to leave this place.”

This citadel was in a much better shape than the ruins below and was hidden from view within the tall mountains.

As soon as Lu Qingyun had stepped on the castle walls of the citadel, he was in awe. He was like a tiny ant that was looking at the towering walls and entrances of the citadel. The many entrances of this citadel were as wide as twenty men standing side by side and as tall as ten men put together.

He was completely stunned by the imposing and grandeur of the entrances.

He randomly picked an entrance to walk inside and saw that the passageways were even more imposing and large, colored by white and gold walls that seemed to be immune to the passage of time.

It was only then that he noticed that there were no dusts along the passageway or anywhere but there seemed to be a gentle wind that was flowing everywhere from all around him.

He was suddenly perplexed.

Dusts were supposed to be everywhere and moreover this citadel was too huge. No one had the time or will to clean this place. This was his conclusion.

Suddenly he was startled by a sudden thought. What if this was a ghost citadel and that everything was just an illusion? Although it seemed grand and out of place with the passage of time but this may all be an illusion. The reality was that this place was actually broken down and there may be holes all over the ground to lure the unwary to fall to their deaths below.

But he soon pushed this conclusion out of his mind because he was now a golden celestial. Illusions could be easily perceived by the divine sense of the golden celestials and illusions were futile against him now.

Then he did something that few cultivators would bother to do.

He rubbed his neck and threw a speck of dirt on the ground and patiently watched for five minutes. Soon he noticed that the gentle winds were lifting the speck of dirt and were throwing it out of the citadel.

“So that where all the dusts go to!” He clapped his right hand against his left palm, delighted that the mystery had been solved.

If Qian Jingjing, Zhao Xingye and Zhao Riyue were here, they would have stopped him immediately because this was a complete waste of time and useless to the exploration.

“But where did the wind come from?” Lu Qingyun asked. “It will be interesting to find out.”

Again, if Qian Jingjing, Zhao Xingye and Zhao Riyue were here, they would have stopped him immediately because this was a complete waste of time and useless to the exploration.

But because they were not around, Lu Qingyun was not in a rush to explore the citadel and instead he was simply following his heart and satisfying his own curiosity.

So he started to use his divine sense to follow the source of the winds.

“Yan’Er, warn me if there are any dangers.” He said to her in his soul sea.

“Master, actually now that you are a golden celestial, your divine sense is now as sharp as me now.” Yan’Er yawned softly.

“Don’t be lazy, Yan’Er.”

“Master, Yan’Er thinks that you are the one that is being lazy…”

“Haha, is it? I’ve got better use for my divine sense than to waste my energies on constant vigilant. There is a saying, the enemy will never strike when you are on your best vigilant but will always strike you when you are at your lowest vigilant!”

Yan’Er: ???

“Master, so the enemy will always strike you because you are at your lowest vigilant?” Yan’Er asked, not understanding.

“No. The enemy will never strike me because I’m not wasting my profound strength on my mental energies to maintain full vigilant.”

Yan’Er: -__-?

“Erm, I mean that your enemy will always strike you because they want you to exhaust all your strength first so that you cannot have the strength to retaliate back. Never mind…just help me to be on a lookout for dangers.”

Yan’Er displayed a sheepish look before she said, “Lazy master…”

“Lazy Yan’Er too. We are supposed to be on an exploration expedition and Yan’Er is napping. We need to be united in our minds and souls. Only then can we succeed…”

“Erm…Yan’Er? Yan’Er, you are there?”

“She has dozed off…”


“Nowadays you can’t trust a growing up sentient spirit entity. I need to put a note for this somewhere…” Lu Qingyun was muttering while he walked around the passageways.

He soon followed the winds to the underground basement of the citadel.

Usually most people would go to the inner citadel where the treasuries were in search for the profound treasures but Lu Qingyun was driven more by his curiosity rather than an interest in the profound treasures.

Soon he had come to a white and gold gate that towered over him.

He was frowning softly, “This is just a gate here. To think that I’ve wasted half an hour in a vain search. How is it possible for the winds to be generated behind a closed gate…”

Yan’Er suddenly shouted panicky, “Master, there is an eerie presence behind this gate.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he quickly used his divine sense to sense beyond the gate but there was nothing.

He began to rebuke Yan’Er lightly, “What eerie presence? There are no ghosts in the world…”

“But Yan’Er saw your ghostly citadel images earlier…”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “That is only my imagination. Silly Yan’Er. You need to discern what is real and what is my imagination…”

All of a sudden the white and gold gate began to swing open slowly, startling Lu Qingyun.

There were strong winds that were blowing from within the room and as the gate began to open, the gentle winds had suddenly become strong winds that were almost swept Lu Qingyun away.

Lu Qingyun immediately used his profound strength to display the Thousand Weight Fall to root himself where he was.

As he lifted his sleeve to shelter his face from the strong winds that were blowing against his face, he suddenly saw a little girl dressed in white that was about six standing in front of him!

This little girl did not seem to be affected by the strong winds at all and the winds seemed to blow through her.

Behind her, was a metallic ball that was hovering rapidly in mid-air and it seemed that this metallic ball was the reason why there were winds in this place.

Lu Qingyun stammered, “Who are you?”

Yan’Er had also appeared all of a sudden as she lifted her little finger at the little girl, “She is the eerie presence, master.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Right…”

He quickly regained his composure as he asked the little girl in white, “You are…a spirit entity?”

The little girl slowly nodded as she pointed at the massive hovering metallic ball, “I’m the spirit entity of this citadel’s artefact core.”

Lu Qingyun looked at her curiously, “Judging from your size, you must be around ten thousand years old?”

Yan’Er chuckled, “Master, she is a million year old.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“I think I will give up on guessing the age of the spirit entities. It all doesn’t add up to me.” He sighed.

Then he smiled weakly to the little girl in white, “Are you friend or foe? What is your name?”

The little girl smiled as she said awkwardly, “My name is…Xingxin. I am…just Xingxin.”

Yan’Er had hovered to her and was laughing, “I am Yan’Er and this is my Master Lu Qingyun. Got it?”

Xingxin returned a light nod.

Lu Qingyun was astonished, “So Xingxin is a also a sentient spirit entity? But where is your master?”

Xingxin replied, “I have no master. I am…the master of this Flying Cloud Citadel. I am all alone now.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “You are the master of this citadel?”

Then he quickly said with a weak smile, “Please forgive us for intruding. I am just exploring the area. If you are not happy with us for intruding, we can leave immediately. Haha.”

And with that he had really turned his back around with a sheepish look, “Yan’Er, let’s go!”

All of a sudden Xingxin had re-appeared in front of him and behind her, the white gold gate had shut itself now. “You cannot go.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly, “Please open the gate…”

Xingxin shook her head lightly as she said softly, “Not until you agree to my demands.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He was now being held hostage by a sentient spirit entity. And the most important question was, how do you kill a spirit entity?

Then he took a look at Yan’Er before saying bitterly, “Yan’Er, I think I leave this fight to you.”

Yan’Er: …

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Chapter 10: One Hundred Years ago (1)

One hundred years ago;

Ji Yuan was in the company of three other high level cultivators in a private hosting room. These three other high level cultivators were all sixth realm golden supremacies.

Yuwen Hao was stroking his long beard as he laughed jovially, “The four of us have been conferred the celestial title of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators. Although we have never met in the past but from today onward, the four of us shall be brothers!”

Gao Xianliang laughed as he raised a toast to everyone, “Yes, we are brothers from now on!”

“However, we should all toast Brother Ji Yuan first. He has been conferred as the most beautiful beard among the four of us. At the same time, he is also an upper sixth realm cultivator while we are all below him in cultivation. Therefore we should address him as our big brother!” Li Yi shouted.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan!” The other three cultivators raised their hands to toast him excitingly.

Ji Yuan chuckled, “This is my honor as well to be your big brother. I am flattered by the praises of all the cultivators in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Our renown is now known throughout the celestial fraternity.”

“Big Brother Ji Yuan, your long beard is indeed beautiful. Although my beard is beautiful as well but it is still short of your beard’s astonishing beauty.” Gao Xianliang praised him.

“Indeed, indeed. How did Big Brother Ji Yuan manage to keep your beard so long and beautiful?” Yuwen Hao asked curiously.

“It is really not easy to maintain our long beards…”

“There are many golden celestials that have fallen into bad repute because they had lost their beards during their golden body transformation…even saints too…”

“Although there are saints with beards but their beards are not as beautiful as ours…”

“We are also handsome as well…”

“We are all young looking with long beautiful beards…”

“All the maidens in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are buying our portraits and putting it in their rooms…”

“Woes to those that have lost their beards…”

Li Yi had suddenly said, “Big Brother Ji Yuan, I think that in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity, only you are a compatible match to Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue. There are no others who can even come closer than you in term of your good looks!”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue is one of the two most beautiful goddesses in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. How can I even be compatible to her? Moreover, she is also a seventh realm golden saintess.”

There were two most beautiful goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. One was Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue of the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the other was Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

Gao Xianliang smiled, “Why not take Ling Feiyue as your consort too? She is also a goddess among men.”

Ji Yuan frowned, “Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue is from the unorthodox heretic fraction. We are from righteous orthodox fraction. How can I even consider Ling Feiyue at all?”

Yuwen Hao was laughing, “So does this mean that Big Brother Ji Yuan is considering to take Xue Qianxue as your consort?”

Ji Yuan laughed, “Beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder. I didn’t even know how she looks like so how can I even take her as my consort? Even if she is willing, I am not willing at all!”

Gao Xianliang, Yuwen Hao and Li Yi were all laughing jovially as they said together, “That is so true. Big Brother Ji Yuan can have any maiden you want. It is your choice and not theirs!”

“I’m sure that when Xue Qianxue sees our Big Brother Ji Yuan, her legs will grow weak!” Yuwen Hao chuckled.

“I have heard that Xue Qianxue has a divine remedy that can not only restore a man’s beard but also can make it grow even more beautiful than ever.” Li Yi smiled. “If one day, Big Brother Ji Yuan decides to take Xue Qianxue as your consort, I hope that you can share the remedy with us?”

Ji Yuan immediately patted his chest as he laughed, “No problem at all! When that day happens, I will definitely share it with my brothers!”

“Then we thanks Big Brother Ji Yuan in advance first!”

Ji Yuan was stroking his beautiful long heard as he muttered, “Hmm, a remedy that can make my beard grows even better? This is so interesting.”

“Big Brother, you should be thinking of getting Xue Qianxue as your consort first.” Gao Xianliang laughed. “And imagining her in your bed.”

“That is right!” Yuwen Hao was laughing jovially. “I really cannot imagine how she will look like when she is naked.”

Ji Yuan was frowning lightly, “Actually I have no interest in someone that I’ve never met. You know that people tends to exaggerate things. Frankly speaking, I think that she is only being conferred the title of a beautiful goddess only because she is a saintess.”

Then he added with a grin, “Moreover, she must have plenty of suitors. I doubt that she is a chaste maiden anyway…”

All of a sudden there was a maiden in white curtain veil standing at the curtained entrance who was humming coldly, “Have you guys done yet?”

Ji Yuan and the other three men were startled by her sudden appearance.

It was because they were all sixth realm golden supremacies here and they had not heard her approach.

Li Yi smiled, “If you want this room, I am afraid that we have booked it for the entire day.”

Yuwen Hao was laughing, “This maiden looks like a beautiful maiden. If you are willing to accompany us for a few drinks then we may consider letting you have this private room.”

Gao Xianliang smirked, “Why don’t you remove your headdress? You’re indoor now and we will like to see your pretty face.”

The maiden in white curtain veil replied coldly, “Do you think that you are fit to talk to me like this?”

Yuwen Hao was roaring with laughter, “She asking us if we are fit to talk to her like this? Look at our golden eyes! We are golden celestials! We are also four sixth realm golden supremacies here…”

Ji Yuan muttered weakly, “Erm brothers, this isn’t so nice to talk so rudely to someone like this. We may be golden celestials but we should also treat the others with respect…”

But his voice was quickly drowned by Gao Xianliang, “Listen maiden, if you are not taking off your headdress then you are not leaving this place!”

All of a sudden he had jumped forward to seize her curtain headdress.




The maiden in white curtain veil had not only slapped Gao Xianliang tightly on his cheek and she had kicked him across the room, stunning the other three men.

Did they see wrongly?

A golden supremacy just got kicked in this manner with almost no defenses?

Even Gao Xianliang was shocked as he stammered out, “Who…are you?”

The maiden in white curtain veil answered coldly, “Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue. Seventh realm golden saintess.”

Gao Xianliang: …

Ji Yuan, Yuwen Hao, Li Yi: …

All four men had turned ashen immediately. They were talking behind Xue Qianxue’s back and little did they know that she was actually here in the same place as them!

Xue Qianxue said coldly, “So four golden supremacies of your lofty status are speaking behind my back and in such a loud manner. I dare you to repeat what you have just said earlier!”

Ji Yuan had almost burst into laughter as he thought, “Luckily, I am a true gentleman and did not badmouth her. All the lewd remarks are made by them.”

Xue Qianxue had suddenly pointed at Ji Yuan and said coldly, “So you are the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators? I want you to shave off your beard and your portrait delivered to me in this place. You have three days to do so or don’t blame me for shaming you in public.”

With that she had left in an angry huff.

Ji Yuan was completely stunned as he stared blankly at his three other ‘brothers’.

“Big Brother Ji Yuan, I’m afraid that this time I won’t be able to help you…”

“She is a saintess while we are merely low level supremacies…”

“You shouldn’t be poking fun at her behind her back…”

“I will give you my spiritual support…”

“You are and will still be our big brother…”

“Rest assured that we won’t tell anyone about this…”

“You shouldn’t have lofty thoughts about taking a saintess as your consort. You are only asking for it…”

After quickly ‘comforting’ Ji Yuan, all three men quickly fled the scene of their bad behavior.

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Juan: …

Ji Yuan: …

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Chapter 207: The Mysterious Floating Citadel (1)

After a weary battle, Zhao Riyue ordered her group to have a quick meal to regain their strength.

Lu Qingyun had no issue with that since he was feeling hungry as well.

