The Immortal Realm Online

The Immortal Realm Online


Only a hundred thousand players are able to partake in a new inverse virtual reality massively multiplayer online game by IVRMMOG by Asmodian Systems Technologies, titled the Immortal Realm Online.

Yi Mu, a top player in the Guardians Online has this such opportunity and what is going to happen next is not what he is expecting.

A shock awaits him when he rolls some of the worst stats in his entire life, forcing him to accept the consequences of his fateful rolls.

He is about to be taken to a virtual world of surreal reality with a grand design behind it, between life and death where failure is not acceptable!

Can he rises to the challenges and the trials that he will be expecting to face?

What is the Immortal Realm Online?

What is the real secret behind it?

Who are the developers?

What are the grand purposes?

Can he unravels it or perish in the attempts?


The Immortal Realm
Chapter 1: The Immortal Realm Online
Chapter 2: The Tutorial Goddess
Chapter 3: Araphel of the First Heaven
Chapter 4: The Three Goddesses of Judgement
Chapter 5: The First Battle 
Chapter 6: 
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:


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