Swordsman Journey

270 years, a highly regarded man created a highly sought Divine Book the ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ after he went berserk and was harmed by the ‘Most Desire of the Desirables’, ‘The Heavenly Enchantress who seduced him with the Glamourous Soul Bewitchment Skill. 

He left behind a warning to all the seekers of his Divine Book, those with poor willpower should not seek it…


The Swordsman Journey traced the chronicles of a young man Zhan Bai, as he tried to try out the killers of his father, once the greatest hero in the Martial Fraternity.

His only clue was a bundle with some artefacts in it. His martial arts were mostly self trained as he wandered the Pugilist in search of his father’s killers.

The only thing that his father had behind for him was the ‘Heartless Precious Sword’ and the bundle that contains the clues to his killers. In the bundle six objects – silk cloth, iron pearl, bronze button, silk string, bronze coin and a string of hair…

Before his mother had passed away, he was warned never to look up for the killers of his father!

But his travels began to fraugh with a complexities and unbelievable events…
Swordsman Journey is a fun novel and entertaining read as Zhan Bai stubbornly tries to resolve things according to his principles.


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