He watched as Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye started to take out a pot that had noodles in it from their spatial storage and started to add water into the pot.

All of a sudden, the pot was boiling and the fragrance scent of the boiled noodles reached Lu Qingyun’s nostrils.

He was astonished, not from the delicious looking noodles but the fact that the pot of noodles was boiling the water and the noodles without any fire!

This was the holy grail of alchemy!

He quickly flew to them as he said excitingly, “Maiden Riyue, Maiden Xingye. This pot…”

Zhao Riyue was startled when she saw Lu Qingyun was now looking excitingly at the pot of noodles. “Senior, you are a golden celestial now. Surely not that you will actually be famished?”

Qian Jingjing laughed, “The noodles look so nice that even I’m hungry as well. But I’ve only my dry ration with me.”

Lu Qingyun returned a soft chuckle, “Who says golden celestials can’t eat. I’m always hungry. But…”

He smiled weakly as he did not know how to start his question before saying, “Did I see you only pouring water in this pot and it is boiling? Where is the fire and how did you do that? You can actually have fresh food as long as you have water. This is really too amazing. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Then he added excitingly, “Can I know how this work?”

Zhao Riyue chuckled, “This is actually an invention by our Celestial Tang Xuefeng. She is the one that has invented this. But the secret lies in this pot. When water is added to this pot, there is a special coating that is being used by Celestial Tang Xuefeng to make the water boil. How it works, I actually have no idea.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Will she tells me?”

Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were both laughing before Zhao Xingye chuckled, “She won’t tell anyone because she once says that if this method is known to the others then it may do more bad than good.”

Lu Qingyun looked a little disappointed and he was sighing softly. “I didn’t know that Celestial Tang Xuefeng is such a genius alchemist…”

Zhao Riyue laughed softly, “I do not know if she is a genius alchemist but I do know that she is really good in cooking. She says that she has discovered this method when she is experimenting with her cooking.”

Zhao Xingye was nodding, “In case senior did not know, she is really good in cooking soups and you will surely feel invigorate after taking her soup.”

Qian Jingjing knew that Lu Qingyun had made Tang Xuefeng cry that day so she said weakly, “Unfortunately my Brother Qingyun will never have the chance to drink her soup.”

Zhao Xingye nodded, “Celestial Tang is really busy. It is extremely difficult to get her to cook for anyone. I had only taken her soup only once and that was during the Heavenly Fragrance Princess’ birthday banquet.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing weakly. He did not dare to tell them that he had already taken Tang Xuefeng’s soups. He was thinking, “No wonder it tastes so good.”

But he decided to make a shameless request, “Although I am not hungry now but I may be hungry later. Do you think that I can have a pot to cook something later?”

Zhao Xingye and Zhao Riyue said at the same time, “Senior, you may have my pot!”

Then both sisters were looking at each other in astonishment before they averted their eyes shyly.

Zhao Riyue said quietly, “Senior, you may have my sister’s pot.”

Zhao Xingye was startled as she looked at her sister, “This won’t do. Let sister gives her pot to him.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly as he said shamelessly, “I can take two pots. Maybe Jingjing needs some food too.”

Qian Jingjing: …

She knew that Lu Qingyun was not trying to get one of the pots for her but was for himself to study. She had been long enough with him to know that he was actually an alchemist.

Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye said at the same time, “Senior, you may have our pots.”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “In that case I won’t decline. But will I get you into trouble for giving me such precious pots?”

Zhao Riyue smiled and said, “Don’t worry. All the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa have one.”

When Lu Qingyun had heard her, his jaws nearly fell to the ground. “How did Tang Xuefeng make so many of these pots?”

Zhao Riyue smiled weakly, “Actually senior, this pot can only be used three times altogether. So our pots can only be used one last time since we have already cooked it twice.”

Lu Qingyun was stammering, “It can only be used one last time…”

What if his research had failed?

Actually Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye could tell that Lu Qingyun was more interested in the pots than the noodles. But they did not expose him.

Lu Qingyun was muttering, “It is alright then. One last time each, so be it then. Quick, give me the pots.”

Zhao Xingye shy said, “Senior, can you please let us finish our food first?”

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “Haha. I’ve forgotten…no hurry. Please take your time to finish your food.”

But he was already looking impatiently and excitingly for them to finish their food.

Qian Jingjing secretly whispered to him, “I will suggest that you don’t approach Celestial Tang Xuefeng to ask her anything. Just in case, you will make her cry again.”

Lu Qingyun returned a sheepish look as he whispered back, “How do you know that I will ask Celestial Tang Xuefeng about it?”

“It is all written all over your face…” Qian Jingjing smiled weakly.

Soon Lu Qingyun was moving with Qian Jingjing, Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye and eleven other maidens as they ventured deeper inside the walled ruins.

“What is this place?” Lu Qingyun asked. “It seems to be endless even though we are all moving so hastily. I have never seen walls that are so many hundreds of miles long. This is really a big city. At this rate, we can never explore the place fully.”

Zhao Riyue replied, “Yes, this place is bigger than we have expected as well. Rather than saying that we are exploring an ancient celestial ruin, it is more correct to say that we are exploring an entire domain.”

Lu Qingyun nodded. “So do you have any interesting finds so far?”

Zhao Riyue smiled, “We have found precious metals. Mostly Celestiums and Heavenly Relics. Hopefully we will be able to forge a divine sword or two from the Heavenly Relics that we have found.”

As they chatted, they soon passed through a crack in the mountains that led them to the other side.

When they had emerged from the mountain tunnel on the other side, the group was suddenly astonished by the sight of a gigantic citadel that was floating in the air, chained by dozens of massive metal chains that were rooted by the surrounding tall mountains.

Qian Jingjing was gasping in bewilderment, “This gigantic citadel can actually float in mid-air?!”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “This citadel is too massive. In order to float in this manner, there must be a massive artefact core that is supporting it and this artefact core can only be a Heavenly Relic artefact core.”

Zhao Riyue said weakly, “This is such a waste of cultivation resources to melt the Heavenly Relic into an artefact core to support this massive citadel. More than a thousand divine swords may be able to be forged from this artefact core alone.”

“We lack the cultivation strength to extract this artefact core. Moreover there is no way we can carry it too. It must be equally massive.” Zhao Xingye pointed out.

“The real question is,” Lu Qingyun said. “How do we get up to this gigantic citadel?”

Qian Jingjing asked, “Brother Qingyun, you want to explore this citadel? I got an ominous feeling about it. Maybe we can go elsewhere? There are still plenty of places to explore. We only have three hours left now.”

Lu Qingyun was drawn to this citadel for an unknown reason. So he nodded, “I guess so. There may be profound treasures in this citadel. This citadel looks more intact than the ruins that we have seen.”

Then he was looking at the massive chains with a grin, “We can take the chains up. So, who is with me?”

Everyone could feel that the winds here were extremely strong and it would take a mad man to want to climb the chains to reach the floating citadel.

Qian Jingjing, Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye and all the others: …

Zhao Riyue smiled weakly, “Senior, are you really sure about this?”

Lu Qingyun nodded, “I think that I will be able to do this alone. After all, I have the profound strength of a golden celestial now.”

Then he turned to look at Qian Jingjing, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye. “We are all here for our lucky occurrences. Don’t wait me here. Look for your own opportunities. I will be fine, don’t worry and I hope that you will all be fine. Alright?”

Lu Qingyun was right. Climbing the chains against the strong winds would indeed require a cultivator to have the profound strength of a golden celestial first or they would lose their grips easily.

With great reluctant, they were forced to nod.

“Help me to take care of Maiden Qian. Farewell.” And Lu Qingyun was already speeding for the nearest chain.

Qian Jingjing was sighing softly…

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Chapter 206: Seventh Rank King Raptor

A Seventh Rank King Raptor was now raising its claw with startling speed to attack a group of cultivators.

Its claw attack was so devastating that it imploded the thick wall, leaving behind its claw mark behind a cultivator that it was attacking.

Behind the Seventh Rank Raptor was a group of eight Fifth Rank Raptors.

And behind the cultivator was a group of twelve cultivators.

These two groups were all watching the fight keenly between the two champions.

The lone cultivator that was fighting the King Raptor was Zhao Xingye.

There were many dead bodies of the cultivators and raptors around them but for most of the cultivators, they had already escaped by burning the talisman.

The cultivators that were left were those that stubbornly refused to abandon their other companions. At the same time they knew that if too many of the talismans were burnt at the same time, this would decrease the odds of survival for those that need to escape.

Moreover this group of cultivators was really very close to one another. Among them was naturally Zhao Riyue her twin sister.

The messy fight had now become a fight between two champions of these two groups.

The cultivators were astonished that the raptors had suddenly stayed their hand; if the raptors had chosen to attack all at once, their small group was certain to be obliterated by them. After all, most of these raptors were at the fifth rank level.

Perhaps it was because of Zhao Xingye that had slain three of the fifth rank raptors and her feat had caught the attention of the king raptor.

Although Zhao Xingye was only a fourth realm expert but with the mental empowerment of her twin sister, her strength had risen to that of a fifth realm golden celestial.

But even then, she was defending more than attacking against the Seventh Rank Raptor. A Seventh Rank Raptor was capable of tearing apart even a sixth realm golden supremacy and Zhao Xingye was only a fifth realm golden celestial.

Without the enhance speed and the mental intuition that was given by her twin sister Zhao Riyue, she would be torn apart long ago.

The Seventh Rank Raptor of course was not aware that Zhao Xingye astonishing reflexes was due to the mental guidance and mental empowerment of another cultivator.

Zhao Riyue watched the fight with astonishing keenness as she lifted her sister away from harm again and again with her profound strength. But she was now breaking into heavy sweat and was trembling now; it was because she had expended too much of her profound strength and mental energies.

She was now almost at her breaking point and in another few blinks of an eye, she would collapse from sheer exhaustion. When she fell, so would her twin sister Zhao Xingye!

As for Zhao Xingye, she was already at her breaking point. If it was not for her twin sister, she would have been torn apart already by now.

All of a sudden a white flash of light had appeared between Zhao Xingye and the King Raptor, separating them from their fight.

The white flash of light had come from Lu Qingyun’s two beaming divine swords!

Zhao Xingye, Zhao Riyue and many of the cultivators were gasping when they saw that it was Lu Qingyun. It was because he was now a true celestial, a golden celestial!

Although Zhao Riyue could temporary elevated her sister to the level of a golden celestial fighter but there was no way she would change her cultivation characteristic to a real golden celestial. A golden celestial was a golden celestial because of their regeneration abilities and was much tougher.

At the very least, a golden celestial would not be torn apart by the Seventh Rank King Raptor with only one or two hits since even their skeleton would also become golden and was much tougher than any of the fourth realm cultivators.

At the same time Qian Jingjing had also arrived at the scene and was shocked to see the monstrous size of the King Raptor and its malicious claws towering over Lu Qingyun.

She panicky shouted, “Brother Qingyun, be careful!”

Lu Qingyun had immediately displayed his ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’ with his right divine sword and the ‘Beta Soaring Heavens as One’ with his left divine sword.

These two powerful sword arts had immediately swept the King Raptor aside, causing it to fall to one side of the ground.

Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye and the other cultivators were all gasping softly; they had never seen such a profound display of sword energies before.

Lu Qingyun however was not too glad about his feats. It was because he could see that his two powerful sword arts were only able to knock it aside but not hurt it.

Immediately he raised both of his divine swords high up in the air with his newly golden profound aura as his animus. This next attack was going to be his most powerful attack ever, merging his profound aura with his profound strength.

This was his ‘True Soaring Heavens as One’ sword art, merging the speed of the ‘Alpha Soaring as One’ with the profound power of the Beta Soaring Heavens as One’.

A beam of towering profound energies had enveloped his two upright divine swords and had begun to follow his directed swing against the King Raptor, immediately puncturing through its scales and because the outburst of sword energies were so devastating, two unfortunate raptors that were caught in the blast behind were instantly obliterated.

The King Raptor was bemoaning loudly as it was caught in the full blast of the attack.

All the cultivators were now cheering now. It was because they did not expect that a fifth realm golden celestial would actually have the profound power to defeat a Seventh Rank King Raptor.

Zhao Xingye was blinking her eyes as she stole a glance at her sister with a silent thought, “Is he really a fifth realm golden celestial? His powerful sword energies are in the realm of the seventh realm sword energies cultivator.”

Zhao Riyue was also exchanging silently with her twin sister, “Even a saint may not be capable of using such powerful sword energy attacks.”

Lu Qingyun was also startled by his new profound strength. “This is the strength of a golden celestial? The disparity between a fourth realm and a fifth realm expert is so vast…”

Just as he was about to swing his sword to make another move at the King Raptor, Zhao Riyue quickly said. “Don’t. This King Raptor is quite honorable to fight us one to one. Even if it is only a desolate beast but it is better than most cultivators that are without any honor. Let it go.”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he pulled back his two divine swords to his back.

When the King Raptor saw his gesture, it seemed to understand. It gave a huge bemoaning roar before turning back clumsily. The King Raptor was quickly followed by the other raptors.

Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye quickly greeted Lu Qingyun with a hand bow as they said respectfully, “Senior, thank you for coming to our aid.”

Zhao Xingye chuckled as she added, “Or should we call you Celestial Lu Qingyun now?”

“Or Senior Celestial Lu?” Zhao Riyue was giggling.

Lu Qingyun returned a weak smile at their tease. He was not used to being addressed as a Celestial. In the Celestial Realm, fifth realm experts were the true celestials and were called the golden celestials. At such, they had an honorable celestial title attached to them, according to their cultivation realm.

He had never dreamed that one day he would be a golden celestial. Qin Keqin was a golden celestial and unless he was a golden celestial himself, there was no way he could be with her.

Maybe he could even win the approval of Saintess Jade Light now.

Qian Jingjing looked immensely proud of Lu Qingyun when all the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were now looking at him with awe.

“He is Lu Qingyun?”

“He is really dashing…”

“I’ve heard that he has a bad reputation…”

“The rumors are not true at all…”

Zhao Riyue quickly said to her protégé sisters, “Don’t be rude and greet this Celestial Lu! Don’t forget that his master is an elder of our sect. Therefore he is also your senior.”

Immediately the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were all greeting, “Our greeting to senior! Our respect to Celestial Lu!”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly. He was not used to being greeted by so many. Moreover these maidens were all core protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and they were all mostly fourth realm experts. He was only a fourth realm expert not too long ago.

But this was the protocol of the Celestial Realm. The disparity between a fourth realm level and a fifth realm level was simply too great. Although there were many peaked fourth realm experts but overcoming the barrier to become a golden celestial was simply too great and many had perished during the life and death tribulations.

Lu Qingyun asked Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye, “What is going on here?”

Zhao Riyue said weakly, “We are combing the ruins here when we are attacked by these raptors. It seemed that we are in their territory.”

Lu Qingyun looked at their numbers with an anxious look, “Only a few of you have remained?”

Zhao Riyue said without a hint of sorrow, “We have actually split into three groups of about thirty each to better comb this place. After all, we only have six hours.”

Then she took a look at the bodies of five of her protégé sisters as she lowered her glances, “We have lost seven of our protégé sisters here. The remaining protégé sisters are back outside now.”

Lu Qingyun saw that there were many other dead cultivators too. These cultivators must have followed Zhao Riyue and her group when the attack occurred.

He muttered quietly, “Let’s bury them first before we go deeper.”

Zhao Riyue replied with trembling voice, “No need.”

She had quickly taken out a talisman and a fire pill from her spatial ring. With a flicker of her fingers, she had imbued her profound strength into the talisman and had sent it flying with the fire pill into one of the bodies, detonating it into a fiery fire.

Lu Qingyun was startled. This was the Samsara Fire. Unless there were profound energies to resist this fire, it would continue to burn until there was no flesh that was left. And dead cultivators were unable to muster any of their profound energies.

The rest of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were all doing the same as they burnt the bodies of the dead. This was actually the greatest respect for the dead to prevent their bodies from being defiled by the desolate beasts.

Lu Qingyun could see beyond the cool countenance of Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye and the other maidens that they were grieved but they had chosen to suppress their emotions of their hearts. In fact many of them had red sorrowful eyes as they burnt the bodies of their beloved protégé sisters.

He began to sigh quietly.

But he was soon startled by Zhao Riyue who said to him, “Senior, may you guide us. We will follow you.”

“Follow me?” Lu Qingyun asked.

Zhao Riyue nodded with a melancholy sigh, “I’ve led my protégé sisters to their deaths and caused the deaths of so many of the other cultivators. I am not worthy to lead anyone now. Why don’t senior lead us instead? You are not only our senior but also a golden celestial. If you are not fit to lead us, who is?”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “This is a most unfortunate encounter and it can happen to anyone. How can I be worthy of leading anyone?”

But all the maidens from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were all nodding at him with a fierce determination.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly as he stole a glance at Qian Jingjing who was nodding to him, “Alright then…”

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Chapter 205: The Good-For-Nothing Savior

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were moving cautiously along the many tall walls of the ruins when they spotted a group of seven cultivators that were being chased by a terrifying sixth rank devious raptor.

Lu Qingyun had immediately recognized Yu Tianjian and Gongsun Ya from the group. All the cultivators that were in the group were grievously injured and they had claw marks on them. The only reason that they did not die instantly was because they were all fourth realm cultivators of the energy level and they were forcing their agonizing bodies to move with their sheer strength of will.

But their situation was desperate and one of the cultivators had suddenly faltered, becoming the food of the terrifying large raptor that towered over the cultivators. The unfortunate cultivator had managed to buy the rest of the cultivators some time but only barely.

Lu Qingyun did not hesitate as he said to Qian Jingjing, “Wait here!”

Every second was crucial for these cultivators that were below them.

He quickly ran along the slope that was above the pursuing raptor before he leapt suddenly upon the startled sixth rank raptor with two copies of his Divine Sword Jade Light.

Gongsun Ya was startled when a cultivator had suddenly jumped between the pursuing raptor and their group. Although she could only see his back but she was suddenly gasping; it was because she had recognized the divine swords that were in his hands that had belonged to Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun had raised his two divine swords in a swirling fury as he slashed the sixth rank raptor as though he was slicing tofu. The raptor did not even have the chance to react as it was cut down by the sharp blades of his divine swords.

Even Lu Qingyun was startled by his startled outburst of strength. This was a sixth rank devious monster and he did not even have the time to use his sword art. His only thought was to raise his sword to attack it with a couple of quick strokes to buy him time to prepare his sword art.

But when he had attacked with his swords, he found himself attacking so fast that he could not stop in time so instead he had moved along with the flow.

He was actually quite sheepish. It was because he had overestimated his own lightless swiftness skill and had jumped down right in front of the terrifying raptor. His original idea was to jump several steps away from the raptor to prepare his ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’. After all, this was a sixth rank devious monster and the thick armor of this monster may be almost impervious to his normal attacks, even though he was holding onto a divine sword.

“Huh? My divine swords can actually hurt this monster?” He thought with a startled look at his two divine swords. It was only then that he had noticed that his two half-step divine swords were actually now a full earth-step divine sword.

“My strength has grown?” He was startled but he soon had a sudden realization. “My divine sword has been bathed in the Endless Abyssal Sea for a year, absorbing the spiritual essences inside. It has now evolved…”

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by Yu Tianjian who had quickly greeted back, “I thank savior for coming to our aid. If it were not for you, we…”

But when Lu Qingyun had turned around, Yu Tianjian was so startled that he had completely forgotten what he was going to say.

It was because this powerful ‘savior’ was actually the good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun! This was impossible right?

The second shocker that he had was that Lu Qingyun was now looking at him with his bright golden eyes!

The notorious good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun was now a true celestial, a golden celestial that all the half-step celestial cultivators were thriving for!

Yu Tianjian’s jaws dropped, “You…are…really…Lu Qingyun?” This time he did not add the good-for-nothing cultivator.

Even Gongsun Ya and the other cultivators were astonished.

Gongsun Ya had actually witnessed Lu Qingyun killing a Fifth Rank Headhunter previously on the way to the Moon Demon Forest. Therefore she did not think that he was actually a good-for-nothing cultivator.

But she was completely taken by surprise that he was actually a golden celestial now.

“He is Lu Qingyun?”

“Isn’t he the good-for-nothing…”

“He is a golden celestial now?!”

The other four surviving cultivators knew who Lu Qingyun was and could not believe their eyes. Yu Tianjian and many others had been spreading damaging stories of a good-for-nothing cultivator that was riding his way through all the competitions and his name was Lu Qingyun. Moreover, the presence of Qian Jingjing in his company reinforces this belief.

Lu Qingyun was really handsome and even the male cultivators were all forced to admit it secretly. So they had all believed that Lu Qingyun had been riding Qian Jingjing and all the other maidens in order to cheat his way through the competitions.

Even Gongsun Ya had thought so.

Although this group of cultivators did not say this but they were all actually thinking that Lu Qingyun may have ride on Yin Shisi and had dual cultivate with her, drawing upon her primordial yin to elevate his own cultivation. Maybe even Ouyang Xue was his partner in dual cultivation and that was why he was now a golden celestial.

Yu Tianjian was not totally ungrateful. He may be arrogant and had looked down on Lu Qingyun but today Lu Qingyun had saved his life. So he said, “Thank you for your aid.” But deep down, he was still looking down on him because he had dual cultivated with the higher realm cultivators to advance his own cultivation.

Moreover, he was actually envious of him because Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue and Qian Jingjing were all great beauties. There were also Leng Qiuyue and Fairy Ling Xiu that he knew of who were previously with Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun asked, “What is going on here?”

At this moment, Qian Jingjing had also jumped down from the cliff above as she landed gently next to Lu Qingyun.

Gongsun Ya said panicky, “We are with the protégés of the Heavenly Ridge Villa when we are attacked by a group of high level raptors. There is also a powerful Seventh Rank Raptor in the group. Immortal Celestial Zhao Riyue and her group have brought us time to flee while they…they battled…the monsters…”

Lu Qingyun had turned ashen. Zhao Riyue was not a combatant. Instead it was her twin sister Zhao Xingye who was the real fighter.  He quickly asked panicky, “They are in the direction that you have fled from?”


Barely had Gongsun Ya said yes, Lu Qingyun was already running off at full speed!

Gongsun Ya was gasping, “Don’t go. It is a seventh rank raptor king…”

But Lu Qingyun had already disappeared from view and he was accompanied by Qian Jingjing.

Gongsun Ya began to sigh heavily as she muttered, “Let’s hope that he will be alright…”

Yu Tianjian said solemnly, “It may already be too late.”

All of a sudden, the dead cultivator in their group had vanished from view.

All seven of them had actually burned their talismans in order to escape from this place. But it was only when they had suddenly realized that too many of them were burning the talisman at the same time and it was not instantaneous.

Right now, the dead cultivator was being retrieved by the golden celestials that were outside and it was already too late for the dead cultivator. He had actually activated his talisman a good 30 minutes ago.

Gongsun Ya muttered, “What should we do now?”

Yu Tianjian muttered as a cultivator had suddenly vanished from view in their group, “Since we have already burnt our talisman, we can only wait now. If we are constantly moving, the golden celestials outside may even lose our profound signatures and we may even be struck here forever. When that happens, we can only be food for these desolate beasts here.”

Gongsun Ya nodded as she took a forlorn look at the direction that Lu Qingyun had gone to. “I guess that we have no other choice now.”

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