The Good-For-Nothing-Cultivator


Lu Qingyun is a good-for-nothing cultivator. One day, he decides that he has to join a sect to cultivate so that his talents will not go to waste. Problem is, his talent is next to nothing as a cultivator.

Is he just a good-for-nothing cultivator or a monstrous-genius-cultivator? He will soon find out.

This is a romantic reincarnation story between two ill-fated lovers.

She is now his master and he is now her disciple. Can they ever be together in this lifetime?

Do you know that when you had left me…

You have left behind a void that is in my heart…

At that time when you had left me forever…

My heart has been in solitary ever since…

Ever since that my heart had always been sorrowful…

My melancholy heart bears the loneliness for your return…


There are a total of seven celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial, Golden Supremacy and Sacred Saint.


Story is still developing. You may want to add to your library first or to camp your comments. In the meantime, you may want to read A Martial Odyssey (the chapters are quite long. About 1000 chapters total of a typical webnovel although there are only 251 chapters) and Fluffy Cultivation, two of my other works. It is all free to read and not locked. Thank you!

Chapter 001: The Golden Roc Flame
Chapter 002: Celestial Meixue
Chapter 003: New Empyrean City
Chapter 004: The Heavens Ridge Villa
Chapter 005: Yan’Er
Chapter 006: Qin Keqin
Chapter 007: The Six Martial Halls (1)
Chapter 008: The Six Martial Halls (2)
Chapter 009: Lie Xingyuan
Chapter 010: The Teahouse (1)

Chapter 011: The Teahouse (2)
Chapter 012: Tang Bufan
Chapter 013: The Godly Divine Sword
Chapter 014: The Mysterious Hideout (1)
Chapter 015: The Mysterious Hideout (2)
Chapter 016: The Annihilating God Seed
Chapter 017: Tang Bufan’s Utter Shock
Chapter 018: Ouyang Xue Visit
Chapter 019: Tang Bufan Lucky Break
Chapter 020: Astonishing Breakthrough

Chapter 021: Fixing Qin Keqin (1)
Chapter 022: Fixing Qin Keqin (2)
Chapter 023: Who Fixing Who?
Chapter 024: Master you’re moving in?
Chapter 025: I’m now a Second Realm Expert
Chapter 026: I’m keep leveling Up
Chapter 027: Face-slapping Tang Bufan
Chapter 028: Seven Hearts Hollow Pill
Chapter 029: Following Qin Keqin
Chapter 030: The Devil Goddess Schemes

Chapter 031: Lie Xingyuan’s Mysterious Master
Chapter 032: I’m a Third Realm Expert now
Chapter 033 Shi Guanyin’s visit
Chapter 034: Red Heaven Sword Library (1)
Chapter 035: Red Heaven Sword Library (2)
Chapter 036: Red Heaven Sword Library (3)
Chapter 037: Intermediate Third Realm Expert!
Chapter 038: I’m an Upper Third Realm Expert?
Chapter 039: Shocking Lie Xingyuan
Chapter 040: Keqin, I miss you

Chapter 041: Qingyun Not So Secret Dream
Chapter 042: Day of the Experiential Training
Chapter 043: The Misty Desolate Valley
Chapter 044: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (1)
Chapter 045: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (2)
Chapter 046: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (3)
Chapter 047: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (4)
Chapter 048: This is a Fifth Rank Desolate Beast?
Chapter 049: Sixth Rank Desolate Beast!? (1)
Chapter 050: Sixth Rank Desolate Beast!? (2)

Chapter 051: Exiting the Misty Desolate Valley
Chapter 052: Return to the Heavens Ridge Villa
Chapter 053: Lu Qingyun is Heartbroken
Chapter 054: First Day of Proper Instruction
Chapter 055: Changes in the Heavens
Chapter 056: Might is Right
Chapter 057: The Mysterious Black Hood Man
Chapter 058: The Confrontation
Chapter 059: What Happen to Qin Keqin?
Chapter 060: We Have a Vendetta to Settle!

Chapter 061: Breakthrough to the Fourth Realm
Chapter 062: Ambush?!
Chapter 063: The Unstoppable Lu Qingyun
Chapter 064: Fairy Jade Light?
Chapter 065: Back to the Hideout
Chapter 066: The Heaveness
Chapter 067: Keqin/ Yuqing?
Chapter 068: Great Saintess Feng Minyue
Chapter 069: The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing
Chapter 070: Yan’Er, You…

Chapter 071: Qin Keqin’s Background
Chapter 072: The Untimely Fortune Telling
Chapter 073: Divine Sword Jade Light
Chapter 074: Uproar in New Empyrean City
Chapter 075: Number 1 Peerless Beauty
Chapter 076: Qiuxiang Huan (1)
Chapter 077: Qiuxiang Huan (2)
Chapter 078: The Difficult Question
Chapter 079: The Heavenly Fragrance Villa
Chapter 080: Clear Sky Pavilion (1)

Chapter 081: Clear Sky Pavilion (2)
Chapter 082: Qiuxiang Hanyu
Chapter 083: The Boundless Swords Array
Chapter 084: Fairy Jade Light
Chapter 085: Against the Heavens
Chapter 086: A Melancholy Heart
Chapter 087: Please Forgive Me
Chapter 088: Giving Up on Keqin
Chapter 089: Upper Fourth Realm now?!
Chapter 090: Qiuxiang Huan New Scheme

Chapter 091: The Annihilating Force
Chapter 092: Supremacy Yin Shisi (1)
Chapter 093: Supremacy Yin Shisi (2)
Chapter 094: Yin Shisi’s Master
Chapter 095: The Peace Negotiation
Chapter 096: Tell me, who is Lu Qingyun?
Chapter 097: Dangerous Gossips (1)
Chapter 098: Dangerous Gossips (2)
Chapter 099: First Kiss
Chapter 100: Core Protégé Tournament (1)

Chapter 101: Core Protégé Tournament (2)
Chapter 102: Core Protégé Tournament (3)
Chapter 103: Core Protege Tournament (4)
Chapter 104: Nangong Yu vs. Leng Qiuyue
Chapter 105: The 4th Round
Chapter 106: The Final Round (1)
Chapter 107: The Final Round (2)
Chapter 108: A Hidden Crisis (1)
Chapter 109: A Hidden Crisis (2)
Chapter 110: Qingyun’s Determination

Chapter 111: A Heartbroken Leng Qiuyue
Chapter 112: The Secret Alliance
Chapter 113: Forming the Recon Party (1)
Chapter 114: Forming the Recon Party (2)
Chapter 115: A Lost Hope
Chapter 116: The Red Death Valley (1)
Chapter 117: The Red Death Valley (2)
Chapter 118: The Red Death Valley (3)
Chapter 119: Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng
Chapter 120: Graveyard of the Desolate Beasts

Chapter 121: The Metamorphs (1)
Chapter 122: The Metamorphs (2)
Chapter 123: The Desolate Sacred Maiden
Chapter 124: Yue Lingxi
Chapter 125: Leaving the Red Death Valley
Chapter 126: Cherry Blossom Luck
Chapter 127: Calamity Luck
Chapter 128: The Playacting Saintesses
Chapter 129: The Horizon of the Heavens
Chapter 130: Defeating the Inner Demons

Chapter 131: Battle of the Wits
Chapter 132: Beyond Divinity Cultivator
Chapter 133: The Sunflower Sacred Skill
Chapter 134: Keqin, don’t forget your promise!
Chapter 135: Sky Heaven Lithe
Chapter 136: The Calm before the Storm (1)
Chapter 137: The Calm before the Storm (2)
Chapter 138: Lie Xingyuan’s Decision
Chapter 139: The Three-Destinies Old Man
Chapter 140: We are Sisters

Chapter 141: Concessions
Chapter 142: The Climb to Success
Chapter 143:
Chapter 144:
Chapter 145:
Chapter 146:
Chapter 147:
Chapter 148:
Chapter 149:
Chapter 150:

Chapter 151:
Chapter 152:
Chapter 153: