The Good-For-Nothing-Cultivator


Lu Qingyun is a good-for-nothing cultivator. One day, he decides that he has to join a sect to cultivate so that his talents will not go to waste. Problem is, his talent is next to nothing as a cultivator.

Is he just a good-for-nothing cultivator or a monstrous-genius-cultivator? He will soon find out.

This is a romantic reincarnation story between two ill-fated lovers.

She is now his master and he is now her disciple. Can they ever be together in this lifetime?

There are a total of seven celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial, Golden Supremacy and Sacred Saint.


Story is still developing. You may want to add to your library first or to camp your comments. In the meantime, you may want to read A Martial Odyssey (the chapters are quite long. About 1000 chapters total of a typical webnovel although there are only 251 chapters) and Fluffy Cultivation, two of my other works. It is all free to read and not locked. Thank you!

Chapter 1: The Golden Roc Flame
Chapter 2: Celestial Meixue
Chapter 3: New Empyrean City
Chapter 4: The Heavens Ridge Villa
Chapter 5: Yan’Er
Chapter 6: Qin Keqin
Chapter 7: The Six Martial Halls (1)
Chapter 8: The Six Martial Halls (2)
Chapter 9: Lie Xingyuan
Chapter 10: The Teahouse (1)

Chapter 11: The Teahouse (2)
Chapter 12: Tang Bufan
Chapter 13: The Godly Divine Sword
Chapter 14: The Mysterious Hideout (1)
Chapter 15: The Mysterious Hideout (2)
Chapter 16: The Annihilating God Seed
Chapter 17: Tang Bufan’s Utter Shock
Chapter 18: Ouyang Xue Visit
Chapter 19: Tang Bufan Lucky Break
Chapter 20: Astonishing Breakthrough

Chapter 21: Fixing Qin Keqin (1)
Chapter 22: Fixing Qin Keqin (2)
Chapter 23: Who Fixing Who?
Chapter 24: Master you’re moving in?
Chapter 25: I’m now a Second Realm Expert
Chapter 26: I’m keep leveling Up
Chapter 27: Face-slapping Tang Bufan
Chapter 28: Seven Hearts Hollow Pill
Chapter 29: Following Qin Keqin
Chapter 30: The Devil Goddess Schemes

Chapter 31: Lie Xingyuan’s Mysterious Master
Chapter 32: I’m a Third Realm Expert now
Chapter 33 Shi Guanyin’s visit
Chapter 34: Red Heaven Sword Library (1)
Chapter 35: Red Heaven Sword Library (2)
Chapter 36: Red Heaven Sword Library (3)
Chapter 37: Intermediate Third Realm Expert!
Chapter 38: I’m an Upper Third Realm Expert?
Chapter 39: Shocking Lie Xingyuan
Chapter 40: Keqin, I miss you

Chapter 41: Qingyun Not So Secret Dream
Chapter 42: Day of the Experiential Training
Chapter 43: The Misty Desolate Valley
Chapter 44: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (1)
Chapter 45:
Chapter 46:
Chapter 47:
Chapter 48:
Chapter 49:
Chapter 50:

Chapter 51:
Chapter 52: