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Chapter 4: The Three Goddesses of Judgement

The atmosphere is getting tenser and tenser every minute!

“Is this some kind of a joke? If it is then it is such a bad joke!”

“I have thought that this kind of thing will only happen in anime and in science fiction stories…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice heaves a melancholy sigh, “Many of you won’t be able to make it back but this sacrifice of yours is a necessary justification to the greater plan. So take courage if you want to survive.”

As she says that, there are rumbling throughout the city!

And everyone can see dozens of black monuments rising like a pyramid from different parts of the city and every of the black monument appears to have four entrances at the end of the pyramid steps!

Yi Mu can see that the black monument that is nearest to him is numbered 7 and there is a black reflective entrance in the middle.

He could not see what is beyond the reflective entrance.

The Goddess Celestial Alice says, “The rules are simple. Make it to the 10th floor of the Araphel underground citadel then your bravado will be extolled in all the heavens. Your divine redemption for achieving this feat will be that of an eternal life as an immortal practitioner and your name will be sung in the exalt hall of the Seventh Heavens for all eternity.”

Yu Mu is perplexed, “Eternal life? Immortal practitioner? She can’t be serious? Or are we still in-game? This is part of a quest dialogue?”

But somehow he is electrified by her enchantingly voice and did not doubt her.

However he is not the only one and the thousands of players are already looking at her with anticipation for further answers!

The Goddess Celestial Alice says, “You can enter the Araphel Citadel via any of the twenty-eight constellation ways or choose to remain here in the city. On each level there will be a floor boss that is more powerful than any of the denizens that you may encounter. So be warned. However the braves shall receive their deserved rewards. Naturally the first one to clear the floor boss will receive the best rewards. Note that once a level is cleared, there is no return to the lower level and an opened level will remain passable for only twelve hours before it is sealed again.”

Yi Mu is already looking at the black pyramid monument that is in front of him as he strategizes in his mind, “I cannot stay behind to wait. It is because while those are first take the most risk but they may very well be the finest players and they have the best chance to succeed. Moreover, I think that this is still a game or else why did they designate a safe zone for the players? For all we know, this may very well be a joke. We are all here to experience the gameplay so there is no reason for me to stay behind.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice lifted her translucent robe and jumps on her crimson phoenix as she says coolly, “Good luck brave adventurers.”

And the crimson phoenix becomes a streak of stunning crimson light as it disappears upward!

Yi Mu is already on the move as he rushes to the stairs of the black pyramid monuments with many others!

In that single instant almost everyone is caught in a mad rush toward the nearest black pyramid steps!

Many in the maddening crowd are shouting excitingly, “The game has started! The game has started! The fun has begun!”

For a moment the situation did not seem to be as tense as before and everyone is actually excited.

To many, this has to be a quest line and not to be taken seriously!

Moreover there are nearly a hundred thousand players!

Yi Mu is naturally one of the first to ascend the stairs; it is because he has a Speed Affinity of S. He smiles wryly as he resolves to himself, “I want to be the first to storm the Araphel Citadel then the other players will know that I, Yi Mu is the best player!”

All of a sudden he was a little startled to see a beautiful girl leaping next to him and in the next instant she has already hopped to the steps in front of him!

Yi Mu is startled for several reasons.

Firstly, she is really stunning and because the program makes use of facial recognition for the players, he knows that it is how she looks like in real life.

Secondly, he did not see her coming and her movement speed exceeds his own!

He mutters to himself, “If I got a S for Speed then she must be a SS…is it even possible? I got a SS for my Sixth Sense so this may not be entirely impossible.”

He catches sight of her name that flashes on top of her as he muses, “Setsuna. So that is her name. I wonder what’s her age? I will remember your name. Hope that we can party someday.”

He did not think much of it as there are at least dozens others that are rushing at the same time. His objective for now is very clear; be one of the first to explore the Araphel Citadel.

He is actually a solo player and did not like to party with the others.

He brandishes his long sword high and swings it as he shouts excitingly, “Out of my way! Out of my way! I am coming! Hooray!

There are many similar shouts and cries of excitements!

Elsewhere on a high platform that is overlooking the city, there are three heavenly maidens that have gathered.

One of the heavenly maidens is the Goddess Celestial Alice and the crimson phoenix that is behind her is stretching its flaming wings with a mighty shriek!

The other heavenly maiden is the Goddess Xiang and she is asking the other heavenly maiden, “What is wrong, Asura? You are not yourself today.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiles, “Our Goddess Asura seems a little out of focus today.”

The Goddess Asura says quietly, “Nothing. It is just that I have a familiar feeling today. Can it be?…”

The Goddess Xiang yawns softly, “You are thinking if your bloodline is here among the players? That is impossible. You very well know that your son perishes in that battle. I was there and I am so sorry for arriving late.”

The Goddess Asura nods, “I don’t blame you. That is his destiny and he is immortalized as a hero. Because of that I am content that he will be reincarnated in the Celestial Realm as a saint. Someday, I will be able to see him again.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice says imperturbably, “That’s so and so be it then. That is part of his heavenly tribulation. One day in the heavens is a hundred days down below. While there is plenty of time for them but time is running out for us here.”

The Goddess Xiang nods melancholy, “I wish we don’t have to do it but we do need as many fighters as possible for the upcoming battle with the Desolate Immortals.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replies, “The whole earth is now corrupted by their reliance to technology. Very few saints are able to ascend to the Celestial Realm now and most are not the fighter types that we are looking for to ascend to the Immortal Realm. We have never expected that the Desolate Immortals have such a far reaching influence on the affairs of the mortals.”

The Goddess Asura says quietly, “Because of this, we are now empowering the mortals with our divine strength. What they did not know is that they are all chosen to be first of the new immortals that will be chosen in this manner.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice interrupts unemotionally, “They are the first and the last. We have come up with this in desperation before the last mortals can be genetically modified by their food or by their technologies. Also, we must be extremely cautious about this experiment.”

The Goddess Xiang asks, “You mean that there are agents or bloodlines of the Desolate Immortals here?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice has lifted her fingers rapidly and says, “Indeed. Look at my calculations.”

The Goddess Asura sighs softly, “But we have no other choices, do we?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice nods, “A little over a year ago, the mortals have advanced rapidly in their knowledge and have begun to detonate their atmospheres, oceans and earth with thousands of atmosphere nuclear testing, swaying the pillars of heavens and causing the great mountains of the Celestial Realm to rock.”

The Goddess Xiang interrupts unhappily, “I was away for a little while and it still baffles me why they are destroying themselves in this manner!”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replies, “They are experimenting with their newfound powers, desolate powers that can be used to destroy the Three Known Realms.”

The Goddess Asura says, “Do you need me to destroy the mortals? Their technologies have no effect against us. I don’t mind sacrificing myself even if the Great God Pangu disallows it. No matter what is going to happen next, we must let the Great God Pangu become the future Universal Ruler. Only then can peace prevail in the heavens.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice looks at the Goddess Asura coldly and says, “Forget about it. You know that it is already too late. Before you can really act, the Divine Wrath will destroy you first. How many nations can you destroy before the Divine Wrath destroys you? There are dozens of nations with destructive potential and their lethal arms are all over the earth.”

The Goddess Xiang moves her fingers rapidly and says to the Goddess Asura, “The great cleansing of the earth will soon starts all over again. This isn’t the first time that the earth will be destroyed but is already the fifth time. Let the Divine Calamity handles it. You very well know that this will happen soon. Or are you missing the present earth?”

The Goddess Asura lifts her divine staff the Symphony of Destiny and whispers softly, “Yes, I am in love with the present earth and I don’t want it to be destroyed.”

Ch4 End

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Chapter 239: The Warrior-Gods

Yi Ping was ushered to the palace gate of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan without further incident by the Great Lord Shenmu.

Along the way, they did not talk.

Or rather, it was inconvenience for him to ask the Goddess Aeris anything at all for the Great Lord Shenmu would be able to hear them.

Yi Ping was forced to sigh with resignation as he had too many questions to ask.

He would rather the Great Lord Shenmu to ask him something but he did not.

The Great Lord Shenmu smiled as the divine gate of the palace slowly opened and a dozen other Desolate Immortals could be seen, “We have reached.”

At the sight of the Great Lord Shenmu, the guards began to shout. “Great Lord Shenmu is back!”

The Great Lord Shenmu looked at him and said, “Come on in. Aren’t you curious about what the palace of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan is going to look like?”

Yi Ping nodded as he entered through the gate before saying, “Indeed!”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed aloud, “Good! You are honest. Do you know that even the Goddess Aeris has never been here before?”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at the Goddess Aeris who replied, “Indeed that is so. The Great Lord Xuan Yuan doesn’t like visitors.”

As they talked, the Great Lord Shenmu had already taken them up the spiraling stairs. As soon as they stepped on the top of the walls, they were greeted by strong furious winds as they overlooked the layout of the Ancient City!

The view was so beautiful and Yi Ping could see beautiful citadels of all sizes chaining to the Ancient Fortress. And above the Ancient Fortress were many winged beasts of all sizes!

The Great Lord Shenmu said, “We are at the main part of the Ancient Fortress where we can see almost the entire layout.”

Yi Ping murmured, “It is so beautiful! How many citadels are chained to the Ancient Fortress? How did they stay afloat?”

The Great Lord Shenmu looked at him with a wry smile, “Surely you know that there are twelve citadels that are chained to the Ancient Fortress. Throughout the years, only two citadels remain untouched by the other Great Lords. They are the Verdant Palace of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan and the Firmament Citadel of the World Ruler Fu Xi.”

He did not answer Yi Ping why the Ancient Fortress and the twelve citadels were able to stay afloat because the logic was as simple as breathing.

Even Yi Ping felt a little foolish when he had asked that. It was because he had suddenly remembered that the first time he had seen the Heavenly Relic, it was suspending itself in mid-air and yet it was heavier than it looked!

The Stellar Sanctuary, the floating islands of the Celestial Realm and many other things that he had seen were all the same, defying the laws of gravity!

But when the Great Lord Shenmu saw Yi Ping’s expressions, he laughed aloud. “You sure are a curious one. Few immortals bother to ask that. We are immortals and live outside the material plane. The material plane is bounded by the laws of gravity while we the immortals are bounded by the laws of inverse gravity. Do you get me?”

Yi Ping was stumped as he muttered, “The laws of inverse gravity?…”

Seeing his perplexed look, the Great Lord Shenmu laughed jovially. “Never mind! That is just a term that I have coined. Let’s talk about other matters!”

Yi Ping quickly said, “No, it is alright. I am curious to know more…”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed jovially, “Maybe we shall talk about that when we are free. So what do you think of the Heaven Goddess Zero? Did she say anything to you?”

Yi Ping was startled as he murmured, “What about her?”

The Goddess Aeris hummed coldly, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. She is nothing but trouble. You have better not get too involved with her.”

The Great Lord Shenmu ignored her and asked Yi Ping, “Well, it is true that she is trouble and that includes her sister as well.”

Yi Ping did have a question so he asked, “They are really sisters?”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed, “They are really sisters. They are birthed from the same mountain essences. You can’t tell?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he said, “Oh. I really can’t tell.”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed jovially, “She has four other sisters in case you do not know!”

Yi Ping was startled, “She has four other sisters?!”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed, “Are you thinking that the two sisters are already so hard to deal with and there are four others more?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he nodded, “If they are also Ninth Immortal Positioning then I may not be able to handle them.”

The Great Lord Shenmu smiled wryly, “You don’t have to worry about it. The other four sisters have long perished.”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “They are dead?”

The Great Lord Shenmu nodded solemnly, “Aye! They have perished in the war with the Great God Pangu ten thousand years ago. But don’t worry. Even if they were here now, you have nothing to be afraid of them. They are only Eighth Positioning Immortals. Haha! Ten thousand years ago even I have to be afraid of them but no longer!”

Yi Ping trembled a little when he had heard that. But for some reasons, he had experienced a tingling sensation when he had heard about the four sisters. He thought, “Why is that I have such a strange feeling that I have actually known them?…”

The Great Lord Shenmu asked, “I say, what do you think when the World Ruler Fu Xi says he will give anyone you desire? What if he were to give you the Heaven Goddess Zero?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I will not.”

The Great Lord Shenmu asked, “Why not?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he replied coolly, “No one has the right to give anyone away. Moreover, she is his woman, ain’t it?”

The Great Lord Shenmu stared at Yi Ping for a while before he burst out laughing loud!

Yi Ping was startled. He looked at the Goddess Aeris as well for an answer but she could only smile weakly so he turned to ask the Great Lord Shenmu, “Why are you laughing?”

The Great Lord Shenmu stared at him blankly, “You didn’t know that the World Ruler Fu Xi and the Heaven Goddess Zero are brother and sister?”

This time Yi Ping was even more startled!

He stammered, “They are?…”

The Great Lord Shenmu said, “Of course they are! Everyone knows about it. Don’t tell me that you have been in the desolate borderlands for so long that you have forgotten?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he answered, “Yes, it slipped my mind…”

The Great Lord Shenmu asked, “So you desire the Heaven Goddess Zero or not?”

Yi Ping felt a little giddy. This Great Lord Shenmu kept asking him such embarrassing questions as though the Goddess Aeris was not around!

The Goddess Aeris seemed to be playing dumb or maybe because she knew her place only too well and did not dare to interrupt the Great Lord Shenmu!

Yi Ping answered weakly, “Of course not!”

All of a sudden the Great Lord Shenmu became very solemn, “You desire the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien?”

The Goddess Aeris raised her eyebrows as she stared at Yi Ping…

Yi Ping was startled as he stammered, “Of course not!…”

The Great Lord Shenmu straightened himself as he looked at Yi Ping, “Well, you have better not! Or I will surely be your foe!”

Yi Ping was startled but he quickly caught on and asked, “You…fancy her?”

The Great Lord Shenmu was suddenly stammering, “Of…course…not!…nonsense! Rubbish! That is not true!”

Yi Ping was stunned by the reaction of the Great Lord Shenmu. It was all too obvious that the Great Lord Shenmu really liked the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien!

He asked all of a sudden, “Why don’t you talk to her?”

The Great Lord Shenmu was startled by Yi Ping’s question. But he quickly regained his composure to reply, “We are from different factions. We can only be foes…”

Yi Ping smiled, “No one says foes can’t be friends as well. Why don’t you look for her and give her a little trouble to get her attention?”

The Great Lord Shenmu murmured with a sudden realization, “That is right! Who says foes can’t be friends as well? Haha, I am going to kick her citadel’s gates later!…”

The Goddess Aeris said coldly, “My lord, the domain of the World Ruler Fu Xi is forbidden to us and we need to bear the consequences of our actions.”

The Great Lord Shenmu heaved a heavy sigh, “I have almost forgotten…”

Yi Ping said, “Don’t be too sad. Your destiny is in your own hands so don’t be cornered by circumstances.”

The Great Lord Shenmu looked at Yi Ping with a weird look, “What are you? Why is that I find that everything you say makes sense?”

Yi Ping replied almost melancholy, “I have been through a lot and almost lost everything that I have cherished…if I cannot control destiny then I am going to fight it…therefore I believe that destiny is in my hands. Xian’Er is the one that has taught me this…”

The Great Lord Shenmu and the Goddess Aeris looked at each other before appraising Yi Ping with a new look…

The Great Lord Shenmu said slowly, “Say. I have heard from the Great Lord Xuan Yuan that you have fought with him. What do you think of your chances if you are to fight him again?”

Yi Ping was surprised that the Great Lord Shenmu would suddenly ask him this question out of the blue. But this big guy did not seem to hide any malice so he replied honestly, “I am not his match!”

The Goddess Aeris smiled, “But I can see you holding your ground against him and even wounding him!”

Yi Ping looked at the starry heavens, “That is only because I got lucky and I am able to surprise him. He is right. I may not be his match if the duel were to continue further. Moreover, he had not even utilized the sanctorum power of his divine sword yet.”

The Great Lord Shenmu said, “What about me then? If you fight me then who will win?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I may not be your match too!”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed aloud, “You are too blunt! But I like it! Haha!”

The Goddess Aeris said quietly, “Then you are really not their match. If even you think that you are not able to defeat them then your lack of confident will be your downfall…”

But the Great Lord Shenmu was looking straight at Yi Ping. They were both locking eyes and the Great Lord Shenmu whispered in secret to Yi Ping, “But you don’t seem to be afraid of us.”

Yi Ping whispered in secret, “That is because I have not fought to my best yet!”

The Great Lord Shenmu whispered, “There is a small group of fighters, the most enlightened fighters of all. They will readily admit to their shortcoming yet at the same time, they are also immune to psychology pressure. It is because they will only grow stronger if their opponents are stronger, their fighting will can only increase and not decrease. And I think that you are one of them. You are a Warrior-God, the mightiest of all the warriors, a true born fighter!”

Yi Ping whispered with a soft sigh, “But I think that you are the True Warrior-God. I can sense your strength.”

The Great Lord Shenmu whispered, “I can sense your strength too but for some unknown reasons that I can’t really explain, I find that you are restraining your strength.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly but did not reply him. It was because he had only two-third of his strength in his current form. He was astonished secretly that he was still able to hold his ground against the Ninth Positioning Immortals but knew that he was not in his best condition to fight a prolong battle with them.

The Great Lord Shenmu suddenly laughed aloud as he looked at the Goddess Aeris and Yi Ping, “We have a good view here and I hope that you will be wise to choose your sides well. Hopefully we can watch this speculator view once again. Let’s us be on our way.”

Yi Ping nodded as he took one last look at the citadels which the Great God Pangu once called home. For some reasons, he felt at home here for the very first time…

As soon as they descended to the palace ground, two groups consisting of seven scantily dressed maidens each could be seen walking toward them, lowering their glances humbly as they were near before greeting, “Great Lord Shenmu, Great Goddess Aeris and Great Lord Yi Ping! We have been expecting you.”

Yi Ping observed that they were all Fifth Positioning Desolate Immortals except for the leading maidens and they were of the Sixth Positioning.

The Great Lord Shenmu commanded, “Take the Great Goddess Aeris to her resting place and the Great Lord Yi Ping to his.”

The leading maiden of the first group said to the Goddess Aeris, “Great Goddess Aeris, follow me.”

The leading maiden of the second group said to Yi Ping, “Great Lord Yi Ping, please follow my lead.”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at the Goddess Aeris, “We are not going together?”

The Great Lord Shenmu laughed aloud, “Of course not. You can’t go to her bed chamber, especially when she is going to be the Great Lord Xuan Yuan’s new consort tomorrow!”

Yi Ping sighed softly for he still had some questions to ask of the Goddess Aeris.

The Great Lord Shenmu smiled, “Take a little rest. After which the Great Lord Xuan Yuan will like to see you.”

The leading maiden said to Yi Ping, “Great Lord Yi Ping, please follow me.”

Yi Ping nodded slowly as he began to follow her to a hallway, watched behind by the smiling Great Lord Shenmu.

The imposing hallway was large and as majesty as the Stellar Sanctuary.

For a while Yi Ping was being escorted by the seven maidens. They did not talk to them and he was a little discomfort by them, especially when their sweet fragrances were so overwhelming.

Finally they took him down a passage and he could hear flowing waters as they entered a large room.

In this room was a large bath in the middle and there were fountains everywhere.

Yi Ping was perplexed as he asked, “We are not going to a resting room?”

The leading maiden asked curiously, “Resting room?”

Yi Ping explained quickly, “A place for me to sleep.”

The leading maiden lowered her glance to nod shyly, “The bed chamber, yes. After we have bathed our lord, we will accompany you.”

Yi Ping was so startled by the subtle expressions of these maidens that he had wished he had never asked her in the first place!

Before he could regain his composure, he was further startled when all seven maidens had removed their robes and were also removing his robe for him!

He was so startled that he panicky said, “What are you all trying to do?”

Immediately all seven maidens began to fall onto their knees panicky as they cried out at the same time, “My lord, please be merciful to us!”

Yi Ping said quickly, “Please get up. It is not that. I…err…I just don’t want to leave my swords behind even when I am bathing. Also, I prefer to bath alone.”

The leading maiden was frightened as she pleaded tearfully, “My lord, please don’t drive us out or the Great Lord Xuan Yuan will punish us severely…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he looked at their naked bodies, not knowing what to do. He cursed himself, “I may not be a gentleman but this is too much…”

So he quickly said to the leading maiden, “What is your name?”

The leading maiden was even more startled as she stammered tearfully, “I…I…”

Yi Ping quickly said, “I…er…am not going to punish you. I just want to know your name.”

The leading maiden quickly answered almost incoherently, “I…I am…the Goddess Lessica. My…name, my title is not…worth mentioning…”

Yi Ping quickly said, “Goddess Lessica, can you stay here while you dismiss the rest?”

The Goddess Lessica was startled but she quickly lowered her glances, “I…understand and obey your will. I will…accompany my lord.”

As soon as she had said that, the six other maidens had grabbed their robes and had quietly left the bath chamber!

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh as the sight of seven naked maidens were really too much yet he found himself unable to pull away from their sights.

It was not because he was lecherous. But he was in a hostile place and he was wary. Secondly, he was too startled to react!

As soon they had left, Yi Ping had quickly grabbed her robe and put it on her as he said. “Don’t be afraid. I just want to talk to you.”

The Goddess Lessica was startled as she stammered fearfully, “Talk…to…me? Anything…”

Yi Ping paused for a while as he thought, “It is too easy. What should I ask her first?”

Actually he was at a loss on what to ask her. He did not want her to be punished but he did not want her to be naked either…

The Goddess Lessica seemed to muster her courage as she said shyly, “Does…my lord not desire to take me?”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “Take you?”

The Goddess Lessica was flushing as she trembled lightly, “To take me into your unison…and to…enjoy me…”

Yi Ping was startled as he received a culture shock. He quickly said, “Huh, no!”

The Goddess Lessica collapsed tearfully, “Does my lord…detests me?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Oh no, of course not. That is not what I mean!…”

As he paused to find words, the Goddess Lessica lowered her glances shyly, “I am willing to be taken by my lord as long as it pleases my lord.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he said quickly, “It is not that. I can’t harm your golden body. It is best for you this way…”

The Goddess Lessica was suddenly tearful again as she cried softly as she shivered uncontrollably, “My golden body has long been shattered by the Great Lord Xuan Yuan and the other Great Lords…it doesn’t matter anymore!…”

Yi Ping was shocked as he stared blankly at her, “This, this is too cruel…”

The Goddess Lessica sobbed softly, “This is just my fate.”

Yi Ping gritted his teeth as he asked teething with rage, “Why did the Great Lord Xuan Yuan do that? This is so outrageous!”

The Goddess Lessica asked softly as she eyed Yi Ping fearfully, “My lord, you are a guest of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan. You shouldn’t have said that…”

Yi Ping clenched his fists as he trembled with rage, “I am an unwilling guest. I don’t have to be polite to him!”

All of a sudden the Goddess Lessica touched him and leaned onto his back, startling him even as she said softly, looking at him with melancholy eyes. “Maybe you are playing sports with me. Maybe you are sent by the Great Lord Xuan Yuan to test me. But please, don’t shatter my dreams just like this. Let me disappear in this beautiful dream…”

Yi Ping interrupted, “I am really not here to test you…”

All of a sudden he began to search his body as he murmured, “If my divine swords can materialize along with us then so can my possessions…”

Suddenly he yelled aloud, startling the Goddess Lessica as he said excitedly, taking out a golden pill. “This is the Divine Dragon Pill. Luckily I still have one! With this Divine Dragon Pill, surely you can recover your golden body!”

The Goddess Lessica was startled as she stammered, “This is…all too precious…” as she looked at the Divine Dragon Pill with beholden!

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he thought, “Compared to the other precious pills that are in the Stellar Sanctuary, this is actually just the most common…”

Unlike the Material Realms of the Three Known Realms, the Desolate Realm was not spiritually enriched and it was difficult to concoct even a divine pill. Therefore, the Divine Dragon Pill was indeed extremely precious!

The Goddess Lessica looked at Yi Ping pitifully, “This…this is really for me?”

Yi Ping smiled, “Really. So hurry and take it. I am waiting!”

The Goddess Lessica took it hesitatingly, almost afraid that Yi Ping was just playing a prank on her. It took her almost like an eternity before she finally swallowed the Divine Dragon Pill as she took it with trembling fingers!

The Goddess Lessica seemed to have almost regretted taking it as she took a forlorn look at Yi Ping, “My lord, you are too kind to me. I don’t know how to repay you.”

Yi Ping smiled, “No need to worry about that. Now that you are no longer crying, I am content.”

The Goddess Lessica leaned against him and said shyly, “Thank you. Your humble servant will serve you forever and…forever ever…if Great Lord Yi Ping so desires my unison anytime, your humble servant will surely comply…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he looked at this enthralling maiden that was leaning softly on him and he could feel her bosoms against him, “No need…”

He wanted to push her away but he did not have the heart to do so…

Therefore he could only sigh as he thought, “I shouldn’t be in this realm in the first place. I am already getting into a mess…”

The Goddess Lessica asked softly, “My lord, something is troubling you?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I am just thinking about something.”

The Goddess Lessica asked, “Maybe you want to share it then you will feel better?”

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh, “Actually I am thinking about this. I have heard that the Ancient Fortress will be able to approach the Immortal Realm soon. But I am really curious how that is going to be accomplished?”

The Goddess Lessica lowered her glances as she said quietly, “My lord, if I am not wrong, you must be from the Material Realm.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “You know?”

The Goddess Lessica answered softly, “I have guessed that to be so. The Fantian Sovereign, divine sword of the Great God Pangu and also named after the Great Goddess Fantian. You are a Desolate Immortal from the Material Realm I guess. You are just like him.”

Yi Ping lit a weak smile and asked, “Like him?”

The Goddess Lessica said quietly, “Like the Great God Pangu. Long ago, he once tried to fight for our just cause and also fight against the other Great Gods. He who banished us to the Desolate Realm where we are now ever since.”

Yi Ping could only smile weakly for he did not know why the Goddess Lessica had suddenly mentioned the Great God Pangu.

The Goddess Lessica looked at him intently, “I have met him only once. You don’t look like him yet you share the same divine aura. I have also known the Great Goddess Fantian and the Great Goddess Nuwa. Yet how strange, why is that I can sense their presences on you?”

Yi Ping’s heart skipped a heart as he continued to listen. Somehow he sensed that she had actually known the Great Goddess Fantian and the Great Goddess Nuwa quite well…

She continued with soften sighs, “If the Great Prophetess is with you then you must not be a bad person.”

Yi Ping was perplexed as he asked, “The Great Prophetess?”

The Goddess Lessica looked at him blankly, “Don’t you know that the Great Goddess Fantian is the Great Prophetess herself? She is gifted with an extraordinary divine sight and she is the Oracle of our race.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I really do not know!”

The Goddess Lessica shook her head and said gently, “Maybe I should answer your question first.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he said, “Yes, I am curious on how the Ancient Fortress is able to approach the Immortal Realm?”

The Goddess Lessica said quietly, “All the realms intersect one another at a point of time. The Desolate Realm will intersect the Immortal Realm every ten thousand years. A golden opportunity will arrive in a hundred year time and then the Desolate Immortals will be able to return to the Immortal Realm, our true home.”

Yi Ping asked anxiously, “In one hundred year time? The timeline here is the same as the Immortal Realm?”

The Goddess Lessica replied, “It is exactly the same as the Immortal Realm.”

Yi Ping quickly counted in his mind, “Then it will be a grace of a thousand years for the Celestial Realm and ten thousand years more for the Mortal Realm…”

The Goddess Lessica asked all of a sudden, “Do you think that the Great God Pangu will be reincarnated again?”

Yi Ping was startled as he smiled weakly, “Maybe.”

The Goddess Lessica asked intently, “Maybe?”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “Even if he is reincarnated, he won’t have memories of the past. Why stir up the past? Will it be any good?”

The Goddess Lessica lowered her glances, “Maybe yes. Maybe no. What do you think?”

Yi Ping dared not reply her. It was because he had suddenly realized that this Goddess Lessica was not just merely asking him any questions but she was also dropping enigmatic hints to him. If he was not careful, he may just fall into her carefully worded ruse!

He thought, “Should I trust her?”

She began to sing softly, “Under the heavens, only the Great God Pangu can hold the Universal Sword, what is the name of that celestial sword? What is its name?…”

Yi Ping entered into a trance as he listened attentively to her singing. It was both enthralling and beautiful…

All of a sudden the Goddess Lessica grabbed his arm tightly as she said anxiously, “My lord! You have a good heart but can I say something whether you like it or not?”

Yi Ping replied gently, “It is alright.”

Mustering her courage, the Goddess Lessica whispered hesitatingly, “My lord, you ought to be careful of the Goddess Aeris.”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “Why?”

The Goddess Lessica looked away as she said firmly, “Just be careful.”

Yi Ping nodded slowly as he said, “Don’t worry.”

The Goddess Lessica murmured, “My lord…”

Yi Ping smiled at her as he interrupted her, “Can you watch over me while I meditate for a while?”

The Goddess Lessica answered immediately, “Your humble servant will do as my lord commands.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I am not commanding you…”

The Goddess Lessica quickly said, “As my lord wills it…”

He could only smile weakly at her response before he closed his eyes to meditate upon his situation!

He cleared his thoughts as he entered the void…

He asked himself, “Where am I?”

All of a sudden he found himself standing in the great void!

He thought, “Have I left the Desolate Realm? Or am I still in my own thoughts?”

Suddenly a black hole began to form in the middle as it created rotating stars of galaxies around it!

That was the Great Attractor and that was the Great Beyond!

Yi Ping was in awe as he witnessed the pull of the Great Beyond on the other stars!

As he looked further into the Great Beyond, he began to see the planets, the suns and the galaxies.

He gasped aloud to himself as he saw a clear pattern, “Everything is just a circle?!”

If he were to travel from the start point to any direction, sooner or later, he would return to the starting point!

All of a sudden Yi Ping had an insight, a sudden realization that he had somewhat experienced the same thing before a long time ago. That was when he was the Great God Pangu!

He had temporary gained the immortal rank of the Tenth Positioning, the very pinnacle of immortality and he could be one with the universe!

But that positioning was only temporary for reaching an extremity would only cause it to swing to another extremity, from life to self-destruction!

Realizing that too late, the Great God Pangu could only use that extremity to partition the Material Realms into the current Three Known Realms. He would later cast the Ancient Fortress and most of the Desolate Immortals to the Desolate Realm!

Now Yi Ping knew why the Great God Pangu had lost his life; he did not have a choice!

But the Great God Pangu had the ultimate insight from the Great Beyond. He knew that he would one day be reincarnated again because his soul is an immortal soul. So he prepared the Stellar Sanctuary for his own coming.

The Stellar Sanctuary had killed one of the reincarnations of the Great God Pangu because he would be making the same mistake as the Great God Pangu.

The Universal Creation Force was so absolute overwhelming that it was just a thin line away from the Chaotic Desolate Force itself.

The Great God Pangu himself could not contain it.

But Yi Ping was different.

How different was he?

The power of self-sacrificing love that was in his heart was the force that could contain the Universal Creation Force because Yi Ping had chosen to reject this great power!

Or rather the true source of the Universal Creation Force was the Universal Love!

Just as he was about to ponder further, he was startled by a familiar maiden that shimmered in front of his vision!

And even more startled when he heard his name being called out!

“Yi Ping! Can you hear us?”

All of a sudden he saw the smiling image of the Goddess of Mercy Xiang!

The Goddess of Mercy gasped delightfully, “Yi Ping! It is really you?! Where are you?”

Yi Ping was overjoyed as he asked excitedly, “Xiang’Er! You can see me?”

The Goddess of Mercy asked, “What do you mean by I can see you?”

Yi Ping asked excitedly, “I mean, how did you appear…inside of me? Are you well?”

The Goddess of Mercy laughed softly as she rebuked him gently, “One question at a time please! “We are all well but you are not! We try to wake you up but somehow you seem to be in a deep trance. I have used my Heavens Sundering Mirror to locate you. It is all thanks to Yu’Er and Mei’Er that I am able to do so!”

Yi Ping was surprised as he asked, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er?”

The Goddess of Mercy laughed softly, “Thanks to the divine pills that you have given to them, they are able to project my search through my Heavens Sundering Mirror across the realms. We have suspected that your soul is somewhat disconnected from your body.”

Yi Ping said excitedly, “That is good. I am so glad to see you! Why can’t I see the rest?”

The Goddess of Mercy laughed softly, “You can’t see them but they are all around me and pestering me to ask you how you are now. That is because only I can use the Heavens Sundering Mirror to do so! Don’t worry, we are all alright but the Stellar Sanctuary is collapsing soon. We are more anxious about you. What happens and where are you now?”

Yi Ping heaved a soft sign of relief, “That is good to hear. It is a long story but somehow I have experienced an out of body experience and now I’m in the Desolate Realm.”

The Goddess of Mercy was startled as she cried out with shock, “In the Desolate Realm?”

But she quickly composed herself and said, “Ping’Er, listen up! It is not real. You must hurry up and get back to your own body before you get too disconnect. The longer you are away from your physical body, the more likihood is the risk that you can’t return!”

Yi Ping thought to himself, “Xiang’Er is so anxious for me…they are all anxious for me….if I tell them that I have accidentally gained a new physical form here then they would surely be even more anxious for me…”

So he asked instead, “How can I return?”

The Goddess of Mercy faded in and out for a while. Yi Ping guessed that she may be discussing the situation with the rest of the group.

Finally she appeared again and said solemnly, “I have discussed with the rest. You must leave this realm immediately before it is too late…”

She hesitated for a while and was looking to her left and right as though as she was talking to some others before she said, “Yi Ping, focus all your thoughts now. Then will to yourself to return to your body.”

Yi Ping muttered, “I can’t.”

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang was startled, “What do you mean by you can’t?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I have already tried. But something happens now. It is a long story. I think that I will be here for a time. Don’t worry about me. I will find a way…”

The Goddess of Mercy was startled, “What do you really mean? Ping, something happens? Don’t lie to me!”

Yi Ping sighed, “I…I can’t explain it but I will think of a way, alright?”

All of a sudden the Goddess of Mercy gasped aloud as she looked to the side.

Yi Ping was so startled by her expression that he panicky asked, “Xiang’Er, what is wrong?”

The Goddess of Mercy gasped as her image went fuzzy, “Yu’Er…she has and …Mei’Er … have …. Collapsed …from …exhaustion …wait …the Great Goddess Fantian and the ….Desolate Goddess Nuwa … they…”

Yi Ping broke into a sweat as he woke up all of a sudden, only to be greeted by the soothing voice of the Goddess Lessica, “Great Lord Yi Ping, are you well?”

Yi Ping stared blankly in the air for a while before he smiled weakly to the Goddess Lessica, “You are still here?”

The Goddess Lessica lowered her glances before she said gently, “I dare not leave unless I am dismissed by my lord.”

Yi Ping smiled as he said, “Don’t worry, you can leave now.”

The Goddess Lessica turned ashen all of a sudden, “I will be punished if I am dismissed by my lord.”

Yi Ping had suddenly remembered what she had told him earlier so he smiled weakly, “You can stay then. Sorry, I have let that matter slipped.”

All of a sudden Yi Ping could pick up footsteps approaching!

The Goddess Lessica quickly whispered, “My lord, they are here to check on us. You mustn’t trust any of them. You must bring me to your bed chamber so that we can discuss more…”

Yi Ping was startled as he stammered, “Bring you to the bed chamber?…”

The Goddess Lessica whispered quickly, “Trust no one at all please except for me. Not the Great Lord Shenmu, not the Great Goddess Aeris or the Great God Xuan Yuan. I beg of you. Please accede to my request. It is important…”

All of a sudden the door swung open and a leading maiden with a dozen panicky maidens had followed behind her!

This leading maiden was elegant, with silver flowing hair and Yi Ping was immediately startled by her imposing aura!

On her forehead was a curved red sigil that imposed a suffocating presence on Yi Ping and everyone else.

Yi Ping was alert immediately because he knew that she was no ordinary Desolate Immortal!

And she did not mask her imposing presence as that of the Ninth Positioning Immortal!

But that was not the most startling to Yi Ping but the fact that she seemed to resemble Xian’Er in many ways startled him!

The Goddess Lessica was also startled because it seemed that she had not been expecting her as she quickly greeted her panicky, “Lady Alluring Goddess Theresa! Your humble servant bows before you… ”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa chuckled softly, “Disperse with that. I am just a visitor. I have heard that we have an interesting guest here that dares to fight with two Great Goddesses from the World Ruler Fu Xi’s camp? I like to have a little look at him!”

She immediately paused as she chanced upon Yi Ping as she heaved a soft sigh, “You are the one? What an impressive air you got there.”

She looked genuinely impressed as she appraised Yi Ping quietly, “So you are the one that beat up those two irritating bitches?”

Yi Ping could almost see her through her scantily dressed robe as he looked away.

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed softly as she looked at the Goddess Lessica, “I am slightly disappointed that he didn’t take you yet or I am interrupting? Oh excellent!”

As Yi Ping turned his sight away from her, he was secretly thought. “She got baleful eyes but why is that when I look at her, I saw the reflection of Xian’Er that is in her?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed softly as she raised her fingers, “I am the Alluring Goddess Theresa of the Oracle Clan. You may also address me as the Mystery Goddess Theresa or the Mystery Goddess. So he is the Great Lord Yi Ping that everyone is talking about? But why is that this great lord is not looking at me? How rude!”

Immediately Yi Ping was ashamed as he quickly bowed, “You can just call me Yi Ping. Can I know what you want?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed softly, “Good! Now you are talking properly. What do I want? I want to take you to my Oracle Citadel now.”

Immediately all the other maidens began to turn ashen as they all fell down on their feet as they all cried out together, “This won’t do! Have mercy on us! The Great Lord Xuan Yuan will punish us severely!”

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “Why are these maidens so afraid of her? Why does she want me for? Why is she defying the Great Lord Xuan Yuan?”

All of a sudden a frightening malevolent air had appeared at the entrance and all the other maidens were ashen at the voice, “This is my domain. You shouldn’t be here at all. Now leave or else I won’t be polite and don’t forget about our agreement!”

Yi Ping had clearly recognized the voice of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan and he could sense his presence but he did not appear.

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled at Yi Ping before she walked to the entrance as she said aloud, “I am just curious who you have brought to your palace. I am just taking a look and will leave anyway. Say, you don’t want to come in or something? That is so unlike you. I have brought a gift for you for your great day tomorrow.”

The voice of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan answered, “No thanks.”

All of a sudden the Alluring Goddess Theresa had turned back and there was a sudden flash of her eyes that stunned everyone motion in place, including Yi Ping!

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at her. But even without her saying a word, somehow he knew that she was looking at his divine swords!

She simply muttered almost incoherently but Yi Ping was the only one who could hear her before she left the bath chamber, “Fantian, so you are here. So it won’t be long before the great battle starts.”

When the Alluring Goddess Theresa exited the room, all the other maidens heaved sigh of reliefs!

Quite a number of them had broken into cold sweats, including the Goddess Lessica!

Yi Ping asked the frightful Goddess Lessica and looked at the other maidens as well, “Just who really is she?”

The Goddess Lessica whispered quietly as she shivered with fear, “You may not know this but she is currently the number one expert exponent in the Ancient Fortress.”

Yi Ping was stunned as he blinked blankly, “She is the number one expert exponent? Then what about the World Ruler Fu Xi and the Great Lord Xuan Yuan?”

The Goddess Lessica whispered, “They are the two most ancient great lords of the Ancient Fortress and therefore are not ranked. Moreover, they are already late stage Ninth Positioning Immortals. She is a Ninth Positioning initial Immortal.”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “I have thought that she is a late stage Ninth Positioning Immortal. So even the Great Lord Shenmu is at a higher positioning than her so how can she be ranked at number one?”

The Goddess Lessica smiled faintly, “When she was at the Seventh Positioning, she was already capable of bring down a Ninth Positioning Immortal, the Great God Aloma. No one knows how she did that. Those that went to her Oracle Citadel never come back except for the Great Lord Xuan Yuan and the Great Lord Shenmu. No one knows exactly what happens back then because none mention a single word. We only know that since then, the Alluring Goddess Theresa is free to come and go here.”

Yi Ping thought as he looked perplexed, “Then she is a consort to the Great Lord Xuan Yuan?”

The Goddess Lessica laughed softly as she looked at Yi Ping’s expressions, “You sure don’t know how to hide your thoughts? Are you thinking that she is a consort to the Great Lord Xuan Yuan?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he rubbed his nose, “I…I am just wondering…”

The Goddess Lessica replied shyly, “You seem to be really interested in her?”

Yi Ping quickly said, “Oh no, I am just curious…”

She said quickly, “In any case, why don’t we talk more in the pleasures of the bed chamber?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as the subtle hint in her eyes warned him that it was unwise to discuss it here so he said, “Yes, yes. Let’s go now…”

He hesitated for a while before saying loud, “Let’s go now to the bed chamber then. Lead the way then.”

Immediately all the other maidens hastily got up and gather around Yi Ping to tidy his clothing before they escorted him out of the room.

Yi Ping was thinking to himself, “The Goddess Aeris and the Goddess Lessica, who do I trust? The Alluring Goddess Theresa, the Heaven Goddess Zero, the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien, the Great Lord Shenmu, the Great Lord Xuan Yuan and the World Ruler Fu Xi, they are all formidable opponents…it will be disastrous for the Immortal Realm when they returned…”

Chapter 239 End

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“Again, I have died once more. I have been the most powerful, a genius and the wisest…yet I am such a failure. If there is a next life then I wish to be the most dense…I cannot forgive myself for all the wrongs…”


Chapter 1: The Mysterious Lady in Yellow

The secular sect Eternal Ice Palace was one of the three most influential outer fraternity clans in the martial fraternity.

It was located on top of the misty mountains of the Heavenly Mountains in the far north of the northern fraternity. At the top of the Heavenly Mountains was a great lake and it was where the Eternal Ice Palace was said to be located.

The Eternal Ice Palace was forbidden to men and naturally, the Eternal Ice Palace consisted of only women.

The sectarian leader of the Eternal Ice Palace was the Celestial Fairy. It was not her beauty that lured Yi Ping to the Heavenly Mountains for the Celestial Fairy was said to be a ninety year old hag.

The Celestial Fairy was greatly feared in the vicinity and in the martial fraternity. She was also highly accomplished in her martial skills; a single martial stroke from her would usually spell the end for her opponents!

It was rumored in the fraternity she had just passed away after leading the Eternal Ice Palace for the past twenty years.

When the news of her death broke out in the martial fraternity, it immediately caught the attention of the martial pugilists. The imagination of her wondrous secret martial arts caught on like wildfire among the pugilists.

Therefore pugilists from all over the fraternity had been making their way north to the forbidden Heavenly Mountains, hoping to lay their hands on the fabulous martial treasures of the Eternal Ice Palace.

Yi Ping had come for the very same reason.

There was another reason that drawn him into these desolate mountains; to witness a possible conflict between the martial exponents which to him, was even more exciting than the secret martial arts of the Celestial Fairy.

He was young and a roving swordsman. He was not from any major clans, orthodox or not. He was just a busybody and was like many pugilists took every opportunity to meddle into the affairs of the martial fraternity.

Even if he was killed, he had to witness one of the most important events of the martial fraternity. Or at the very least, befriend some heroes of the martial fraternity. It would be even better if he could gain some recognition in the fraternity.

Therefore with this in mind, Yi Ping had set off to the bitter cold and harsh lands of the north!

On the third day, while walking and whistling, he heard the sound of trees crushing onto the ground. At first, he thought nothing of it until the thunderous sound of the trees gets louder and louder.

Then an injured middle age man was running and tripping onto the ground. When he saw Yi Ping, he immediately cried out, “Young hero, help me!”

Yi Ping responded by drawing out his sword. He thought, “Is the man being chased by bandits?”

Yi Ping shouted at him as he ran towards him, “Get behind me!”

A foolish hero usually died young. Yi Ping was not even thinking of how many bandits were chasing him. Fortunately, there was only one and it was a yellow dressed lady with a yellow veil.

She had appeared in the horizon and she did not even have a weapon in her hands. So then why did this man flee from her? From his expressions, he seemed to be terrified of her.

Even though that yellow dressed lady was veiled and Yi Ping could not see her face clearly, he could tell she must be a beautiful maiden. Her complexion was extremely fair and appeared flawless. She had thin delicate eyebrows and her mesmerizing eyes were sparking.

The yellow dressed lady walked elegantly in a straight line. Even though she appeared to be walking slowly but the paces covered by her was astonishing; Yi Ping had never seen anyone who could walk as swiftly as her yet she appeared like she was taking a stroll!

But when a tree blocked her, she gently kicked the tree and the tree flew off in another direction as she continued to walk towards them!

Yi Ping was astonished and he looked on with disbelief!

An inner strength practitioner might take sixty years of practice to do what she did with considerable efforts but she did that effortlessly.

Yi Ping looked into her eyes. She had beautiful and sharp eyes. When he looked into her eyes, she too paused in her tracks and looked back.

Yi Ping heart was pounding fast.

Yi Ping mustered his voice and said, “Lady, why are you chasing him?”

The yellow dressed veil lady replied, “Do you know who he is?” Her voice was unmistakably youthful.

Yi Ping was shaken by her reply, “I do know who he is. But a man in dire straits requires help, if I do not help, can I still be considered a man?”

The yellow dressed veil lady hummed coldly, “He is the Bandit King Yao Duo, a vicious killer of the innocents! And you still want to protect him?”

The Bandit King Yao Duo was the most brutal man in the martial fraternity in recent years. His martial accomplishments were high too. Even the renowned Eagle King Yin Tianzheng was not his match! He gained his renown through sheer notoriety! His victims were many and his evil deeds were too numerous to be accounted for!

Even the seven major orthodox clans dare not offend him lightly after a few attempts to get rid of him. And moreover, his evil cohorts were many too.

Yi Ping was shocked and he turned to the stranger to ask, “Are you really Yao Duo?”

The middle-age stranger laughed aloud, “Indeed I am! A true hero will never change their name…”

“Good and you can now be a dead hero!” All of a sudden, the yellow dressed veil lady kicked Yao Duo in his face and crushed his skull. That happened so fast that Yi Ping was unable to stop her at all.

Then the yellow dressed veiled lady turned around and said, “If you want a long life, don’t meddle into the affairs of others especially for those that you did not know.”

There was a weird expression in her eyes but at that moment, Yi Ping did not notice it. She said, “If you are thinking of going to the Heavenly Mountain, you are only courting your own death. Even if your martial skills are as good as the Bandit King Yao Duo, a cruel fate awaits you in the mountains. Turn back if you cherish your life!” With that, she started to walk away.

Yi Ping rubbed his nose and watched her disappeared into the background. It was as if she had never appeared.

He began to dig a hole into the ground as he said, “Even if you are a notorious man, how could I bear to let your body be food for the wild beasts and birds when you have tried to ask for my help? Since you have died, everything should be buried under the earth.”

Unfortunately, Yi Ping had already decided to proceed to the Heavenly Mountains despite the advice that he had been given. He was still young and he got nothing but courage in his heart.

It was not too long when he reached the foot of the Heavenly Mountains that he started to see dead corpses and abandoned emblems littered along the mountains route. There seemed to be a battle not too long ago and he hurried his pace.

All of a sudden, he heard menacing voices in the corner of the mountains. Out of curiosity, he sped towards it.

“It seems that this lovely damsel here is in distress and there is no one here to save her.”

“Who would expect that we can find such a beautiful woman here?”

“We did not make it to the Heavenly Mountains in time but we got ourselves a prize here. Hahaha.”

An extraordinary maiden of great beauty, dressed in silky white dress had her back against the cliff. She looked badly shaken. She was teething with rage and fear. Even then, her grace was extremely enthralling.

Yi Ping was stunned at her beauty for she was like a fairy that had descended onto the mortal realm.

In front of her were three men, wielding swords and halberds. From the looks of it, they had already decided to devour this young maiden in their minds.

Yi Ping stepped in angrily and shouted, “What are three despicable men doing here?” He brandished his long sword and pointed at them.

The three men were taken by surprise. They quickly turned around and saw a young man. They looked at one another before roaring out loud.

One of the men with a long bushy beard stared at him and said fiercely, “So what are you going to do with us? Kill us? Do you know we are the Three Evils of the West?”

There was a glitter of hope in the eyes of the extremely beautiful maiden when Yi Ping had first appeared but that hope was soon crushed at the mention of the Three Evils of the West.

Yi Ping was taken aback. The Three Evils of the West was renowned in the martial fraternity for their wickedness and brutality! Not only that, they had killed countless highly skilled pugilists as they rampaged the martial fraternity for twenty-years! That was why they were greatly feared.

Another man with the moustache laughed, “Or are you thinking of joining in the fun after we are done?”

This aroused Yi Ping anger. Even though he had to die, he could not abandon the righteousness in his heart. Yi Ping eyed them fiercely and smirked, “If you scram now, I will be forgiving.”

The third man with a short beard and wielding a halberd in his hands suddenly attacked him, “Outrageous! I will kill you today and cut your body into many pieces!”

Yi Ping was surprised at the speed and ferocious of his halberd attack. He barely managed to parry the attack and was knocked back. But before he could steady his footing, he received a kick in his chest and was knocked down to the ground.

The short beard man laughed, “I thought he is some daring hero. But he turns out to be an amateur. A sword in your hand is like a piece of worthless metal!”

Yi Ping coughed out blood and wiped his mouth, “This is not over yet!” All of a sudden, he lifted his sword and pieced the throat of the short beard man who was still laughing!

When the short beard man collapsed onto the ground, he was still staring in disbelief. What a swift sword!

Yi Ping had succeeded for two reasons; His opponent had underestimated him and let down his guard.

The other two men were experienced pugilists and after seeing one of their own had fallen, they did not dare to be careless anymore and had immediately attacked Yi Ping with their swords! All their attacking strokes were lethal.

They immediately attacked Yi Ping in all directions! There was a saying; two hands were hard to beat down four hands. It was not long before Yi Ping had been pierced in his chest and hacked on his back!

He soon collapsed on the ground, barely taking ten strokes from them.

Now the man with the moustache, who was the more cunning and vicious of the two, stabbed Yi Ping in his heart again.

The man with the long bushy beard asked him angrily, “What did you do that for? He is already dead!”

The man with the moustache laughed wickedly, “I want to make sure that none disturb us later.”

The man with the long bushy beard paused and laughed wickedly, “True, true…” But before he could finish laughing, he was grasping a dagger in his throat for breath! When he fell on the ground, his eyes were still staring at the man with the moustache!

The man with the moustache turned and looked wickedly at the extremely beautiful young maiden, “Such an extraordinary beauty. You belong only to me and there is no one else to share in my enjoyment.”

The young maiden pursed her lips and there were now tears in her eyes. All of a sudden, her alluring eyes were staring in bewilderment.

When the man with the moustache saw her expressions, he quickly turned around and got a fright of his life!

The young man that he had just killed was standing in front of him! Before he could react, he felt the cold metallic length of a sword piercing through his stomach! When he had died, he was still in disbelief!

The young and extraordinary beautiful maiden nearly fainted from fright as she asked, “Are you a ghost or a man?”

CH1 End
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